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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 6261

Chapter 6261 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Schwesinger W.H., 1986: Rapid replacement of serum albumin in patients receiving total parenteral nutrition

Mackay I.R., 1982: Rapid replicate reverse hemolytic plaque assay directly in micro wells used for tissue culture

Section 7, Chapter 6261, Accession 006260003

Section 7, Chapter 6261, Accession 006260004

Lubker J.F., 1980: Rapid reproduction of vowel vowel sequences evidence for a fast and direct acoustic motoric linkage in speech

Maniatis T., 1986: Rapid reprogramming of globin gene expression in transient heterokaryons

D'athis P., 1984: Rapid reset of the corticosterone rhythm by food presentation in rats under acircadian restricted feeding schedule

Brown A.M., 1983: Rapid resetting of aortic baro receptors in vitro

Kunze D.L., 1982: Rapid resetting of low pressure vagal receptors in the superior vena cava of the rat

Korner P.I., 1986: Rapid resetting of rabbit aortic baroreceptors and reflex heart rate responses by directional changes in blood pressure

Korner P.I., 1982: Rapid resetting of the aortic baro receptors in the rabbit and its implications for short term and longer term reflex control

Kunze D.L., 1981: Rapid resetting of the carotid baro receptor reflex in the cat

Khym, J. X., 1976: Rapid resolution of 5 mono phosphate 5 di phosphate and 5 tri phosphate ribo nucleoside and deoxy ribo nucleoside mixtures by conventional anion exchange chromatography

Section 7, Chapter 6261, Accession 006260014

Section 7, Chapter 6261, Accession 006260015

Witten D.M., 1985: Rapid resolution of perfusion ventilatory abnormalities in pulmonary air embolism

Reddy G.P., 1987: Rapid resolution of phenylthiohydantoin amino acids by thin layer chromatography on silica gel plates impregnated with transition metal ions

Warlow C.P., 1987: Rapid resolution of signs of primary intracerebral hemorrhage in computed tomograms of the brain

Pascali V., 1983: Rapid resolution of transferrin c subtypes through iso electric focusing with 2 mercapto ethanol

Section 7, Chapter 6261, Accession 006260020

Yunghans, H.; Jaffe, M. J., 1972: Rapid respiratory changes due to red light or acetyl choline during the early events of phytochrome mediated photo morphogenesis

Lloyd C., 1982: Rapid responders to tri cyclic anti depressants

Reeds P.J., 1986: Rapid response of protein synthesis to insulin in 3t3 cells effects of protein kinase c depletion and differences from the response to serum repletion

Section 7, Chapter 6261, Accession 006260024

Schaefer E., 1981: Rapid response of suspension cultured parsley petroselinum hortense cells to the elicitor from phytophthora megasperma var sojae induction of the enzymes of general phenyl propnoid metabolism

Goldsmith M.H.M., 1983: Rapid response of the plasma membrane potential in oat avena sativa coleoptiles to auxin and other weak acids

Section 7, Chapter 6261, Accession 006260027

Burgess R.R., 1988: Rapid response to osmotic upshift by osmoregulated genes in escherichia coli and salmonella typhimurium

Wank R., 1982: Rapid responses of lymphocytes in an optimized mixed lymphocyte culture

Neskovic M., 1979: Rapid responses to light and gibberellic acid in etiolated pea pisum sativum cultivar alaska stems

Hawken M.J., 1982: Rapid restoration of functional input to the visual cortex of the cat after brief mon ocular deprivation

Togashi K., 1982: Rapid restoration of injured kidney after immediate removal of opposite normal kidney in comparison with delayed contralateral nephrectomy

Lehrach H., 1984: Rapid restriction mapping of dna cloned in lambda phage vectors

Sacktor J.D., 1982: Rapid resumption of cigarette smoking following myo cardial infarction inverse relation to myo cardial infarction severity

Griffin, C. G.; Letourneau, P. C., 1980: Rapid retraction of neurites by sensory neurons in response to increased concentrations of nerve growth factor

White J.G., 1981: Rapid return of cyclo oxygenase active platelets in dogs after a single oral dose of aspirin

Dijkhuis, C. M.; Van-Urk, H.; Malamud, D.; Malt, R. A., 1975: Rapid reversal of compensatory renal hypertrophy after withdrawal of the stimulus

Section 7, Chapter 6261, Accession 006260039

Marth E.H., 1985: Rapid reverse phase liquid chromatographic determination of aflatoxin m 1 in milk

Frohlich A.A., 1981: Rapid reversed phase high performance liquid chromatographic method for the quantitation of vicine convicine and related compounds

Marzluff W.F., 1984: Rapid reversible changes in the rate of histone gene transcription and histone messenger rna levels in mouse myeloma cells

Weselake R.J., 1980: Rapid reversible rounding and aggregation of rous sarcoma virus infected chicken fibroblasts induced by a plasma macro molecule

Puerto, A.; Deutsch, J. A.; Molina, F.; Roll, P., 1976: Rapid rewarding effects of intra gastric injections

Section 7, Chapter 6261, Accession 006260046

Section 7, Chapter 6261, Accession 006260047

Section 7, Chapter 6261, Accession 006260048

Danley, R. B.; Love, L.; Pickleman, J. R., 1976: Rapid roentgenologic diagnosis of acute cholecystitis

Cohen S., 1981: Rapid rounding of human epidermoid carcinoma cells a 431 induced by epidermal growth factor

Section 7, Chapter 6261, Accession 006260052

Abdullahi Y., 1987: Rapid rural appraisal for generating appropriate technologies for peasant farmers some experiences from northern nigeria

Torda C., 1981: Rapid saccades code a fast allocator of the generator photic stimulus

Cohn, D. A., 1976: Rapid safe and simple method for grafting whole thymus in the mouse

Lautenschlaeger D., 1986: Rapid salmonella detection in foods by motility enrichment on a modified semi solid rappaport vassiliadis medium

Barker D., 1985: Rapid sample analysis with a simplified elisa enzyme linked immunosorbent assay

Section 7, Chapter 6261, Accession 006260058

Martin D., 1988: Rapid sample preparation for determination of iron in tissue by closed vessel digestion and microwave energy

Section 7, Chapter 6261, Accession 006260060

Section 7, Chapter 6261, Accession 006260061

Sievers R.E., 1985: Rapid sampling and analysis of volatile constituents of airborne particulate matter

Justice J.B.Jr, 1987: Rapid sampling and determination of extracellular dopamine in vivo

Carey, A. E.; Schroeder, B. W., 1978: Rapid sampling culture chamber

Hart H.R., 1987: Rapid scan magnetic resonance angiography

Ducet G., 1981: Rapid scan spectrometry oxidation of substrates by coupled potato solanum tuberosum cultivar bintje mitochondria

Lindskog S., 1988: Rapid scan stopped flow studies of the flavoenzyme mercuric reductase during catalytic turnover

Section 7, Chapter 6261, Accession 006260069

Vallee B.L., 1986: Rapid scanning cryospectroscopy of enzyme substrate inhibitor complexes of cobalt carboxypeptidase a

Shimada K., 1986: Rapid scanning electrochemical detector with microworking electrode for microhigh performance liquid chromatography

Wilson A.J., 1983: Rapid scanning electron microscope techniques to investigate colonization of biomass support particles in the captor process

Section 7, Chapter 6261, Accession 006260073

Yana K., 1982: Rapid screen for bacteria degrading water insoluble solid hydro carbons on agar plates

Section 7, Chapter 6261, Accession 006260075

Reynolds R., 1979: Rapid screening and identification of airborne carcinogens of greatest concern in california usa

Marcon M.J., 1986: Rapid screening and microbiologic processing of pediatric urine specimens

Chi R.K., 1982: Rapid screening assay for beta lactam antibiotics in milk collaborative study

Quinn P.A., 1987: Rapid screening assay for phospholipase c activity in mycoplasmas

Section 7, Chapter 6261, Accession 006260080

Liedtke, M. A.; Meloan, C. E., 1976: Rapid screening determination of nitrate in baby food using the nitrate selective electrode

Krinitz, B., 1978: Rapid screening field test for detecting cadmium and lead extracted from glazed ceramic dinnerware collaborative study

Matsen J.M., 1981: Rapid screening for bacteriuria by light scatter photometry autobac a collaborative study

Dow C.S., 1981: Rapid screening for bacteriuria using a particle counter pulse height analyzer and computer

