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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 6255

Chapter 6255 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Fee, H. J-Jr ; Jones, P. C.; Kadell, B.; O'connell, T. X., 1977: Radiologic diagnosis of appendicitis

Bliesener J.A., 1980: Radiologic diagnosis of atrio ventricular shunt function valvogram

Sugiyama, N., 1980: Radiologic diagnosis of cancer in fundic gland area

Lui Y.; Dai R., 1979: Radiologic diagnosis of coronary artery fistula with emphasis on the evaluation of plain film manifestation

Jevtic V., 1984: Radiologic diagnosis of craniocervical injuries

Zhang G W., 1986: Radiologic diagnosis of early small gastric carcinoma and microgastric carcinoma

Fransson S G.; Sokjer H.; Johansson K E.; Tibbling L., 1988: Radiologic diagnosis of gastro esophageal reflux by means of graded abdominal compression

Fransson S G.; Sokjer H.; Johansson K E.; Tibbling L., 1987: Radiologic diagnosis of gastroesophageal reflux comparison of barium and low density contrast medium

Nagasaki A.; Ikeda K.; Hayashida Y., 1984: Radiologic diagnosis of hirschsprungs disease utilizing rectosphincteric reflex

Dai R.; Et Al, 1981: Radiologic diagnosis of interruption of the aortic arch

Freimanis M.G.; Plaza Ponte M., 1988: Radiologic diagnosis of jejunal diverticulitis

Lundstedt C.; Ekberg H.; Hederstrom E.; Stridbeck H.; Torfason B.; Tranberg K G., 1987: Radiologic diagnosis of liver metastases in colo rectal carcinoma prospective evaluation of the accuracy of angiography ultrasonography computed tomography and computed tomographic angiography

Heelan R.T.; Melamed M.R.; Zaman M.B.; Martini N.; Fiehinger B.J., 1980: Radiologic diagnosis of oat cell cancer in a high risk screened population

Bosnjakovic S.; Barth V.; Heuck F., 1980: Radiologic diagnosis of rare liver tumors

Hoetzinger H.; Ries G.; Pfaendner K., 1986: Radiologic diagnosis of relapses and therapy effects in uterine cervix carcinoma

Mandrioli R.; Ugolotti U.; Larini P.; Miselli A.; Rossi G., 1985: Radiologic diagnosis of small bowel tumors

Salomonowitz E.; Frick M.P.; Lund G., 1984: Radiologic diagnosis of wandering spleen complicated by splenic volvulus and infarction

Reintgen D.S.; Thompson W.; Garbutt J.; Seigler H.F., 1984: Radiologic endoscopic and surgical considerations of melanoma metastatic to the gastro intestinal tract

Lund F.; Nilsson B.E., 1980: Radiologic evaluation of chondro malacia patellae

Owen J.W.; Balfe D.M.; Koehler R.E.; Roper C.L.; Weyman P.J., 1983: Radiologic evaluation of complications after esophago gastrectomy

Jack C.R.Jr; Diaz F.G.; Boulos R.S.; Ausman J.I.; Mehta B.; Patel S.C., 1986: Radiologic evaluation of extracranial to sylvian middle cerebral artery bypass

Vade A.; Jafri S.Z.H.; Agha F.P.; Vidyasagar M.S.; Coran A.G., 1983: Radiologic evaluation of gastrostomy complications

Donald P.J.; Wildes T.O.; Miller D.C.; Hahn J., 1980: Radiologic evaluation of irradiated cartilage grafts on the facial skeleton of sheep

Mulligan M.E.; Mccarthy M.J.; Wippold F.J.; Lichtenstein J.E.; Wagner G.N., 1988: Radiologic evaluation of mass casualty victims lessons from the gander newfoundland accident

Pettersson H.; Nilsson I.M.; Hedner U.; Norehn K.; Ahlberg A., 1981: Radiologic evaluation of prophylaxis in severe hemophilia

Post M.J.D.; Quencer R.M.; Green B.A.; Montalvo B.M.; Eismont F.J., 1986: Radiologic evaluation of spinal cord fissures

Jonsson K.; Karp W.; Landberg T.; Mortensson W.; Tennvall J.; Tylen U., 1983: Radiologic evaluation of subdiaphragmatic spread of hodgkins disease

