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Radioenzymatic assay for the acetohydroxy acid synthase-catalyzed synthesis of alpha-aceto-alpha-hydroxybutyrate

Radioenzymatic assay for the acetohydroxy acid synthase-catalyzed synthesis of alpha-aceto-alpha-hydroxybutyrate

Analytical Biochemistry 105(1): 101-105

ISSN/ISBN: 0003-2697

PMID: 6778247

DOI: 10.1016/0003-2697(80)90429-7

A radioenzymatic assay for the activity of acetohydroxy acid synthase [from Salmonella typhimurium] on 1 of its substrates, .alpha.-ketobutyrate, was developed. Advantage was taken of the fact that acidification of the product of the enzymatic reaction releases 14CO2, which is derived from the carboxyl group of .alpha.-ketobutyrate when .alpha.-[1-14C]ketobutyrate is used as the substrate. The 14CO2 evolved is collected and measured in a simple apparatus which is described.

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Accession: 006250481

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