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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 6264

Chapter 6264 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Gosselin, R. E.; Stibitz, G. R., 1970: Rates of solute absorption from tissue depots theoretical considerations

Hansen C.T., 1986: Rates of sterol synthesis in the liver and extrahepatic tissues of the shr n corpulent rat an animal with hyperlipidemia and insulin independent diabetes

Masamichi S., 1981: Rates of structural fluctuations of lysozyme in the range of thermal unfolding transition

Hanson W.D., 1986: Rates of sucrose release from opened seed coats of soybean glycine max as affected by genotypes relation with rate of seed development

Thurman R.G., 1982: Rates of sulfation and glucuronidation of 7 hydroxy coumarin in peri portal and pericentral regions of the liver lobule

Plewa M.J., 1984: Rates of sulfide oxidation in cotton gossypium hirsutum carrot daucus carota and tobacco nicotiana tabacum cultured plant cells measured with a model aromatic alkyl sulfide

Section 7, Chapter 6264, Accession 006263008

Lodish H.F., 1981: Rates of synthesis and degradation of ribosomal rna during differentiation of dictyostelium discoideum

Kirk, M. R.; Heber, U., 1976: Rates of synthesis and source of glycolate in intact chloroplasts

Sugden P.H., 1985: Rates of synthesis of actomyosin in atria and ventricles of the perfused working rat heart

Section 7, Chapter 6264, Accession 006263012

Lengyel J.A., 1979: Rates of synthesis of major classes of rna in drosophila embryos

Fraser, R. S. S.; Moreno, F., 1976: Rates of synthesis of poly adenylated messenger rna and ribosomal rna during the cell cycle of schizosaccharomyces pombe with an appendix calculation of the pattern of protein accumulation from observed changes in the rate of messenger rna synthesis

Kusta A.M., 1986: Rates of the overhead irrigation of crops on soddy podzolic loamy soils

Whitesides G.M., 1980: Rates of thiol di sulfide interchange reactions involving proteins and kinetic measurements of thiol pk a values

Section 7, Chapter 6264, Accession 006263017

Ilstrup D.M., 1982: Rates of total hip arthro plasty a population based study

Section 7, Chapter 6264, Accession 006263019

Woodrow, J. E.; Crosby, D. G.; Mast, T.; Moilanen, K. W.; Seiber, J. N., 1978: Rates of transformation of trifluralin and parathion vapors in air

Hoddinott, J., 1977: Rates of translocation and photosynthesis in mimosa pudica

Benedict J.B., 1984: Rates of tree island migration colorado rocky mountains usa

Williamson D.H., 1981: Rates of tri acyl glycerol entry into the circulation in the lactating rat

Wondergem E., 1988: Rates of triplet humic acid sensitized photolysis of hydrophobic compounds

Hook E.B., 1982: Rates of trisomies 21 18 13 and other chromosome abnormalities in about 20000 pre natal studies compared with estimated rates in live births

Milkovits L., 1987: Rates of uptake and metabolism of iaa and 2 4 d by cultured leaf segments at different stages of development in wheat

Sankhayan, S. D.; Shukla, U. C., 1976: Rates of urea hydrolysis in 5 soils of india

Bullock D.W., 1981: Rates of utero globin synthesis by endometrial explants from different days of early pregnancy in the rabbit

Newsholme E.A., 1987: Rates of utilization and fates of glucose glutamine pyruvate fatty acids and ketone bodies by mouse macrophages

Detling J.K., 1987: Rates of vegetation change associated with prairie dog cynomys ludovicianus grazing in north american mixed grass prairie

Oster G., 1986: Rates of venous thrombosis after general surgery combined results of randomized clinical trials

Graham H.M., 1984: Rates of water loss and desiccation tolerance in 4 species of lygus

Lobo E.S., 1986: Rates of water loss in four crabs from different habitats

Nicol, S. C., 1978: Rates of water turnover in marsupials and eutherians a comparative review with new data on the tasmanian devils

Watson J.P., 1979: Rates of weathering and soil formation on granite in rhodesia

Darlington, P. J. Jr, 1976: Rates patterns and effectiveness of evolution in multi level situations

Sarich, V. M., 1977: Rates sample sizes and the neutrality hypothesis for electrophoresis in evolutionary studies