Foley M.J.; Lee C.; Calenoff L.; Hendrix R.W.; Cerullo L.J., 1982: Radiologic evaluation of surgical cervical spine fusion

De Carvalho A.; Graudal H.; Jorgensen B.; Vaeth M., 1981: Radiologic evaluation of synovectomy in rheumatoid arthritis

Pope T.L.Jr; Shaffer H.A.Jr; Johns M.E.; Woodson B.C.; Cantrell R.W., 1982: Radiologic evaluation of the blom singer prosthesis for vocal restoration after laryngectomy

Montagne, J. P.; Kressel, H. Y.; Moss, A. A.; Schrock, T. R., 1978: Radiologic evaluation of the continent kock ileostomy

Hennild V.; Kjaergard H.; Hansen L.K., 1986: Radiologic evaluation of the continent s pouch ileal reservoir with anal anastomosis

Ekberg O.; Hillarp B., 1986: Radiologic evaluation of the oral stage of swallowing

De-Carvalho, A.; Jorgensen, B.; Graudal, H., 1980: Radiologic evaluation of the progression of rheumatoid arthritis

Platt J.F.; Glazer G.M.; Orringer M.B.; Gross B.H.; Quint L.E.; Francis I.R.; Bland P.H., 1988: Radiologic evaluation of the subcarinal lymph nodes a comparative study

Forsted, D. L.; Dalinka, M. K.; Mitchell, E.; Brighton, C. T.; Alavi, A., 1978: Radiologic evaluation of the treatment of nonunion of fractures by electrical stimulation

Pollack H.M.; Banner M.P.; Popky G.L., 1982: Radiologic evaluation of the ureteral stump

Pan C H.; Chee C Y.; Pai S C., 1986: Radiologic evaluation of thymus in myasthenia gravis

Laerum E.; Finnanger A.M.; Stiris G.; Heldaas O.; Larsen S., 1986: Radiologic evaluation of urolithiasis

Sala Blanco J.; Casas Tineo B.; Andres Trelles F.; Hidalgo A., 1984: Radiologic evidence of bony lesions induced by drugs with antiandrogenic and antiestrogenic activity

Tornvall A.H.; Ekenstam F.A.; Hagert C.G.; Irstam L., 1986: Radiologic examination and measurement of the wrist and distal radio ulnar joint new aspects

Barentsz J.O.; Rosenbusch G.R.; Strijk S.P.; Yap S.H., 1986: Radiologic examination in gastric cancer a retrospective study of 188 patients

Guegan M.; Gendre J.P.; Tubiana J.M.; Valette M.; Chalut J.; Le Quintrec Y., 1981: Radiologic examination in shigellosis

Heystraten F.M.J., 1981: Radiologic examination of the chest in bronchial carcinoma results of an inquiry in the netherlands

Ditchek, T., 1977: Radiologic examination of the lymphatic circulation

Lorinczy D.D., 1985: Radiologic exploration of the stomach in double contrast

Cohen M.A.; Hertzanu Y., 1988: Radiologic features including those seen with computed tomography of central giant cell granuloma of the jaws

Song M.Y.; Lhez J.M.; Durand D.; Portalez D.; Joffre F., 1983: Radiologic features of a metastatic carcinoma to the ureter

Braunstein E.M.; Menerey K.; Martel W.; Swartz R.; Fox I.H., 1987: Radiologic features of a pyrophosphate like arthropathy associated with long term dialysis

Gil Extremera B.; Valdivieso M., 1979: Radiologic features of bacterial pneumonias complicating neoplastic disease

Volberg F.M.Jr; Everett C.J.; Brill P.W., 1979: Radiologic features of inferior pulmonary ligament air collections in neo nates with respiratory distress

Williams S.M.; Berk R.N.; Harned R.K., 1984: Radiologic features of multi nodular lymphoma of the colon

Martel W.; Braunstein E.M.; Borlaza G.; Good A.E.; Griffin P.E.Jr, 1979: Radiologic features of reiter disease

Raynaud A.; Chatellier G.; Baruch D.; Angel C.; Menard J.; Gaux J.C., 1985: Radiologic features of renin producing tumors a report of two cases

De Lange E.E.; Black W.C.; Mills S.E., 1988: Radiologic features of retroperitoneal cystic hamartoma

