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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 6266

Chapter 6266 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Harris B.G., 1987: Reaction of ascaris suum phosphofructokinase with diethylpyrocarbonate inactivation and desensitization to allosteric modulation

Melius P., 1983: Reaction of atomic carbon with ammonia the mechanism of formation of amino acid precursors

Gupton, B. F.; Carroll, D. L.; Tuhy, P. M.; Kam, C. M.; Powers, J. C., 1984: Reaction of aza peptides with chymotrypsin like enzymes new inhibitors and active site titrants for chymotrypsin a alpha subtilisin bpn' subtilisin carlsberg and human leukocyte cathepsin g/

Tuhy P.M., 1984: Reaction of aza peptides with human leukocyte elastase and porcine pancreatic elastase new inhibitors and active site titrants/

Carty R.P., 1983: Reaction of azide ion with 1 2 3 anhydrolyxofuranosyluracil isolation of 1 2 amino 2 deoxy beta d xylofuranosyluracil and 1 3 amino 3 deoxy beta d arabinofuranosyluracil

Pruetz W.A., 1979: Reaction of azide radicals with amino acids and proteins

Section 7, Chapter 6266, Accession 006265006

Section 7, Chapter 6266, Accession 006265007

Hodes H.L., 1988: Reaction of bacillus subtilis products with amoebocyte lysates of the japanese horseshoe crab tachypleus tridentatus

Sonoda, R. M.; Augustine, J., 1978: Reaction of bacterial wilt resistant tomato lines to pseudomonas solanacearum in florida usa

Strauss B., 1980: Reaction of bacterio phage t 7 dna with a poly cyclic aromatic hydro carbon lack of structural perturbation

Section 7, Chapter 6266, Accession 006265011

Sevast'yanov, V. I.; Senin, E. A., 1978: Reaction of barley cultivars to salinization and individual salt resistance of plants within cultivar limits

Ogunfowora, A. O., 1977: Reaction of barley to cereal root knot nematode meloidogyne naasi

Vallega J., 1979: Reaction of barley varieties and lines to virulence genes carried by 2 italian mildew races

Section 7, Chapter 6266, Accession 006265015

Metcalfe, D. R.; Chiko, A. W.; Martens, J. W.; Tekauz, A., 1977: Reaction of barleys from the middle east to canadian pathogens

Li, W., 1981: Reaction of bcg activated pulmonary macrophages with silica 1. quantitative changes of intra cellular acid phosphatase

Li, W.; Et-Al, 1983: Reaction of bcg activated pulmonary macrophages with silica 3. ultrastructure of pulmonary macrophage silicotic nodule and bcg granuloma

Rinaldi, A.; Floris, G.; Sabatini, S.; Finazzi-Agro, A.; Giartosio, A.; Rotilio, G.; Mondovi, B., 1983: Reaction of beef plasma and lentil seedling copper amine oxidases ec with phenyl hydrazine

Section 7, Chapter 6266, Accession 006265021

Haddadin, M. J.; Taha, M. U.; Jarrar, A. A.; Issidorides, C. H., 1976: Reaction of benzofurazan oxide with unsymmetrical 1 3 di ketones steric and polar effects

Section 7, Chapter 6266, Accession 006265023

Ravindranath B., 1985: Reaction of benzyl sulfoxides with lithium and n butyllithium a new synthesis of stilbenes

Legler, G.; Roeser, K. R.; Illig, H. K., 1979: Reaction of beta d glucosidase a 3 ec from aspergillus wentii with d glucal

Baldwin, J. E.; Hesson, D. P., 1976: Reaction of beta hydroxy ethane sulfenyl chlorides with phosphines a route to epi sulfides

Shashkov A.S., 1981: Reaction of beta methyl cellobioside with sulfuryl chloride

Section 7, Chapter 6266, Accession 006265028

Shiragami M., 1979: Reaction of bi sulfite with the 5 hydroxymethyl group in pyrimidines and in phage dna

Krasovs'kyi O.M., 1984: Reaction of bindone with drugs containing a primary aromatic amino group

Sakurai H., 1983: Reaction of biological phenolic anti oxidants with super oxide generated by cytochrome p 450 model system

Section 7, Chapter 6266, Accession 006265032

Efimova E.P., 1985: Reaction of biologically active points of the skin to immunization with typhus vaccine

Bick, I. R. C.; Bremner, J. B.; Cava, M. P.; Wiriyachitra, P., 1978: Reaction of bis benzyl iso quinoline alkaloids with ceric ammonium nitrate a new degradative procedure

Section 7, Chapter 6266, Accession 006265035

Illesova D., 1988: Reaction of blackfly larvae diptera simuliidae to paper mill waste waters

Section 7, Chapter 6266, Accession 006265037

Timmermans R., 1984: Reaction of blood pressure and mesenteric blood flow to an infusion of biogenic amines in rats influence of irradiation and alpha blockers

Timmermans, R.; Gerber, G. B., 1980: Reaction of blood pressure and mesenteric blood flow to infusion of biogenic amines in normal and supra lethally x irradiated rats

Egorova L.N., 1981: Reaction of blood system of adrenalectomized mice to stress effect

Shinoda, B. A.; Mason, R. G., 1978: Reaction of blood with artificial surfaces of hemo dialyzers studies of human blood with platelet defects or coagulation factor deficiencies

Section 7, Chapter 6266 , Accession 006265042

Tsygankov A.P., 1979: Reaction of bone marrow plaque forming units of irradiated mice on some phlogogenic factors

Weitz H., 1984: Reaction of bone on silicone rubber implants results of histology microradiography and sequence labeling

Linder, L., 1977: Reaction of bone to the acute chemical trauma of bone cement

Williams C.H.Jr, 1985: Reaction of both active site thiols of reduced thioredoxin reductase with n ethylmaleimide

Section 7, Chapter 6266, Accession 006265047

Hultquist D.E., 1979: Reaction of bovine erythrocyte green hemo protein with oxygen and hydrogen per oxide

Pares, X.; Puigdomenech, P.; Cuchillo, C. M., 1980: Reaction of bovine pancreatic rnase a with 6 chloro purine riboside 5' mono phosphate nmr studies of the corresponding s peptide

Swarup, G.; Kenkare, U. W., 1980: Reaction of brain hexo kinase ec with a substrate like reagent alkylation of a single thiol at the active site

Subbarao, B.; Kenkare, U. W., 1977: Reaction of brain hexo kinase ec with tetra nitro methane oxidation of essential thiol groups

Vishwakarma S.N., 1986: Reaction of brinjal cultivars to bacterial wilt caused by pseudomonas solanacearum

Parsons, B. J.; Schulte-Frohlinde, D.; Von-Sonntag, C., 1978: Reaction of bromine ii ion with 2 deoxy d ribose a preferred attack at c 1

Section 7, Chapter 6266, Accession 006265054

Braverman, S. W., 1977: Reaction of brussels sprouts introductions to artificial inoculation with alternaria brassicicola

Weckerle W., 1988: Reaction of butyllithium with benzylidene acetals of aldopyranosides and 1 5 anhydroalditols

Section 7, Chapter 6266, Accession 006265057

Cusanovich M.A., 1981: Reaction of c type cytochromes with the iron hexa cyanides mechanistic implications

