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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 6260

Chapter 6260 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Chen K.C.S.; Knapp J.S.; Holmes K.K., 1984: Rapid inexpensive method for specific detection of microbial beta lactamases by detection of fluorescent end products

Gatley S.J.; Brown S.G.; Thompson C.M., 1988: Rapid inexpensive quality control of fluorine 18 2 deoxy 2 fluoro d glucose preparations using the hexokinase reaction in vitro

Summers C.G.; Newton A.S., 1983: Rapid inexpensive technique for extracting egyptian alfalfa weevil hypera brunneipennis coleoptera curculionidae adults from sample trash

Nilsson K.; Englov P., 1979: Rapid infiltration of waste water

Nilsson K.; Englov P., 1979: Rapid infiltration of waste water case studies of full scale systems subsurface sand filters and infiltration plants

Bouwer H.; Rice R.C.; Lance J.C.; Gilbert R.G., 1980: Rapid infiltration research at flushing meadows project arizona usa

Carlson R.R.; Linstedt K.D.; Bennett E.R.; Hartman R.B., 1982: Rapid infiltration treatment of primary and secondary effluents

Hoddinott J.; Ehret D.L.; Gorham P.R., 1979: Rapid influences of water stress on photosynthesis and translocation in phaseolus vulgaris

Michel C.; Nil R.; Buzzi R.; Woodson P.P.; Battig K., 1987: Rapid information processing and concomitant event related brain potentials in smokers differing in carbon monoxide absorption

Salem R.B.; Wilder B.J.; Yost R.L.; Doering P.L.; Lee C., 1981: Rapid infusion of phenytoin sodium loading doses

Yu F L., 1979: Rapid inhibition by cyclo heximide of rat hepatic nuclear free and engaged poly adenylic acid polymerase activities

Mercer S.W.; Williamson D.H., 1988: Rapid inhibition by intragastric triolein of the re activation of glucose utilization and lipogenesis in the mammary gland during the starved refed transition in lactating rats evidence for a direct effect of oral lipid on mammary tissue

Goldfine I.D.; Arieff A.I., 1979: Rapid inhibition of basal and glucose stimulated insulin release by xylazine

Gove C.D.; Hughes R.D.; Williams R., 1982: Rapid inhibition of dna synthesis in hepatocytes from regenerating rat livers by serum from patients with fulminant hepatic failure

Cosgrove D.J., 1982: Rapid inhibition of hypocotyl growth by blue light in sinapis alba

Enomoto T.; Yamasaki H., 1985: Rapid inhibition of intercellular communication between balb c 3t3 cells by diacylglycerol a possible endogenous functional analog of phorbol esters

Agius L.; Williamson D.H., 1980: Rapid inhibition of lipogenesis in vivo in lactating rat mammary gland by medium chain or long chain tri acyl glycerols and partial reversal by insulin

Wilcox D.K.; Whitaker Dowling P.A.; Youngner J.S.; Widnell C.C., 1983: Rapid inhibition of pinocytosis in baby hamster kidney bhk 21 cells following infection with vesicular stomatitis virus

Modolell, J.; Davis, B. D., 1968: Rapid inhibition of poly peptide chain extension by streptomycin anti infect escherichia coli

Fresco L.D.; Kurilla M.G.; Keene J.D., 1987: Rapid inhibition of processing and assembly of small nuclear ribonucleoproteins after infection with vesicular stomatitis virus

Veinot Drebot L.M.; Singer R.A.; Johnston G.C., 1988: Rapid initial cleavage of nascent pre ribosomal rna transcripts in yeast

Wardell, W. L., 1975: Rapid initiation of thymidine incorporation into dna in vegetative tobacco stem segments treated with iaa

Wicks J.H.; Nelson R.L.; Krejcarek G.E., 1983: Rapid inoculum standardization system a novel device for standardization of inocula in anti microbial susceptibility testing

Baldock, J. D.; Fung, D. Y. C.; Walker, H. W., 1968: Rapid inst micro titer technique for study of heat destruction of bacterial spores bacillus stearothermophilus

Legendre M.G.; Dupuy H.P.; Rayner E.T.; Schuller W.H., 1980: Rapid instrumental technique for the analysis of volatiles in salad dressing

Klausner R.D.; Harford J.; Van Renswoude J., 1984: Rapid internalization of the transferrin receptor in k 562 cells in triggered by ligand binding or treatment with a phorbol ester

