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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 6252

Chapter 6252 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Homburger, H.A.; Miller, S.A.; Jacob, G.L., 1980:
Radio immunoassay of creatine kinase ec b iso enzymes in serum of patients with azotemia obstructive uropathy or carcinoma of the prostate or bladder

Zweig, M.H.; Van-Steirteghem, A.C.; Schechter, A.N., 1978:
Radio immunoassay of creatine kinase ec iso enzymes in human serum iso enzyme bb

Van-Steirteghem, A.C.; Zweig, M.H.; Schechter, A.N., 1978:
Radio immunoassay of creatine kinase ec iso enzymes in human serum iso enzyme mm

Nicholson, G.A.; O'sullivan, W.J., 1978:
Radio immunoassay of creatine kinase ec studies on the skeletal muscle and cardiac muscle enzyme mm and mb iso enzymes in serum and neuro muscular tissues

Murphy, B.E.; Stone, J.E., 1979:
Radio immunoassay of cyclic cmp 1. development of the assay

Benes P.; Morsches B.; Holzmann H., 1980:
Radio immunoassay of dehydroepi androsterone and 5 androstene 3 beta 17 beta diol

Kastin A.J.; Castellanos P.F.; Banks W.A.; Coy D.H., 1981:
Radio immunoassay of delta sleep inducing peptide like material in human blood possible protein binding

Kastin, A.J.; Nissen, C.; Schally, A.V.; Coy, D.H., 1978:
Radio immunoassay of delta sleep inducing peptide like material in rat brain

Belpaire, F.M.; Bogaert, M.G., 1976:
Radio immunoassay of digitalis glycosides

Gutcho, S.; Mccarter, H.; Rapun, R., 1973:
Radio immunoassay of digoxin an intercomparison of results with 3 methods

Besch, H.R.Jr ; Watanabe, A.M., 1975:
Radio immunoassay of digoxin and digitoxin

Kuno-Sakai, H.; Sakai, H.; Ritzmann, S.E., 1975:
Radio immunoassay of digoxin interference by digitoxin

Mould, G.P.; Aherne, G.W.; Morris, B.A.; Teale, J.D.; Marks, V., 1977:
Radio immunoassay of drugs and its clinical application

Thomas, C.L.Jr ; Adams, J.C., 1978:
Radio immunoassay of equine serum for thyroxine reference values

Hamada, S., 1977:
Radio immunoassay of estetrol and its clinical significance

Forsgren, B.; Gunnarsson, P.O.; Johansson, S.A.; Kant, R., 1978:
Radio immunoassay of estramustine phosphate in plasma

Stanczyk F.Z.; Miyakawa I.; Soares J.R.; Goebelsmann U., 1979:
Radio immunoassay of estriol 16 glucuronide using tritiated and radio iodinated radio ligands direct radio immunoassay of urinary estriol 16 glucuronide during the menstrual cycle

Morris R., 1981:
Radio immunoassay of estriol in the urine of nonpregnant women

Doerr, P., 1976:
Radio immunoassay of estrone in plasma a comparison of different methods with respect to the relation between assay specificity sample purification and antibody specificity

Von Schenck H.; Nilsson O.R., 1981:
Radio immunoassay of extracted glucagon compared with 3 nonextraction assays

Dobson, H., 1978:
Radio immunoassay of follicle stimulating hormone in the plasma of post partum dairy cows/

Nishimura H.; Madey M.A.; Mugaas J.N.; Khosla M.C.; Crofton J.T., 1981:
Radio immunoassay of fowl gallus gallus angiotensin i

Robinson E.L.; Gowland E.; Ward I.D.; Scarffe J.H., 1982:
Radio immunoassay of free light chains of immuno globulins in urine

Mizuta H.; Miyai K.; Ichihara K.; Amino N.; Harada T.; Nose O.; Tanizawa O., 1982:
Radio immunoassay of free thyroxine in dried blood spots on filter paper preliminary observations on the effective differentiation of subjects with congenital hypo thyroidism from those with subnormal thyroxine binding globulin and normal subjects

Ashkar F.S.; Buehler R.J.; Chan T.; Hourani M., 1979:
Radio immunoassay of free thyroxine with pre bound anti thyroxine micro capsules

Hornung, J.; Gless, K.H.; Abdelhamid, S.; Vielhauer, W.; Vecsei, P., 1978:
Radio immunoassay of free urinary 18 hydroxydeoxy cortico sterone in patients with essential hypertension

Flaten O., 1981:
Radio immunoassay of gastric inhibitory poly peptide and the effect of intra duodenal acidification on glucose stimulated and unstimulated gastric inhibitory poly peptide release in humans

Casthelaz, M.; Sitavanc, L.; Griessen, M., 1977:
Radio immunoassay of gastrin assessment of a commercial anti serum

Straus, E., 1978:
Radio immunoassay of gastro intestinal hormones

Kajinuma, H.; Ichikawa, K.; Akanuma, Y.; Kosaka, K.; Kuzuya, N., 1982:
Radio immunoassay of gliclazide in serum 1. validity of the radio immunoassay and changes in serum level after intra venous administration

Kajinuma, H.; Ichikawa, K.; Akanuma, Y.; Kosaka, K.; Kuzuya, N., 1982:
Radio immunoassay of gliclazide in serum 2. changes in serum levels after oral administration

Waldum H.L.; Straume B.K.; Burhol P.G., 1979:
Radio immunoassay of group i pepsinogens and the effect of food on serum group i pepsinogen

Clark, B.R.; Tower, B.B.; Rubin, R.T., 1977:
Radio immunoassay of haloperidol in human serum

Poland R.E.; Rubin R.T., 1981:
Radio immunoassay of haloperidol in human serum correlation of serum haloperidol with serum prolactin

Neurath A.R.; Strick N.; Szmuness W.; Stevens C.E.; Harley E.J., 1979:
Radio immunoassay of hepatitis b e antigen identification of hepatitis b e antigen not associated with immuno globulins

Havel R.J.; Kotite L.; Vigne J L.; Kane J.P.; Tun P.; Phillips N.; Chen G.C., 1980:
Radio immunoassay of human arginine rich apo lipo protein apo protein e concentration in plasma and lipo proteins as affected by apo protein e 3 deficiency

Okada, Y.; Morimoto, S.; Onishi, T.; Tanaka, K.; Tsuji, M.; Kumahara, Y.; Tsushima, S.; Nakazawa, N.; Ogawa, H.; Sakakibara, S., 1978:
Radio immunoassay of human calcitonin using labeled antigen sensitive units 1 7 human calcitonin analog

Soma H.; Takayama M.; Tokoro K.; Kikuchi T.; Kikuchi K.; Saegusa H., 1980:
Radio immunoassay of human chorionic gonadotropin as an early diagnosis of cerebral metastases in chorio carcinoma patients

Moser, R.J.; Hollingsworth, D.R., 1973:
Radio immunoassay of human chorionic somatomammotropin in serum amniotic fluid and urine

Nossel, H.L.; Younger, L.R.; Wilner, G.D.; Procupez, T.; Canfield, R.E.; Butler, V.P.J., 1971:
Radio immunoassay of human fibrino peptide a

Bilezikian, S.B.; Nossel, H.L.; Butler, V.P.J. ; Canfield, R.E., 1975:
Radio immunoassay of human fibrino peptide b and kinetics of fibrino peptide cleavage by different enzymes

Cripps A.W.; Virgin R.J.; Lewins E.G.; Clancy R.L., 1983:
Radio immunoassay of human immuno globulin g immuno globulin a and immuno globulin m

Palfreyman, J.W.; Thomas, D.G.T.; Ratcliffe, J.G., 1978:
Radio immunoassay of human myelin basic protein in tissue extract cerebro spinal fluid and serum and its clinical application to patients with head injury

Crouse, S.P.; Hammond, J.; Savory, J., 1980:
Radio immunoassay of human pancreatic amylase ec in serum and urine

Siva Prasad N.; Thomas G.; Shah K.B.; Mani R.S., 1979:
Radio immunoassay of human placental lactogen

Albers, J.J.; Adolphson, J.L.; Chen, C.H., 1981:
Radio immunoassay of human plasma lecithin cholesterol acyl transferase ec

Andino N., 1982:
Radio immunoassay of human plasma prolactin level statistical derivation of the method and determination of the hormone levels in normal subjects of both sexes and in patients with sterility

Temler, R.S.; Felber, J.P., 1976:
Radio immunoassay of human plasma trypsin ec

Fang, P.; Et-Al, 1982:
Radio immunoassay of human serum 3 3' 5' tri iodo thyronine

Rappaport E.B.; Olander C.R.; Steffes M.W., 1979:
Radio immunoassay of human somatotropin

Honigberg, I.L.; Stewart, J.T.; Brown, W.J.; Jun, H.W.; Needham, T.E.; Vallner, J.J., 1977:
Radio immunoassay of hydromorphone in plasma

Brunswick, D.J.; Needelman, B.; Mendels, J., 1978:
Radio immunoassay of imipramine and demethyl imipramine

Mogi, G.; Maeda, S.; Yoshida, T.; Watanabe, N., 1976:
Radio immunoassay of immuno globulin e in middle ear effusions

Carson, D.A.; Lawrance, S.; Catalano, M.A.; Vaughan, J.H.; Abraham, G., 1977:
Radio immunoassay of immuno globulin g and immuno globulin m rheumatoid factors reacting with human immuno globulin g

Repetti C.F.; Gill T.J.IIi, 1980:
Radio immunoassay of immuno globulin m and immuno globulin g anti tetanus toxoid antibody

Parratt, D.; Nielsen, K.H.; White, R.G.; Payne, D.J.H., 1977 :
Radio immunoassay of immuno globulin m immuno globulin g and immuno globulin a brucella abortus antibodies

