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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 6258

Chapter 6258 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Yap A.K.L.; Luscombe D.K., 1986: Rapid and inexpensive enzyme inhibition assay of methotrexate

Giam, C. S.; Chan, H. S.; Neff, G. S., 1975: Rapid and inexpensive method for detection of poly chlorinated bi phenyls and phthalates in air

Wagstaff P.A., 1979: Rapid and inexpensive micro capillary immuno diffusion assay technique

Pilven, A.; Thieulant, M. L.; Ducouret, B.; Samperez, S.; Jouan, P., 1976: Rapid and intensive conversion of 5 alpha androstane 3 alpha 17 beta diol into 5 alpha di hydro testosterone in the male rat anterior pituitary in vivo and in vitro studies

Kobayashi, H.; Murakami, K., 1978: Rapid and large scale isolation of chymosin ec rennin by pepstatin aminohexyl agarose

Misono K.S.; Holladay L.A.; Murakami K.; Kuromizu K.; Inagami T., 1982: Rapid and large scale purification and characterization of renin from mouse submaxillary gland

Peng, G. W.; Gadalla, M. A. F.; Chiou, W. L., 1978: Rapid and micro high pressure liquid chromatographic determination of chloramphenicol in plasma

Slonek, J. E.; Peng, G. W.; Chiou, W. L., 1978: Rapid and micro high pressure liquid chromatographic determination of plasma phenytoin levels

Gadalla, M. A. F.; Peng, G. W.; Chiou, W. L., 1978: Rapid and micro high pressure liquid chromatographic method for simultaneous determination of procainamide and n acetyl procainamide in plasma

Kabalka G.W.; Gooch E.E.; Sastry K.A.R., 1981: Rapid and mild syntheses of radio iodine labeled radio pharmaceuticals

Kono K., 1984: Rapid and non irritable analysis of basal tear volumes by an electronic resistance measuring method

Nolte F.S.; Krisher K.K.; Beltran L.A.; Christianson N.P.; Sheridan G.E., 1988: Rapid and overnight microdilution antibiotic susceptibility testing with the sensititre breakpoint autoreader system

Schnug E.; Haneklaus S., 1987: Rapid and precise determination of total glucosinolate content in rapeseed comparison of x ray fluorescence spectroscopy with gas chromatography and high performance liquid chromatography

Aletta J.M.; Goldberg D.J., 1982: Rapid and precise down regulation of fast axonal transport of transmitter in an identified neuron

Gallez, B.; Osinski, P.; Adline, J.; Dumont, P., 1988: Rapid and precise micro methods for quantitating active components in commercial bone scintigraphy kits i. stannous tin

Gallez, B.; Osinski, P.; Adline, J.; Dumont, P., 1988: Rapid and precise micro methods for quantitating active components in commercial bone scintigraphy kits ii. diphosphonates

Mee, J. M. L.; Korth, J.; Halpern, B., 1976: Rapid and quantitative blood analysis for free fatty acids by chemical ionization mass spectrometry

Porteous D.J., 1985: Rapid and quantitative detection of unique sequence donor dna in extracts of cultured mammalian cells an aid to chromosome mapping

Gough N.M., 1988: Rapid and quantitative preparation of cytoplasmic rna from small numbers of cells

Ofverstedt L G.; Hammarstrom K.; Balgobin N.; Hjerten S.; Pettersson U.; Chattopadhyaya J., 1984: Rapid and quantitative recovery of dna fragments from gels by displacement electrophoresis isotachophoresis

Korneluk R.G.; Quan F.; Gravel R.A., 1985: Rapid and reliable dideoxy sequencing of double stranded dna

Meggio F.; Donella Deana A.; Pinna L.A., 1981: Rapid and reliable identification of casein kinases ts in many tissues by means of a new specific and very suitable model substrate

Essers L.; Radebold K., 1980: Rapid and reliable identification of staphylococcus aureus by a latex agglutination test

Gbewonyo A.J.K., 1982: Rapid and reliable method for diagnostic electron microscopy of feces

Blumer S.O.; Jalbert M.; Kaufman L., 1984: Rapid and reliable method for production of a specific paracoccidioides brasiliensis immuno diffusion test antigen

Martinez Valdez H.; Kothari R.M.; Hershey H.V.; Taylor M.W., 1982: Rapid and reliable method for the analysis of nucleotide pools by reversed phase high performance liquid chromatography

Winsett O.E.; Townsend C.M.Jr; Thompson J.C., 1985: Rapid and repeated blood sampling in the conscious laboratory rat a new technique

Hertz, M. M.; Hemmingsen, R.; Bolwig, T. G., 1977: Rapid and repetitive measurements of blood flow and oxygen consumption in the rat brain using intra arterial xenon injection/

Namboodiri M.A.A.; Weller J.L.; Klein D.C., 1980: Rapid and reversible activation of acetyl coenzyme a hydrolase in intact pineal cells by di sulfide exchange

Chen T.A.; Allfrey V.G., 1987: Rapid and reversible changes in nucleosome structure accompany the activation repression and superinduction of murine fibroblast protooncogenes c fos and c myc

Hamilton C.A.; Deighton N.M.; Reid J.L., 1987: Rapid and reversible desensitization of vascular and platelet alpha 2 adrenoceptors

Staehelin M.; Simons P., 1982: Rapid and reversible disappearance of beta adrenergic cell surface receptors

Fitzgerald D.J.; Knowles S.E.; Ballard F.J.; Murray A.W., 1983: Rapid and reversible inhibition of junctional communication by tumor promoters in a mouse cell line

Firestein G.S.; Reifler D.; Richman D.; Gruber H.E., 1988: Rapid and reversible modulation of t4 cd4 on monocytoid cells by phorbol myristate acetate effect on hiv susceptibility

Atkinson M.M.; Menko A.S.; Johnson R.G.; Sheppard J.R.; Sheridan J.D., 1981: Rapid and reversible reduction of junctional permeability in cells infected with a temperature sensitive mutant of avian sarcoma virus

Nigg E.A.; Hilz H.; Eppenberger H.M.; Dutly F., 1985: Rapid and reversible translocation of the catalytic subunit of cyclic amp dependent protein kinase type ii from the golgi complex to the nucleus

Clarke B.; Till J.; Rowland E.; Ward D.E.; Barnes P.J.; Shinebourne E.A., 1987: Rapid and safe termination of supraventricular tachycardia in children by adenosine

Owen R.D.; Ostrowski M.C., 1987: Rapid and selective alterations in the expression of cellular genes accompany conditional transcription of ha v ras in nih 3t3 cells

Lingeman H.; Haan H.B.P.; Hulshoff A., 1984: Rapid and selective derivatization method for the nitrogen sensitive detection of carboxylic acids in biological fluids prior to gas chromatographic analysis

Cooper E.; Fucile N.W.; Bofinger D.P., 1987: Rapid and selective effects of thyrotropin on sulfur 35 methionine incorporation into cytoplasmic and nuclear proteins in calf thyroid tissue slices

Ogui, T.; Nakadate, M.; Odashima, S., 1976: Rapid and selective induction of erythro leukemia in female donryu rats by continuous oral administration of 1 ethyl 1 nitroso urea

