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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 6254

Chapter 6254 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Section 7, Chapter 6254, Accession 006253000

Ljubenov T., 1988: Radioepitheliitis in the oral cavity and cumulative radiation effect

Garnett E.S., 1984: Radiofluorination with fluorine 18 labeled acetyl hypofluorite fluorine 18 labeled l 6 fluorodopa

Teare F.W., 1984: Radiofluorination with reactor produced fluorine 18 labeled cesium fluoride no carrier added fluorine 18 labeled 2 fluoronicotine and fluorine 18 labeled 6 fluoronicotine

Komiyama S., 1988: Radiofluoroscopic findings in a patient with the arnold chiari malformation dysphagia treated with cricopharyngeal myotomy

Hiraoka, M.; Jo, S.; Akuta, K.; Nishimura, Y.; Takahashi, M.; Abe, M., 1987: Radiofrequency capacitive hyperthermia for deep seated tumors i. studies on thermometry

Hiraoka, M.; Jo, S.; Akuta, K.; Nishimura, Y.; Takahashi, M.; Abe, M., 1987: Radiofrequency capacitive hyperthermia for deep seated tumors ii. effects of thermoradiotherapy

Bangay M.J., 1983: Radiofrequency di electric heaters survey results and guidelines for limiting occupational exposure to radio frequency radiation

Swarup A., 1985: Radiofrequency dielectric properties of animal tissues as a function of time following death

Dickson, J. A.; Calderwood, S. K.; Jasiewicz, M. L., 1977: Radiofrequency heating of tumors in rodents

Et Al, 1985: Radiofrequency hyperthermia as adjuvant therapy following surgical resection of an experimental malignant neoplasm

Saito Y., 1987: Radiofrequency hyperthermia for malignant brain tumors preliminary results of clinical trials

Hirakawa K., 1986: Radiofrequency hyperthermia with successive monitoring of its effects on tumors using nmr spectroscopy

Et Al, 1986: Radiofrequency hyperthermotherapy for cancer of liver bile duct and pancreas

Zaret M.M., 1986: Radiofrequency irradiation as a factor in human tumors teratism and cancer the resonance frequency hypothesis

Walker K.A., 1987: Radiofrequency microwave radiation exposure of mammalian cells during uv induced dna repair synthesis

Challa V.R., 1981: Radiofrequency neurolysis in a clinical model neuro pathological correlation

Roeschmann P., 1987: Radiofrequency penetration and absorption in the human body limitations to high field whole body nmr

Liburdy, R. P.; Wyant, A., 1984: Radiofrequency radiation and the immune system 3. in vitro effects on human immunoglobulin and on murine t lymphocytes and b lymphocytes

Section 7, Chapter 6254, Accession 006253019

Tome A.E., 1986: Radiogenic breast cancer effects of mammographic screening

Fickel T.E., 1988: Radiogenic cancer induction associated with spinal radiography a quantitative analysis

Bonney C.H., 1982: Radiogenic changes in the behavior and physiology of the spontaneously hypertensive rat evidence for a dissociation between acute hypotension and incapacitation

Hoefler H., 1980: Radiogenic fibro sarcomas

Peckauskas, R. A.; Pullman, I., 1978: Radiogenic free radicals as molecular probes in bone

Peckauskas, R. A.; Pullman, I., 1976: Radiogenic free radicals in apatite the influence of fluoride and hydroxide

Clifton K.H., 1984: Radiogenic initiation of thyroid cancer a common cellular event

Redondo, A.; Menasche, P.; Le-Beau, J., 1975: Radiogenic internal carotid stenosis report of an operated case

Eckert P., 1986: Radiogenic lesions of the intestine diagnosis and therapy

Section 7, Chapter 6254, Accession 006253029

Mohr, B.; Endert, G.; Keinert, K.; Schumann, E.; Kober, V., 1976: Radiogenic nephritis in connection with splenectomy and irradiation of the spleen bed

Guseva, L. I.; Gunko, R. I.; Kim, J. A., 1986: Radiogenic sarcoma

Lorenz W.J., 1983: Radiogenic side effects after neutron and photon therapy of soft tissue sarcomas results of a 4 year pilot study

Ramthor W., 1981: Radiogenic vesico vaginal fistula a long time after radiation case history

Bintz, G. L., 1985: Radioglucose metabolism by richardson's ground squirrels spermophilus richardsonii in the weight gain and weight loss phases of the circannual cycle

Bouillon R., 1979: Radiogrammetry of the soft tissue at the index finger in acromegaly

Cerveny C., 1987: Radiograph of ossa sesamoidea phalangis proximalis in cattle in postnatal ontogenesis

Halverson J.D., 1982: Radiographic abnormalities after gastric bypass

Vingilis J.J., 1984: Radiographic abnormalities among asbestos cement workers an exposure response study

Morgan W.K.C., 1988: Radiographic abnormalities and duration of employment in western australian iron ore miners

Richie, J. P.; Nicholson, T. C.; Hunting, D.; Brosman, S. A., 1978: Radiographic abnormalities in acute pyelo nephritis

Section 7, Chapter 6254, Accession 006253041

Section 7, Chapter 6254, Accession 006253042

Dinman B.D., 1988: Radiographic abnormalities in relation to total dust exposure at a bauxite refinery and alumina based chemical products plant

Section 7, Chapter 6254, Accession 006253044

Kerr I.H., 1983: Radiographic abnormalities of the duodenum in cystic fibrosis

Kerlan R.K., 1983: Radiographic abnormalities of the iliac apophysis in adolescent athletes

Section 7, Chapter 6254, Accession 006253047

Gruen T.A., 1985: Radiographic analysis of low modulus titanium alloy femoral total hip component

Hanker G.J., 1987: Radiographic analysis of the axial alignment of the lower extremity

Yeh, H. C.; Wolf, B. S., 1977: Radiographic anatomical landmarks of the metacarpo phalangeal joints

Orlandini, I.; Freddi, M.; Guizzardi, F.; Tenca, L., 1978: Radiographic anatomy and development of the pigs foot sus scrofa

Heitzman E.R., 1982: Radiographic anatomy of inter lobar fissures a study of 100 specimens

Lasjaunias, P.; Theron, J., 1976: Radiographic anatomy of the accessory meningeal artery

Christman, R. A., 1987: Radiographic anatomy of the calcaneus part i. inferior surface

Christman, R. A., 1987: Radiographic anatomy of the calcaneus part ii. posterior surface

Christman, R. A., 1987: Radiographic anatomy of the calcaneus part iii. superior surface

Christman, R. A., 1988: Radiographic anatomy of the calcaneus part iv. lateral and medial surfaces

Cockett P.A., 1986: Radiographic anatomy of the canine liver simple measurements determined from the lateral radiograph

Quin R.O., 1985: Radiographic anatomy of the extracranial carotid artery

Singh R.N., 1981: Radiographic anatomy of the internal mammary arteries

Soo C S., 1982: Radiographic and angiographic changes in osteo sarcoma after intra arterial chemo therapy

Olsson B., 1986: Radiographic and clinical estimation of endodontic treatment need

Attstrom R., 1981: Radiographic and clinical examination of the periodontal status of 1st molars in 15 16 year old danish school children