Russ, G.; Styk, B.; Vareckova, E.; Mucha, V.; Polakova, K.; Blaskovic, D., 1980:
Radio immunoassay of influenza a virus hem agglutinin 2. antigenic cross reactions of influenza a h 3 subtype viruses as determined by radio immunoassay and hem agglutination inhibition tests

Russ, G.; Styk, B.; Polakova, K., 1978:
Radio immunoassay of influenza a virus hem agglutinin part 1 preparation and properties of radioactive iodine 125 labeled bromelain released hem agglutinin

Gitel'man A.K.; Zakomyrdin Y.A.; Kharitonenkov I.G., 1983:
Radio immunoassay of influenza virus neuraminidase of n 2 subtype

Repetti R.; Conte N.; Casadio M.; Turinetto A.; Diani F., 1980:
Radio immunoassay of insulin in amniotic fluid

Forstner, J.F.; Ofosu, F.; Forstner, G.G., 1977:
Radio immunoassay of intestinal goblet cell mucin

Fedail, S.S.; Salmon, P.R.; Harvey, R.F.; Read, A.E., 1978:
Radio immunoassay of lactoferrin in pancreatic diseases

Weiler E.W.; Mansell R.L., 1980:
Radio immunoassay of limonin using a tritiated tracer

Ratcliffe, W.A.; Fletcher, S.M.; Moffat, A.C.; Ratcliffe, J.G.; Harland, W.A.; Levitt, T.E., 1977:
Radio immunoassay of lsd in serum and urine by using anti sera of different specificities

Stupnicki, R.; Madej, A., 1976:
Radio immunoassay of luteinizing hormone in blood plasma of farm animals

Teuwissen, B.; Fauconnier, J.P.; Thomas, K., 1978:
Radio immunoassay of luteinizing hormone releasing hormone application to human plasma

Teuwissen, B.; Fauconnier, J.P.; Thomas, K., 1978:
Radio immunoassay of luteinizing hormone releasing hormone standard curves and specificity

Kitamura S.; Ishihara Y.; Kosaka K., 1979:
Radio immunoassay of main urinary metabolite of prostaglandin f 2 in patients with diffuse interstitial fibrosing pneumonitis and other respiratory diseases

Parks, W.P.; Livingston, D.M.; Todaro, G.J.; Enveniste, R.E.; Scolnick, E.M., 1973:
Radio immunoassay of mammalian type c viral proteins part 3 detection of viral antigen in normal murine cells and tissues

Jankowski M.A.; Gut W.; Kantoch M., 1982:
Radio immunoassay of measles virus antibodies in subacute sclerosing pan encephalitis

Forghani, B.; Schmidt, N.J.; Lennette, E.H., 1978:
Radio immunoassay of measles virus antigen and antibody in subacute sclerosing pan encephalitis brain tissue

Vander Millie R.J.; Garvey J.S., 1979:
Radio immunoassay of metallo thioneins

Shirahata A.; Yoshioka M.; Matsushita M.; Tamura Z., 1980:
Radio immunoassay of metanephrine

Digregorio, G.J.; Piraino, A.J.; Ruch, E.K., 1977:
Radio immunoassay of methadone in rat parotid saliva

Gros, C.; Pradelles, P.; Rouget, C.; Bepoldin, O.; Dray, F.; Bepoldin, O.; Dray, F.; Fournie-Zaluski, M.C.; Roques, B.P.; Pollard, H.; Llorens-Cortes, C.; Schwartz, J.C., 1978:
Radio immunoassay of methionine enkephalin and leucine enkephalins in regions of rat brain and comparison with endorphins estimated by a radio receptor assay

Correa F.M.A.; Saavedra J.M., 1984:
Radio immunoassay of methionine enkephalin in micro dissected areas of p formaldehyde fixed rat brain

Aherne, W.; Piall, E.; Marks, V., 1978:
Radio immunoassay of methotrexate use of selenium 75 labeled methotrexate

Ul'yankina T.I.; Lakin V.V.; Enikeeva D.D., 1981:
Radio immunoassay of morphine levels in serum of humans using immuno globulin g

Ohta M.; Matsubara F.; Konishi T.; Nishitani H., 1980:
Radio immunoassay of myelin basic protein in cerebro spinal fluid and its clinical application to patients with neurological diseases

Leshchinskii L.A.; Trusov V.V.; Pimenov L.T.; Sudneva L.I., 1980:
Radio immunoassay of myo globin concentration in patients with ischemic heart disease

Stone, M.J.; Willerson, J.T.; Gomez-Sanchez, C.E.; Waterman, M.R., 1975:
Radio immunoassay of myo globin in human serum results in patients with acute myo cardial infarction

Ohi T.; Imura H.; Furukawa S.; Hayashi K., 1981:
Radio immunoassay of nerve growth factor and its state in human serum

Larina I.M., 1980:
Radio immunoassay of normal calcitonin secretion

Fisher-Ferraro, O.; De-Ephraim, M.M.; Mautalen, C.; Mitta, A.E.A., 1977:
Radio immunoassay of parathormone

Veyssiere G.; Berger M.; Jean Faucher C.; D.T.rckheim M.; Jean C., 1981:
Radio immunoassay of pituitary luteinizing hormone in fetal rabbit

Bartorelli, A.; Accinni, R.; Ferrara, R.; Biancardi, C.; Dragoni, G., 1976:
Radio immunoassay of plasma carcino embryonic antigen consideration of the results of 2 methods

Burhol P.G.; Rayford P.L.; Jorde R.; Waldum H.L.; Schulz T.B.; Thompson J.C., 1980:
Radio immunoassay of plasma cholecystokinin duodenal release of cholecystokinin diurnal variation of plasma cholecystokinin and immuno reactive plasma cholecystokinin components in man

Horgan, E.D.; Riley, W.J., 1973:
Radio immunoassay of plasma digoxin with use of iodinated tracer

Mikhail, G.; Wu, C.H.; Ferin, M.; Vande-Wiele, R.L., 1970:
Radio immunoassay of plasma estrone and estradiol

Calvo J.J.; Martin M.; Garcia J.R.; Recio J.M., 1981:
Radio immunoassay of plasma ferritin in gallus domesticus

Burhol P.G.; Jorde R.; Waldum H.L., 1980:
Radio immunoassay of plasma gastric inhibitory poly peptide release of gastric inhibitory poly peptide after a test meal and duodenal infusion of bile and immuno reactive plasma gastric inhibitory poly peptide components in man

Walls, C.; Vose, C.W.; Horth, C.E.; Palmer, R.F., 1977:
Radio immunoassay of plasma norethisterone after ethynodiol di acetate administration

Ito, Y.; Kihara, A., 1977:
Radio immunoassay of plasma pancreatic glucagon and clinical and experimental investigations on subjects with diabetes mellitus and liver disorders

Newsome W.H.; Shields J.B., 1981:
Radio immunoassay of poly chlorinated bi phenyls in milk and blood

Stone R.T.; Maurer R.R., 1979:
Radio immunoassay of porcine alpha feto protein

Kaminska J.; Calvert I.; Rosen S.W., 1979:
Radio immunoassay of pregnancy specific beta 1 glyco protein

Yoshizawa, I.; Ohuchi, R.; Nakagawa, A., 1977:
Radio immunoassay of pregnanediol

Samarajeewa P.; Cooley G.; Kellie A., 1979:
Radio immunoassay of pregnanediol 3 alpha glucuronide

Gwee H.M.; Chua D.; Yeo P.P.B.; Cheah J.S.; Lim P., 1980:
Radio immunoassay of prolactin

Scanes, C.G.; Chadwick, A.; Bolton, N.J., 1976:
Radio immunoassay of prolactin in the plasma of the domestic fowl

Kastin A.J.; Lawrence S.P.; Coy D.H., 1980:
Radio immunoassay of prolylleucyl glycinamide tyrosylprolylleucyl glycinamide like material in rat pineal

Eller T.D.; Knapp D.R.; Walle T., 1983:
Radio immunoassay of propranolol

Hornych, A.; Weiss, Y.; Safar, M.; Menard, J.; Corvol, P.; Fontaliran, F.; Bariety, J.; Milliez, P., 1976:
Radio immunoassay of prostaglandin a and prostaglandin b in human blood

Mccosh, E.J.; Meyer, D.L.; Dupont, J., 1976:
Radio immunoassay of prostaglandin e 1 prostaglandin e 2 and prostaglandin f 2 alpha in unextracted plasma serum and myo cardium

Van-Orden, D.E.; Farley, D.B.; Clancey, C.J., 1977:
Radio immunoassay of prostaglandin e and an approach to the specific measurement of prostaglandin e 1

Franchimont P.; Bouffioux C.; Reuter A.; Rigo Betz C.; Vrindts Gevaert Y.; Jaspar J.M.; Lecomte Yerna M.J., 1983:
Radio immunoassay of prostatic acid phosphatase validation and clinical application

Reuter, A.M.; Ketelslegers, J.M.; Hendrick, J.C.; Franchimont, P., 1978:
Radio immunoassay of protein hormones principles and methodology

Vakharia D.D.; Sheth A.R., 1981:
Radio immunoassay of rabbit luteinizing hormone during pregnancy and following immunization with homologous antibodies to ovine luteinizing hormone

Limozin, N.; Filippi, D.; Dalmasso, C.; Laurent, G., 1979:
Radio immunoassay of rat carbonic anhydrases ec i and ii application to the central nervous system during ontogeny

Brady F.O.; Kafka R.L., 1979:
Radio immunoassay of rat liver metallo thionein

Crifo, S.; Falagiani, P.; Filiaci, F.; Andriani, G., 1977:
Radio immunoassay of reagins in nasal secretions