Sone, N.; Naqui, A.; Kumar, C.; Chance, B., 1984: Reaction of caa 3 type terminal cytochrome oxidase ec from the thermophilic bacterium ps 3 with oxygen and carbon monoxide at low temperatures

Section 7, Chapter 6266, Accession 006265060

Section 7, Chapter 6266, Accession 006265061

Nordin P., 1980: Reaction of carbon 14 labeled cysteine with wheat flour water solubles under uv light

Haslinger, E., 1978: Reaction of carbon di oxide in the 4 component condensation of iso nitriles short communication

Wilson, D. F.; Miyata, Y., 1977: Reaction of carbon mon oxide with cytochrome c oxidase titration of the reaction site with chemical oxidant and reductant

Section 7, Chapter 6266, Accession 006265065

Agro A.F., 1981: Reaction of carbon mon oxide with hemo cyanin stereochemical effects of a nonbridging ligand

Greene, L. E.; Yount, R. G., 1977: Reaction of cardiac myosin with a purine di sulfide analog of atp part 1 kinetics of inactivation and binding of adenylyl imido di phosphate

Greene, L. E.; Yount, R. G., 1977: Reaction of cardiac myosin with a purine di sulfide analog of atp part 2 stoichiometry and subunit location of labeling

Kremer M.L., 1985: Reaction of catalase with ethylhydrogen peroxide

Klabunovskii E.I., 1986: Reaction of catalytic enantioselective reductive aminolysis of delta 2 oxazolin 5 ones as a method of asymmetric synthesis of alpha amino acids

Wolff D.A., 1979: Reaction of cationic dyes with di sodium cromoglycate

Biko K.A., 1981: Reaction of cell division in ehrlich ascites tumor of mice to adrenaline

Beck E.G., 1982: Reaction of cells cultured in vitro to different asbestos dusts of equal surface area but different fiber length

Moscona A.A., 1979: Reaction of cells from early chick embryos with anti serum against mouse sperm cells

Rozanov L.F., 1982: Reaction of cells to hypertonic effects by cryoprotection

Litvinova L.V., 1986: Reaction of cellular tissue components of osteogenic sarcoma to the combined effect of adriamycin and radiation

Salac S.S., 1985: Reaction of centro internacional de agriculture tropical colombia phaseolus vulgaris to xanthomonas phaseoli strains from dominican republic

Koraiem A.M., 1981: Reaction of certain cucurbit cultivars to 9 populations of meloidogyne javanica

Section 7, Chapter 6266, Accession 006265080

Misra H.C., 1979: Reaction of chalcones with thio urea synthesis of 2 oxo 1 3 thiazine system and substituted cyclo butanes

O'neill H.J., 1984: Reaction of chemical warfare agents simulants on surfaces in the presence of ozone uv and ozone plus uv

Section 7, Chapter 6266, Accession 006265084

Section 7, Chapter 6266, Accession 006265085

Talanova V.V., 1986: Reaction of chilling sensitive plants to high temperatures dynamics of heat and cold resistance

Nagase H., 1986: Reaction of chlorine and bromine with humic substance

Wei C I., 1987: Reaction of chlorine dioxide with amino acids and peptides kinetics and mutagenicity studies

Golden D.M., 1987: Reaction of chlorine nitrate with hydrogen chloride and water at antarctic stratospheric temperatures

Section 7, Chapter 6266, Accession 006265090

Shahangian, S.; Hager, L. P., 1981: Reaction of chloro peroxidase ec with chlorite and chlorine di oxide

Orii, Y.; Washio, N., 1977: Reaction of chlorocruorin with heme iron ligands and carbonyl reagents

Section 7, Chapter 6266, Accession 006265093

Bunick F.J., 1988: Reaction of cholesterol 5 6 epoxides with simulated gastric juice

Wetterhahn K.E., 1986: Reaction of chromium vi with thiols ph dependence of chromium vi thio ester formation

Section 7, Chapter 6266, Accession 006265096

Kleinwachter, V.; Zaludova, R., 1977: Reaction of cis and trans isomers of platinum ii di ammine di chloride with purine adenine and its derivatives in dilute solutions

Leng M., 1984: Reaction of cis di ammine di chloro platinum ii and dna in b or z conformation

Choudhari K.G., 1984: Reaction of citrus rootstocks to phytophthora diseases

Falkler W.A.Jr, 1983: Reaction of clinical isolates and typed strains of the family bacteroidaceae with rabbit anti bacteroides sera examined by radial immuno diffusion

Ellis P., 1983: Reaction of colloidal silica with membranes of intact mammalian cells

Chang, C. H.; Angellis, D.; Fishman, W. H., 1975: Reaction of concanavalin a with alkaline phosphatases ec extracted from various human tissue sources

Gupta M.N., 1988: Reaction of concanavalin a with dimethyl adipimidate purification and characterization of a crosslinked concanavalin a derivative with enhanced thermal stability

Gaas A.A., 1982: Reaction of coniferous species to intensive path cleaning

Amos, R. A.; Katzenellenbogen, J. A., 1978: Reaction of copper enolates of esters with propargylic systems facile preparation of 3 4 dienoic esters stereoselective rearrangement to 2e 4z and 2e 4e dienoic esters and stereoselective synthesis of a fragrance from the bartlett pear

Misra H.P., 1979: Reaction of copper zinc super oxide dis mutase with di ethyl di thio carbamate

El Ghani M.A., 1984: Reaction of cotton flax and kenaf cultivars to the attack of hoplolaimus columbus

Tashmatov N.T., 1981: Reaction of cotton radio mutants and their parent forms to low positive temperatures in the early stages of development

Rathaiah, Y., 1976: Reaction of cotton species and cultivars to 4 isolates of ramularia areola

Popov, P. V.; Minko, D. G.; Sukurov, M. P.; Popov, V. I., 1975: Reaction of cotton to 2 races of verticillium wilt

Dippenaar M.C., 1988: Reaction of cotton to some commercial growth stimulants

Holey, N. R.; Wangikar, P. D., 1976: Reaction of cotton varieties to angular leaf spot disease caused by xanthomonas malvacearum

Thomas, C. A.; Hill, R. F., 1977: Reaction of cotyledons of safflower cultivars to phytophthora drechsleri effect of temperature and inheritance

Nilsson H., 1984: Reaction of couch agropyron repens to some selective grass herbicides a field experiment

Bergot, B. J.; Stanley, W. L.; Masri, M. S., 1977: Reaction of coumarin with aqua ammonia implications in de toxification of afla toxin

Gilinsky Sharon P., 1986: Reaction of coumarins with superoxide anion radical facile entry to o coumarinic acid systems

Toler R.W., 1981: Reaction of cowpea introductions to infection with the cowpea strain of southern bean mosaic virus

Rios G.P., 1983: Reaction of cowpea vigna unguiculata cultivars to sphaceloma sp

Aljancic Solaja I., 1985: Reaction of cross conjugated systems with diisobutylaluminum hydride and oxygen

Costa C.P., 1979: Reaction of cucumber cucumis sativus populations to colletotrichum gloeosporioides f sp cucurbitae new combination