Azaz, B.; Shteyer, A.; Piamenta, M., 1976: Radiographic and clinical manifestations of the impacted mandibular 3rd molar

Section 7, Chapter 6254, Accession 006253065

Barash F.S., 1982: Radiographic and computed tomographic demonstration of pseudotumor cerebri due to rapid weight gain in child with pelvic rhabdo myo sarcoma

Et Al, 1987: Radiographic and endoscopic characteristics of advanced colorectal carcinoma smaller than 2 cm in diameter

Et Al, 1981: Radiographic and endoscopic diagnosis of typical iib and iib like lesion of the stomach

Et Al, 1983: Radiographic and endoscopic findings in penicillin associated nonpseudomembranous colitis

Omae T., 1985: Radiographic and endoscopic findings in penicillin related non pseudomembranous colitis

Munitz H.A., 1986: Radiographic and endoscopic sensitivity in detecting lower esophageal mucosal ring

Burt J.K., 1984: Radiographic and gross anatomy of the naso lacrimal duct of the horse

El Gendi M.A., 1979: Radiographic and hemodynamic patterns of portal hypertension in hepato splenic schistosomiasis selection of surgical procedure

Cook S.D., 1983: Radiographic and histologic evaluation of intra medullary implants intended for biological fixation

Section 7, Chapter 6254, Accession 006253076

Wissdorf H., 1987: Radiographic and macroscopic findings on the os sacrum of the new zealand white rabbit oryctolagus cuniculus f domestica during the first week post partum

Barbaric Z.L., 1980: Radiographic and microscopic findings in multiple ureteral diverticula

Yoshizaki K., 1987: Radiographic and myeloscintigraphic evaluation of normal aging changes in the lumbar spine and the relationship with lumbar spinal canal stenosis

Qvist V., 1986: Radiographic and observed tissue changes in approximal carious lesions at the time of operative treatment

Hashimoto M., 1982: Radiographic and patho histological study of femoral neck fractures

Resnick, D.; Niwayama, G., 1976: Radiographic and pathologic features of spinal involvement in diffuse idiopathic skeletal hyper ostosis

Zitting, A.; Huuskonen, M. S.; Alanko, K.; Mattsson, T., 1978: Radiographic and physiological findings in patients with asbestosis

Moore, P. H. Jr ; Mckinney, R. G.; Mettler, F. A. Jr, 1978: Radiographic and radio nuclide findings in rhizopus osteo myelitis

Bateman J., 1981: Radiographic and radio nuclide imaging in multiple myeloma the role of gallium scintigraphy concise communication

Cohen M.D., 1983: Radiographic and scintigraphic skeletal imaging in patients with neuro blastoma

Smith T., 1987: Radiographic and visual assessment of alveolar pathology of first molars in dry skulls

Thringer G., 1987: Radiographic appearance and lung function after non malignant pleural effusion

Manco Johnson M.L., 1986: Radiographic appearance of diffuse splenic hemangiomatosis

Siegal G.P., 1985: Radiographic appearance of ewing sarcoma of the hands and feet report from the intergroup ewing sarcoma study

Carlson H.C., 1987: Radiographic appearance of mucosal dysplasia associated with ulcerative colitis

Brolin, I.; Wernstedt, L., 1978: Radiographic appearance of mycoplasmal pneumonia

Koblik P.D., 1986: Radiographic appearance of primary lung tumors in cats a review of 41 cases

Beneventano T.C., 1986: Radiographic appearance of the esophagus and stomach after laser treatment of obstructing carcinoma

Larheim T.A., 1981: Radiographic appearance of the normal temporo mandibular joint in new borns and small children

Section 7, Chapter 6254, Accession 006253096

Section 7, Chapter 6254, Accession 006253097

Section 7, Chapter 6254, Accession 006253098

Kaul, T. K.; Bain, W. H., 1977: Radiographic appearances of implanted trans venous endo cardial pacing electrodes

White R.J., 1981: Radiographic appearances of mycoplasma pneumonia

Smith, W. L.; Redick, B.; Hobson, L.; Franken, E. A. Jr ; Smith, J. A., 1977: Radiographic artifacts caused by the laundering of flame retardant materials

Barber D.L., 1982: Radiographic aspects of gastric ulcers in dogs a comparative review and report of 5 case histories

De-Santos, L. A.; Murray, J. A.; Parrish, F. F.; Wallace, S.; Finkelstein, J. B.; Spjut, H. J.; Ayala, A. G.; Terry, A. F., 1978: Radiographic aspects of massive bone osteo articular allo graft transplantation

Rohrmann C.A.Jr, 1980: Radiographic aspects of metallic mercury embolism

Horodniceanu C., 1980: Radiographic aspects of osteoid osteoma in childhood and adolescence

Section 7, Chapter 6254, Accession 006253107

Aparisi T., 1984: Radiographic assessment of anatomic deviations in lumbar spondylolysis

Elboim C.M., 1986: Radiographic assessment of anomalous bile ducts

Section 7, Chapter 6254, Accession 006253110

Nelson D.R., 1986: Radiographic assessment of cranial cruciate ligament rupture in the dairy cow a retrospective study

Meagher D.M., 1983: Radiographic assessment of epiglottic length and pharyngeal and laryngeal diameters in the thoroughbred

Venner R.M., 1987: Radiographic assessment of knee joint rotation

Johnston G.R., 1986: Radiographic assessment of laryngeal reflexes in ketamine anesthetized cats

Imamura, E.; Kaye, M. P.; Davis, G. D., 1977: Radiographic assessment of leaflet motion of gore tex laminate tri leaflet valves and hancock xeno graft in tricuspid position of dogs

Kurol J., 1986: Radiographic assessment of maxillary canine eruption in children with clinical signs of eruption disturbance

Macgregor C.M., 1986: Radiographic assessment of navicular bones based on changes in the distal nutrient foramina

Lamoureux G., 1984: Radiographic assessment of pleuropulmonary disease in asbestos workers posteroanterior 4 view films and computed tomograms of the thorax

Section 7, Chapter 6254, Accession 006253119

Andreasen J.O., 1987: Radiographic assessment of simulated root resorption cavities

Mckay A.J., 1986: Radiographic assessment of the extracranial internal carotid artery

Gooding C.A., 1984: Radiographic assessment of venous catheter position in children value of the lateral view

Hall A.L., 1982: Radiographic blood pool contrast agents for vascular and tumor imaging with projection radiography and computed tomography

Section 7, Chapter 6254, Accession 006253124

Lian Lloyd A., 1987: Radiographic changes associated with cigarette smoking

Losonsky J.M., 1980: Radiographic changes associated with developing dirofilariasis dirofilaria immitis in experimentally infected dogs

Gordonson J.S., 1980: Radiographic changes following asbestos exposure experience with 7500 workers

Simon Z., 1981: Radiographic changes following trans urethral cryo caustic surgery of the prostate gland

Section 7, Chapter 6254, Accession 006253130

Provencher S., 1984: Radiographic changes in a group of chrysotile miners and millers exposed to low asbestos dust concentrations

Bechtold J.E., 1988: Radiographic changes in bone dimensions in asymptomatic cemented total hip arthroplasties

