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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 6260

Chapter 6260 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Holmes K.K., 1984: Rapid inexpensive method for specific detection of microbial beta lactamases by detection of fluorescent end products

Thompson C.M., 1988: Rapid inexpensive quality control of fluorine 18 2 deoxy 2 fluoro d glucose preparations using the hexokinase reaction in vitro

Section 7, Chapter 6260, Accession 006259002

Englov P., 1979: Rapid infiltration of waste water

Englov P., 1979: Rapid infiltration of waste water case studies of full scale systems subsurface sand filters and infiltration plants

Gilbert R.G., 1980: Rapid infiltration research at flushing meadows project arizona usa

Hartman R.B., 1982: Rapid infiltration treatment of primary and secondary effluents

Gorham P.R., 1979: Rapid influences of water stress on photosynthesis and translocation in phaseolus vulgaris

Battig K., 1987: Rapid information processing and concomitant event related brain potentials in smokers differing in carbon monoxide absorption

Section 7, Chapter 6260, Accession 006259010

Yu F L., 1979: Rapid inhibition by cyclo heximide of rat hepatic nuclear free and engaged poly adenylic acid polymerase activities

Williamson D.H., 1988: Rapid inhibition by intragastric triolein of the re activation of glucose utilization and lipogenesis in the mammary gland during the starved refed transition in lactating rats evidence for a direct effect of oral lipid on mammary tissue

Arieff A.I., 1979: Rapid inhibition of basal and glucose stimulated insulin release by xylazine

Williams R., 1982: Rapid inhibition of dna synthesis in hepatocytes from regenerating rat livers by serum from patients with fulminant hepatic failure

Cosgrove D.J., 1982: Rapid inhibition of hypocotyl growth by blue light in sinapis alba

Yamasaki H., 1985: Rapid inhibition of intercellular communication between balb c 3t3 cells by diacylglycerol a possible endogenous functional analog of phorbol esters

Williamson D.H., 1980: Rapid inhibition of lipogenesis in vivo in lactating rat mammary gland by medium chain or long chain tri acyl glycerols and partial reversal by insulin

Widnell C.C., 1983: Rapid inhibition of pinocytosis in baby hamster kidney bhk 21 cells following infection with vesicular stomatitis virus

Modolell, J.; Davis, B. D., 1968: Rapid inhibition of poly peptide chain extension by streptomycin anti infect escherichia coli

Keene J.D., 1987: Rapid inhibition of processing and assembly of small nuclear ribonucleoproteins after infection with vesicular stomatitis virus

Johnston G.C., 1988: Rapid initial cleavage of nascent pre ribosomal rna transcripts in yeast

Wardell, W. L., 1975: Rapid initiation of thymidine incorporation into dna in vegetative tobacco stem segments treated with iaa

Krejcarek G.E., 1983: Rapid inoculum standardization system a novel device for standardization of inocula in anti microbial susceptibility testing

Baldock, J. D.; Fung, D. Y. C.; Walker, H. W., 1968: Rapid inst micro titer technique for study of heat destruction of bacterial spores bacillus stearothermophilus

Schuller W.H., 1980: Rapid instrumental technique for the analysis of volatiles in salad dressing

Van Renswoude J., 1984: Rapid internalization of the transferrin receptor in k 562 cells in triggered by ligand binding or treatment with a phorbol ester

Manuelidis L., 1988: Rapid interphase and metaphase assessment of specific chromosomal changes in neuroectodermal tumor cells by in situ hybridization with chemically modified dna probes

Davis L.C., 1980: Rapid intersite transfer of acetyl groups and movement of pyruvate dehydrogenase component in the kidney pyruvate dehydrogenase complex

Section 7, Chapter 6260, Accession 006259029

Rosato F.E., 1985: Rapid intra abdominal spread of pancreatic cancer influence of multiple operative biopsy procedures

Fleisch H.A., 1982: Rapid intra cellular degradation of newly synthesized collagen by bone cells effect of di chloromethylene bis phosphonate

Spencer P.S.J., 1980: Rapid intra cerebro ventricular injection assisted by an automatic syringe

Danson, M. J.; Fersht, A. R.; Perham, R. N., 1978: Rapid intra molecular coupling of active sites in the pyruvate dehydrogenase complex of escherichia coli mechanism for rate enhancement in a multimeric structure

Morris A.G., 1987: Rapid intracellular calcium changes in u937 monocyte cell line transient increases in response to platelet activating factor and chemotactic peptide but not interferon gamma or lipopolysaccharide

Delaca T.E., 1985: Rapid intracellular motility and dynamic membrane events in an antarctic foraminifer

Pletscher A., 1985: Rapid intracellular release of calcium in human platelets by stimulation of 5 hydroxytryptamine 2 receptors

Phillips S.F., 1983: Rapid intubation of the ileo colonic region of man

Mehta, S.; Lewin, K.; Fidler, K., 1977: Rapid intubation with fazadinium and suxamethonium

Klasson K., 1985: Rapid ion exchange chromatography for preparative separation of proteins application to porcine and bovine carbonic anhydrases

Section 7, Chapter 6260, Accession 006259041

Sedlackova J., 1986: Rapid ion exchange separation of human brain gangliosides

De Laat S.W., 1981: Rapid ionic events and the initiation of growth in serum stimulated neuro blastoma cells

Fabiato A., 1985: Rapid ionic modifications during the aequorin detected calcium transient in a skinned canine cardiac purkinje cell

Spagnolo, F.; Cestaro, J. P., 1971: Rapid ir determination of the potency of chlorinated bactericides

Section 7, Chapter 6260, Accession 006259046

Batra P., 1983: Rapid isocratic separation of purine nucleotides using strong anion exchange high performance liquid chromatography

Reeves H.C., 1987: Rapid isoelectric focusing in a vertical polyacrylamide minigel system

Porteous D.J., 1986: Rapid isolation and characterization of hybridization selected recombinants from lambda genomic libraries

Szilagyi, G.; Mayer, E.; Eidelman, A. I., 1978: Rapid isolation and identification of group b streptococci from selective broth medium by slide co agglutination test

Qualls, C. W-Jr ; Segall, H. J., 1978: Rapid isolation and identification of pyrrolizidine alkaloids senecio vulgaris by use of high performance liquid chromatography

Tamir I., 1987: Rapid isolation and identification of reovirus 3

Yamanaka N., 1981: Rapid isolation and lipid characterization of plasma membranes from normal and malignant lymphoid cells of mouse

Allain J.P., 1979: Rapid isolation and purification of antibody to factor viii by protein a

Section 7, Chapter 6260, Accession 006259055

Queiroz O., 1986: Rapid isolation and study of protoplasts obtained throughout the day night cycle from leaves of kalanchoe blossfeldiana showing different levels of crassulacean acid metabolism

Guerra A.A., 1984: Rapid isolation and thin layer chromatographic screening of extracts from boll weevil anthonomus grandis

Heflich R.H., 1984: Rapid isolation hydrolysis and chromatography of formaldehyde modified dna

Green, M. R.; Clay, C. S.; Gibson, W. T.; Hughes, T. C.; Smith, C. G.; Westgate, G. E.; White, M.; Kealey, T., 1986: Rapid isolation in large numbers of intact viable individual hair follicles from skin biochemical and ultrastructural characterization

Section 7, Chapter 6260, Accession 006259060

Riely P.E., 1980: Rapid isolation of bacteria from septicemic patients by use of anti microbial agent removal device

Safarik I., 1985: Rapid isolation of bacterial proteinases by column chromatography on sawdust

Section 7, Chapter 6260, Accession 006259063

Evans C.D., 1983: Rapid isolation of bovine inter photo receptor retinol binding protein

Casciano D.A., 1979: Rapid isolation of carcinogen bound dna and rna by hydroxylapatite chromatography

Hootman, S. R.; Philpott, C. W., 1978: Rapid isolation of chloride cells from pinfish gill

Herzenberg L.A., 1982: Rapid isolation of cloned isotype switch variants using fluorescence activated cell sorting

Dumont J., 1987: Rapid isolation of dna from actinomyces

Spaziani E., 1982: Rapid isolation of ecdysteroids from crustacean cancer antennarius tissues and culture media using sep pak c 18 cartridges

Miyama A., 1984: Rapid isolation of endogenous inhibitor of factor b

Lurquin P.F., 1983: Rapid isolation of escherichia coli mini cells by glass fiber filtration study of plasmid coded poly peptides

Bowtell D.D.L., 1987: Rapid isolation of eukaryotic dna

Brunstedt J., 1980: Rapid isolation of functionally intact pancreatic islets from mice and rats by percoll gradient centrifugation

Huber, K.; Kirchheimer, J.; Binder, B. R., 1982: Rapid isolation of high molecular weight uro kinase ec from native human urine

Barrett A.J., 1987: Rapid isolation of human kininogens

Gresshoff P.M., 1987: Rapid isolation of intact peribacteroid envelopes from soybean nodules and demonstration of selective permeability to metabolites

Barnes W.R., 1979: Rapid isolation of legionella pneumophila from seeded donor blood

Nayak R., 1988: Rapid isolation of lysyl transfer rna synthetase from rat liver

Packey D.J., 1983: Rapid isolation of mammalian mueller cells

Poincelot R.P., 1979: Rapid isolation of mesophyll cells from soybean leaves

Sedat J.W., 1979: Rapid isolation of metaphase chromosomes containing high molecular weight dna

Murakami K., 1982: Rapid isolation of microbial milk clotting enzymes by n acetyl or n iso butyryl pepstatin aminohexyl agarose

Schroeder J.L., 1987: Rapid isolation of microsomes for studies of lipid peroxidation

Smith A.M., 1986: Rapid isolation of monoclonal antibodies specific for cell surface differentiation antigens

De Vries J.E., 1982: Rapid isolation of mononuclear cells from buffy coats prepared by a new blood cell separator

Section 7, Chapter 6260, Accession 006259087

Cook H.W., 1985: Rapid isolation of neuroblastoma plasma membranes on percoll gradients characterization and lipid composition

Section 7, Chapter 6260, Accession 006259089

Thom, D.; Powell, A. J.; Lloyd, C. W.; Rees, D. A., 1977: Rapid isolation of plasma membranes in high yield from cultured fibroblasts

Wharton W., 1988: Rapid isolation of plasmalemma from cultured a431 cells characterization of epidermal growth factor receptors

Henell F., 1986: Rapid isolation of rat liver secondary lysosomes autophagic vacuoles following chloroquine administration

Del Pilar Aguinaga M., 1986: Rapid isolation of recombinant dna plasmids containing inserts of known sizes

Engelberg A., 1979: Rapid isolation of rna using proteinase k and sodium per chlorate

Section 7, Chapter 6260, Accession 006259095

Shooter E.M., 1986: Rapid isolation of the 7s nerve growth factor complex and its subunits from murine submaxillary glands and saliva

Brendel K., 1983: Rapid isolation of type ii pneumocytes with magnetic removal of macrophages

Reinhard E., 1985: Rapid isolation of vacuoles from suspension cultured digitalis lanata cells

Sonnenwirth A.C., 1982: Rapid isolation of yersinia spp from feces

Porter K.G., 1984: Rapid jejunal biopsy without radiological screening

Holzgreve W., 1988: Rapid karyotyping for prenatal diagnosis in the second and third trimesters of pregnancy

Gosden C.M., 1986: Rapid karyotyping in non lethal fetal malformations

Sutherland G.R., 1987: Rapid karyotyping of neonates on the basis of data from cord blood

Colotta, F.; Bersani, L.; Lazzarin, A.; Poli, G.; Mantovani, A., 1985: Rapid killing of actinomycin d treated tumor cells by human monocytes 2. cytotoxicity is independent of secretion of reactive oxygen intermediates and is suppressed by protease inhibitors

Colotta, F.; Peri, G.; Villa, A.; Mantovani, A., 1984: Rapid killing of actinomycin d treated tumor cells by human mononuclear cells 1. effectors belong to the monocyte macrophage lineage

Mantovani A., 1986: Rapid killing of actinomycin d treated tumor cells by mononuclear phagocytes characterization of effector cells in mice

Mantovani A., 1986: Rapid killing of actinomycin d treated tumor cells by mononuclear phagocytes reactivity in mouse strains with defective classical tumor cytotoxicity

Mantovani A., 1985: Rapid killing of actinomycin d treated tumor cells cytotoxicity of cell free monocyte supernatants

Section 7, Chapter 6260, Accession 006259109

Thompson J.L., 1987: Rapid kindling in the prepubescent rat

Coleman R., 1984: Rapid kinetic analysis of the bile salt dependent secretion of phospholipid cholesterol and a plasma membrane enzyme into bile

