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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 6256

Chapter 6256 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Fuchs P., 1986: Radioprotective properties of detoxified lipid a from salmonella minnesota r595

Krasheninnikova E.A., 1979: Radioprotective properties of mercapto acetamidines and possible biochemical mechanisms of their effect

Yashunskii V.G., 1986: Radioprotective properties of oxolinic acid

Section 7, Chapter 6256, Accession 006255003

Tyurin E.A., 1981: Radioprotective properties of shigella antigens

Section 7, Chapter 6256, Accession 006255005

Section 7, Chapter 6256, Accession 006255006

Il'yuchenok, T. Yu ; Frigidova, L. M.; Zav'yalov-Yu, V.; Verkhovskii-Yu, G.; Zherbin, E. A.; Shadurskii, K. S.; Mizrakh, L. I.; Polonskaya, L. Yu, 1976: Radioprotective properties of some phosphorus containing iso thiuronium derivatives

Dzhabarov M.I., 1984: Radioprotective properties of some specifically synthesized compounds

Krutovskikh, G. N.; Rusanov, A. M.; Gornaeva, G. F.; Muravich-Aleksandr-Kh, L.; Gorelik-Yu-Ya ; Vartanyan, L. P., 1975: Radioprotective properties of sulfur containing purine derivatives

Kolesnikov-Yu, A.; Novosel'tseva, S. D.; Yartsev, E. I.; Kudryashov-Yu, B.; Bogatyrev, G. P.; Yakovlev, V. G., 1975: Radioprotective properties of taurine compounds

Section 7, Chapter 6256, Accession 006255011

Khalikov, S. K.; Turakulov-Ya-Kh ; Rakhimov, M. M., 1975: Radioprotective properties of the venoms of central asian snakes

Nagaratnam A., 1981: Radioprotective property of flavonoids in mice

Ivanov, E. V.; Ponomareva, T. V.; Merkushev, G. N.; Pil'shchik, E. M.; Livshits, R. E., 1978: Radioprotectors of the skin

Baroncelli G.I., 1986: Radioreceptor 25 hydroxyvitamin d and 1 25 dihydroxyvitamin d assay using ultrafine stationary phases in the hplc step

Greenwald G.S., 1987: Radioreceptor and autoradiographic analysis of fsh hcg and prolactin binding sites in primary to antral hamster follicles during the periovulatory period

Section 7, Chapter 6256, Accession 006255017

Section 7, Chapter 6256, Accession 006255018

Genest J., 1988: Radioreceptor assay for atrial natriuretic factor

Miyamura K., 1985: Radioreceptor assay for beta adrenergic receptor reactive catecholamines in serum samples

Section 7, Chapter 6256, Accession 006255021

Viitanen E., 1987: Radioreceptor assay for insulin formulations

Section 7, Chapter 6256, Accession 006255023

Simionescu, L.; Zamfir-Grigorescu, D.; Dimitriu, V.; Dumitriu, E.; Marcean-Petrescu, R.; Dragomirescu, E.; Ionescu, T., 1987: Radioreceptor assay of human prolactin using rabbit mammary receptors

Kadota S., 1984: Radioreceptor assay of insulin and detection and anti insulin receptor antibody using human placenta and their clinical application

Simionescu, L.; Aman, E.; Zamfir-Grigorescu, D.; Dimitriu, V.; Oniciu, C. D., 1985: Radioreceptor assay of insulin using human erythrocytes 1. methodological aspects

Takeshita H., 1985: Radioreceptor assay of opioid peptides in selected canine brain regions

Soni S.D., 1986: Radioreceptor assay of serum neuroleptic levels in psychiatric patients

Liaw K Y., 1985: Radioreceptor assay study of tsh receptor antibody in thyroid diseases

Varfolomeev S.D., 1985: Radioreceptor assay theoretical principles of the method

Simon P., 1984: Radioreceptor assay theory and applications to pharmacology

Section 7, Chapter 6256, Accession 006255032

Marques E.K., 1987: Radioresistance and radiosensitivity in drosophila melanogaster

Hendry J.H., 1986: Radioresistance induced in fern spores by prior irradiation

Mikhelson V.M., 1986: Radioresistant dna synthesis in cells of patients showing increased chromosomal sensitivity to ionizing radiation

