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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 6265

Chapter 6265 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Waraitch, K. S., 1977: Re determination of the indian collections of plicaria trachycarpa

Vogel, O., 1977: Re determination of the molecular weights of the components of the pyruvate dehydrogenase complex from escherichia coli k 12 plus

Liu, N. I.; Kay, R. L., 1977: Re determination of the pressure dependence of the lipid bi layer phase transition

Russell W.A., 1983: Re determination of the rate limiting step in the activation of factor ix by factor xia and by factor viia tissue factor explanation for different electrophoretic radioactivity profiles obtained on activation of tritium labeled and iodine 125 labeled factor ix

Kokich V.G., 1981: Re development of the calvaria after partial craniectomy in growing rabbits the effect of altering dural continuity

Hashim Z., 1984: Re diagnosis and a key to species of neolobocriconema nematoda tylenchida with a description of neolobocriconema olearum new species from jordan

Shvemberger I.N., 1981: Re differentiation and changes in the karyotypic structure of tumor rhabdo myo blast populations during their proliferation in the anterior chamber of the eye

Farber E., 1983: Re differentiation as a basis for remodeling of carcinogen induced hepatocyte nodules to normal appearing liver

Hornsby, S.; Zalik, S. E., 1977: Re differentiation cellular elongation and the cell surface during regeneration

Oogaki K., 1982: Re differentiation of callus in lilium maculatum var bukosanense

Husar T.J., 1979: Re discovery and re description of eimeria miyairii from the norway rat

Diakonoff, A.; Lefeber, B. V., 1980: Re discovery of eratophyes aleatrix lepidoptera oecophoridae

Daussin G.L., 1979: Re discovery of hygrotus sylvanus new record coleoptera dytiscidae

Sorrie, B. A., 1977: Re discovery of psilocarya nitens in new england usa

Sansone, E. B.; Slein, M. W., 1978: Re dispersion of indoor surface contamination a review

Section 7, Chapter 6265, Accession 006264015

Roth, J.; Wagner, M., 1977: Re distribution and internalization of helix pomatia anti blood group lectin and concanavalin a binding sites

Medeiros A.G., 1980: Re distribution and leaching of cuprous oxide fungicide in a cacao theobroma cacao plantation following aerial and ground spraying

Sabbath M. , 1979: Re distribution and modulation of gross murine leukemia virus antigens induced by specific antibodies

Amir, A.; Gammon, N. Jr, 1976: Re distribution as indication of movement of manganese from different sources applied to the surface of an eaugallie fine sand

Verdouw P.D., 1982: Re distribution by 5 hydroxy tryptamine of carotid arterial blood at the expense of arterio venous anastomotic blood flow

Sestier, F.; Mildenberger, R. R.; Klassen, G. A., 1978: Re distribution in left ventricular regional flow following acute right ventricular pressure overload

Bryan J., 1980: Re distribution of actin and fascin in sea urchin tripneustes gratilla eggs after fertilization

Barberis, C.; Mcilwain, H., 1977: Re distribution of adenine derivatives among sub cellular fractions from guinea pig neo cortical tissues on incubation in vitro

Bainton D.F., 1984: Re distribution of alpha granules and their contents in thrombin stimulated platelets

Rothman S.S., 1982: Re distribution of amylase activity accompanying its secretion by the pancreas

Cohen A.S., 1980: Re distribution of amyloid deposits

Polonovski J., 1981: Re distribution of apo lipo proteins c removed from human very low density lipo protein during in vitro lipolysis by lipo protein lipase

Jevning, R.; Wilson, A. F.; Smith, W. R.; Morton, M. E., 1978: Re distribution of blood flow in acute hypo metabolic behavior

Klaassen C.D., 1981: Re distribution of cadmium to blood of rats

Mix, G. P.; Marschner, H., 1976: Re distribution of calcium in bean fruits during seed development

Sobin S.S., 1981: Re distribution of canine left ventricular myo cardial blood flow in unloaded systole

Kauffman, G. L-Jr ; D'alecy, L. G., 1977: Re distribution of canine splanchnic blood flow following normotensive hemorrhage

Haeder, H. E.; Beringer, H.; Mengel, K., 1977: Re distribution of carbon 14 into the grains of 2 spring wheat cultivars

Meschia G., 1979: Re distribution of cardiac output and oxygen delivery in the hypoxemic fetal lamb

Forsyth, R. P.; Hoffbrand, B. I.; Melmon, K. L., 1970: Re distribution of cardiac output during hemorrhage in the unanesthetized monkey

Section 7, Chapter 6265, Accession 006264036

Baker, L. A.; White, F. N., 1970: Re distribution of cardiac output in response to heating in iguana iguana

Buja L.M., 1984: Re distribution of catecholamines in the ischemic zone of the dog heart

Chang J.P., 1979: Re distribution of cell surface anionic sites on hepatoma cells after treatment with concanavalin a

Poo M M., 1982: Re distribution of cell surface receptors induced by cell cell contact

Rose J., 1982: Re distribution of cerebral blood flow following superficial temporal artery middle cerebral artery bypass in patients with hemispheric ischemia

Rose C.W., 1980: Re distribution of cesium 137 by erosion and deposition on an australian soil

Fonnum, F.; Frizell, M.; Sjostrand, J., 1976: Re distribution of choline acetyl transferase ec and acetyl cholin esterase ec in an isolated nerve segment of the rabbit vagus nerve

Takatsuka, Y.; Kohno, M.; Higashi, K.; Hirano, H.; Sakamoto, Y., 1976: Re distribution of chromatin containing ribosomal cistrons during liver regeneration

Section 7, Chapter 6265, Accession 006264045

Vasil'ev Yu M., 1982: Re distribution of concanavalin a receptors on the surface of platelets

Godman, G.; Woda, B.; Kolberg, R.; Berl, S., 1980: Re distribution of contractile and cytoskeletal components induced by cytochalasin 1. in hmf cells a nontransformed fibroblastoid line

Godman, G.; Woda, B.; Kolberg, R., 1980: Re distribution of contractile and cytoskeletal components induced by cytochalasin 2. in hela and hep 2 cells

Silverstone L.M., 1981: Re distribution of enamel fluoride during white spot lesion formation an in vitro study on human dental enamel

Section 7, Chapter 6265, Accession 006264050

Pratt P.F., 1984: Re distribution of exchangeable calcium magnesium and aluminum following lime or gypsum applications to a brazilian oxisol