Richet H., 1984: Rapid screening for bacteriuria with a laser nephelometer

Goodman, C.; Newall, M.; Russell, G., 1976: Rapid screening for copper tolerance in ship fouling algae

Malkin S., 1987: Rapid screening for heat tolerance in phaseolus sp using the photoacoustic technique

Garnet, R. F. Jr ; Atkinson, B. F.; Bonner, H.; Wurzel, H. A., 1977: Rapid screening for lupus erythematosus cells using cyto centrifuge prepared buffy coat mono layers

Coulet M., 1981: Rapid screening for neo natal infection by employing new techniques for the use of nitro blue tetrazolium test

Hughes, C.; Meynell, G. G., 1977: Rapid screening for plasmid dna

Smither, R., 1977: Rapid screening for significant bacteriuria using a coulter counter

Shine J., 1980: Rapid screening for symbiotic mutants of rhizobium trifolii and white clover trifolium repens

Hamilton-Miller, J. M. T.; Gargan, R. A., 1979: Rapid screening for urease ec inhibitors

Kleyn, D. H., 1978: Rapid screening method for alkaline phosphatase activity in cheese collaborative study

Fletcher M., 1987: Rapid screening method for detection of bacterial mutants with altered adhesion abilities

Gurwith, M., 1977: Rapid screening method for entero toxigenic escherichia coli

Isono K., 1988: Rapid screening method for inhibitors of protein kinase c

Viklicky V., 1987: Rapid screening method for monoclonal antibodies against cytoskeletal proteins

Yamamoto N., 1988: Rapid screening method with a cell multisizer for inhibitors of human immunodeficiency virus induced cell fusion in vitro

Yamauchi K., 1987: Rapid screening of antigenically reactive fragments of alpha s 1 casein using hplc and elisa

Stiles M.E., 1979: Rapid screening of ground beef quality

Dosado, E. A.; Hsie, A. W.; Snyder, F., 1976: Rapid screening of lipid metabolism in mono layer cell cultures

Suss, R.; Volm, M., 1968: Rapid screening of macro molecular synthesis in single cell cultures inst scintillation counter

Strand M., 1983: Rapid screening of mono clonal antibodies new micro stick radio immunoassay

Street G.D., 1985: Rapid screening of monoclonal antibodies by spin adherence double immunosorbent test

Tilton R.C., 1984: Rapid screening of urine for significant bacteriuria by gram stain acridine orange stain and the autobac mts system

Chow, A. W.; Patten, V.; Guze, L. B., 1975: Rapid screening of veillonella by uv fluorescence

Erney D.R., 1983: Rapid screening procedure for pesticides and poly chlorinated bi phenyls in fish collaborative study

Karasz, A. B.; Maxstadt, J. J.; Reher, J.; Decocco, F., 1976: Rapid screening procedure for the determination of preservatives in ground beef sulfites benzoates sorbates and ascorbates

Woodford, W. J., 1975: Rapid screening procedures for some street drugs by thin layer chromatography an evaluation

Eichel V., 1984: Rapid screening test for determination of leucine aminopeptidase activity in cow milk for diagnosis of subclinical mastitis

Section 7, Chapter 6261, Accession 006260116

Metivier M., 1987: Rapid screening test for the decorporating capacity of a molecule

Leone L.A., 1987: Rapid screening with indirect immunotoxin for monoclonal antibodies against human small cell lung cancer

Domingo E., 1988: Rapid selection of genetic and antigenic variants of foot and mouth disease virus during persistence in cattle

Section 7, Chapter 6261, Accession 006260120

Section 7, Chapter 6261, Accession 006260121

Burnatsev M.G., 1983: Rapid selection of soil samples

Section 7, Chapter 6261, Accession 006260123

Pearman G.C., 1980: Rapid selection of sweet potato ipomoea batatas lines resistant to the sweet potato weevil cylas formicarius elegantulus

Peterson C.M., 1986: Rapid selection of viable transplantable human fetal pancreatic islets by trypan blue exclusion

Verdura J., 1983: Rapid selective brain cooling using head immersion and naso oral perfusion in dogs

Holley R.W., 1983: Rapid selective effects by a growth inhibitor and epidermal growth factor on the incorporation of sulfur 35 labeled methionine into proteins secreted by african green monkey bsc 1 cells

Rodrigues, U. M.; Kroll, R. G., 1988: Rapid selective enumeration of bacteria in foods using a microcolony epifluorescence microscopy technique

Adams G.A., 1982: Rapid selective stimulation by growth factors of the incorporation by balb c 3t3 cells of sulfur 35 labeled methionine into a glyco protein and super inducible proteins

Wainwright, R. S., 1978: Rapid semi automated method for the differential determination of urinary catecholamines

Matsen J.M., 1980: Rapid semi automated screening and processing of urine specimens

Popp R.L., 1983: Rapid semi automated technique for estimating left ventricular volume

Section 7, Chapter 6261, Accession 006260133

Messner R.P., 1981: Rapid semi quantitative isolation of beta 2 micro globulin from urine

Section 7, Chapter 6261, Accession 006260135

Monroe, J. H.; Brandt, P. M., 1970: Rapid semi quantitative method for screening large numbers of virus samples by negative staining electron microscopy

Pikova, L. A.; Panina, V. V.; Korneva, E. I.; Kurnosov, V. V.; Matveenko, L. F., 1977: Rapid semi quantitative method of determining the diosgenin content during breeding of solanum

Vincent, P. G.; Bare, C. E.; Gentner, W. A., 1976: Rapid semi quantitative spot test for determination of thebaine and differentiation of papaver bracteatum from papaver orientale and papaver pseudo orientale

Uthe J.F., 1986: Rapid semimicro method for determination of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons in shellfish by automated gel permeation liquid chromatography

Roth W., 1983: Rapid sensitive and fully automated high performance liquid chromatographic assay with fluorescence detection for sulmazole and metabolites

Wishousky T.I., 1979: Rapid sensitive and specific electron capture gas chromatographic method for the quantitation of 6 chloro 2 1 piperazinyl pyrazine in biological fluids

Allen, P. T.; Giron, D. J., 1970: Rapid sensitive assay for interferons based on the inhibition of mm virus nucleic acid synthesis

Kimble, C. E.; Anderson, A. W., 1973: Rapid sensitive assay for staphylococcal entero toxin a by reversed immuno osmophoresis

Collins J.K., 1987: Rapid sensitive competitive serologic elisa for detecting serum antibodies to bovine herpesvirus type 1

Hiramori, K.; Sumiyoshi, T.; Motegi, S.; Honda, T.; Kimata, S.; Hirosawa, K.; Kawai, H.; Kondo, A.; Iwaasa, M.; Miyoshi, K., 1978: Rapid sensitive detection of myo globinemia by improved counter immuno electrophoresis in cases of acute myo cardial infarction

Shenkin A., 1988: Rapid sensitive detection of plasma il 1 by extraction and bioassay

Section 7, Chapter 6261, Accession 006260148

Morgan A.R., 1984: Rapid sensitive fluorescence assays for dna endonucleases and dna glycosylases

Section 7, Chapter 6261, Accession 006260150

Section 7, Chapter 6261, Accession 006260151

Section 7, Chapter 6261, Accession 006260152

Fitzpatrick D.W., 1984: Rapid sensitive liquid chromatographic method for determination of zearalenone and alpha zearalenol and beta zearalenol in wheat

Section 7, Chapter 6261, Accession 006260154

Dorsey J.G., 1983: Rapid separation and determination of thyromimetic iodo amino acids by gradient elution reverse phase liquid chromatography with electrochemical detection

Stipanovic R.D., 1986: Rapid separation and identification of urinary metabolites of zeranol by high performance liquid chromatography uv spectrophotometry

Morimoto S., 1983: Rapid separation and measurement of rat urinary kallikrein by high performance liquid chromatography with a continuous flow enzyme detector

Watterson, D. M.; Iverson, D. B.; Van-Eldik, L. J., 1980: Rapid separation and quantitation of 3' 5' cyclic nucleotides and 5' nucleotides in phospho di esterase reaction mixtures using high performance liquid chromatography

Section 7, Chapter 6261, Accession 006260160

Goitein, R. K.; Parsons, S. M., 1978: Rapid separation of 5 phospho alpha d ribose 1 di phosphate from its metabolic derivatives

Lester R.L., 1979: Rapid separation of acetylated oligo saccharides by reverse phase high pressure liquid chromatography