Section 7, Chapter 6256, Accession 006255036

Mochizuki S., 1986: Radioresistant elements in adenocarcinoma of uterine cancer

Nomoto K., 1988: Radioresistant intrathymic t cell precursors express t cell receptor c gamma 4 and c delta specific gene messages

Quesenberry P.J., 1984: Radioresistant murine marrow stromal cells a morphologic and functional characterization

Dritschilo A., 1988: Radioresistant tumor cells are present in head and neck carcinomas that recur after radiotherapy

Umadevi P., 1985: Radioresponse of mammalian and avian liver to cobalt 60 gamma radiation

Brustad T., 1987: Radioresponsiveness of human melanoma xenografts given fractionated irradiation in vivo relationship to the initial slope of the cell survival curves in vitro

Becicova M., 1986: Radioruthenium uptake by erythrocyte membrane proteins

Thiriot, C.; Durand, P.; Jasseron, M. P.; Kergonou, J. F.; Ducousso, R., 1987: Radiosensitive antioxidant membrane bound factors in rat liver microsomes i. the roles of glutathione and vitamin e

Thiriot, C.; Durand, P.; Jasseron, M. P.; Kergonou, J. F.; Ducousso, R., 1987: Radiosensitive antioxidant membrane bound factors in rat liver microsomes ii. the role of cytosol

Kepes J.J., 1985: Radiosensitive meningioma case report

Malinovskii O.V., 1984: Radiosensitive mutants of yeast saccharomyces paradoxus having defects in the cell division cycle cell inactivation by high temperature uv light and ionizing radiation

Seaner R., 1988: Radiosensitive xrs 5 and parental cho cells show identical dna neutral filter elution dose response implications for a relationship between cell radiosensitivity and induction of dna double strand breaks

Little J.B., 1988: Radiosensitivities of ten apparently normal human diploid fibroblast strains to cell killing g 2 phase chromosomal aberrations and cell cycle delay

Section 7, Chapter 6256, Accession 006255050

Hall E.J., 1987: Radiosensitivity and sublethal damage repair in human umbilical cord vein endothelial cells

Yatvin M.B., 1984: Radiosensitivity and thermosensitivity of escherichia coli k 1060 after thiol depletion by diethylmaleate

Hahn G.M., 1984: Radiosensitivity and thermosensitization of thermotolerant chinese hamster cells and rif 1 tumors

Pathak C.S., 1985: Radiosensitivity in relation to polyploidy and hybridity in ruellias

Soler J.J., 1986: Radiosensitivity in various phases of the cell cycle

Roy S.K., 1985: Radiosensitivity of a diploid and a tetraploid species of physalis

Pavlovskaya T.E., 1985: Radiosensitivity of a membrane bound glucose 6 phosphatase

Kolesnikova A.I., 1986: Radiosensitivity of aerated and hypoxic clonogenic cells of ehrlich ascites carcinoma

Garcia G., 1988: Radiosensitivity of apricot budsticks exposed to acute gamma rays and nursery observations on the second vegetative generation from irradiated buds

Furusawa H., 1986: Radiosensitivity of carcinoma of esophagus

Gaiser J.F., 1987: Radiosensitivity of cells in recurrent experimental tumors and the effectiveness of tumor retreatment

Konoplyanikov A.G., 1985: Radiosensitivity of clonogenic granulocytic macrophagal cells precursors of bone marrow and spleen of mice tumor carriers

Magura C., 1984: Radiosensitivity of corynebacterium parvum stimulated spleen to acute cobalt 60 and low dose rate cesium 137 and californium 252 irradiation

Kolesnikova A.I., 1986: Radiosensitivity of ehrlich ascites tumor clonogenic cells forming colonies in agar cultures in diffuse chambers

Matsuzawa T., 1984: Radiosensitivity of growing capillaries

Carey T.E., 1988: Radiosensitivity of head and neck cancer cells in vitro a 96 well plate clonogenic cell assay for squamous cell carcinoma

Chertkov I.L., 1986: Radiosensitivity of hemopoietic stroma precursors and mature stromal cells in a long term bone marrow culture

Greenberger J.S., 1986: Radiosensitivity of human bone marrow granulocyte macrophage progenitor cells and stromal colony forming cells effect of dose rate