Mol J.A.; Visser T.J., 1985: Rapid and selective inner ring deiodination of thyroxine sulfate by rat liver deiodinase

Sanyal A.K., 1988: Rapid and selective method for quantitation of metronidazole in pharmaceuticals

Isom H.C.; Liao W.S.L.; Taylor J.M.; Willwerth G.E.; Eadline T.S., 1983: Rapid and selective shutoff of plasma protein production in herpes simplex virus type 2 infected hepatoma cells

Gasparro F.P.; Battista J.; Song J.; Edelson R.L., 1988: Rapid and sensitive analysis of 8 methoxypsoralen in plasma

Kim C.; Kats T., 1984: Rapid and sensitive analysis of morphine in serum by reversed phase high performance liquid chromatography with electrochemical detection

Tagesson, C.; Sjodahl, R., 1984: Rapid and sensitive assay of human plasma phospho lipase a 2 ec activity

Ye W L., 1987: Rapid and sensitive assay of monoamine transmitters and their metabolites in biological samples using high performance liquid chromatography with electrochemical detection

Fok A.K.; Ueno M.S.; Azada E.A., 1985: Rapid and sensitive assays for phagosomal acidification in paramecium and tetrahymena

Leary J.J.; Brigati D.J.; Ward D.C., 1983: Rapid and sensitive colorimetric method for visualizing biotin labeled dna probes hybridized to dna or rna immobilized on nitro cellulose bio blots

Berns E.M.J.J.; Rommerts F.F.G.; Mulder E., 1985: Rapid and sensitive detection of estrogen receptors in cells and tissue sections by autoradiography with iodine 125 estradiol

O'kruk R.J.; Adams M.A.; Philp R.B., 1984: Rapid and sensitive determination of acetylsalicylic acid and its metabolites using reversed phase high performance liquid chromatography

Tyopponen J.T., 1987: Rapid and sensitive determination of dansylated amino acids in plasma using high speed octadecyl liquid chromatographic columns

Ziegler S.J.; Meier B.; Sticher O., 1987: Rapid and sensitive determination of dehydroascorbic acid in addition to ascorbic acid by reversed phase high performance liquid chromatography using a post column reduction system

Lee, G. J. L.; Evans, J. E.; Tieckelmann, H., 1978: Rapid and sensitive determination of enzymatic degradation products of isomeric chondroitin sulfates by high performance liquid chromatography

Roseboom, H.; Sorel, R. H. A., 1978: Rapid and sensitive determination of furosemide in human plasma by high pressure liquid chromatography

Sandermann, H. Jr ; Falk, H.; Schumacher, G., 1977: Rapid and sensitive determination of phospho lipid thermal phase transition temperatures by microscopy

Tanaka T.; Hasegawa A.; Matsuki Y.; Lee U S.; Ueno Y., 1985: Rapid and sensitive determination of zearalenone in cereals by high performance liquid chromatography with fluorescence detection

Pacifici, G. M.; Placidi, G. F., 1977: Rapid and sensitive electron capture gas chromatographic method for the determination of pinazepam and its metabolites in human plasma urine and milk

Gill, S. S.; Wie, S. I.; Guenthner, T. M.; Oesch, F.; Hammock, B. D., 1982: Rapid and sensitive enzyme linked immuno sorbent assay elisa for the microsomal epoxide hydrolase ec

Kim C.; Berg R.; Khanna J.M., 1987: Rapid and sensitive gas chromatographic method for detection of barbital and pentobarbital in blood using flash heater methylation and nitrogen specific detection

Moore, J. M., 1978: Rapid and sensitive gas chromatographic quantitation of morphine codeine and o 6 acetyl morphine in illicit heroin using an electron capture detector/

Tijssen P.; Su D.M.; Kurstak E., 1982: Rapid and sensitive heterologous enzyme immunoassays for densonucleosis virus parvoviridae

Mehvar R.; Jamali F.; Pasutto F.M., 1988: Rapid and sensitive high performance liquid chromatographic assay of tiaprofenic acid enantiomers in human plasma and urine

Knisley C.V.; Damato J.J.; Mcclatchy J.K.; Brennan P.J., 1985: Rapid and sensitive identification of mycobacterium tuberculosis

Marell G.J.; Brombacher P.J., 1981: Rapid and sensitive immunochemical determination of immuno globulins by centrifugal analysis

Hare, T. A.; Bala-Manyam, N. V., 1980: Rapid and sensitive ion exchange fluorometric measurement of gamma amino butyric acid in physiological fluids

Westenberg, H. G. M.; De-Zeeuw, R. A., 1976: Rapid and sensitive liquid chromatographic determination of carbamazepine suitable for use in monitoring multiple drug anti convulsant therapy

Taylor M.D.; Andrews A.T., 1981: Rapid and sensitive location of protein zones in gels using o phthaldialdehyde

Bianchetti, G.; Morselli, P. L., 1978: Rapid and sensitive method for determination of haloperidol in human samples using nitrogen phosphorus selective detection

Gherezghiher T.; Koss M.C.; Nordquist R.E.; Wilkinson C.P., 1987: Rapid and sensitive method for measurement of hyaluronic acid and isomeric chondroitin sulfates using high performance liquid chromatography

Marcucci M.C.; Casali P.; Da Ros L.; Canzonier W.J., 1980: Rapid and sensitive method for monitoring the depuration of bivalve mollusks

Mimura T.; Delmas D., 1983: Rapid and sensitive method for muramic acid determination by high performance liquid chromatography with precolumn fluorescence derivatization

Mangiafico J.A.; Hedlund K.W.; Knott A.R., 1981: Rapid and sensitive method for quantitation of legionella pneumophila serogroup 1 antigen from human urine

Eichelbaum, M.; Spannbrucker, N., 1977: Rapid and sensitive method for the determination of antipyrine in biological fluids by high pressure liquid chromatography

Harrison J.H.Jr; Jollow D.J., 1983: Rapid and sensitive method for the micro assay of nitroso benzene plus phenyl hydroxylamine in blood

Couturier R.; Perrin B.; Favre Bonvin G.; Ville A., 1985: Rapid and sensitive microdetermination of proteins immobilized on an insoluble substrate applications for antibodies immobilized on polystyrene

Johansson B., 1986: Rapid and sensitive on line precolumn purification and high performance liquid chromatographic assay for disulfiram and its metabolites

Tsuda M., 1979: Rapid and sensitive optical rotation measurement kinetics of conformational change of rhod opsin intermediate

Klein Soyer C.; Duclos B.; Fricker J.P.; Denni M.; Cazenave J.P., 1987: Rapid and sensitive photometric quantification of the proliferation of adherent vascular endothelial and smooth muscle cells in 96 multiwell plates after may gruenwald giemsa staining

Cannon L.E.; Woodland R.T., 1983: Rapid and sensitive procedure for assigning idiotypic determinants to heavy or light chains application to idiotopes associated with the major cross reactive idiotype of a j anti phenyl arsonate antibodies

Karle, J. M.; Olmeda, R., 1988: Rapid and sensitive quantitative analysis of the new antimalarial n 4 2 6 dimethoxy 4 methyl 5 3 trifluoromethylphenoxy 8 quinolinyl 1 4 pentanediamine in plasma by liquid chromatography and electrochemical detection