Tarr G.E., 1981: Rapid separation of amino acid phenyl thio hydantoins by isocratic high performance liquid chromatography

Natowicz M., 1981: Rapid separation of anionic oligo saccharide species by high performance liquid chromatography

Evans C.H., 1982: Rapid separation of biologically active syrian hamster lympho toxin in high yield by size exclusion high performance liquid chromatography

Bont, W. S.; Hilgers, J. H. M., 1977: Rapid separation of cells at unit gravity

Lee, S. L.; Scott, A. I., 1976: Rapid separation of cobyrinic acid and its biosynthetic precursors by ion exchange paper chromatography

Christiaens G.C.M.L., 1980: Rapid separation of cytosol and particle fraction of human platelets by digitonin induced cell damage

Descomps B., 1986: Rapid separation of dehydrogenases by affinity chromatography with new induced specificity phases

Bernard, P.; Susplugas, P.; Balansard, G.; Lallemand, M., 1978: Rapid separation of di terpene acids contained in cypress cones of cupressus sempervirens using preparative liquid chromatography chromatospac prep 100 jobin yvon

Zinchenko V.V., 1984: Rapid separation of dna by buoyant density in 3 layer cesium chloride gradients

Okuhara E., 1979: Rapid separation of dna constituents bases nucleosides and nucleotides under the same chromatographic conditions using high performance liquid chromatography with a reversed phase column

Lahti R.A., 1981: Rapid separation of enkephalins and endorphins on sep pak reverse phase cartridges

Ebel J P., 1986: Rapid separation of escherichia coli 30s ribosomal proteins by fast protein liquid chromatography

Ito Y., 1988: Rapid separation of flavonoids by analytical high speed countercurrent chromatography

Holen, B., 1985: Rapid separation of free sterols by reversed phase high performance liquid chromatography

Scott D.D., 1982: Rapid separation of gangliosides by high performance liquid chromatography

Zimmerman R.L., 1987: Rapid separation of gram quantities of phospholipids from biological membranes by preparative high performance liquid chromatography

Turco S.J., 1981: Rapid separation of high mannose type oligo saccharides by high pressure liquid chromatography

Puschendorf B., 1986: Rapid separation of histones by high performance liquid chromatography on c 4 reversed phase columns

Ashman R.F., 1984: Rapid separation of human monocytes and lymphocytes by sephadex g 10

Mizuike A., 1987: Rapid separation of humic acid in fresh waters by coprecipitation and flotation

Frisch-Niggemeyer, W., 1975: Rapid separation of immuno globulin m from immuno globulin g antibodies for reliable diagnosis of recent rubella infections

Bodine J., 1985: Rapid separation of immunoglobulin m from whole serum using spun column chromatography

Hems, R.; Lund, P.; Krebs, H. A., 1975: Rapid separation of isolated hepatocytes or similar tissue fragments for analysis of cell constituents

Chan H C., 1987: Rapid separation of liposomes using ultrafiltration

Fry, D. W.; White, J. C.; Goldman, I. D., 1978: Rapid separation of low molecular weight solutes from liposomes without dilution

Codd G.A., 1983: Rapid separation of micro algae by density gradient centrifugation in percoll

Mcmahon J.T., 1979: Rapid separation of mouse thymus derived and bone marrow derived lymphocytes using wheat germ agglutinin

Troy F.A., 1987: Rapid separation of oligomers of polysialic acid by high performance liquid chromatography

Carlomagno, L.; Huebner, V. D.; Matthews, H. R., 1985: Rapid separation of phosphoamino acids including the phosphohistidines by isocratic high performance liquid chromatography of the o phthalaldehyde derivatives

Section 7, Chapter 6261, Accession 006260192

Mccarron B.A., 1988: Rapid separation of pneumocystis carinii from lung lavage fluids

Savory J., 1983: Rapid separation of prostaglandins by linear high performance thin layer chromatography

Mikes O., 1979: Rapid separation of proteins and their higher molecular fragments by means of spheron ion exchangers

Rohlich P., 1980: Rapid separation of rat peritoneal mast cells with percoll

Pace, M.; Dixon, J. E., 1978: Rapid separation of reduced and oxidized glutathione following its reaction with n ethyl maleimide

Section 7, Chapter 6261, Accession 006260198

Williams M.L., 1986: Rapid separation of soft drink ingredients using high performance liquid chromatography

Munk K., 1982: Rapid separation of t cell sub populations with mono clonal antibodies and affinity chromatography

Section 7, Chapter 6261, Accession 006260201

Solomon S., 1979: Rapid separation of the alpha beta gamma and agamma human globin chains by reversed phase high pressure liquid chromatography

Hampp R., 1980: Rapid separation of the plastid mitochondrial and cytoplasmic fractions from intact leaf protoplasts of avena sativa cultivar arnold determination of in vivo atp pool sizes during greening

Molnar, I.; Horvath, C., 1977: Rapid separation of urinary acids by high performance liquid chromatography

Haerdi W., 1979: Rapid separation on copper powder of total mercury in blood and determination of mercury by flameless atomic absorption spectrometry

Itabashi Y., 1987: Rapid separations of diacylglycerol and dialkylglycerol enantiomers by high performance liquid chromatography on a chiral stationary phase

Gray, W. R.; Smith, J. F., 1970: Rapid sequence analysis of small peptides

Thompson J.A., 1979: Rapid sequence determination of late sv 40 16s messenger rna leader by using inhibitors of reverse transcriptase

Sondermeijer P.J.A., 1980: Rapid sequence divergence in a heat shock locus of drosophila

Section 7, Chapter 6261, Accession 006260211

Schwab C.W., 1988: Rapid sequence induction with oral endotracheal intubation in the multiply injured patient

Riley W.D., 1979: Rapid sequential changes in surface morphology of pc 12 pheo chromo cytoma cells in response to nerve growth factor

Section 7, Chapter 6261, Accession 006260214

Section 7, Chapter 6261, Accession 006260215

Hockmeyer W.T., 1985: Rapid serodiagnosis of leptospirosis using the immunoglobulin m specific dot elisa enzyme linked immunosorbent assay comparison with the microscopic agglutination test

Gonzalez R., 1979: Rapid serogroup identification of neisseria meningitidis by using anti serum agar prevalence of serotypes in a disease free military population

Lane J.G., 1982: Rapid serological diagnosis of aspergillus fumigatus infection of the frontal sinuses and nasal chambers of the dog

Kimura M., 1984: Rapid serological diagnosis of mumps virus infection by an enzyme linked immunosorbent assay elisa of mumps immunoglobulin g and immunoglobulin m antibodies

Tomkova E., 1988: Rapid serological diagnosis of tick borne encephalitis by means of enzyme immunoassay

Simonson, J.; Siebeling, R. J., 1986: Rapid serological identification of vibrio vulnificus by anti h coagglutination

Zilman S.L., 1980: Rapid serological methods for diagnosis of venereal diseases using an automatic system designed for examination of the population

Snyder, D. B.; Marquardt, W. W.; Mallinson, E. T.; Russek-Cohen, E.; Savage, P. K.; Allen, D. C., 1986: Rapid serological profiling by elisa iv. association of infectious bursal disease serology with broiler flock performance

Snyder, D. B.; Marquardt, W. W.; Mallinson, E. T.; Savage, P. K.; Allen, D. C., 1984: Rapid serological profiling by enzyme linked immuno sorbent assay elisa 3. simultaneous measurements of antibody titers to infectious bronchitis infectious bursal disease and newcastle disease viruses in a single serum dilution

Vedunova, S. L., 1987: Rapid serological screening of human sera for antibodies to measles virus by means of the solid phase enzyme immunoassay

Worthen D.M., 1982: Rapid serological technique for typing herpes simplex viruses

Darougar, S.; Treharne, J. D.; Minassian, D.; El-Sheikh, H.; Dines, R. J.; Jones, B. R., 1978: Rapid serological test for diagnosis of chlamydial ocular infections

Grzelak Puczynska I., 1981: Rapid serotyping of bacteria of the bacteroides fragilis group by direct immuno fluorescence serotype specific conjugates

Olcen P., 1979: Rapid serotyping of groups a b and c meningococci by rocket line immuno electrophoresis and co agglutination

Percivalle E., 1984: Rapid serotyping of human rotavirus strains by solid phase immune electron microscopy

Hopkins S.R., 1984: Rapid serotyping of infectious bronchitis virus isolates with the hemagglutination inhibition test