Boutin C., 1980: Radiographic changes in chrysotile mine and mill ex workers in corsica france a survey 14 years after cessation of exposure

Karaharju E., 1985: Radiographic changes in cortical bone after intramedullary nailing an experimental investigation on rabbits

Brook, A.; Corbett, M., 1977: Radiographic changes in early rheumatoid disease

Section 7, Chapter 6254, Accession 006253136

Caravelli J.F., 1982: Radiographic changes in primary osteogenic sarcoma following intensive chemo therapy radiological pathological correlation in 63 patients

Pearl S., 1984: Radiographic changes in testes of bulls infected with besnoitiosis a correlated radiologic pathologic study

Lovejoy C.O., 1985: Radiographic changes in the clavicle and proximal femur and their use in the determination of skeletal age at death

Section 7, Chapter 6254, Accession 006253140

Goulden B.E., 1982: Radiographic changes in the lungs of horses with exercise induced epistaxis

Kagan, C.; Graze, P.; Collins, J. D.; Mink, J., 1977: Radiographic changes in the posterior superior iliac crests following bone marrow aspiration

Gorman J.T., 1980: Radiographic changes of the jaw bones in end stage renal disease

Strub D., 1985: Radiographic characteristics of central ossifying fibroma

Hammerman, A. M.; Shatz, B. A.; Susman, N., 1978: Radiographic characteristics of colonic mucosal bridges sequelae of inflammatory bowel disease

Ouimet-Oliva, D.; Hebert, G.; Ladouceur, J., 1978: Radiographic characteristics of male breast cancer

Ball W., 1987: Radiographic characteristics of skull fractures resulting from child abuse

Wada T., 1988: Radiographic characteristics of the calcifying odontogenic cyst

Section 7, Chapter 6254, Accession 006253150

Youngblood P., 1984: Radiographic clues to fractures of the unossified medial humeral condyle in young children

Stevens P.M., 1984: Radiographic comparison of adductor procedures in cerebral palsied hips

West J.B., 1979: Radiographic comparison of human lung shape during normal gravity and weightlessness

Miller, R. E.; Skucas, J., 1977: Radiographic contrast agents

Arroyave C., 1979: Radiographic contrast media infusions measurement of histamine complement and fibrin split products and correlation with clinical parameters

Kelly, J. F.; Patterson, R.; Lieberman, P.; Mathison, D. A.; Stevenson, D. D., 1978: Radiographic contrast media studies in high risk patients

Zherbin E.A., 1985: Radiographic contrast splenography in experimental diffuse liver lesions

Nilson A.E., 1985: Radiographic demonstration of a liquid surface bounded by a wet solid surface

Martens S.E., 1988: Radiographic demonstration of fractures of the carpal scaphoid bone and the value of a new projection

Grabe D.F., 1985: Radiographic density measurements for determination of viability and vigor in corn zea mays seeds

Robertson P.B., 1987: Radiographic detection of dental calculus

Wyman A.C., 1982: Radiographic detection of mobilizable lung water the gravitational shift test

Gray J.E., 1980: Radiographic detection of thymoma

Peters M.E., 1986: Radiographic determination of bone maturation as an aid in predicting chronologic age in the owl monkey aotus trivirgatus

Eissa H.M., 1988: Radiographic determination of pregnancy in goats

Espelid I., 1986: Radiographic diagnoses and treatment decisions on approximal caries

Thylstrup A., 1982: Radiographic diagnosis and clinical tissue changes in relation to treatment of approximal carious lesions

Slatis P., 1985: Radiographic diagnosis of biceps tendinitis

Bhargava A.K., 1986: Radiographic diagnosis of bovine horn cancer squamous cell carcinoma

Section 7, Chapter 6254, Accession 006253171

Espelid I., 1986: Radiographic diagnosis of caries and marginal defects in connection with radiopaque composite fillings

Section 7, Chapter 6254, Accession 006253173

Section 7, Chapter 6254, Accession 006253174

Et Al, 1987: Radiographic diagnosis of depth invasion in type iic early gastric cancer with converging mucosal folds

Section 7, Chapter 6254, Accession 006253177

Oda K., 1980: Radiographic diagnosis of early cancer of the colon

Haglund, S.; Haverling, M.; Kuylenstierna, R.; Lind, M. G., 1978: Radiographic diagnosis of foreign bodies in the esophagus

Section 7, Chapter 6254, Accession 006253180

Saeki M., 1988: Radiographic diagnosis of head trauma is plain radiography still necessary

Kumakawa K., 1986: Radiographic diagnosis of larynx by digital radiography

Mani, R. L.; Hedgcock, M. W.; Mass, S. I.; Gilmor, R. L.; Enzmann, D. R.; Eisenberg, R. L., 1978: Radiographic diagnosis of meningioma of the lateral ventricle review of 22 cases

Tveit A.B., 1984: Radiographic diagnosis of mineral loss in approximal enamel

Drevvatne T., 1983: Radiographic diagnosis of nonpalpable breast lesions correlation to pathology

Newberg, A.; Wales, L., 1977: Radiographic diagnosis of quadriceps tendon rupture

Amaral, N. M., 1978: Radiographic diagnosis of shallow gastric ulcers a comparative study of technique

Dralle W., 1982: Radiographic diagnostic of the anterolateral rotation instability of the ankle joint

Wang N S., 1985: Radiographic differences between two subtypes of bronchioloalveolar carcinoma

Dueker J., 1984: Radiographic differential diagnosis of jaw cysts

Sostman H.D., 1987: Radiographic differentiation between different etiologies of pulmonary edema

Filly, R.; Blank, N.; Castellino, R. A., 1976: Radiographic distribution of intra thoracic disease in previously untreated patients with hodgkins disease and non hodgkins lymphoma

Section 7, Chapter 6254, Accession 006253195

Nussbaum E., 1985: Radiographic endoscopic correlations in the examination of airway disease in children

Mimatsu K., 1987: Radiographic estimation of vertebral rotation

Terz J.J., 1988: Radiographic evaluation for pulmonary metastases in sarcoma patients

Stott G.G., 1983: Radiographic evaluation of appendicular skeletal maturation in the common marmoset callithrix jacchus

Seay A.R., 1987: Radiographic evaluation of brachial plexopathy

Hollender L., 1983: Radiographic evaluation of endodontic therapy and the influence of observer variation

Suda H., 1981: Radiographic evaluation of endodontic treatment performed with standardized technique

Section 7, Chapter 6254, Accession 006253203

Gelfand D.W., 1987: Radiographic evaluation of esophagus immediately after pneumatic dilatation for achalasia

Waris P., 1981: Radiographic evaluation of fracture healing after rigid plate fixation experiments in the rabbit

Section 7, Chapter 6254, Accession 006253206

Mellonig J.T., 1987: Radiographic evaluation of juvenile periodontitis periodontosis

Vanclooster R., 1982: Radiographic evaluation of lung dimensions in different postures

Fliegel C., 1986: Radiographic evaluation of maxillofacial fractures

Meyer, J. E., 1978: Radiographic evaluation of metastatic melanoma

Section 7, Chapter 6254, Accession 006253211

Section 7, Chapter 6254, Accession 006253212

Prestwood A.K., 1983: Radiographic evaluation of pulmonary abnormalities after aelurostrongylus abstrusus inoculation in cats

