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Ramification of the celiac artery in the domestic cat felis domestica

, : Ramification of the celiac artery in the domestic cat felis domestica. Folia Morphologica (Prague) 34(1): 36-44

The authors studied variability of the organization of the a. coeliaca and its branches in 30 domestic cats after first injecting the arterial bed with dyed latex via the aorta. The a. coeliaca always arose from the abdominal aorta as an independent branch; a common truncus coeliaco-mesentericus was never observed. The ramification of the a. coeliaca itself was not very variable greater variability was observed in the a. lienalis and its organ branches. Typical division of the a. coeliaca into an a. hepatica communis, an a. gastrica sinistra and an a. lienalis were found in 53.3%. The a. hepatica communis arose from the a. coeliaca as a single branch in all 30 cases. In 80% the a. hepatica communis divided typically into a. hepatica propria and an a. gastroduodenalis; in 10% the a. gastrica dextra originated independently from the a. hepatica communis. In 60% of the cases the a. gastrica sinistra was independent branch of the a. coeliaca; in 40% it arose, together with the a. lienalis, from a common trunk. An a. lienalis was present in 100% of the cases; in one case (3.3%) it was duplicated, in 56.7% it arose from the a. coeliaca separately and in 40% together with the a. gastrica sinistra from a common trunk. The authors further describe the ramification of the above arteries and the variability of their organization and give a summing-up of the arterial supply of the stomach, the spleen and the pancreas. In addition to separate organ branches, the arterial supply of some of the abdominal viscera (spleen, stomach, pancreas) is also assured by connections called as inter-organ anastomoses, which were present in 93% of the cases in the given series of cats.

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