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Chapter 6,249

Radiation biological investigations with multi cellular spheroids as an in vitro tumor model part 1 growth of multi cellular spheroids

Kopp, J.

Studia Biophysica 68(2): 159-160


Accession: 006248731

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The complex interplay between oxygenation, cell-cycle kinetics, growth fraction, contact inhibition, intercellular communication, DNA repair etc., which occur in the complex morphology of tissue and also in tumors in vivo, cannot be simulated in monolayer or suspension tissue cultures using single cells. Therefore a number of in vitro models with animal cells have been used to simulate structural and metabolic features of solid tumors. The best of these in vitro tumor models seem to be the multicellular spheroid, developed by Sutherland et al. [1971]. A simple method of culturing multicellular spheroids was developed by which it is possible to grow Chinese hamster V 79-4 cells and many other established cell lines.

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