Stell W.K., 1982: Ratfish hydrolagus colliei retina intra cellular recordings and horseradish peroxidase injections in an isolated superfused all rod retina

Foote K.G., 1985: Rather high frequency sound scattering by swimbladdered fish

Ishii S., 1984: Rathke cleft cysts

Newton T.H., 1987: Rathke cleft cysts ct mr imaging and pathologic features

Maggio, W. W.; Cail, W. S.; Brookeman, J. R.; Persing, J. A.; Jane, J. A., 1987: Rathke's cleft cyst computed tomographic and magnetic resonance imaging appearances

Grotepass, F.; Wood, R. E.; Northe, C. J.; Padayachee, A., 1988: Rathke's cleft cyst incidental finding in an orthognathic surgery patient

Schechter, J.; Gash, D.; Ahmad, N., 1987: Rathke's pouch grafts in adult brain sites

Matsushima T., 1981: Rathkes cleft cyst

Mai S H., 1979: Rathkes pouch morphogenesis in the chick embryo

Nesbitt E.B., 1979: Rathus assertiveness schedule and college self expression scale scores as predictors of assertive behavior

Mackenzie, E. J.; Shapiro, S.; Eastham, J. N-Jr, 1985: Rating abbreviated injury severity using emergency department sheets vs. inpatient charts

Benner L.Jr, 1985: Rating accident models and investigation methodologies

Sheehan P.W., 1982: Rating analysis of the hypnotists interaction with real and simulating subjects

Distelmaier W., 1981: Rating and limitations of ultrasonic examination of the biliary system compared with contrast radiography

Section 7, Chapter 6264, Accession 006263055

Hamilton M., 1980: Rating depressive patients

Hurley, J. R.; Hurley, J. P., 1988: Rating dispersions comparing raters' spans and variances

Coster J.E., 1981: Rating east texas usa stands for southern pine beetle dendroctonus frontalis susceptibility

Coster J.E., 1980: Rating forest stand susceptibility to southern pine beetle dendroctonus frontalis in east texas usa

Loegering, W. Q.; Sleper, D. A.; Johnson, J. M.; Asay, K. H., 1976: Rating general resistance on a single plant basis

Parmar R., 1986: Rating land for crop introduction

Section 7, Chapter 6264, Accession 006263062

Deni R., 1983: Rating of importance of job factors by office employees as a function of internal external control scores

Section 7, Chapter 6264, Accession 006263064

Akhadov D.R., 1980: Rating of soils suited for tea cultivation in the azerbaijan ssr ussr

Jayanthi R., 1984: Rating of sugarcane varieties for field reaction to internode borer

Masame K., 1986: Rating of symmetry as continuum

Gellini R., 1986: Rating of waldsterben symptoms forest decline in deciduous broadleaves during winter time

Section 7, Chapter 6264, Accession 006263069

Stanley, G.; Pershin, P., 1978: Rating preschool development of name writing and draw a person

Beltramini R.F., 1982: Rating scale variations and discriminability

Berger P.A., 1987: Rating scales in research the case of negative symptoms

Dichgans J., 1985: Rating scheme score for ocular symptoms in myasthenia gravis

Mamedov G.Sh, 1985: Rating soils in the azerbaijan ssr ussr

Petkov, N.; Nacheva, J.; Mladenov, G.; Akimenko, L.; Braslavski, M.; Stotskii, M.; Shchukin, A., 1984: Rating the combinative ability of some promising bulgarian and ukrainian silkworm breeds bombyx mori 1. on the basis of diallel crossbreds

Aronoff M.S., 1982: Rating the severity of depressive symptoms in adolescents and young adults

Nordby H.K., 1984: Rating the severity of multiple blunt trauma

Troup J.D.G., 1984: Ratings of acceptable load and maximal isometric lifting strengths the effects of repetition

Kim M.S., 1986: Ratings of alternaria leaf spot resistances in apple cultivars

Hoogstraten J., 1987: Ratings of fears associated with twelve dental situations

Hartmann T., 1985: Ratings of german personal names and evaluation potency and activity

Blalock P.D., 1986: Ratings of intelligibility of esophageal and tracheoesophageal speech