Jensen, B. V.; Carlsen, N. L. T.; Peters, K.; Nissen, N. I.; Sorensen, P. G.; Walbom-Jorgensen, S., 1986: Radiographic evaluation of pulmonary fibrosis following mantle field irradiation in hodgkin's disease

Et Al, 1983: Radiographic evaluation of regional pulmonary dimensions and volumes effect of age

O'malley T., 1982: Radiographic evaluation of rib fractures

Richter J.E., 1984: Radiographic evaluation of the achalasic esophagus immediately following pneumatic dilatation

Girdany B.R., 1979: Radiographic evaluation of the adenoidal size in children adenoidal naso pharyngeal ratio

Wetli C.V., 1986: Radiographic evaluation of the cocaine smuggler

Christman R.A., 1988: Radiographic evaluation of the distal articular set angle

Egelberg J., 1988: Radiographic evaluation of the effect of initial periodontal therapy on thickness of the maxillary sinus mucosa

Bernardino M.E., 1987: Radiographic evaluation of the free jejunal graft

Gwathmey F.W., 1988: Radiographic evaluation of the hook of the hamate a new technique

Vanclooster R., 1983: Radiographic evaluation of the influence of age and smoking on thoracic and regional pulmonary dimensions

De Waal Malefijt J., 1984: Radiographic evaluation of the modified bristow procedure for recurrent anterior dislocation of the shoulder

Ackerman N., 1981: Radiographic evaluation of the uterus a review

Section 7, Chapter 6254, Accession 006253228

Hohn R.B., 1982: Radiographic evaluation of total hip replacement in the dog

Borer, K. T.; Kuhns, L. R., 1977: Radiographic evidence for acceleration of skeletal growth in adult hamsters by exercise

Horwitz L.K., 1984: Radiographic evidence for changing patterns of animal exploitation in the southern levant

Weill H., 1984: Radiographic evidence of asbestos effects in american marine engineers

Schneider V.S., 1981: Radiographic evidence of disuse osteo porosis in the monkey macaca nemestrina

Jeffcott L.B., 1979: Radiographic evidence of impaired pulmonary function in laterally recumbent anesthetized horses

Section 7, Chapter 6254, Accession 006253235

Fuchs M., 1980: Radiographic evidence of small amounts of pleural effusion in infant stage individuals animal experiments

Kantor M.L., 1988: Radiographic examination of comprehensive care patients in usa and canadian dental schools

Miller, F. L.; Cawley, A. J.; Choquette, L. P. E.; Broughton, E., 1975: Radiographic examination of mandibular lesions in barren ground caribou

Hansen L.K., 1987: Radiographic examination of patients with ileal reservoir s pouch and anal anastomosis

Lane, J. G.; Gibbs, C.; Meynink, S. E.; Steele, F. C., 1987: Radiographic examination of the facial nasal and paranasal sinus regions of the horse i. indications and procedures in 235 cases

Gibbs, C.; Lane, J. G., 1987: Radiographic examination of the facial nasal and paranasal sinus regions of the horse ii. radiological findings

Balint B.J., 1981: Radiographic examination of the large tendons of the knee and ankle joints

Brekkan A., 1983: Radiographic examination of the lumbo sacral spine an age stratified study

Section 7, Chapter 6254, Accession 006253245

Marko B.A., 1982: Radiographic examination of ventilation pulmonary function in children with broncho pulmonary diseases

Section 7, Chapter 6254, Accession 006253247

Et Al, 1987: Radiographic features of amyloidosis of the small intestine a comparison with endoscopic and histological findings

Shier C.K., 1986: Radiographic features of anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction

Shisgall R.M., 1986: Radiographic features of appendiceal colic in children

Loutit, J. F.; Corp, M. J.; Ardran, G. M., 1976: Radiographic features of bone in several strains of laboratory mice and of their tumors induced by bone seeking radio nuclides

Section 7, Chapter 6254, Accession 006253252

Mcdonald, G. B.; Sullivan, K. M.; Plumley, T. F., 1984: Radiographic features of esophageal involvement in chronic graft vs. host disease

Section 7, Chapter 6254, Accession 006253254

Leeds N.E., 1979: Radiographic features of granulocytic sarcoma chloroma

Meyer R.D., 1979: Radiographic features of legionnaires disease

Section 7, Chapter 6254, Accession 006253257

Ravin C.E., 1979: Radiographic features of mediastinal anatomy

Danziger J., 1979: Radiographic features of olfactory neuro blastoma

Fon G.T., 1982: Radiographic features of osseous metastases of soft tissue sarcomas

Bynum, L. J.; Wilson, J. E. Iii, 1978: Radiographic features of pleural effusions in pulmonary embolism

Section 7, Chapter 6254, Accession 006253262

Pruzansky S., 1984: Radiographic features of the ear related developmental anomalies in patients with mandibulo facial dys ostosis

Isaacson D.C., 1987: Radiographic features of the spine in fluoride therapy for osteoporosis

Lindgren S., 1987: Radiographic findings after cricopharyngeal myotomy

Mcalister W.H., 1986: Radiographic findings after incomplete pyloromyotomy

Raney, A. M., 1976: Radiographic findings immediately after urethral rupture an experimental study and case reports

Scheithauer B.W., 1985: Radiographic findings in 32 cases of primary central nervous system lymphoma

Scheithauer B.W., 1986: Radiographic findings in 32 cases of primary central nervous system lymphoma

Walker M.A., 1988: Radiographic findings in a canine model of mucopolysaccharidosis i changes associated with bone marrow transplantation

Wulfsohn M.A., 1982: Radiographic findings in acute segmental pyelo nephritis

Aantaa K., 1983: Radiographic findings in cervix uteri after prostaglandin abortion induction

Yulish, B. S.; Rothstein, F. C.; Halpin, T. C. Jr, 1987: Radiographic findings in children and young adults with barrett's esophagus

Tong D., 1986: Radiographic findings in cotton textile workers and the relationship to cigarette smoking

Leonidas, J. C.; Hall, R. T.; Beatty, E. C.; Fellows, R. A., 1977: Radiographic findings in early onset neo natal group b streptococcal septicemia

Fujii Y., 1981: Radiographic findings in limbs of foals and young growing horses

Sun C C.J., 1984: Radiographic findings in neo natal pneumonia

Fork F T., 1988: Radiographic findings in overlooked colon carcinomas a retrospective analysis

Section 7, Chapter 6254, Accession 006253280

Chen J.T.T., 1985: Radiographic findings in pulmonary hypertension from unresolved embolism

Reichart P.A., 1979: Radiographic findings in radium 224 caused dental resorptions

Aurback G.D., 1982: Radiographic findings in recurrent parathyroid carcinoma

Volkmer, K. J., 1977: Radiographic findings in rhesus monkeys experimentally infected with african lung flukes paragonimus africanus and paragonimus uterobilateralis

Lees, R. F.; Harrison, R. B.; Williamson, B. R. J.; Shaffer, H. A. Jr, 1978: Radiographic findings in rocky mountain spotted fever

Rosato E.F., 1982: Radiographic findings in the esophagus following the sugiura procedure