Da Costa C.P., 1979: Reaction of cultivars and hybrids of leek and onion to colletotrichum gloeosporioides

Heather W.A., 1985: Reaction of cultivars of populus spp to radiation induced virulent mutants of melampsora medusae

Saxena S.K., 1985: Reaction of cultivars of turnip brassica rapa and candytuft iberis amara to tylenchorhynchus brassicae

Church D.F., 1983: Reaction of cumene with ozone to form cumyl hydro tri oxide and the kinetics of decomposition of cumyl hydro tri oxide

Burkhart D.S., 1986: Reaction of cyanide with cytochrome aa 3 in isolated perfused rat head in situ

Kraus, R. J.; Ganther, H. E., 1980: Reaction of cyanide with glutathione peroxidase ec

Section 7, Chapter 6266, Accession 006265128

Wiegrebe W., 1981: Reaction of cyclic imines with quinone methods

Sugiyama M., 1988: Reaction of cyclic silyl phosphates with haloacetones

Takahata, H.; Yamabe, K.; Suzuki, T.; Yamazaki, T., 1986: Reaction of cyclic thioimidates with methyl 3 oxo 4 pentenoate nazarov's reagent total synthesis of dextro epilupinine

Mak M., 1987: Reaction of cyclic thioureas with 2 benzylidenecycloalkanones

Fales H.M., 1987: Reaction of cyclodextrins with propylene oxide or with glycidol analysis of product distribution

Oh, K. J.; Churchich, J. E., 1974: Reaction of cystathionase with the fluorescent probe bis dansyl cystine

Blesa M.A., 1981: Reaction of cysteine with the penta cyano nitrosyl ferrate ion

Nakai T., 1979: Reaction of cystine with tryptophan under the conditions of acid hydrolysis of proteins mechanism of action of cystine

Section 7, Chapter 6266, Accession 006265137

Nava M.E., 1983: Reaction of cytochrome c in the electron transport chain of paracoccus denitrificans

Nava M.E., 1980: Reaction of cytochrome c oxidase with endogenous and exogenous cytochrome c

Millett F., 1987: Reaction of cytochromes c and c 2 with the rhodobacter sphaeroides reaction center involves the heme crevice domain

Davidek J., 1979: Reaction of d arabino hexosulose with l lysine

Srinivas P., 1985: Reaction of d limonene with tert butylhypochlorite

Misra R.S., 1987: Reaction of dendritic melanocytes in vitiligo to the substrates of tyrosine metabolism

Topal M.D., 1983: Reaction of deoxy atp with n methyl n nitroso urea in vitro

Lenne J.M., 1981: Reaction of desmodium spp and other tropical pasture legumes to the root knot nematode meloidogyne javanica

Akhtar M.H., 1983: Reaction of di azo methane with chlorothalonil

Trivedi G.K., 1979: Reaction of di borane with furocoumarins and pyranocoumarins

Gossauer, A.; Gruening, B.; Ernst, L.; Becker, W.; Sheldrick, W. S., 1977: Reaction of di cyano cobyrinic hepta methyl ester with ascorbic acid

Avaeva, S. M.; Krasnova, V. I., 1975: Reaction of di ethyl pyro carbonate with imidazole and histidine derivatives

Leonard, N. J.; Mcdonald, J. J.; Reichmann, M. E., 1970: Reaction of di ethyl pyro carbonate with nucleic acid components part 1 adenine

Vehar, G. A.; Reddy, A. V.; Freisheim, J. H., 1976: Reaction of di hydro folate reductase ec with dansyl chloride chemical modification of a sensitive lysine residue and fluorometric studies of the dansylated enzyme

White, I. N. H.; Mattocks, A. R., 1972: Reaction of di hydro pyrrolizines with dna in vitro

Wang, K.; Richards, F. M., 1975: Reaction of di methyl 3 3 di thio bis propionimidate with intact human erythrocytes cross linking of membrane proteins and hemo globin

Section 7, Chapter 6266, Accession 006265154

Ghidoni, A.; Fior, D.; Togliani, F., 1977: Reaction of di ploid and tetra ploid tomato lycopersicon esculentum to infection by tobacco mosaic virus/

Section 7, Chapter 6266, Accession 006265156

Schenone P., 1984: Reaction of dichloroketene and sulfene with n n disubstituted alpha aminomethyleneketones synthesis of pyrano 2 3 e indazole and 1 2 oxathiino 6 5 e indazole derivatives

Shono T., 1985: Reaction of dichloromanganese iv schiff base complexes with water as a model for water oxidation in photosystem ii

Govindan R., 1985: Reaction of different breeds of silkworm bombyx mori to kenchu virus

Stamova, L.; Sotirova, V., 1987: Reaction of different crops to artificial inoculation with corynebacterium michiganense e. f. sm. h. l. jensen

Hedge R.K., 1985: Reaction of different genotypes of chilli against leveillula taurica

Zutra D., 1986: Reaction of different tomato genotypes to the bacterial speck pathogen pseudomonas syringae pathovar tomato

Marasas W.F.O., 1988: Reaction of different wheat cultivars to crown rot caused by fusarium graminearum group 1

Grossmann, R.; Steinhauf, D.; Weniger, J. H., 1984: Reaction of differently acclimatized cows to heat exposure 2. energy intake and energy requirement

Gawad D.H., 1986: Reaction of dimedone with alpha keto acids

Pitts J.N.Jr, 1986: Reaction of dinitrogen pentoxide with fluoranthene

Section 7, Chapter 6266, Accession 006265168

Martins J.L.S., 1984: Reaction of dipyrone with citral for spectrophotometric determination in pharmaceutical preparations

Section 7, Chapter 6266, Accession 006265170

Section 7, Chapter 6266, Accession 006265171

Means J.C., 1985: Reaction of dissolved chlorine with surficial sediment oxidant demand and production of trihalomethanes

Loukakou, B.; Hebert, E.; Saint-Ruf, G.; Leng, M., 1985: Reaction of dna with a mutagenic 3 n n acetoxyacetylamino 4 6 dimethyldipyrido 1 2 a 3' 2' d imidazole related to glutamic acid pyrolysates

Jensen, D. E., 1978: Reaction of dna with alkylating agents differential alkylation of poly deoxyadenylyl 3 5 thymidylic acid by methylnitroso urea and ethylnitroso urea

Jensen, D. E.; Reed, D. J., 1978: Reaction of dna with alkylating agents quantitation of alkylation by ethylnitroso urea of oxygen and nitrogen sites on poly deoxyadenylyl 3 5 thymidylic acid including phospho tri ester formation

Section 7, Chapter 6266, Accession 006265176

Liuzzi M.G., 1986: Reaction of dna with ethylnitrosourea in dmso

Van-Duuren, B. L.; Loewengart, G., 1977: Reaction of dna with glycidaldehyde isolation and identification of a deoxy guanosine reaction product

Lapis K., 1980: Reaction of dogs treated with immuno suppressive agents to infection with the virus of rubarth disease

Hewitt R.P., 1985: Reaction of dolphins to a survey vessel effects on census data

Lukasova, E.; Palecek, E., 1976: Reaction of double helical dna with sodium bi sulfite