Cureton K.J., 1981: Ratings of perceived exertion at the anaerobic threshold

Sing M.M., 1987: Ratings of perceived exertion at the lactate threshold in trained and untrained men and women

Lowdon B.J., 1986: Ratings of perceived exertion heart rate and power output in predicting maximal oxygen uptake during submaximal cycle ergometry

Rice H.B., 1985: Ratings of physical attractiveness as a function of age

Fielding J., 1985: Ratings of temperament in families of young twins

Crowder R.H., 1984: Ratings of the speed and efficiency of work by untrained observers

Scully J., 1987: Ratings of videotaped simulated patient interviews and four other methods of evaluating a psychiatry clerkship

Section 7, Chapter 6264, Accession 006263090

Kinbacher E.J., 1979: Ratio analysis program for tolerance evaluation of 2 component turf grass seed mixtures

Riordan T.P., 1979: Ratio analysis tolerance evaluation procedure for 2 component turf grass seed mixtures

Orren M.J., 1983: Ratio and population density of psammo littoral meio fauna as a perturbation indicator of sandy beaches in south africa

Fulton J.M., 1980: Ratio between evapo transpiration of irrigated crops from floating lysimeters and class a pan evaporation

Section 7, Chapter 6264, Accession 006263095

Section 7, Chapter 6264, Accession 006263096

Bozhkova, V. P.; Rott, N. N.; Chailakhyan, L. M., 1978: Ratio between mitotic phases in cells of chimeric loach embryos

Kozhemyakin, L. A.; Ivashkin, V. T.; Dorofeev, G. I.; Koroleva, T. R., 1976: Ratio between oxidation and phosphorylation in gastric mucosa mitochondria

Cruz-Martinez, A.; Perez-Conde, M. C.; Del-Campo, P.; Mingo, P.; Ferrer, M. T., 1980: Ratio between the amplitude of sensory evoked potentials at the wrist in both hands of left handed subjects

Zeliger A., 1984: Ratio between the systematic and cerebral hemodynamics in healthy young persons

Corley R.B., 1980: Ratio dominance model of suppression an analysis by limiting dilution

Lee M.Y., 1986: Ratio factors for extending partial lactation records of dairy cattle in korea

Korshunova V.S., 1987: Ratio in macroelement composition for plants and soils of the reclaimed amu darya delta turkmen ssr ussr

De Waard F., 1979: Ratio of 11 deoxy 17 oxo steroids to creatinine in a population screened for breast cancer

Juliano B.O., 1988: Ratio of a chains to b chains in rice amylopectins

Rock C.O., 1983: Ratio of active to inactive forms of acyl carrier protein in escherichia coli

Soder P O., 1981: Ratio of alpha 1 anti trypsin to transferrin in gingival fluid and in blood from patients with periodontal disease

Section 7, Chapter 6264, Accession 006263108

Varma S.K., 1979: Ratio of amniotic fluid cortisol and maternal serum cortisol as an index of fetal lung maturity

Powles R.L., 1982: Ratio of blood and marrow derived cells in bone marrow transplantation

Korkia I.R., 1980: Ratio of blood cells during skin transplantation in lacerta rock lizards

Tuzhikova N.K., 1986: Ratio of blood serum ferritin and ferritin bearing lymphocytes in breast cancer

Van Aarde M.N., 1981: Ratio of cardio pulmonary blood volume to stroke volume as an index of cardiac function in animals and in man

Canham P.B., 1983: Ratio of cells and plasma in blood flowing past branches in small plastic channels

Adams D.B., 1981: Ratio of central nervous system to body metabolism in vertebrates its constancy and functional basis

Section 7, Chapter 6264, Accession 006263116

Reisner S.H., 1986: Ratio of crown rump distance to total length in preterm and term infants

Busse, E.; Rose, H., 1978: Ratio of cyclic 3' 5' atp to cyclic 3' 5' gmp in human tumor tissues

Perdrizet E., 1984: Ratio of free to bound polyamines during maturation in mung bean hypocotyl cells

Snyder J.R., 1986: Ratio of gestational sac volume to crown rump length in early pregnancy

Peruanskii-Yu, V.; Nadirov, B. T., 1977: Ratio of gliadin and glutenin components their content of di sulfide bonds and technological properties of wheat flour