Weissman, B. N.; Rappoport, A. S.; Sosman, J. L.; Schur, P. H., 1978: Radiographic findings in the hands in patients with systemic lupus erythematosus

Harrison, R. B.; Francke, P. Jr, 1977: Radiographic findings in wolmans disease

Perng R P., 1985: Radiographic findings of combined collapse of the right middle and lower lobes in lateral chest films is there coexisting pleural effusion

De-Santos, L. A.; Jing, B. S., 1978: Radiographic findings of ewings sarcoma of the jaws

Section 7, Chapter 6254, Accession 006253291

Meuli H.C., 1980: Radiographic findings of joint prostheses in the hand and wrist

Narozna Z., 1985: Radiographic findings of locomotor apparatus of metallurgists from aluminum plant after 20 years of exposure

Section 7, Chapter 6254, Accession 006253295

Section 7, Chapter 6254, Accession 006253296

Mertins H., 1988: Radiographic findings on the position of the tooth follicle and the eruptive path of the third molar

Sogawa H., 1984: Radiographic follow up study of cementless total knee replacement mark ii okayama university type

Boxer R.J., 1982: Radiographic grading system for renal cell carcinoma with clinical and pathological correlation

Section 7, Chapter 6254, Accession 006253300

Section 7, Chapter 6254, Accession 006253301

Waris, P.; Karaharju, E.; Slatis, P.; Paavolainen, P., 1980: Radiographic healing and remodeling of cortical and cancellous bone grafts after rigid plate fixation experiments in the rabbit

Wade A.J., 1982: Radiographic heart size and cardio thoracic ratio in 3 ethnic groups a basis for a simple screening test for cardiac enlargement in men

Saunders M.J., 1980: Radiographic heart volume stroke volume and exercise cardiac frequency relationship to body composition and other factors in healthy adult males

Silverstone L.M., 1986: Radiographic histologic and electronic comparison of occlusal caries an in vitro study

Carithers J.S., 1986: Radiographic identification of ingested disc batteries

Imray T.J., 1982: Radiographic identification of loose bodies in the traumatized hip joint

Gallucci V., 1981: Radiographic identification of prosthetic heart valves analysis of different models employed at the department of cardio vascular surgery university of padua medical school italy

Sewerin I., 1980: Radiographic identification of simulated carious lesions in relation to fillings with adaptic radiopaque

Mamtora H., 1987: Radiographic image analysis in the study of bone morphology

Southard T.E., 1985: Radiographic image storage via laser optical disk technology a preliminary study

Reede D.L., 1987: Radiographic imaging for the cochlear implant

Goodenough, D. J.; Weaver, K. E., 1976: Radiographic imaging using an effective rotationally symmetrical focal spot

Scher A.T., 1982: Radiographic indicators of traumatic cervical spine instability

Gutcheck R.A., 1982: Radiographic information theory and application to mammography

Gutcheck R.A., 1983: Radiographic information theory correction for x ray spectral distribution

Suvela M., 1983: Radiographic instability of the ankle joint after evans repair

Rauschning W., 1980: Radiographic investigation of popliteal cysts

Chang J.S., 1984: Radiographic investigation on the renal fascia

Redlund Johnell I., 1983: Radiographic joint space in normal acromio clavicular joints

Ghelman B., 1979: Radiographic localization of the acetabular component of a hip prosthesis

Keur J.J., 1986: Radiographic localization techniques

Whitlock R.H., 1984: Radiographic macroscopic and microscopic changes in growth plates of calves raised on hard flooring

Hernandez Nieto L., 1985: Radiographic manifestations of acute pancreatitis

Falk P.M., 1979: Radiographic manifestations of bone marrow transplantation in children

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Section 7, Chapter 6254, Accession 006253344

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Section 7, Chapter 6254, Accession 006253359

Section 7, Chapter 6254, Accession 006253360

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Section 7, Chapter 6254, Accession 006253515

Section 7, Chapter 6254, Accession 006253516

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Section 7, Chapter 6254, Accession 006253525

Section 7, Chapter 6254, Accession 006253526

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Section 7, Chapter 6254, Accession 006253529

Section 7, Chapter 6254, Accession 006253530

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Section 7, Chapter 6254, Accession 006253539

Section 7, Chapter 6254, Accession 006253540

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Section 7, Chapter 6254, Accession 006253567

Section 7, Chapter 6254, Accession 006253568

Section 7, Chapter 6254, Accession 006253569

Section 7, Chapter 6254, Accession 006253572

Section 7, Chapter 6254, Accession 006253573

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Section 7, Chapter 6254, Accession 006253587

Section 7, Chapter 6254, Accession 006253588

Section 7, Chapter 6254, Accession 006253589

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Section 7, Chapter 6254, Accession 006253592

Section 7, Chapter 6254, Accession 006253593

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Section 7, Chapter 6254, Accession 006253609

Section 7, Chapter 6254, Accession 006253610

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Section 7, Chapter 6254, Accession 006253615

Section 7, Chapter 6254, Accession 006253616

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Mcgowan L.K., 1984: Radioimmunoassay of cortisone in the adult atlantic salmon salmo salar

Labouesse J., 1985: Radioimmunoassay of cyclic amp can provide a highly sensitive assay for adenylate cyclase even at very high atp concentrations

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Jarvensivu P., 1987: Radioimmunoassay of detomidine a new benzylimidazole drug with analgesic sedation properties

Section 7, Chapter 6254, Accession 006253623

Section 7, Chapter 6254, Accession 006253624

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Andreoli F., 1986: Radioimmunoassay of gastrin in human saliva

Section 7, Chapter 6254, Accession 006253628

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Shima K., 1987: Radioimmunoassay of glycosylated albumin with monoclonal antibody to glucitol lysine

Section 7, Chapter 6254, Accession 006253631

Section 7, Chapter 6254, Accession 006253632

Section 7, Chapter 6254, Accession 006253633

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Li L., 1987: Radioimmunoassay of human serum apolipoprotein c iii

Et Al, 1987: Radioimmunoassay of human serum prolactin

Pollow K., 1985: Radioimmunoassay of human serum serotonin

Section 7, Chapter 6254, Accession 006253643

Maekawa T., 1986: Radioimmunoassay of human tissue factor

Margineanu I., 1985: Radioimmunoassay of immunoglobulin g and immunoglobulin m anti albumin autoantibodies in human serum

Tamura Z., 1987: Radioimmunoassay of l epinephrine

Section 7, Chapter 6254, Accession 006253647

Timpl R., 1986: Radioimmunoassay of laminin in serum and its application to cancer patients

Crombach G., 1988: Radioimmunoassay of laminin p1 in body fluids of pregnant women patients with gynecological cancer and controls

Section 7, Chapter 6254, Accession 006253650

Kumahara Y., 1986: Radioimmunoassay of metanephrine and normetanephrine for diagnosis of pheochromocytoma

Section 7, Chapter 6254, Accession 006253652

Taneda S., 1988: Radioimmunoassay of nonenzymatically glucosylated albumin

Et Al, 1986: Radioimmunoassay of nonenzymatically glucosylated albumin

Section 7, Chapter 6254, Accession 006253655

Arendt J., 1986: Radioimmunoassay of pineal 5 methoxytryptophol in different species comparison with pineal melatonin content