Rai R.; Sinha M.K.; Sagar S.; Anand I.S.; Chakravarti R.N., 1979:
Radio immunoassay of renin and the values of plasma renin activity in normal indian subjects

Slavnov V.N.; Yakovlev A.A.; Yugrinov O.G.; Gandzha T.I., 1983:
Radio immunoassay of renin angiotensin aldo sterone in patients with adrenal tumors

Faber, J.; Friis, T.; Kirkegaard, C.; Siersbaek-Nielsen, K., 1978:
Radio immunoassay of reverse tri iodo thyronine on small reusable sephadex columns

Ramakrishnan S.; Eagle M.R.; Houston L.L., 1982:
Radio immunoassay of ricin a chain and ricin b chain applied to samples of ricin a chain prepared by chromato focusing and by deae cellulose bio gel a chromatography

Hanssen, L.E.; Torjesen, P., 1977:
Radio immunoassay of secretin in human plasma

Bonora G.; Vezzadini P.; Toni R.; Labo G., 1984:
Radio immunoassay of secretin in human serum

Tanaka, Y., 1976:
Radio immunoassay of serum alpha feto protein concentration and its alteration during the course of hepatitis and liver cirrhosis

Lie-Injo, L.E.; Caldwell, J.; Ganesan, S.; Ganesan, J., 1976:
Radio immunoassay of serum alpha feto protein in patients with different malignant tumors

Bassett R.M., 1980:
Radio immunoassay of serum androgens elimination of centrifugation and solvent extraction

Samuelson K.; Thomassen P.A., 1980:
Radio immunoassay of serum bile acids in normal pregnancy and recurrent cholestasis of pregnancy

Gwosdow Cohen A.; Chen C.L.; Besch E.L., 1982:
Radio immunoassay of serum cortico sterone in rats

Thompson R.J.; Rubery E.D.; Jones H.M., 1980:
Radio immunoassay of serum creatine kinase bb as a tumor marker in breast cancer

Matsui A.; Psacharopoulos H.T.; Mowat A.P.; Portmann B.; Murphy G.M., 1982:
Radio immunoassay of serum glyco cholic acid standard laboratory test of liver function and liver biopsy findings comparative study of children with liver disease

Pluta M.; Hardt W.; Schmidt Gollwitzer K.; Schmidt Gollwitzer M., 1979:
Radio immunoassay of serum glyco protein sp 1 and human placental lactogen in normal and abnormal pregnancies

Gorog R.H.; Hakim M.K.; Thompson N.W.; Rigg G.A.; Mccann D.S., 1982:
Radio immunoassay of serum parathyrin comparison of 5 commercial kits

Barrett, M.J.; Cohen, P.S., 1972:
Radio immunoassay of serum renin activity and digoxin concentrations with use of poly ethylene glycol to separate free and antibody bound ligand

Ikeyama S.; Kato K.; Takaoki M.; Takeuchi M.; Kakinuma A., 1984:
Radio immunoassay of serum thymic factor

Sandberg, H.O.; Closs, O., 1978:
Radio immunoassay of sheep alpha crystallin and gamma crystallin part 1 iodine 125 labeling of sheep gamma crystallin characterization of the assays in detecting homologous and heterologous lens crystallins

Sandberg, H.O.; Closs, O., 1978:
Radio immunoassay of sheep alpha crystallin and gamma crystallin part 2 organ specificity of lens crystallins

Tarasishin Y.A.; Dyachenko N.S.; Vantsak N.P.; Khil'ko S.N.; Naroditskii B.S.; Zolotarskaya E.E.; Tikhonenko T.I.; Grigor'ev V.G.; Kovalishin G.G., 1982:
Radio immunoassay of simian adenovirus sa 7 hexone

Takahashi, S.; Koda, K., 1984:
Radio immunoassay of soluble and insoluble collagenases ec in fibrotic liver

Wuerz H.; Geiger W.; Kuenzig H.J.; Jabs Lehmann A.; Bohn H.; Lueben G., 1981:
Radio immunoassay of sp 1 pregnancy specific beta 1 glyco protein in maternal blood and in amniotic fluid in normal and pathologic pregnancies

Guichard A.; Cedard L.; Mignot T M.; Scheib D.; Haffen K., 1979:
Radio immunoassay of steroids produced by chick embryo gonads cultured in the presence of some exogenous steroid precursors

Guichard, A.; Cedard, L.; Mignot, T.M.; Scheib, D.; Haffen, K., 1977:
Radio immunoassay of steroids produced by cultured chick embryonic gonads differences according to age sex and side

Veyssiere, G.; Berger, M.; Jean-Faucher, C.; De-Turckheim, M.; Jean, C., 1975:
Radio immunoassay of testosterone in the plasma gonads and adrenals of rabbit fetuses in late pregnancy and new borns

Kohl, K.H.; Gless, K.H.; Abdelhamid, S.; Penke, B.; Vecsei, P., 1978:
Radio immunoassay of tetra hydro cortico sterone in human urine

Michiels, M.; Hendriks, R.; Heykants, J., 1977:
Radio immunoassay of the anti diarrheal loperamide

Kamoi, K.; Hama, H., 1977:
Radio immunoassay of the anti diuretic hormone part 1 methodology/

Hughes Jones N.C.; Dawes B.; Gorick B.D.; Melamed M.D.; Pepper R.; Thompson K.M., 1987:
Radio immunoassay of the functional activity of anti d rh preparations using a human monoclonal iodine 125 labelled anti d

Khusainova S.K.; Kabdrakhmanov T.K.; Verbolovich V.P.; Izmukhanov A.K.; Tulenova V.Kh, 1983:
Radio immunoassay of the myo globin concentration in patients with lower limb arterial occlusion

Dombrovskii V.I.; Rott G.M.; Staroverov I.I.; Semin Y.A.; Khachirov D.G.; Ruda M.Ya; Poverennyi A.M., 1981:
Radio immunoassay of the myo globin level

Kapoor C.L.; Beavo J.A.; Steiner A.L., 1979:
Radio immunoassay of the regulatory subunit of type i cyclic amp dependent protein kinase

Vandalem, J.L.; Ketelslegers, J.M.; Pirens, G.; Closset, J.; Hennen, G., 1975:
Radio immunoassay of thyroid stimulating hormone immunological study of the system and clinical application

Mitsuma, T.; Hirooka, Y.; Nihei, N., 1976:
Radio immunoassay of thyrotropin releasing hormone in human serum and its clinical application

Lombardi, G.; Panza, N.; Cei, S.; Cosimato, F.; Minozzi, M., 1978:
Radio immunoassay of thyrotropin releasing hormone in normal subjects in abnormal thyroid states and under catecholaminergic influences

Cooper, E.; Anderson, A.; Bennett, M.J.; Maclennan, A.H.; Stirrat, G.M.; Burke, C.W., 1982:
Radio immunoassay of thyroxine and 3 3' 5' tri iodo thyronine in human amniotic fluid

Fencl M.M.; Todd R.; Cohen J.; Tulchinsky D., 1981:
Radio immunoassay of total urinary estriol

Yokohama S.; Yamashita K.; Toguchi H.; Kitamori N., 1983:
Radio immunoassay of trh in rat dog and human blood

Busnardo, B.; Girelli, M.E.; Bui, F.; Lazzi, C., 1976:
Radio immunoassay of tri iodo thyronine perfection of the method

Ko, H.; Royer, M.E.; Hester, J.B.; Johnston, K.T., 1977:
Radio immunoassay of triazolam

Kadival G.V.; Samuel A.M.; Virdi B.S.; Kale R.N.; Ganatra R.D., 1982:
Radio immunoassay of tuberculous antigen

Proudman, J.A.; Wentworth, B.C., 1978:
Radio immunoassay of turkey growth hormone

Zucchelli G.C.; Giannessi D.; Piro M.A.; Ferdeghini M.; Malvano R., 1979:
Radio immunoassay of unconjugated and total serum estetrol using a iodine 125 labeled tracer

Ariga T.; Oka H.; Kaizu K.; Hatano M.; Oshiba S., 1981:
Radio immunoassay of urinary fibrino peptide a a basic study and evaluation of assay methods

Grasbeck R.; Wahlstedt V.; Kouvonen I., 1982:
Radio immunoassay of urinary intrinsic factor a promising test for pernicious anemia and gastric function

Astedt B.; Holmberg L.; Lecander I.; Thorell J., 1981:
Radio immunoassay of uro kinase for quantification of plasminogen activators released in ovarian tumor cultures

Ebeid, A.M.; Murray, P.; Hirsch, H.; Wesdorp, R.I.C.; Fischer, J.E., 1976:
Radio immunoassay of vasoactive intestinal peptide

Chang T M.; Roth F.L.Jr; Tai H H.; Chey W.Y., 1979:
Radio immunoassay of vasoactive intestinal poly peptide

Kaplowitz P.B.; D'ercole A.J.; Robertson G.L., 1982:
Radio immunoassay of vasopressin in familial central diabetes insipidus

Budd, R.D.; Leung, W.J.; Yang, F.C., 1980:
Radio immunoassay opiates structure vs. reactivity

Elkon K.B.; Gharavi A.E.; Patel B.M.; Ferjencik P.P.; Hughes G.R.V.; Caeiro F., 1981:
Radio immunoassay profile of anti globulins in connective tissue diseases elevated level of immuno globulin a anti globulin in systemic sicca syndrome

Tanaka, M.; Abe, K.; Adachi, I.; Yamaguchi, K.; Miyakawa, S.; Hirakawa, H.; Kumaoka, S., 1975:
Radio immunoassay specific for amino and carboxyl terminal portion of parathyroid hormone

Adachi N.; Smith J.E.; Sklan D.; Goodman D.S., 1981:
Radio immunoassay studies of the tissue distribution and sub cellular localization of cellular retinol binding protein in rats