Farthing M.J.G.; Mclean A.M.; Bartram C.I.; Baker L.R.I.; Kumar P.J., 1981: Radiologic features of the jejunum in hypo albuminemia

Fransson S G.; Sokjer H.; Johansson K E.; Tibbling L., 1986: Radiologic findings after fundoplication compared with a ph reflux test and symptoms

Yamada A.; Et Al, 1983: Radiologic findings and differential diagnosis of reflux esophagitis

Miskowiak J.; Fleckenstein P.; Andersen B., 1986: Radiologic findings and weight loss following gastroplasty for morbid obesity

Martijn A., 1984: Radiologic findings in a hypothalamic hamartoma

Monkare S.; Ikonen M.; Haahtela T., 1985: Radiologic findings in farmers lung prognosis and correlation to lung function

Braunstein E.M.; Weissman B.N.; Sosman J.L.; Schur P.H., 1983: Radiologic findings in late onset systemic lupus erythematosus

Nielsen S.; Agnholt J.; Christensen H., 1987: Radiologic findings in lesions of the ligamentum bifurcatum of the midfoot

Rabinov K.; Van Orman P.; Gray E., 1979: Radiologic findings in persistent thyroglossal tract fistulas

Azouz E.M.; Costa T.; Fitch N., 1987: Radiologic findings in the proteus syndrome

Hanada K.; Nakata H.; Nakayama T.; Tsukamoto Y.; Terashima H.; Kuroda Y.; Okuma R., 1987: Radiologic findings in xanthogranulomatous cholecystitis

Lin, S. R.; Bryson, M. M.; Gobien, R. P.; Fitz, C. R.; Lee, Y. Y., 1978: Radiologic findings of hamartomas of the tuber cinereum and hypothalamus

Momoshima S.; Imai Y.; Sugino Y.; Sekine Y.; Kumakura K., 1986: Radiologic findings of linear gastric erosions

Berland L.L.; Maddison F.E.; Bernhard V.M., 1980: Radiologic follow up of vena cava filter devices

Luetten C.; Thomas W.; Dihlmann W., 1988: Radiologic holding device for ligament lesions of the metacarpophalangeal joint of the thumb

Suzuki M.; Takashima T.; Funaki H.; Uogishi M.; Isobe T.; Kanno S.; Kuwahara M.; Ushitani K.; Fuchuh K., 1986: Radiologic imaging of herniation of the small bowel through a defect in the broad ligament

Stollman A.; Pinto R.; Benjamin V.; Kricheff I., 1987: Radiologic imaging of symptomatic ligamentum flavum thickening with and without ossification

Burchell M.C., 1987: Radiologic impact on operative access to a retrorectal cyst

Kerlan R.K.Jr; Pogany A.C.; Goldberg H.I.; Ring E.J., 1985: Radiologic intervention in oriental cholangiohepatitis

Gaum L.D.; Wese F.X.; Alton D.J.; Hardy B.E.; Churchill B.M., 1982: Radiologic investigation of the urinary tract in the neo nate with myelo meningocele

Delcour C.; Wespes E.; Vandenbosch G.; Elst A.V.; Marneffe A.; Struyven J., 1986: Radiologic investigations of male impotence

Ohlsen H., 1980: Radiologic low dose pelvimetry indications and pelvimetry data

Gaisie G.; Jaques P.F.; Mauro M.A., 1987: Radiologic management of fluid collections in children

Sclafani S.J.A.; Nayaranaswamy T.; Mitchell W.G., 1981: Radiologic management of traumatic hepatic artery portal vein arterio venous fistulae

Bai Y.; Li T., 1981: Radiologic manifestation and pathologic findings of pneumonia like cancer of the lung

Burgener F.A.; Hamlin D.J., 1981: Radiologic manifestation of histiocytic lymphoma in the skeletal system and central nervous system

Justesen P.; Andersen P.E.Jr, 1984: Radiologic manifestations in alkaptonuria

Sato T.; Sakai Y.; Ishiguro S.; Furukawa H., 1986: Radiologic manifestations of early gastric lymphoma

Bahk, Y. W.; Kim, C. Y., 1978: Radiologic manifestations of epidemic hemorrhagic fever with renal syndrome