Ades E.W., 1981: Rapid kinetic method for detection of complement mediated damage to nucleated cells

Haynes D.H., 1980: Rapid kinetic studies of active calcium transport in sarcoplasmic reticulum

Shalitin Y., 1982: Rapid kinetic studies of calmodulin interactions with calcium and troponin i as monitored by anthroyl choline fluorescence

Iwatsubo, M.; Mevel-Ninio, M.; Labeyrie, F., 1977: Rapid kinetic studies of partial reactions in the heme free derivative of l lactate cytochrome c oxido reductase ec flavo cytochrome b 2 the flavo dehydrogenase function

Schimerlik M.I., 1981: Rapid kinetic studies on calcium interactions with native and fluorescently labeled calmodulin

Haynes D.H., 1980: Rapid kinetic study of the passive permeability of a calcium atpase rich fraction of the sarcoplasmic reticulum

Changeux J P., 1983: Rapid kinetics of agonist binding and permeability response analyzed in parallel on acetyl choline receptor rich membranes from torpedo marmorata

Section 7, Chapter 6260, Accession 006259119

Section 7, Chapter 6260, Accession 006259120

Babbitt J.T., 1983: Rapid kinetics of lysis in human natural cell mediated cyto toxicity some implications

Norwood T.H., 1981: Rapid kinetics of poly ethylene glycol mediated fusion

Bruschi M., 1986: Rapid kinetics studies of the electron exchange reaction between cytochrome c 3 and ferredoxin from desulfovibrio desulfuricans norway strain and their individual reactions with dithionite

Greensides R.A., 1987: Rapid laboratory diagnosis of bacterial meningitis employing coagglutination test

Schnyder U.W., 1982: Rapid laboratory diagnostic of x linked ichthyosis

Bruns M.K., 1980: Rapid laboratory identification of neisseria gonorrhoeae by co agglutination

Campbell, C. L.; Altman, J., 1976: Rapid laboratory screening of sugar beet cultivars for resistance to rhizoctonia solani

Mcdonald M.B., 1982: Rapid laboratory tests useful for differentiation of soybean glycine max cultivars

Nieuwenhuis P., 1982: Rapid large scale fractionation of lymphoid cells by velocity sedimentation at unit gravity using percoll as separation medium

Mitra S., 1988: Rapid large scale purification and characterization of ada protein o 6 methylguanine dna methyltransferase of escherichia coli

Patel, K. M.; Sparrow, J. T., 1978: Rapid large scale purification of crude egg phospho lipids using radially compressed silica gel columns

Section 7, Chapter 6260, Accession 006259133

Strosberg A.D., 1985: Rapid large scale purification of plasmid dna by medium or low pressure gel filtration application construction of thermoamplifiable expression vectors

Nerenberg, S. T.; De-Marco, L.; Ganger, C., 1972: Rapid large scale screening of blood proteins by use of cellulose acetate electrophoresis on a solid support

Hucho F., 1984: Rapid laser flash photo affinity labeling of binding sites for a noncompetitive inhibitor of the acetyl choline receptor

Scandella, C. J.; Devaux, P.; Mc-Connell, H. M., 1972: Rapid lateral diffusion of phospho lipids in rabbit sarcoplasmic reticulum

Davoust J., 1988: Rapid lateral diffusion of the variant surface glycoprotein in the coat of trypanosoma brucei

Section 7, Chapter 6260, Accession 006259139

Igarashi H., 1988: Rapid latex agglutination test for detection of staphylococcal enterotoxins a to e that uses high density latex particles

Madden D.L., 1983: Rapid latex agglutination test for rubella antibody

Forseth I.N., 1988: Rapid leaf movement microclimate and water relations of two temperate legumes in three contrasting habitats

Webster W.G., 1987: Rapid letter transcription performance by stutterers

Sainton J., 1980: Rapid leucine enkephalin synthesis

Troxler, D. H.; Scolnick, E. M., 1978: Rapid leukemia induced by cloned friend strain of replicating murine type c virus association with induction of xenotropic related rna sequences contained in spleen focus forming virus

Harary, H. H.; Brown, J. E.; Pinto, L. H., 1978: Rapid light induced changes in near ir transmission of rods in bufo marinus

Tazawa M., 1980: Rapid light induced potential change in chara cells stained with neutral red in the absence of internal magnesium atp

Bruhn H., 1988: Rapid line scan nmr angiography

Ghoshal A.K., 1984: Rapid lipid peroxidation in the nuclear fraction of rat liver induced by a diet deficient in choline and methionine

Naito, H. K.; Lewis, L. A., 1973: Rapid lipid staining procedure for paper electrophoregrams

Walters S.M., 1988: Rapid liquid chromatographic analysis of chlorothalonil in fresh produce using photoconductivity and uv detectors in tandem

Section 7, Chapter 6260, Accession 006259155

Section 7, Chapter 6260, Accession 006259156

Hagler W.M.Jr, 1983: Rapid liquid chromatographic determination of afla toxins in heavily contaminated corn

Kwolek W.F., 1986: Rapid liquid chromatographic determination of aflatoxins m 1 and m 2 in artificially contaminated fluid milks collaborative study

Section 7, Chapter 6260, Accession 006259159

Vieira C.L., 1987: Rapid liquid chromatographic determination of dimetridazole and ipronidazole in swine feed

Section 7, Chapter 6260, Accession 006259161

Beth A.H., 1988: Rapid local rectangular views and magnifications reduced phase encoding of orthogonally excited spin echoes

Jayaram M., 1987: Rapid localization and characterization of random mutations within the 2 micron circle site specific recombinase a general strategy for analysis of protein function

Pilet, P. E.; Ney, D., 1978: Rapid localized light effect on root growth in maize

Kitoh J., 1984: Rapid location of fish taste buds by a selective surface staining method

Misumi A., 1984: Rapid long tube intubation of the jejunum an improved technique

Chasens A.I., 1987: Rapid loss of alveolar bone associated with nonprecious alloy crowns in two patients with nickel hypersensitivity

Demetrakopoulos, G. E.; Linn, B.; Amos, H., 1978: Rapid loss of atp by tumor cells deprived of glucose contrast to normal cells

Desnick R., 1982: Rapid loss of delta amino levulinic acid dehydratase activity in primary cultures of adult rat hepatocytes a new model of zinc deficiency

Section 7, Chapter 6260, Accession 006259170

Calkins C.E., 1986: Rapid loss of feedback suppressor t cell activity after priming in vitro

Wickus, G. G.; Smith, M. J., 1984: Rapid loss of lactate dehydrogenase ec iso enzyme activity in serum by cold induced formation of immuno globulin g lactate dehydrogenase complex

Schechter N., 1979: Rapid loss of nicotine cholinergic receptor binding activity in the de afferented avian optic lobe

Benzie C.R., 1984: Rapid loss of sensitivity of mitogen induced lymphocyte activation to inhibition by cyclosporin a

Cress A.E., 1985: Rapid loss of stress fibers in chinese hamster ovary cells after hyperthermia

Section 7, Chapter 6260, Accession 006259176

Tilghman, S. M.; Hanson, R. W.; Reshef, L.; Hopgood, M. F.; Ballard, F. J., 1974: Rapid loss of translatable messenger rna of phosphoenol pyruvate carboxy kinase ec during glucose repression in liver

Sharp C., 1987: Rapid loss stimulus specific satiety after consumption of a second food

Section 7, Chapter 6260, Accession 006259179

Section 7, Chapter 6260, Accession 006259180

Andersson, J.; Killander, D.; Moller, E.; Moller, G., 1970: Rapid lymphocyte recognition of histo incompatibility changes of the dna protein complex in mixed cultures of allogeneic human lymphocytes

Section 7, Chapter 6260, Accession 006259182

Parkhurst, J. R.; Heidelberger, C., 1976: Rapid lysis of vaccinia virus on neutral sucrose gradients with release of intact dna

Stevens M., 1986: Rapid lysostaphin test to differentiate staphylococcus and micrococcus species

Nowell P.C., 1979: Rapid magnetic purification of rosette forming lymphocytes

Brady T.J., 1986: Rapid magnetic resonance imaging with suspended respiration clinical application in the liver

Thomas D.A., 1986: Rapid malt modification analyses in a production malthouse friabilimeter and calcofluor methodologies

Merten B., 1980: Rapid manual immuno turbidimetric and immuno nephelometric assays of prealbumin albumin immuno globulin g immuno globulin a and immuno globulin m in cerebro spinal fluid

Davis R.W., 1986: Rapid mapping of antigenic coding regions and constructing insertion mutations in yeast genes by mini tn 10 transplason mutagenesis

Low, B., 1973: Rapid mapping of conditional and auxotrophic mutations in escherichia coli k 12

Section 7, Chapter 6260, Accession 006259191

Da Silva P.P., 1981: Rapid massive assembly of the tight junction strands

Hartzman R.J., 1981: Rapid matching for transplantation phyto hem agglutinin primed lymphocytes

Section 7, Chapter 6260, Accession 006259194

Buckley B.M., 1987: Rapid measurement of anticonvulsant drug concentrations in the out patient clinic using hplc with direct injection of plasma

Carleton R.A., 1987: Rapid measurement of blood cholesterol evaluation of a new instrument

Section 7, Chapter 6260, Accession 006259197

Section 7, Chapter 6260, Accession 006259198

Section 7, Chapter 6260, Accession 006259199

Ward R.A., 1988: Rapid measurement of dialyzer clearance as a function of molecular weight

Morse P.D.II, 1983: Rapid measurement of drug release from temperature sensitive liposomes by epr and radio isotope techniques

Section 7, Chapter 6260, Accession 006259202

Leblanc D.C., 1988: Rapid measurement of fine root length using photoelectronic image analysis

Fernstrom J.D., 1981: Rapid measurement of free amino acids in serum and cerebro spinal fluid using high performance liquid chromatography

Ben Ezra J., 1985: Rapid measurement of free anticonvulsant drugs by direct liquid chromatography of serum ultrafiltrates

Holley, R. A.; Smith, S. M.; Kempton, A. G., 1977: Rapid measurement of meat quality by resazurin reduction part 1 factors affecting test validity

Dodsworth, P. J.; Kempton, A. G., 1977: Rapid measurement of meat quality by resazurin reduction part 2 industrial application

Mcknown, D. M.; Morris, J. S., 1978: Rapid measurement of selenium in biological samples using instrumental neutron activation analysis

Payne R.B., 1986: Rapid measurement of serum water to assess pseudohyponatremia

Allegri G., 1987: Rapid measurement of tryptophan 5 hydroxytryptophan serotonin and 5 hydroxyindoleacetic acid in human csf by selective fluorescence and hplc

Byrne P.M., 1987: Rapid mechanical changes in the amphibian retina evoked by brief light pulses

Nakaye T., 1984: Rapid mechanical responses of the dark adapted squid loligo pealei retina to light pulses

Bose C.L., 1986: Rapid mechanical ventilation effects on tracheal airway pressure lung volume and blood gases of rabbits

Slominski A., 1983: Rapid melanization of bomirski amelanotic melanoma cells in cell culture

Wetzel B., 1981: Rapid membrane changes in mouse epithelial cells after exposure to epidermal growth factor

Rodrigues U.M., 1981: Rapid membrane filtration epi fluorescent microscopic technique for the direct enumeration of somatic cells in fresh and formalin preserved milk

Cousins C.M., 1980: Rapid membrane filtration epi fluorescent microscopy technique for direct enumeration of bacteria in raw milk

Christensen E.I., 1982: Rapid membrane re cycling in renal proximal tubule cells

Thompson G.A.Jr, 1981: Rapid membrane response during low temperature acclimation correlation of early changes in the physical properties and lipid composition of tetrahymena pyriformis microsomal membranes

Section 7, Chapter 6260, Accession 006259221

Shanmugam, G., 1977: Rapid metabolism of moloney leukemia virus precursor poly peptides in virus infected swiss mouse embryo cells

Section 7, Chapter 6260, Accession 006259223

Mahan, C. T.; Sale, G. E., 1978: Rapid methenamine silver stain for pneumocystis and fungi

Hsieh D.P.H., 1980: Rapid method for analysis of afla toxin m 1 in dairy products

Short, H. B.; Ploscowe, V. B.; Weiss, J. A.; Young, F. E., 1977: Rapid method for auxotyping multiple strains of neisseria gonorrhoeae

Akhadov D.R., 1980: Rapid method for calculating the content of major fertile soil elements used in data processing

Delgado V., 1985: Rapid method for checking the photon beam quality by means of photoreactions

Gober A.E., 1984: Rapid method for detecting beta lactamase producing bacteria in clinical specimens

Powrie W.D., 1980: Rapid method for detection and quantitation of lipid soils on food contact surfaces evaluation of a model system