Cremer T.; Tesin D.; Hopman A.H.N.; Manuelidis L., 1988: Rapid interphase and metaphase assessment of specific chromosomal changes in neuroectodermal tumor cells by in situ hybridization with chemically modified dna probes

Cate R.L.; Roche T.E.; Davis L.C., 1980: Rapid intersite transfer of acetyl groups and movement of pyruvate dehydrogenase component in the kidney pyruvate dehydrogenase complex

Morsiani E.; Tassinati E.; Rescazzi R.; Benea G., 1985: Rapid intestinal transit and postgastrectomy malnutrition an experimental study in growing rats

Weiss S.M.; Skibber J.M.; Mohiuddin M.; Rosato F.E., 1985: Rapid intra abdominal spread of pancreatic cancer influence of multiple operative biopsy procedures

Gallagher J.A.; Guenther H.L.; Fleisch H.A., 1982: Rapid intra cellular degradation of newly synthesized collagen by bone cells effect of di chloromethylene bis phosphonate

Lipman J.J.; Spencer P.S.J., 1980: Rapid intra cerebro ventricular injection assisted by an automatic syringe

Danson, M. J.; Fersht, A. R.; Perham, R. N., 1978: Rapid intra molecular coupling of active sites in the pyruvate dehydrogenase complex of escherichia coli mechanism for rate enhancement in a multimeric structure

Maudsley D.J.; Morris A.G., 1987: Rapid intracellular calcium changes in u937 monocyte cell line transient increases in response to platelet activating factor and chemotactic peptide but not interferon gamma or lipopolysaccharide

Bowser S.S.; Delaca T.E., 1985: Rapid intracellular motility and dynamic membrane events in an antarctic foraminifer

Erne P.; Pletscher A., 1985: Rapid intracellular release of calcium in human platelets by stimulation of 5 hydroxytryptamine 2 receptors

Kerlin P.; Tucker R.; Phillips S.F., 1983: Rapid intubation of the ileo colonic region of man

Mehta, S.; Lewin, K.; Fidler, K., 1977: Rapid intubation with fazadinium and suxamethonium

Bergenhem N.; Carlsson U.; Klasson K., 1985: Rapid ion exchange chromatography for preparative separation of proteins application to porcine and bovine carbonic anhydrases

Zunic G.; Stanimirovic S.; Savic J., 1984: Rapid ion exchange method for the determination of 3 methylhistidine in rat urine and skeletal muscle

Smid F.; Bradova V.; Mikes O.; Sedlackova J., 1986: Rapid ion exchange separation of human brain gangliosides

Moolenaar W.H.; Mummery C.L.; Van Der Saag P.T.; De Laat S.W., 1981: Rapid ionic events and the initiation of growth in serum stimulated neuro blastoma cells

Fabiato A., 1985: Rapid ionic modifications during the aequorin detected calcium transient in a skinned canine cardiac purkinje cell

Spagnolo, F.; Cestaro, J. P., 1971: Rapid ir determination of the potency of chlorinated bactericides

Kotal P.; Porsch B.; Jirsa M.; Kordac V., 1985: Rapid isocratic high performance liquid chromatography of porphyrin esters on aminopropyl bonded silica

Burnette B.; Macfarland C.R.; Batra P., 1983: Rapid isocratic separation of purine nucleotides using strong anion exchange high performance liquid chromatography

Robertson E.F.; Dannelly H.K.; Malloy P.J.; Reeves H.C., 1987: Rapid isoelectric focusing in a vertical polyacrylamide minigel system

Porteous D.J., 1986: Rapid isolation and characterization of hybridization selected recombinants from lambda genomic libraries

Szilagyi, G.; Mayer, E.; Eidelman, A. I., 1978: Rapid isolation and identification of group b streptococci from selective broth medium by slide co agglutination test

Qualls, C. W-Jr ; Segall, H. J., 1978: Rapid isolation and identification of pyrrolizidine alkaloids senecio vulgaris by use of high performance liquid chromatography

Abramowitz A.; Arad G.; Livni N.; Morag A.; Tamir I., 1987: Rapid isolation and identification of reovirus 3

Koizumi K.; Shimizu S.; Koizumi K.T.; Nishida K.; Sato C.; Ota K.; Yamanaka N., 1981: Rapid isolation and lipid characterization of plasma membranes from normal and malignant lymphoid cells of mouse