Section 7, Chapter 6266, Accession 006265182

Section 7, Chapter 6266, Accession 006265183

Section 7, Chapter 6266, Accession 006265184

Koura F.H., 1984: Reaction of egyptian cotton gossypium barbadense cultivars to hoplolaimus aegypti infection

Frerman F.E., 1987: Reaction of electron transfer flavoprotein ubiquinone oxidoreductase with the mitochondrial respiratory chain

Frerman F.E., 1985: Reaction of electron transfer flavoprotein with electron transfer flavoprotein ubiquinone oxidoreductase

Kochetkov A.G., 1979: Reaction of elements of the hypophyseal adrenal system under starting conditions

Gaengler P., 1986: Reaction of endodontium in causes of incipient caries a histopathological study

Kartha, K. P. R.; Srivastava, H. C., 1985: Reaction of epichlorohydrin with carbohydrate polymers 1. starch reaction kinetics

Wohlrab, W.; Boehm, W., 1975: Reaction of epidermis after long term action of urea

Kline S.A., 1980: Reaction of epoxides with 4 nitro thio phenol its possible application for trapping and characterization of epoxides

Svetlichnyi L.S., 1986: Reaction of escaping in the copepod calanus helgolandicus

Hayman, S.; Colman, R. F., 1977: Reaction of essential lysyl residues of pig heart dpn dependent iso citrate dehydrogenase ec with 2 4 pentanedione

Schuessler, H.; Mee, L. K.; Adelstein, S. J., 1976: Reaction of ethanol radicals with rnase

Ivanov I.C., 1987: Reaction of ethyl 3 3 diaminopropenoate with isocyanates and isothiocyanates

Michail S.H., 1985: Reaction of eucalyptus species to pestalotiopsis magniferae in egypt

Olivo, O. M., 1975: Reaction of explants of embryonic myo cardium cultured in vitro to ethrane and fluothane anesthesia

Golovkina O.L., 1979: Reaction of external respiration and gas exchange in man during rotation on a short radius centrifuge

Kamenskii-Yu, N.; Shul'zhenko, E. B., 1976: Reaction of external respiration to overload positive linear acceleration 8 times gravity at different training levels of test persons

Bistline, R. G. Jr ; Linfield, W. M.; Wise, W. B.; Pfeffer, P. E.; Sonnet, P. E.; Piotrowski, E. G., 1987: Reaction of fatty acids with 3 3' iminobispropylamine to produce soil hydrophobic agents

Andreev, I. M.; Konstantinov, A. A., 1983: Reaction of ferric cytochrome oxidase ec with cyanide effects of ph cytochrome c and membrane environment

Low, W. C. A.; Prathap, K., 1977: Reaction of fetal tissues to intra uterine sub cutaneous injection of barium sulfate

Khomullo, G. V.; Ivanenko, T. V.; Chernyaev, A. N., 1976: Reaction of fibroblasts of the regenerating skin granulation tissues to chronic hypoxia

Bey C.F., 1981: Reaction of field resistant slash pines pinus elliottii var elliottii to selected isolates of cronartium quercuum f sp fusiforme

Schulte W., 1980: Reaction of finger pulse amplitude to noise

Khan M.W., 1987: Reaction of five cultivars of gram to two common species of root knot nematodes

Tronchet, J., 1974: Reaction of flavonosides of the stem limbs and petals of spartium junceum papilionaceae to bruises existence of a common specialized series

Section 7, Chapter 6266, Accession 006265210

Section 7, Chapter 6266, Accession 006265211

Section 7, Chapter 6266, Accession 006265212

Schaper T.D., 1988: Reaction of folin ciocalteau phenol reagent with purines pyrimidines and pteridines and pteridines and its relationship to structure

Watarai A., 1979: Reaction of formaldehyde with calf thymus nucleo histone

Vina, J.; Hems, R.; Krebs, H. A., 1978: Reaction of formimino glutamate with liver glutamate dehydrogenase

Snoeyink V.L., 1981: Reaction of free chlorine with humic substances before and after adsorption on activated carbon

L'vov K.M., 1988: Reaction of free radical in polyalanine and silk fibroin after mechanical destruction at 77k

Moskalik K.G., 1983: Reaction of free stromal cells of the skin following pulsed laser irradiation of melanoma

Yamada H., 1979: Reaction of fungal aspergillus niger amine oxidase with beta bromo ethylamine

Hackett, J. A.; Brennan, P. J., 1976: Reaction of fungal ceramides containing alpha hydroxy acids with the per iodate schiff reagents

Hodes H.L., 1987: Reaction of fungal products with amoebocyte lysates of the japanese horseshoe crab tachypleus tridentatus

Pecci L., 1983: Reaction of gamma carboxy glutamic acid with aldehydes/

Sidelev G.N., 1980: Reaction of gammarids from lake baikal ussr to hydrostatic pressure

Pathak, R. S.; Kherata, R. B. S.; Chand, J. N., 1976: Reaction of genetic stocks of upland cotton to bacterial blight disease caused by xanthomonas malvacearum

Singh B.N., 1986: Reaction of genotypes of rice oryza sativa to iron chlorosis in a calcareous soil

Singh, B. P.; Maurya, K. R.; Sinha, M. K.; Singh, R. A., 1986: Reaction of genotypes of turmeric curcuma longa l. to zinc stress in a calcareous soil

Shimai K., 1980: Reaction of glial and phagocytic cells under wallerian degeneration in the pyramidal tract of the rhesus monkey

Bogen V., 1982: Reaction of glossoscolecidae annelida oligochaeta to flooding in a central amazonian inundation forest

Esterbauer, H.; Zollner, H.; Scholz, N., 1975: Reaction of glutathione with conjugated carbonyls

Podraza K.F., 1984: Reaction of glyceraldehyde with aryl and alkyl chlorformates

Manning J.M., 1983: Reaction of glycol aldehyde with proteins latent cross linking potential of alpha hydroxy aldehydes

Igarashi, K.; Honma, T.; Irisawa, J., 1970: Reaction of glycosyl chlorides with silver per chlorate

Igarashi, K.; Honma, T.; Irisawa, J., 1970: Reaction of glycosyl chlorides with silver tetra fluoro borate

Bedendo I.P., 1982: Reaction of grasses belonging to diverse genera and species to infection by rhynchosporium oryzae

IItaka Y., 1981: Reaction of grayano toxin ii with lead tetra acetate

Winkel W., 1979: Reaction of great tits parus major to experimentally altered brood situations

Tanabe, S.; Sakaguchi, T., 1978: Reaction of guanidines with alpha di ketones part 6 structures of fluorescent products of biguanides with 9 10 phenanthra quinone

Stepanov B.M., 1980: Reaction of guinea pigs to the infrasonic vibration velocity

Khorlin A.Ya, 1979: Reaction of halo azides with tri acetyl galactal

Itano H.A., 1981: Reaction of halo phenyl hydrazines with oxygen in the presence of oxy hemo globin and metal ions

Begum S., 1985: Reaction of harmidine harmaline with cyanogen bromide a facile monobromination and dibromination at alpha carbon of the imine tautomer