Weizman Z.; Stringer D.A.; Durie P.R., 1984: Radiologic manifestations of malabsorption a nonspecific finding

Zhou C.; Et Al, 1985: Radiologic manifestations of mediastinal type of bronchogenic carcinoma

Reynolds, J., 1977: Radiologic manifestations of sickle cell hemo globinopathy

Kelvin F.M.; Gramm H.F.; Gluck W.L.; Lokich J.J., 1985: Radiologic manifestations of small bowel toxicity due to floxuridine therapy

Shapir J.; Frank P., 1985: Radiologic manifestations of the syndrome of neurocrest and colonic tumors

List A.R., 1987: Radiologic manipulation of dislodged tenckhoff dialysis catheters

Tian P., 1982: Radiologic measurement of normal human adult sella turcica

Engstrom C.F.; Ringertz H., 1984: Radiologic method to assess urinary bladder capacity and proportions in children

Mortensson W.; Noack G.; Curstedt T.; Herin P.; Robertson B., 1987: Radiologic observations in severe neonatal respiratory distress syndrome treated with the isolated phospholipid fraction of natural surfactant

Chrisafis S.; Papadimitriou P., 1986: Radiologic observations on the tooth bud of permanent teeth whose primary predecessors showed periapical inflammation

Oldham S.A.; Jacobson F., 1986: Radiologic pathologic clinical correlation in mechanisms of disease course

Allman, R. M.; Cavanagh, R. C.; Helwig, E. B.; Lichtenstein, J. E., 1978: Radiologic pathologic correlation from the armed forces institute of pathology inflammatory fibroid polyp

Yang X.; Et Al, 1988: Radiologic pathologic correlation of solitary pulmonary mass with reference to pulmonary artery or vein

Hruban R.H.; Meziane M.A.; Zerhouni E.A.; Wheeler P.S.; Dumler J.S.; Hutchins G.M., 1987: Radiologic pathologic correlation of the ct halo sign in invasive pulmonary aspergillosis

Nidecker A.; Remagen W.; Elke M., 1982: Radiologic pathologic correlations in tumors and tumor like lesions of the hand

Hoeffel, J. C.; Henry, M.; Flizot, M.; Luceri, R.; Pernot, C., 1976: Radiologic patterns of aneurysms of the membranous septum

Pernot, C.; Hoeffel, J. C.; Henry, M., 1975: Radiologic patterns of congenital malformations of the peri cardium

Hoeffel J C.; Pernot C.; Juncker P., 1981: Radiologic patterns of the sternum in noonans syndrome with congenital heart defect

Sawada, S.; Wakabayashi, T.; Takeshita, K.; Yoshinaga, H.; Russell, W. J., 1971: Radiologic practice since the atomic bombs hiroshima and nagasaki

Christiansen T.; Funch Jensen P.; Jacobsen N.O.; Thommesen P., 1987: Radiologic quantitation of gastro esophageal reflux correlation between height of food stimulated gastro esophageal reflux and level of histologic changes in reflux esophagitis

Friedman, P. J.; Hellekant, C. A. G., 1977: Radiologic recognition of broncho pleural fistula

Keller C.E.; Halpert R.D.; Feczko P.J.; Simms S.M., 1984: Radiologic recognition of colonic diverticula simulating polyps

Pear B.L., 1981: Radiologic recognition of extrahepatic manifestations of hepatitis b antigenemia

Radulescu D.; Covalcic M., 1981: Radiologic signs in venous pulmonary hypertension

Sato T.; Sakai Y.; Sonoyama A.; Kawamoto S.; Okawa M.; Kajita A.; Tanaka H.; Nakanishi K.; Fujino Y.; Fujita M., 1984: Radiologic spectrum of rectal carcinoid tumors

Turnbull G.K.; Bartram C.I.; Lennard Jones J.E., 1988: Radiologic studies of rectal evacuation in adults with idiopathic constipation

Kiuchi S., 1984: Radiologic studies of the foramen lacerum and foramen ovale

Kiuchi S., 1984: Radiologic studies of the jugular foramen

Messinetti S.; Battisti G.; La Torre F.; Barilla M., 1979: Radiologic study in patients wearing a magnetically operating colostomy for continence

Belanger, M.; Chibon, P.; Coulomb, M., 1975: Radiologic study of lsd 25 effects on the amphibian pleurodeles waltlii comparison between control and the progeny of lsd 25 treated males