Weinstein Y., 1984: Radiosensitivity of isolated subsets of human lymphocytes e positive okt 4 positive okt 8 positive protective role of monocytes and monokines

Satoh S., 1988: Radiosensitivity of late recurrences following radiotherapy of murine fibrosarcomas

Shikita M., 1987: Radiosensitivity of mouse myeloid stem cells in culture after stimulation by macrophage colony stimulating factor

Bwire N.E.B., 1986: Radiosensitivity of murine hemopoietic colony forming units assayed in situ in the rib and in other marrow sites

Gerber M., 1984: Radiosensitivity of murine t lymphocyte cytotoxicity

Bordignon C., 1988: Radiosensitivity of nk lytic activities and nk mediated hematopoietic colony inhibition effect of activation with il 2 and blocking of the t 200 molecule

Konings A.W.T., 1984: Radiosensitivity of normal and polyunsaturated fatty acid supplemented fibroblasts after depletion of glutathione

Section 7, Chapter 6256, Accession 006255077

Kawashima K., 1985: Radiosensitivity of phosphine resistant and susceptible strains of the red flour beetle tribolium castaneum coleoptera teneobrionidae

Kobayashi H., 1986: Radiosensitivity of primary cultured fish cells with different ploidy

Pelevina I.I., 1985: Radiosensitivity of solid nkly tumor of mice and recovery of clonogenic cells from potentially lethal radiation damages

Arslanova S.V., 1986: Radiosensitivity of some wild cotton species with different chromosome numbers

Konoplyannikov A.G., 1988: Radiosensitivity of spermatogenous epithelium stem cells of mice of different strains and age

Dubos M., 1986: Radiosensitivity of the external granular layer of the cerebellum histological study in the rat rabbit and monkey

Pavlov V.V., 1984: Radiosensitivity of the stromal mechanocytes of the human bone marrow and spleen

Katsarov T., 1985: Radiosensitivity of the thyroid gland

Spolitak T.S., 1984: Radiosensitivity of thymocytes and bone marrow cells of a lymphoid series estimated with a reference to the results of studies in the kinetics of spontaneous chemiluminescence

Ismailov B.I., 1986: Radiosensitivity of tumor cells as a quantitative index with facultative threshold manifestation

Dimitrievich, G. S.; Fischer-Dzoga, K.; Griem, M. L., 1984: Radiosensitivity of vascular tissue 1. differential radiosensitivity of capillaries a quantitative in vivo study

Fischer-Dzoga, K.; Dimitrievich, G. S.; Griem, M. L., 1984: Radiosensitivity of vascular tissue 2. differential radiosensitivity of aortic cells in vitro

Katz R., 1987: Radiosensitivity parameters for neoplastic transformations in c3h10t1 2 cells

Cossu F., 1987: Radiosensitivity study in vitro of lymphocytic population in the time of the death

Section 7, Chapter 6256, Accession 006255092

Section 7, Chapter 6256, Accession 006255093

Brown J.M., 1987: Radiosensitization by hypoxic pretreatment with misonidazole an interaction of damage at the dna level

Brown J.M., 1987: Radiosensitization by nicotinamide in vivo a greater enhancement of tumor damage compared to that of normal tissues

Vladescu C., 1984: Radiosensitization by quinones

Adams G.E., 1987: Radiosensitization by the 2 4 dinitro 5 aziridinylbenzamide cb 1954 a structure activity study

Section 7, Chapter 6256, Accession 006255098

Kohda Y., 1988: Radiosensitization effect of new hypoxic cell radiosensitizer rk 27 on normal tissue and ehrlich tumor of experimental animals

Cameron R., 1985: Radiosensitization effects of nicotinamide on malignant and normal mouse tissue

Tanaka Y., 1986: Radiosensitization effects of nucleoside analogues

Miyata N., 1987: Radiosensitization effects of perfluorochemical emulsion to llc tumor mice with fractionated irradiation under oxygen breathing and radiotoxicity to normal mice

Takagi M., 1987: Radiosensitization in combination with hyperthermia

Taylor, Y. C.; Brown, J. M., 1987: Radiosensitization in multifraction schedules i. evidence for an extremely low oxygen enhancement ratio