Kilton L.J.; Bradley M.; Mehta C.; Livingston D.M., 1981: Rapid and sensitive quantitative immunoassay for the large sv 40 t antigen

Hansen K.N.; Norgaard Pedersen B., 1979: Rapid and sensitive radio immunoassays for human myo globin

Matsuoka T.; Okuda J., 1987: Rapid and sensitive semi quantitative determination of paraquat using silica gel or florisil minicolumn

Zuercher, G.; Da-Prada, M., 1982: Rapid and sensitive single step radiochemical assay for catechol o methyl transferase ec

Jackson J.B.; Coombs R.W.; Sannerud K.; Rhame F.S.; Balfour H.H.Jr, 1988: Rapid and sensitive viral culture method for human immunodeficiency virus type 1

Westerman L.A.; Smith R.L., 1984: Rapid and short term adaptation in auditory nerve responses

Arneric S.P.; Goodale D.B.; Flynn J.R.; Long J.P., 1981: Rapid and simple analysis of dopa and 5 hydroxy tryptophan using high performance liquid chromatography with electrochemical detection

Roseboom H.; Hulshoff A., 1979: Rapid and simple clean up and derivatization procedure for the gas chromatographic determination of acidic drugs in plasma

De Ruiter C.; Otten R.R.; Brinkman U.A.T.; Frei R.W., 1988: Rapid and simple dansylation of phenolic steroids using a two phase system and phase transfer catalysis

Pomeranz Y.; Czuchajowska Z., 1986: Rapid and simple detection of a mixture of wet and dry corn

Gauch R.; Leuenberger U.; Baumgartner E., 1979: Rapid and simple determination of afla toxin m 1 in milk in the low parts per trillion range

Matkovics, B.; Koncz, C.; Szabo, L., 1977: Rapid and simple determination of aldose reductase ec and sorbitol dehydrogenase ec

Imai H.; Steindler D.A.; Kitai S.T., 1983: Rapid and simple determination of delivery after iontophoretic and pressure injections of radio labeled tracer substances

Chang W H.; Scheinin M.; Burns R.S.; Linnoila M., 1983: Rapid and simple determination of homo vanillic acid in plasma using high performance liquid chromatography with electrochemical detection

Sagara K.; Oshima T.; Yoshida T., 1987: Rapid and simple determination of sennoside a and b in rehei rhizoma by ion pair high performance liquid chromatography

Riva R.; Albani F.; Baruzzi A., 1982: Rapid and simple gas liquid chromatographic determination of valproic acid and ethosuximide in plasma of epileptic patients

Kotani H.; Mcgarrity G.J., 1985: Rapid and simple identification of mycoplasmas by immunobinding

Mori K.; Hirata T.; Yamada Y., 1986: Rapid and simple identification of the yeasts for single cell protein based on molecular biological criteria

Moriyasu M.; Koike K.; Urata Y.; Tsuji A.; Koike M., 1986: Rapid and simple isolation procedure for three component enzymes of pig heart 2 oxoglutarate dehydrogenase complex

Urata Y., 1986: Rapid and simple isolation procedure of three component enzymes of pig heart pyruvate dehydrogenase complex by high performance liquid chromatography

Schmutz, D.; Brunold, C., 1982: Rapid and simple measurement of atp sulfurylase ec activity in crude plant extracts using an atp meter for bio luminescence determination

Takeda J.; Kinoshita T.; Takata Y.; Kozono H.; Tanaka E.; Hong K.; Inoue K., 1987: Rapid and simple measurement of human c5a desarginine level in plasma or serum using monoclonal antibodies

Bae H.S.; Baek Y.J.; Kim Y.K.; Yoo M.; Pack M.Y., 1985: Rapid and simple method for isolating plasmid dna from lactic acid bacteria

Zaczek R.; Coyle J.T., 1982: Rapid and simple method for measuring biogenic amines and metabolites in brain homogenates by high performance liquid chromatography electrochemical detection

Minegishi A.; Ishizaki T., 1984: Rapid and simple method for the simultaneous determination of 3 4 di hydroxyphenyl acetic acid 5 hydroxy iaa and 4 hydroxy 3 methoxyphenyl acetic acid in human plasma by high performance liquid chromatography with electrochemical detection

Steffel F.G.; Rao S.A., 1987: Rapid and simple methods for labeling white blood cells and platelets with indium 111 oxine

Keenan, R. W.; Jones, M., 1980: Rapid and simple micro procedure for myelin isolation

Shoyama Y.; Hatano K.; Nishioka I., 1983: Rapid and simple multiplication of pinellia ternata by tissue culture

Norgard M.V., 1981: Rapid and simple removal of contaminating rna from plasmid dna without the use of rnase

Leone A.M.; Francis P.L.; Mckenzie Gray B., 1988: Rapid and simple synthesis for the sulfate esters of 6 hydroxymelatonin and n acetylserotonin

Minchin R.F.; Hanau G.R., 1984: Rapid and simple technique for the quantitation of polyamines in biological samples

Oda T., 1985: Rapid and simplified detection method for enterotoxin producing staphylococcus aureus in food

Le Febvre R.B.; Foley J.W.; Thiermann A.B., 1985: Rapid and simplified protocol for isolation and characterization of leptospiral chromosomal dna for taxonomy and diagnosis

Hatanaka H.; Kaneda Y., 1986: Rapid and simultaneous analysis of hippuric acid and benzoic acid in fermented milk or raw milk by high performance liquid chromatography

Harrison P.M.; Tonkin A.M.; Cahill C.M.; Mclean A.J., 1985: Rapid and simultaneous extraction of propranolol its neutral and basic metabolites from plasma and assay by high performance liquid chromatography

Hayashi N.; Hayata K.; Sekiba K., 1985: Rapid and simultaneous measurement of estrone estradiol estriol and estetrol in serum by high performance liquid chromatography with electrochemical detection

Ciucanu I.; Kerek F., 1984: Rapid and simultaneous methylation of fatty acids and hydroxy fatty acids for gas liquid chromatographic analysis/

Moore C.W.; Little J.B., 1985: Rapid and slow dna rejoining in nondividing human diploid fibroblasts treated with bleomycin and ionizing radiation

Torrent J., 1987: Rapid and slow phosphate sorption by mediterranean soils effect of iron oxides

Arnqvist H.; Cederblad G.; Hermansson G.; Ludvigsson J.; Wettre S., 1982: Rapid and slow rate of decrease in hemo globin a 1a plus and hemo globin a 1c during improved glycemic control

Martikainen H.; Huhtaniemi I.; Lukkarinen O.; Vihko R., 1982: Rapid and slow response of human testicular steroidogenesis to human chorionic gonadotropin by measurements of steroids in spermatic and peripheral vein blood

Wallerstein, I.; Goren, R.; Monselise, S. P., 1978: Rapid and slow translocation of carbon 14 sucrose and carbon 14 assimilates in citrus aurantium and phaseolus vulgaris with special reference to ringing effect

Reynertson R.; Ford J.; Roden L., 1982: Rapid and specific assay of collagen glucosyl transferase with a sepharose bound substrate