Rudland P.S., 1981: Re distribution of fibronectin and cytoskeletal proteins during the differentiation of rat mammary tumor cells in vitro

Natochin Yu V., 1980: Re distribution of fluid volumes in the brain with an increase in blood osmolarity

Savchenkova G.I., 1981: Re distribution of fluid within the extracellular sector in increased left atrial pressure 2

Section 7, Chapter 6265, Accession 006264055

Willard M., 1983: Re distribution of fodrin a component of the cortical cytoplasm accompanying capping of cell surface molecules

Parmentier C., 1984: Re distribution of granulopoiesis from extramedullary territories to bone marrow in a case of spent polycythemia treated with alkylating agents

Varshavsky, A. J.; Georgiev, G. P., 1973: Re distribution of histones during unfolding of chromosomal dna

Takano, N., 1978: Re distribution of hydrogen ion and chloride and water shift across the red cell membrane of human and ruminant blood with changes in oxygen saturation

Sajnani, A. N.; Ranadive, N. S.; Movat, H. Z., 1976: Re distribution of immuno globulin receptors on human neutrophils and its relationship to the release of lysosomal enzymes

Holtzer H., 1979: Re distribution of intermediate filament subunits during chick skeletal myogenesis and maturation in vitro

Asano, K.; Sekiguchi, K., 1978: Re distribution of intra membrane particles of human erythrocytes induced by hemagglutinating virus of japan sendai virus a prerequisite for the virus induced cell fusion

Lesbats B., 1981: Re distribution of intra membrane particles related to acetyl choline release by cholinergic synaptosomes

Truniger B., 1983: Re distribution of intra renal blood flow after carotid artery occlusion in the rat

Flickinger C.J., 1982: Re distribution of material labeled with tritium labeled mannose in amoebae induced to undergo pinocytosis

Kaidbey K.H., 1982: Re distribution of melanosomal complexes within keratinocytes following uv a irradiation a possible mechanism for cutaneous darkening in man

Section 7, Chapter 6265, Accession 006264067

Rees D.A., 1983: Re distribution of micro filament associated proteins during the formation of focal contacts and adhesions in chick fibroblasts

Perring M.A., 1984: Re distribution of minerals in apple fruit during storage preliminary investigations with the variety spartan

La Via M.F., 1983: Re distribution of mouse spleen cell fc receptors following treatment with mouse or human aggregated immuno globulin g

Schreiner, G. F.; Fujiwara, K.; Pollard, T. D.; Unanue, E. R., 1977: Re distribution of myosin accompanying capping of surface immuno globulin

Lockwood A.H., 1980: Re distribution of myosin during morphological reversion of chinese hamster ovary cells induced by di butyryl cyclic amp

Zaurembekov A.A., 1983: Re distribution of nitrate nitrogen along the profile of humus peaty gley soil under the regulation of water regimen

Martin P., 1982: Re distribution of nitrogen in young bush bean plants phaseolus vulgaris cultivar saxa

Hocking, P. J., 1980: Re distribution of nutrient elements from cotyledons of 2 species of annual legumes during germination and seedling growth

Van Diest A., 1982: Re distribution of nutritive elements in a gros michel banana plant

Potter J.W., 1983: Re distribution of oxamyl from treated seeds to peach seedlings and soil as determined by high performance liquid chromatography

Zachleder V., 1984: Re distribution of phosphate deposits in the alga scenedesmus quadricauda deprived of exogenous phosphate an ultra cytochemical study

Katz, A. J.; Reiss, R. F.; Houx, J. A., 1978: Re distribution of platelets during discontinuous flow platelet pheresis

Larsen, B., 1977: Re distribution of poly cations bound to lymphocytes

Section 7, Chapter 6265, Accession 006264081

Martin R.R., 1981: Re distribution of pulmonary blood flow during experimental air embolism

Enson Y., 1979: Re distribution of pulmonary blood flow in interstitial lung diseases the chest radiograph as a physiologic tool

Wagner P.D., 1979: Re distribution of pulmonary blood flow in the dog with positive end expiratory pressure ventilation

Brun Buisson C., 1984: Re distribution of pulmonary blood flow induced by positive end expiratory pressure and dopamine infusion in acute respiratory failure

Hogg J.C., 1983: Re distribution of pulmonary extravascular water with positive end expiratory pressure in canine pulmonary edema

Spencer, R. P.; Knowlton, A. H., 1975: Re distribution of radio colloid uptake after focal hepatic radiation

Nemlander, A.; Soots, A.; Von-Willebrand, E.; Hayry, P., 1982: Re distribution of rat renal allo graft responding leukocytes during rejection 1. model

Nemlander, A.; Soots, A.; Von-Willebrand, E.; Husberg, B.; Hayry, P., 1982: Re distribution of renal allo graft responding leukocytes during rejection 2. kinetics and specificity

Tadavarthy, S. M.; Castaneda, W.; Amplatz, K., 1977: Re distribution of renal blood flow caused by contrast media

Section 7, Chapter 6265, Accession 006264091

Skutelsky, E.; Danon, D., 1976: Re distribution of surface anionic sites on the luminal front of blood vessel endothelium after interaction with poly cationic ligand

Pisam, M.; Ripoche, P., 1976: Re distribution of surface macro molecules in dissociated epithelial cells

Beller G.A., 1979: Re distribution of thallium at rest in patients with stable and unstable angina and the effect of coronary artery bypass surgery

Shchekut'eva N.A., 1982: Re distribution of the concanavalin a receptors on the surface of enucleated cellular fragments

Vinogradov, A. V.; Sycheva, I. M.; Zhuravleva, I. A., 1975: Re distribution of the fluid between the extracellular medium and the cells in diuretic therapy of cardiac insufficiency

Section 7, Chapter 6265, Accession 006264097

Sharma, S. C., 1972: Re distribution of visual projections in altered optic tecta of adult goldfish

Morita A., 1982: Re distribution of vitamin a in tissues of rats with imposed chronic confinement stress

Kennedy C.R., 1980: Re distribution of zinc within burned and burned infected rats

Idell S., 1981: Re distribution on the thallium scan in myo cardial sarcoidosis

Nepochatov O.N., 1982: Re distributions of regional flows and blood volumes caused by obturation of the biliary tract

Section 7, Chapter 6265, Accession 006264103

Tulloch D.G., 1979: Re domestication of water buffaloes in the northern territory of australia

Katz S.M., 1981: Re duplication of the glomerular basement membrane 110 cases

Renaud R., 1982: Re education of incontinent women using bio feedback a preliminary study