Abugalieva A.I., 1985: Ratio of gliadin components in wheat biotypes

Doster J.M., 1979: Ratio of hemo globin iron to liver in rats fed different amounts of iron

Section 7, Chapter 6264, Accession 006263124

De Meis L., 1981: Ratio of hydrolysis and synthesis of atp by the sarcoplasmic reticulum atpase in the absence of a calcium concentration gradient

Watson C.R.R., 1979: Ratio of inferior olivary cells to purkinje cells in a marsupial trichosurus vulpecula

Lomtev N.G., 1983: Ratio of insulin and c peptide secretion in cancer patients

Grote B., 1981: Ratio of iodine to bromine in food

Shimizu M., 1981: Ratio of kappa lambda light chain of immuno globulin d in sera of healthy individuals and its significance

Shamrai V.G., 1986: Ratio of kynurenine and serotonin pathways of tryptophan metabolism in rats with different levels of audiogenic excitability

Sy M S., 1987: Ratio of langerhans cells to thy 1 positive dendritic epidermal cells in murine epidermis influences the intensity of contact hypersensitivity

Wilson, J. S.; Genant, H. K.; Hattner, R. S.; Hoffer, P. B., 1978: Ratio of late to early radio nuclide uptake a method for distinguishing osteo porosis from osteo malacia in animal models

Section 7, Chapter 6264, Accession 006263133

Volkovich V.B., 1984: Ratio of male and female plants in aruncus vulgaris rosaceae populations and the specifics of their growth and development

Pushkina, I. P.; Krechetova, G. D.; Shapot, V. S., 1976: Ratio of membrane bound to free ribosomes in the liver of normal rats zajdela ascites hepatoma and ascites cell

Section 7, Chapter 6264, Accession 006263136

Section 7, Chapter 6264, Accession 006263137

Section 7, Chapter 6264, Accession 006263138

Tamrazova N.I., 1979: Ratio of production of phyto plankton bacterio plankton and fishes in fish breeding reservoirs of the volga delta ussr

Hess B., 1981: Ratio of proton and photochemical cycles in bacterio rhod opsin

Olbrich, H. G.; Braak, H., 1985: Ratio of pyramidal cells versus non pyramidal cells in sector ca 1 of the human ammon's horn

Radzinskaya L.I., 1979: Ratio of respiration and atp content in the eggs of pyrrhocoris apterus hemiptera during development

Wu M.F., 1979: Ratio of rods and different cones in fishes of shallow sea

Hershman J.M., 1984: Ratio of serum tri iodo thyronine to thyroxine and the prognosis of tri iodo thyronine predominant graves disease

Section 7, Chapter 6264, Accession 006263146

Section 7, Chapter 6264, Accession 006263147

Section 7, Chapter 6264, Accession 006263148

Yavich M.P., 1981: Ratio of the amounts of poly adenylated and nonpolyadenylated messenger rna fractions in the myo cardium and the life span of poly adenylated messenger rna

Gol'dberg M.B., 1980: Ratio of the indices of conditioned reflex activity and acetyl cholin esterase activity of rat brain

Suchkova Sh N., 1984: Ratio of the level of cyclic nucleotides calcitonin and levels of cell mediated immunity in patients with true eczema

Cullen A.P., 1981: Ratio of the size of the optic cup as determined by the place where the vessels deviate to size of the disc

Postnov Yu V., 1979: Ratio of the wall thickness and lumen diameter of renal arteries in hypertension

Malysheva A.Yu, 1979: Ratio of the whole body hematocrit to that of the venous vessels in patients with acquired cardiac defects

Cusick C.F., 1981: Ratio of thyroxine to thyroxine binding globulin an assessment of the validity of a single reference range

Benchimol A., 1981: Ratio of total amplitude to diastolic wave on the apex cardiogram findings in aortic regurgitation and other cardiac lesions

Fisher J.B., 1979: Ratio of tree branch lengths the equitable distribution of leaf clusters on branches

Gapishko A.I., 1980: Ratio of trophic groups in zoo plankton of the gulf of aden indian ocean

Section 7, Chapter 6264, Accession 006263159

Hirata Y., 1985: Ratio of waist size to hip size in patients with non insulin dependent diabetes mellitus

