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Radiation induced and post irradiation changes in the forest bio geocenosis after acute gamma irradiation 1. comparison of seasonal radio sensitivity of pine and birch stand after acute gamma irradiation

Mishenkov, N.N.; Spirin, D.A.; Aleksakhin, R.M.; Karaban', R.T.; Fedorov, E.A.; Romanov, G.N.

Radiobiologiya 23(2): 220-223


Accession: 006249145

In order to describe the state of the upper-tree layer of a pine-and-birch stand exposed at the stage of active growth (in spring) and at the resting stage (in autumn) the following parameters were determined: the increase in the growth of annual shoots, the loss of needles and wood biomass, changes in the primary productivity, and lethal doses for pine stands. According to these indices, seasonal radiosensitivity of the pine stand was 2-3 times higher in spring than in autumn.

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