Taylor, Y. C.; Brown, J. M., 1987: Radiosensitization in multifraction schedules ii. greater sensitization by 2 nitroimidazoles than by oxygen

Section 7, Chapter 6256, Accession 006255106

Salih F.M., 1984: Radiosensitization of bacillus megaterium spores by combinations of oxygen and misonidazole

Fowler J.F., 1986: Radiosensitization of chinese hamster cells by oxygen and misonidazole at low x ray doses

Lee J.B., 1985: Radiosensitization of emt 6 cells by 4 platinum complexes

Dritschilo A., 1985: Radiosensitization of human fibroblasts by 3 aminobenzamide an inhibitor of poly adp ribosylation

Lalanne C.M., 1986: Radiosensitization of human tumor cells by alpha difluoromethylornithine

Tofilon P.T., 1987: Radiosensitization of primary human tumor cell cultures by n methylformamide

Rockwell S., 1986: Radiosensitization pharmacokinetics and toxicity of a 2 nitroimidazole nucleoside ra 263

Section 7, Chapter 6256, Accession 006255114

Brown J.M., 1988: Radiosensitization thiol oxidation and inhibition of dna repair by sr 4077

Woo D.V., 1987: Radiosensitizer conjugation to the carcinoma 19 9 monoclonal antibody

Bruckner V., 1981: Radiosensitizers and hyper thermia in tumor radio therapy

Whitehouse R.P., 1985: Radiosensitizers as probes of dna damage and cell killing

Sukhova N.M., 1985: Radiosensitizing activity and metabolism of some nitrofuran preparation m 106

Hofer M.G., 1987: Radiosensitizing and cytocidal effects of misonidazole evidence for separate modes of action

Shtein L.V., 1984: Radiosensitizing and cytotoxic effects of hyperthermia on various biological systems radiosensitizing and cytotoxic effects on hyperthermia on mouse hemopoietic stem cells

Malaise E.P., 1985: Radiosensitizing and cytotoxic properties of misonidazole on glutathione synthetase deficient human fibroblasts

Singh B.B., 1985: Radiosensitizing and radioprotective effects of phenothiazines

Section 7, Chapter 6256, Accession 006255124

Section 7, Chapter 6256, Accession 006255125

Kurpeshev O.K., 1985: Radiosensitizing effect of hyperthermia on mouse skin as a function of the temperature and irradiation time

Konoplyannikov A.G., 1987: Radiosensitizing effect of hyperthermia on normal and tumor tissues

Pelevina I.I., 1986: Radiosensitizing effect of interferon synthesis inductors

Section 7, Chapter 6256, Accession 006255129

Abe M., 1986: Radiosensitizing effect of misonidazole in combination with an inhibitor of glutathione synthesis in murine tumors

Miyamato Y., 1985: Radiosensitizing effect of new hypoxic cell radiosensitizer rk 28 on experimental animal normal tissue and ehrlich tumor

Kagiya T., 1988: Radiosensitizing effects of new 2 nitroimidazole nucleoside analogues rk 28 rk 29

Ranstam J., 1986: Radiosensitizing effects of nicotinamide on a c3h mouse mammary adenocarcinoma a study on per os drug administration

Wardman P., 1987: Radiosensitizing nitroimidazole drugs triplet state energy and reactivity

Section 7, Chapter 6256, Accession 006255135

Section 7, Chapter 6256, Accession 006255136

Guidoin R.G., 1987: Radiosterilization of albuminated polyester prostheses

Kikuchi, H.; Tsuji, K.; Mizumachi, S.; Kanohta, K.; Kojima, S.; Nakamura, A., 1987: Radiosterilization of medical devices x. effects of gamma radiation on chemical and physical properties of polysulfone capillary plasma separator

Rotter M., 1986: Radiosterilization of the vagina in therapeutic doses does it exist

Barth N.H., 1988: Radiosurgery for arteriovenous malformations of the brain using a standard linear accelerator rationale and technique

Moens H.J.B., 1988: Radiosynoviorthesis of the knee a double blind trial of 1 versus 5 mci gold 198

Section 7, Chapter 6256, Accession 006255142

Section 7, Chapter 6256, Accession 006255143

Section 7, Chapter 6256, Accession 006255144

Rice K.C., 1985: Radiosynthesis of fluorine 18 labeled 3 acetylcyclofoxy a high affinity opiate antagonist