Wood, K. A.; Martinez, E. S.; Willis, R. D., 1975: Ratio requirement and reinforcer effects in concurrent fixed interval fixed ratio schedules

Adams C.K., 1983: Ratio responding as a function of concurrent avoidance schedules yoked shocks and ratio value

Section 7, Chapter 6264, Accession 006263163

Buckley M.F., 1980: Ratio scales of the reward values and punisher aversions of depressed undergraduates

Levitt, H.; Richards, A. M., 1974: Ratio scaling of loudness

Section 7, Chapter 6264, Accession 006263166

Razum N., 1987: Ratioing fluorometer probe for localizing carcinoma in situ in bronchi of the lung

Curtis L.R., 1986: Ration and toxicant preexposure influence dieldrin accumulation by rainbow trout salmo gairdneri

Schaefer, A. L.; Young, B. A.; Chimwano, A. M., 1978: Ration digestion and retention times of digesta in domestic cattle bos taurus american bison bison bison and tibetan yak bos grunniens

Section 7, Chapter 6264, Accession 006263172

Eade, O. E.; Maddison, A.; Leonard, P. J.; Wright, R., 1977: Ration of urinary 6 beta hydroxy cortisol to 17 hydroxy cortico steroids in patients with liver disease

Blume E., 1987: Ration scales and protein levels on performance of finishing pigs

Achong, M. R.; Hauser, B. A.; Krusky, J. L., 1977: Rational and irrational use of antibiotics in a canadian teaching hospital

Goodreau, J. J.; Creasy, J. K.; Flanigan, D. P.; Burnham, S. J.; Kudrna, J. C.; Schafer, M. F.; Bergan, J. J.; Yao, J. S. T., 1978: Rational approach to the differentiation of vascular and neurogenic claudication

Giuliani A., 1985: Rational approach to the evaluation of short term tests analysis of a homogeneous data base

Levy, G.; Giacomini, K. M., 1978: Rational aspirin dosage regimens

Agadzhanyan N.A., 1981: Rational atmosphere in manned cabins of flying vehicles and its future use

Freer, D. E.; Statland, B. E.; Sher, G., 1978: Rational basis for foam stability assays of amniotic fluid surfactant

Brune D., 1987: Rational choice of a diagnostic test for bone metastases in breast cancer according to prevalence

Section 7, Chapter 6264, Accession 006263184

Abonnenc, E.; Leger, N. , 1976: Rational classification of diptera phlebotomidae

Shmyglya V.A., 1983: Rational combination of diagnostic methods of potato and tomato viruses

Et Al, 1987: Rational construction of a 2 hydroxy acid dehydrogenase with new substrate specificity

Dalton H.P., 1988: Rational decision making based on history adult sore throats

Repta A.J., 1985: Rational design and evaluation of improved o phthalaldehyde like fluorogenic reagents

Smith D.A., 1987: Rational design of a heterogeneous palladium catalyst for the selective hydrogenation of alkynes

Roques B.P., 1987: Rational design of bis intercalating drugs as antitumor agents importance of rigidity in the linking chain

Trussell, R. R.; Chao, J. L., 1977: Rational design of chlorine contact facilities

Roques B.P., 1980: Rational design of enkephalinase inhibitors substrate specificity of enkephalinase studied from inhibitory potency of various di peptides

Westers, H.; Pratt, K. M., 1977: Rational design of hatcheries for intensive salmonid culture based on metabolic characteristics

Aurnhammer R., 1983: Rational diagnostic studies of hyper thyroidism can they be rationalized?

Geller, G. M.; Bondarev, G. I.; Minkina, S. A., 1978: Rational diet for workers engaged in the baikal amur railway construction

Section 7, Chapter 6264, Accession 006263198

Becker, I. M.; Rosenfeld, J. G., 1976: Rational emotive therapy a study of initial therapy sessions of albert ellis

Ponzoha C., 1988: Rational emotive therapy vs general cognitive behavior therapy in the treatment of low self esteem and related emotional disturbances

Leidenberger F., 1987: Rational hormonal diagnosis of secondary amenorrhea

Mackinnon R., 1986: Rational irrational beliefs and the effects of the velten mood induction procedure