Davis J.R., 1983: Rapid method for detection identification and susceptibility testing of enteric pathogens

Brodsky, M. H.; Nixon, M. C., 1973: Rapid method for detection of pseudomonas aeruginosa on macconkey agar under uv light

Section 7, Chapter 6260, Accession 006259234

Section 7, Chapter 6260, Accession 006259235

Section 7, Chapter 6260, Accession 006259236

Section 7, Chapter 6260, Accession 006259237

Dellavalle M.E., 1987: Rapid method for determination of milk casein content by ir analysis

Section 7, Chapter 6260, Accession 006259239

Smirnova E.E., 1980: Rapid method for determination of protein secondary structure by spectra of circular dichroism and optical rotation dispersion

Gelberg H.J., 1983: Rapid method for determination of shunt ratio using a thermo dilution technique

Selezneva A.A., 1984: Rapid method for determination of the activity of beta lactamase inhibitor

Gzhegotskii, M. I.; Shklyaruk, L. V.; Mynka, A. F., 1976: Rapid method for determination of the pesticide benlate

Katui G., 1985: Rapid method for determination of ubiquinone in biological materials by high performance liquid chromatography

Wretensjo I.C., 1979: Rapid method for determination of wax in sunflower seed oils

Roy, A. V., 1970: Rapid method for determining alkaline phosphatase activity in serum with thymolphthalein mono phosphate

Porter D., 1982: Rapid method for determining anti microbial susceptibility of haemophilus influenzae

Nikolaenko N.S., 1981: Rapid method for determining anti oxidative activity of chemical compounds

Gorlov A.I., 1984: Rapid method for determining certain selection characters

Section 7, Chapter 6260, Accession 006259250

Dawson, V. K.; Harman, P. D.; Schultz, D. P.; Allen, J. L., 1978: Rapid method for determining concentrations of bayer 73 in water during lampricide treatments

Nguyen Q., 1986: Rapid method for determining desmosine isodesmosine 5 hydroxylysine tryptophan lysinoalanine and the amino sugars in proteins and tissues

Su H J., 1984: Rapid method for determining differential pathogenicity of fusarium oxysporum f sp cubense using banana musa plantlets

Marina Fedorova R.F., 1980: Rapid method for determining rubella virus specific immuno globulin m absorption of immuno globulin g by staphylococcus aureus

Provonchee, R. B.; Zinner, S. H., 1974: Rapid method for determining serum bactericidal activity

Steputina V.I., 1979: Rapid method for determining soil beta fructo furanosidase invertase activity

Fedorova R.N., 1987: Rapid method for determining spores on the surface of seeds and plants

Dupont, B.; Drouhet, E., 1977: Rapid method for determining synergism of anti fungal agents

Angle J.S., 1982: Rapid method for determining the adsorption of nickel 63 to kaolinite

Gurevich B.I., 1985: Rapid method for determining the population of the tick schizotetranychus pruni

Section 7, Chapter 6260, Accession 006259261

Zukhar' A.V., 1980: Rapid method for developing instrumental drinking conditioned reflexes

Palmer J.L., 1982: Rapid method for eliminating labile glycosylated hemo globin from the assay for hemo globin a 1

Vondrejs V., 1986: Rapid method for estimation of killer toxin activity in yeasts

Section 7, Chapter 6260, Accession 006259266

Zinchenko V.A., 1984: Rapid method for estimation of sugar content in vegetables fruits and berries

Gesche E., 1981: Rapid method for evaluating surface bacterial contamination

Section 7, Chapter 6260, Accession 006259269

Shaposhnikov A.M., 1979: Rapid method for evaluation of the mutant forms of cholin esterase in human blood serum

Meghal S.K., 1980: Rapid method for extraction and colorimetric estimation of morphine in indian opium

Ahmad I., 1983: Rapid method for extraction and reverse phase liquid chromatographic determination of paraquat residues in water

Sandberg A.A., 1982: Rapid method for giemsa staining of sister chromatids

Marucha, P. T.; Keyes, P. H.; Wittenberger, C. L.; London, J., 1978: Rapid method for identification and enumeration of oral actinomyces

Davis J.R., 1983: Rapid method for identification and susceptibility testing of escherichia coli bacteriuria

Otto, L. A.; Pickett, M. J., 1976: Rapid method for identification of gram negative nonfermentative bacilli

Harada W.A., 1981: Rapid method for identification of group b streptococci in neo natal blood cultures

Lester, J. F.; Smiley, J. W., 1972: Rapid method for identifying aldrin in the presence of sulfur by electron capture gas chromatography

Hennlich W., 1985: Rapid method for indirect determination of total microbial counts in minced meat and spices by measurement of carbon dioxide production rates

Poyton R.O., 1985: Rapid method for isolation and screening of cytochrome c oxidase deficient mutants of saccharomyces cerevisiae

Wolf-Watz, H.; Normark, S.; Bloom, G. D., 1973: Rapid method for isolation of large quantities of outer membrane from escherichia coli strain k 12 and its application to the study of envelope mutants

Section 7, Chapter 6260, Accession 006259283

Roberson J., 1980: Rapid method for mass marking boll weevils anthonomus grandis grandis

Woolcock A.J., 1983: Rapid method for measurement of bronchial responsiveness

Humbel, R., 1976: Rapid method for measuring aryl sulfatase a and aryl sulfatase b in leukocytes as a diagnosis for sulfatidosis muco sulfatidosis and muco poly saccharidosis vi

Ossenberg Neuhaus H., 1982: Rapid method for measuring changes in ph and reducing processes along roots of intact plants

Lorenc R.S., 1985: Rapid method for measuring physiological concentration of 25 hydroxyvitamin d levels in blood serum

Kushwaha R.S., 1986: Rapid method for measuring plasma low density lipoprotein turnover using high performance gel exclusion chromatography

Yakovleva V.I., 1980: Rapid method for measuring protein content in microbial cells

Peinado, J. M.; Mcmanus, K. T.; Myers, R. D., 1986: Rapid method for micro analysis of endogenous amino acid neurotransmitters in brain perfusates in the rat by isocratic hplc ec

Murphy M.J.Jr, 1986: Rapid method for permanent slide preparation of colonies in soft agar cultures

Hnilica L.S., 1983: Rapid method for preparation of nuclei from a mucin producing solid tumor

Oliver, J. P.; Goldstein, A. L., 1978: Rapid method for preparing bone marrow cells from small laboratory animals

Kotenko, O. M., 1975: Rapid method for preparing tigers ointment and its analysis

Gill, C. W.; Fischer, C. L.; Holleman, C. L., 1971: Rapid method for protein quantitation by electro immuno diffusion

Section 7, Chapter 6260, Accession 006259299

Orosz C., 1987: Rapid method for purification of human t lymphocytes for further functional studies

Mcdonell M.W., 1982: Rapid method for purification of plasmid dna and dna fragments from dna linkers using high performance liquid chromatography on tsk pw gel

Smith R.G., 1985: Rapid method for quantitation of androgen binding protein in sertoli cell cultures and its use for measurement of binding kinetics

Lindsay R.C., 1982: Rapid method for quantitative analysis of individual free fatty acids in cheddar cheese

Section 7, Chapter 6260, Accession 006259304

Perel'son M.E., 1981: Rapid method for quantitative determination of total flavonoids in datisca cannabina

Sugano H., 1984: Rapid method for removal of detergents and salts from protein solutions using toyopearl hw 40f

Section 7, Chapter 6260, Accession 006259307

Mchugh G.L., 1983: Rapid method for screening large numbers of escherichia coli colonies for production of plasmid mediated beta lactamases

Marton L.J., 1981: Rapid method for screening toxic drugs in serum with liquid chromatography

Section 7, Chapter 6260, Accession 006259310

Kini, R. M.; Gowda, T. V., 1984: Rapid method for separation and purification of 4 iso enzymes of phospho di esterase ec from trimeresurus flavoviridis habu snake venom/

Section 7, Chapter 6260, Accession 006259312

Kraus T.E., 1980: Rapid method for studying microbial interaction on solid media

Section 7, Chapter 6260, Accession 006259314

Zorzopulos J., 1985: Rapid method for the analysis of genome variants of the papilloma virus

Johnson A.W., 1981: Rapid method for the analysis of tobacco nicotine alkaloids

Couche D.J., 1985: Rapid method for the analysis of trihalomethanes in water

Section 7, Chapter 6260, Accession 006259318

Section 7, Chapter 6260, Accession 006259319

Jones D., 1986: Rapid method for the detection of group b streptococci from human sources

Bonotto S., 1980: Rapid method for the detection of small amounts of dna in cesium chloride gradients with ethidium bromide

Chao L N., 1980: Rapid method for the detection of some analgesics anti histamines and anti tussives mixed with chinese herb preparations by thin layer chromatography

Llorente S., 1985: Rapid method for the determination of a color index in tomato during its ripening process

Section 7, Chapter 6260, Accession 006259324

Paton, D.; Voisey, P. W., 1977: Rapid method for the determination of diastatic activity of cereal flours using the ottawa starch viscometer

Iwai H., 1981: Rapid method for the determination of tetra alkyl tin compounds in various kinds of biological material by gas chromatography

Mel'nichuk V.A., 1985: Rapid method for the determination of the antioxidative activity of drugs

El Savah M.H., 1986: Rapid method for the determination of tomato leaf area

Agnius Delord C., 1982: Rapid method for the determination of urinary oxalic acid by gas liquid chromatography

Miyazaki H., 1980: Rapid method for the determination of uro kinase activity by high performance liquid chromatography

Section 7, Chapter 6260, Accession 006259331

Pennell D.R., 1988: Rapid method for the differentiation of gram positive and gram negative bacteria on membrane filters

Verachtert, H.; Ramasamy, K.; De-Schuttere, P.; Bevers, J., 1978: Rapid method for the direct observation of aryl beta glucosidases after separation on poly acrylamide gel

Myers R.L., 1984: Rapid method for the gas chromatography mass spectrometry confirmation of 11 nor 9 carboxy delta 9 tetrahydrocannabinol in urine

Chowdhury, S. I.; Hammerschmidt, W.; Ludwig, H.; Thein, P.; Buhk, H. J., 1986: Rapid method for the identification and screening of herpesviruses by dna fingerprinting combined with blot hybridization

Burstein, M.; Scholnick, H. R.; Morfin, R., 1970: Rapid method for the isolation of lipo proteins from human serum by precipitation with poly anions

Wilkinson, T. R.; Hall, E. R., 1971: Rapid method for the isolation of listeria monocytogenes from experimentally infected mice

Boucher D., 1981: Rapid method for the mass extraction of pleurodele amphibian urodele oocytes

Rigo P., 1987: Rapid method for the measurement of differential renal function validation

Section 7, Chapter 6260, Accession 006259341

Sugar A.M., 1987: Rapid method for the production of blastomyces dermatitidis protoplasts

Hara I., 1981: Rapid method for the quantitation of cholesterol in human serum lipo proteins by high performance liquid chromatography

Section 7, Chapter 6260, Accession 006259345

Perel'son M.E., 1981: Rapid method for the quantitative determination of sanguiritrine in macleaya cordata and macleaya microcarpa

Nelson, D. R.; Zeikus, J. G., 1974: Rapid method for the radio isotopic analysis of gaseous end products of anaerobic metabolism

Section 7, Chapter 6260, Accession 006259348

Braun, W. H., 1977: Rapid method for the simultaneous determination of 1 4 dioxan and its major metabolite beta hydroxyethoxy acetic acid concentrations in plasma and urine

Barr, R. J.; Herten, R. J.; Grahahm, J. H., 1977: Rapid method for tzanck preparations

Francois, E.; Thill, N.; Thewis, A., 1978: Rapid method of assaying chromium sesqui oxide in feeds feces and digesta by assay after nitro per chloric oxidation

Balazuc A.M., 1984: Rapid method of checking the viability of bcg vaccine by determining atp

Skuridin G.M., 1979: Rapid method of complex analysis of sea buckthorn fruits

Rotmistrov, M. N.; Stavskaya, S. S.; Krivets, I. A.; Samoilenko, L. S., 1977: Rapid method of detecting alkyl sulfate decomposing bacteria

Drewlow, L. W.; Ascher, P. D.; Widmer, R. E., 1975: Rapid method of determining pollen incompatibility in chrysanthemum morifolium

Muller J., 1980: Rapid method of diagnosing yeasts of medical interest

Dart R.K., 1982: Rapid method of estimating viable spores of aspergillus

Stegemann H., 1984: Rapid method of extraction of antibodies from hen egg yolk

Wagner, J. G., 1976: Rapid method of obtaining area under curve for any compartment of any linear pharmaco kinetic model in terms of rate constants/