Just, W. W.; Werner, G., 1976: Radiosynthesis of levo cocaine and nor levo cocaine using tritium labeled methanol

Kirk K.L., 1988: Radiosynthesis of nca carbonyl carbon 11 6 fluoromelatonin

Stocklin G., 1984: Radiosynthesis of no carrier added bromine 75 bromine 77 labeled brombenperidol

Section 7, Chapter 6256, Accession 006255149

Helb H W., 1986: Radiotelemetric monitoring of heart rate responses to song playback in blackbirds turdus merula

Gueneau P., 1986: Radiotelemetry of fish in a wide river

Indyk J.S., 1984: Radiothallium scintigraphy in solitary nonfunctioning thyroid nodules

Nafstadius P., 1987: Radiotherapeutic computed tomography with scanned photon beams

Earle J.D., 1986: Radiotherapeutic management of adult intraspinal ependymomas

Constable W.C., 1986: Radiotherapeutic management of cancer of the supraglottis

Park C.H., 1987: Radiotherapeutic management of medulloblastoma in a pediatric patient with ataxia telangiectasia

Earle J.D., 1985: Radiotherapeutic management of primary thyroid lymphoma

Tessler A., 1986: Radiotherapeutic prophylaxis of estrogen induced gynecomastia a study of late sequela

Nakajima N., 1988: Radiotherapeutic results for primary lung cancer

Racic G., 1987: Radiotherapeutical effects on parotid gland function

Cass W., 1985: Radiotherapy alone for patients with operable carcinoma of the lung

Arriagada, R.; Mouriesse, H.; Sarrazin, D.; Clark, R. M.; Deboer, G., 1985: Radiotherapy alone in breast cancer i. analysis of tumor parameters tumor dose and local control the experience of the gustave roussy institute france and the princess margaret hospital toronto ontario canada

Horiot, J. C.; Pigneux, J.; Pourquier, H.; Schraub, S.; Achille, E.; Keiling, R.; Combes, P.; Rozan, R.; Vrousos, C.; Daly, N., 1988: Radiotherapy alone in carcinoma of the intact uterine cervix according to g. h. fletcher guidelines a french cooperative study of 1383 cases

Pinskay L.G., 1984: Radiotherapy and chemotherapy of neglected forms of stomatopharyngeal neoplasms

Zandwijk N.V., 1986: Radiotherapy and cis diamminedichloroplatinum ii as a combined treatment modality for inoperable non small cell lung cancer a dose finding study

Section 7, Chapter 6256, Accession 006255166

Otero Luna J., 1987: Radiotherapy and ftorafur as a radiosensitizer a pilot study

Mauro F., 1987: Radiotherapy and hyperthermia analysis of clinical results and identification of prognostic variables

Tausjo J., 1985: Radiotherapy and intraarterial chemotherapy with imidazole carboxamide

Sorbe B., 1985: Radiotherapy and or chemotherapy as adjuvant treatment of uterine sarcomas

Odland G., 1984: Radiotherapy and resection for apparently inoperable rectal adenocarcinoma

Busson A., 1984: Radiotherapy as an integrated part of the treatment of soft tissue sarcomas

Section 7, Chapter 6256, Accession 006255173

Klemp P.F.B., 1986: Radiotherapy beam data transfer to a dedicated treatment planning computer

Des Rochers C., 1988: Radiotherapy employing three fractions on each of twelve consecutive days

Wang D., 1987: Radiotherapy for 159 patients with carcinoma of the tonsil

Hirose M., 1984: Radiotherapy for cancer of the lung with emphasis on the optimum application in terms of irradiation efficacy and lung tissue damage

Shibamoto Y., 1984: Radiotherapy for cancer of the pancreas

Mori N., 1987: Radiotherapy for carcinoma of the uterine cervix by remotely controlled afterloading intracavitary system with high dose rate

Ampil F.L., 1985: Radiotherapy for carcinomatous brachial plexopathy a clinical study of 23 cases

Bloom J.G., 1988: Radiotherapy for chordoma

Kartha M.K., 1987: Radiotherapy for choroidal melanoma an 18 year experience with radon