Nikolov G., 1981: Rational irrigation regime of cotton

Section 7, Chapter 6264, Accession 006263204

Koinov G., 1981: Rational land use an important reserve for increasing agricultural production

Carter B.D., 1979: Rational land use decision making the natchez state park mississippi usa

Twarog, F. J.; Colten, H. R., 1977: Rational management of allergic disease the role of immuno therapy

Chodosh, S., 1978: Rational management of bronchial asthma

Bacchus, H., 1977: Rational management of diabetes

Ferry, P. C.; Pernoll, M. L., 1976: Rational management of peri natal hydrocephalus

Omel'chenko T.N., 1980: Rational method of obtaining sera with a high titer of virus neutralizing antibodies 3

Korobkina G.S., 1979: Rational nutrition for school children

Midthun M.A., 1988: Rational ordering of cervical spine radiographs following trauma

Mackenzie J.R., 1987: Rational ordering of serum electrolytes development of clinical criteria

Glass S., 1987: Rational parameters for antibiotic therapy in patients with cystic fibrosis

Hirsch R.S., 1982: Rational periodontal therapy by papillectomy

Tillement J.P., 1986: Rational posology and drug dosage

Boehm, C., 1978: Rational pre selection from hamadryas to homo sapiens the place of decisions in adaptive process

Mcgreevy J.M., 1986: Rational preoperative evaluation

Haayer F., 1982: Rational prescribing and sources of information

Fujiyama N., 1984: Rational production and utilization methods of roughage in warm climates cropping season and utilization methods of italian ryegrass

Miller E., 1988: Rational program for screening travellers for antibodies to hepatitis a virus

Lagutin A.B., 1982: Rational regimen of intellectual and physical activity in students

Morozov V.L., 1979: Rational regimen of tall herb dropwort communities in kamchatka russian sfsr ussr

Lohr J.M., 1980: Rational restructuring for anger control a quasi experimental case study

Tsetlin E.M., 1982: Rational schemes of immunization of rabbits for obtaining diagnostic adenovirus anti sera

Tsou K.C., 1985: Rational selection of adjuvant chemotherapy after cytoreduction surgery for murine neuroblastoma

Streich, W. J.; Dove, S.; Franke, R., 1980: Rational selection of test series 1. principal component method combined with multi dimensional mapping

Dove, S.; Streich, W. J.; Franke, R., 1980: Rational selection of test series 2. 2 dimensional mapping of intra class correlation matrices

Wawrzynczak S., 1984: Rational systems of rearing calves

Rabotnov, T. A. , 1976: Rational use and preservation of natural resources a pressing task

Melamud N.L., 1981: Rational use of animal fats in nutrition

Babayan, E. A., 1977: Rational use of antibiotics as a basis for their efficacy and safety

Zhukov-Yu, P., 1978: Rational use of fertilizers on irrigated pastures

Laroche, R. C., 1978: Rational use of forest resources and forest productivity

Iwarson, S., 1977: Rational use of hepatitis b immune globulin

Abasheeva N.E., 1981: Rational use of land resources in the buryat assr russian sfsr ussr

Nolimal D., 1986: Rational use of psychopharmaceuticals

Pakin Y.V., 1981: Rational use of the cross sectional method in analysis of the dynamics of biological indices with aging

Wolf J., 1981: Rationale and application of beta 2 micro globulin measurements to detect acute transplant rejection

Psathakis D.N., 1986: Rationale and efficacy of the substitute valve operation by technique ii in deep venous insufficiency of the lower limb

Section 7, Chapter 6264, Accession 006263244

Rieck B., 1987: Rationale and indications for perfusion in liver tumors current data

Marchei P., 1987: Rationale and present results of loco regional chemotherapy of liver metastases of colo rectal cancer

Fyfe, R. W., 1976: Rationale and success of the canadian wildlife service peregrine breeding project

Stein P.D., 1979: Rationale and use of vaso dilators in the management of congestive heart failure

Albert, R. E.; Train, R. E.; Anderson, E., 1977: Rationale developed by the environmental protection agency for the assessment of carcinogenic risks

Kennedy W.A., 1986: Rationale exposure and compliance to relaxation training

Wallis, I. G., 1975: Rationale for a water pollution code part 1 the waste system and the natural system