Lee H.; Tucker D.; Allain J.P., 1979: Rapid isolation and purification of antibody to factor viii by protein a

Gal, E. M.; Sherman, A. D., 1977: Rapid isolation and quantitation of biopterin neopterin and their guanine ribotide precursor from biological samples

Pierre J.N.; Queiroz O., 1986: Rapid isolation and study of protoplasts obtained throughout the day night cycle from leaves of kalanchoe blossfeldiana showing different levels of crassulacean acid metabolism

Albach R.F.; Guerra A.A., 1984: Rapid isolation and thin layer chromatographic screening of extracts from boll weevil anthonomus grandis

Beland F.A.; Fullerton N.F.; Heflich R.H., 1984: Rapid isolation hydrolysis and chromatography of formaldehyde modified dna

Green, M. R.; Clay, C. S.; Gibson, W. T.; Hughes, T. C.; Smith, C. G.; Westgate, G. E.; White, M.; Kealey, T., 1986: Rapid isolation in large numbers of intact viable individual hair follicles from skin biochemical and ultrastructural characterization

Manganaro F.; Kuksis A., 1985: Rapid isolation of a triacylglycerol synthetase complex from rat intestinal mucosa

Wallis C.; Melnick J.L.; Wende R.D.; Riely P.E., 1980: Rapid isolation of bacteria from septicemic patients by use of anti microbial agent removal device

Safarik I., 1985: Rapid isolation of bacterial proteinases by column chromatography on sawdust

Mandal S.K.; Mukhopadhyay D.; Singh M.P.; Roy D.K., 1982: Rapid isolation of blocked mutants from an oxytetracycline producing strain of streptomyces rimosus

Adler A.J.; Evans C.D., 1983: Rapid isolation of bovine inter photo receptor retinol binding protein

Beland F.A.; Dooley K.L.; Casciano D.A., 1979: Rapid isolation of carcinogen bound dna and rna by hydroxylapatite chromatography

Hootman, S. R.; Philpott, C. W., 1978: Rapid isolation of chloride cells from pinfish gill

Dangl J.L.; Parks D.R.; Oi V.T.; Herzenberg L.A., 1982: Rapid isolation of cloned isotype switch variants using fluorescence activated cell sorting

Barsotti O.; Renaud F.; Freney J.; Benay G.; Decoret D.; Dumont J., 1987: Rapid isolation of dna from actinomyces

Watson R.D.; Spaziani E., 1982: Rapid isolation of ecdysteroids from crustacean cancer antennarius tissues and culture media using sep pak c 18 cartridges

Moriyama T.; Kawamoto Y.; Kobayashi T.; Inoue T.; Okamoto K.; Miyama A., 1984: Rapid isolation of endogenous inhibitor of factor b

Christen A.A.; Pall M.L.; Manzara T.; Lurquin P.F., 1983: Rapid isolation of escherichia coli mini cells by glass fiber filtration study of plasmid coded poly peptides

Bowtell D.D.L. , 1987: Rapid isolation of eukaryotic dna

Brunstedt J., 1980: Rapid isolation of functionally intact pancreatic islets from mice and rats by percoll gradient centrifugation

Huber, K.; Kirchheimer, J.; Binder, B. R., 1982: Rapid isolation of high molecular weight uro kinase ec from native human urine

Johnson D.A.; Salvesen G.; Brown M.A.; Barrett A.J., 1987: Rapid isolation of human kininogens

Price G.D.; Day D.A.; Gresshoff P.M., 1987: Rapid isolation of intact peribacteroid envelopes from soybean nodules and demonstration of selective permeability to metabolites

Dorn G.L.; Barnes W.R., 1979: Rapid isolation of legionella pneumophila from seeded donor blood

Kumar A.M.; Nayak R., 1988: Rapid isolation of lysyl transfer rna synthetase from rat liver

Trachtenberg M.C.; Packey D.J., 1983: Rapid isolation of mammalian mueller cells

Oliver D.J.; Thorne J.H.; Poincelot R.P., 1979: Rapid isolation of mesophyll cells from soybean leaves

Blumenthal A.B.; Dieden J.D.; Kapp L.N.; Sedat J.W., 1979: Rapid isolation of metaphase chromosomes containing high molecular weight dna

Kobayashi H.; Kusakabe I.; Murakami K., 1982: Rapid isolation of microbial milk clotting enzymes by n acetyl or n iso butyryl pepstatin aminohexyl agarose