Section 7, Chapter 6261, Accession 006260234

Section 7, Chapter 6261, Accession 006260235

Section 7, Chapter 6261, Accession 006260236

Cotton, D. J.; Bleecker, E. R.; Fischer, S. P.; Graf, P. D.; Gold, W. M.; Nadel, J. A., 1977: Rapid shallow breathing after ascaris suum antigen inhalation role of vagus nerves

Section 7, Chapter 6261, Accession 006260238

Roberts A.M., 1983: Rapid shallow breathing evoked by selective stimulation of airway c fibers in dogs

Miller W.C., 1981: Rapid shallow ventilatory pattern during exercise after histamine broncho provocation

Postema R., 1988: Rapid shrinkage of rat striatal extracellular space after local kainate application and ischemia as recorded by impedance

Coles J.A., 1982: Rapid silylation of a glass surface choice of reagent and effect of experimental parameters on hydrophobicity

Lipman D.J., 1983: Rapid similarity searches of nucleic acid and protein data banks

Mikelsaar A V.N., 1988: Rapid simple and sensitive antigen capture elisa for the quantitation of myoglobin using monoclonal antibodies

Nilsson-Ehle, P.; Ekman, R., 1977: Rapid simple and specific assays for lipo protein lipase and hepatic lipase

Section 7, Chapter 6261, Accession 006260246

Moorhead P.D., 1981: Rapid simple method of preparing rotaviral double stranded rna for analysis by poly acrylamide gel electrophoresis

Olson, B. A.; Sneath, T. C.; Jain, N. C., 1978: Rapid simple procedures for the simultaneous gas chromatographic analysis of 4 chlorophenoxy herbicides in water and soil samples

Tan Y.L., 1979: Rapid simple sample preparation technique for analyzing polynuclear aromatic hydro carbons in sediments by gas chromatography mass spectrometry

Potter, J. L.; Nicely, A.; Burnstine, R. A., 1975: Rapid simplified diagnosis of cystinosis in conjunctival biopsies

Matsuda M., 1985: Rapid simplified method for production and purification of tetanus toxin

Section 7, Chapter 6261, Accession 006260254

Section 7, Chapter 6261, Accession 006260255

Rella J., 1987: Rapid simultaneous assessment of neutrophil superoxide generation and lysosomal enzyme release

Olson J.A., 1988: Rapid simultaneous determination of isomers of retinal retinal oxime and retinol by high performance liquid chromatography

Siemkowicz E., 1980: Rapid simultaneous determination of regional blood flow and blood brain glucose transfer in brain of rat

Cotterill E.G., 1979: Rapid simultaneous determination of residues of 2 methyl 4 chlorophenoxy acetic acid mecoprop and 4 chloro 2 methylphenoxy butyric acid in soil by gas chromatography of the penta fluorobenzyl ester

Section 7, Chapter 6261, Accession 006260261

Section 7, Chapter 6261, Accession 006260262

Section 7, Chapter 6261, Accession 006260263

Ljunggren, J. G.; Persson, B.; Tryselius, M., 1976: Rapid simultaneous radio immunoassay for the measurement of tri iodo thyronine and thyroxine in unextracted human serum

Benson, J. V-Jr ; Cormick, J.; Patterson, J. A., 1969: Rapid single column analysis of amino acids related to some amino acidopathies

Morris T.H., 1987: Rapid single step isolation of equine neutrophils on a discontinuous percoll density gradient

Section 7, Chapter 6261, Accession 006260268

Silverman M.P., 1979: Rapid single step most probable number method for enumerating fecal coliforms in effluents from sewage treatment plants

Section 7, Chapter 6261, Accession 006260270

Rockliff S., 1982: Rapid single tube confirmatory test for escherichia coli

Mcclain W.H., 1987: Rapid site specific mutagenesis in plasmids

Schibler U., 1984: Rapid size determination of messenger rna species complementary to cloned dna sequences plaque and colony hybrid selection of complementary dna species

Morris A.M., 1981: Rapid skin cover in hand injuries using the reverse dermis flap

Latash, L. P.; Rait, M. L., 1978: Rapid sleep in sequential episodes of narcolepsy and 90 100 minute bio rhythm

Axelrod J.L., 1979: Rapid slide agglutination test for lancefield grouping of streptococci

Kirkegaard, M. K.; Field, C. R., 1977: Rapid slide co agglutination test for identifying and typing group b streptococci

Section 7, Chapter 6261, Accession 006260278

Carr N.G., 1982: Rapid small scale plasmid isolation by several methods from filamentous cyanobacteria

Russell M.A.H., 1980: Rapid smoking cue exposure and support in the modification of smoking

Adelman W.J.Jr, 1984: Rapid sodium channel conductance changes during voltage clamp steps in squid loligo pealei giant axons

Qadri, S. M. H.; Nichols, C. W.; Qadri, S. G. M., 1978: Rapid sodium chloride tolerance test for presumptive identification of enterococci

Section 7, Chapter 6261, Accession 006260283

Vaheri A., 1981: Rapid solid phase enzyme immunoassay for antibodies to viruses and other microbes effects of poly ethylene glycol

Goss, D. J.; Parkhurst, L. J., 1978: Rapid solid phase isolation of 20 specific transfer rna from escherichia coli

Dickie, N.; Konowalchuk, J., 1977: Rapid solid phase radioassay for staphylococcal protein a

Feinstein R.E., 1985: Rapid solid phase radioimmunoassay for detection of equine infectious anemia viral antigen and antibodies parameters involved in standardization

Matuski, J. E.; Powell, J. B.; Gregory, D. M., 1971: Rapid solubility test for detection of hemo globin s

Levinson S.S., 1980: Rapid solubilization and grouping of antigens from beta hemolytic streptococci via a centrifugal analyzer

Conklin A.W., 1980: Rapid solubilization and translocation of cadmium 109 oxide following pulmonary deposition

Gaffin S.L., 1979: Rapid solubilization of human body tissues and tissue fluids for micro determination of heavy metals

Bush, G. L.; Case, S. M.; Wilson, A. C.; Patton, J. L., 1977: Rapid speciation and chromosomal evolution in mammals

Section 7, Chapter 6261, Accession 006260294

Jenkins A.L., 1983: Rapid species identification and biotyping of respiratory isolates of haemophilus spp

Sweeney C., 1985: Rapid species identification of group c streptococci isolated from horses

Portas, M. R.; Hogan, N. A.; Hill, H. R., 1976: Rapid specific identification of group d streptococci by counter immuno electrophoresis

Belloli R.C., 1982: Rapid specific method for di ethyl stilbestrol analysis using an in line photochemical reactor with high performance liquid chromatography and fluorescence detection

Dunford H.B., 1987: Rapid spectral scan and stopped flow studies of carbon monoxide binding to bovine adrenocortical cytochrome p 450 scc

Williamson, R. E.; Mcclure, W. F., 1986: Rapid spectrophotometric analysis of the chemical composition of tobacco nicotiana tabacum part 4. total nitrogen

Mcclure, W. F.; Norris, K. H.; Weeks, W. W., 1977: Rapid spectrophotometric analysis of the chemical composition of tobacco part 1 total reducing sugars

Hamid, A.; Mcclure, W. F.; Weeks, W. W., 1978: Rapid spectrophotometric analysis of the chemical composition of tobacco total alkaloids

Gadia, M. K.; Mehra, M. C., 1977: Rapid spectrophotometric analysis of total and ionic iron in the microgram range

Section 7, Chapter 6261, Accession 006260306

Dresdner, G., 1978: Rapid spectrophotometric determination of acholeplasma laidlawii membranes

Reddy D.V., 1987: Rapid spectrophotometric determination of copper and palladium with indane 1 2 3 trione monothiosemicarbazone

Doan, N. G.; Parks, J. E.; Lindenbaum, A., 1975: Rapid spectrophotometric determination of di ethylenetriamine penta acetic acid in urine

Section 7, Chapter 6261, Accession 006260310

Crawford, R. L.; Frick, T. D., 1977: Rapid spectrophotometric differentiation between glutathione dependent and glutathione independent gentisate and homo gentisate pathways

Baker, H. J., 1978: Rapid spectrophotometric method for determination of 2 amino butane in post harvest dips

Section 7, Chapter 6261, Accession 006260313

Yamabe S., 1980: Rapid spectrophotometric method for the determination of beta lactamase activity

