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Radiation biological investigations with multi cellular spheroids as an in vitro tumor model part 4 comparative investigations of volume changes and re population of intact v 79 4 multi cellular spheroids after irradiation with x rays or fast neutrons

Kopp, J.

Studia Biophysica 71(3): 207-208


Accession: 006248734

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Little is known about the response of intact spheroids to irradiation. Therefore light-microscopically the alteration of the spheroid surface, of the spheroid morphology and of the spheroid volume was observed after irradiation of spheroids with a single dose of X-rays or fast neutrons and incubation in roller tubes for a long time. Hamster lung V79-4 cells were studied. The observed effects were dose-dependent and did not vary with the radiation used. It seems that a time-dependent measurement of the spheroid volume after irradiation is of limited value for value for predicting the effectiveness of irradiation because the volume of the irradiated spheroids is not proportional to the number of cells per spheriod. It seems also that local outgrowth of irradiated spheroids occurs only if a few cells survive with irradiation.

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