Albro P.W.; Corbett J.T.; Schroeder J.L., 1987: Rapid isolation of microsomes for studies of lipid peroxidation

Barclay S.L.; Smith A.M., 1986: Rapid isolation of monoclonal antibodies specific for cell surface differentiation antigens

Figdor C.G.; Bont W.S.; De Vries J.E., 1982: Rapid isolation of mononuclear cells from buffy coats prepared by a new blood cell separator

Jaffe H.; Loeb M.; Hayes D.K.; Holston N., 1982: Rapid isolation of nanogram amounts of crustacean erythrophore concentrating hormone from invertebrate nerve tissue by reverse phase high performance liquid chromatography

Chakravarthy B.R.; Spence M.W.; Clarke J.T.R.; Cook H.W., 1985: Rapid isolation of neuroblastoma plasma membranes on percoll gradients characterization and lipid composition

Buitrago, A.; Gylfe, E.; Henriksson, C.; Pertoft, H., 1977: Rapid isolation of pancreatic islets from collagenase digested pancreas by sedimentation through percoll at unit gravity

Thom, D.; Powell, A. J.; Lloyd, C. W.; Rees, D. A., 1977: Rapid isolation of plasma membranes in high yield from cultured fibroblasts

Lin P.H.; Selinfreund R.H.; Wakshull E.; Wharton W., 1988: Rapid isolation of plasmalemma from cultured a431 cells characterization of epidermal growth factor receptors

Glaumann H.; Ahlberg J.; Berkenstam A.; Henell F. , 1986: Rapid isolation of rat liver secondary lysosomes autophagic vacuoles following chloroquine administration

Valenzuela M.S.; Del Pilar Aguinaga M., 1986: Rapid isolation of recombinant dna plasmids containing inserts of known sizes

Lizardi P.M.; Engelberg A., 1979: Rapid isolation of rna using proteinase k and sodium per chlorate

Vimard B.; Leggett M.E.; Rahe J.E., 1986: Rapid isolation of sclerotia of sclerotium cepivorum from muck soil by sucrose centrifugation

Petrides P.E.; Shooter E.M., 1986: Rapid isolation of the 7s nerve growth factor complex and its subunits from murine submaxillary glands and saliva

Lafranconi W.M.; Spall R.D.; Sipes I.G.; Duhamel R.C.; Meezan E.; Brendel K., 1983: Rapid isolation of type ii pneumocytes with magnetic removal of macrophages

Kreis W.; Reinhard E., 1985: Rapid isolation of vacuoles from suspension cultured digitalis lanata cells

Weissfeld A.S.; Sonnenwirth A.C., 1982: Rapid isolation of yersinia spp from feces

Collins J.S.A.; Porter K.G., 1984: Rapid jejunal biopsy without radiological screening

Basaran S.; Miny P.; Pawlowitzki I H.; Horst J.; Holzgreve W., 1988: Rapid karyotyping for prenatal diagnosis in the second and third trimesters of pregnancy

Nicolaides K.H.; Rodeck C.H.; Gosden C.M., 1986: Rapid karyotyping in non lethal fetal malformations

Garnham I.; Sutherland G.R., 1987: Rapid karyotyping of neonates on the basis of data from cord blood

Colotta, F.; Bersani, L.; Lazzarin, A.; Poli, G.; Mantovani, A., 1985: Rapid killing of actinomycin d treated tumor cells by human monocytes 2. cytotoxicity is independent of secretion of reactive oxygen intermediates and is suppressed by protease inhibitors

Colotta, F.; Peri, G.; Villa, A.; Mantovani, A., 1984: Rapid killing of actinomycin d treated tumor cells by human mononuclear cells 1. effectors belong to the monocyte macrophage lineage

Colotta F.; Polentarutti N.; Bersani L.; Poli G.; Mantovani A., 1986: Rapid killing of actinomycin d treated tumor cells by mononuclear phagocytes characterization of effector cells in mice

Collota F.; Bersani L.; Polentarutti N.; Mantovani A., 1986: Rapid killing of actinomycin d treated tumor cells by mononuclear phagocytes reactivity in mouse strains with defective classical tumor cytotoxicity

Bersani L.; Colotta F.; Ghezzi P.; Mantovani A., 1985: Rapid killing of actinomycin d treated tumor cells cytotoxicity of cell free monocyte supernatants