Section 7, Chapter 6265, Accession 006264107

Wilms H.J., 1980: Re embedding thick epoxy sections for ultra thin sectioning

Fargo W.S., 1982: Re emergence of dendroctonus frontalis coleoptera scolytidae at constant temperatures

Hartman D.F., 1979: Re emergence of hypothalamically elicited eating in rats following change in food

Nitter-Hauge, S.; Froysaker, T.; Hall, K. V., 1976: Re employment related to functional and hemodynamic changes after aortic or mitral valve replacement

White H.M., 1983: Re endothelialization and maintenance of endothelial integrity in longitudinal denuded tracks in the thoracic aorta of rats

Berendsen W., 1979: Re endothelialization of micro vascular carotid end to side anastomosis in the rat a scanning electron microscopic study

Chichibu S., 1988: Re endothelialization stages at the microvascular anastomosis

Smith P., 1981: Re entrainment of body temperature in field studies of shift work

Tansella M., 1979: Re entrainment of diurnal variation of psychological and physiological performance at the end of a slowly rotated shift system in hospital workers

Han, J.; Goel, B. G.; Hanson, C. S., 1970: Re entrant beats induced in the ventricle during coronary occlusion

Section 7, Chapter 6265, Accession 006264118

Forest N., 1988: Re epithelialization of a palatal connective tissue graft transplanted in a non keratinized alveolar mucosa a histological and biochemical study in humans

Kinoshita J.H., 1980: Re epithelialization of denuded corneas in diabetic rats

Dehgan B., 1984: Re establishment and lectotypification of eucharis amazonica amaryllidaceae

Nettleship D.N., 1988: Re establishment of atlantic puffins fratercula arctica at a former breeding site in the gulf of maine usa

Bertolotti G., 1986: Re establishment of fertility post partum connections between the basal body temperature and the cervical mucus

Allen M.F., 1987: Re establishment of mycorrhizas on mount st helens washington usa migration vectors

Mion C., 1985: Re establishment of urinary tract continuity by uretero ureterostomy during kidney transplantation

Malherbe M.C., 1987: Re esterification of polyunsaturated fatty acid concentrates

Section 7, Chapter 6265, Accession 006264127

Takao A., 1985: Re estimation of the effects of shunt operation on the development of bilateral pulmonary arteries in tetralogy of fallot with or without pulmonary atresia

Mansfield P.K., 1986: Re evaluating the medical risks of late childbearing

Jarvis C.E., 1986: Re evaluation and lectotypification of scirpus retrofractus

Section 7, Chapter 6265, Accession 006264131

Section 7, Chapter 6265, Accession 006264132

Yatzidis H., 1987: Re evaluation of ascorbic acid deficiency in hemodialyzed patients

Drahovsky, D.; Dunzendorfer, U.; Ziegenhagen, G.; Drahovsky, M.; Kellen, J. A., 1981: Re evaluation of c reactive protein in cancer sera by radio immunoassay and radial immuno diffusion 1. diagnostic value and use in battery of conventional tumor markers

Reeves M.J., 1987: Re evaluation of capsicum color data

Roopnarinesingh S., 1987: Re evaluation of diagnostic uterine dilatation and curettage a review of 203 patients

Karki N.T., 1986: Re evaluation of drug interaction with alpha adrenoceptors in vivo and in vitro using imidazole derivatives

Et Al, 1985: Re evaluation of electrophysiological examinations for facial palsy

Section 7, Chapter 6265, Accession 006264139

Section 7, Chapter 6265, Accession 006264140

Ikeda N., 1988: Re evaluation of histological diagnosis in gastric mucosal biopsy

Malaise E.P., 1986: Re evaluation of in vitro radiosensitivity of human fibroblasts of different genetic origins

Deimling O.V., 1987: Re evaluation of lg v of the rat and assignment of 12 carboxylesterases to two gene clusters

Nakao M., 1988: Re evaluation of normal human urinary proteins fractionated by one dimensional sds polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis

Norberg L., 1984: Re evaluation of potency and pharmaco kinetic properties of some lipid soluble barbiturates with an electro encephalogram threshold method

Sakamoto Y., 1985: Re evaluation of protein bound glutathione in rat liver

Kawase Y., 1985: Re evaluation of radioisotope angiography as a screening test for ischemic cerebral diseases

Et Al, 1985: Re evaluation of radiological measurement of the spinal canal in the study of its cross section using specimens of lumbar vertebrae

Corrao P.A., 1985: Re evaluation of selectivity of malachite green test for presence of sulfite in mechanically deboned poultry

Maithy P.K., 1985: Re evaluation of some indian lower gondwana filicalean taxa

Sayre J.W., 1979: Re evaluation of sputum staining for the diagnosis of pulmonary tuberculosis

Sultan C., 1987: Re evaluation of strategies for the diagnosis of iron deficiencies

Kuzuna S., 1984: Re evaluation of the carrageenan induced abscess model as a screening method for anti inflammatory agents

Section 7, Chapter 6265, Accession 006264155

Kehlet H., 1987: Re evaluation of the clinical value of the 30 min acth test in assessing the hypothalamic pituitary adrenocortical function

Section 7, Chapter 6265, Accession 006264157

Phillips P.J., 1988: Re evaluation of the fructosamine reaction

Section 7, Chapter 6265, Accession 006264159

Section 7, Chapter 6265, Accession 006264160

Mirkova E., 1987: Re evaluation of the need for multiple sampling times in the mouse bone marrow micronucleus assay results for dmba

Minas H.J., 1988: Re evaluation of the nutrient exchanges in the strait of gibraltar

Kessler I., 1987: Re evaluation of the obstetrical risk for the older primipara

Richards T., 1985: Re evaluation of the problems of external fixation of the tibia in the rabbit

Section 7, Chapter 6265, Accession 006264165

Goessens G., 1985: Re evaluation of the site of transcription in ehrlich tumor cell nucleoli

Lutz H.U., 1987: Re evaluation of the structural integrity of red cell glycoproteins during aging in vivo and nutrient deprivation

Squire J., 1987: Re evaluation of the sublocalization of esterase d and its relation to the retinoblastoma locus by in situ hybridization

Mahoudeau J.A., 1985: Re evaluation of the water loading test in adrenocortical exploration

Talsma T., 1987: Re evaluation of the well permeameter as a field method for measuring hydraulic conductivity