Glimet, T.; Masse, J. P.; Ryckewaert, A., 1980: Radiologic study of painless knees in 50 men over 65 years of age 1. tele radiography in the frontal position with the patient standing

Morimoto S.; Sone S.; Higashihara T.; Ikezoe J.; Arisawa J.; Yokota K.; Yagihara T.; Ogawa M., 1982: Radiologic study of persistent fetal circulation syndrome

Rodrigo M.A.B.; Lobera A.R.N.; Diez M.M.; Ubieto F.M.; Diago V.A.; Goicoechea R.G.; Gonzalez M.G., 1985: Radiologic surgical correlation in a series of 196 patients operated on for liver hydatidosis

Ferrucci, J. T-Jr ; Long, J. A. Jr, 1977: Radiologic treatment of esophageal food impaction using intra venous glucagon

Attfield, M. D.; Ross, D. S., 1978: Radiological abnormalities in electric arc welders

Bourchier D.; Abbott G.D.; Maling T.M.J., 1984: Radiological abnormalities in infants with urinary tract infections

Ben Dridi M.F.; Oumaya A.; Gastli H.; Doggaz C.; Bousnina S.; Fattoum S.; Ben Osman R.; Gharbi H.A., 1987: Radiological abnormalities of the skeleton in patients with sickle cell anemia a study of 222 cases in tunisia

Carlos R.; Fukui M.; Hasuo K.; Uchino A.; Matsushima T.; Tamura S.; Kudo S.; Kitamura K.; Matsuura K., 1986: Radiological analysis of hemifacial spasm with special reference to angiographic manifestations

Comhaire F.; Kunnen M.; Nahoum C., 1981: Radiological anatomy of the internal spermatic veins in 200 retrograde venograms

Andresen J.; Madsen B.; Steenskov V., 1981: Radiological and clinical evaluation of 20 neuro blastomas

Radulescu D.; Fazakas E., 1981: Radiological and endoscopic correlations in duodenal ulcer

Ring N.J.; Beckly D.E., 1981: Radiological and endoscopic diagnosis of infrapapillary carcinoma of the duodenum

Baro Ros P.; Lorenzo Roldan J.C.; Mateo Montanes J., 1980: Radiological and evolutionary study of giant cell tumors

Cammarota T.; Martinelli M.; Fiore R.; Molaschi M., 1985: Radiological and functional aspects in the senile kidney

Mukhov V., 1984: Radiological and genetic effect of gamma rays in irradiating soaked cotton seeds

Busse H.; Mueller K.M.; Kroll P., 1980: Radiological and histological findings of the lacrimal passages of new borns

Matsumoto M., 1988: Radiological and histological studies on the growth of lumbar vertebra

Kawano K.; Sato T.; Dohhara Y.; Noikura T.; Ooya K.; Urago A.; Nishii Y., 1985: Radiological and histological study of mandibles and teeth in rats with glycopeptide induced nephritis

Ushida M.; Naitoh M.; Ishigaki S.; Shiojima M.; Kikuchi A.; Fukaya M.; Kawai T.; Takehana S.; Kameyama Y., 1987: Radiological and histopathological examination on 28 cases of mandibular ameloblastoma

Lampe P.; Gorka Z.; Wasylewski A.; Skrzeleski S.S.; Dabrowski M., 1981: Radiological and isotope evaluation of hemodynamic efficiency of experimental spleno hepatic anastomosis

Termansen N.B.; Hansen H.; Damholt V., 1979: Radiological and muscular status following injury to the lateral ligaments of the ankle follow up of 144 patients treated conservatively

Mucha M., 1980: Radiological and patho morphological studies on arterial vascularization of the cows uterus of the lbw and rp breeds

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Milgram, J. W., 1978: Radiological and pathological manifestations of osteo chondritis dissecans of the distal femur a study 50 cases

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Nishino K., 1981: Radiological and statistical studies on the signs of sclerosis of the thoracic aorta

Guerin R.; Van Doesburg N.H.; Nicolas E.; Grignon A.; Fournier A., 1986: Radiological and ultrasonographic aspect of kawasaki disease experience with 75 cases at the hopital sainte justine of montreal canada