Danley D.L.; Polakoff J., 1986: Rapid killing of monocytes in vitro by candida albicans yeast cells

Holmes G.L.; Thompson J.L., 1987: Rapid kindling in the prepubescent rat

Lowe P.J.; Barnewell S.G.; Coleman R., 1984: Rapid kinetic analysis of the bile salt dependent secretion of phospholipid cholesterol and a plasma membrane enzyme into bile

Weaver J.L.; Boackle R.J.; Ades E.W., 1981: Rapid kinetic method for detection of complement mediated damage to nucleated cells

Chiu V.C.K.; Haynes D.H., 1980: Rapid kinetic studies of active calcium transport in sarcoplasmic reticulum

Schimerlik M.I.; Malencik D.A.; Anderson S.R.; Shalitin Y., 1982: Rapid kinetic studies of calmodulin interactions with calcium and troponin i as monitored by anthroyl choline fluorescence

Iwatsubo, M.; Mevel-Ninio, M.; Labeyrie, F., 1977: Rapid kinetic studies of partial reactions in the heme free derivative of l lactate cytochrome c oxido reductase ec flavo cytochrome b 2 the flavo dehydrogenase function

Malencik D.A.; Anderson S.R.; Shalitin Y.; Schimerlik M.I., 1981: Rapid kinetic studies on calcium interactions with native and fluorescently labeled calmodulin

Chiu V.C.K.; Haynes D.H., 1980: Rapid kinetic study of the passive permeability of a calcium atpase rich fraction of the sarcoplasmic reticulum

Heidmann T.; Bernhardt J.; Neumann E.; Changeux J P., 1983: Rapid kinetics of agonist binding and permeability response analyzed in parallel on acetyl choline receptor rich membranes from torpedo marmorata

Morris S.J.; Gibson C.C.; Smith P.D.; Greif P.C.; Stirk C.W.; Bradley D.; Haynes D.H.; Blumenthal R., 1985: Rapid kinetics of calcium induced fusion of phosphatidylserine phosphatidylethanolamine vesicles the effect of bilayer curvature on leakage

Verjovski Almeida S.; Inesi G., 1979: Rapid kinetics of calcium ion transport and atpase activity in the sarcoplasmic reticulum of dystrophic muscle

Bloom E.T.; Babbitt J.T., 1983: Rapid kinetics of lysis in human natural cell mediated cyto toxicity some implications

Rabinovitch P.S.; Norwood T.H., 1981: Rapid kinetics of poly ethylene glycol mediated fusion

Capeillere Blandin C.; Guerlesquin F.; Bruschi M., 1986: Rapid kinetics studies of the electron exchange reaction between cytochrome c 3 and ferredoxin from desulfovibrio desulfuricans norway strain and their individual reactions with dithionite

Talukder M.A.; Corker A.; Greensides R.A., 1987: Rapid laboratory diagnosis of bacterial meningitis employing coagglutination test

Meyer J.C.; Groh V.; Giger V.; Weiss H.; Varbelow H.; Schnyder U.W., 1982: Rapid laboratory diagnostic of x linked ichthyosis

Helstad A.G.; Bruns M.K., 1980: Rapid laboratory identification of neisseria gonorrhoeae by co agglutination

Campbell, C. L.; Altman, J., 1976: Rapid laboratory screening of sugar beet cultivars for resistance to rhizoctonia solani

Wagner C.K.; Mcdonald M.B., 1982: Rapid laboratory tests useful for differentiation of soybean glycine max cultivars

Opstelten D.; Deenen G.J.; Bos L.; Hermse A.; Muurman L.; Nieuwenhuis P., 1982: Rapid large scale fractionation of lymphoid cells by velocity sedimentation at unit gravity using percoll as separation medium

Bhattacharyya D.; Tano K.; Bunick G.J.; Uberbacher E.C.; Behnke W.D.; Mitra S., 1988: Rapid large scale purification and characterization of ada protein o 6 methylguanine dna methyltransferase of escherichia coli

Patel, K. M.; Sparrow, J. T., 1978: Rapid large scale purification of crude egg phospho lipids using radially compressed silica gel columns

Lascu, I.; Duc, M.; Cristea, A., 1981: Rapid large scale purification of pig heart nucleoside di phosphate kinase ec by affinity chromatography on cibacron blue 3g a sepharose