Section 7, Chapter 6266, Accession 006265242

Wilson L., 1983: Reaction of helianthus spp to alternaria helianthi

Marnett L.J., 1988: Reaction of hematin with allylic fatty acid hydroperoxides identification of products and implications for pathways of hydroperoxide dependent epoxidation of 7 8 dihydroxy 7 8 dihydrobenzo a pyrene

Wilkins R.G., 1985: Reaction of hemerythrin with disulfides

Nakajima T., 1980: Reaction of hemo globin with nitric oxide and nitrogen di oxide in mice

Spiridonov V.N., 1987: Reaction of herbs to soil compaction in the forest

Schnitzler, S.; Karasek, E.; Mauersberger, B.; Oehme, P.; Buntrock, P., 1976: Reaction of heterophilic agglutinins with l cells and different toxicity of anti a hp to fibroblasts and l cells in vitro

Hashim, I.; Chee, K. H.; Duncan, E. J., 1978: Reaction of hevea brasiliensis leaves to infection with microcyclus ulei

Chee K.H., 1985: Reaction of hevea clones to races of microcyclus ulei in brazil

Hakanson R., 1984: Reaction of histamine with o phthalaldehyde isolation and analysis of the fluorophore/

Roosemont, J. L., 1978: Reaction of histidine residues in proteins with di ethyl pyro carbonate differential molar absorptivities and reactivities

Rihar, J., 1977: Reaction of honey bees on the excretions of the aphid buchneria pectinatae aphidina lachnidae

Nielsen J., 1987: Reaction of hordeum spp to the smut fungi ustilago nuda and ustilago tritici

Morishima, I.; Ogawa, S.; Yonezawa, T., 1978: Reaction of horseradish peroxidase with azide and some implications for the heme environmental structure nmr and kinetic studies

Section 7, Chapter 6266, Accession 006265256

Bautz E.K.F., 1981: Reaction of human auto antibodies with antigens of polytene chromosomes of drosophila

Berndsen G., 1980: Reaction of human blood platelets from acid citrate dextrose and acid citrate dextrose plus adenine and guanosine preserved blood on hypotonic shock

Savina V.P., 1980: Reaction of human blood to chronic effects of carbon mon oxide at low doses in an enclosed environment

Section 7, Chapter 6266, Accession 006265260

Section 7, Chapter 6266, Accession 006265261

Houghten, R. A.; Li, C. H., 1977: Reaction of human chorio mammotropin with hydrogen per oxide

Heimpel H., 1979: Reaction of human granulopoiesis to high dose cyclo phosphamide therapy

Suzuki N., 1983: Reaction of human immuno globulin g against klebsiella pneumoniae in the presence of complement

Jonas, A.; Matz, C. E., 1982: Reaction of human lecithin cholesterol acyl transferase ec with micellar substrates is independent of the phase state of the lipid

Section 7, Chapter 6266, Accession 006265266

Wagner U., 1985: Reaction of human leukocytes after in vitro contact with a glucocorticoid

Morita Y., 1987: Reaction of human myeloperoxidase with hydrogen peroxide and its true catalase activity

Cornett W.C., 1985: Reaction of human sera from juvenile periodontitis rapidly progressive periodontitis and adult periodontitis patients with selected periodontopathogens

Heath J.R.IIi, 1985: Reaction of human sera with eubacterium brachy isolation and characterization of an extracellular antigen

Righetti P.G., 1985: Reaction of human serum albumin with aldoses

Section 7, Chapter 6266, Accession 006265272

Section 7, Chapter 6266, Accession 006265273

Section 7, Chapter 6266, Accession 006265274

Section 7, Chapter 6266, Accession 006265275

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Section 7, Chapter 6266, Accession 006265290

Section 7, Chapter 6266, Accession 006265291

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Section 7, Chapter 6266, Accession 006265293

Section 7, Chapter 6266, Accession 006265294

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Section 7, Chapter 6266, Accession 006265334

Section 7, Chapter 6266, Accession 006265335

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Section 7, Chapter 6266, Accession 006265351

Section 7, Chapter 6266, Accession 006265352

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Section 7, Chapter 6266, Accession 006265467

Section 7, Chapter 6266, Accession 006265468

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Section 7, Chapter 6266, Accession 006265470

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Section 7, Chapter 6266, Accession 006265490

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Section 7, Chapter 6266, Accession 006265505

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Kirilov D., 1981: Reaction of potato cultivars extended in bulgaria to some potato virus x isolates

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Section 7, Chapter 6266, Accession 006265516

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Section 7, Chapter 6266, Accession 006265518

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Section 7, Chapter 6266, Accession 006265520

Section 7, Chapter 6266, Accession 006265521

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Section 7, Chapter 6266, Accession 006265523

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Section 7, Chapter 6266, Accession 006265526

Section 7, Chapter 6266, Accession 006265527

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Section 7, Chapter 6266, Accession 006265531

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Shinkaji, N.; Okabe, K.; Amano, H., 1988: Reaction of rhizoglyphine mites acarina acaridae to rakkyo allium chinense g. don plants infected with fusarium fungi as well as to the culture medium and filtrate of the fungi

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Schloss, J. V.; Hartman, F. C., 1977: Reaction of ribulose bis phosphate carboxylase ec from rhodospirillum rubrum with the potential affinity label 3 bromo 1 4 dihydroxy 2 butanone 1 4 bis phosphate

Yang S C., 1980: Reaction of rice cultivars to blast in uniform blast nurseries

Ishii K., 1986: Reaction of rice protoplasts to conidia and to mycelial components prepared from pyricularia oryzae

Shahi H.N., 1983: Reaction of rice varieties to mole rat bandicota bengalensis under different dates of planting and ages of seedling

Choudhari K.G., 1983: Reaction of rootstocks to the attack of citrus mite paratetranychus citri

Ognyanov I., 1986: Reaction of rotenoids with hydrazine

Azumi M., 1982: Reaction of s 2 amino 2 carboxyethylsulfonyl l cysteine with sulfite synthesis of s sulfo l cysteine and l alanine 3 sulfinic acid and application to the determination of sulfite

Taniguchi M., 1984: Reaction of s 2 amino 2 carboxyethylsulfonyl l cysteine with thiosulfate synthesis of l alanine sulfodisulfane and application to the determination of thiosulfate

Park J W., 1988: Reaction of s nitrosoglutathione with sulfhydryl groups in protein

Waddington, J., 1978: Reaction of sainfoin onobrychis viciaefolia seedlings to 4 herbicides applied after emergence

Honda H., 1984: Reaction of salmonids to turbid water

Section 7, Chapter 6266, Accession 006265564

Edward, J. T.; Davis, M. J., 1978: Reaction of santonin with hydroxylamine

Andersen, J. P.; Moller, J. V., 1977: Reaction of sarcoplasmic reticulum calcium ii ion atpase ec in different functional states with 5 5 di thio bis 2 nitro benzoate

Gotor V., 1984: Reaction of schiff bases with acryl esters synthesis of 2 oxotetrahydropyridines and 4 oxotetrahydropyridines

Smiechowska, B.; Czewzyk, T., 1982: Reaction of selected diencephalic structures on disturbed water balance 1. effect of long lasting dehydration on neuro secretory system neuro secretion and hydrolytic enzymes