Section 7, Chapter 6264, Accession 006263252

Hautzinger H., 1986: Rationale for and results from a randomized double blind trial of tetrachlorodecaoxygen anion complex in wound healing

Amin, Y. M.; Nagwekar, J. B., 1976: Rationale for apparent differences in pharmaco kinetic aspects of model compounds determined from blood level data and urinary excretion data in rats

Hamashima Y., 1985: Rationale for bone marrow transplantation in the treatment of autoimmune diseases

Semenovskii A.V., 1986: Rationale for clinical identification of choriocarcinoma pathogenesis in pregnancy

Pahwa, R.; Pahwa, S.; Good, R. A.; Incefy, G. S.; O'reilly, R. J., 1977: Rationale for combined use of fetal liver and thymus for immunological reconstitution in patients with variants of severe combined immuno deficiency

Section 7, Chapter 6264, Accession 006263258

Nussenzweig V., 1985: Rationale for development of a synthetic vaccine against plasmodium falciparum malaria

Teele R.L., 1984: Rationale for grading intracranial hemorrhage in premature infants

Riether R., 1986: Rationale for medical and surgical therapy in anal incontinence

Boeckl, O., 1976: Rationale for primary operations on the papilla of vater

Mcneil, B. J.; Collins, J. J-Jr ; Adelstein, S. J., 1977: Rationale for seeking occult metastases in patients with bronchial carcinoma

Cleveland H.C., 1983: Rationale for selective application of emergency department thoracotomy in trauma

Bowadt H., 1984: Rationale for specific immunotherapy of grass pollen allergy with extracts of rye secale cereale pollen skin test reactivity and immunochemical relationship between pollen allergens from rye and other common grasses

Peters K R., 1986: Rationale for the application of thin continuous metal films in high magnification electron microscopy

Ridley M.J., 1987: Rationale for the histological spectrum of tuberculosis a basis for classification

Jansen F., 1987: Rationale for the selection of ricin a chain anti t immunotoxins for mature t cell depletion

Ashraf H., 1981: Rationale for the surgical treatment of pulmonary metastases

Gudauskas G.A., 1982: Rationale for the use of alternating non cross resistant chemo therapy

Sapru, H. N.; Krieger, A. J., 1978: Rationale for the use of baroceptor stimulators

Wu A., 1984: Rationale for the use of hypnotic agents in a general hospital

Biancani P., 1982: Rationale for ureteral tapering

Ladouceur, R., 1977: Rationale of covert reinforcement additional evidence

Gupta B.B., 1987: Rationale of filtration enhancement in membrane plasmapheresis by pulsatile blood flow

Nigam P., 1985: Rationale of garlic use in ischemic heart disease

Kairaluoma M.I., 1985: Rationale of reoperation for gastric malignancies

Vose P.B., 1983: Rationale of selection for specific nutritional characters in crop improvement with phaseolus vulgaris as a case study

Ladouceur, R., 1978: Rationale of systematic de sensitization and covert positive reinforcement

Kalliopuska M., 1985: Rationales for an implicit personality theory

Section 7, Chapter 6264, Accession 006263282

Andrews L., 1980: Rationality and its relation to extraversion and neuroticism

Johnson Laird P.N., 1985: Rationality memory and the search for counterexamples

Wootton, R; Henderson, F., 1987: Rationalization and computerization of the drug supply to an animal unit

Taylor, D. M., 1978: Rationalization and modification of a germ free isolator design/

Section 7, Chapter 6264, Accession 006263287

Heyden H., 1985: Rationalization of cattle foot care

Zeman V., 1984: Rationalization of comprehensive examinations in the differential diagnosis of respiratory disease

Bhide A.D., 1985: Rationalization of design parameters of multiple chamber incineration

Tute M.S., 1980: Rationalization of drug complexation in aqueous solution by use of hueckel frontier molecular orbitals

Fedora J., 1981: Rationalization of examination of the glomerular filtration rate in children

Harris R.D., 1979: Rationalization of first aid measures for elapid snake bite

Nilsson, S., 1976: Rationalization of forest operations give rise to insect attack and increment losses

Meyen H., 1980: Rationalization of hoof care in loose housing cow sheds

Ferguson S.J., 1984: Rationalization of properties of nitrate reductases in rhodopseudomonas capsulata