Collignon A.; Scherrmann J.M.; German A.; Bourdon R., 1983:
Radio immunoassay study of anti digitoxin antibodies in liquid phase and after coupling on a solid phase

Syner F.N.; Kuras R.A.; Moghissi K.S., 1979:
Radio immunoassay study of immunologic changes associated with the conversion of rabbit testicular pro acrosin to acrosin

Tei Y., 1981:
Radio immunoassay system for rat pancreatic elastase and diagnostic evaluation

Wright, G.L.Jr ; Schellhammer, P.F.; Leffell, M.S.; Sieg, S.M.; Brassil, B.N., 1982:
Radio immunoassay vs. counter immune electrophoresis for measurement of serum prostatic acid phosphatase

Boomla K.; Aherne W.; Greaves M.W.; Davey R.; Quinton M., 1979:
Radio immunoassayable methotrexate concentrations in plasma and skin exudate of patients with psoriasis

Kastin A.J.; Lawrence S.P.; Coy D.H., 1981:
Radio immunoassayable n tyrosyl msh release inhibiting factor 1 like activity in rat brain is increased by pinealectomy

Pinto J.C.M.; Rotholz M.V.; Linhares E.; Esteves R.N.; Rachid J., 1981:
Radio immunoassays contribution to the judgment of testicular function

Kurokawa E.; Ogawa M.; Kurihara M.; Ohta T.; Kitahara T.; Kosaki G.; Iwama M.; Ohgi K.; Irie M., 1983:
Radio immunoassays for 2 types of human urinary rnase differential determination of rnase in human serum

Guillemin, R.; Ling, N.; Vargo, T., 1977:
Radio immunoassays for alpha endorphin and beta endorphin

Deleurance S.; Baehr J C.; Porcheron P.; Cassier P., 1981:
Radio immunoassays for ecdysteroids and juvenile hormones in the larvae of the last stage nymphs and adults of choleva angustata coleoptera catopidae

North W.G.; Larochelle F.T.Jr; Hardy G.R., 1983:
Radio immunoassays for individual rat neurophysins

Hawker C.D.; D.B.lla F.P., 1980:
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Radio immunoassays for the 28 48 region of parathyroid hormone detect intact hormone but not hormone fragments

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Radio immunoassays for the 70000 molecular weight glyco proteins of endogenous mouse type c viruses viral antigen expression in normal mouse tissues and sera

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Radio immunoassays for the determination of lysergic acid and simple lysergic acid derivatives

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Radio immunoassays for the determination of the indole alkaloids ajmalicine and serpentine in plants

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Radio immunoassays of tetra hydrocortisone and tetra hydro cortisol in human urine

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Radio immunoassays of thyroid stimulating hormone subunits

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Radio immunoassays specific for the tertiary and primary structures of thyroxine binding globulin measurement of denatured thyroxine binding globulin in serum

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Radio immunoassays that use iodine 125 labeled protein a for determination of histoplasma capsulatum specific immuno globulin g immuno globulin a and immuno globulin m class antibodies in histoplasmosis

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Radio immunochemical determination of cellular retinol binding and cellular retinoic acid binding proteins in cytosols of rat tissues

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Radio immunochemical method for studying surface antigen binding determinants on peripheral lymphocytes

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Radio immunochemical studies on 7.8s and 5.7s duck immuno globulins in comparison with fab and fc fragments of chicken immuno globulin y

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Radio immunologic 5 hour luteinizing hormone

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Radio immunologic assay of serum testosterone in normal subjects and in some endocrine diseases

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Radio immunologic determination of alpha feto protein concentrations in blood serum samples and in the amniotic fluid in healthy pregnant women in the 2nd trimester of pregnancy

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Radio immunologic investigations of the functional state of the thyroid gland in urolithic disease

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Radio immunologic study of hem agglutinin of influenza subtype h 1n 1 viruses

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Radio immunologic study of insulin secretion regulation during acute radiation sickness

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Radio immunological analyses in vitro

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Radio immunological analysis of the content of the thyrotropic and somatotropic hormones in the blood serum of persons of different age groups

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Radio immunological analysis of the content of thyroid hormones and thyroxine binding globulin in the blood

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Radio immunological analysis of the levels of the embryonal sarcoma antigen and alpha feto protein in the blood of patients with lung cancer

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Radio immunological and biochemical study of the reaction of the adeno hypophysis testes and adrenal glands of rats and guinea pigs to administration of the anti androgen 4 nitro 3 trifluoromethyl iso butyranilide

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Radio immunological and biological measurement of prostaglandins in rabbit urine decrease of prostaglandin e 2 excretion at high sodium chloride intake

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Radio immunological and immuno cytochemical demonstration of methionine enkephalin in planaria dugesia gonocephala

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Radio immunological and radiochemical analysis of post radiation disorders of the hypophysis adrenal cortex system

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Radio immunological assays for tri iodo thyronine or thyroxine in sera containing antibodies against the hormones

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Radio immunological characterization of carcino embryonic antigen preparations

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Radio immunological determination of 25 hydroxy cholecalciferol

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Radio immunological determination of 3 4 di methoxy phenethylamine in urine

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Radio immunological determination of antibodies to dna and other dna binding proteins in blood serum of immunized animals

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Radio immunological determination of apparent free cortisol concentration some physiological and clinical applications

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Radio immunological determination of blood myo globin in patients with ischemic heart disease

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Radio immunological determination of cholecystokinin in tissue extracts

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Radio immunological determination of chorio gonadotropin and chorio somatotropin in the diagnosis and control of treatment results in cases of chorionic hypertrophy

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Radio immunological determination of estradiol 17 beta in cow blood before and after calving

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Radio immunological determination of human c peptide in serum

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Radio immunological determination of insulin like growth factors i and ii in normal subjects and patients with growth disorders and extrapancreatic tumor hypo glycemia

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Radio immunological determination of native and heat denaturated protein

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Radio immunological determination of pancreatic and gut glucagon in plasma

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Radio immunological determination of peripheral blood aldo sterone in diabetes mellitus patients

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Radio immunological determination of renin

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Radio immunological determination of testosterone level in peripheral blood plasma in cows during different periods of pregnancy

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Radio immunological determination of the carcino embryonic antigen alpha feto protein and other tumoral antigens in oncological patients before and after radiation therapy

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Radio immunological determination of the insulin level in the early post natal period in the pig

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Radio immunological dosage of human high molecular weight kininogen

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Radio immunological function studies of adeno hypophysis in pathological conditions in the hypothalamic hypophyseal adreno cortical system

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Radio immunological identification and measurement of cyclic cmp in rat tissues

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Radio immunological measurement of follicle stimulating hormone and prolactin in the dog

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Radio immunological measurement of glutathione peroxidase in circulating blood cells

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Radio immunological measurement of insulin antibodies in human sera using the poly ethylene glycol separation technique

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Radio immunological measurements of total luteinizing hormone in sheep pituitary cells

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Radio immunological method for the estimation of prostaglandin f in blood of cows

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Radio immunological method of angiotensin ii determination

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Radio immunological screening method for specific membrane proteins

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Radio immunological studies in the diagnosis of the state of the fetus

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Radio immunological studies of the thyrotropic function of the hypophysis under the effect of the thyrotropin releasing hormone in diseases of the thyroid gland

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Radio immunological study of hepatitis b e antigen anti hepatitis b e antigen antibody system and of anti hepatitis b core antibody in asymptomatic carriers of hepatitis b virus

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Radio immunological study of the content of cyclic gmp in the blood and tissues

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Radio immunological study of the effect of hormonal contraceptives on the progesterone level of saliva

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Radio immunological study of the surface protein of the human serum low density lipo protein comparison of the native particle and the products obtained by tryptic treatment

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Radio immunological test for the carcino embryonic antigen in evaluation of gastric carcinoma treatment effectiveness

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Radio indication of acute venous thrombosis

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Radio indication of bone transplant healing

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Radio indication of hemodynamics and functional state of parenchyma of the kidneys in stenoses of renal arteries

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Radio indicator investigations of iron and phosphorus transfer in podzolic fine loamy soil

Khegai T.A.; Rachinskii V.V.; Fokin A.D., 1982:
Radio indicator study of dalapon behavior in soddy podzolic soil

Rachinskii V.V.; Fokin A.D.; Taldykin S.A., 1981:
Radio indicatory determination of moisture transfer along the soil profile

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Radio induced amelo blastic odonto sarcoma in the rat histological auto radiographic and ultrastructural study of 1 case

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Radio induced degradation of thymidine in de aerated aqueous solution

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Radio induced osteosarcoma 2 cases

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Radio induced products in maize starch glyceraldehyde di hydroxy acetone and 2 hydroxy malonaldehyde

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Radio iodide uptake in brain cerebro spinal fluid thyroid and salivary glands of audiogenic seizure mice

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Radio iodinated antibodies a tool in studies on the presence and role of inactive enzyme forms regulation of chalcone synthase in parsley petroselinum hortense cell suspension cultures

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Radio iodinated bleomycin stoichiometry of iodination and structural characterization by proton nmr

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Radio iodinated fatty acids for myo cardial imaging effects of chain length

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Radio iodinated fibrinogen for clot detection in a canine model of cervical carotid thrombosis

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Radio iodinated fibrinogen in the evaluation of patients with osteo sarcoma

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Radio iodinated fibrinogen simplified again

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Radio iodinated human serum albumin cisternography in sporadic choreo athetotic syndrome accompanied by dementia sporadic huntingtons disease

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Radio iodinated lipo proteins absorption of iodine 125 radioactivity by high density solutions

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Radio iodinated nondegradable gonadotropin releasing hormone analogs new probes for the investigation of pituitary gonadotropin releasing hormone receptors with appendix computer modeling of several ligands binding to multiple receptors