Domagala W., 1985: Rapid method of preparation of fine needle aspirates for transmission electron microscopy

Chagina E.G., 1983: Rapid method of the unavailable water determination

Kaverin N.V., 1980: Rapid method of titration of influenza virus infectivity

Vikhert A.M., 1986: Rapid method of visualization of the endothelium on unfixed tissue

Rolfe R.D., 1981: Rapid method that aids in distinguishing gram positive from gram negative anaerobic bacteria

Schmitz, H.; Shimizu, H.; Kampa, D.; Doerr, H. W., 1975: Rapid method to detect rubella immuno globulin m and immuno globulin a antibodies

Herrmann, J. E.; Cliver, D. O., 1973: Rapid method to determine labeling specificity of radioactive enteroviruses

Madsen I., 1987: Rapid method to prepare mammalian oocytes and embryos for transmission electron microscopy

Schreckenberger, P. C.; Blazevic, D. J., 1974: Rapid methods for biochemical testing of anaerobic bacteria

Doi R.H., 1983: Rapid methods for comparing the double stranded rna genome profiles of bluetongue virus

Brown I.N., 1985: Rapid methods for counting mycobacteria comparison of methods for extraction of mycobacterial atp determined by firefly luciferase assay

Doncheva, I., 1977: Rapid methods for detection of afla toxin

Goldschmidt, M. C.; Lockhart, B. M., 1971: Rapid methods for determining decarboxylase activity arginine decarboxylase ec

Goldschmidt, M. C.; Lockhart, B. M.; Perry, K., 1971: Rapid methods for determining decarboxylase activity ornithine decarboxylase and lysine decarboxylase ec

Young T.W., 1987: Rapid methods for determining the high molecular weight polypeptide components of beer

Section 7, Chapter 6260, Accession 006259376

Bespal'ko L.I., 1982: Rapid methods for evaluation and selection of vegetable crop genotypes with low content of nitrates

Brown, W. C., 1973: Rapid methods for extracting auto lysins from bacillus subtilis

Babinchak J.A., 1982: Rapid methods for extraction and concentration of poliovirus from oyster crassostrea virginica tissues

Brenchley J., 1979: Rapid methods for generalized transduction of salmonella typhimurium mutants

Duerden B.I., 1980: Rapid methods for identification of clinical isolates of gram negative anaerobic bacilli

Menache D., 1982: Rapid methods for isolation of human plasma fibronectin

Richardson M.R., 1979: Rapid methods for jugular bleeding of dogs requiring 1 technician

Clinch P.G., 1981: Rapid methods for orally dosing adult honey bees apis mellifera individually or in groups without anesthetic

Spener F., 1984: Rapid methods for the characterization of unilamellar phospholipid vesicles application to studies on fatty acid donor and acceptor properties of membranes and fatty acid binding proteins

Hernebring C., 1987: Rapid methods for the determination of required aluminum sulfate dosage in surface water treatment plants

Williams J.F., 1988: Rapid methods for the high yield synthesis of carbon 13 enriched intermediates of the pentose phosphate pathway

Miotti P.G., 1987: Rapid methods for the molecular diagnosis of infectious diseases current trends and applications

Williams P.A., 1981: Rapid methods for the study of both stable and unstable plasmids in pseudomonas

Tilton R.C., 1988: Rapid mic testing with the sensititre autoreader

Fenimore D.C., 1981: Rapid micro analysis of anti convulsants by high performance thin layer chromatography

Ten Cate J.W., 1982: Rapid micro analysis of coagulation parameters by automated chromogenic substrated methods application in neo natal patients

Koul, A. K.; Gastambide-Odier, M., 1977: Rapid micro analysis of di mycoserosate of phthiocerol of mycosides and of glycerides in petroleum ether extracts of mycobacterium kansasii and of bcg pasteur strain/

Mizel D., 1981: Rapid micro assays for the measurement of super oxide and hydrogen per oxide production by macrophages in culture using an automatic enzyme immunoassay reader

Section 7, Chapter 6260, Accession 006259397

Thompson J.S., 1982: Rapid micro biochemical method for identification of gardnerella vaginalis

Yong, D. C. T.; Prytula, A., 1978: Rapid micro carbohydrate test for confirmation of neisseria gonorrhoeae

Decherney A., 1984: Rapid micro computer based analysis of semen characteristics from photographs taken by the multiple exposure photography method

Gerhardt, K. O.; Gehrke, C. W., 1977: Rapid micro determination of fatty acids in biological materials by gas liquid chromatography

Das S.R., 1986: Rapid micro indirect hemagglutination test with fixed antigen coated lyophilized sheep red blood cells in serodiagnosis of amoebiasis

Parkhurst L.J., 1980: Rapid micro isolation of mammalian oxy myo globin for biophysical studies

Jarstrand C., 1980: Rapid micro method for amino glycoside assays in serum by utilization of bacterial reduction of nitro blue tetrazolium

Morrell, G.; Giridhar, G., 1976: Rapid micro method for blood lead analysis by anodic stripping voltammetry

Simlot M.M., 1986: Rapid micro method for determination of nitrate in presence of nitrite for biochemical studies

Christopherson H.L., 1979: Rapid micro method for determination of nitrogen 15 enrichment in plasma lysine application to measurement of whole body protein turnover

Mackay I.R., 1983: Rapid micro method for evaluating t cell subsets in blood using mono clonal anti sera

Damgaard Pedersen F., 1979: Rapid micro method for fluorometric determination of neutral lipids on thin layer chromatograms

Soldin, S. J.; Hill, J. G., 1976: Rapid micro method for measuring anti convulsant drugs in serum by high performance liquid chromatography

Muchmore H.G., 1982: Rapid micro method for preparation of enzyme antibody conjugates

Section 7, Chapter 6260, Accession 006259413

Section 7, Chapter 6260, Accession 006259414

Flanagan R.J., 1981: Rapid micro method for the measurement of paracetamol in blood plasma or serum using gas liquid chromatography with flame ionization detection

Section 7, Chapter 6260, Accession 006259416

Gross, C.; Engbaek, F.; Flammang, T.; Burgess, R., 1976: Rapid micro method for the purification of escherichia coli rna polymerase ec and the preparation of bacterial extracts active in rna synthesis

Saunders, G. C.; Clinard, E. H., 1976: Rapid micro method of screening for antibodies to disease agents using the indirect enzyme labeled antibody test

Schaal K.P., 1980: Rapid micro methods for detecting deamination and decarboxylation of amino acids indole production and reduction of nitrate and nitrite by facultatively anaerobic actinomycetes

Sippel C.J., 1984: Rapid micro procedure for extraction of plasmid dna from staphylococcus aureus

Liu A., 1986: Rapid micro propagation of explants from adult seedling apple trees in vitro

Yamagishi H., 1983: Rapid micro scale procedure for visualizing intra cellular plasmid dna by electron microscopy

Section 7, Chapter 6260, Accession 006259423

Orlova T.G., 1981: Rapid micro titration method for mouse interferons by detecting inhibition of the cytopathic effect of vesicular stomatitis virus

Krebs E.G., 1986: Rapid microassay for protein kinase c translocation in swiss 3t3 cells

Williams R., 1985: Rapid microassays of phagocytosis bacterial killing superoxide and hydrogen peroxide production by human neutrophils in vitro

Section 7, Chapter 6260, Accession 006259427

Schwarzenbach R.P., 1986: Rapid microbial mineralization of toluene and 1 3 dimethylbenzene in the absence of molecular oxygen

Section 7, Chapter 6260, Accession 006259429

Section 7, Chapter 6260, Accession 006259430

Section 7, Chapter 6260, Accession 006259431

Seidler R.J., 1985: Rapid microimmunodiffusion method with species specific antiserum raised to purified antigen for identification of vibrio vulnificus

Section 7, Chapter 6260, Accession 006259433

Feller U., 1987: Rapid micromethods for the determination of exopeptidase and endopeptidase activities in plant extracts

Sottner F.O., 1986: Rapid microprocedure for isolating detergent insoluble outer membrane proteins from haemophilus species

Lee S.K., 1986: Rapid micropropagation of betula spp through in vitro tissue culture

Yeoman M.M., 1986: Rapid micropropagation of calabrian pine pinus brutia from primary and secondary buds on shoot explants

Wu L., 1985: Rapid micropropagation of paulownia tomentosa

Dvorak A.M., 1987: Rapid microwave fixation of human tissues for light microscopic immunoperoxidase identification of diagnostically useful antigens

Moroji, T.; Takahashi, K.; Ogura, K.; Toishi, T.; Arai, S., 1977: Rapid microwave fixation of rat brain

Login, G. R.; Galli, S. J.; Morgan, E.; Arizono, N.; Schwartz, L. B.; Dvorak, A. M., 1987: Rapid microwave fixation of rat mast cells i. localization of granule chymase with an ultrastructural postembedding immunogold technique

Section 7, Chapter 6260, Accession 006259442

Section 7, Chapter 6260, Accession 006259443

Gorray, K. C.; Quay, W. B., 1977: Rapid mini chromatography for purification of samples prior to radio immunoassay

Section 7, Chapter 6260, Accession 006259445

Rosen S.T., 1987: Rapid miniaturized chromatography procedures for iodinated monoclonal antibodies comparison to gel exclusion chromatography

Mills K.M., 1982: Rapid mix design for mechanisms of alum coagulation

Garovoy M.R., 1981: Rapid mixed lymphocyte culture testing by analysis of the insulin receptor on allo activated t lymphocyte implications for human tissue typing

Woodcock M., 1987: Rapid mixing studies of radiosensitivity with thiol depleted mammalian cells

Thornley, P. E.; Turner, R. W. D., 1977: Rapid mobilization after acute myo cardial infarction 1st step in rehabilitation and secondary prevention

Scarpa A., 1987: Rapid mobilization of cellular calcium in bovine parathyroid cells evoked by extracellular divalent cations evidence for a cell surface calcium receptor

Van Den Briel M.L., 1980: Rapid mobilization of ferritin iron by ascorbate in the presence of oxygen

Section 7, Chapter 6260, Accession 006259453

Jones, G. E.; Gillett, R.; Partridge, T., 1976: Rapid modification of the morphology of cell contact sites during the aggregation of limpet hemocytes

Groschel D.H.M., 1982: Rapid modified oxidase test for oxidase variable bacterial isolates

Sooranna, S. R.; Saggerson, E. D., 1982: Rapid modulation of adipocyte phospho fructo kinase ec activity by noradrenaline and insulin

Section 7, Chapter 6260, Accession 006259457

Sun T T., 1983: Rapid modulation of keratinocyte differentiation by the external environment

Painter R.G., 1984: Rapid modulation of n formyl chemo tactic peptide receptors on the surface of human granulocytes formation of high affinity ligand receptor complexes in transient association with cytoskeleton

Saito Y., 1984: Rapid modulation of platelet aggregation in plasma by oxygenated sterols

Henneberg, R.; Rodwell, V. W., 1985: Rapid modulation of rat hepatocyte 3 hydroxy 3 methylglutanyl coenzyme a reductase ec activity by cyclic amp or cyclic gmp

Pfizenmaier K., 1986: Rapid modulation of tumor necrosis factor membrane receptors by activators of protein kinase c

Lee, J. W. S.; Latham, S. D., 1976: Rapid moisture determination by a commercial type microwave oven technique

Marchalonis J.J., 1983: Rapid molecular weight estimation and separation of selected immuno globulin chains by high speed gel filtration

Alderson P.O., 1988: Rapid monitoring of intraoperative cerebral blood flow using xenon 133

Dawson G., 1985: Rapid morphological and substratum adherence response by hairy cell and other human leukemic cells to phorbol ester tumor promoters

Shaw M.W., 1983: Rapid movement of a b chromosome frequency cline in myrmeleotettix maculatus orthoptera acrididae

Lieb W.R., 1980: Rapid movement of molecules across membranes measurement of the permeability coefficient of water using neutron diffraction

Schmidt, R. A.; Sherwood, D. E.; Walter, C. B., 1988: Rapid movements with reversals in direction i. the control of movement time

Sherwood, D. E.; Schmidt, R. A.; Walter, C. B., 1988: Rapid movements with reversals in direction ii. control of movement amplitude and inertial load

Kauri T., 1980: Rapid multi point method for quantification of various physiological groups of bacteria in soil

Chiarugi V.P., 1979: Rapid multi sample separation of the 5 most widespread animal glycosamino glycans

Chang W J., 1987: Rapid multielement analysis of oyster and cockle tissue using x ray fluorescence spectrometry with application to reconnaissance marine pollution investigations

Leister F., 1982: Rapid multiple determinant enzyme immunoassay for the detection of human rotavirus