Trouvin J.H.; Gardier A.; Gemayel G.E.; Jacquot C., 1987: Rapid and specific determination of serotonin its precursors and metabolites in rat brain tissue by liquid chromatography with electrochemical detection

Fernandez Pol J.A., 1981: Rapid and specific enhancement of phosphorylation of 2 normal rat kidney cell membrane poly peptides of molecular weight 170000 and 150000 by epidermal growth factor in vitro

Mills S.E.; Armentano L.E.; Russell R.W.; Young J.W., 1981: Rapid and specific isolation of radioactive glucose from biological samples

Mercer J.E.; Clements J.A.; Funder J.W.; Clarke I.J., 1987: Rapid and specific lowering of pituitary fsh beta messenger rna levels by inhibin

Kikuchi K.; Tanaka M.; Abe K.; Yamaguchi K.; Kimura S.; Adachi I., 1984: Rapid and specific radio immunoassays for beta endorphin and beta lipotropin in affinity purified human plasma

Daeschel M.A.; Fleming H.P., 1983: Rapid and specific staining for routes of liquid entry into cucumber cucumis sativus cultivar chipper fruit

Tobert J.A.; Hitzenberger G.; Kukovetz W.R.; Holmes I.B.; Jones K.H., 1982: Rapid and substantial lowering of human serum cholesterol by mevinolin mk 803 an inhibitor of hydroxymethyl glutaryl coenzyme a reductase

Gold H.K.; Coller B.S.; Yasuda T.; Saito T.; Fallon J.T.; Guerrero J.L.; Leinbach R.C.; Ziskind A.A.; Collen D., 1988: Rapid and sustained coronary artery recanalization with combined bolus injection of recombinant tissue type plasminogen activator and monoclonal antiplatelet gpiib iiia antibody in a canine preparation

Arita H.; Kogo N.; Ichikawa K., 1988: Rapid and transient excitation of respiration mediated by central chemoreceptor

Vasudevan S.; Lee G.; Rao P.M.; Rajalakshmi S.; Sarma D.S.R., 1988: Rapid and transient induction of c fos c myc and c ha ras in rat liver following glycine administration

Kurilla M.G.; Piwnica Worms H.; Keene J.D., 1982: Rapid and transient localization of the leader rna of vesicular stomatitis virus in the nuclei of infected cells

Yap W.H.; Teo T.S.; Mccoy E.; Tan Y.H., 1986: Rapid and transient rise in diacylglycerol concentration in daudi cells exposed to interferon

Murty C.V.R.; Rao K.V.S.; Roy A.K., 1987: Rapid androgenic stimulation of alpha 2u globulin synthesis in the perfused rat liver

Manuck, B. A.; Sykes, B. D., 1977: Rapid anisotropic motion of the calcium ii ion transport atpase ec of the rabbit skeletal muscle sarcoplasmic reticulum

Smith J.L.; Betts B.; Edgerton V.R.; Zernicke R.F., 1980: Rapid ankle extension during paw shakes selective recruitment of fast ankle extensors

Oaklander A.L.; Miller M.S.; Spencer P.S., 1987: Rapid anterograde spread of premitotic activity along degenerating cat sciatic nerve

Mao H.; Tu Y.; Nei F.; Liang G.; Feng Y., 1981: Rapid anti hypertensive effect of rhomo toxin in 105 hypertension cases

Bartlett R.C.; Mazens M.F., 1979: Rapid anti microbial susceptibility test using tetrazolium reduction

Backes B.A.; Cavalieri S.J.; Rudrik J.T.; Britt E.M., 1984: Rapid anti microbial susceptibility testing of gram negative clinical isolates with the automicrobic system

Verklin, R.; Rodeheaver, G. T.; Hudson, R.; Edgerton, M. T.; Edlich, R. F., 1977: Rapid antibiotic disc sensitivities of burn eschar and infected wounds

Wheat P.F.; Hastings J.G.M.; Spencer R.C., 1988: Rapid antibiotic susceptibility tests on enterobacteriaceae by atp bioluminescence

Brouhard, B. H.; Lagrone, L.; Travis, L. B.; Cunningham, R. J., 1977: Rapid antibody production and sample preparation for radio immunoassay of prostaglandin a

Anderson L.J.; Baer G.M.; Smith J.S.; Winkler W.G.; Holman R.C., 1981: Rapid antibody response to human di ploid rabies vaccine

Mooney J.J.; Schatzberg A.F.; Cole J.O.; Kizuka P.P.; Salomon M.; Lerbinger J.; Pappalardo K.M.; Gerson B.; Schildkraut J.J., 1988: Rapid antidepressant response to alprazolam in depressed patients with high catecholamine output and heterologous desensitization of platelet adenylate cyclase

Coyle M.B.; Mcgonagle L.A.; Plorde J.J.; Clausen C.R.; Schoenknecht F.D., 1984: Rapid antimicrobial susceptibility testing of isolates from blood cultures by direct inoculation and early reading of disc diffusion tests

Smith C.J.S.; Slater A.; Grierson D., 1986: Rapid appearance of an messenger rna correlated with ethylene synthesis encoding a protein of molecular weight 35000

Erlenkeuser H.; Balzer W., 1988: Rapid appearance of chernobyl radiocesium in the deep norwegian sea sediments

Passaro E.Jr; Debas H.; Oldendorf W.; Yamada T., 1982: Rapid appearance of intra ventricularly administered neuro peptides in the peripheral circulation

Carr V.M.; Simpson S.B.Jr, 1981: Rapid appearance of labeled degenerating cells in the dorsal root ganglia after exposure of chick embryos to tritium labeled thymidine

Mahowald A.P.; Allis C.D.; Caulton J.H., 1981: Rapid appearance of multi vesicular bodies in the cortex of drosophila eggs at ovulation

Sleight R.G.; Pagano R.E., 1983: Rapid appearance of newly synthesized phosphatidyl ethanolamine at the plasma membrane

Tomaszewski M.; Buchowicz J., 1981: Rapid appearance of newly synthesized poly adenylate containing rna in the cytoplasm of germinating wheat triticum aestivum embryos

Mahadevan L.C.; Heath J.K.; Leichtfried F.E.; Cumming D.V.E.; Hirst E.M.A.; Foulkes J.G., 1988: Rapid appearance of novel phosphoproteins in the nuclei of mitogen stimulated fibroblasts

1kaiser G.; Martinoia E.; Wiemken A., 1982: Rapid appearance of photosynthetic products in the vacuoles isolated from barley hordeum vulgare cultivar nymphe mesophyll protoplasts by a new fast method

Salonen E M.; Lauharanta J.; Sim P S.; Stephens R.; Vaheri A., 1988: Rapid appearance of plasmin in tear fluid after ocular allergen exposure

Torrington, K. G., 1978: Rapid appearance of rheumatoid pleural effusion

Cook, D. M.; Jordan, R. M.; Kendall, J. W.; Linfoot, J. A., 1976: Rapid appearance of transient secondary adreno cortical insufficiency after alpha particle radiation therapy for cushings disease

Yuhl, E. T.; Bentson, J. R., 1976: Rapid arterio venous shunting in a spinal cord ependymoma case report

Dev I.K.; Ray P.H., 1984: Rapid assay and purification of a unique signal peptidase that processes the prolipoprotein from escherichia coli b