Hewett P.D., 1979: Reaction of selected spring barley cultivars to inoculation with loose smut ustilago nuda

Salawu E.O., 1988: Reaction of selected sugarcane varieties to heterodera sacchari luc and merny and related histological changes induced in roots

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Rau K., 1981: Reaction of seleno methionine with o benzo quinone

Shagal D.I., 1980: Reaction of sera from myasthenia patients with antigenic structure of the lymphocyte surface of the thymus of normal subjects and myasthenia gravis patients

Powers J.C., 1985: Reaction of serine proteases with substituted 3 alkoxy 4 chloroisocoumarins and 3 alkoxy 7 amino 4 chloroisocoumarins new reactive mechanism based inhibitors

Powers J.C., 1985: Reaction of serine proteases with substituted isocoumarins discovery of 3 4 dichloroisocoumarin a new general mechanism based serine protease inhibitor

Panunzio M., 1988: Reaction of silylimines with ester enolates synthesis of n unsubstituted azetidinones starting from nitriles

Knyazev, A. N., 1978: Reaction of single cercal mechano receptors of the cricket gryllus bimaculatus to mechanical stimulation

Weber H., 1988: Reaction of singlet oxygen with 4 amino 3 pyrazolin 5 ones

Ives J.L., 1985: Reaction of singlet oxygen with enamino carbonyl systems a general method for the synthesis of alpha keto derivatives of lactones esters amides lactams and ketones

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Section 7, Chapter 6266, Accession 006265581

Section 7, Chapter 6266, Accession 006265582

Section 7, Chapter 6266, Accession 006265583

Gozdziewicz J., 1986: Reaction of soil system to acid rain under conditions of a laboratory experiment

Rapi, G.; Ginanneschi, M.; Chelli, M.; Chimichi, S., 1986: Reaction of some antiinflammatory 17 beta 2 aminooxazol 4 yl steroids with hydrogen peroxide synthesis of steroid 17 spiro 5' oxazolidine 2' 4' diones

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Kato K., 1981: Reaction of some d glucobioses with 2 2 di methoxy propane

Prabhu A.S., 1981: Reaction of some gramineous plants to helminthosporium oryzae the causal agent of brown spot of rice

Zaranchuk L.H., 1980: Reaction of some herbaceous species to chloride salinization

Rane M.S., 1988: Reaction of some important cotton cultures against individual races of the bacterial blight pathogen

Baldo, B. A.; Neukom, H.; Stone, B. A.; Uhlenbruck, G., 1978: Reaction of some invertebrate and plant agglutinins and a mouse myeloma anti galactan protein with an arabino galactan from wheat

Section 7, Chapter 6266, Accession 006265594

Ballesta J.P.G., 1986: Reaction of some macrolide antibiotics with the ribosome labeling of the binding site components

Wernsman E.A., 1983: Reaction of some nicotiana otophora accessions to 2 races of the root knot nematode meloidogyne incognita

Lawrence F.J., 1981: Reaction of some pacific coast strawberry fragaria ananassa cultivars to leaf scorch diplocarpon earliana

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Ismail C., 1987: Reaction of some rice varieties to different environmental conditions

Fademi O.A., 1986: Reaction of some selected rice cultivars to a root knot nematode meloidogyne incognita

Hnizdil M., 1980: Reaction of some spinach cultivars and hybrids to beet mosaic virus beet yellows virus and cucumber mosaic virus infection

Aleksic Z., 1985: Reaction of some sublines of interspecies hybrids of pepper to cucumber mosaic virus

Vear, F., 1978: Reaction of some sunflower genotypes to a seedling test of resistance to downy mildew plasmopara helianthi

Eissa M.F.M., 1981: Reaction of some tomato lycopersicon esculentum cultivars to the root knot nematode meloidogyne javanica

Morales F.J., 1980: Reaction of some varieties of phaseolus vulgaris to isolates of soybean mosaic virus

Tokeshi H., 1979: Reaction of some weeds to verticillium albo atrum

Boulton R.E., 1979: Reaction of some winter oat cultivars to oat mosaic virus and oat tubular virus

Section 7, Chapter 6266, Accession 006265612

Widholm J.M., 1986: Reaction of soybean callus to culture filtrates of phialophora gregata

Beversdorf V., 1982: Reaction of soybean cultivars of different earliness on lowered temperatures in early growth periods

Lim S.M., 1983: Reaction of soybean glycine max cultivars to 14 races of phytophthora megasperma f sp glycinea

Wyllie T.D., 1984: Reaction of soybean glycine max cultivars to macrophomina phaseolina as seedlings in the growth chamber and field

Jenner L.B., 1982: Reaction of soybean glycine max cultivars to races of phytophthora megasperma f sp glycinea present in queensland australia

Coffelt T.A., 1980: Reaction of spanish type peanut arachis hypogaea genotypes to cylindrocladium black rot

Lebedev V.N., 1986: Reaction of specific cortisol transport system to hemoblastosis

Anichkova S.I., 1980: Reaction of specific erythrocyte adherence an indicator of the malignancy potentials of noninvasive tumors of the human urothelium

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Yamato, M.; Takeuchi, Y.; Ikeda, Y., 1987: Reaction of spiropiperidine 4 2' 1' 2' 3' 4' tetrahydroquinazolin 4' ones with acetic anhydride

Radomskii V.T., 1981: Reaction of spontaneous rosette formation as a prognostic test in patients with diffuse toxic goiter before and after operative treatment

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Simonova B., 1980: Reaction of spring barley varieties on the specific quantity sown and nitrogen fertilization

Mathre D.E., 1984: Reaction of spring barleys hordeum vulgare to common root rot and its effect on yield components

Berendt, R. F.; Hall, W. C., 1977: Reaction of squirrel monkeys to intra tracheal inoculation with influenza a new jersey 76 swine virus

Section 7, Chapter 6266, Accession 006265629

Smith L.L., 1984: Reaction of sterol hydro per oxides with super oxide

Pierpoint W.S., 1980: Reaction of strains of potato virus x with chlorogeno quinone in vitro and the detection of a naturally modified form of the virus

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Scott, D. H.; Draper, A. D., 1976: Reaction of strawberry seedlings inoculated with race composites of phytophthora fragariae

Pavlek, P., 1975: Reaction of string bean to the growing conditions of northwest croatia in view of some of its economic characters

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Mitchell T., 1985: Reaction of substrates with sulfur 35 thiophosphorylated succinyl coenzyme a synthetase of pig heart similarities to the case of the escherichia coli enzyme

Section 7, Chapter 6266, Accession 006265637

Salawu E.O., 1986: Reaction of sugarcane saccharum officinarum varieties to a root knot nematode meloidogyne incognita

Waraitch K.S., 1985: Reaction of sugarcane saccharum sp clones to red rot caused by colletotrichum falcatum

Goya, P.; Stud, M., 1978: Reaction of sulfamides with di ketene part 3 synthesis of n sulfamoyl 2 6 dimethyl 4 pyrone 3 carboxamides

Menozzi, G.; Mosti, L.; Schenone, P.; Cafaggi, S., 1982: Reaction of sulfene with hetero cyclic n n di substituted alpha aminomethylene ketones 11. synthesis of 1 2 oxathiino 5 6 d 1 benzoxepin derivatives