Awh O D., 1985: Radioimmunoassay of pinellia ternata lectin

Mano, H.; Furuhashi, Y.; Morikawa, Y.; Hattori, S. E.; Goto, S.; Tomoda, Y., 1986: Radioimmunoassay of placental alkaline phosphatase in ovarian cancer sera and tissues

Section 7, Chapter 6254, Accession 006253659

Milkov V., 1985: Radioimmunoassay of plasma human chorionic gonadotropin during the first half of pregnancy

Scholler R., 1987: Radioimmunoassay of plasma progesterone after oral administration of micronized progesterone

Section 7, Chapter 6254, Accession 006253662

Section 7, Chapter 6254, Accession 006253663

Mcdonough P.G., 1985: Radioimmunoassay of progesterone in saliva a simplified technique using iodine 125 radioligand

Milgrom E., 1988: Radioimmunoassay of progesterone receptor in human tissues application to breast cancer

Franchimont P., 1984: Radioimmunoassay of proteoglycans

Ghiselli G., 1986: Radioimmunoassay of rat apolipoprotein a iv

Elovson J., 1987: Radioimmunoassay of rat apolipoprotein b peptides in lipoproteins and tissues

De Kretser D.M., 1988: Radioimmunoassay of rat serum inhibin changes after pmsg stimulation and gonadectomy

Niall H.D., 1986: Radioimmunoassay of relaxin in pregnancy with an analogue of human relaxin

Section 7, Chapter 6254, Accession 006253671

Section 7, Chapter 6254, Accession 006253672

Section 7, Chapter 6254, Accession 006253673

Section 7, Chapter 6254, Accession 006253674

Sun M., 1988: Radioimmunoassay of serum primary conjugated cholic acids

Section 7, Chapter 6254, Accession 006253676

Benyamin Y., 1985: Radioimmunoassay of shrimp trypsin application to the larval development of penaeus japonicus

Moses A.C., 1987: Radioimmunoassay of somatomedin c in filter paper discs containing dried blood

Mani R.S., 1986: Radioimmunoassay of somatotropin using second antibody polyethylene glycol combination separation system

Chaikovskii V.S., 1985: Radioimmunoassay of steroids comparison of tritiated and iodine 125 ligands

Zhu Y., 1985: Radioimmunoassay of substance p and its profile in rat pituitary during estrus cycle

Dixon, S. N.; Mallinson, C. B., 1986: Radioimmunoassay of the anabolic agent zeranol iii. zeranol concentrations in the feces of steers implanted with zeranol ralgro

Dixon, S. N.; Russell, K. L.; Heitzman, R. J.; Mallinson, C. B., 1986: Radioimmunoassay of the anabolic agent zeranol v. residues of zeranol in the edible tissues urine feces and bile of steers treated with ralgro

Dixon, S. N.; Russell, K. L., 1986: Radioimmunoassay of the anabolic agent zeranol vi. the determination of zeranol concentrations in the edible tissues of cattle implanted with zeranol ralgro

Bikhrev N.E., 1987: Radioimmunoassay of the antigenic variability of influenza virus nucleoprotein

Okulov L.V., 1984: Radioimmunoassay of the carcinoembryonic antigen gastrin and immunoglobulin e in the assessment of different treatment methods for patients with esophageal and gastric carcinoma

Tomoda Y., 1987: Radioimmunoassay of the serum free beta subunit of human chorionic gonadotropin in trophoblastic disease

Hilbert B.J., 1987: Radioimmunoassay of thromboxane b 2 in horse plasma

Martiniello D., 1986: Radioimmunoassay of thromboxane b 2 in the prevention and treatment of the ischemic cerebrovascular diseases

Abbate R., 1988: Radioimmunoassay of thromboxane b2 in plasma methodological modifications

Veleminsky J., 1985: Radioimmunoassay of thyroxine in saliva

Smith R.N., 1985: Radioimmunoassay of tricyclic antidepressant and some phenothiazine drugs in forensic toxicology

Maury C.P.J., 1987: Radioimmunoassay of tumor necrosis factor in serum

Section 7, Chapter 6254, Accession 006253694

Nakayama F., 1986: Radioimmunoassay of urinary 3 beta hydroxy 5 cholenoyl glycine in hepatobiliary disease

Section 7, Chapter 6254, Accession 006253696

Sedgwick P., 1985: Radioimmunoassay screening and gas chromatography mass spectrometry confirmation of whole blood samples for drugs of abuse

Section 7, Chapter 6254, Accession 006253698

Kuznetsova L.F., 1986: Radioimmunoassay to determine beta 2 microglobulin and carcinoembryonic antigen in the diagnosis of rectal cancer recurrences

Et Al, 1987: Radioimmunoassay typing data suggest that type 1 insulin dependent diabetes is more associated with hla dq than with hla dr

Et Al, 1986: Radioimmunoassay typing gives a more precise definition of the hla association of type 1 insulin dependent diabetes

Section 7, Chapter 6254, Accession 006253702

Lygren I., 1984: Radioimmunoassayable plasma motilin in man secretagogues insulin induced suppression renal removal and plasma components

Suess, U.; Lawrence, J.; Ko, D.; Lederis, K., 1986: Radioimmunoassays for fish tail neuropeptides i. development of assay and measurement of immunoreactive urotensin i in catostomus commersoni brain pituitary and plasma

Kobayashi, Y.; Lederis, K.; Rivier, J.; Ko, D.; Mcmaster, D.; Poulin, P., 1986: Radioimmunoassays for fish tail neuropeptides ii. development of a specific and sensitive assay for the occurrence of immunoreactive urotensin ii in the central nervous system and blood of catostomus commersoni

Section 7, Chapter 6254, Accession 006253706

Rapaport S.I., 1984: Radioimmunoassays for protein c and factor x plasma antigen levels in abnormal hemostatic states

Musher D.M., 1985: Radioimmunoassays for the detection of antibodies to treponemal polypeptide antigens in serum

Hand E.L., 1987: Radioimmunoassays for the enantiomeric components of indacrinone and their phenolic metabolites

Niemela O., 1985: Radioimmunoassays for type iii procollagen amino terminal peptides in humans

Vikman Ya E., 1987: Radioimmunoassays in the diagnosis of thyroid cancer metastases

Section 7, Chapter 6254, Accession 006253713

Section 7, Chapter 6254, Accession 006253714

Alhadeff, J. A.; Andrews-Smith, G. L., 1984: Radioimmunochemical evidence for a role of carbohydrate in antigenic determinants on human liver alpha l fucosidase ec

Saavedra J.M., 1988: Radioimmunochemical methods for the quantitative autoradiographic determination of antigens in brain and other tissues

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Grossman H.B., 1984: Radioimmunodetection of a transplantable human bladder carcinoma in a nude mouse

Li G X., 1988: Radioimmunodetection of cancers containing carcinoembryonic antigen and alpha fetoprotein

Section 7, Chapter 6254, Accession 006253721

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Ichikatai T., 1986: Radioimmunodetection of human choriocarcinoma xenografts by monoclonal antibody to placental alkaline phosphatase