Heuser C.W., 1986: Rapid multiplication of heuchera sanguinea cultivar rosamundi propagated in vitro

Wahdan H., 1985: Rapid multiplication of potatoes using tissue culture technique

Mascarenhas A.F., 1983: Rapid multiplication of sapium sebiferum by tissue culture

Raman, K., 1977: Rapid multiplication of streptocarpus and gloxinia from in vitro cultured pedicel segments

Deneke C.F., 1985: Rapid multiplication of veronica spicata cultivar red fox propagated in vitro

Strom, T. B.; Helderman, J. H.; Williams, R. M., 1978: Rapid murine mixed lymphocyte cultures assessed by emergence of thymus derived cell insulin receptors

Luca D., 1986: Rapid mutagenesis tests for the detection of potential carcinogens in drinking and surface water

Mount D.W., 1984: Rapid mutational analysis of regulatory loci in escherichia coli k 12 using bacterio phage m 13

Campbell W.F., 1980: Rapid n methyl imidazole catalyzed acetylation of plant cell wall sugars

Section 7, Chapter 6260, Accession 006259484

Turvey M.T., 1988: Rapid naming is affected by association but not by syntax

Brodersen C., 1987: Rapid narcosis and delayed mortality in larvae of king crabs and kelp shrimp exposed to the water soluble fraction of crude oil

Section 7, Chapter 6260, Accession 006259487

Smuts M.S., 1981: Rapid nasal pit formation in mouse embryos stimulated by atp containing medium

Section 7, Chapter 6260, Accession 006259489

Yamaura A., 1980: Rapid neurological alteration associated with concave deformity of the skin flap in a craniectomized patient

Musiani M., 1985: Rapid neutralization assay for human cytomegalovirus antibody

Turbin V.V., 1986: Rapid neutron activation analysis of selenium in fish

Ellison R.T.IIi, 1985: Rapid nighttime evacuation of a veterans hospital

Matthaei D., 1986: Rapid nmr imaging of dynamic processes using the flash technique

Mefford I.N., 1985: Rapid nocturnal increase in ovine pineal n acetyltransferase activity and melatonin synthesis effects of cycloheximide

Audesirk, T. E.; Alexander, J. E. Jr ; Audesirk, G. J.; Moyer, C. M., 1982: Rapid nonaversive conditioning in a fresh water gastropod lymnaea stagnalis 1. effects of age and motivation

Alexander, J. E. Jr ; Audesirk, T. E.; Audesirk, G. J., 1982: Rapid nonaversive conditioning in a fresh water gastropod lymnaea stagnalis 2. effects of temporal relationships on learning

Sawwan J.S., 1988: Rapid nondestructive measurement of chlorophyll content in leaves with nonuniform chlorophyll distribution

Hirai S., 1981: Rapid nondestructive neutron activation analyses of manganese magnesium and arsenic in biological materials

Longson M., 1981: Rapid noninvasive diagnosis of herpes encephalitis

Kamholz S.L., 1988: Rapid noninvasive diagnosis of pneumocystis carinii from induced liquefied sputum

Titus R., 1986: Rapid nontarget screening of environmental extracts by directly linked gas chromatography fourier transform ir mass spectrometry

Stroebel B., 1986: Rapid nontomographic approach to magnetic resonance myelography without contrast agents

Norman A.W., 1987: Rapid normalization stimulation by 1 25 dihydroxyvitamin d 3 of insulin secretion and glucose tolerance in the vitamin d deficient rat

Section 7, Chapter 6260, Accession 006259506

Slater, M. L., 1976: Rapid nuclear staining method for saccharomyces cerevisiae

Friedmann T., 1979: Rapid nucleotide sequencing of dna

Section 7, Chapter 6260, Accession 006259510

Hortling, L., 1978: Rapid oncogenesis in vivo by chicken retrovirus ok 10

Chapman P., 1982: Rapid onset hearing loss after cis platinum therapy cases and literature review

Section 7, Chapter 6260, Accession 006259513

Wilkinson P.M., 1981: Rapid onset of acute myeloid leukemia following radio therapy and chemo therapy for metastatic seminoma of the testis

Broekman M.M.M., 1984: Rapid onset of an increase in caffeine residence time in young women due to oral contraceptive steroids

Crocker D.W., 1983 : Rapid onset of cervical cancer in an upper socio economic group

Kaufman H.H., 1982: Rapid onset of delayed traumatic intra cerebral hematoma with diffuse intra vascular coagulation and fibrinolysis

Coalson J.J., 1979: Rapid onset of emphysema associated with diffuse parenchymal disease

Baur, G. M.; Porter, J. M.; Bardana, E. J-Jr ; Wesche, D. H.; Rosch, J., 1977: Rapid onset of hand ischemia of unknown etiology clinical evaluation and follow up of 10 patients

Section 7, Chapter 6260, Accession 006259521

Johnson P.E., 1980: Rapid onset of the interferon induced anti viral state in human nasal epithelial and fore skin fibroblast cells

Harder, D. B.; Brock, O. G.; Rashotte, M. E., 1978: Rapid operant training of guinea pigs with lettuce as the appetitive reinforcer

Gobel R.J., 1984: Rapid optimization of immuno adsorbent characteristics

Whitcomb M.J., 1981: Rapid oral hydration a cause of pelvic fluid collections at sonography

Giaufre E., 1988: Rapid oral tolerance to cow milk in a case of severe food allergy in a child

Section 7, Chapter 6260, Accession 006259527

Smith R.S., 1980: Rapid orthograde transport of phosphorus 32 labeled material in amphibian sensory axons a multi wire proportional chamber study

Medina, M.; Scaglia, H. E.; Vazquez, G.; Alatorre, S.; Perez-Palacios, G., 1976: Rapid oscillation of circulating gonadotropins in post menopausal women

Black C.C.Jr, 1985: Rapid oscillations in fructose 2 6 bisphosphate levels in plant tissues

Section 7, Chapter 6260, Accession 006259533

Stephens R.J., 1981: Rapid osmium tetr oxide alpha naphthylamine method for localizing unsaturated lipids in lung tissue sections

Mcnulty I.B., 1985: Rapid osmotic adjustment by a succulent halophyte the saline shock

Strachan C.J.L., 1983: Rapid out patient detection of rectal cancer by gloved digital scrape cytology

Chen M F., 1987: Rapid outstanding relief of temporal region headache with acupuncture therapy

Lurie, A. J.; Salel, A. F.; Vera, Z.; Demaria, A. N.; Hurley, E. J.; Mason, D. T., 1976: Rapid overdrive pacing for refractory tachy arrhythmias in patients after open heart surgery

Otero R.B., 1981: Rapid oxidase method for testing oxidase variable aeromonas hydrophila strains

Kaplowitz N., 1981: Rapid oxidation in vitro of endogenous and exogenous glutathione in bile of rats

Section 7, Chapter 6260, Accession 006259542

Bartsch H., 1987: Rapid oxidative stress induced by n nitrosamines

Stokes, A. N., 1976: Rapid oxygen entry into unperfused tissue slices an experimental artifact

Section 7, Chapter 6260, Accession 006259545

Kelkar, S. S.; Jad, C. Y., 1977: Rapid paper electrophoresis of human serum proteins

Albert D.M., 1981: Rapid paraffin fixation for use in histologic examinations

Spitalny G.L., 1987: Rapid parasite multiplication rate rather than immunosuppression causes the death of mice infected with virulent plasmodium yoelii

Braidman, I. P.; Gregoriadis, G., 1977: Rapid partial purification of placental gluco cerebroside beta glucosidase and its entrapment in liposomes

Dhillon A.S., 1987: Rapid passage and avian reovirus in one day old chicks clinical and virological findings

Jones, R. M., 1978: Rapid pelvic water uptake in scaphiopus couchi toadlets

Section 7, Chapter 6260, Accession 006259552

Graybiel A., 1982: Rapid perceptual adaptation to high gravito inertial force levels evidence for context specific adaptation

Nakatsugawa T., 1987: Rapid periportal uptake and translobular migration of parathion with concurrent metabolism in the rat liver in vivo

Weaver C.A.IIi, 1983: Rapid permanent loss of memory for absolute intensity of taste and smell

Huppert D., 1979: Rapid ph and proton motive force jump by short laser pulse

Kryshtal', O. A.; Osipchuk-Yu, V.; Shelest, T. N., 1986: Rapid ph changes associated with synaptic transmission in isolated slices of the mammalian hippocampus

Hill R.P., 1984: Rapid phenotype variation in cells derived from lung metastases of kht fibrosarcoma

Fertakis A., 1982: Rapid phenotyping of complement c 3 by immuno fixation on cellulose acetate strips

Section 7, Chapter 6260, Accession 006259561

Baumann W.J., 1981: Rapid phospho lipase a 2 stimulation and di acyl glycerol choline phospho transferase inhibition in baby hamster kidney cells during initiation of dengue virus infection

Redington R.W., 1988: Rapid phosphorus 31 spectroscopy on a 4 t whole body system

Gallis B., 1986: Rapid phosphorylation and modulation of the t 4 antigen on cloned helper t cells induced by phorbol myristate acetate or antigen

Section 7, Chapter 6260, Accession 006259565

Siraganian R.P., 1987: Rapid phosphorylation of a 92000 mw protein on activation of rat basophilic leukemia cells for histamine release

Garland J.M., 1988: Rapid phosphorylation of a specific 33 kda protein p33 associated with growth stimulated by murine and rat il3 in different il3 dependent cell lines and its constitutive expression in a malignant independent clone

Inagaki M., 1988: Rapid phosphorylation of map 2 related cytoplasmic and nuclear m r 300000 protein by serine kinases after growth stimulation in quiescent cells

Anand B., 1988: Rapid phosphorylation of microtubule associated proteins through distinct mitogenic pathways

Smith H., 1980: Rapid photo modulation of stem extension in light grown sinapis alba studies on kinetics site of perception and photo receptor

Daze I., 1988: Rapid photoelectrical responses of plasma membranes in nitellopsis obtusa cells

Section 7, Chapter 6260, Accession 006259572

Section 7, Chapter 6260, Accession 006259573

Lin G.J., 1983: Rapid photometric determination of free and esterified 3 alpha hydroxy fecal bile acids

Follet B.K., 1987: Rapid photoperiodic responses in japanese quail is daylength measurement based upon a circadian system

Larossa R.A., 1986: Rapid physical mapping by transposon tn 5 mutagenesis to localize the cloned yeast ilv 2 gene

Vincent, W. F., 1981: Rapid physiological assays for nutrient demand by the plankton 1. nitrogen

Vincent, W. F., 1981: Rapid physiological assays for nutrient demand by the plankton 2. phosphorus

White, J. M.; Pike, C. S., 1974: Rapid phytochrome mediated changes in atp content of etiolated bean buds

Jaffe, M. J.; Thoma, L., 1973: Rapid phytochrome mediated changes in the uptake by bean roots of sodium acetate 1 carbon 14 and their modification by cholinergic drugs

Jackson G.M., 1987: Rapid phytochrome regulation of wheat seedling extension light pretreatment extends coupling time increases response lag and decreases light sensitivity

Section 7, Chapter 6260, Accession 006259582

Healy J.F., 1982: Rapid placement of small bowel tubes using modified angiographic techniques and equipment

Onwueme I.C., 1979: Rapid plant conserving estimation of heat tolerance in plants

Firoozabady E., 1986: Rapid plant regeneration from nicotiana mesophyll protoplasts

Section 7, Chapter 6260, Accession 006259586

Section 7, Chapter 6260, Accession 006259588

Kang H S., 1986: Rapid plasmid mapping computer program

Frank, G. H.; Wessman, G. E., 1978: Rapid plate agglutination procedure for serotyping pasteurella haemolytica

Section 7, Chapter 6260, Accession 006259591

Siddiqui, A.; Hart, E.; Mandagere, U.; Goldberg, I. D., 1974: Rapid plate method for the isolation of lysogenic bacterio phages

Johansson, S.; Kutti, J.; Olsson, L. B., 1978: Rapid platelet consumption in a case of metastatic osteogenic sarcoma of the breast

Gear A.R.L., 1984: Rapid platelet morphological changes visualized by scanning electron microscopy kinetics derived from a quenched flow approach

Ledley R.S., 1983: Rapid poly acrylamide slab drying using a microwave gel dryer

Checkley G.J., 1980: Rapid polymer transport in concentrated solutions through the formation of ordered structures

Chambaz E.M., 1984: Rapid polyphosphoinositide decrease is an early event in the steroidogenic response of bovine adrenocortical fasciculata cells to angiotensin ii

Snaydon, R. W.; Davies, M. S., 1976: Rapid population differentiation in a mosaic environment part 4 populations of anthoxanthum odoratum at sharp boundaries