Section 7, Chapter 6265, Accession 006264171

Gupta V., 1983: Re evaluation of widal test

Sey O., 1980: Re examination of an amphistome trematoda collection deposited in the geneva museum switzerland with a description of orthocoelium saccocoelium new species

Walliker D., 1985: Re examination of earlier work on repetitive dna and mosquito infectivity in rodent malaria

Holman G.D., 1987: Re examination of hexose transporter inhibition and labelling by hexose isothiocyanates

Tanaka K., 1988: Re examination of life history parameters of long finned pilot whales in the newfoundland waters canada

Yamada Y., 1986: Re examination of selection index for desired gains

Wainwright, M., 1985: Re examination of some of john tyndall's studies on microbial antagonism

Furukohri T., 1988: Re examination of the amino acid sequence of soybean leghemoglobin alpha and autoxidation of its oxy form

Goldstein I.J., 1984: Re examination of the carbohydrate binding stoichiometry of lima bean phaseolus lunatus lectin

Wachsmuth E.D., 1987: Re examination of the effect of beta adrenergic blocking agents on the proliferation of rat jejunal crypt cells using the stathmokinetic method

Section 7, Chapter 6265, Accession 006264182

Mcfadden E.R.Jr, 1988: Re examination of the late asthmatic response to exercise

Section 7, Chapter 6265, Accession 006264184

Koya Y., 1985: Re examination of the relationship between lactate threshold and ventilatory threshold

Dickinson A., 1986: Re examination of the role of the instrumental contingency in the sodium appetite irrelevant incentive effect

Rochat H., 1987: Re examination of the specificity of the scorpion androctonus australis hector insect toxin towards arthropods

Beck D.A., 1987: Re examining wet pressing fundamentals a look inside the nip using dynamic measurement

Tyc Dumont S., 1984: Re excitation of feline moto neurons its mechanism and consequences

Taniki T., 1983: Re expansion of refractory atel ectasis using a broncho fiberscope with a balloon cuff

Huber G.L., 1979: Re expansion pulmonary edema

Takamura K., 1981: Re expansion pulmonary edema

Fulmer J.D., 1988: Re expansion pulmonary edema a potential role for free radicals in its pathogenesis

Lifshitz S., 1979: Re exploration after treatment for ovarian carcinoma

Rutledge F.N., 1983: Re exploration after treatment for uterine sarcoma

Comisarow, R. H.; Grabstald, H., 1976: Re exploration for retroperitoneal lymph node metastases from testis tumors

Covelo E., 1981: Re exploration of the arch of the internal saphenous vein

Cassio D., 1984: Re expression of hepatic functions in mouse hepatoma x rat hepatoma hybrids

Section 7, Chapter 6265, Accession 006264199

Darlington G., 1981: Re expression of t t complex antigen t 12 in thymocyte x embryonal carcinoma cell hybrids

Section 7, Chapter 6265, Accession 006264201

Vincent J., 1983: Re fatting rate of human hair lipids after exposure to selenium di sulfide detergents

Section 7, Chapter 6265, Accession 006264203

Ball D., 1982: Re feeding after acute gastro enteritis a controlled study

Greenwood M.R.C., 1983: Re feeding after fasting in the rat effects of carbohydrate

Bjorntorp P., 1983: Re feeding after fasting in the rat effects of dietary induced obesity on energy balance regulation

Yang M U., 1982: Re feeding after fasting in the rat effects on body composition and food efficiency

Yang M U., 1982: Re feeding after fasting in the rat energy substrate fluxes and replenishment of energy stores

Willems G., 1984: Re feeding of fasting rats stimulates epithelial cell proliferation in the excluded colon

Willems G., 1981: Re feeding of mice after fasting stimulates cell renewal in the gallbladder epithelium

Bobscheff T., 1980: Re fertilization by implantation of both tubes

Dellis E.M., 1982: Re fixation saccades and attention in schizophrenia

Amar, A. D.; Chabra, K., 1970: Re flux in duplicated ureters treatment in children

Waks M., 1980: Re folding defects in hemo globin rothschild

Garel J R., 1980: Re folding kinetics of nitrated rnase a

Berliner L.J., 1980: Re folding of a 3 noncovalently linked domain enzyme human gamma thrombin

Dautry-Varsat, A.; Garel, J. R., 1978: Re folding of a bi functional enzyme and its mono functional fragment

Khorana H.G., 1981: Re folding of an integral membrane protein denaturation renaturation and reconstitution of intact bacterio rhod opsin and 2 proteolytic fragments

Creighton, T. E.; Dyckes, D. F.; Sheppard, R. C., 1978: Re folding of bovine pancreatic trypsin inhibitor modified at methionine 52/

Peters T.Jr, 1981: Re folding of bovine serum albumin and its proteolytic fragments regain of di sulfide bonds secondary structure and ligand binding ability

Section 7, Chapter 6265, Accession 006264221

Odorzynski T.W., 1979: Re folding of bovine trypsinogen with 1 and 2 di sulfide bonds reduced and carboxymethylated

Sinha, N. K.; Light, A., 1975: Re folding of reduced denatured trypsinogen and trypsin immobilized on agarose beads

Fromageot P., 1980: Re folding of reduced short neuro toxins circular dichroism analysis

Dyckes D.F., 1981: Re folding of s methylmethionyl basic pancreatic trypsin inhibitor

Light, A.; Sinha, N. K., 1976: Re folding of sepharose bound trypsinogen with di sulfide 179 to 203 reduced and carboxymethylated

Hamaguchi K., 1979: Re folding of the immuno globulin light chain

Waley, S. G., 1973: Re folding of triose phosphate isomerase ec

Section 7, Chapter 6265, Accession 006264229

Stoesz, J. D.; Lumry, R. W., 1978: Re folding transition of alpha chymotrypsin ph and salt dependence

Georgievskii, A. B.; Khodzhamukuliev, A., 1977: Re forestation ecology of haloxylon ammodendron

Hogetsu T., 1987: Re formation and ordering of wall microtubules in spirogyra cells

Hogetsu T., 1986: Re formation of microtubules in closterium ehrenbergii after cold induced depolymerization

Section 7, Chapter 6265, Accession 006264234

Moller, E.; Nielsen, C.; Rasmussen, K. J., 1979: Re growth after pre wilting of grasslands crops 1. the effect of covering

Herrera R.S., 1980: Re growth age and nitrogen levels in star grass cynodon nlemfuensis