Hu Y., 1986: Radiotherapy for extra medullary plasma cell tumor report of 13 patients

Henk J.M., 1987: Radiotherapy for lacrimal gland tumors

Matsuura K., 1986: Radiotherapy for lingual cancer a clinical evaluation

Chaffey J.T., 1984: Radiotherapy for localized prostate carcinoma

Benjamin D.R., 1987: Radiotherapy for locally recurrent infantile pancreatic carcinoma pancreatoblastoma

Stryker J.A., 1986: Radiotherapy for prostate carcinoma

Rosen, E.; Cassady, J. R.; Connolly, J.; Chaffey, J. T., 1985: Radiotherapy for prostate carcinoma the joint center for radiation therapy experience 1968 1978 2. factors related to tumor control and complications

Duncan W., 1986: Radiotherapy for squamous carcinoma of the urinary bladder

Peckham M.J., 1986: Radiotherapy for stage i seminoma testis results of treatment and complications

Goodman R., 1988: Radiotherapy for the prevention of local regional recurrence in high risk patients post mastectomy receiving adjuvant chemotherapy

Barnes M.R., 1988: Radiotherapy for the treatment of pulmonary complications of paraquat poisoning

Harnett A.N., 1988: Radiotherapy in benign orbital disease i complicated ocular angiomas

Harnett, A. N.; Doughty, D.; Hirst, A.; Plowman, P. N., 1988: Radiotherapy in benign orbital disease ii. ophthalmic graves' disease and orbital histiocytosis x

Braun O., 1986: Radiotherapy in cancer of the paranasal sinuses

Schertel L., 1986: Radiotherapy in carcinoma of penis and urethra

Schnepper E., 1986: Radiotherapy in carcinomas of the renal pelvis and ureter

Busse H., 1986: Radiotherapy in juvenile xanthogranulomas of the iris

Kimmig B., 1988: Radiotherapy in local recurrences of colorectal tumors prognostic factors course and results

Van Der Schueren E., 1986: Radiotherapy in multiple fractions per day for prostatic carcinoma late complications

Guillemin P., 1988: Radiotherapy in non metastasized cancer of the prostate primum non nocere

Olds W., 1987: Radiotherapy in the management of endometrial carcinoma with cervical involvement

Pinillos A.L., 1987: Radiotherapy in the management of locally advanced breast cancer

Ballester Moll B., 1985: Radiotherapy in the management of myeloma experience with 51 cases

Dritschilo A., 1987: Radiotherapy in the management of pancreatic islet cell tumor

Tonino A.J., 1985: Radiotherapy in the prevention of recurrence of paraarticular ossification in total hip prostheses

Gardner D.G., 1988: Radiotherapy in the treatment of ameloblastoma

Adler G.F., 1988: Radiotherapy in the treatment of ovarian dysgerminomas

Hetelekidis S., 1988: Radiotherapy in the treatment of pituitary adenomas

Bruni L., 1987: Radiotherapy in the treatment of skin epitheliomas

Chiminazzo H.Jr, 1985: Radiotherapy in the treatment of vertebral hemangiomas

Villar, A.; Hernandez, M.; Pera, J.; Cambray, M.; Villa, S.; Arnaiz, M. D., 1988: Radiotherapy non classical fractioning as a method of improving cancer treatment part ii. response of normal tissues to fractionated doses

Villar, A.; Cambray, M.; Pera, J.; Arellano, A.; Petriz, L., 1987: Radiotherapy nonclassical fractionation as a way of improving cancer treatment part i. cell survival curves at single doses

Del Vecchio P., 1987: Radiotherapy of 129 non oat cell unresectable bronchogenic carcinoma notre dame hospital montreal canada experience 1972 1976

Wieland C., 1986: Radiotherapy of adenoid cystic carcinoma

Ahlendorf W., 1986: Radiotherapy of an eosinophil granuloma with multiple bone focuses

Hassenstein E., 1986: Radiotherapy of benign diseases indications results technique

Ernst H., 1986: Radiotherapy of bladder cancer

Nomura K., 1986: Radiotherapy of brain metastases

Et Al, 1987: Radiotherapy of brain metastases from lung cancer

Reyes R., 1987: Radiotherapy of bronchial carcinoma

Sabitzer H., 1984: Radiotherapy of bronchial carcinoma

Rodriguez Rubio P., 1984: Radiotherapy of cancer of the ovaries present situation