Turnell D.C.; Cooper J.D.H., 1982: Rapid assay for amino acids in serum or urine by pre column derivatization and reversed phase liquid chromatography

Trlifajova J.; Kyselova M.; Bruckova M.; Svandova E., 1986: Rapid assay for antibodies to varicella zoster virus using a varicella zoster virus hemagglutination preparation

Freyer J.P.; Wilder M.E.; Raju M.R., 1987: Rapid assay for cell age response to radiation by electronic volume flow cell sorting

Rangel-Aldao, R.; Schwartz, D.; Rubin, C. S., 1978: Rapid assay for cyclic amp and cyclic gmp phospho di esterases

Lichtenwalner D.M.; Suh B.; Lorber B.; Sugar A.M., 1979: Rapid assay for determination of trimethoprim and sulfamethoxazole levels in serum by spectro fluorometry

Tanigawa N.; Kern D.H.; Hikasa Y.; Morton D.L., 1982: Rapid assay for evaluating the chemo sensitivity of human tumors in soft agar culture

Rubnitz J.; Subramani S., 1985: Rapid assay for extrachromosomal homologous recombination in monkey cells

Haroon Y., 1984 : Rapid assay for gamma carboxy glutamic acid in urine and bone by pre column derivatization and reversed phase liquid chromatography/

Tornqvist, H.; Krabisch, L.; Belfrage, P., 1972: Rapid assay for hormone sensitive lipase activity of adipose tissue

Klapes N.A.; Vesley D., 1986: Rapid assay for in situ identification of coagulase positive staphylococci recovered by membrane filtration from swimming pool water

Berger H.; Schaefer H.; Klauschenz E.; Albrecht E.; Mehlis B., 1982: Rapid assay for in vitro degradation of lhrh

Dick E.; Wiedmann R.; Lempart K.; Hammes W.P., 1986: Rapid assay for microbial infections in beer

Lovley D.B.; Phillips E.J.P., 1987: Rapid assay for microbially reducible ferric iron in aquatic sediments

Zakaria M.; Brown P.R., 1982: Rapid assay for plasma chlorambucil and phenyl acetic mustard using reversed phase liquid chromatography

Lavin M.F.; Jennings P.A.; Hughes D.J., 1979: Rapid assay for repair of damage induced by uv light in bovine lymphocytes

Lazarovits G.; Unwin C.H.; Ward E.W.B., 1980: Rapid assay for systemic fungicides against phytophthora rot of soybeans glycine max

Katz J.M.; Katz S.E., 1984: Rapid assay for tetracycline in pre mixes and mixed feeds

Naish P.J.; Cooke M.; Chambers R.E., 1979: Rapid assay for theophylline in clinical samples by reversed phase high performance liquid chromatography

Mclean, J. R., 1978: Rapid assay for total unbound technetium 99m in preparations of technetium 99m macro aggregated albumin concise communication

Krstulovic A.M.; Matzura C., 1979: Rapid assay for tryptophanase using reversed phase high performance liquid chromatography

Ramsey R.; Evatt B.L., 1979: Rapid assay for von willebrand factor activity using formalin fixed platelets and micro titration technique

Min, B. H.; Garland, W. A., 1978: Rapid assay of 5 fluoro uracil in plasma by gas chromatography mass spectrophotometry and stable isotope dilution

Juengling E.; Kammermeier H., 1980: Rapid assay of adenine nucleotides or creatine compounds in extracts of cardiac tissue by paired ion reverse phase high performance liquid chromatography

Gheorghiu M.; Lagranderie M., 1979: Rapid assay of bcg vaccine viability by measuring the atp content

Tanaka Y.; Miyake R.; Kikkawa U.; Nishizuka Y., 1986: Rapid assay of binding of tumor promoting phorbol esters to protein kinase c

Schneider, Z.; Leszczynska, D.; Socha, J., 1982: Rapid assay of cyclic amp phospho di esterase ec and 5' nucleotidase ec by chromatography on cellulose nitrate membrane strips

Wardle, E. N.; Wilkinson, K., 1977: Rapid assay of fibrinogen chromatograms in syndromes of intra vascular coagulation

Horsch R.B.; Klee H.J., 1986: Rapid assay of foreign gene expression in leaf discs transformed by agrobacterium tumefaciens role of ti plasmid dna borders in the transfer process

Thornton J.E.; Smith K.O., 1981: Rapid assay of herpes simplex virus sensitivity to drugs

Wilke D.L.; Braselton W.E.Jr, 1983: Rapid assay of hypothalamic aromatase using high performance liquid chromatography

Yao C Z.; Zeng X J.; Niu Z P., 1984: Rapid assay of insulin in porto splenic blood for insulinoma

Kelley, T. F., 1968: Rapid assay of labeled free fatty acids in mixtures of labeled lipids inst scintillation counter

Nicot G.; Lachatre G.; Gonnet C.; Dupuy J L.; Valette J P., 1987: Rapid assay of n acetyl beta d glucosaminidase isoenzymes in urine by ion exchange chromatography

Wada S.; Funae Y.; Imaoka S.; Kawamura M.; Kinoshita Y.; Sugimoto T.; Nishio S.; Kishimoto T.; Maekawa M., 1985: Rapid assay of n butyl n 3 carboxypropylnitrosamine in rat organs and urine by high performance liquid chromatography after derivatization

Fukushima D.K.; Nishina T.; Wu R.H.K.; Hellman L.; Finkelstein J.W., 1979: Rapid assay of plasma 21 deoxy cortisol and 11 deoxy cortisol in congenital adrenal hyperplasia

Menard L.; Poirier G.G., 1987: Rapid assay of poly adp ribose glycohydrolase

Reinecke T.; Seger D.; Wears R., 1986: Rapid assay of serum theophylline levels

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De Ruiter J.M.; Burns J.C., 1986: Rapid determination of cell wall monosaccharides in flaccidgrass pennisetum flaccidum

Guseo A., 1986: Rapid determination of cerebrospinal fluid lymphocyte subsets by labeled microspheres

Burns, D. T.; Collin, E. J., 1977: Rapid determination of certain alkaloids other than nicotine in tobacco

Adamietz, P.; Bredehorst, R.; Hilz, H., 1978: Rapid determination of chain length pattern in poly adp ribose samples

Sakurai, K., 1976: Rapid determination of chlorine in wood pulp and paper by combustion in flask

Van Rillaeri W.G.; Beernaert H., 1984: Rapid determination of chloro butanol in milk by glass capillary gas chromatography/

Takahashi D.M., 1980: Rapid determination of chlorpromazine hydro chloride and 2 oxidation products in various pharmaceutical samples using high performance liquid chromatography and fluorescence detection

Thompson, N. L.; Ellner, P. D., 1978: Rapid determination of corynebacterium diphtheriae toxigenicity by counter immuno electrophoresis

Cooke M.; Khallef K.D.; Nickless G.; Roberts D.J., 1979: Rapid determination of ddt and related compounds in soils via carbon skeleton gas chromatography mass spectrometry

Bishop, D. F.; Devey, K. R.; Mcbride, L.; Desnick, R. J., 1981: Rapid determination of delta amino levulinate synthase ec activity by a specific fluorometric coupled enzyme assay