Section 7, Chapter 6265, Accession 006264238

Hagiwara M., 1981: Re growth assay method for quantitative evaluation of drug induced cell damage in vitro clarification of cell reduction kinetics of anti cancer drugs and differential drug sensitivities of genito urinary cancer cell lines

Leach G.J., 1979: Re growth characteristics of lucerne under different systems of grazing management

Miller S.S., 1982: Re growth flowering and fruit quality of delicious apple trees malus domestica cultivar topred delicious as influenced by summer pruning

Odell G.V.Jr, 1983: Re growth nodulation and nitrogenase activity of strophostyles helvola with rigorous defoliation

Larson B.R., 1981: Re growth of ascophyllum nodosum and fucus vesiculosus under various harvesting regimes in maine usa

Section 7, Chapter 6265, Accession 006264244

Nelson C.J., 1980: Re growth of genotypes of tall fescue festuca arundinacea differing in yield per tiller

Sutton D.L., 1980: Re growth of hydrilla verticillata from axillary buds

Stewart R.H., 1983: Re growth of italian rye grass lolium multiflorum cultivars in the reproductive phase

Graziadei, P. P. C.; Kaplan, M. S., 1980: Re growth of olfactory sensory axons into transplanted neural tissue 1. development of connections with the occipital cortex

Exley J.K., 1983: Re growth of perennial rye grass as affected by simulated leaf sheaths

Karlin J.V., 1981: Re growth of platysma following platysma cervical lift etiology and methodology of prevention

Section 7, Chapter 6265, Accession 006264251

Robertson P.A., 1981: Re growth of quercus prinus and associated tree species following regeneration harvesting in the ozark hills of illinois usa

Mcgregor M.T., 1979: Re growth of rye grass lolium perenne cultivar s 23 swards subject to different cutting regimes and stocking densities

Barden, L. S., 1978: Re growth of shrubs in grassy balds of the southern appalachians after prescribed burning

Bokhari, U. G., 1977: Re growth of western wheat grass utilizing carbon 14 labeled assimilates stored in belowground parts

Van Keulen H., 1980: Re growth potential of shoot and of roots of rhodes grass chloris gayana cultivar katambora after defoliation

Brown, G. K.; Kwolek, W. F.; Wuertz, D. E.; Jumper, G. A.; Wilson, C. L.; Carr, S. R., 1977: Re growth reduction in american elm and sycamore by growth regulator injection

Werner, R. A.; Hough, L. F.; Frenkel, C., 1978: Re hardening of peach fruit in cold storage

Maciel Neto A.A.A., 1981: Re hospitalization and hospitalism in psychiatry

Starfield B.H., 1980: Re hospitalization in the 1st year of life for high risk survivors

Fanaroff A.A., 1981: Re hospitalization of the very low birth weight infant a continuum of peri natal and environmental morbidity

Bucknall C.A., 1981: Re hydration in the treatment of severe hyper calcemia

Section 7, Chapter 6265, Accession 006264263

Ranganathan B., 1982: Re hydration of freeze dried cultures of lactic streptococci

Martinucci, R., 1978: Re hydration of seeds and phospho gluco mutase activity

Kershaw K.A., 1983: Re hydration response of nitrogenase activity and carbon fixation in terrestrial nostoc commune from stipa and bouteloua grassland

Molz, F. J.; Klepper, B.; Peterson, C. M., 1973: Re hydration vs growth induced water uptake in plant tissues

Kuraishi H., 1983: Re identification of thiobacillus perometabolis atcc 27793 and thiobacillus sp strain a 2 with reference to a new species thiobacillus rapidicrescens new species

Strelin G.S., 1979: Re immigration of bone marrow stem cells in mice

Gronskaya, N. F.; Strelin, G. S., 1975: Re immigration of bone marrow stem cells in mice in roentgenological experiments

Strelin G.S., 1979: Re immigration of the bone marrow stem cells in rats

Cooney D.R., 1980: Re immunization and splenic auto transplantation a long term study of immunologic response and survival following pneumococcal challenge

Bryan R.S., 1983: Re implantation for the salvage of an infected total knee arthro plasty

Steptoe, P. C.; Edwards, R. G., 1976: Re implantation of a human embryo with subsequent tubal pregnancy

Section 7, Chapter 6265, Accession 006264275

Nordzell, B., 1977: Re implantation of an amputated hand long term follow up report

Whiteacre, G. W.; Edwards, J. L., 1976: Re implantation of avulsed teeth

Aragao M.L.L., 1982: Re implantation of fingers a very high specialty surgical technique

Section 7, Chapter 6265, Accession 006264279

Schwetlick G., 1981: Re implantation of splenic tissue after neo natal abdominal trauma

Louw N.S., 1980: Re implantation of the fallopian tubes

Arrigoni G., 1979: Re implantation of the mandibular condyle in cases of intra oral resection and reconstruction of the mandible

Bratt C G., 1981: Re implantation of the ureter in prostatic carcinoma associated with bilateral ureteric obstruction

Wildevuur C.R.H., 1984: Re implantation response in iso grafted rat lungs analysis of causal factors

Klingenberg M., 1983: Re incorporation of adp atp carrier into phospho lipid membranes phospho lipid protein interaction as studied by phosphorus 31 nmr and electron microscopy

Jones R.E., 1979: Re incorporation of iodinated peptides in vivo and the comparative effectiveness of tungstic acid and tri chloro acetic acid in peptide separation

Tranum Jensen J., 1980: Re incorporation of the terminal complement c 5b through c 9 complex into lipid bi layers formation and stability of reconstituted liposomes

Bloomfield C.D., 1981: Re induction of complete remissions in adults with acute nonlymphocytic leukemia

El Etr A.A., 1983: Re infarction following anesthesia in patients with myo cardial infarction

Graham, D. C., 1976: Re infection by erwinia carotovora in potato stocks derived from stem cuttings

Costa, M. F. F. D. L.; Katz, N.; Dias, J. C. P., 1980: Re infection of patients in schistosomiasis mansoni endemic areas after specific treatment 4. observations taken in belo horizonte minas gerais brazil

Slattery R.J., 1981: Re infection of potato seed stocks with potato virus s and potato virus x in wisconsin usa

Taylor Robinson D., 1984: Re infection of the mouse genital tract with chlamydia trachomatis the relationship of antibody to immunity

Fiumara N.J., 1980: Re infection primary secondary and latent syphilis the serologic response after treatment