Watanabe K., 1984: Radiotherapy of carcinoma of the esophagus histopathological studies of preoperatively irradiated and autopsy cases

Wannenmacher M., 1986: Radiotherapy of carcinoma of the prostate

Tan T.M., 1985: Radiotherapy of carcinoma of the uterine cervix in singapore 1973 1975

Vogl T., 1987: Radiotherapy of chemodectomas

Ren C., 1987: Radiotherapy of chordoma a report of 10 patients

Dudgeon J., 1987: Radiotherapy of choroidal malignant melanomas

Cohen Y., 1987: Radiotherapy of early glottic carcinoma

Rohwerder R., 1984: Radiotherapy of endocrine ophthalmopathy evaluation of 56 case records

Takegawa Y., 1988: Radiotherapy of esophageal cancer

Fehr H., 1987: Radiotherapy of esophageal cancer results checked by clinical radiological endoscopic biopsy and autopsy findings

Section 7, Chapter 6256, Accession 006255235

Et Al, 1987: Radiotherapy of esophageal carcinoma analysis of annual cases in multi institutes

Nanko N., 1986: Radiotherapy of esophageal carcinoma indications technique and results

Miura T., 1987: Radiotherapy of esophageal carcinoma role of high dose rate intracavitary irradiation

Azaloux H., 1987: Radiotherapy of gastric cancer with a three field combination feasibility tolerance and survival

Et Al, 1984: Radiotherapy of giant cell tumors of the sacrum

Otero Luna J., 1986: Radiotherapy of hemispheric astrocytoma retrospective analyses of 133 patients

Gerard J.P., 1984: Radiotherapy of high bile duct carcinoma using intracatheter iridium 192 wire

Michels, T.; Guettler, C. A.; Czempiel, H., 1986: Radiotherapy of hodgkin's disease with large mediastinal masses

Et Al, 1984: Radiotherapy of hodgkins lymphoma arising from waldeyers ring an analysis of 16 cases

Hamilton, C. R.; Cummings, B. J.; Harwood, A. R., 1986: Radiotherapy of kaposi's sarcoma

Konoeda K., 1985: Radiotherapy of laryngeal cancer

Koegel T., 1987: Radiotherapy of local relapses of primarily irradiated glottic laryngeal carcinomas

Section 7, Chapter 6256, Accession 006255248

Huebener K H., 1985: Radiotherapy of lymphogranulomatosis

Kriss J.P., 1985: Radiotherapy of lymphoid diseases of the orbit

Weischedel U., 1985: Radiotherapy of malignant hepatic diseases

Korshunov A.I., 1985: Radiotherapy of malignant middle ear tumors after nonradical surgery

Huebener K H., 1986: Radiotherapy of malignant testicle tumors results side effects analysis of recurrences

Oda T., 1986: Radiotherapy of maxillary antrum carcinoma

Aoki Y., 1986: Radiotherapy of medulloblastoma combined with ok 432 picibanil utilization of its alleviating action on the radiation induced myelosuppression

Brunin F., 1987: Radiotherapy of nasopharyngeal carcinoma a series of 139 adult cases treated at the institut curie france

Kawecki A., 1987: Radiotherapy of neck chemodectomas long term results

Gu, D.; Et-Al, 1985: Radiotherapy of non hodgkin's lymphoma of the nasal cavity report of 48 cases

Lasson U., 1985: Radiotherapy of non metastatic ewing sarcoma

Zhang H., 1986: Radiotherapy of olfactory neuroblastoma report of 5 patients

Mikami A., 1987: Radiotherapy of oral cavity region cancer with special reference to intraoral electron therapy

Section 7, Chapter 6256, Accession 006255262

Berberich W., 1985: Radiotherapy of paraplegias caused by extramedullary hemopoietic tissue

Zum Winkel K., 1986: Radiotherapy of pathologic fractures and skeletal lesions bearing the risk of fracture

Fujiwara K., 1986: Radiotherapy of patients with germ cell tumor

Bosniak S.L., 1988: Radiotherapy of periocular basal cell carcinomas recurrence rates and treatment with special attention to the medial canthus

