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Raman spectroscopic elucidation of dna backbone conformations for polydeoxyguanylic polydeoxythymidylic acid polydeoxyadenylic polydeoxycytidylic acid and double stranded polydeoxyadenylic polydeoxythymidylic acid in cesium fluoride solution

, : Raman spectroscopic elucidation of dna backbone conformations for polydeoxyguanylic polydeoxythymidylic acid polydeoxyadenylic polydeoxycytidylic acid and double stranded polydeoxyadenylic polydeoxythymidylic acid in cesium fluoride solution. Biopolymers 24(8): 1493-1500

Raman spectra have been recorded for poly([deoxy]dG-dT) .cntdot. poly(dA-dC) and poly(dA-dT) .cntdot. poly(dA-dT) in low salt and at high concentrations of CsF. Poly(dG-dT) .cntdot. poly(dA-dC) shows no change in the 682/cm guanine mode, demonstrating the absence of the Z-structure at high salt. The 790-cm-1 phosphodiester symmetric stretch, however, shifts up 5/cm in 4.3 M CsF, suggesting a slight conformational change, associated with ion binding or hydration changes. Poly(dA-dT) .cntdot. poly(dA-dT) shows an additional broad band at 816/cm, attributed to the phosphodiester modes associated with the C3'-endo deoxyribose units in the alternating B-structure. In this case, both the 841- and the 816/cm asymmetric phosphodiester stretches, associated with the C2'- and C3'-endo units, shift down on addition of CsF in a sequential manner. Correlation of this sequence with that previously observed for the 2 31P-NMR resonances, establishes that the phosphodiester stretching frequencies depend on the conformation of the 5'-sugar, and not on the 3'-sugar.

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