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Radio iodinated o iodo benzoic acid as impurity in hippuran preparations

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Radio iodinated pteroyl tyrosine a novel analog for folate radioassay

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Radio iodination and characterization of the plasma membrane of sea urchin strongylocentrotus purpuratus sperm

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Radio iodination of adenovirus associated virus external structural proteins

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Radio iodination of cell surface proteins in a drosophila cell line

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Radio iodination of human intrinsic factor inst starch gel electrophoresis inst chromatography

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Radio iodination of hydroxyphenyl ethylamine derivatives of some digitalis glycosides and their aglycones

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Radio iodination of iodinated estradiol 17 di phosphates

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Radio iodination of microgram quantities of ribosomal proteins from poly acrylamide gels

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Radio iodination of new protein antigens on the surface of plasmodium knowlesi infected erythrocytes

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Radio iodination of parasite antigens with 1 3 4 6 tetra chloro 3 alpha diphenyl glycoluril studies with zygotes of plasmodium gallinaceum

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Radio iodination of plasma membrane poly peptides from isolated mouse spermatogenic cells

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Radio iodination of scorpion and snake toxins

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Radio iodination of surface proteins of bull spermatozoa and their characterization by sodium dodecyl sulfate poly acrylamide gel electrophoresis

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Radio iodination with iodine 125 and reductive methylation with tritium of a vegetalizing inducer protein specific radioactivities and effect on biological activity

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Radio iodine administration in hyper thyroidism a cyto genetic study

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Radio iodine diffusion rate as related to soil moisture and ph of the soil solution

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Radio iodine distribution in chicken after iodate treatment

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Radio iodine induced hypo parathyroidism

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Radio iodine induced hypo thyroidism in graves disease factors associated with the increasing incidence

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Radio iodine therapy in the management of thyroid cancer a prospective study

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Radio iodine total body scan vs. serum thyro globulin levels in follow up of patients with thyroid cancer

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Radio iodine treatment of metastatic thyroid carcinoma the royal marsden hospital london england uk experience

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Radio iodine uptake in young carp cyprinus carpio retarded in growth

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Radio iodine volatilization from re formulated sodium iodide iodine 131 oral solution

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Radio iron kinetic studies in anemia and the measurement of dyserythropoiesis

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Radio isotope analysis in vitro in the assessment of gluco corticoid hormone binding with hepatocyte receptors

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Radio isotope and biochemical methods in estimating the exocrine function of the pancreas and small intestine at early terms after gastrectomy for cancer

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Radio isotope and morphological investigation of the kidneys

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Radio isotope angio cardiography for idiopathic cardio myopathy

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Radio isotope angiography in the diagnosis of abdominal aortic aneurysms

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Radio isotope angiography of the kidneys in the diagnosis of vaso renal hypertension

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Radio isotope assay for evaluation of in vivo natural cell mediated resistance of mice to local transplantation of tumor cells

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Radio isotope assay for glutamine synthetase ec using thin layer chromatography

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Radio isotope binding capacity of serum folic acid vitamin b 12 and ferritin radio isotope binding capacity in hematologic and rheumatologic patients

Oberson, R., 1976:
Radio isotope cisternography in the diagnosis of cerebro spinal fluid leakages

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Radio isotope determination of the blood ejection volume in arterio venous fistulas

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Radio isotope diagnosis and classification of post operative thrombosis of deep shin veins

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Radio isotope diagnosis at the p a herzen moscow ussr research institute of oncology 75th anniversary of the institute

Chirkin, N.I., 1978:
Radio isotope diagnosis of breast cancer metastases into the bone

Lenskaya O.P.; Gabuniya R.I.; Bogdasarov Y.B., 1979:
Radio isotope diagnosis of mammary gland carcinoma

Mechev, D.S.; Korolev, V.I., 1975:
Radio isotope diagnosis of metastatic affection of lymphatic apparatus

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Radio isotope diagnosis of pneumonia using labeled microspheres of human blood serum albumin experimental study

Petriev V.M.; Khachirov D.G.; Kir'yakov M.A., 1979:
Radio isotope diagnosis of pulmonary artery embolism by labeled albumin microspheres in experiment

Kohli K.K.; Albro P.W.; Mckinney J.D., 1979:
Radio isotope dilution assay for the estimation of poly chlorinated bi phenyls

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Radio isotope dynamic methods in the studies of arterial and canalicular capacity of the kidneys

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Radio isotope evaluation of experimental hydro syringomyelia

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Radio isotope gastro scintigraphy in the diagnosis of gastric tumor and pre tumor diseases

Fesenko I.P., 1982:
Radio isotope hepatography in the evaluation of the functional state of the liver in hypertension and athero sclerosis

Ametov A.S.; Ermakova E.P.; Larina I.M.; Pronchenko I.A.; Ushakova M.D., 1982:
Radio isotope in vitro methods in the diagnosis of hyper parathyroidism after allo transplantation of the kidney

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Radio isotope indices of iodine metabolism in residents of the buryat assr ussr

Gallorini, M.; Genova, N.; Orvini, E.; Stella, R.R., 1976:
Radio isotope induced x ray fluorescence in the analysis of atmospheric particulates quantitative determination of zinc and lead

Kasatkin-Yu, N.; Ryabinskii, V.S.; Kulikova, N.A.; Robustov, V.V.; Tkachenko-Yu, N., 1976:
Radio isotope inferior vena cavography in tumors of the kidney and retroperitoneal space

Krylov P.I., 1980:
Radio isotope methods for studying nutrition and transformation of food energy by zoo plankton

Egorenkov, A.N., 1976:
Radio isotope methods to control the effectiveness of mercazolyl therapy of diffuse toxic goiter

Grant, R.W.; Ackery, D.; Ameratunga, B., 1976:
Radio isotope perfusion and ventilation studies in bronchial hilar neoplasia

Zyryanova L.A., 1980:
Radio isotope renography in patients with chronic osteo myelitis

Leshchinskii, L.A.; Trusov, V.V.; Pimenov, L.T., 1978:
Radio isotope renography with lasix load

Il'in, L.A.; Ivannikov, A.T.; Popov, B.A.; Konstantinova, T.P.; Altukhova, G.A.; Bazhin, A.G., 1976:
Radio isotope resorption through injured skin

Rozin, R.; Pavlovski, B.; Merhav, A., 1977:
Radio isotope scanning in evaluation of metastatic disease in the liver

Pai, S.T.; Bakk, Y.W., 1970:
Radio isotope scanning in the diagnosis of liver abscess

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Radio isotope studies in pediatric nephrological practice

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Radio isotope studies in the practice of the intensive care unit

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Radio isotope studies of liver function in rats with guerin carcinoma

Rizaev M.N.; Khodzhibekov M.Kh, 1981:
Radio isotope study of central hemodynamics and pulmonary blood flow during diseases requiring surgery

Spies, S.M., 1978:
Radio isotope techniques in clinical cardiology

Strauss L.; Sturm V.; Georgi P.; Schlegel W.; Ostertag H.; Clorius J.H.; Van Kaick G., 1982:
Radio isotope therapy of cystic cranio pharyngiomas

Lenskaya O.P., 1981:
Radio isotope thermographic studies in patients with breast tumors

Tolmacheva V.V.; Lenskaya O.P., 1981:
Radio isotope thermographic studies in the comprehensive diagnosis of tumors of the soft tissues of the hand

Kasatkin-Yu, N.; Rozanov, I.B.; Mironov, S.P.; Egorova, A.I.; Diasamidze, Z.I., 1976:
Radio isotope visualization of the hepato pancreatic region in patients with mechanical jaundice

Hallak A.B.; Saleh N.S., 1982:
Radio isotope x ray fluorescence technique in the investigation of some environmental samples

Taylor, P., 1978:
Radio isotopes as metabolic labels for glossina diptera glossinidae part 1 laboratory determination of the relationship between radio isotope metabolism respiration and temperature

Taylor, P., 1978:
Radio isotopes as metabolic labels for glossina diptera glossinidae part 2 the excretion of cesium 137 under field conditions as a means of estimating energy utilization activity and temperature regulation

Kloft, W.J.; Butler, J.F.; Kloft, E.S., 1976:
Radio isotopes as model substances for the mode of transmission of pathogenic agents by insects to plants and animals

Licata, G.; Custro, N.; Indovina, I., 1978:
Radio isotopic angio cardiography in primitive myo cardiopathy

Korein, J.; Braunstein, P.; Kricheff, I.; Lieberman, A.; Chase, N., 1975:
Radio isotopic bolus technique as a test to detect circulatory deficit associated with cerebral death 142 studies on 80 patients demonstrating the bedside use of an innocuous intra venous procedure as an adjunct in the diagnosis of cerebral death

Tsang, P.H.; Tangnavarad, K.; Lesnick, G.; Perloff, M.; Holland, J.F.; Bekesi, J.G., 1980:
Radio isotopic chromium 51 labeled leukocyte adherence inhibition 1. demonstration of anti tumor immunity in patients with breast carcinoma

Sodogandji, T.; Marty, J.P.; Wepierre, J., 1978:
Radio isotopic cutaneous nutritional blood flow measure in guinea pig effects of topical application of irritant or vasoactive drugs

Braren V.; Versage P.N.; Touya J.J.; Brill A.B.; Goddard J.; Rhamy R.K., 1979 :
Radio isotopic determination of glomerular filtration rate

Magas S.; Kasprzak K.S.; Kostanski M.; Bobowicz Z., 1980:
Radio isotopic determination of the abrasive properties of dentifrices

Nodel'son, S.E.; Shitikov, B.D.; Chekhova, E.I., 1977:
Radio isotopic diagnosis of post operative thrombosis of deep crural veins in oncological patients