Kvist U., 1980: Rapid post ejaculatory inhibitory effect of seminal plasma on sperm nuclear chromatin decondensation ability in man

Section 7, Chapter 6260, Accession 006259601

Roy A.K., 1988: Rapid postexposure decay of alpha 2u globulin and hyaline droplets in the kidneys of gasoline treated male rats

Esser A.Kh, 1988: Rapid postirradiation recovery of yeast correlation with gamma induced reciprocal mitotic recombination and gene conversion

Section 7, Chapter 6260, Accession 006259604

Dimmick J., 1987: Rapid postmortem gut autolysis in infant rats a potential problem for investigators

Versteeg D.H.G., 1988: Rapid postmortem increase in extracellular dopamine in the rat brain as assessed by brain microdialysis

Gober A.G., 1985: Rapid practical method for detection of beta lactamase producing bacteria

Section 7, Chapter 6260, Accession 006259608

Section 7, Chapter 6260, Accession 006259609

Chuck G., 1984: Rapid pre natal diagnosis of glycogen storage disease type ii by electron microscopy of uncultured amniotic fluid cells

Kleijer, W. J.; Van-Der-Veer, E.; Niermeijer, M. F., 1976: Rapid pre natal diagnosis of gm 1 gangliosidosis using microchemical methods

Section 7, Chapter 6260, Accession 006259612

Section 7, Chapter 6260 , Accession 006259613

Richards P.C., 1983: Rapid pre operative bowel preparation for patients undergoing radical cystectomy

Laue, T. M.; Domanik, R. A.; Yphantis, D. A., 1983: Rapid precision interferometry for the analytical ultra centrifuge 1. a laser controller based on a phase lock loop circuit

Yphantis, D. A.; Laue, T. M.; Anderson, I., 1984: Rapid precision interferometry for the analytical ultracentrifuge 2. a laser controller based on a rate multiplying circuit

Laue, T. M.; Yphantis, D. A.; Rhodes, D. G., 1984: Rapid precision interferometry for the analytical ultracentrifuge 3. determination of period of rotation frequency of rotation and elapsed time

Follath F., 1984: Rapid prediction of individual dosage requirements for lignocaine

Banner, A. S.; Shah, R. S.; Addington, W. W., 1976: Rapid prediction of need for hospitalization in acute asthma

Goldkrand, J. W.; Varki, A.; Mcclurg, J. E., 1977: Rapid prediction of pulmonary maturity by amniotic fluid lipid globule formation

Section 7, Chapter 6260, Accession 006259621

Evdokimov V.I., 1985: Rapid prediction of the disciplined behavior of pilot cadets using projective tests

Crampon N., 1984: Rapid prediction of the extension of pollution in some cases of effluent and method of injection

Eady R.A.J., 1986: Rapid prenatal diagnosis and exclusion of epidermolysis bullosa using novel antibody probes

Ortonne J P., 1987: Rapid prenatal diagnosis of epidermolysis bullosa letalis using gb3 monoclonal antibody

Erlich H.A., 1987: Rapid prenatal diagnosis of sickle cell anemia by a new method of dna analysis

Muchmore H.G., 1983: Rapid preparation and purification of alkaline phosphatase and iodine 125 labeled antibody by mini column gel centrifugation chromatography

Brissette, L.; Noel, S. P., 1983: Rapid preparation of a relatively stable partially purified lipo protein lipase ec from perfused rat heart

Eperon I.C., 1986: Rapid preparation of bacteriophage dna for sequence analysis in sets of 96 clones using filtration

Sebille B., 1987: Rapid preparation of bovine mercaptalbumin by means of covalent chromatography on silica based materials

Goldstein E.S., 1981: Rapid preparation of covalently closed circular dna by acridine yellow affinity chromatography

Yablochkin V.D., 1981: Rapid preparation of epoxy enamels and glues for sanitary chemical analysis

Section 7, Chapter 6260, Accession 006259634

Carter D.H., 1987: Rapid preparation of fresh frozen undecalcified bone for histological and histochemical analysis

Bucher U., 1983: Rapid preparation of fresh platelet concentrates from citrate phosphate dextrose blood by mild acidification

Della-Porta, A. J.; Westaway, E. G., 1972: Rapid preparation of hem agglutinins of togaviruses from infected cell culture fluids

Peters T.J., 1985: Rapid preparation of highly purified human transferrin

Section 7, Chapter 6260, Accession 006259639

Offord R.E., 1983: Rapid preparation of human insulin and insulin analogs in high yield by enzyme assisted semi synthesis

Section 7, Chapter 6260, Accession 006259641

Solomon, J.; Lockhart, W. L., 1977: Rapid preparation of micro sample and gas liquid chromatographic determination of methoxychlor residues in animal tissues and water

Kuan, K. N.; Jones, G. L.; Vestling, C. S., 1979: Rapid preparation of mitochondrial malate dehydrogenase ec from rat liver and heart

Ziegler A., 1980: Rapid preparation of multiple cell samples for immuno fluorescence analyses using micro titer plates

Rabier, D.; Cathelineau, L.; Kamoun, P., 1978: Rapid preparation of ornithine carbamyl transferase without carbamyl phosphate synthetase activity

Mason, D. Y.; Sammons, R., 1978: Rapid preparation of peroxidase anti peroxidase complexes for immuno cytochemical use

Kis P., 1982: Rapid preparation of pure chlorophyll a

Delgado Escueta A.V., 1984: Rapid preparation of synaptosomes from mammalian brain using nontoxic isoosmotic gradient material percoll

Wyllie M.G., 1981: Rapid preparation of synaptosomes using a vertical rotor

Hofmann, A. F.; Szczepanik, P. A.; Klein, P. D., 1968: Rapid preparation of tritium labeled bile acids by enolic exchange on basic alumina containing tritiated water inst chromatography human

Sweney, L. R.; Shapiro, B. L., 1977: Rapid preparation of uncoated biological specimens for scanning electron microscopy

Galau G.A., 1983: Rapid preparation of vector free hybridization probes suitable for screening recombinant libraries

Ronveaux Dupal M F., 1985: Rapid preparative isolation of concentrated low density lipoproteins and of lipoprotein deficient serum using vertical rotor gradient ultracentrifugation

Pearson T.W., 1985: Rapid preparative scale purification of myristylated variant surface glycoproteins from african trypanosomes

Iwasa K., 1982: Rapid pressure changes and surface displacements in the squid loligo pealei giant axon associated with production of action potentials

Finegold S.M., 1979: Rapid presumptive bacteriological diagnosis of legionnaires disease

Martinez M.B., 1987: Rapid presumptive diagnosis of campylobacter acute diarrhea

Perkins R.L., 1980: Rapid presumptive diagnosis of gonococcal cervicitis by the limulus lysate assay

Perkins R.L., 1979: Rapid presumptive diagnosis of gonococcal urethritis in men by the limulus polyphemus lysate test

Hardas U., 1980: Rapid presumptive identification of anaerobes by antibiotic disc susceptibility test

Murray P.R., 1980: Rapid presumptive identification of anaerobes in blood cultures by gas liquid chromatography

Dixon R.E., 1981: Rapid presumptive identification of citrobacter diversus as an aid in controlling infections

Muchmore, H. G.; Felton, F. G.; Scott, E. N., 1978: Rapid presumptive identification of cryptococcus neoformans

Maccani J.E., 1981: Rapid presumptive identification of cryptococcus neoformans by staphylococcal co agglutination

Henrichsen C., 1986: Rapid presumptive identification of escherichia coli from urine samples a simple direct plating method

Black W.A., 1981: Rapid presumptive identification of gardnerella vaginalis haemophilus vaginalis from human blood agar media

Anderson J.D., 1987: Rapid presumptive identification of streptococci directly from blood cultures by serologic tests and the l pyrrolidonyl beta naphthylamide reaction

Poulos E.G., 1980: Rapid presumptive identification of vibrios by immobilization in distilled water

Takagi S., 1986: Rapid pretreatment of environmental samples of food and related materials by a microwave dehydration method

Section 7, Chapter 6260, Accession 006259671

Thomson J.E., 1983: Rapid procedure for biochemical characterization and serological confirmation of suspect salmonella isolates

Section 7, Chapter 6260, Accession 006259673

Benner R., 1988: Rapid procedure for coupling protein antigens to red cells to be used in plaque assays by prewashing in chromium chloride

Liu S T., 1981: Rapid procedure for detection and isolation of large and small plasmids

Koutsouris D., 1985: Rapid procedure for erythrocyte isolation for deformability measurements

Congote L.F., 1981: Rapid procedure for globin chain analysis in blood samples of normal and beta thalassemic fetuses

Nagano Y., 1984: Rapid procedure for isolation of plasmid dna and application to epidemiological analysis

Takiguchi H., 1987: Rapid procedure for preparation of macrophage plasma membrane

Gaur Y.D., 1988: Rapid procedure for production of anti azospirillum serum

Pfaff E., 1987: Rapid procedure for the detection of hepatitis delta virus rna in sera of hbsag positive and anti delta positive patients

Wilson, C. R.; Totten, P. A.; Baldwin, J. N., 1978: Rapid procedure for the detection of plasmids in staphylococcus epidermidis

Fujii M., 1982: Rapid procedure for the determination of minute quantities of residual hydrogen per oxide in food by using a sensitive oxygen electrode

Section 7, Chapter 6260, Accession 006259686

Engelbrecht S., 1985: Rapid procedure for the preparation of ferredoxin nadp oxidoreductase in molecularly pure form at 36 kilodaltons

Matta K.L., 1980: Rapid procedures for determination of endo n acetyl alpha d galactosaminidase in clostridium perfringens and of the substrate specificity of exo beta d galactosidases

Section 7, Chapter 6260, Accession 006259689

Sanchez Gomez A.H., 1986: Rapid process for the elaboration of pickled green olives

Burgdorfer W., 1982: Rapid processing of biopsy specimens for examination by electron microscopy

Rodeck C.H., 1984: Rapid processing of fetal skin for pre natal diagnosis by light microscopy and electron microscopy

Englund P.T., 1985: Rapid processing of the carboxyl terminus of a trypanosome variant surface glycoprotein

Bloom P.A., 1980: Rapid processing of the meaning of sentences

Ashton J.K., 1982: Rapid processing of urine specimens by urine screening and the auto microbic system

Mayobre, M. L.; Veuthey, F.; Rous, S.; Favarger, P., 1975: Rapid production of a biotin deficiency in mice

Katagiri C., 1985: Rapid production of a histocompatible colony of xenopus laevis by gynogenetic procedure

Section 7, Chapter 6260, Accession 006259698

Franklin, D.; Morgan, P. W., 1978: Rapid production of auxin induced ethylene

Bajpai P.K., 1988: Rapid production of ethanol in high concentration by immobilized cells of saccharomyces cerevisiae through soy flour supplementation

Novais J.M., 1985: Rapid production of high concentrations of ethanol by saccharomyces bayanus mechanisms of action of soy flour supplementation

Tatematsu, M.; Shirai, T.; Tsuda, H.; Miyata, Y.; Shinohara, Y.; Ito, N., 1977: Rapid production of hyperplastic liver nodules in rats treated with carcinogenic chemicals a new approach for an in vivo short term screening test for hepato carcinogens

Shevach E.M., 1985: Rapid production of monoclonal antibodies to t lymphocyte functional antigens

Solntseva, M. P.; Levkovskii, V. P., 1978: Rapid production of permanent preparations of whole plant embryo sacs and pollen complexes

Taylor, G. S., 1978: Rapid production of phytophthora parasitica var nicotianae zoo spores in vitro from infested cloth

Friedt W., 1984: Rapid production of recombination barley yellow mosaic virus resistant hordeum vulgare lines by anther culture

Tong, M. J.; Nies, K. M.; Redeker, A. G., 1977: Rapid progression of chronic active type b hepatitis in a patient with hypo gamma globulinemia

Mundth E., 1984: Rapid progression of coronary stenosis in patients with unstable angina pectoris selected for coronary angio plasty

Et Al, 1986: Rapid progression of hearing impairment in idiopathic bilateral sensorineural hearing loss

Sober A.J., 1983: Rapid progression of lentigo maligna to deeply invasive lentigo maligna melanoma 2 cases

Smythe W.R., 1984: Rapid progression of oxalosis induced cardio myopathy despite adequate hemo dialysis

Saiyed, H. N.; Chatterjee, B. B., 1985: Rapid progression of silicosis in slate pencil workers 2. a follow up study

Segel D.P., 1981: Rapid progressive glomerulo nephritis release after prolonged remission

Dai C., 1987: Rapid propagation of caladium by static liquid culture

Watson, B. T., 1976: Rapid propagation of changes in velocity of translocation along the phloem pathway of helianthus annuus