Simkin A.D., 1979: Re infection with disseminated gonococcal disease

Couch R.B., 1979: Re infection with influenza a h 3n 2 virus in young children and their families

Yeates, G. W., 1978: Re infestation of small plots by clover cyst nematode a note

Garms R., 1983: Re infestations of the southeastern flank of the onchocerciasis control program area by wind borne vectors

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Section 7, Chapter 6265, Accession 006264303

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Section 7, Chapter 6265, Accession 006264313

Section 7, Chapter 6265, Accession 006264314

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Section 7, Chapter 6265, Accession 006264317

Section 7, Chapter 6265, Accession 006264318

Section 7, Chapter 6265, Accession 006264319

Section 7, Chapter 6265, Accession 006264320

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Section 7, Chapter 6265, Accession 006264331

Section 7, Chapter 6265, Accession 006264332

Section 7, Chapter 6265, Accession 006264333

Section 7, Chapter 6265, Accession 006264334

Section 7, Chapter 6265, Accession 006264335

Section 7, Chapter 6265, Accession 006264336

Section 7, Chapter 6265, Accession 006264337

Section 7, Chapter 6265, Accession 006264338

Section 7, Chapter 6265, Accession 006264339

Section 7, Chapter 6265, Accession 006264340

Section 7, Chapter 6265, Accession 006264341

Section 7, Chapter 6265, Accession 006264342

Section 7, Chapter 6265, Accession 006264343

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Section 7, Chapter 6265, Accession 006264401

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Section 7, Chapter 6265, Accession 006264415

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Section 7, Chapter 6265, Accession 006264462

Section 7, Chapter 6265, Accession 006264463

Section 7, Chapter 6265, Accession 006264464

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Section 7, Chapter 6265, Accession 006264477

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Section 7, Chapter 6265, Accession 006264541

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Finney K.F., 1983: Re selection of hard red winter wheat triticum aestivum cultivar lancota for high grain protein content

Lee S.K., 1983: Re selection of populus alba x populus glandulosa f 1 clones using stability analysis

Section 7, Chapter 6265, Accession 006264546

Section 7, Chapter 6265, Accession 006264547

Section 7, Chapter 6265, Accession 006264548

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Musumeci R., 1981: Re staging of patients with ovarian carcinoma

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Section 7, Chapter 6265, Accession 006264557

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Section 7, Chapter 6265, Accession 006264559

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Maller R., 1979: Re stimulation of purified protein derivative stimulated lymphocytes decreased responsiveness of pre stimulated cells to a 2nd challenge with purified protein derivative and phyto hem agglutinin

Wernet P., 1980: Re stimulation properties of human allo reactive cloned t cell lines dissection of hla d region alleles in population studies and in family segregation analysis

Bustard H.R., 1982: Re stocking mugger crocodile crocodylus palustris in andhra pradesh india evaluation of a pilot release

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Section 7, Chapter 6265, Accession 006264571

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Zur I., 1981: Re suspension of particles from a horizontal surface

Section 7, Chapter 6265, Accession 006264576

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Petranyi G., 1981: Re synthesis of trypsinized sheep red blood cell receptors on human lymphocytes comparison of the effects of immuno potentiators of biological and synthetic origin in vitro

Barrett Connor E., 1982: Re test reliability of plasma cholesterol and tri glyceride the lipid research clinics prevalence study

Section 7, Chapter 6265, Accession 006264580

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Botchan M., 1979: Re transformation of a sv 40 revertant cell line which is resistant to viral and dna infections by micro injection of viral dna

Constantinescu N., 1984: Re transfusion of ascitic fluid in cirrhotic patients by external peritoneo venous and peritoneo pulmonary deviation personal techniques/

Hori Y., 1983: Re translocation of photo assimilates accumulated in contractile roots to daughter corm or bulbs in gladiolus and oxalis bowieana

Romney E.M., 1980: Re translocation of tagged carbon in ambrosia dumosa

Mamiya, R. T.; Moreno-Cabral, R. J.; Nakamura, F. T.; Sprague, A. Y., 1977: Re transposition of the great vessels for transposition with ventricular septal defect and pulmonary hypertension

Stein R.S., 1988: Re treatment of aplastic anemia with antithymocyte globulin or antilymphocyte serum

Santha, T.; Radhakrishna, S.; Ramakrishnan, C. V.; Tripathy, S. P., 1976: Re treatment of drug sensitive relapses of pulmonary tuberculosis following chemo therapy with standard drugs

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Fletcher G.H., 1981: Re treatment of recurrent naso pharyngeal carcinoma

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Morii S., 1981: Re trials of ultra cytochemical demonstrations of tween lipase in pancreas

Borowka A., 1981: Re trigonization of the bladder neck and its influence on the prostatic cavity after prostatectomy

Section 7, Chapter 6265, Accession 006264594

Section 7, Chapter 6265, Accession 006264595

Dudas I., 1986: Re usable filtration apparatus needs no sterilizing

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Section 7, Chapter 6265, Accession 006264886

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Section 7, Chapter 6265, Accession 006264888

Valcarcel M.V., 1985: Reaction of 4 thioxo 1 3 benzothiazines with amidrazones synthesis of 1 2 4 triazolo 1 5 c quinazoline derivatives

Section 7, Chapter 6265, Accession 006264890

Section 7, Chapter 6265, Accession 006264891

Section 7, Chapter 6265, Accession 006264892

Pal, B. C., 1978: Reaction of 5 chloro uracil derivatives with cysteine

Garcia, O. A.; Leon, S. A., 1978: Reaction of 5 cocoa hybrids theobroma cacao to toxicity produced by aluminum in nutritive solution and on the plains of colombia

Section 7, Chapter 6265, Accession 006264895

Barr, P. J.; Robins, M. J.; Santi, D. V., 1983: Reaction of 5 ethynyl 2' deoxy uridylate with thiols and thymidylate synthetase ec

Willis C.B., 1981: Reaction of 5 forage legumes to meloidogyne hapla

Mccloskey J.A., 1988: Reaction of 5 halocytosine derivatives with cysteine

Metzger H., 1981: Reaction of 5 iodonaphthyl 1 nitrene with the immuno globulin e receptor on normal and tumor mast cells

Franzmair, R., 1976: Reaction of 5 oxo a nor 3 5 seco cholestan 3 oic acid with simple hydrazine derivatives nitrogen containing steroids part 2

Marston, N. L.; Schmidt, G. T.; Biever, K. D.; Dickerson, W. A., 1978: Reaction of 5 species of soybean caterpillars to attack by the predator podisus maculiventris