Section 7, Chapter 6254, Accession 006253724

Koprowski H., 1987: Radioimmunodetection of human glioma xenografts by monoclonal antibody to epidermal growth factor receptor

Irie R.F., 1986: Radioimmunodetection of human melanoma tumor xenografts with human monoclonal antibodies

Section 7, Chapter 6254, Accession 006253727

Section 7, Chapter 6254, Accession 006253728

Longenecker B.M., 1985: Radioimmunodetection of murine mammary adenocarcinoma ta 3 ha lung and liver metastases with radioiodinated peanut lectin agglutinin

Sands H., 1985: Radioimmunodetection of small human tumor xenografts in spleen of athymic mice by monoclonal antibodies

Et Al, 1987: Radioimmunodetection of the human lung cancer xenografts by isotope labeling monoclonal antibody alt 04 in nude mice

Torizuka K., 1986: Radioimmunodetection of tumor with gallium 67 labeled antibodies effect of radiolabeling on the antibody activities

Carey T.E., 1987: Radioimmunodiagnosis of human derived squamous cell carcinoma

Lasne F., 1988: Radioimmunofixation of human ferritin following serum isoelectric focusing

Gust I., 1984: Radioimmunofocus assay for detection and quantitation of human rotavirus

Sickle-Santanello, B. J.; O'dwyer, P. J.; Mojzisik, C.; Tuttle, S. E.; Hinkle, G. H.; Rousseau, M.; Schlom, J.; Colcher, D.; Thurston, M. O.; Et-Al, 1987: Radioimmunoguided surgery using the monoclonal antibody b72.3 in colorectal tumors

Section 7, Chapter 6254, Accession 006253737

Rosso R., 1988: Radioimmunoimaging in malignant melanoma with monoclonal antibodies

Section 7, Chapter 6254, Accession 006253739

Et Al, 1986: Radioimmunoimaging of hepatic tumors with iodine 131 labeled polyclonal antibody against alpha fetoprotein

Torizuka K., 1986: Radioimmunoimaging of human bladder tumor xenografts in nude mice by using monoclonal antibodies

Et Al, 1987: Radioimmunoimaging of human colon and gastric cancers xenografts by ncc st 439 and ncc st 433 monoclonal antibodies

Silverstein E.A., 1985: Radioimmunoimaging of human small cell lung carcinoma with iodine 131 labeled tumor specific monoclonal antibody

Tillapaugh Fay G., 1985: Radioimmunoimaging of venous thrombi using iodine 131 monoclonal antibody

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Et Al, 1987: Radioimmunolocalization of colorectal carcinoma with iodine 131 labeled goat anti cea antibodies

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Tomoda Y., 1985: Radioimmunolocalization of monoclonal antibodies to human chorionic gonadotropin in choriocarcinoma transplanted into athymic mice

Hakala T.R., 1987: Radioimmunolocation of a heterotransplanted human choriocarcinoma bewo using monoclonal anti ssea 1 pharmacokinetics

Bringuier A F., 1985: Radioimmunologic and chromatographic comparison between urine and serum tamm horsfall glycoproteins

Chinareva I.V., 1984: Radioimmunologic assay for carcinoembryonic antigen in the evaluation of the effectiveness of breast cancer treatment

Section 7, Chapter 6254, Accession 006253754

De Weck A.L., 1986: Radioimmunologic detection of immunoglobulin e and immunoglobulin g antibodies against drugs

Waldhausl W., 1987: Radioimmunologic determination of human c peptide and proinsulin in plasma with anti c peptide serum after prepurification by high performance liquid chromatography

Ricci G., 1985: Radioimmunologic evaluation of prolactin in breast cancer altered balance and pathological response to stimulation by methoclopramide

Kawamura Y., 1988: Radioimmunologic measurement of ccks in human blood using cck33 amino terminal specific radioimmunoassay

Section 7, Chapter 6254, Accession 006253759

Oleinik E.K., 1987: Radioimmunological and immunological control of toxic goiter remission after radioiodine therapy and thyroidectomy

Section 7, Chapter 6254, Accession 006253761

Kuksa F., 1986: Radioimmunological demonstration of antibodies in gnotobiotic piglets infected with mycoplasma hyorhinis

Boulange M., 1986: Radioimmunological determination for use in the diagnosis of primary hyperparathyroidism

Zakharova L.A., 1986: Radioimmunological determination of alpha endorphins beta endorphins and gamma endorphins and beta lipotropin in a bone marrow mediator that stimulates antibody production

Section 7, Chapter 6254, Accession 006253765

Nowak R., 1987: Radioimmunological determination of cocaine in human hair

Section 7, Chapter 6254, Accession 006253767

Pop T., 1987: Radioimmunological determination of prolactin in hypogalactia

Sviridov O.V., 1986: Radioimmunological determination of the molecular variant of human thyroxin binding globulin

De Loof A., 1988: Radioimmunological determinations of concentrations of six 21 carbon 19 carbon and 18 carbon steroids during the reproductive cycle of female artemia sp crustacea anostraca

Beckers J.F., 1985: Radioimmunological dosage of plasma alpha melanotropin elaboration of a highly specific antibody and rat application

Alberola Cunat V., 1987: Radioimmunological evaluation of maternal serum alpha fetoprotein during normal pregnancy

Arnold W., 1987: Radioimmunological hair analysis for narcotics and substitutes

Section 7, Chapter 6254, Accession 006253774

Lacka K., 1984: Radioimmunological method of antimicrosomal antibodies estimation

Section 7, Chapter 6254, Accession 006253776

De Loof A., 1987: Radioimmunological quantification of c 21 c 19 and c 18 steroids in hemolymph of the insect locusta migratoria

Petrova T.V., 1985: Radioimmunological studies in children with glomerulonephritides

Khadzhikostova Kh, 1984: Radioimmunological study of hyperprolactinemias

Section 7, Chapter 6254, Accession 006253780

Strel'chenok O.A., 1986: Radioimmunological system for quantitative assay of thyroxine in human blood serum

Strel'chenok O.A., 1986: Radioimmunological system for quantitative determination of triiodothyronine in the human blood serum

Strel'chenok O.A., 1985: Radioimmunological system for the quantitative assay of progesterone in human blood serum

Gerber M.A., 1984: Radioimmunometric assay for hepatitis b surface antigen on the surface of infected cells

Norrby E., 1987: Radioimmunoprecipitation and western blotting with sera of human immunodeficiency virus infected patients a comparative study

Ville G., 1984: Radioimmunoprecipitation method for the measurement of circulating insulin antibodies

Beierwaltes W.H., 1987: Radioimmunoscintigraphic detection of occult gestational choriocarcinoma

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Yokoyama, I.; Watanabe, T.; Nishikimi, M.; Ichihashi, H.; Kondo, T.; Takagi, H.; Sakuma, S. , 1986: Radioimmunoscintigraphy of human gastric carcinoma xenografts with iodine 131 labeled monoclonal antibody

Section 7, Chapter 6254, Accession 006253791

Schatten C., 1987: Radioimmunoscintigraphy using monoclonal antibodies before second look surgery in patients suffering from ovarian cancer

Schumpelick V., 1987: Radioimmunoscintigraphy with spect method problems and clinical experience