Frolov V.A., 1986: Rapid spectrophotometric method for the determination of thermoresistance in animal tissue lysosomes

Drakenberg J., 1986: Rapid spectrophotometric ph measurements based on the dual wavelength technique

Sugiura M., 1987: Rapid splicing and stepwise processing of a transcript from the psb b operon in tobacco chloroplasts determination of the intron sites in pet b and pet d

Johnston, R. N.; Beverley, S. M.; Schimke, R. T., 1983: Rapid spontaneous di hydro folate reductase ec gene amplification shown by fluorescence activated cell sorting

Langlands, J. P.; Donald, G. E.; Bowles, J. E.; Smith, A. J., 1980: Rapid spot test for glutathione peroxidase ec activity comparison with a spectrophotometric procedure and assessment of the test as a measure of selenium in the blood of grazing ruminants

Edberg, S. C.; Gam, K.; Bottenbley, C. J.; Singer, J. M., 1976: Rapid spot test for the determination of esculin hydrolysis

Gibson R.W., 1981: Rapid spread by mites of rye grass mosaic virus from old sward to seedling rye grass and its prevention by aldicarb

Section 7, Chapter 6261, Accession 006260322

Webb B.L., 1986: Rapid stabilization of fire disturbed sites using a soil crust slurry inoculation studies

Radola B.J., 1982: Rapid staining of proteins in ultra thin layer iso electric focusing in poly acrylamide gels

Jackson D.H., 1979: Rapid staining technique for trichomonas vaginalis

Werner J.L., 1981: Rapid staining techniques employed in fine needle aspirations of the lung

Carmignani, G. M.; Bennett, J. P., 1977: Rapid start up of a biological filter in a closed aquaculture system

Gjedde A., 1980: Rapid steady state analysis of blood brain glucose transfer in rat

Section 7, Chapter 6261, Accession 006260329

Strom T.B., 1985: Rapid stereospecific stimulation of lymphocytic metabolism by interleukin 2

Section 7, Chapter 6261, Accession 006260331

Lieberman I., 1979: Rapid stimulation by insulin of ribosome synthesis in cultured chick embryo fibroblasts

Greene L.A., 1979: Rapid stimulation by nerve growth factor of amino acid uptake by clonal pc 12 pheo chromo cytoma cells

Section 7, Chapter 6261, Accession 006260334

Aaronson S.A., 1987: Rapid stimulation of diacylglycerol production in xenopus oocytes by microinjection of h ras p21

Sakai H., 1988: Rapid stimulation of fluid phase endocytosis and exocytosis by insulin insulin like growth factor 1 and epidermal growth factor in kb cells

Section 7, Chapter 6261, Accession 006260337

Husoy A M., 1988: Rapid stimulation of liver palmitoyl coenzyme a synthetase carnitine palmitoyltransferase and glycerophosphate acyltransferase compared to peroxisomal beta oxidation and palmitoyl coenzyme a hydrolase in rats fed high fat diets

Wertz, P. W.; Mueller, G. C., 1978: Rapid stimulation of phospho lipid metabolism in bovine lymphocytes by tumor promoting phorbol esters

Cohen S., 1979: Rapid stimulation of pinocytosis in human carcinoma cells a 431 by epidermal growth factor

Section 7, Chapter 6261, Accession 006260341

Skolnick P., 1986: Rapid stress induced modification of the benzodiazepine receptor coupled chloride ionophore

Straub K.M., 1986: Rapid structure elucidation of catecholamine conjugates with tandem mass spectrometry

Wilson G.S., 1985: Rapid sub picomole electrochemical enzyme immunoassay for immunoglobulin g

Luzio J.P., 1987: Rapid subcellular fractionation of the rat liver endocytic compartments involved in transcytosis of polymeric immunoglobulin a and endocytosis of asialofetuin

Balster R.L., 1979: Rapid substitution procedure for intra venous drug self administration studies in rhesus monkeys

Moslen, M. T.; Reynolds, E. S., 1985: Rapid substrate specific and dose dependent deactivation of liver cytosolic glutathione s transferases ec in vivo by 1 1 dichloroethylene

Meiklejohn G., 1979: Rapid subtyping of influenza a virus isolates by membrane fluorescence

Whinna H.C., 1986: Rapid sulfopropyl disk chromatographic purification of bovine and human thrombin

Jacobs H., 1981: Rapid super pulse carbon di oxide laser treatment of urethral condylomata

Section 7, Chapter 6261, Accession 006260352

Section 7, Chapter 6261, Accession 006260353

Smith H., 1985: Rapid suppression of extension growth in dark grown wheat triticum aestivum cultivar maris huntsman seedlings by red light

Green P.B., 1981: Rapid suppression of growth by blue light biophysical mechanism of action

Cosgrove D.J., 1981: Rapid suppression of growth by blue light occurrence time course and general characteristics

Kanis J.A., 1987: Rapid suppression of plasma alkaline phosphatase activity after renal transplantation in patients with osteodystrophy

Malik, K. A., 1977: Rapid surface colony counts determination with 3 new miniaturized techniques

Ansehn S., 1988: Rapid susceptibility testing of mycobacterium tuberculosis by bioluminescence assay of mycobacterial atp

Lee, W., 1971: Rapid sweep polarography of cystine

Moore J.C.Jr, 1986: Rapid symptomatic relief of streptococcal pharyngitis in children

Huleihel M., 1981: Rapid syncytium formation induced by moloney murine sarcoma virus in 3t3 nih cells and its delay by mouse interferon

Section 7, Chapter 6261, Accession 006260364

Section 7, Chapter 6261, Accession 006260365

Tenniswood M.P., 1988: Rapid synthesis and cloning of complementary dna from any rna molecule into plasmid and phage m13 vectors

Reiffers, S.; Der-Molen, H. D. B. V.; Vaalburg, W.; Hoeve, W. T.; Paans, A. M. J.; Korf, J.; Woldring, M. G.; Wynberg, H., 1977: Rapid synthesis and purification of carbon 11 labeled dopa a potential agent for brain studies

Faghih R., 1987: Rapid synthesis of 2 deoxy 2 c methyl d glucose from levoglucosan

Pichat L., 1979: Rapid synthesis of carbon 14 labeled 2 deoxy d glucose suitable for labeling with carbon 11

Szuts T., 1979: Rapid synthesis of carbon 14 labeled 4 5 amino 5 4 imidazolecarboxamide

Kaper J.M., 1982: Rapid synthesis of double stranded cucumber mosaic virus associated rna 5 mechanism controlling viral pathogenesis?

Section 7, Chapter 6261, Accession 006260372

Stowe S., 1980: Rapid synthesis of photo receptor membrane and assembly of new micro villi in a crab leptograpsus variegatus at dusk

Eisenberg R.A., 1988: Rapid t cell receptor modulation accompanies lack of in vitro mitogenic responsiveness of double negative t cells to anti cd3 monoclonal antibody in mrl mp lpr 1pr mice

Gelperin A., 1980: Rapid taste aversion learning by an isolated molluscan central nervous system

Section 7, Chapter 6261, Accession 006260377

Besson, J. E.; Champier, J.; Chambosse, A. M.; Radisson, J.; Berger, M., 1978: Rapid technique for preparing thyroid rna without phenol

Garg O.P., 1980: Rapid technique for screening barley hordeum vulgare varieties for their relative drought tolerance

D'ardenne A.J., 1987: Rapid technique of dna dna in situ hybridization on formalin fixed tissue sections using microwave irradiation

Zwischenberger J.B., 1987: Rapid technique of occlusion of the venae cavae for total cardiopulmonary bypass during repeat cardiac operations

Harford, S.; Jones, D.; Weitzman, P. D. J., 1976: Rapid techniques for the examination of bacterial citrate synthases

Dizon, A. E.; Neill, W. H.; Magnuson, J. J., 1977: Rapid temperature compensation of volitional swimming speeds and lethal temperatures in tropical tunas scombridae

Kinsella P.A., 1982: Rapid temperature dependent transformation of the trh receptor complex in rat pituitary tumor cell

Slack, C. R.; Roughan, P. G., 1978: Rapid temperature induced changes in the fatty acid composition of certain lipids in developing linseed and soybean cotyledons

Paquette G., 1980: Rapid temperature programmed gas linked chromatography of volatile fatty acids 1 carbon to 7 carbon for the identification of anaerobic bacteria