Blagosklonnaya Y.V.; Yakovlev D.V.; Neverova L.G.; Mamedov R.M.; Kalashnikova M.N., 1980:
Radio isotopic diagnosis of renal function in diabetes mellitus

Mechev, D.S.; Korolev, V.I.; Gol'dshmid, B.Y., 1977:
Radio isotopic diagnosis of skeletal cartilage tumors

Abrakhanova Akhmedbeili B.N.; Polyak S.M., 1981:
Radio isotopic evaluation of the efficacy of treatment with serum albumin of patients with chronic hepatitis and cirrhosis

Chernik Bolyant A.F.; Ametov A.S.; Romanenko A.M., 1981:
Radio isotopic evaluation of the functional state of the thyroid gland in children with bronchial asthma

Fesenko I.P., 1982:
Radio isotopic examination of the functional state of the res cells of the liver in bronchial asthma

Zannad F.; Robert J.; Itty C.; Thouvenot P.; Pernot C., 1980:
Radio isotopic explorations in congenital cardiac disease

Dumitrascu L.D.; Tapalaga D.; Cotul S., 1981:
Radio isotopic investigations on the prognosis of chronic hepatitis

Steven M.M.; Lewis D.; Madhok R.; Lowe G.D.O.; Sturrock R.D.; Forbes C.D., 1985:
Radio isotopic joint scans in hemophilic arthritis

Boothe, T.E.; Campbell, J.A.; Djermouni, B.; Gilson, A.J.; Finn, R.D.; Ache, H.J., 1981:
Radio isotopic labeling by surface catalysis 1. preparation and quality control of iodine 131 labeled i 4 iodo antipyrine

Pescetti G.; Biglino A.; Filippa P.; Gozzelino F.; Marnetto A.M.; Osella D.; Rigamonti G.; Scagliotti G., 1979:
Radio isotopic labeling of endo alveolar surface active phospho lipidic fractions from rabbit pulmonary lavage

Wright, P.J.; Di-Mayorca, G., 1976:
Radio isotopic labeling of human papovavirus by iodination and reductive alkylation

Rodgers G.M.; Donaldson V.H.; Shuman M.A., 1982:
Radio isotopic measurement of plasma kallikrein

Kas J.; Rauch P., 1982:
Radio isotopic method for the determination of low and very low proteolytic activities in foodstuffs

Depresseux, J.C.; Stevenaert, A., 1976:
Radio isotopic methods for studying the function of cerebro spinal fluid shunts

Brill, A.B.; Patton, D.D., 1976:
Radio isotopic methods in diagnosis and assessment of liver metastases

Lebedeva E.A.; Sukyasyan G.V.; Tsepa L.S., 1979:
Radio isotopic methods of investigation in the diagnosis of thrombocytopenic purpura

Gotta H.; Vazquez S.; Parma P., 1980:
Radio isotopic miscellanea the test of forced diuresis with furosemide in urinary tract obstructive diseases

Ter Kasparova M.R.; Tevosyan T.G.; Basmadzhyan M.M., 1980:
Radio isotopic renography and paracentetic biopsy as methods of diagnosis of early affection of the kidney in periodic disease

Zaltzman S.; Merimsky E.; Homonay Z.; Pappo I., 1987:
Radio isotopic scan of the inguinoscrotal region in varicocele

Cannon, P.J., 1975:
Radio isotopic studies of the regional myo cardial circulation

Shionoya, S.; Hirai, M.; Ohshima, M., 1978:
Radio isotopic study of healing of ischemic ulcers

Troncone, L.; Galli, G.; Salvo, D.; Barbarino, A.; Bonomo, L., 1977:
Radio isotopic study of the adrenal glands using iodine 131 19 iodo cholesterol

Fesenko I.P.; Khrebtatii I.E., 1981:
Radio isotopic study of the functional date of the liver in chronic pneumonia complicated by bronchial asthma

Kasatkin-Yu, N.; Bakuleva, L.P.; Obukhov, N.V.; Nazarova, S.V., 1977:
Radio isotopic visualization of the placenta

Mazaev P.N.; Kunitsyn D.V., 1982:
Radio kymography in comprehensive diagnosis of subacute and chronic thrombo embolism of pulmonary arteries

Pitlick, F.A.; Valentyn-Benz, M., 1977:
Radio label incorporation associated with tissue factor production in cultured human fibroblasts and smooth muscle cells

Wieland D.M.; W.J.L.; Brown L.E.; Mangner T.J.; Swanson D.P.; Beierwaltes W.H., 1980:
Radio labeled adrenergic neuron blocking agents adreno medullary imaging with iodine 131 labeled iodobenzyl guanidine

Bosnjakovic, V.B.; Jankovic, B.D.; Horvat, J.; Cvoric, J., 1977:
Radio labeled anti human fibrin antibody a new thrombus detecting agent

Chandra, S.; Bang, N.U.; Marks, C., 1976:
Radio labeled anti thrombin iii as a probe for the detection of activation of blood coagulation in vivo

Lemoine, J.R.; Moser, K.M., 1977:
Radio labeled fibrinogen and impedance plethysmography in the diagnosis of deep venous thrombosis

Gordon I.; Vivian G., 1984:
Radio labeled leukocytes a new diagnostic tool in occult infection inflammation

Espinola L.G.; Beaucaire J.; Gottschalk A.; Caride V.J., 1979:
Radio labeled liposomes as metabolic and scanning tracers in mice part 2 indium 111 oxine compared with technetium 99m di ethylenetriamine penta acetic acid entrapped in multi lamellar lipid vesicles

Kaplan, M.L.; Jeffcoat, M.K.; Goldhaber, P., 1978:
Radio labeled microsphere measurements of alveolar bone blood flow in dogs

Prasad H.K.; Singh R.; Nath I., 1982:
Radio labeled mycobacterium leprae resident in human macrophage cultures as an in vitro indicator of effective immunity in human leprosy

Labbe-Jullie, C.; Kitabgi, P.; Granier, C.; Vincent, J.P.; Van-Reitschoten, J., 1983:
Radio labeled neurotensin analogs 1. solid phase synthesis and biological characterization of 11 tryptophan neurotensin precursor of an iodinated ligand

Hopwood J.J.; Elliott H., 1981 :
Radio labeled oligo saccharides as substrates for the estimation of sulfamidase and the detection of the sanfilippo type a syndrome

Schreier, E., 1976:
Radio labeled peptide ergot alkaloids

Surani, M.A.H., 1977:
Radio labeled rat uterine luminal proteins and their regulation by estradiol and progesterone

Kato K.P.; Esselman W.J.; Wang T.J., 1979:
Radio labeling and isolation of thy 1 active glyco lipids from murine brain and lymphoma cells lines

Mcdaniel, S.G.; Keeley, L.L.; Sterling, W.L., 1978:
Radio labeling heliothis virescens eggs by phosphorus 32 injection of adult females

Cheshire, J.M.Jr ; Henningson, J.; All, J.N., 1977:
Radio labeling lesser cornstalk borer larvae for monitoring movement in soil habitats

Lim, D.V.; James, A.N.; Williams, R.P., 1977:
Radio labeling of and macro molecular syntheses in neisseria gonorrhoeae type 1 and type 4

Gow, J.A.; Parton, R.; Wardlaw, A.C., 1976:
Radio labeling of bordetella pertussis envelope proteins by the iodine 125 lacto peroxidase ec method

Sadler, T.E.; Cramp, W.A.; Castro, J.E., 1977:
Radio labeling of corynebacterium parvum and its distribution in mice

Levy, N.L.; Dawson, J.R., 1976:
Radio labeling of immuno globulin without loss of antibody activity use of carbon 14 phenyl iso thio cyanate with human cyto toxic antibody

Georgi J.R.; L.J.mbre L.F., 1983:
Radio labeling of infective larvae of haemonchus contortus nematoda trichostrongyloidea with selenium 75 labeled methionine and their performance as tracers in sheep

Klein G.; Satre M.; Dianoux A C.; Vignais P.V., 1980:
Radio labeling of natural atpase inhibitor with carbon 14 labeled phenyl iso thio cyanate and study of its interaction with mitochondrial atpase localization of inhibitor binding sites and stoichiometry of binding

Dottavio-Martin, D.; Ravel, J.M., 1978:
Radio labeling of proteins by reductive alkylation with carbon 14 formaldehyde and sodium cyano borohydride

Lopez G.R.; Crenshaw M.A., 1982:
Radio labeling of sedimentary organic matter with carbon 14 formaldehyde preliminary evaluation of a new technique for use in deposit feeding studies

Dodeur, M.; Bourrillon, R., 1978:
Radio labeling of sialyl and galactosyl residues of the surfaces of zajdelas ascitic hepatoma cells

Ziegler, M.; Keilacker, H.; Woltanski, K.P.; Besch, W.; Schubert, J., 1980:
Radio ligand assays method and application 2. influence of glucagon coupling on raising of glucagon anti sera with suitable binding parameters for the radio immunoassay

Keilacker, H.; Becker, G.; Ziegler, M.; Gottschling, H.D., 1980:
Radio ligand assays methods and applications 4. uniform regression of hyperbolic and linear radio immunoassay calibration curves

Besch, W.; Woltanski, K.P.; Knospe, S.; Ziegler, M.; Keilacker, H., 1980:
Radio ligand assays methods and applications 5. iodine 125 labeled mono iodo insulin preparation immunological and biological characterization

Dash R.J.; Sharma B.R.; Lata V., 1979:
Radio ligand binding assay of cortisol using horse transcortin

Grigorescu, A., 1976:
Radio ligand receptor assay

Hughes, M.R.; Baylink, D.J.; Jones, P.G.; Haussler, M.R., 1976:
Radio ligand receptor assay for 25 hydroxy vitamin d 2 25 hydroxy vitamin d 3 and 1 alpha 25 di hydroxy vitamin d 2 1 alpha 25 di hydroxy vitamin d 3 application to hyper vitaminosis d