Section 7, Chapter 6265, Accession 006264902

Section 7, Chapter 6265, Accession 006264903

Section 7, Chapter 6265, Accession 006264904

Sheehan, J. C.; Commons, T. J., 1978: Reaction of 6 7 di azo penicillanates and di azo cephalosporanates with sulfenyl chlorides preparation of 6 7 alpha methoxy substituted thiol penicillanates and thiol cephalosporanates

Lopez Chavez R., 1987: Reaction of 6 experimental lines of coffea spp to inoculation with meloidogyne exigua

Section 7, Chapter 6265, Accession 006264907

Zacheo F., 1983: Reaction of 6 tomato lycopersicon esculentum cultivars to 2 sri lanka populations of meloidogyne spp

Jagannadham V., 1985: Reaction of 6 yl radicals of uracil thymine and cytosine and their nucleosides and nucleotides with nitrobenzenes via addition to give nitroxide radicals hydroxyl catalyzed nitroxide heterolysis

Doerjer, G.; Diessner, H.; Buecheler, J.; Kleihues, P., 1978: Reaction of 7 12 di methyl benz a anthracene with dna of fetal and maternal rat tissues in vivo

Chattopadhyaya, J. B.; Reese, C. B., 1977: Reaction of 8 2 o cyclo adenosine with hydrazine and amines convenient preparations of 9 beta d arabinofuranosyl adenine and its derivatives

Section 7, Chapter 6265, Accession 006264912

Ueno Y., 1981: Reaction of 8 a hydro per oxy tocopherones with ascorbic acid

Bridges G.D., 1979: Reaction of 8 citrus varieties topworked on trees citrus limon cultivar milam with severe stem pitting symptoms

Massey V., 1983: Reaction of 8 mercapto flavins and flavo proteins with sulfite evidence for the role of an active site arginine in d amino acid oxidase

Lehikoinen P., 1984: Reaction of 9 beta d ribofuranosylpurine with alkalies kinetics and mechanism

Section 7, Chapter 6265, Accession 006264917

Section 7, Chapter 6265, Accession 006264918

Section 7, Chapter 6265, Accession 006264919

Sugimoto, T.; Kaiser, E. T., 1978: Reaction of a mixed anhydride with aqueous hydroxylamine a model for the trapping by added nucleophiles of anhydride intermediates in carboxy peptidase a action

Kuzin A.M., 1983: Reaction of a natural modifier of the lethal effect of radiation with hela cells

Greppin H., 1979: Reaction of a peroxidase activity to red and far red light in relation to the floral induction of spinach spinacia oleracea cultivar nobel

Garcia Blanco P., 1988: Reaction of a representative sample of the spanish population to communicating the diagnosis to cancer patients

Davis F.M., 1984: Reaction of a resistant and a susceptible corn zea mays hybrid to various southwestern corn borer diatraea grandiosella infestation levels

Robinson, G. W., 1970: Reaction of a specific tryptophan residue in streptococcal proteinase with 2 hydroxy 5 nitro benzyl bromide

Section 7, Chapter 6265, Accession 006264926

Goedken V.L., 1979: Reaction of a tetra aza 14 annulene cobalt iii complex with acetylene synthesis and structural characterization of a novel cobalt iii complex containing a penta dentate macro cyclic ligand with a carbon sigma donor atom 7 cis beta vinylide 7 16 di hydro 6 8 15 17 tetra methyldibenzo b i 1 4 8 11 tetraazacyclotetradecinato pyridine cobalt iii hexa fluoro phosphate mono acetonitrile

Stenman U H., 1988: Reaction of a tumor associated trypsin inhibitor with serine proteinases associated with coagulation and tumor invasion

Section 7, Chapter 6265, Accession 006264929

Hoberman H.D., 1986: Reaction of acetaldehyde with hemoglobin

Wedler, F. C.; Killian, F. L.; Bender, M. L., 1970: Reaction of acetyl alpha chymotrypsin and other esters with an ionizable nucleophile mono iso nitroso acetone

Abott T., 1987: Reaction of acetylene with the lignin model compound 1 4 hydroxy 3 methoxyphenylglycerol 2 guaiacyl ether under uv irradiation

Section 7, Chapter 6265, Accession 006264933

Shapiro R., 1988: Reaction of acrolein with cytosine and adenine derivatives

Fagraeus A., 1982: Reaction of actin with specific and nonspecific immuno globulin g at various salt concentrations

Nagase M., 1980: Reaction of actinomyces israelii poly saccharide with c reactive protein

Tamura, N.; Baba, A. S., 1976: Reaction of activated guinea pig complement c 5 through c 6 with unsensitized erythrocytes and with erythrocytes carrying complement c 3b molecule

Koch S.A.M., 1983: Reaction of acyloxy alkyl alpha halides with phenols effect of nucleofugicity and nucleophilicity on product distribution

Raymond H.L., 1979: Reaction of adult upper alps tabanidae diptera to some weather factors

Strider, D. L., 1978: Reaction of african violet cultivars to phytophthora nicotianae var parasitica

Won, W. D.; Ross, H., 1969: Reaction of air borne rhizobium meliloti to some environmental factors

Section 7, Chapter 6265, Accession 006264942

Bock, K.; Lundt, I.; Pedersen, C.; Refn, S., 1986: Reaction of aldonic acids with hydrogen bromide vii. preparation of some 2 6 dideoxyhexoses

Sandhu J.S., 1986: Reaction of aldonitrones with copper acetylide synthesis of some novel beta lactams

Section 7, Chapter 6265, Accession 006264945

Adachi S., 1979: Reaction of alkanals and amino acids or primary amines synthesis of 1 2 3 5 substituted and 1 3 4 5 substituted quaternary pyridinium salts

Renault J., 1983: Reaction of alkyl iso cyanates with 4 hydroxy quinolines and 9 hydroxy 3 methyl imidazo 4 5 f quinoline/

Kotchevar A.T., 1987: Reaction of alkylcobalamins with thiols

Kawanisi M., 1988: Reaction of allylic tin reagents with nitrogen heteroaromatics activated by alkyl chloroformates regioselective synthesis of alpha allylated 1 2 dihydropyridines and change of the regioselectivity depending on methyl substituents at the allylic moiety

Feinman R.D., 1981: Reaction of alpha 2 macro globulin bound trypsin with soybean trypsin inhibitor

Hamoud H.S., 1979: Reaction of alpha beta unsaturated ketones with hydrazine derivatives

