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Redistribution of enamel fluoride during white spot lesion formation: an in vitro study on human dental enamel

Clarkson, B.H.; Wefel, J.S.; Silverstone, L.M.

Caries Research 15(2): 158-165


ISSN/ISBN: 0008-6568
PMID: 6937262
DOI: 10.1159/000260513
Accession: 006264049

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In vitro fluoride by depth profiles were obtained from [human] sound enamel windows and from adjacent enamel windows after caries-like enamel lesion formation. The caries-like lesions were created using the acidified gelatin gel system. Thus, the redistribution of the indigenous enamel fluoride was assessed without exogenous F contamination. During lesion formation, the high surface level of fluoride seen in sound enamel was depleted and there was an increase in the fluoride concentration in the body of the lesion. An exogenous source of fluoride deposited more fluoride into the surface zone of the lesion relative to sound enamel.

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