Vo Quang T.; Malpiece Y.; Buffard D.; Kaminski P.A.; Vidal D.; Strosberg A.D., 1985: Rapid large scale purification of plasmid dna by medium or low pressure gel filtration application construction of thermoamplifiable expression vectors

Nerenberg, S. T.; De-Marco, L.; Ganger, C., 1972: Rapid large scale screening of blood proteins by use of cellulose acetate electrophoresis on a solid support

Muhn P.; Fahr A.; Hucho F., 1984: Rapid laser flash photo affinity labeling of binding sites for a noncompetitive inhibitor of the acetyl choline receptor

Scandella, C. J.; Devaux, P.; Mc-Connell, H. M., 1972: Rapid lateral diffusion of phospho lipids in rabbit sarcoplasmic reticulum

Buelow R.; Overath P.; Davoust J., 1988: Rapid lateral diffusion of the variant surface glycoprotein in the coat of trypanosoma brucei

Quinn T.C.; Riggin C.H.; Kline R.L.; Francis H.; Mulanga K.; Sension M.G.; Fauci A.S., 1988: Rapid latex agglutination assay using recombinant envelope polypeptide for the detection of antibody to the hiv

Fujikawa H.; Igarashi H., 1988: Rapid latex agglutination test for detection of staphylococcal enterotoxins a to e that uses high density latex particles

Sever J.L.; Tzan N.R.; Shekarchi I.C.; Madden D.L., 1983: Rapid latex agglutination test for rubella antibody

Prichard J.M.; Forseth I.N., 1988: Rapid leaf movement microclimate and water relations of two temperate legumes in three contrasting habitats

Webster W.G., 1987: Rapid letter transcription performance by stutterers

Vilkas E.; Vilkas M.; Sainton J., 1980: Rapid leucine enkephalin synthesis

Troxler, D. H.; Scolnick, E. M., 1978: Rapid leukemia induced by cloned friend strain of replicating murine type c virus association with induction of xenotropic related rna sequences contained in spleen focus forming virus

Harary, H. H.; Brown, J. E.; Pinto, L. H., 1978: Rapid light induced changes in near ir transmission of rods in bufo marinus

Kawamura G.; Tazawa M., 1980: Rapid light induced potential change in chara cells stained with neutral red in the absence of internal magnesium atp

Frahm J.; Merboldt K.D.; Haenicke W.; Gyngell M.L.; Bruhn H., 1988: Rapid line scan nmr angiography

Rushmore T.H.; Lim Y.P.; Farber E.; Ghoshal A.K., 1984: Rapid lipid peroxidation in the nuclear fraction of rat liver induced by a diet deficient in choline and methionine

Naito, H. K.; Lewis, L. A., 1973: Rapid lipid staining procedure for paper electrophoregrams

Gilvydis D.M.; Walters S.M., 1988: Rapid liquid chromatographic analysis of chlorothalonil in fresh produce using photoconductivity and uv detectors in tandem

Weir S.J.; Ueda C.T., 1985: Rapid liquid chromatographic assay for the determination of amiodarone and its n deethyl metabolite in plasma urine and bile

Le Quan Bui K.H.; Elghozi J L.; Devynck M A.; Meyer P., 1982: Rapid liquid chromatographic determination of 5 hydroxy indoles and di hydroxyphenyl acetic acid in cerebro spinal fluid of the rat

Hutchins J.E.; Hagler W.M.Jr, 1983: Rapid liquid chromatographic determination of afla toxins in heavily contaminated corn

Stubblefield R.D.; Kwolek W.F., 1986: Rapid liquid chromatographic determination of aflatoxins m 1 and m 2 in artificially contaminated fluid milks collaborative study

Mtema C.A.; Nakazawa H.; Takabatake E., 1984: Rapid liquid chromatographic determination of clopidol in chicken muscles

Roybal J.E.; Munns R.K.; Hurlbut J.A.; Shimoda W.; Morrison T.R.; Vieira C.L., 1987: Rapid liquid chromatographic determination of dimetridazole and ipronidazole in swine feed

Charles B.G.; Jacobsen N.W.; Ravenscroft P.J., 1981: Rapid liquid chromatographic determination of metformin in plasma and urine

Conturo T.E.; Price R.R.; Beth A.H., 1988: Rapid local rectangular views and magnifications reduced phase encoding of orthogonally excited spin echoes