Paus, E., 1978: Reaction of alpha mannosidase from phaseolus vulgaris with group specific reagents essential carboxyl groups

Torres L.E., 1985: Reaction of alpha silyl esters with grignard reagents a synthesis of beta ketosilanes and ketones preparation of the douglas fir tussock moth pheromone

Kalir, A.; Balderman, D., 1976: Reaction of alpha tri halo methyl benzhydrols with sulfuric acid hydrogen azide

Shur Bagdasaryan E.F., 1981: Reaction of alpine meadow plants to certain effects

Bafokuzara N.D., 1983: Reaction of amaranthus hybridus ssp incurvatus to varying levels of meloidogyne javanica inoculum

Section 7, Chapter 6265, Accession 006264957

Sternson L.A., 1984: Reaction of amino acid esters and amides with o phthalaldehyde limitations in fluorescent yield

Ogura H., 1979: Reaction of amino acids with d glycosyl iso thio cyanates and d gluconyl iso thio cyanates

Marinetti, G. V.; Senior, A. E.; Love, R.; Broadhurst, C. I., 1976: Reaction of amino phospho lipids of the inner mitochondrial membrane with fluorodinitro benzene and tri nitro benzenesulfonate

Aasen G., 1980: Reaction of ammonia with tri nitro benzenesulfonic acid

Section 7, Chapter 6265, Accession 006264962

Lamprecht S.C., 1986: Reaction of annual medicago spp to colletotrichum crown rot caused by colletotrichum trifolii

Hurley L.H., 1982: Reaction of anthramycin with dna biological consequences of dna damage in normal and xeroderma pigmentosum cell lines

Richter W.J., 1985: Reaction of anthranilamide with phosphorus pentasulfide formation of 2 mercapto 1h 1 3 2 lambda 5 benzodiazaphosphorine 2 4 dithione

Takeuchi Y., 1982: Reaction of anthranilamides with levulinic acids synthesis of 2 3 3a 4 tetra hydro pyrrolo 2 1 b quinazoline 1 9 diones

Norberg R., 1980: Reaction of anti actin antibodies with lymphoid cells

Schnitzler, S.; Rathsack, R., 1974: Reaction of anti blood group a hem agglutinin from helix pomatia with algae chlorella pyrenoidosa and demonstration of heterophilic agglutinins against algae in human sera

Roelcke D., 1984: Reaction of anti gd anti f 1 and anti sa cold agglutinins with p erythrocytes

Williams K.M., 1988: Reaction of anti hla b monoclonal antibodies with envelope proteins of shigella spp evidence for molecular mimicry in the spondyloarthropathies

Brient, B. W.; Haimovich, J.; Nisonoff, A., 1971: Reaction of anti idiotypic antibody with the hapten binding site of a myeloma protein

Yamashina I., 1979: Reaction of anti mannan antibodies with oligo mannosides and glyco peptides

Owen W.G., 1984: Reaction of anti thrombin iii with thrombin bound to the vascular endothelium analysis in a re circulating perfused rabbit heart preparation

Section 7, Chapter 6265, Accession 006264974

Feinman R.D., 1982: Reaction of anti thrombin with proteases nature of the reaction with trypsin

Marcus D.M., 1979: Reaction of antibodies that cause paroxysmal cold hemo globinuria with globoside and forssman glyco sphingo lipids

Section 7, Chapter 6265, Accession 006264977

Ugryumova, G. A.; Lyampert, I. M.; Kolesnikova, V. Yu ; Bukhova, V. P., 1977: Reaction of antibodies to streptococcal group a antigens to fibroblasts of interstitial connective tissue of the human heart

Section 7, Chapter 6265, Accession 006264979

Section 7, Chapter 6265, Accession 006264980

Notter, M. F. D.; Docherty, J. J., 1976: Reaction of antigens isolated from herpes simplex virus transformed cells with sera of squamous cell carcinoma patients

Koffler D., 1987: Reaction of antipolynucleotide antibody from systemic lupus erythematosus patient serum with double stranded dna complexed to protein

Omura T., 1985: Reaction of antiserum against sds dissociated rice dwarf virus and a polypeptide of rice gall dwarf virus

Kagan H.M., 1983: Reaction of aortic lysyl oxidase with beta amino propionitrile

Liuzzi M., 1983: Reaction of apurinic apyrimidinic sites with carbon 14 labeled methoxyamine a method for the quantitative assay of apurinic apyrimidinic sites in dna

Danyulite, G. P.; Dzingaite, S. M.; Naktinis, I. M.; Pabrezhaite, R. Yu ; Sivitskene-Ya, V.; Shveistite, A. I., 1981: Reaction of aquatic animals in electric fields 8. sensitivity of rainbow trout to electric current below the threshold of a visually perceptible reaction

Section 7, Chapter 6265, Accession 006264987

Friesel, H.; Hecker, E., 1977: Reaction of arene oxides with nucleosides

Ostazeski, S. A.; Avendano, R. E.; Rodriguez, J.; Fernandez, J. P., 1978: Reaction of argentine and usa alfalfas to argentine isolates of colletotrichum trifolii

Ratner S., 1987: Reaction of argininosuccinase with bromomesaconic acid role of an essential lysine in the active site

Weissler M., 1984: Reaction of aromatic epoxides with sodium diethyldithiocarbamate

Section 7, Chapter 6265, Accession 006264992

Hisano, T.; Harano, K.; Matsuoka, T.; Suematsu, F.; Ohizumi, N., 1985: Reaction of aromatic n oxides with dipolarophiles 8. carbamation products of 2 anilinopyridine derivatives

Hisano, T.; Harano, K.; Fukuoka, R.; Matsuoka, T.; Muraoka, K.; Shinohara, I., 1986: Reaction of aromatic n oxides with dipolarophiles xi. 1 3 dipolar cycloaddition reaction of pyridine n oxides with tosyl isocyanate and one pot synthesis of 2 oxooxazolo 4 5 b pyridine derivatives

Ronnenberg J., 1981: Reaction of aromatic peptides with double helical dna quantitative characterization of a 2 step reaction scheme

Bratus', V. V., 1978: Reaction of arteries and veins to changes in sympathetic activity

Ovchinnikov-Yu, B., 1985: Reaction of arundo donax to the water salt regime of soil

Section 7, Chapter 6265, Accession 006264998

Neumann H G., 1980: Reaction of aryl nitroso compounds with mercaptans

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