Chang H.L.; Devries J.W.; Larson P.A.; Patel H.H., 1984: Rapid determination of deoxy nivalenol vomi toxin by liquid chromatography using modified romer column cleanup

Anhoury, M. L.; Crooy, P.; De-Neys, R.; Laridant, A., 1976: Rapid determination of di methyl poly siloxane by pmr spectroscopy

Tabor, M. W.; Macgee, J.; Holland, J. W., 1976: Rapid determination of di picolinic acid in the spores of clostridium sp by gas liquid chromatography

Weinfeld, R. E.; Posmanter, H. N.; Khoo, K. C.; Puglisi, C. V., 1977: Rapid determination of diazepam and nordiazepam in plasma by electron capture gas liquid chromatography application in clinical pharmaco kinetic studies

Hori Y.; Chonan T.; Nishizawa M., 1986: Rapid determination of diethylene glycol in wine by gas chromatography using alumina column clean up

Cooper D.O.; Carlson K.R., 1983: Rapid determination of dopamine uptake in synaptosomal preparations

Baurain R.; Deprez De Campeneere D.; Trouet A., 1979: Rapid determination of doxorubicin and its fluorescent metabolites by high pressure liquid chromatography

Hojer, H.; Nilsson, L., 1978: Rapid determination of doxycycline based on luciferase assay of bacterial atp

Palfi, G.; Nemeth, J.; Pinter, L.; Kadar, K.; Bolke, W., 1978: Rapid determination of drought resistance of new rye secale cereale maize zea mays and lupine lupinus luteus varieties with the live wilting proline test

Honig, H., 1981: Rapid determination of dry matter in forages using a hot air dryer 1. laboratory tests

Von-Borstel, U., 1981: Rapid determination of dry matter in forages using a hot air dryer 2. practical use in the advisory system

Narasimhalu P.; Kunelius H.T.; Winter K.A., 1982: Rapid determination of dry matter in grass silage of lolium sp using a microwave oven

Driss, M. R.; Bouguerra, M. L., 1987: Rapid determination of eggs' organochlorine pesticide and pcb residues application to a series of falcon eggs

Bogusz M.; Bialka J.; Gierz J.; Klys M., 1986: Rapid determination of ethylene glycol in biological material

Pott G.; Meyering M.; Voss B.; Karges H.E.; Sieber A., 1980: Rapid determination of fibronectin by laser nephelometry fibronectin concentrations in plasma in human diseases 1

Bas B.M.; Costongs G.M.P.J.; Janson P.C.W., 1987: Rapid determination of five coagulation parameters in one sample with a centrifugal analyzer

Bourbon, P.; Alary, J.; Segui, M.; Esclassan, J. F., 1978: Rapid determination of fluoride in bovine mandibles

Davey D.E.; Mulcahy D.E.; O'connell G.R., 1986: Rapid determination of fluoride in potable waters by potentiometric flow injection analysis

Sager M., 1987: Rapid determination of fluorine in solid samples

Bates, L. S.; Waldren, R. P.; Teare, I. D., 1973: Rapid determination of free proline for water stress studies

Frischkorn H.E.; Wanderley Casado M.; Frischkorn C.G.B., 1982: Rapid determination of furfural and hydroxymethyl furfural in alcoholic beverages by reverse phase chromatography comparative investigations on the content of furfurals in brazilian cachaca and other alcoholic liquors

Miyazaki S.; Tanaka H.; Horikawa R.; Tsuchiya H.; Imai K., 1980: Rapid determination of glycine conjugated and taurine conjugated bile acids in human bile by high performance liquid chromatography

Dickson S.J.; Meinhold R.H.; Beer I.D.; Koelmeyer T.D., 1988: Rapid determination of glyphosate in postmortem specimens using phosphorus 31 nmr

Barrett, M. J.; Defries, R.; Henderson, W. M., 1978: Rapid determination of gold in whole blood of arthritis patients using flameless atomic absorption spectrophotometry

Lu, H.; Ho, H., 1978: Rapid determination of gram negative anaerobic bacilli and drug sensitivity

Nissim I.; Yudkoff M.; Terwilliger T.; Segal S., 1983: Rapid determination of guanidino nitrogen 15 arginine in plasma with gas chromatography mass spectrometry application to human metabolic studies

Dorner R.W.; Moore T.L.; Alexander R.L.Jr, 1983: Rapid determination of hidden rheumatoid factor

Takeda Y.; Toyoda M.; Saito Y., 1986: Rapid determination of hydrocarbons in edible oil as an index of lipid peroxidation and its application to determination of the effect of chlorophyll derivatives on light induced hydrocarbon formation in edible oil

Liang H.; Tan T., 1988: Rapid determination of igg iga igm and complement c 3 levels in human serum by model jookoo ln 60 laser nephelometer

Terweij-Groen, C. P.; Heemstra, S.; Kraak, J. C., 1980: Rapid determination of indomethacin and salicylic acid in serum by means of reversed phase liquid chromatography

Anzai K.; Higashi K I.; Kirino Y., 1988: Rapid determination of internal volumes of membrane vesicles with esr stopped flow technique

Kottra, G.; Froemter, E., 1984: Rapid determination of intraepithelial resistance barriers by alternating current spectroscopy 1. experimental procedures

Kottra, G.; Froemter, E., 1984: Rapid determination of intraepithelial resistance barriers by alternating current spectroscopy 2. test of model circuits and quantification of results

Palagyi, S., 1976: Rapid determination of iodine 131 in environmental waters using a liquid anion exchanger

Leflon P.; Plaquet R., 1986: Rapid determination of iron in urine in the presence of deferoxamine by inductively coupled plasma emission spectrometry

Dymond, L. C.; Russell, D. W., 1970: Rapid determination of iso nicotinic acid hydrazide in whole blood with 2 4 6 tri nitro benzenesulfonic acid

Hwang S.Y.; Brown K.S.; Gilvarg C., 1988: Rapid determination of kinetic constants by competitive spectrophotometry

Hesse G.; Roemer W.; Miosga N.; Wachtel E., 1987: Rapid determination of l lysine in fermentation broth using a fluorometric and a photometric method

Weissbach F.; Kreibich G.; Bartels K.; Schuelke W., 1988: Rapid determination of l lysine with an enzyme electrode by steady state and kinetic measurement

Patwardhan A.A.; Joshi A.P., 1985: Rapid determination of lead by differential pulse polarography

Favretto, L.; Marletta, G. P.; Gabrielli, L. F., 1977: Rapid determination of lead in atmospheric particulate matter by atomic absorption spectroscopy with a micro sampling system

Youssefi, M.; Faust, S. D.; Zenchelsky, S. T., 1978: Rapid determination of light halogenated hydro carbons in urine

Schultz T.P.; Templeton M.C.; Mcginnis G.D., 1985: Rapid determination of lignocellulose by diffuse reflectance fourier transform ir spectrometry

Timmons L.; Brown R.; Onstot J.; Cannon M.; Murrill E.; Arneson D., 1988: Rapid determination of low pg mg amounts of n nitrosodimethylamine in rodent body fluid and tissue samples by low resolution mass spectrometry

Sampedro Villasan J.L.; Rodriguez Cuartero A., 1980: Rapid determination of mb fraction of serum creatine kinase in the diagnosis of acute myo cardial infarction