Govind N.S.; Jayaram M., 1987: Rapid localization and characterization of random mutations within the 2 micron circle site specific recombinase a general strategy for analysis of protein function

Pilet, P. E.; Ney, D., 1978: Rapid localized light effect on root growth in maize

Kiyohara S.; Yamashita S.; Kitoh J., 1984: Rapid location of fish taste buds by a selective surface staining method

Kawamura R.; Okabe M.; Misumi A., 1984: Rapid long tube intubation of the jejunum an improved technique

Lamster I.B.; Kalfus D.I.; Steigerwald P.J.; Chasens A.I., 1987: Rapid loss of alveolar bone associated with nonprecious alloy crowns in two patients with nickel hypersensitivity

Demetrakopoulos, G. E.; Linn, B.; Amos, H. , 1978: Rapid loss of atp by tumor cells deprived of glucose contrast to normal cells

Guzelian P.S.; O'connor L.; Fernandez S.; Chan W.; Giampietro P.; Desnick R., 1982: Rapid loss of delta amino levulinic acid dehydratase activity in primary cultures of adult rat hepatocytes a new model of zinc deficiency

Joist, J. H.; Cowan, J. F.; Khan, M., 1977: Rapid loss of factor xii and factor xi activity in ellagic acid activated normal plasma role of plasma inhibitors and implications for automated activated partial thromboplastin time recording

Rothermel A.L.; Calkins C.E., 1986: Rapid loss of feedback suppressor t cell activity after priming in vitro

Wickus, G. G.; Smith, M. J., 1984: Rapid loss of lactate dehydrogenase ec iso enzyme activity in serum by cold induced formation of immuno globulin g lactate dehydrogenase complex

Brecha N.; Francis A.; Schechter N., 1979: Rapid loss of nicotine cholinergic receptor binding activity in the de afferented avian optic lobe

Kay J.E.; Benzie C.R., 1984: Rapid loss of sensitivity of mitogen induced lymphocyte activation to inhibition by cyclosporin a

Glass J.R.; Dewitt R.G.; Cress A.E., 1985: Rapid loss of stress fibers in chinese hamster ovary cells after hyperthermia

Frank, G. B., 1978: Rapid loss of the twitch of frogs skeletal muscle fibers in o calcium ion bi carbonate buffered ringers solution

Tilghman, S. M.; Hanson, R. W.; Reshef, L.; Hopgood, M. F.; Ballard, F. J., 1974: Rapid loss of translatable messenger rna of phosphoenol pyruvate carboxy kinase ec during glucose repression in liver

Clifton P.G.; Burton M.J.; Sharp C., 1987: Rapid loss stimulus specific satiety after consumption of a second food

Liao W.; Smith W.D.; Chiang T.C.; Williams L.R., 1988: Rapid low cost cleanup procedure for determination of semivolatile organic compounds in human and bovine adipose tissues

Pienkowski, M. M.; Lyerly, M. M.; Miller, H. C., 1978: Rapid lymphocyte immuno reactivity test utilizing tritiated uridine in vitro

Andersson, J.; Killander, D.; Moller, E.; Moller, G., 1970: Rapid lymphocyte recognition of histo incompatibility changes of the dna protein complex in mixed cultures of allogeneic human lymphocytes

Marder V.J.; Rothbard R.L.; Fitzpatrick P.G.; Francis C.W., 1986: Rapid lysis of coronary artery thrombi with anisoylated plasminogen streptokinase activator complex treatment by bolus intravenous injection

Parkhurst, J. R.; Heidelberger, C., 1976: Rapid lysis of vaccinia virus on neutral sucrose gradients with release of intact dna

Geary C.; Stevens M., 1986: Rapid lysostaphin test to differentiate staphylococcus and micrococcus species

Owen C.S.; Winger L.A.; Symington F.W.; Nowell P.C., 1979: Rapid magnetic purification of rosette forming lymphocytes

Edelman R.R.; Hahn P.F.; Buxton R.; Wittenberg J.; Ferrucci J.T.; Saini S.; Brady T.J., 1986: Rapid magnetic resonance imaging with suspended respiration clinical application in the liver

Giarratano C.E.; Thomas D.A., 1986: Rapid malt modification analyses in a production malthouse friabilimeter and calcofluor methodologies

Kleine T.O.; Merten B., 1980: Rapid manual immuno turbidimetric and immuno nephelometric assays of prealbumin albumin immuno globulin g immuno globulin a and immuno globulin m in cerebro spinal fluid