Pandey A.K., 1988: Rationalization of regimens of treatment of kala azar with sodium stibogluconate in india a randomized study

Mullins D.W.Jr, 1985: Rationalization of some genetic anticodonic assignments

Elsom D.M., 1982: Rationalization of the national survey of air pollution monitoring network of the uk using spatial correlation analysis a case study of the greater london area england uk

Rodendorf, B. B., 1977: Rationalization of the nomenclature of higher taxa in zoology

Crawley B.E., 1986: Rationalization of the selection of tracheal tubes

Barrah N., 1983: Rationalization of therapy in severe epilepsy

Gupta Y.P., 1983: Rationalization of working of outpatient department in a hospital a case study

Dolling W.R., 1981: Rationalized classification of the burrower bugs heteroptera cydnidae

Dannenberg H D., 1980: Rationalized diagnostic monitoring of pig units

Fais G.F., 1985: Rationalized use of drugs in pregnancy

Cramer B., 1980: Rationalizing abdominal radiography in the accident and emergency department

Section 7, Chapter 6264, Accession 006263308

Section 7, Chapter 6264, Accession 006263309

Luedke W., 1987: Rationalizing the irrational a case study in user group participation in pacific salmon management

Then R.L., 1984: Rationally designed brodimoprim analogs synthesis and biological activities

Bokebaeva R.T., 1984: Rationed exercise testing at early dates after acute myo cardial infarction

Section 7, Chapter 6264, Accession 006263313

Plon G., 1979: Rationing experiment on red sokoto goats using local agricultural byproducts

Thibault G.E., 1983: Rationing intensive care physician responses to a resource shortage

Hudson L.D., 1986: Rationing of intensive care unit services an everyday occurrence

Frijters J.E.R., 1988: Ratios and differences in perceived sweetness intensity

Popov B., 1985: Ratios between total number total surface and total volume of jointly cultivated protein producing yeast cells

Gebhardt M., 1982: Ratios for predicting field populations of soybean insects and spiders from sweep net samples

Section 7, Chapter 6264, Accession 006263320

Borg, I.; Galinat, W. H., 1987: Ratios in people's beliefs about experienced duration

Bucher T.L., 1986: Ratios of hatchling and adult mass independent metabolism a physiological index to the altricial precocial continuum

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Section 7, Chapter 6264, Accession 006263512

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Section 7, Chapter 6264, Accession 006263826

Section 7, Chapter 6264, Accession 006263827

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Ergens, R., 1978: Re description of gyrodactylus latus and other 2 new species of the genus gyrodactylus from fishes of the genus cobitis

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Mohekar, A. D.; Shinde, G. B., 1976: Re description of indian cestode from a reptile hemidactylus flaviviridis at aurangabad india

Section 7, Chapter 6264, Accession 006263843

Section 7, Chapter 6264, Accession 006263844

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Section 7, Chapter 6264, Accession 006263859

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Section 7, Chapter 6264, Accession 006263887

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Thayer, M. K., 1977: Re description of xenicopoda coleoptera staphylinidae omaliinae with supplementary notes

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Section 7, Chapter 6264, Accession 006263970

Section 7, Chapter 6264, Accession 006263971

Kensley B., 1979: Re description of zonophryxus trilobus with notes on the male and developmental stages crustacea isopoda dajidae

Berg, G., 1976: Re description of zygonemertes algensis new combination nemertini hoplonemertini from the mediterranean sea

Piskunov V.I., 1980: Re description on brachmia biareatella family gelechiidae in syncopacma biareatella new combination

Knapp, L. W., 1976: Re description relationships and status of the maryland darter etheostoma sellare an endangered species

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Adamson M.L., 1983: Re descriptions of 5 species of heth rhigonematidae nematoda from south american diplopods

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Londt, J. G. H., 1977: Re descriptions of bittacus montanus and bittacus schoutedeni with new synonymy and the description of a new central african species mecoptera bittacidae

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Fjellberg A., 1982: Re descriptions of vertagopus brevicaudus and vertagopus reuteri 2 arctic species of collembola isotomidae

Aver'yanova A.F., 1983: Re determination of genetical formulae of quantitative characters in different environmental conditions

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