Rare and disappearing plants of the flora of the turkmen ssr ussr in the red book of the ussr

Nikitin, V.V.

Botanicheskii Zhurnal (St Petersburg) 64(12): 1799-1807


Accession: 006260666

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Of the 25 spp. of rare plants from the Turkmen SSR which are presented in the Red Book of the USSR as being in danger of extinction, only 13 should be assigned to this category. Any species whose area of distribution is undergoing a significant reduction and is in danger of extinction should be included in the Red Book of the USSR, whether or not such a species is endemic. Additional species (30) are recommended for inclusion in the Red Book of the USSR. Of the 43 spp. cited, 19 spp. are wild types of cultivated species, which are important for the selection of field and fruit crops.