Snyder M.; Elledge S.; Davis R.W., 1986: Rapid mapping of antigenic coding regions and constructing insertion mutations in yeast genes by mini tn 10 transplason mutagenesis

Low, B., 1973: Rapid mapping of conditional and auxotrophic mutations in escherichia coli k 12

Jain, N. C., 1975: Rapid mass screening and confirmation of urinary amphetamine and methamphetamine by gas chromatography

Kachar B.; Da Silva P.P., 1981: Rapid massive assembly of the tight junction strands

Robbins F.M.; Hartzman R.J., 1981: Rapid matching for transplantation phyto hem agglutinin primed lymphocytes

Harman, S. M.; Danner, R. L., 1977: Rapid measurement of an index of testosterone binding to serum binding globulin using ion exchange columns

Berg J.D.; Buckley B.M., 1987: Rapid measurement of anticonvulsant drug concentrations in the out patient clinic using hplc with direct injection of plasma

Lasater T.M.; Lefebvre R.C.; Assaf A.R.; Saritelli A.L.; Carleton R.A., 1987: Rapid measurement of blood cholesterol evaluation of a new instrument

Greenway C.V.; Pushka K.; Sitar D.S.; Rogers L.K., 1988: Rapid measurement of blood ethanol concentrations using the alcohol oxidase membrane technique

Buono M.A.; Erickson L.E., 1985: Rapid measurement of candida utilis dry weight with microwave drying

Gibb I.; Barton J.R.; Adams P.C.; Pratt D.; Dean C.R.; Tarbit I.F., 1985: Rapid measurement of creatine kinase activity in a coronary are unit using a portable benchtop reflectance photometer

Klein E.; Turnham T.J.; Ward R.A., 1988: Rapid measurement of dialyzer clearance as a function of molecular weight

Magin R.L.; Morse P.D.II, 1983: Rapid measurement of drug release from temperature sensitive liposomes by epr and radio isotope techniques

Dohji T.; Fushimi M.; Kawabe T.; Kamiyama F.; Mori M.; Sugita N.; Tanizawa O., 1984: Rapid measurement of estradiol and estriol by high performance liquid chromatography after automatic pretreatment

Burke M.K.; Leblanc D.C., 1988: Rapid measurement of fine root length using photoelectronic image analysis

Fernstrom M.; Fernstrom J.D., 1981: Rapid measurement of free amino acids in serum and cerebro spinal fluid using high performance liquid chromatography

Bock J.L.; Ben Ezra J., 1985: Rapid measurement of free anticonvulsant drugs by direct liquid chromatography of serum ultrafiltrates

Holley, R. A.; Smith, S. M.; Kempton, A. G., 1977: Rapid measurement of meat quality by resazurin reduction part 1 factors affecting test validity

Dodsworth, P. J.; Kempton, A. G., 1977: Rapid measurement of meat quality by resazurin reduction part 2 industrial application

Mcknown, D. M.; Morris, J. S., 1978: Rapid measurement of selenium in biological samples using instrumental neutron activation analysis

Faye S.; Payne R.B., 1986: Rapid measurement of serum water to assess pseudohyponatremia

Costa C.; Bettero A.; Allegri G., 1987: Rapid measurement of tryptophan 5 hydroxytryptophan serotonin and 5 hydroxyindoleacetic acid in human csf by selective fluorescence and hplc

Tasaki I.; Byrne P.M., 1987: Rapid mechanical changes in the amphibian retina evoked by brief light pulses

Tasaki I.; Nakaye T., 1984: Rapid mechanical responses of the dark adapted squid loligo pealei retina to light pulses

Gonzalez F.; Richardson P.; Carlstrom J.R.; Bose C.L., 1986: Rapid mechanical ventilation effects on tracheal airway pressure lung volume and blood gases of rabbits

Slominski A., 1983: Rapid melanization of bomirski amelanotic melanoma cells in cell culture

Heine U.I.; Keski Oja J.; Wetzel B., 1981: Rapid membrane changes in mouse epithelial cells after exposure to epidermal growth factor

Pettipher G.L.; Rodrigues U.M., 1981: Rapid membrane filtration epi fluorescent microscopic technique for the direct enumeration of somatic cells in fresh and formalin preserved milk

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Ludvigsen, R., 1977: Rapid repair of traumatic injury by an ordovician trilobite

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