Irie G., 1985: Radiotherapy of pineal tumors and ectopic pinealomas

Kordonias D., 1987: Radiotherapy of plastic induration of the penis

Schmid A.P., 1985: Radiotherapy of presacral recurrence following radical surgery for rectal carcinoma

Weghaupt K., 1985: Radiotherapy of primary carcinoma of the vagina management and results of different therapy schemes

Sheline G.E., 1988: Radiotherapy of primary intracranial germinomas the case against routine craniospinal irradiation

Nizri D., 1984: Radiotherapy of primary malignant tumors of the trachea 31 cases

Tomaru Y., 1984: Radiotherapy of prostate carcinoma

Stuetzer H., 1987: Radiotherapy of prostate carcinoma results of treatment and complications

Czempiel H., 1985: Radiotherapy of prostatic carcinoma staging and radiotherapy planning with transrectal ultrasound

Lissner J., 1986: Radiotherapy of seminomas small volume irradiation in the stage pt n 0m 0 prophylactic irradiation of the mediastinum

Krenning E.P., 1985: Radiotherapy of severe ophthalmic graves disease

Takahashi M., 1987: Radiotherapy of spontaneous carotid cavernous sinus fistulas

Kramer S., 1985: Radiotherapy of stage i and ii hodgkin disease with inguinal presentation

Viamonte M., 1984: Radiotherapy of stage i and ii hodgkins disease a collaborative study

Lund G., 1984: Radiotherapy of t 4 bladder carcinoma

Section 7, Chapter 6256, Accession 006255283

Lanksch W., 1987: Radiotherapy of the medulloblastoma

Beck Bornholdt H P., 1988: Radiotherapy of the rhabdomyosarcoma r1h of the rat kinetics of cellular inactivation by fractionated irradiation

Beck Bornholdt H P., 1988: Radiotherapy of the rhabdomyosarcoma r1h of the rat the influence of the number of fractions on tumor and skin response

Guerin R.A., 1988: Radiotherapy of thymomas

Ikeda M., 1985: Radiotherapy of tongue carcinoma

Et Al, 1987: Radiotherapy of uterine cervix carcinoma

Haynor, D. R.; Borning, A. W.; Griffin, B. A.; Jacky, J. P.; Kalet, I. J.; Shuman, W. P., 1986: Radiotherapy planning direct tumor location on simulation and port films using computed tomography part 1. principles

Leonova N.S., 1988: Radiotherapy planning of prostate carcinoma considering autopic topographic morphometric findings of pelvic and lumbar lymph nodes

Dinshaw K.A., 1985: Radiotherapy prostheses

Koch H., 1986: Radiotherapy results in cervix carcinoma with regard to side effects

Verger, E.; Easton, D.; Brada, M.; Duchesne, G.; Horwich, A., 1988: Radiotherapy results in laparotomy staged hodgkin's disease

Ustinova V.F., 1984: Radiotherapy tactics in vertebral hemangiomas

Valentini V., 1985: Radiotherapy teaching by simulation the computerized treatment plan

Lariviere P.D., 1985: Radiotherapy technologist dose from high energy electron medical accelerators

Samarasekera M., 1984: Radiotherapy treatment planning for patients fitted with prostheses

Wannenmacher M., 1987: Radiotherapy treatment planning of breast cancer how deep are the parasternal lymph nodes seated?

Taylor W.J., 1986: Radiotherapy treatment planning using lymphoscintigraphy

Section 7, Chapter 6256, Accession 006255301

Dische S., 1987: Radiotherapy using the hypoxic cell sensitizer ro 03 8799 in malignant melanoma

Ossenkoppele, G. J.; Mol, J. J.; Snow, G. B.; Karim, A. B. M. F.; Veldhuijzen, R. W.; Nauta, J. P.; Langenhuijsen, M. M. A. C., 1987: Radiotherapy versus radiotherapy plus chemotherapy in stages i and ii non hodgkin's lymphoma of the upper digestive and respiratory tract

Section 7, Chapter 6256, Accession 006255304

Von Rottkay P., 1987: Radiotherapy with accelerated fractionation in malignant melanoma remissions and provisional results regarding local tumor control

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