Martin B., 1987: Rapid tentative identification of rhizoctonia spp associated with diseased turfgrasses

Qadri, S. M. H.; Nichols, C. W.; Qadri, S. G. M.; Villarreal, A., 1978: Rapid test for acetylmethyl carbinol formation by enterobacteriaceae

Hamelin, C.; Chung, Y. S., 1976: Rapid test for assay of ozone sensitivity in escherichia coli

Vandenbergh, P. A.; Bawdon, R. E.; Berk, R. S., 1979: Rapid test for determining the intra cellular rhodanese ec activity of various bacteria

Yang Z., 1983: Rapid test for identification of heat labile entero toxin producing escherichia coli colonies

Zubairi S., 1980: Rapid test for indole formation with nonproliferating bacteria

Brooker, D. C.; Lund, M. E.; Blazevic, D. J., 1973: Rapid test for lysine decarboxylase activity in enterobacteriaceae

Felinska W., 1979: Rapid test for screening of narcotic analgesics in mice

Ederer, G. M.; Chu, J. H.; Blazevic, D. J., 1971: Rapid test for urease and phenyl alanine deaminase production

Marangi M., 1981: Rapid test on amniotic fluid for diagnosis of fetal pulmonary maturity

Crawford, M. N., 1978: Rapid testing of ficinized cells in capillary tubes

Johnson S., 1981: Rapid tests for esculin hydrolysis by anaerobic bacteria

Page G.A., 1982: Rapid thawing of fresh frozen plasma

Landa V., 1982: Rapid thawing of rabbit embryos after storage at minus 196 celsius freezing of embryos culture transfer into the recipients implantation

Lin, J. S.; Baranowski, J. D.; Olcott, H. S., 1977: Rapid thin layer chromatographic densitometric determination of histamine in tuna

Martins M.L., 1983: Rapid thin layer chromatographic determination of patulin citrinin and afla toxin in apples and pears and their juices and jams

Section 7, Chapter 6261, Accession 006260403

White D.G., 1984: Rapid thin layer chromatographic method for determination of zearalenone and zearalenol in grains and animal feeds

Balzer, I.; Bogdanic, C.; Pepeljnjak, S., 1978: Rapid thin layer chromatographic method for determining afla toxin b 1 ochra toxin a and zearalenone in corn/

Schutz, D. E.; Chang, G. W.; Bjeldanes, L. F., 1976: Rapid thin layer chromatographic method for the detection of histamine in fish products

Section 7, Chapter 6261, Accession 006260408

Section 7, Chapter 6261, Accession 006260409

Section 7, Chapter 6261, Accession 006260410

Datta, S.; Datta, S. C., 1977: Rapid thin layer chromatographic separation of p phenylazophenyl thio hydantoins of amino acids

Section 7, Chapter 6261, Accession 006260412

Section 7, Chapter 6261, Accession 006260413

Goyal R.N., 1980: Rapid thin layer chromatographic separation of some closely related potential anti neoplastic aryl azo thiazoles

Robinson R.W., 1986: Rapid thin layer chromatography and high performance liquid chromatography quantification of cucurbitacin c in cucumber cotyledons

De Moerloose P., 1987: Rapid thin layer chromatography of homocysteine cysteine mixtures as their thiolyte derivatives

Drehsen G., 1981: Rapid thin layer chromatography of various weak analgesics in saliva

Chao Y.S., 1987: Rapid three dimensional angiography with undersample mr imaging

Matthaei D., 1986: Rapid three dimensional magnetic resonance imaging using the flash fast low angle shot technique

Altschuler, M. D.; Sontag, M. R.; Bloch, P., 1987: Rapid three dimensional treatment planning i. ray tracing approach to primary component dose calculations

Section 7, Chapter 6261, Accession 006260421

Cook W.D., 1982: Rapid thymomas induced by abelson murine leukemia virus

Section 7, Chapter 6261, Accession 006260423

Aker Diabet Group, 1985: Rapid tightening of blood glucose control leads to transient deterioration of retinopathy in insulin dependent diabetes mellitus the oslo norway study

Palumbo R., 1982: Rapid time production in the rabbit of anti tri iodo thyronine antibodies at high titer to be used in the radio immunoassay practice

Trudel M., 1988: Rapid titration of bovine caprine and human rs virus by a micro immunoperoxidase assay using a monoclonal antibody and a permissive ovine kidney cell line

Imperato A., 1985: Rapid tolerance to neuroleptic induced stimulation of dopamine release in freely moving rats

El-Yousef, M. K.; Steranka, L.; Sanders-Bush, E., 1977: Rapid tolerance to the motor effects of p chloro amphetamine in rats

Tjaden, U. R.; Kraak, J. C.; Huber, J. F. K., 1977: Rapid trace analysis of barbiturates in blood and saliva by high pressure liquid chromatography

Section 7, Chapter 6261, Accession 006260430

Section 7, Chapter 6261, Accession 006260431

Section 7, Chapter 6261, Accession 006260432

Section 7, Chapter 6261, Accession 006260433

Section 7, Chapter 6261, Accession 006260434

Tavani Petrone C., 1985: Rapid tranquilization the efficacy of oral concentrate

Section 7, Chapter 6261, Accession 006260436

De-Kruijff, B.; Baken, P., 1978: Rapid trans bi layer movement of phospho lipids induced by an asymmetrical perturbation of the bi layer

Yudilevich D.L., 1984: Rapid trans capillary exchange and uni directional neuronal uptake of noradrenaline in the perfused rabbit heart

Rothman, J. E.; Kennedy, E. P., 1977: Rapid trans membrane movement of newly synthesized phospho lipids during membrane assembly

Section 7, Chapter 6261, Accession 006260440

Section 7, Chapter 6261, Accession 006260441

Heimer, L.; Kalil, R., 1978: Rapid trans neuronal degeneration and death of cortical neurons following removal of the olfactory bulb in adult rats

Schubach W.H., 1987: Rapid transcriptional down regulation of c myc expression during cyclic amp promoted differentiation of leukemic cells

Section 7, Chapter 6261, Accession 006260445

Thompson R.F., 1986: Rapid transfer of training occurs when direct mossy fiber stimulation is used as a conditioned stimulus for classical eyelid conditioning

Schwertner, H. A., 1978: Rapid transferring device for immiscible liquids

Braun L.D., 1983: Rapid transient drop in brain glucose after intra venous phloretin or 3 o methyl d glucose

Castenholz R.W., 1982: Rapid transient growth at low ph in the cyanobacterium synechococcus sp

Lamb C.J., 1985: Rapid transient induction of phenylalanine ammonia lyase messenger rna in elicitor treated bean cells

Section 7, Chapter 6261, Accession 006260451

Mohr H., 1988: Rapid transmission of a phytochrome signal from hypocotyl hook to cotyledons in mustard sinapis alba l

Section 7, Chapter 6261, Accession 006260453

Section 7, Chapter 6261, Accession 006260454

Section 7, Chapter 6261, Accession 006260455

Section 7, Chapter 6261, Accession 006260456

Scrignar C.B., 1981: Rapid treatment of contamination phobia with hand washing compulsion by flooding with hypnosis

Kroll, H. W., 1975: Rapid treatment of dog phobia by a feeding procedure

Section 7, Chapter 6261, Accession 006260459

Section 7, Chapter 6261, Accession 006260460

Ingersoll, B.; Curry, F., 1977: Rapid treatment of persistent vomiting in a 14 year old female by shaping and time out

Garnett J.L., 1982: Rapid tritium labeling of steroids using ethyl aluminum chloride and boron tri bromide catalysts

Smith D.D., 1980: Rapid tube christie atkins munch peterson test for identification of streptococcus agalactiae lancefield group b

Ogawa H., 1986: Rapid tumor regression and induction of tumor regressing activity in serum by various immune modulating agents

Nitta K., 1986: Rapid tumor regression caused by antitumor polysaccharide and induction of tumor regressing factor in the serum of tumor bearing mice

Venta R., 1983: Rapid turbidimetric determination of serum complement c 3c and complement c 4 by end point centrifugal analysis

Mia, A. S.; Koger, H. D.; Tierney, M. M., 1978: Rapid turbidimetric determination of serum pancreatic lipase in the dog

Yaniv M., 1979: Rapid turnover of acetyl groups in the 4 core histones of sv 40 mini chromosomes

Section 7, Chapter 6261, Accession 006260470

Cooper H.L., 1983: Rapid turnover of hla proteins in quiescent lymphocytes proposed connection with immunologic surveillance