Section 7, Chapter 6266, Accession 006265642

Klisiewicz J.M., 1981: Reaction of sunflower helianthus annuus and safflower carthamus tinctorius germ plasm to verticillium dahliae

Hayashi K., 1984: Reaction of super oxide radical with catalase mechanism of the inhibition of catalase by super oxide radical

Bielski B.H.J., 1980: Reaction of super oxide radicals with copper ii histidine complexes

Yood R.A., 1979: Reaction of superficial bursae in response to specific disease stimuli

Sealy R.C., 1986: Reaction of superoxide anions with melanins esr and spin trapping studies

Proshlyakova E.V., 1982: Reaction of suprarenals of rat fetuses to stress effect under conditions of encephalectomy

Section 7, Chapter 6266, Accession 006265649

De Groot K., 1984: Reaction of surrounding gingiva to permucosal implants of dense hydroxylapatite in dogs

Thomas, C. E., 1978: Reaction of susceptible and resistant cantaloupes to pseudoperonospora cubensis

Pataky J.K., 1987: Reaction of sweet corn germ plasm to common rust and an evaluation of rp resistance in illinois usa

Joshi M.C., 1981: Reaction of sweet pepper capsicum annuum genotypes to anthracnose colletotrichum capsici cercospora capsici leaf spot and powdery mildew leveillula taurica

Collins W.W., 1986: Reaction of sweet potato ipomoea batatas seedlings to the russet crack strain of feathery mottle virus

Section 7, Chapter 6266, Accession 006265655

Cruz, T. F.; Gurd, J. W., 1978: Reaction of synaptic plasma membrane sialo glyco proteins with intrinsic sialidase and wheat germ agglutinin

Stollar B.D., 1980: Reaction of systemic lupus erythematosus anti native dna antibodies with native dna fragments from 20 to 1200 base pairs

Galbraith R.M., 1987: Reaction of t lymphocytes with anti t3 induces translocation of c kinase activity to the membrane and specific substrate phosphorylation

Section 7, Chapter 6266, Accession 006265659

Section 7, Chapter 6266, Accession 006265660

Aldwinckle, H. S.; Preczewski, J. L., 1976: Reaction of terminal shoots of apple cultivars to invasion by erwinia amylovora

Kondratenko, V. G.; Ganzenko, L. F., 1976: Reaction of testicles to combined irradiation

Eldefrawi A.T., 1979: Reaction of tetra ethyl ammonium with the open and closed conformations of the acetyl choline receptor ionic channel complex

Francis, K. T.; Thompson, R. W.; Krumdieck, C. L., 1977: Reaction of tetra hydro folic acid with cyanate from urea solutions formation of an inactive folate derivative

Section 7, Chapter 6266, Accession 006265665

Bahl O.P., 1979: Reaction of tetra o acetyl alpha d hexo pyranosyl bromides with sodium p nitro phenoxide in n n di methyl formamide formation of p nitrophenyl 2 3 4 6 tetra o acetyl beta d hexo pyranosides vs 2 3 4 6 tetra o acetyl 1 5 anhydro d hex 1 enitols

Section 7, Chapter 6266, Accession 006265667

Sarkar S., 1987: Reaction of tetracyanonickelate ii with polysulfide synthesis of bistetrasulfidonickel ii and its reactions with carbon disulfide and activated acetylenes

Section 7, Chapter 6266, Accession 006265669

Section 7, Chapter 6266, Accession 006265670

Achmatowicz, O. Jr ; Pietraszkiewicz, M., 1976: Reaction of the active imino n group with alkenes synthesis of gamma delta unsaturated alpha amino acids

Section 7, Chapter 6266, Accession 006265672

Shust, I. V.; Kostinik, I. M., 1976: Reaction of the adrenal cortex of animals to the action of a strong constant magnetic field and a hypo magnetic medium

Hardman, J. K.; Hardman, D. F., 1971: Reaction of the alpha subunit of the escherichia coli tryptophan synthetase with 1 5 di fluoro 2 4 dinitro benzene

Section 7, Chapter 6266, Accession 006265675

Tsui W C., 1986: Reaction of the anionic acetylation agent methylacetyl phosphate with d 3 hydroxybutyrate dehydrogenase

Topoff H., 1985: Reaction of the ant novomessor albisetosus to intruders in the nest area hymenoptera formicidae

Marnett L.J., 1983: Reaction of the anti thrombotic and anti metastatic agent nafazatrom with oxidizing radicals

Hurley L.H., 1985: Reaction of the antitumor antibiotic cc 1065 with dna location of the site of thermally induced strand breakage and analysis of dna sequence specificity

Scahill T.A., 1984: Reaction of the antitumor antibiotic cc 1065 with dna structure of a dna adduct with dna sequence specificity

Serdyuchenko V.M., 1988: Reaction of the apical dendrites of the cerebral cortex pyramidal neurons to experimental ischemia

Saadalla Nazhat R.A., 1987: Reaction of the aquacopper i ion with hydrogen peroxide evidence for a copper iii cupryl intermediate

Au, A. M. J.; Dunn, M. F., 1977: Reaction of the basic trypsin inhibitor from bovine pancreas with the chelator activated 7s nerve growth factor estero peptidase

Piloyan A.G., 1980: Reaction of the blood system to experimental heterotopic transplantation of a 2nd heart

Keisevich L.V., 1982: Reaction of the body to antigenic stimulation

Przybylski, A., 1975: Reaction of the brain to low oxygen levels

Moore, J. S.; Phillips, G. O.; Sosnowski, A., 1977: Reaction of the carbonate radical anion with substituted phenols/

Islam, M. S.; Ulmer, W. T., 1976: Reaction of the cardio respiratory system following acetyl choline inhalation depending on the body position on anesthetized dogs

Sokolov, E. I.; Kolokolenkina, R. P.; Khar'kov, S. A.; Medvedev, S. N., 1980: Reaction of the cardio vascular system to physical loading in twins

Belyakov V.M., 1986: Reaction of the cardiorespiratory system to low intensity ir laser irradiation of local areas of the hand skin

Section 7, Chapter 6266, Accession 006265691

Section 7, Chapter 6266, Accession 006265692

Section 7, Chapter 6266, Accession 006265693

Janeczko K., 1985: Reaction of the cerebral hemisphere tissue of rats to neonatal injury a quantitative autoradiographic study

Section 7, Chapter 6266, Accession 006265695

Nikolaevskii, V. G., 1975: Reaction of the conducting system of petioles of fruit tree leaves to the soil and climatic conditions of a subalpine zone

Ueda, T.; Goetz-Von-Olenhusen, K.; Wohlfarth-Bottermann, K. E., 1978: Reaction of the contractile apparatus in physarum to injected calcium atp adp and 5 prime amp

Kobyakov S.K., 1986: Reaction of the endocrine glands of male rats to the effect of hyperthermia

Norets T.A., 1981: Reaction of the endocrine system of male rats to the effect of selenium 75 sodium selenite

Grant A.A., 1981: Reaction of the exposed pulps to new cements containing calcium hydroxide

Khanina L.M., 1982: Reaction of the external respiratory apparatus to physical load in patients with chronic unspecific pulmonary diseases