Ibarra Fernandez De La Vega E.J.; Perez Bravo M.E.; Aranda Elozua P., 1986: Rapid determination of mercury in urine by atomic absorption spectrometry

Gaffin, S. L.; Hornung, H., 1977: Rapid determination of mercury in urine by flameless atomic absorption spectrometry

El Yazigi A.; Martin C.R., 1984: Rapid determination of methotrexate and 7 hydroxy methotrexate in serum and cerebro spinal fluid by radial compression liquid chromatography

Cronn, D. R.; Harsch, D. E., 1976: Rapid determination of methyl chloride in ambient air samples by gas chromatography mass spectrometry

Hight S.C.; Corcoran M.T., 1987: Rapid determination of methyl mercury in fish and shellfish method development

Thielmann H W., 1979: Rapid determination of methylated purines in dna treated with n methyl n nitroso urea using high performance liquid chromatography

Hight S.C., 1987: Rapid determination of methylmercury in fish and shellfish collaborative study

Fel'dman Yu M.; Leibman E.T., 1980: Rapid determination of microbial sensitivity to antibiotics and chemo therapeutic drugs using the method of serial dilutions with the peroxidase test

Bianchi A.; Scieux C.; Salmeron C.M.; Casin I.; Perol Y., 1988: Rapid determination of mics of 15 antichlamydial agents by using an enzyme immunoassay chlamydiazyme

Hamada, H.; Yoshino, M.; Shiga, K.; Takahashi, Y.; Nagai, A.; Suga, N., 1977: Rapid determination of milk solids by microwave heater and electro balance

Mckie J.; Seo J.; Arvesen J.N., 1980: Rapid determination of minimum inhibitory concentrations of anti microbial agents by regression analysis of light scattering data

Schoenknecht F.D.; Washington J.A.II.; Gavan T.L.; Thornberry C., 1980: Rapid determination of minimum inhibitory concentrations of anti microbial agents by the autobac method a collaborative study

Spector S.A.; Neuman T.R.; Hirata K.K., 1985: Rapid determination of molecular relatedness of isolates of human cytomegalovirus

Kovacs Hadady K.; Kupas K., 1984: Rapid determination of monensin and nigericin in medical premixes and in growth promoting feed preparations

Tsuji S.; Tonogai Y.; Ito Y., 1986: Rapid determination of monoisopropyl citrate diisopropyl citrate and triisopropyl citrate in foods by gas chromatography

Brennan S.; Frank C.W., 1983: Rapid determination of n di ethanol nitrosamine in cosmetics

Van Tiel F.H.; Harmsen T.; Wagenaar M.; Boere W.A.M.; Kraaijeveld C.A.; Snippe H., 1986: Rapid determination of neutralizing antibodies to semliki forest virus in serum by enzyme immunoassay in cell culture with virus specific monoclonal antibodies

Jurenitsch J.; Kampelmuehler I., 1980: Rapid determination of nonylic acid vanillylamide and other capsaicinoids in capsicum fruits and extracts by means of silver complexation high performance liquid chromatography

Murai S.; Saito H.; Masuda Y.; Itoh T., 1988: Rapid determination of norepinephrine dopamine serotonin their precursor amino acids and related metabolites in discrete brain areas of mice within ten minutes by hplc with electrochemical detection

Carret G.; Corman A.; Couix C.; Flandrois J.P., 1985: Rapid determination of novobiocin resistance of staphylococci with the autobac system

Torreti L.; Simonella A.; Falgiani A.; Filipponi C.; Gramenzi F., 1987: Rapid determination of organochlorine pesticide residues in feeds by capillary gas chromatography

Tonogai Y.; Iwaida M., 1981: Rapid determination of ortho phosphates and poly phosphates in soft drinks

Colombetti, L. G.; Moerlien, S.; Patel, G. C.; Pinsky, S. M., 1976: Rapid determination of oxidation state of unbound technetium 99m and labeling yield in technetium 99m labeled radio pharmaceuticals

Shimosato K.; Tomita M.; Ijiri I., 1986: Rapid determination of p hydroxylated methamphetamine metabolites by column liquid chromatography electrochemistry

Lo L.Y.; Bye A., 1979: Rapid determination of paracetamol in plasma by reversed phase high performance liquid chromatography

Hashimoto K., 1986: Rapid determination of pheophorbide a pyropheophorbide a and chlorophyllase activity in chlorella tablets using sep pak c 18 cartridge

Wilkinson, G. S., 1976: Rapid determination of plasma paracetamol

Tomicki Z.; Jakutowicz K.; Ubysz L., 1979: Rapid determination of plasma retinol in the presence of carotene

El Yazigi A.; Al Saleh I., 1986: Rapid determination of platinum by flameless atomic absorption spectrophotometry following the administration of cisplatin to cancer patients

Palfi G.; Gulyas S., 1985: Rapid determination of pollen fertility of two insect pollinated plant species by staining with the aid of proline isatin reaction

Villanueva, V. R.; Adlakha, R. C.; Cantera-Soler, A. M., 1977: Rapid determination of poly amines and some mono amines and di amines in plant extracts

Santoro A.; Modica R.; Paglialunga S.; Bartosek I., 1979: Rapid determination of poly cyclic aromatic hydro carbons in yeasts grown on n paraffins and molasses

Riekki, K.; Baillie, J. E.; Nair, K. K.; Dill, F. J.; Poland, B. J.; Baillie, D. L., 1977: Rapid determination of poly ploidy in human chorionic tissue sections

Weddle, O. H.; Mason, W. D., 1977: Rapid determination of procainamide and its n acetyl derivative in human plasma by high pressure liquid chromatography

Mason, W. D.; Amick, E. N.; Weddle, O. H., 1977: Rapid determination of propranolol and 4 hydroxy propranolol in plasma by high pressure liquid chromatography

Sayanova, V. V.; Drozdov, V. V.; D'yachenko, N. I., 1980: Rapid determination of protein content in seeds using the seren'ev device

Wolter R.; Henry N.; Gombako A., 1985: Rapid determination of protein value of abattoir byproducts

Schliep, G.; Felgenhauer, K., 1978: Rapid determination of proteins in serum and cerebro spinal fluid by laser nephelometry

Achari, R. G.; Baldridge, J. L.; Koziol, T. R.; Yu, L., 1978: Rapid determination of quinidine in human plasma by high performance liquid chromatography

Jeuring H.J.; Van Den Hoeven W.; Van Doorninck P.; Ten Broeke R., 1979: Rapid determination of quinine in soft drinks by reversed phase ion pair chromatography

Hirayama, S.; Imai, C., 1977: Rapid determination of residual hexane in oils by gas chromatography using pyrolyzer

Biesalski H.K.; Ehrenthal W.; Gross M.; Hafner G.; Harth O., 1983: Rapid determination of retinol vitamin a in serum by high pressure liquid chromatography

Kwong T.; Adams N.; Young N., 1984: Rapid determination of salicylate in serum on a centrifugal analyzer

Banwart, G. J.; Kreitzer, M. J., 1969: Rapid determination of salmonella in samples of egg noodles cake mixes and candies