Fabrizi P.; Barbarulli G.; Tarli P.; Neri P., 1980:
Radio ligand receptor assay for human chorionic somatomammotropin ovine prolactin and human growth hormone using rat ventral prostate particles

Brown, P.S.; Sharpe, R.M.; Hartog, M.; Shahmanesh, M., 1976:
Radio ligand receptor assay of follicle stimulating hormone

Teichert, M., 1978:
Radio lysis of vitamin d 3 7 dehydro cholesterol and ergosterol in alcohol water solutions

Volchkov V.A.; Mikhailova N.Ya, 1984:
Radio modifying effect of 8 aza hypo xanthine

Mustafina R.Kh; Balmukhanov S.B., 1982:
Radio modifying effect of fibrino lysin in experimental radiation therapy

Maksumova, Z.A.; Afanas'ev, G.G.; Pelevina, I.I., 1973:
Radio modifying effect of hydroxy urea on hela cells in log and stationary growth phases

Berdina M.A.; Seisebaev A.T.; Baibekova T.K., 1983:
Radio modifying effect of leucoefdin in various stages of the cell cycle

Wanless S.; Harris M.P.; Morris J.A., 1985 :
Radio monitoring as a method for estimating time budgets of guillemots uria aalge

Langer, M.; Langer, R.; Voss, E.U., 1982:
Radio morphology of f. p. weber type angio dysplasia

Aleksandrov, I.D., 1977:
Radio mutability of specific loci and mutation iso alleles in drosophila melanogaster facts and illusions/

Tyaminov, A.R., 1978:
Radio mutations of dwarfness in fine fiber cotton and their role in selection

Yoshii Y.; Maki Y.; Tosa J.; Tsuboi K.; Matsumura A.; Tomono Y.; Nakada Y., 1984:
Radio necrosis after radio therapy for brain tumor

Vannineuse A.; Mainil Varlet J.P.; Mattheiem W.; Orloff S.; Van Den Heule B., 1979:
Radio necrosis of the humeral head after radio therapy for breast cancer

Frenkel' V.Kh; Morgunov N.B.; Kamenker S.M.; Filatova N.P., 1982:
Radio nuclide 2 indicator method to determine the indices of extravascular pulmonary fluid

Stephens J.D.; Dymond D.S.; Spurrell R.A.J., 1980:
Radio nuclide and hemodynamic assessment of left ventricular functional reserve in patients with left ventricular aneurysm and congestive cardiac failure response to exercise stress and isosorbide di nitrate

Khripta F.P., 1979:
Radio nuclide and roentgenological studies in the diagnosis of tumors of the upper urinary tract

Bogdasarov Y.B.; Lenskaya O.P.; Polyakov B.I.; Belkina B.M., 1983:
Radio nuclide and thermographic diagnosis of head and neck tumors

Makeev A.I.; Ostrovtsev I.V.; Roshchin E.M., 1982:
Radio nuclide and x ray diagnosis of metastatic tumors of the gastro intestinal tract

Kuruc A.; Treves S.; Parker J.A.; Cheng C.; Sawan A., 1983:
Radio nuclide angio cardiography an improved deconvolution technique for improvement after suboptimal bolus injection experimental results in dogs with and without atrial septal defects

Kito Y.; Fujita T.; Ohara K.; Kosakai Y.; Kawazoe K.; Haze K.; Saito M.; Hiramori K.; Nishimura T.; E.A., 1983:
Radio nuclide angio graphic assessment of the effects of aorto coronary bypass grafting on ventricular function during rest and exercise

Johnson L.L.; Marshall M.; Johnson Y.E.; Sciacca R.R.; Cannon P.J., 1982:
Radio nuclide angiographic evaluation of left ventricular function by resting ejection rate during the 1st third of systole in patients with chronic aortic regurgitation

Laird J.D.; Ferguson W.R.; Mciirath E.M.; Hamilton J.R.L., 1983:
Radio nuclide angiography as the primary investigation in chemodectoma

Fitzer, P.M., 1977:
Radio nuclide angiography brain and bone imaging in cranio facial fibrous dysplasia case report

Sabirov B.U., 1981:
Radio nuclide angiography in the diagnosis of carotid arterial lesions

Frolov V.K.; Konstantinova G.D., 1981:
Radio nuclide angiography in varicose veins of the lower extremities

Kaplan W.D.; Ensminger W.D.; Come S.E.; Smith E.H.; D'orsi C.J.; Levin D.C.; Takvorain R.W.; Steele G.D.Jr, 1980:
Radio nuclide angiography to predict patient response to hepatic artery chemo therapy

Sabirov B.U.; Malov G.A.; Stanishevskii Y.A., 1979:
Radio nuclide aorto scintigraphy

Hogan D.B.; Mckendry R.J.R., 1981:
Radio nuclide appearance of rheumatoid rib erosions

Critchley M.; Prichard H.; Grime J.S.; Patten M.; Ansell I., 1981:
Radio nuclide assessment of extravascular lung water in minimal pulmonary edema

Siegel, M.E., 1977:
Radio nuclide assessment of peripheral arterial disease

Corne R.A.; Gotsman M.S.; Atlan H., 1979:
Radio nuclide assessment of regional myo cardial perfusion with thallium 201

Dahlstrom J.A., 1982:
Radio nuclide assessment of right ventricular ejection fraction a comparison of first pass studies with xenon 133 and technetium 99m

Nemerovski M.; Shah P.K.; Pichler M.; Berman D.S.; Shellock F.; Swan H.J.C., 1982:
Radio nuclide assessment of sequential changes in left and right ventricular function following 1st acute trans mural myo cardial infarction

Isenberg, J.F.; Simon, W., 1978:
Radio nuclide axial tomography by half back projection

Mettler F.A.Jr; Christie J.H.; Crow N.E.Jr; Garcia J.F.; Wicks J.D.; Bartow S.A., 1982:
Radio nuclide bone scan radiographic bone survey and alkaline phosphatase limited value in asymptomatic patients with ovarian carcinoma

Podrasky A.E.; Stark D.D.; Hattner R.S.; Gooding C.A.; Moss A.A., 1983:
Radio nuclide bone scanning in neuro blastoma skeletal metastases and primary tumor localization of technetium 99m labeled methylene di phosphate

Yum, H.Y.; Ryo, U.Y.; Patel, D.; Pinsky, S.M., 1977:
Radio nuclide brain imaging in cerebral cysticercosis

Andrews, J.T., 1977:
Radio nuclide brain scanning

O'brien M.J.; Ash J.M.; Gilday D.L., 1979:
Radio nuclide brain scanning in peri natal hypoxia ischemia

Komatani A.; Takamiya M.; Takahashi K.; Yamaguchi K., 1981:
Radio nuclide cardiac examination with self synchronization the new method without electro cardiographic gating

Sneed, A.; Mishkin, F.S.; Kaushik, V.S.; Reese, I., 1977:
Radio nuclide cine cardiography using mini computer generated sequential gated images

Yaguchi K.; Uemura K.; Kawata Y.; Kamata N.; Kanno I.; Miura S.; Miura Y., 1982:
Radio nuclide cisternography using an emission computed tomography headtome

Akiyama Y.; Yui N.; Kinoshita F.; Koakutsu M.; Tabushi K.; Sakata S., 1982:
Radio nuclide computed tomography image study by angular interval of sampling

Murphy P.H.; Thompson W.L.; Moore M.L.; Burdine J.A., 1979:
Radio nuclide computed tomography of the body using routine radio pharmaceuticals part 1 system characterization

Burdine J.A.; Murphy P.H.; Depuey E.G., 1979:
Radio nuclide computed tomography of the body using routine radio pharmaceuticals part 2 clinical applications

Oyamada H.; Fukukita H.; Terui S.; Uehara T.; Kawai H., 1981:
Radio nuclide computed tomography of the liver using a rotating chair

Arthur W.J.IIi, 1982:
Radio nuclide concentrations in vegetation at a solid radioactive waste disposal area in southeastern idaho usa

Halford D.K.; Millard J.B.; Markham O.D., 1981:
Radio nuclide concentrations in waterfowl using a liquid radioactive waste disposal area and the potential radiation dose to man

Rothwell, D.L.; Constable, A.R.; Albrecht, M., 1977:
Radio nuclide cystography in the investigation of vesico ureteral reflux in children

Pennington, W.; Cambray, R.S.; Eakins, J.D.; Harkness, D.D.; Tutin, T.G., 1976:
Radio nuclide dating of the recent sediments of blelham tarn

Coel M.N.; Druger G., 1982:
Radio nuclide detection of the site of hemoptysis

Zubovskii G.A.; Abeleva I.Yu; Devishev M.I., 1980:
Radio nuclide determination of venous blood return to the heart in the diagnosis of pulmonary hypertension

Wilson R.A.; Okada R.D.; Boucher C.A.; Strauss H.W.; Pohost G.M., 1983:
Radio nuclide determined changes in pulmonary blood volume and thallium lung uptake in patients with coronary artery disease

Hannan W.J.; Vojacek J.; Connell H.M.; Dewhurst N.G.; Muir A.L., 1981:
Radio nuclide determined pulmonary blood volume in ischemic heart disease

Dvoskina I.S.; Stepanova I.P.; Ruda M.Ya, 1980 :
Radio nuclide diagnosis of acute myo cardial infarction

Ametov A.S., 1980:
Radio nuclide diagnosis of adreno cortical tumors in endogenous hyper corticoidism

