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Rates of recovery of bands harvest patterns and estimates for black duck anas superciliosa chestnut teal anas castanea gray teal anas gibberifrons and mountain duck tadorna tadornoides shot during victorian australia open seasons 1953 1977

Norman, F.I.; Powell, D.G.M.

Australian Wildlife Research 8(3): 659-664


ISSN/ISBN: 0310-7833
Accession: 006262977

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The temporal distribution of recoveries of bands from black duck A. superciliosa, chestnut teal A. castanea, grey teal A. gibberifrons and mountain duck T. tadornoides shot in Victoria during open seasons on waterfowl between 1953 and 1977 is examined. Recoveries were higher on the opening day and during the opening week of each season; recoveries on Saturdays exceeded those on other days, and Sunday recovery totals were minimal. No increase or long-term trend in weekday recoveries, and hence shooting, was evident during the study period. Speculative harvest estimates are provided for 1972-77, but such figures must be refined and related to data concerning specific population sizes and distribution before implications for management can be formulated.

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