Mcorist G.D.; Fardy J.J.; Florence T.M., 1987: Rapid determination of selenium in human serum by neutron activation analysis

Diasio, R. B.; Wilburn, M. E.; Shadomy, S.; Espinel-Ingroff, A., 1978: Rapid determination of serum 5 fluoro cytosine levels by high performance liquid chromatography

Pre, J.; Benlatreche, C., 1977: Rapid determination of serum iron concentration with batho phenanthroline sulfonate in a formate buffered system

Balkon J., 1979: Rapid determination of serum theophylline levels using the medium pressure medium performance liquid chromatography short column concept

Di Corcia A.; Marchetti M.; Samperi R., 1987: Rapid determination of simazine and atrazine in water at the parts per trillion 1012 level extraction by a miniaturized carbopack b trap followed by high performance liquid chromatography

Bibik O.V.; Ruzal' G.I.; Zorina L.M.; Tremasov N.V., 1985: Rapid determination of sodium in bacteriological media using an ion selective electrode

Kuwata K.; Yamada K.; Yamasaki H.; Yamazaki Y.; Kiso Y., 1983: Rapid determination of solvent components in paint by computer aided fused silica capillary gas chromatography

Prada D.; Lorenzo E.; Hernandez M.; Hernandez L., 1988: Rapid determination of some 1 4 benzodiazepines by flow injection analysis

Ziemelis, G.; Somers, T. C., 1978: Rapid determination of sorbic acid in wine

Taylor F.W., 1981: Rapid determination of southern pine pinus taeda specific gravity with a pilodyn tester

Cornel E.; Philippon A.; Paul G.; Guenounou M., 1982: Rapid determination of synergy of clavulanic acid with beta lactams using the bio luminescent system

Hermansson J., 1982: Rapid determination of tetracycline and lumecycline in human plasma and urine using high performance liquid chromatography

Caputo, R. A.; Treick, R. W.; Griffin, C. C.; Farrell, M. P., 1975: Rapid determination of the amount of cetyl pyridinium chloride bound by bacteria

Pflugmann G.; Spahn H.; Mutschler E., 1987: Rapid determination of the enantiomers of metoprolol oxprenolol and propranolol in urine

Schoeman J.J., 1986: Rapid determination of the fouling of electrodialysis membranes by industrial effluents

Bolhuis P.A.; Zwart R.; Bar P.R.; De Visser M.; Van Der Helm H.J., 1988: Rapid determination of the hypoxanthine increase in ischemic exercise tests

Filep G.; Biro A.T., 1980: Rapid determination of the mineralizable nitrogen content of soils

Fauchere J.L.; Simonet M.; Descamps P.; Veron M., 1982: Rapid determination of the minimal inhibitory concentration of an antibiotic by measuring bacterial atp

Schwarzenbach, R. P.; Fisher, N. S., 1978: Rapid determination of the molecular weight distribution of total cellular fatty acids using chemical ionization mass spectrometry

Gallagher R.T.; Hawkes A.D.; Stewart J.A., 1985: Rapid determination of the neurotoxin lolitrem b in perennial ryegrass by lolium perenne by high performance liquid chromatography with fluorescence detection

Kenard, R. P.; Valentine, R. S., 1974: Rapid determination of the presence of enteric bacteria in water

Le Bail P.Y.; Breton B., 1981: Rapid determination of the sex of puberal salmonid fish by a technique of immuno agglutination

Urban T.; Jarstrand C., 1981: Rapid determination of the susceptibility of bacteria to antibiotics with sensititre plates and nitro blue tetrazolium

Weddle, O. H.; Mason, W. D., 1976: Rapid determination of theophylline in human plasma by high pressure liquid chromatography

Sun S R., 1979: Rapid determination of theophylline in serum by electron capture gas liquid chromatography

Donivan S.; Hollenbach M.; Costello M., 1987: Rapid determination of thorium 230 in mill tailings by alpha spectrometry

Yalowich, J. C.; Kalman, T. I., 1985: Rapid determination of thymidylate synthase ec activity and its inhibition in intact l 1210 leukemia cells in vitro

Arima, T.; Takata, S.; Imai, M.; Kondo, T.; Kosaka, K., 1976: Rapid determination of thyroxine binding proteins of human serum

Leung H.K.; Anderson G.R.; Norr P.J., 1985: Rapid determination of total and solid fat contents in chocolate products by pulsed nmr

Holzbecher J.; Ryan D.E., 1980: Rapid determination of total bromine and iodine in biological fluids by neutron activation

Yoshikura, T.; Fukunaga, I.; Oda, K.; Kawai, S. I.; Uno, G., 1976: Rapid determination of total organic carbon and its application to water research

Jakutowicz, K.; Tomicki, Z.; Ubysz, L., 1977: Rapid determination of total plasma tocopherols in the presence of carotenes

Dermelj, M.; Novak, J.; Ravnik, V.; Kosta, L., 1978: Rapid determination of uranium at the nanogram level in geological and biological materials

Melinda M., 1985: Rapid determination of urea content in milk as an informatory method for estimation of protein energy ratio of consumed feedstuff preliminary report

Millner, S. N.; Taber, C. A., 1976: Rapid determination of urine estriol by an on column derivatization procedure

Loescher, W., 1977: Rapid determination of valproate sodium in serum by gas liquid chromatography

Lacroix C.; Levert P.; Goulle J.P., 1982: Rapid determination of valproic acid using instantaneous silylation

Biesalski H.; Greiff H.; Brodda K.; Hafner G.; Bassler K.H., 1986: Rapid determination of vitamin a retinol and vitamin e alpha tocopherol in human serum by isocratic adsorption hplc

Mochizuki T.; Kamimura S., 1985: Rapid determination of vitamin c content of tomato fruit using filter paper which absorbs dcp

Havery D.C.; Hotchkiss J.H.; Fazio T., 1982: Rapid determination of volatile n nitrosamines in nonfat dry milk

Morrison W.H.IIi, 1982: Rapid determination of wax in sunflower seed oil

Irving C.S.; Wong W.W.; Wong W.M.; Boutton T.W.; Shulman R.J.; Lifschitz C.L.; Malphus E.W.; Helge H.; Klein P.D., 1984: Rapid determination of whole body bicarbonate kinetics by use of a digital infusion

Inzana T.J.; Clarridge J.; Williams R.P., 1987: Rapid determination of x v growth requirements of haemophilus species in broth

Farrell, D. J., 1978: Rapid determination on metabolizable energy of foods using cockerels

Cerutti D.T.; Catania A.C., 1986: Rapid determinations of preference in multiple concurrent chain schedules

Yoshino M.; Hamada H.; Takahashi Y., 1979: Rapid determinations of total milk solids with a modified automated microwave oven and electro balance

Blade M.C.; Arola L.; Alemany M., 1988: Rapid detoxification of infused ammonium by the anesthetized rat

Sarti, D. A., 1977: Rapid development and spontaneous regression of pancreatic pseudocysts documented by ultrasound

Christiansen K.H.; Petersen P.; Lindholm J., 1988: Rapid development of a pickwickian syndrome after pituitary apoplexy

Chen C S., 1980: Rapid development of acoustic trauma induced audiogenic seizure risk in 3 strains of seizure resistant mice

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