Belova E.A.; Larina I.M., 1980:
Radio nuclide diagnosis of hyper parathyroidism

Kasatkin Y.N.; Pogosov V.S.; Purizhanskii I.I.; Krotkov F.F.; Davudov K.S.; Akopyan R.G.; Vidyukov V.I., 1981:
Radio nuclide diagnosis of laryngeal carcinoma with indium 111 labeled bleomycin

Krotkov R.F.; Purizhanskii I.I.; Korsunskii N.N., 1980:
Radio nuclide diagnosis of malignant neoplasms using indium 111 labeled bleomycin

Nishimura T.; Uehara T.; Hayashida K.; Kozuka T.; Boku E.; Saito M.; Hiramori K.; Sakakibara H., 1982:
Radio nuclide diagnosis of right ventricular infarction

Klonizakis I.; Peters A.M.; Fitzpatrick M.L.; Kensett M.J.; Lewis S.M.; Lavender J.P., 1980:
Radio nuclide distribution following injection of indium 111 labeled platelets

Jenkins, C.E.; Wogman, N.A.; Rieck, H.G., 1972:
Radio nuclide distribution in olympic national park washington

Hecht H.S.; Chew C.Y.; Burnam M.; Schnugg S.J.; Hopkins J.M.; Singh B.N., 1981:
Radio nuclide ejection fraction and regional wall motion during atrial pacing in stable angina pectoris comparison with metabolic and hemodynamic parameters

Jaszczak, R.J.; Murphy, P.H.; Huard, D.; Burdine, J.A., 1977:
Radio nuclide emission computed tomography of the head with technetium 99m and a scintillation camera

Turovich E.A.; Satsuk M.S., 1981:
Radio nuclide evaluation of function of the digestive organs in patients after stomach resection for gastric ulcer

Alderson P.O.; Bradley E.W.; Mendenhall K.G.; Vieras F.; Siegel B.A.; Sloan G.E.; Rogers C.C., 1979:
Radio nuclide evaluation of pulmonary function following hemi thorax irradiation of normal dogs with cobalt 60 or fast neutrons

Vapnyar V.V., 1984:
Radio nuclide evaluation of volemia and its correction by surgical and combined treatment of patients with stomach cancer

Arthur W.J.IIi; Markham O.D., 1982:
Radio nuclide export and elimination by coyotes at 2 radioactive waste disposal areas in southeastern idaho usa

Spencer, R.P.; Hosain, F., 1976:
Radio nuclide generators with equal decay constants for parent and daughter

Pitt W.R.; Sharp P.F.; Chesser R.B.; Dendy P.P., 1983:
Radio nuclide image minification can compensate for coarse digitization

Kawamura J.; Itoh H.; Wang P C.; Fujiat T.; Yoshida O., 1980:
Radio nuclide imaging in the assessment of the residual cortical function of obstructive nephropathies

Evans, G.W.; Kieran, J.H., 1977:
Radio nuclide imaging in the diagnosis of splenic trauma

Yeker, D.; Buyukunal, C.; Urgancioglu, I.; Benli, M.; Buyukunal, E., 1984:
Radio nuclide imaging of meckels diverticulum cimetidine vs. penta gastrin plus glucagon

Belitsky, P.; Ghose, T.; Aquino, J.; Tai, J.; Macdonald, A.S., 1978 :
Radio nuclide imaging of metastases from renal cell carcinoma by iodine 131 labeled anti tumor antibody

Brill D.R., 1981:
Radio nuclide imaging of nonneoplastic soft tissue disorders

Belitsky, P.; Ghose, T.; Aquino, J.; Norvell, S.T.; Blair, A.H., 1978:
Radio nuclide imaging of primary renal cell carcinoma by iodine 131 labeled anti tumor antibody

Stern, S.; Sonnenblick, M.; Gottlieb, S.; Keren, A.; Weiner, B., 1977:
Radio nuclide imaging of the heart in myo cardial infarction and acute ischemia by technetium 99m di phosphonate

Stratton F.T.; Jackerson J.I.; Flosker L.; Weigel R.E., 1981:
Radio nuclide imaging of the hepato biliary system

French B.N.; Swanson M., 1981:
Radio nuclide imaging shuntography for the evaluation of shunt patency

Petrova G.A., 1979:
Radio nuclide investigation of interaction between the hypophysis and the thyroid gland after irradiation

Bianco J.A.; Makey D.G.; Laskey W.K.; Shafer R.B., 1979:
Radio nuclide left ventricular systolic ejection rate for the assessment of cardiac function in patients with coronary disease

Austin E.H.; Jones R.H., 1983:
Radio nuclide left ventricular volume curves in angiographically proved normal subjects and patients with 3 vessel coronary disease

Vieras, F.; Boyd, C.M., 1977:
Radio nuclide lymph angiography in the evaluation of pediatric patients with lower extremity edema concise communication

Frolov V.K.; Koptev I.V., 1980:
Radio nuclide measurements of the volumetric blood flow in the crura

Bogdasarov Y.B.; Zaitseva T.I.; Trushin V.I.; Kostin V.A.; Kostylev V.A.; Bal'ter S.A., 1980:
Radio nuclide method of quantitative evaluation of specific pulmonary perfusion

Byrenkova N.Yu, 1982:
Radio nuclide methods for examination of the lungs in nonspecific diseases

Saenko A.I.; Bespalov I.I.; Modnikov O.P., 1981:
Radio nuclide methods in evaluating aftereffects of gastrectomy for cancer

Singer I.; Royal H.D.; Uren R.F.; Waugh R.C.; Mclaughlin A.F.; Bautovich G.J.; Dyer I.A.; Fulton R.R.; Morris J.G., 1984:
Radio nuclide plethysmography and technetium 99m labeled red blood cell venography in venous thrombosis comparison with contrast venography

Reinders Folmer S.C.C.; Koster R.W.; L.R.viere A.V.; Dunning A.J., 1983:
Radio nuclide quantification of mitral and aortic regurgitation

Ham H.R.; Dobbeleir A.; Viart P.; Piepsz A.; Lenaers A., 1981:
Radio nuclide quantitation of left to right cardiac shunts using de convolution analysis brief communication

Dayal R.; Okubo A.; Duedall I.W.; Ramamoorthy A., 1979:
Radio nuclide re distribution mechanisms at the 2800 meter atlantic nuclear waste disposal site

Kosarek L.J., 1979:
Radio nuclide removal from water

Giorgetti, P.; Buffatti, G.; Zamboni, M.; Santeusanio, E.; Solbiati, M., 1977 :
Radio nuclide renal scintigraphy with technetium 99m calcium gluconate in pediatric nephrology

Kholin V.V.; Volkov A.A.; Kovryzhkina T.A., 1981:
Radio nuclide renographic study of renal function in patients with lympho granulomatosis treated with radiation therapy

Noyek A.M.; Greyson N.D.; Cooter N.; Shapiro B.J., 1982:
Radio nuclide salivary gland imaging of maxillary sinus onco cytoma

Rizaev M.N.; Gulyamov D.S.; Khodzhibekov M.Kh; Anvarov M.A., 1980:
Radio nuclide scanning in a study of the pulmonary blood flow with open arterial canal

Moodie D.S.; Levy J.M.; Kahn D.R.; Lieberman L.M.; Pastakia B., 1979:
Radio nuclide scinti photography in defining post operative pulmonary vaso constriction successful results after tolazoline administration in a 4 month old infant with congenital heart disease

Kramer A.A.; Kazeev K.N.; Arabidze G.G.; Abashidze R.I.; Savel'ev V.Yu, 1981:
Radio nuclide scintigraphy in the differential diagnosis of the involved adrenal cortex in patients with arterial hypertension

Routson R.C.; Barney G.S.; Smith R.M., 1984:
Radio nuclide sorption on low exchange capacity hanford site washington usa soils

Sveshnikov, A.A.; Mingazova, N.V.; Smotrova, L.A., 1982:
Radio nuclide studies in the evaluation of treatment of chronic osteo myelitis with osseous defect after the g. a. ilizarov method

Kanaev S.V.; Dotsenko M.S.; Lapchenkov V.I., 1979:
Radio nuclide studies of erythroid cell kinetics in patients with acute leukemia accompanied by anemia

Andrews, J.T.; Klug, G.L.; Mckay, W.J., 1976:
Radio nuclide studies of posterior fossa lesions in children

Caird F.I., 1980:
Radio nuclide studies of the circulation in the elderly

Gendenshtein E.I.; Vladimirov Y.P.; Koledinov V.I.; Zaitsev V.M., 1983:
Radio nuclide studies of the effect of beta adreno blockers on the cardiotonic action of cardiac glycosides

Bairov G.A.; Ergashev H.Sh; Artyushkin A.V., 1982:
Radio nuclide studies of the liver and spleen with colloid technetium 99m after traumatic injuries during birth

Sorokin A.I.; Narkevich B.Ya; Bogdasarov Y.B.; Zaitseva T.I., 1983:
Radio nuclide studies of ventilation and perfusion in different lung regions

Zubovskii G.A.; Devishev M.I.; Ivanov E.V.; Andreeva O.V.; Luchkov A.B., 1983:
Radio nuclide studies using a dynamic kidney phantom

Ryumina E.N., 1981:
Radio nuclide study of left to right intra cardiac blood ejection

Sivachenko T.P.; Kozintseva P.V.; Belous A.K.; Oderii E.A., 1980:
Radio nuclide study of liver function in subjects coming into contact with chemical substances

Winkel K.Z., 1982:
Radio nuclide therapy of benign and malignant extrathyroid diseases

Parker T.W.; Mettler F.A.Jr; Christie J.H.; Williams A.G., 1984:
Radio nuclide thyroid studies a survey of practice in the usa in 1981 special report

Digregorio, D.; Kitchings, T.; Van-Voris, P., 1978 :
Radio nuclide transfer in terrestrial animals

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