Phillips A.H., 1979: Rapid turnover of intra cellular membranes in mopc 41 myeloma cells and its possible relationship to secretion

Jacomb P.A., 1984: Rapid turnover of mannitol 1 phosphate in escherichia coli

Mcmenemy M.L., 1988: Rapid turnover of the 1 25 dihydroxyvitamin d 3 receptor in human target cells

Section 7, Chapter 6261, Accession 006260475

Mildenberg B., 1986: Rapid turnover proteins as nutritional indicators

Cox, F. R.; Slack, C. E.; Cox, M. E.; Pruden, E. L.; Martin, J. R., 1978: Rapid tween 80 hydrolysis test for mycobacteria

Section 7, Chapter 6261, Accession 006260478

Section 7, Chapter 6261, Accession 006260479

Oxman M.N., 1980: Rapid typing of herpes simplex virus isolates by dna dna hybridization

Tezuka T., 1985: Rapid typing of herpes simplex virus using monoclonal antibodies

Heys A.D., 1987: Rapid typing of serum paraproteins by immunoblotting without antigen excess artifacts

Evenson, M. A.; Pendergast, D. D., 1974: Rapid ultra micro direct determination of erythrocyte lead concentration by atomic absorption spectrophotometry with use of a graphite tube furnace

Rey, A.; Hanss, M., 1970: Rapid ultramicro determination of serum cholin esterase activity by a conductimetric technique

Odegaard S., 1981: Rapid ultrasound diagnosis in acute abdominal diseases

Herman, A. W.; Denman, K. L., 1977: Rapid underway profiling of chlorophyll with an in situ fluorometer mounted on a batfish vehicle

Feeley S.M., 1981: Rapid uni directional change of hybrid dysgenesis potential in drosophila melanogaster

Kunimoto, S.; Miura, K.; Takahashi, Y.; Takeuchi, T.; Umezawa, H., 1983: Rapid uptake by cultured tumor cells and intra cellular behavior of 4' o tetra hydro pyranyl adriamycin

Trautwein E., 1986: Rapid urea determination in milk by a urea strip method and a reflection photometric evaluation

Cox, F. R.; Cox, M. E.; Martin, J. R., 1977: Rapid urease test for mycobacteria preliminary observations

Blincow E.D., 1987: Rapid urease test in the management of campylobacter pyloridis associated gastritis

Gross M.D., 1988: Rapid urine dilution to improve pelvic imaging in bone scanning

Section 7, Chapter 6261, Accession 006260495

Mulder C., 1987: Rapid vacuum driven transfer of dna and rna from gels to solid supports

Cardinaud B., 1987: Rapid valvation of progesterone level in cow milk by the new immunoenzymatic assays when and how to use one of them

Kodousek R., 1982: Rapid variant of grocotts method for staining fungi in paraffin tissue sections

Reyss A., 1988: Rapid variations in the content of the rna of the small subunit of ribulose 1 5 bisphosphate carboxylase of mature tobacco leaves in response to localized changes in light quantity relationships between the activity and quantity of the enzyme

Poggi S., 1986: Rapid variations of glycated hemoglobins levels in vitro a preliminary study in diabetic patients

Ivanova Z., 1981: Rapid vegetative propagation of conifers

Miles J.W., 1982: Rapid vegetative propagation of stylosanthes guianensis

Granger, C. B.; Karimeddini, M. K.; Smith, V. E.; Shapiro, H. R.; Katz, A. M.; Riba, A. L., 1985: Rapid ventricular filling in left ventricular hypertrophy 1. physiologic hypertrophy

Smith, V. E.; Schulman, P.; Karimeddini, M. K.; White, W. B.; Meeran, M. K.; Katz, A. M., 1985: Rapid ventricular filling in left ventricular hypertrophy 2. pathologic hypertrophy

De Bold A.J., 1986: Rapid ventricular pacing in the dog pathophysiologic studies of heart failure

Watanbe Y., 1981: Rapid ventricular parasystole with possible multi level exit block

Okey A.B., 1981: Rapid vertical tube rotor gradient assay for binding of 2 3 7 8 tetra chloro di benzo p dioxin to the ah receptor

Holzbach R.T., 1986: Rapid vesicle formation and aggregation in abnormal human biles a time lapse video enhanced contrast microscopy study

Section 7, Chapter 6261, Accession 006260510

Stanton A., 1985: Rapid viral diagnosis of acute respiratory infections comparison of elisa and the immunofluorescence technique for detection of viral antigens in nasopharyngeal secretions

Cornelius, E. A., 1972: Rapid viral induction of murine lymphomas in the graft vs host reaction

Trudel M., 1987: Rapid virus subunit visualization by direct sedimentation of samples on electron microscope grids

Stephan R., 1984: Rapid visual detection of escherichia coli and vibrio cholerae heat labile entero toxins by nitro cellulose enzyme linked immuno sorbent assay elisa

Section 7, Chapter 6261, Accession 006260516

Lynn J.W., 1986: Rapid visual detection of sperm egg fusion using the dna specific fluorochrome hoechst 33342

Varela G., 1982: Rapid visualization and separation of rat serum lipo proteins by ultra centrifugation in saline density gradients

Section 7, Chapter 6261, Accession 006260520

Section 7, Chapter 6261, Accession 006260521

Baxter C.F., 1983: Rapid visualization of proteins in iso electric focusing gels isolation of brain tubulin subspecies

Section 7, Chapter 6261, Accession 006260523

Wang G.K., 1986: Rapid voltage dependent dissociation of scorpion alpha toxins coupled to sodium channel inactivation in amphibian myelinated nerves

Kukharenko, N. S.; Stehanov, S. B., 1978: Rapid volume determination of condensed chromatin by electron microscopic photography

Hansbrough J., 1984: Rapid volume replacement for hypo volemic shock a comparison of techniques and equipment

Hall R.R., 1985: Rapid ward assessment of renal function by reflectance photometric determination of plasma creatinine

Polsky S.S., 1986: Rapid warming and infusion of packed red blood cells

Yasoshima A., 1985: Rapid warming of infusion solution

West F.B., 1982: Rapid washing of filter paper discs in a solid phase radio immunoassay with a constant flow washing device

Berlind, A.; Kamemoto, F. I., 1977: Rapid water permeability changes in eyestalkless eury haline crabs and in isolated perfused gills

Nakamura M., 1988: Rapid water temperature descent observed during the season of overall warming trends at uragami bay japan

Buttrose, M. S., 1973: Rapid water uptake and structural changes in imbibing seed tissues

Zurcher, F.; Thuer, M., 1978: Rapid weathering processes of fuel oil in natural waters analyses and interpretations/

Sharp F., 1979: Rapid whole blood lactate measurement in the fetus and mother during labor

Myrberg, A. A-Jr ; Gordon, C. R.; Klimley, A. P., 1978: Rapid withdrawal from a sound source by open ocean sharks

Braun G., 1985: Rapid yeast saccharomyces cerevisiae dna staining method for flow cytometry

Kasche, V.; Amneus, H.; Gabel, D.; Naslund, L., 1977: Rapid zymogen activation and isolation of serine proteases from an individual mouse pancreas by affinity chromatography genetical heterogeneity of chymotrypsins of mus musculus

Monget D., 1988: Rapidec ur a 2 h miniaturized system for pinpointing uropathogens

Mcmillan A., 1982: Rapidity and reliability of gonococcal identification by co agglutination after culture on modified new york city medium

Wardlaw A.C., 1981: Rapidity of antigenic modulation of bordetella pertussis in modified hornibrook medium

Watkins C.A., 1979: Rapidity of compensatory lung growth following pneumonectomy in adult rats

Natzke R.P., 1981: Rapidity of cortisol transfer between blood and milk following acth injection

Section 7, Chapter 6261, Accession 006260546

Vilagines R., 1985: Rapidity of dna synthesis in human cells a highly sensitive parameter for water cytotoxicity evaluation

Fischer J.A., 1983: Rapidity of plasma 1 25 di hydroxy vitamin d responses to hypo calcemic and hyper calcemia in steers

Section 7, Chapter 6261, Accession 006260549

Slavina, E. G.; Karmanova, N. V.; Leipunskaya, I. L.; Zinzar, S. N.; Reinhofer, J.; Svet-Moldavsky, G. J., 1976: Rapidly acquired cyto toxicity of lymphoid cells from mice inoculated with allogeneic spleen cells

