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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 6251

Chapter 6251 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

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Huchzermeier R.; Tanenbaum S.W.; Flashner M., 1980: Radio immunoassay of arthrobacter sialophilus neuraminidase applications to catalytic and taxonomic studies

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Van Den Eeckhout E.; Belpaire F.M.; Bogaert M.G.; De Moerloose P., 1980: Radio immunoassay of bromperidol and haloperidol in human and canine plasma

Silva, O. L.; Snider, R. H.; Becker, K. L., 1974: Radio immunoassay of calcitonin in human plasma

Snider, R. H.; Moore, C. F.; Silva, O. L.; Becker, K. L., 1978: Radio immunoassay of calcitonin in normal human urine

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Emmertsen K.; Marqversen J.; Jensen F.T.; Hansen H.H., 1982: Radio immunoassay of calcitonin in unextracted human serum a sensitive method

Eigenmann J.E.; Eigenmann R.Y., 1981: Radio immunoassay of canine growth hormone

Kayhty, H.; Makela, P. H.; Ruoslahti, E., 1977: Radio immunoassay of capsular poly saccharide antigens of groups a and c meningococci and haemophilus influenzae type b in cerebro spinal fluid

Shiels, A.; Jeffery, S.; Wilson, C.; Carter, N., 1984: Radio immunoassay of carbonic anhydrase iii ec in rat tissues/

Onizawa, S.; Watanabe, S.; Yagura, T.; Yasutomi, M.; Yamamura, Y., 1976: Radio immunoassay of carcino embryonic antigen and clinical significance of its level in plasma

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Kollmann G.; Brennan J., 1979: Radio immunoassay of carcino embryonic antigen without extraction and dialysis using solid phase antibody

Fletcher S.M.; Lawson G.; Moffat A.C., 1979: Radio immunoassay of cardiac glycosides in hemolyzed blood derivation of serum levels

Nagai R.; Ueda S.; Yazaki Y., 1979: Radio immunoassay of cardiac myosin light chain ii in the serum following experimental myo cardial infarction

Chu S Y.; Vega S.M.; Ali A.; Sennello L.T., 1981: Radio immunoassay of carteolol in human plasma

Zubovskii L.G.; Polevaya E.B.; Kirsanov A.G.; Shiryaev S.V., 1982: Radio immunoassay of changes in the level of beta 2 micro globulin in malignant neoplasms

Dron D.I.; Jones R.H.; Sonksen P.H.; Thomas J.H.; Brandenburg D., 1980: Radio immunoassay of chemically modified insulins

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Jansen J.B.M.; Lamers C.B.H.W., 1983: Radio immunoassay of cholecystokinin in human tissue and plasma

Jansen J.B.M.J.; Lamers C.B.H.W., 1983: Radio immunoassay of cholecystokinin production and evaluation of antibodies

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Walker J.; Colman G.; Hughes M., 1979: Radio immunoassay of class specific antibodies to streptococcus mutans in monkey serum and saliva

Baumgartner W.A.; Black C.T.; Jones P.F.; Blahd W.H., 1982: Radio immunoassay of cocaine in hair

Boudene, C.; Duprey, F.; Bohuon, C., 1975: Radio immunoassay of colchicine

Maentausta O.; Janne O., 1979: Radio immunoassay of conjugated cholic acid cheno deoxy cholic acid and deoxy cholic acid from human serum with use of iodine 125 labeled ligands

Sulon, J.; Demey-Ponsart, L.; Beauduin, P.; Sodoyez, J. C., 1978: Radio immunoassay of cortico sterone cortisol and cortisone their application to human cord and maternal plasma

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Boccardo, E.; Castello, C.; Diani, F., 1978: Radio immunoassay of cortisol in amniotic fluid

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Weisbart M.; Jenkins D.K., 1981: Radio immunoassay of cortisol in the adult atlantic salmon salmo salar

Gough R.M.; Ellis G., 1981: Radio immunoassay of cortisol in urine difficulties experienced in the development of an assay and problems of specificity observed with commercial reagents supplied as kits

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