Walkey D.G.A., 1984: Rapid propagation of cucurbita pepo cultivar cinderella by culture of meristem tips

Pedroso Suarez J., 1985: Rapid propagation of ornamental plants by cell culture methods

Barba R.C., 1984: Rapid propagation of rattan calamus manillensis by tissue culture

Crisp P., 1980: Rapid propagation of white cabbage brassica oleracea var capitata f alba by tissue culture

Zuccherelli, G.; Venturi, V.; Damiano, C., 1978: Rapid propagation on a large scale of damasco 1869 rootstock by in vitro culture

Sourial N.A., 1988: Rapid protein a assay for intrinsic factor and its binding antibody

Section 7, Chapter 6260, Accession 006259724

Cooper H.L., 1983: Rapid protein phosphorylation induced by phorbol ester in hl 60 cells unique alkali stable phosphorylation of a 17000 dalton protein detected by 2 dimensional gel electrophoresis

Dyckes D.F., 1988: Rapid protein sequencing by the enzyme thermospray lc ms method

Christensen, E. I., 1976: Rapid protein uptake and digestion in proximal tubule lysosomes

Section 7, Chapter 6260, Accession 006259728

Raptis S., 1984: Rapid proteolysis of puromycyl peptides in nonthalassemic and thalassemic erythroid cells

Carrell R.W., 1983: Rapid proteolysis of unstable globins in human bone marrow

Carraway R.E., 1984: Rapid proteolytic generation of neurotensin related peptides and biologic activity during extraction of rat and chicken gastric tissues

Schreyer P., 1985: Rapid psychophysical measurements of orientation discrimination for basic research and for clinical testing

Section 7, Chapter 6260, Accession 006259734

Blank N., 1985: Rapid pulmonary dissemination in mycosis fungoides simulating pneumonia a case report and review of the literature

Calvano S., 1980: Rapid pulsatile cortico sterone response in unanesthetized individual rats

Kraegen E.W., 1981: Rapid pulsatile cortico sterone secretion in the rat is not confirmed

Tauber J P., 1984: Rapid purification and activity of apo lipo protein c 1 on the proliferation of bovine vascular endothelial cells in vitro

Andoh T., 1983: Rapid purification and characterization of dna topo isomerase i from cultured mouse mammary carcinoma fm 3a cells

Scopes R.K., 1981: Rapid purification and crystallization of yeast phospho fructo kinase

Hueckel, D.; Beyersmann, D., 1979: Rapid purification and direct spectrophotometric assay for 5 amino levulinic acid dehydratase ec

Section 7, Chapter 6260, Accession 006259742

Pollard H.B., 1986: Rapid purification and properties of protein kinase c from bovine adrenal medulla

Rubin C.S., 1984: Rapid purification and radio immunoassay of cytosolic malic enzyme

Jackson R.L., 1987: Rapid purification and revised amino terminal sequence of hirudin a specific thrombin inhibitor of the bloodsucking leech

Nagayama, A.; Dales, S., 1970: Rapid purification and the immunological specificity of mammalian micro tubular para crystals possessing an atpase activity

Section 7, Chapter 6260, Accession 006259747

Section 7, Chapter 6260, Accession 006259748

Smith, R. G.; Donehower, L.; Gallo, R. C.; Gillespie, D. H., 1976: Rapid purification of 70s rna from media of cells producing rna tumor viruses

Bastia D., 1984: Rapid purification of a cloned gene product by genetic fusion and site specific proteolysis

Section 7, Chapter 6260, Accession 006259751

Miner, G. D.; Mcswigan, J.; Heston, L. L., 1976: Rapid purification of a high molecular weight human brain protein by chromatography on controlled pore glass

Hellyer A., 1985: Rapid purification of a high molecular weight subunit polypeptide form of rape brassica napus cultivar jet neuf seed acetyl coenzyme a carboxylase

Section 7, Chapter 6260, Accession 006259754

Bailey G.S., 1981: Rapid purification of a pre kallikrein from rat pancreas

Section 7, Chapter 6260, Accession 006259756

Darling, T.; Albert, J.; Russell, P.; Albert, D. M.; Reid, T. W., 1977: Rapid purification of an rna tumor virus and proteins by high performance steric exclusion chromatography on porous glass bead columns

Oppenheim J.D., 1985: Rapid purification of anti i and anti i cold antibodies by affinity chromatography

Bier M., 1982: Rapid purification of antibodies to single band purity using re cycling iso electric focusing

Dautrevaux M., 1986: Rapid purification of antisteroid antibodies by high performance liquid affinity chromatography

Maheswaran S.K., 1984: Rapid purification of avian influenza virus for use in enzyme linked immuno sorbent assay elisa

Holmes D.S., 1982: Rapid purification of bacterial plasmids and coli phage m 13 rf without cesium chloride centrifugation

Dubois G.C., 1986: Rapid purification of bacterially expressed fusion proteins by high performance liquid chromatography methods

Kedes L.H., 1979: Rapid purification of biologically active individual histone messenger rna by hybridization to cloned dna linked to cellulose

Christophe J., 1986: Rapid purification of bordetella pertussis toxin by alternating affinity and hydrophobic chromatography

Coulson C.C., 1985: Rapid purification of calmodulin and s 100 protein by affinity chromatography with melittin immobilized to sepharose

Section 7, Chapter 6260, Accession 006259767

Van-Winkle, W. B.; Pitts, B. J. R.; Entman, M. L., 1978: Rapid purification of canine cardiac sarcoplasmic reticulum calcium atpase

Cuatrecasas P., 1979: Rapid purification of chicken gizzard alpha actinin

Huennekens F.M., 1981: Rapid purification of cobalamin binding proteins using immobilized aminopropyl cobalamin

Stein G.S., 1980: Rapid purification of covalently closed circular dna of bacterial plasmids and animal tumor viruses

Section 7, Chapter 6260, Accession 006259772

Berhow, M. A.; Saluja, A.; Mcfadden, B. A., 1982: Rapid purification of d ribulose 1 5 bis phosphate carboxylase ec by vertical sedimentation in a re oriented gradient

Weiner H., 1982: Rapid purification of dehydrogenases by affinity chromatography with ternary complexes

Robb, R. J.; Strominger, J. L.; Mann, D. L., 1976: Rapid purification of detergent solubilized hl a antigen by affinity chromatography employing anti beta 2 micro globulin serum

Reutter W., 1987: Rapid purification of dipeptidyl peptidase iv from rat liver plasma membrane

Vogelstein B., 1987: Rapid purification of dna from agarose gels by centrifugation through a disposable plastic column

Benjamin W.B., 1983: Rapid purification of enzymes of fatty acid biosynthesis from rat adipose tissue

Huleihel M., 1982: Rapid purification of extracellular and intra cellular moloney murine leukemia virus

Kurata M., 1984: Rapid purification of extracted bacterial lipo poly saccharides by continuous free flow electrophoresis

Satyanarayana T., 1983: Rapid purification of fluorescent enzymes by ultra filtration

Persson L O., 1988: Rapid purification of fructose 1 6 bisphosphate aldolase from spinach chloroplasts

Conradie J.D., 1985: Rapid purification of hepatitis b surface antigen from human plasma

Jelenc P.C., 1980: Rapid purification of highly active ribosomes from escherichia coli

Section 7, Chapter 6260, Accession 006259785

Habal, F. M.; Movat, H. Z., 1976: Rapid purification of human high molecular weight kininogen

Section 7, Chapter 6260, Accession 006259787

Kador, P. F.; Carper, D.; Kinoshita, J. H., 1981: Rapid purification of human placental aldose reductase ec

Johnson, D. A.; Travis, J., 1976: Rapid purification of human trypsin and chymotrypsin i

Feierabend J., 1983: Rapid purification of intact chloroplasts and heat bleached ribosome deficient plastids from rye secale cereale cultivar petkus kustro leaves on discontinuous percoll gradients

Shelanski M.L., 1980: Rapid purification of intact tono filaments from new born rats comparison with glial filaments and neuro filaments

Vahro, M.; Slenczka, W., 1978: Rapid purification of lymphocytic choriomeningitis virus by density gradient centrifugation in colloidal silica

Feramisco J.R., 1985: Rapid purification of mammalian 70000 dalton stress proteins affinity of the proteins for nucleotides

Lin J C., 1988: Rapid purification of mammalian cardiac troponin t and its isoform switching in rat hearts during development

Subramanian, M.; Koppikar, S. V.; Fatterpaker, P., 1978: Rapid purification of mitochondrial proteases use of affinity chromatography

Kawade Y., 1980: Rapid purification of mouse l cell interferon labeled with radioactive amino acid by immune precipitation

Friedman D.L., 1988: Rapid purification of native c protein from nuclear ribonucleoprotein particles

Yamada M A., 1985: Rapid purification of nucleosome assembly protein ap i and production of monoclonal antibodies against it

Irle, C., 1977: Rapid purification of peanut agglutinin by sialic acidless fetuin sepharose column

Rock, C. O.; Snyder, F., 1975: Rapid purification of phospho lipase a 2 ec from crotalus adamanteus venom by affinity chromatography

Wang J.H., 1987: Rapid purification of phospholamban by monoclonal antibody immunoaffinity chromatography

Halper, L. A.; Srere, P. A., 1979: Rapid purification of pig heart fumarase ec by general ligand chromatography

Nieman, R. H.; Pap, D. L.; Clark, R. A., 1978: Rapid purification of plant nucleotide extracts with xad 2 poly vinyl poly pyrrolidone and charcoal

Grill L.K., 1983: Rapid purification of plasma dna by a single centrifugation in a 2 step cesium chloride ethidium bromide gradient

Colman, A.; Byers, M. J.; Primrose, S. B.; Lyons, A., 1978: Rapid purification of plasmid dna by hydroxylapatite chromatography

Nishizuka Y., 1986: Rapid purification of protein kinase c by high performance liquid chromatography

Section 7, Chapter 6260, Accession 006259807

Section 7, Chapter 6260, Accession 006259808

Levy R.S., 1984: Rapid purification of radioiodinated peptides with sep pak reversed phase cartridges and high performance liquid chromatography

Chang, W. M.; Lin, J. K.; Chang, C. C.; Hsiung, K. P., 1983: Rapid purification of rat liver lactate dehydrogenase ec by dye ligand affinity chromatography

Dibello C., 1985: Rapid purification of synthetic bombesin by countercurrent chromatography on the multi layer coil planet centrifuge

Fearon D.T., 1985: Rapid purification of the human complement c 3b c 4b receptor cr 1 by monoclonal antibody affinity chromatography

Rubio N., 1986: Rapid purification of the main allergen of lolium perenne by high performance liquid chromatography

Pollak, J. K.; Campbell, M. T., 1981: Rapid purification of the unstable enzyme carbamoyl phosphate synthase ec by high pressure liquid chromatography

Yamada, H., 1978: Rapid purification of threonyl transfer rna synthetase ec from saccharomyces carlsbergensis by affinity elution from phospho cellulose

Hazleman B., 1986: Rapid purification of tissue inhibitor of metalloproteinases from human plasma and identification as a gamma serum protein

Berg T., 1987: Rapid purification of tonin esterase b antigen psi and kallikrein from rat submandibular gland by fast protein liquid chromatography

Russo Marie F., 1988: Rapid purification of two lipocortin like proteins from mice lung

Section 7, Chapter 6260, Accession 006259819

Grossman L.I., 1980: Rapid purification of yeast saccharomyces cerevisiae mitochondrial dna in high yield

Baker G.J., 1983: Rapid qualitative analysis of polar and nonpolar lipids in a single sample using 3 way thin layer chromatography

Forsdyke D.R., 1984: Rapid qualitative changes in messenger rna populations in cultured human lymphocytes comparison of the effects of cycloheximide and concanavalin a

Section 7, Chapter 6260, Accession 006259823

Feller I., 1988: Rapid quantification of bacterial and fungal growth in burn wounds biopsy homogenate gram stain versus microbial culture results

Nesheim S., 1984: Rapid quantitation and confirmation of aflatoxins in corn and peanut butter using a disposable silica gel column thin layer chromatography and gas chromatography mass spectrometry

Section 7, Chapter 6260, Accession 006259826

Reive D.S., 1983: Rapid quantitation of cyanide in blood by gas chromatography

Scott K.M., 1988: Rapid quantitation of cytomegalovirus and assay of neutralizing antibody by using monoclonal antibody to the major immediate early viral protein

Franzblau C., 1981: Rapid quantitation of desmosine content in tissue hydrolysates by high performance liquid chromatography

Aboud, M.; Weiss, O.; Salzberg, S., 1976: Rapid quantitation of interferon with chronically oncornavirus producing cells