Moody W.Jr, 1984: Rapidly activating hydrogen ion currents in perfused neurons of the snail lymnaea stagnalis

Kalia, M.; Richter, D., 1988: Rapidly adapting pulmonary receptor afferents i. arborization in the nucleus of the tractus solitarius

Section 7, Chapter 6261, Accession 006260553

Coleridge H.M., 1986: Rapidly adapting receptor activity in dogs is inversely related to lung compliance

Voigtlaender, T.; Mueller, U.; Schroeder, T. M., 1978: Rapidly adhering cells in 2 cases of anencephaly

Gilanpour H., 1986: Rapidly and slowly adapting mechanoreceptors in the glans penis of the cat

De Brux J., 1983: Rapidly appearing carcinoma in situ and invasive cancer of the cervix

Section 7, Chapter 6261, Accession 006260558

Van De Woestijne K.P., 1982: Rapidly decreasing forced expiratory volume in 1 second or vital capacity and development of chronic air flow obstruction

Doherty M., 1987: Rapidly destructive hip disease following ipsilateral hemiparesis report of two cases

Goldstein D.B., 1982: Rapidly developing functional tolerance to ethanol is accompanied by increased erythrocyte cholesterol in mice

Eger E.I.II, 1979: Rapidly developing tolerance to acute exposures to anesthetic agents

Section 7, Chapter 6261, Accession 006260563

Yasunaga T., 1981: Rapidly evolving mouse alpha globin related pseudogene and its evolutionary history

Bolhuis R.L.H., 1984: Rapidly expanded activated human killer cell clones have strong antitumor cell activity and have the surface phenotype of either t gamma t non gamma or null cells

Murray J.F., 1980: Rapidly fatal lymph angioma like kaposis sarcoma

Dreisin R.B., 1979: Rapidly fatal pulmonary fibrosis the accelerated variant of interstitial pneumonitis

Parry H., 1981: Rapidly fatal respiratory failure and angio immuno blastic lymph adenopathy possible contributions of immuno blastic leukemia chemo therapy and multiple antibodies directed against mature blood cells

Cazals Y., 1987: Rapidly fluctuating thresholds at the onset of experimentally induced hydrops in the guinea pig

Higuchi T., 1986: Rapidly growing aneurysm

Kvasnikov, E. I.; Nesterenko, O. A.; Panchenko, L. P.; Orishchuk, L. F.; Shkaruba, V. V., 1974: Rapidly growing bacteria of the genus mycobacterium isolated from soils of the ukrainian ssr ussr

Fodor J., 1979: Rapidly growing cancer of the penis

Section 7, Chapter 6261, Accession 006260573

Silcox V.A., 1982: Rapidly growing mycobacteria testing of susceptibility to 34 anti microbial agents by broth micro dilution

Section 7, Chapter 6261, Accession 006260575

Papotti M., 1987: Rapidly growing yolk sac tumor of the ovary in a lactating patient

Lawton J.H., 1985: Rapidly induced defenses and talking trees the devils advocate position

Section 7, Chapter 6261, Accession 006260578

Saltveit, M. E. Jr ; Dilley, D. R., 1978: Rapidly induced wound ethylene from excised segments of etiolated pisum sativum cultivar alaska part 1 characterization of the response

Saltveit, M. E. Jr ; Dilley, D. R., 1978: Rapidly induced wound ethylene from excised segments of etiolated pisum sativum cultivar alaska part 2 oxygen and temperature dependency/

Saltveit, M. E. Jr ; Dilley, D. R., 1978: Rapidly induced wound ethylene from excised segments of etiolated pisum sativum cultivar alaska part 3 induction and transmission of the response

Shashoua V.E., 1979: Rapidly labeled and secreted proteins of the chick brain

Richter, G.; Grotha, R., 1974: Rapidly labeled low molecular weight components in nucleic acid preparations from plant cells

Parsons, J. T.; Mccarty, K. S., 1968: Rapidly labeled messenger rna protein complex of rat liver nuclei

Borun, T. W.; Scharff, M. D.; Robbins, E., 1967: Rapidly labeled poly ribosome associated rna having the properties of histone messenger human neopl hela cell

Mitchell, H. K.; Lipps, L. S., 1975: Rapidly labeled proteins on the salivary gland chromosomes of drosophila melanogaster

Yoshioka, N.; Wake, K.; Usami, S., 1976: Rapidly labeled rna from conidiating mycelia of aspergillus niger

Zbell, B.; Reinert, J., 1977: Rapidly labeled rna species isolated from cell suspensions of daucus carota

Section 7, Chapter 6261, Accession 006260589

Hudson, J. E.; Johnson, T. C., 1977: Rapidly metabolized glyco proteins in a neuro blastoma cell line

Tyrrell R.M., 1987: Rapidly occurring dna excision repair events determine the biological expression of uv induced damage in human cells

Section 7, Chapter 6261, Accession 006260592

Mourali, N.; Levine, P. H.; Tabanne, F.; Belhassen, S.; Bahi, J.; Bennaceur, M.; Herberman, R. B., 1978: Rapidly progressing breast cancer poussee evolutive in tunisia studies on delayed hyper sensitivity

Bastit P., 1986: Rapidly progressing breast cancer results of a retrospective analysis with a study of prognosis factors

Parry W.R., 1981: Rapidly progressing massive mitral annular calcification occurrence in a patient with chronic renal failure

Section 7, Chapter 6261, Accession 006260596

Suzuki J.B., 1988: Rapidly progressive acute periodontal infection in a patient with acute leukemia

Ramee M P., 1984: Rapidly progressive crescentic glomerulonephritis and monoclonal gammapathies

Ramaswamy G., 1984: Rapidly progressive fulminating tuberculosis

Morrin, P. A. F.; Hinglais, N.; Nabarra, B.; Kreis, H., 1978: Rapidly progressive glomerulo nephritis a clinical and pathologic study

Panner B.J., 1980: Rapidly progressive glomerulo nephritis and possible amyloidosis

Mcallister C.J., 1981: Rapidly progressive glomerulo nephritis combined anti glomerular basement membrane antibody and immune complex pathogenesis

Section 7, Chapter 6261, Accession 006260603

Coovadia H.M., 1981: Rapidly progressive glomerulo nephritis in black children 4 cases

Petrusick T., 1980: Rapidly progressive glomerulo nephritis in children 13 cases and a review of the literature

Babaoye F.A., 1982: Rapidly progressive glomerulo nephritis in children an analysis of 18 cases

Section 7, Chapter 6261, Accession 006260607

Lopez De Novales E., 1981: Rapidly progressive glomerulo nephritis treated with plasmapheresis

Hicks J., 1983: Rapidly progressive glomerulo nephritis with extensive glomerular crescent formation

Section 7, Chapter 6261, Accession 006260610

Meyer Zum Bueschenfelde K H., 1985: Rapidly progressive glomerulonephritis in immunoglobulin a immunoglobulin g cryoglobulinemia

Boonpucknavig V., 1985: Rapidly progressive glomerulonephritis in ramathilbodi hospital bangkok thailand

Phang K.S., 1986: Rapidly progressive glomerulonephritis treatment with combined immunosuppression and anticoagulation with arvin

Rizzetto M., 1987: Rapidly progressive hbsag positive hepatitis in italy the role of hepatitis delta virus infection

Berry A., 1988: Rapidly progressive iga nephropathy

Humberd Q.A., 1986: Rapidly progressive myelomonocytic leukemia juvenile cml

Section 7, Chapter 6261, Accession 006260617

D'amelio R., 1987: Rapidly progressive periodontitis neutrophil chemotaxis inhibitory factors associated with the presence of bacteroides gingivalis in crevicular fluid

Elzay R.P., 1986: Rapidly progressive periodontitis report of a case

Hill A., 1984: Rapidly progressive post hemorrhagic hydrocephalus treatment with external ventricular drainage

Fujishima M., 1985: Rapidly progressive renal deterioration in partially nephrectomized rats with experimental membranous nephropathy

Section 7, Chapter 6261, Accession 006260622

Section 7, Chapter 6261, Accession 006260623

Sturgill B.C., 1981: Rapidly progressive silicon nephropathy

Section 7, Chapter 6261, Accession 006260625

Kerwin A.J., 1982: Rapidly progressive vegetative endo carditis

Utterback N.G., 1987: Rapidly recovered transient flow resistance a newly discovered property of blood

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