Section 7, Chapter 6254, Accession 006253794

Mach J P., 1988: Radioimmunotherapy of human colon carcinoma by iodine 131 labelled monoclonal anti cea antibodies in a nude mouse model

Goldenberg D.M., 1988: Radioimmunotherapy of human colonic cancer xenografts with yttrium 90 labeled monoclonal antibodies to carcinoembryonic antigen

Bradbury E.M., 1985: Radioimmunotherapy of human lymphoma in athymic nude mice as monitored by phosphorus 31 nmr

Kaplan E.H., 1988: Radioimmunotherapy of patients with cutaneous t cell lymphoma using an iodine 131 labeled monoclonal antibody analysis of retreatment following plasmapheresis

Goldenberg D.M., 1987: Radioimmunotherapy of the gw 39 human colonic tumor xenograft with iodine 131 labeled murine monoclonal antibody to carcinoembryonic antigen

Han S.H., 1988: Radioimmunotherapy of xenografted human bladder cancer using monoclonal antibody against blood group a related antigen

Burakoff S.J., 1988: Radioimmunotherapy with alpha particle emitting immunoconjugates

Dutka F., 1986: Radioindication method for determining the site of uptake of herbicide acetochlor in maize

Truong Din' Khang, 1985: Radioindicator evaluation of the plant uptake of 2 4 d from the soil

Truong Din Khang, 1985: Radioindicator investigation of the amine salt 2 4 d sorption and desorption by soils

Rachinskii V.V., 1985: Radioindicator recording of the kinetics of joint transport of some labeled ions by the gamma spectrometric method using a mini computer

Syunyaev Kh Kh, 1986: Radioindicator study of the uptake of carbon 14 triazines by plants

Vigouroux R.P., 1986: Radioinduced meningiomas 3 cases

Cordell A.R., 1988: Radioiodide imaging of struma cordis

Fujimoto Y., 1987: Radioiodide therapy for pulmonary metastasis of differentiated thyroid cancer factors affecting the success of iodine 131 therapy

Section 7, Chapter 6254, Accession 006253811

Section 7, Chapter 6254, Accession 006253812

Section 7, Chapter 6254, Accession 006253813

Yeung C.W.T., 1984: Radioiodinated 2 d alanine 5 methionine enkephalin preparation purification by high performance liquid chromatography and binding characteristics

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Section 7, Chapter 6254, Accession 006253816

Section 7, Chapter 6254, Accession 006253817

Section 7, Chapter 6254, Accession 006253818

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Section 7, Chapter 6254, Accession 006253821

Vyska K., 1986: Radioiodinated fatty acids for cardiological diagnosis

Ghidoni R., 1985: Radioiodinated ganglioside g m 1 a potential tool for the investigation of ganglioside function in vivo

Hanson R.N., 1984: Radioiodinated ligands for the estrogen receptor effect of 3 o methylation on tissue distribution

Et Al, 1987: Radioiodinated meta iodobenzylguanidine uptake in medullary thyroid cancer a french cooperative study

Section 7, Chapter 6254, Accession 006253826

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Koshimura S., 1986: Radioiodinated peanut agglutinin a potential new tumor seeking agent

Et Al, 1986: Radioiodinated peanut agglutinin pna in vitro binding to various tumor cells

Noujaim A.A., 1986: Radioiodinated peanut lectin clinical use as a tumor imaging agent and potential use in assessing renal tubular function

Section 7, Chapter 6254, Accession 006253831

Wolf W., 1984: Radioiodinated prolactin as a potential mammary tumor localizing agent

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Ji T.H., 1985: Radioiodination of a photoactivatable heterobifunctional reagent

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Dresel H.A., 1988: Radioiodination of proteins and lipoproteins using n bromosuccinimide as oxidizing agent

Parker C.W., 1987: Radioiodination of proteins by reductive alkylation

Aquaron R., 1986: Radioiodination of tyrosine residues of ox testis and of wheat germ calmodulins

Section 7, Chapter 6254, Accession 006253844

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Maisey M.N., 1986: Radioiodine treatment of solitary functioning thyroid nodules

Section 7, Chapter 6254, Accession 006253854

Section 7, Chapter 6254, Accession 006253855

Jensen D.R., 1985: Radioiron utilization and gossypol acetic acid in male rats

Grove D.V., 1987: Radioisotope bone scanning for the detection of occult bony metastases in invasive cervical carcinoma

Kyuchukova P., 1987: Radioisotope clearances in patients with recurrent affective psychoses on lithium prophylaxis

Section 7, Chapter 6254, Accession 006253859

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Perkash I., 1985: Radioisotope renography in spinal cord injury

Section 7, Chapter 6254, Accession 006253862

Rachinskii V.V., 1984: Radioisotope study of the sorption of simazine by soils

Reis D., 1985: Radioisotopes in the investigation of complications after total hip and knee replacement

Nahas W.C., 1984: Radioisotopes in the investigation of obstruction of the upper urinary tract

Section 7, Chapter 6254, Accession 006253867

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Tobias M., 1987: Radioisotopic flow scanning for portal blood flow and portal hypertension

Kurita T., 1984: Radioisotopic imaging in patients with hydronephrosis

Kurita T., 1984: Radioisotopic imaging in transplant patients

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Rivkin R.B., 1986: Radioisotopic method for measuring cell division rates of individual species of diatoms from natural populations

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Kaye M.P., 1984: Radioisotopic techniques for noninvasive detection of platelet deposition in bovine tissue mitral valve prostheses and in vitro quantification of visceral microembolism in dogs

Section 7, Chapter 6254, Accession 006253878

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Petry N.A., 1988: Radiolabeled antibodies albumin and antimony sulfide colloid a comparison as lymphoscintigraphic agents

Ryden S., 1986: Radiolabeled colloid uptake distribution and pulmonary contents and localization of lysosomal enzymes in cholestatic rats

Shaw D.W., 1987: Radiolabeled hypoxic cell sensitizers tracers for assessment of ischemia

Maier Borst W., 1985: Radiolabeled l fucose for diagnostic oncology preliminary studies in mice and rats using carbon 14 labeled l fucose

Ogata T., 1988: Radiolabeled monoclonal antibody 15 and its fragments for localization and imaging of xenografts of human lung cancer

Noujaim A.A., 1984: Radiolabeled peanut arachis hypogaea lectin for the scintigraphic detection of cancer

Section 7, Chapter 6254, Accession 006253886

Section 7, Chapter 6254, Accession 006253887

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Section 7, Chapter 6254, Accession 006253891

Jay M., 1986: Radiolabeling of an enteric coated tablet by n gamma radioactivation of erbium 170 for scintigraphic imaging

Cupp E.W., 1984: Radiolabeling of brugia malayi infective larvae in mosquitoes aedes aegypti with selenium 75 labeled methionine and detection of these larvae in tissues of the mongolian jird meriones unguiculatus by autoradiography

Section 7, Chapter 6254, Accession 006253894

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Mach J P., 1985: Radiolabeling of monoclonal antibody against carcinoembryonic antigen with yttrium 88 and biodistribution studies

Section 7, Chapter 6254, Accession 006253897

Section 7, Chapter 6254, Accession 006253898

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