Section 7, Chapter 6260, Accession 006259831

Leonard E.J., 1980: Rapid quantitation of neutrophil chemo taxis use of a poly vinyl pyrrolidone free poly carbonate membrane in a multi well assembly

Section 7, Chapter 6260, Accession 006259833

Leitz V.M., 1982: Rapid quantitation of serum immuno globulins with a miniature centrifugal analyzer

Paterson M.C., 1983: Rapid quantitation of uv induced thymine containing dimers in human cell dna by reversed phase high performance liquid chromatography

Section 7, Chapter 6260, Accession 006259836

Ohlsson-Wilhelm, B. M.; Leary, J. F.; Pacilio, M.; Martin, T., 1980: Rapid quantitative analysis of cell cycle stages of cold sensitive derivatives of the chinese hamster cell line cho k 1

Kim C., 1986: Rapid quantitative analysis of morphine in blood by flash heater methylation and gas chromatography with a nitrogen specific detector

Asano M., 1988: Rapid quantitative analysis of paraquat by esr spectroscopy

Chapelle S.M., 1979: Rapid quantitative analysis of phospho lipid erythrocytes by densitometric thin layer chromatography

Fryer C., 1980: Rapid quantitative analysis of solasodine solasodine glycosides and solasodine by high pressure liquid chromatography

Torline P.A., 1986: Rapid quantitative and automated headspace analysis of beer volatiles

Chung B.H., 1988: Rapid quantitative apolipoprotein analysis by gradient ultracentrifugation and reversed phase high performance liquid chromatography

La Placa M., 1988: Rapid quantitative assay of cytomegalovirus infectivity

Section 7, Chapter 6260, Accession 006259845

Van Der Kleijn E., 1984: Rapid quantitative determination of 7 anthracyclines and their hydroxy metabolites in body fluids

Sapunova L.A., 1981: Rapid quantitative determination of azulenes in wild chamomile

Gronroos P., 1980: Rapid quantitative determination of c reactive protein using laser nephelometer

Kula M R., 1987: Rapid quantitative determination of dna in biological processes

Wiesner C.J., 1988: Rapid quantitative determination of fenitrothion on balsam fir foliage development of a colorimetric technique and its use in determining insecticide lifetimes on foliage

Fairlie, K.; Fox, B. L., 1976: Rapid quantitative determination of tetra hydro cannabinol in marihuana by gas chromatography

Bowen W.H., 1981: Rapid quantitative determination of the effect of anti plaque agents and anti sera on the growth acid production and adherence of streptococcus mutans

Section 7, Chapter 6260, Accession 006259853

Section 7, Chapter 6260, Accession 006259854

Zuckerman, J. E.; Fallon, V.; Tashjian, A. H-Jr ; Levine, L.; Friesen, H. G., 1970: Rapid quantitative estimation of human placental lactogen in maternal serum by complement fixation

Section 7, Chapter 6260, Accession 006259856

Stocco D.M., 1983: Rapid quantitative isolation of mitochondria from rat liver using ficoll gradients in vertical rotors

Bhattacharya J.P., 1984: Rapid quantitative measurement of softness of barky root ends of jute

Devin, A. B., 1978: Rapid quantitative method for determining the sensitivity of yeast cells to the inactivating action of nitrous acid

Section 7, Chapter 6260, Accession 006259861

Section 7, Chapter 6260, Accession 006259862

Tilton R.C., 1983: Rapid quantitative micro enzyme linked immuno sorbent assay for tetanus antibodies

Lopez Berestein G., 1987: Rapid quantitative microassay for the monokine respiration inhibitory factor

Kabay, A., 1971: Rapid quantitative microbiological assay of antibiotics and chemical preservatives of a nonantibiotic nature

Overall J.C.Jr, 1980: Rapid quantitative semi automated assay for virus induced and immune human interferons

Salas, C. E.; Sellinger, O. Z., 1977: Rapid quantitative separation by high performance liquid chromatography of methylated bases in transfer rna

Shami, Y.; Ship, S.; Rothstein, A., 1977: Rapid quantitative separation of the major glyco proteins per iodic acid schiff 1 2 and 3 from other human red cell membrane proteins in a nondenaturing medium by affinity chromatography

Mifflin, T. E.; Benjamin, D. C.; Bruns, D. E., 1985: Rapid quantitative specific measurement of pancreatic amylase ec in serum with use of a monoclonal antibody

Kahn, S. N.; Thompson, E. J., 1978: Rapid quantitative surface immuno fixation of proteins in poly acrylamide gels

Rahil, J. F.; De-Maine, M. M.; Benkovic, S. J., 1982: Rapid quench and isotope trapping studies on fructose 1 6 bis phosphatase ec

Maibach H.I., 1982: Rapid radial transport of methyl nicotinate in the dermis

Hadi, U. A. M.; Malcolme-Lawes, D. J.; Oldham, G., 1979: Rapid radio halogenations of small molecules 2. radio bromination of tyrosine uracil and cytosine

Section 7, Chapter 6260, Accession 006259874

Wheat L.J., 1981: Rapid radio immunoassay diagnosis of legionnaires disease detection and partial characterization of urinary antigen

Orth D.N., 1984: Rapid radio immunoassay for acth in unextracted human plasma

Maslov N., 1980: Rapid radio immunoassay for diagnosing acute tubular necrosis

Kernoff P.B.A., 1981: Rapid radio immunoassay for fibrino peptide a in human plasma

Section 7, Chapter 6260, Accession 006259879

Vihko, P.; Kostama, A.; Janne, O.; Sajanti, E.; Vihko, R., 1980: Rapid radio immunoassay for prostate specific acid phosphatase ec in human serum

Klocke F.J., 1980: Rapid radio immunoassay for serum myo globin

Sekadde, C. B.; Slaunwhite, W. R. Jr ; Aceto, T. Jr, 1973: Rapid radio immunoassay for tri iodo thyronine

Section 7, Chapter 6260, Accession 006259883

Sugden, E. A., 1978: Rapid radio immunoassay of progesterone in unextracted bovine plasma

Section 7, Chapter 6260, Accession 006259885

Howorth, P. J. N.; Marsden, P., 1976: Rapid radio immunoassay of tri iodo thyronine on sephadex g 25 by the ames kit

Hupf, H. B.; Wanek, P. M.; O'brien, H. A. Jr ; Holland, L. M., 1978: Rapid radio iodination of rose bengal at room temperature

Rublev B.D., 1980: Rapid radio isotope method for testing antibiotic sensitivity of vibrio cholerae

Ho R J., 1980: Rapid radio isotopic analysis of glucose synthesis from lactate in primary hepatocyte cultures

Section 7, Chapter 6260, Accession 006259890

Section 7, Chapter 6260, Accession 006259891

Skidgel, R. A.; Wickstrom, E.; Kumamoto, K.; Erdos, E. G., 1981: Rapid radioassay for prolyl carboxy peptidase angiotensinase c ec

Section 7, Chapter 6260, Accession 006259893

Section 7, Chapter 6260, Accession 006259894

Murrell W.G., 1980: Rapid radiometric method for detection of salmonella in foods

Madden J.A., 1981: Rapid radiometric method for determining drug susceptibility of mycobacterium avium intracellulare

Middlebrook G., 1984: Rapid radiometric methods to detect and differentiate mycobacterium tuberculosis mycobacterium bovis from other mycobacterial species

Charache P., 1982: Rapid radiometric serum test for antibiotic activity

Et Al, 1984: Rapid radiometric susceptibility testing of mycobacterium tuberculosis

Kertcher, J. A.; Chen, M. F.; Charache, P.; Hwangbo, C. C.; Camargo, E. E.; Mcintyre, P. A.; Wagner, H. N-Jr, 1978: Rapid radiometric susceptibility testing of mycobacterium tuberculosis

Sommerville R.G., 1980: Rapid random donor screening for the selection of viral antibody containing blood donations

Mosher, R. R.; Hendricks, D. W., 1986: Rapid rate filtration of low turbidity water using field scale pilot filters

Dininno V.L., 1985: Rapid rate kinetic turbidometric assay for quantitation of viral complement fixing antibodies

Section 7, Chapter 6260, Accession 006259904

Khripounoff A., 1980: Rapid re colonization of deep sea sediment

Choshniak, I.; Shkolnik, A., 1977: Rapid re hydration in the black bedouin goats red blood cells fragility and role of the rumen

Que L.Jr, 1983: Rapid reaction studies on the oxygenation reactions of catechol di oxygenase

Smith, L.; White, D. C.; Sinclair, P.; Chance, B., 1970: Rapid reactions of cytochromes of hemophilus parainfluenzae on addition of substrates or oxygen

Gear A.R.L., 1982: Rapid reactions of platelets studied by a quenched flow approach aggregation kinetics

Huber C., 1987: Rapid reappearance of large granular lymphocytes lgl with concomitant reconstitution of natural killer nk activity after human bone marrow transplantation bmt

Graham R.M., 1985: Rapid reciprocal changes in adrenergic receptors in intact isolated hepatocytes during primary cell culture

Merritt, K.; Treadwell, T. L.; Jacobs, N. J., 1976: Rapid recognition of group b streptococci by pigment production and counter immuno electrophoresis

Section 7, Chapter 6260, Accession 006259913

Rajasekharan K., 1986: Rapid recognition of object outlines in reduced resolution images

Shigekawa M., 1985: Rapid reconstruction and characterization of highly efficient sarcoplasmic reticulum calcium pump

Londesborough J., 1982: Rapid recording luminometric assay of cyclic amp phospho di esterase activity and a possible pitfall in coupled enzyme assays

Section 7, Chapter 6260, Accession 006259917

Section 7, Chapter 6260, Accession 006259918

Little J.B., 1980: Rapid recovery in human di ploid fibroblasts

Little J.B., 1979: Rapid recovery in plateau phase mammalian cells

Zucker I., 1984: Rapid recovery of body mass after surgical removal of adipose tissue in ground squirrels spermophilus lateralis

Limas C., 1984: Rapid recovery of cardiac beta adrenergic receptors after isoproterenol induced down regulation

Spretizer, R. J.; Ogren, W. L., 1983: Rapid recovery of chloroplast mutations affecting ribulose bis phosphate carboxylase oxygenase ec in chlamydomonas reinhardtii

Andrews, W. H.; Presnell, M. W., 1972: Rapid recovery of escherichia coli from estuarine water

Hodgen G.D., 1980: Rapid recovery of estrogen induced pituitary gonadotropin surges after luteectomy in rhesus monkeys macaca mulatta

Bowers C.W., 1981: Rapid recovery of function after partial de nervation of the rat pineal gland suggests a novel mechanism for neural plasticity

Section 7, Chapter 6260, Accession 006259927

Prentice H.G., 1987: Rapid recovery of helper activity following t cell depleted allogeneic marrow transplant

Vesterqvist O., 1986: Rapid recovery of in vivo prostacyclin formation after inhibition by aspirin evidence from measurements of the major urinary metabolite of prostacyclin by gas chromatography mass spectrometry

Klassen L.W., 1986: Rapid recovery of non hemolyzed serum and untraumatized cells by using a new method of blood defibrination in vitro

Loudon J.B., 1988: Rapid recurrence of mania following abrupt discontinuation of lithium

Kokkinidis L., 1980: Rapid recurrence of mania following lithium withdrawal

Couser W.G., 1979: Rapid recurrence of membranous nephropathy in a related renal allo graft

Freedman S.I., 1981: Rapid recurrence of papillary squamous cell carcinoma of the canaliculus

Werb Z., 1986: Rapid redistribution of clathrin onto macrophage plasma membranes in response to fc receptor ligand interaction during frustrated phagocytosis

Section 7, Chapter 6260, Accession 006259937

Trumpower B.L., 1981: Rapid reduction of cytochrome c 1 in the presence of antimycin and its implications for the mechanism of electron transfer in the cytochrome b cytochrome c 1 segment of the mitochondrial respiratory chain

Cleland R.E., 1984: Rapid reduction of iaa of malondialdehyde levels in avena coleoptiles a possible effect on lipid peroxidation

Singer, F. L.; Pasnak, R.; Drash, P. W.; Baer, R., 1978: Rapid reduction of lengthy pausing during vocal responding by nonverbal retarded children

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Section 7, Chapter 6260, Accession 006259944

Section 7, Chapter 6260, Accession 006259946

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Section 7, Chapter 6260, Accession 006259954

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Section 7, Chapter 6260, Accession 006259973

Section 7, Chapter 6260, Accession 006259974

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Ludvigsen, R., 1977: Rapid repair of traumatic injury by an ordovician trilobite

Glickman B.W., 1985: Rapid repeated cloning of mutant lac repressor genes

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