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Park, E., 1977: Radiological anthropometry of the hand in turners syndrome

Stevenson G.W.; Collins S.M.; Somers S., 1988: Radiological appearance of migrating motor complex of the small intestine

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Zheng Yan W., 1980: Radiological appearances in early esophageal carcinoma

Clements R.; Gravelle I.H., 1986: Radiological appearances of hydatid disease in wales uk

Bateson E.M., 1985: Radiological appearances of primary lung cancer in aboriginals of the northern territory of australia

Sanders R.C.; Knight R.W., 1981: Radiological appearances of the xiphoid process presenting as an upper abdominal mass

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Nicoara Z.; Nanulescu M., 1980: Radiological aspects in obstructive uropathy in children

Vilana Puig R.; Monforte Martinez R.; Rovira Fius J.M.; Fernandez Huerta Garcia J.M., 1987: Radiological aspects of barium examinations in non hodgkin intestinal lymphomas considerations of 20 cases

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Pazos Gonzalez G.; Hernandez Mora M.; Perez Paya F.; Perez Picouto J.L.; Marcos Lopez J., 1982: Radiological aspects of mega calycosis

Blery M.; Gajdos P.; Lacombe P., 1980: Radiological aspects of post traumatic fat emboli 27 cases

Day D.L.; Scheinman J.I.; Mahan J., 1986: Radiological aspects of primary hyperoxaluria

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Rahal J.P.; Lamki N.; Raval B.; Grace M., 1983: Radiological assessment of gastro plasty and gastric bypass surgery

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Scher A.T., 1981: Radiological assessment of lateral flexion injuries of the cervical spine

Mishima S.; Suzuki K.; Ihara N., 1987: Radiological assessment of metacarpal diaphysis by the microdensitometry method in relation to physiological aging

Dodd, G. W.; Ibbertson, H. K.; Fraser, T. R. C.; Holdaway, I. M.; Wattie, D., 1987: Radiological assessment of paget's disease of bone after treatment with the bisphosphonates ehdp and apd

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Ogunbiyi O.A., 1986: Radiological assessment of renovascular hypertension in ibadan nigeria

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Tagariello C.; Bassi F.; Viti G.; Fattori R., 1980: Radiological assessment of the outcome of total gastrectomy

Pinto Pabon I.; Chimeno Herrero C.P.; Dominguez Mayoral R.; Rassas Cohn E.; Skolnick M.L., 1987: Radiological assessment of velopharyngeal incompetence

Raby N., 1988: Radiological awareness of current recommendations on prophylaxis of infective endocarditis

Bollerslev J.; Andersen P.E.Jr, 1988: Radiological biochemical and hereditary evidence of two types of autosomal dominant osteopetrosis

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Leonard P.; Schieb M.C., 1982: Radiological detectability of surgical swabs and sponges

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Danilewicz Wytrychowska T., 1981: Radiological diagnosis and differential diagnosis of diseases of the thymus in children

Yoshino J.; Nakazawa S.; Kawaguchi S.; Okamura S.; Kozawa H., 1983: Radiological diagnosis in depressed type early gastric cancer with difficulty in differential diagnosis from benign lesions

Crone Muenzebrock W.; Jend H H.; Heller M., 1984: Radiological diagnosis in patients suffering from sequela of vertebral fractures conventional x ray or computed tomography

Richter E I.; Zeitler E., 1980: Radiological diagnosis of acute phlebo thrombosis

Galanski M.; Wernecke K.; Wiesmann W.; Vetter H., 1986: Radiological diagnosis of adrenal lesions

Agha, F. P., 1986: Radiological diagnosis of barrett's esophagus critical analysis of 65 cases

Mukhamedzhanov N.Z.; Shcherbakova E.Ya; Kotel'nikova T.M., 1988: Radiological diagnosis of basal inflammatory processes in the brain arachnoiditides and arachnoencephalitides in patients with paranasal sinusitis

Korobov V.I.; Kipriyanova N.V., 1979: Radiological diagnosis of branched cancer of the lung

Lane R.J.; Appleberg M.; Stirling I.; Roche J.; Sorby W., 1982: Radiological diagnosis of carotid ulceration

Schepke P.; Hoffmann R.; Franke F., 1982: Radiological diagnosis of cavernous hem angioma of the liver

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