Oksman I.M., 1979: Reaction of the ganglia to stress in the area of the maxillo dental system

Raj S., 1986: Reaction of the germ plasm of gossypium hirsutum to bacterial blight

Deves R., 1980: Reaction of the glucose carrier in erythrocytes with halo di nitro benzenes

Krupka R.M., 1985: Reaction of the glucose carrier of erythrocytes with sodium tetrathionate evidence for inward facing and outward facing carrier conformations

Sulova J., 1985: Reaction of the goblet cells in the rabbit tracheal epithelium to the oral administration of n cyclohexyl n methyl 2 amino 3 5 dibrombenzylammonium chloride

Loktionov A.S., 1980: Reaction of the golden hamster uterus to estrogenic stimulation during post natal ontogenesis

Ebner K.E., 1979: Reaction of the histidines of prolactin with ethoxy formic anhydride a binding site modification

Sakharova, S. A.; Ryzhov, A. I.; Udintsev, N. A., 1976: Reaction of the hormonal link of the sympatho adrenal system to the single effect of an alternating magnetic field

Rajcani, J.; Nosek, J.; Kozuch, O.; Waltinger, H., 1976: Reaction of the host to the tick bite part 2 distribution of tick borne encephalitis virus in sucking ticks

Nosek, J.; Rajcani, J.; Kozuch, O., 1978: Reaction of the host to the tick bite part 3 the bite of viruliferous ixodes ricinus female

Kotenkova E.V., 1987: Reaction of the house mouse to the odor of individuals of the same species influence of an early olfactory experience

Wiktor Jedrzejczak W., 1982: Reaction of the human granulocyte system in successfully treated bacterial broncho pneumonia

Sato F., 1986: Reaction of the hydrated electron with histone h 1 and related compounds studied by esr and spin trapping

Revesz L., 1982: Reaction of the hydroxyl radical with glutathione in neutral and alkaline aqueous solution

Soboleva, E. L.; Goncharova, A. Ya ; Norets, T. A.; Stepanenko, V. F.; Komarov, V. P., 1978: Reaction of the hypophyseal adreno cortical system to prolonged action of low doses of injected selenium 75 seleno methionine

Kochetkov A.G., 1981: Reaction of the hypophyseal and adrenal elements under the condition of integration of dog cardio respiratory systems

Mestres P., 1980: Reaction of the hypothalamic ventricular lining following systemic administration of mono sodium glutamate

Matei, V. E., 1975: Reaction of the hypothalamo hypophyseal neuro secretory system of the guppy lebistes reticulatus to a change of ambient temperature

Ivanova L.N., 1980: Reaction of the hypothalamo hypophyseal neuro secretory system of the omul coregonus autumnalis to waste waters of the sulfate cellulose industry

Section 7, Chapter 6266, Accession 006265721

Soerensen N., 1981: Reaction of the injured brain in childhood

Kuznik V.V., 1982: Reaction of the interrenal tissue of the hypophysectomized adult sterlet acipenser ruthenus to the effect of salinity

Shashirina M.I., 1986: Reaction of the intramural ganglion neurons of the guinea pig pancreas to disturbance of ganglion connections with the cns

Murokov, B. V.; Grigor'ev, A. I., 1978: Reaction of the kidneys of a healthy human to introduction of calcium lactate

Zufarov, K. A.; Nadzhimutdinov, K. N.; Tashkhodzhaev, P. I., 1975: Reaction of the liver to the action of bhc experimental study

Osadchuk V.S., 1980: Reaction of the lympho myeloid system to immunization and pregnancy

Red'kina, E. K., 1977: Reaction of the lymphoid tissue to the effect of carbon tetra chloride under continual and intermittent conditions

Section 7, Chapter 6266, Accession 006265729

Guengerich F.P., 1987: Reaction of the model thiol 2 mercaptoethanol and glutathione with methylvinylmaleimide a michael acceptor with extended conjugation

Section 7, Chapter 6266, Accession 006265731

Belaya Yu A., 1987: Reaction of the murine hemopoietic system to the administration of virulent and avirulent strains of shigella flexneri 2a

Kopin I.J., 1979: Reaction of the mutant mouse node to axonal injuries of the central nervous system

Mikat, E. M.; Hackel, D. B.; Harrison, L.; Gallagher, J. J.; Wallace, A. G., 1977: Reaction of the myo cardium and coronary arteries to cryo surgery

Gallagher J.J., 1979: Reaction of the myo cardium to cryo surgery electro physiology and arrhythmogenic potential

Kolosova A.A. , 1986: Reaction of the myocardium to a local lesion in the mature pigeon

Section 7, Chapter 6266, Accession 006265737

Mustapic Z., 1982: Reaction of the new winter varieties of rape brassica napus ssp oleifera as regards the amount of nitrogen and fertilizer

Restelli G., 1986: Reaction of the nitrate radical with carbon monoxide determination of an upper limit for the rate constant using fourier transform ir spectroscopy

Schimmack, W.; Summer, K. H., 1978: Reaction of the nitroxyl radical 2 2 6 6 tetra methyl 4 piperidone n oxyl with glutathione

Beletskaya L.V., 1982: Reaction of the normal human blood serum with epidermis

Druga, R., 1976: Reaction of the olivary and tectal neurons to hemi section or transection of the cervical cord studied by a modification of guddens method

Section 7, Chapter 6266, Accession 006265743

Kirilov D., 1981: Reaction of the potato cultivars extended in bulgaria to some s virus isolates on potatoes

Section 7, Chapter 6266, Accession 006265745

Section 7, Chapter 6266, Accession 006265746

Bracha, M.; Sagher, D.; Schlesinger, M. J., 1977: Reaction of the protease inhibitor p nitro phenyl p guanidino benzoate with sindbis virus

Lasovsky J., 1981: Reaction of the purine and pyrimidine derivatives with the electrode mercury

Parrish R., 1979: Reaction of the purple membrane with a carbodiimide

Tada M., 1981: Reaction of the pyrazinium ion having aryl and cyano groups with hydride reagents or hydroxide ion

Tavrovskaya T.V., 1981: Reaction of the rat gomori positive hypothalamic hypophyseal neuro secretory system to a single thyroliberin injection

Mameeva Protopopova T.I., 1981: Reaction of the rat submandibular salivary gland to periodic amputation of the lower and upper incisors

Section 7, Chapter 6266, Accession 006265753

Tazhimatov G., 1980: Reaction of the spleen lymphatic system to a single stage and stage by stage binding of the portal vein in an experiment

Khayutin V.M., 1987: Reaction of the stabilization of pressure drop in the feed arteries of rats to an increase in blood flow

Fedchenko S.N., 1982: Reaction of the stomach endocrine apparatus during administration of thyroxine

Poradovskaya, T. P., 1976: Reaction of the submandibular salivary gland of rats to injury of the contralateral gland

Forno L.S., 1983: Reaction of the substantia nigra to massive basal ganglia infarction

Kozhin, A. A., 1978: Reaction of the sympathetic adrenal system in the dynamics of long term illumination of rats with fluorescent light sources

Bratcher, S. C.; Kronman, M. J., 1977: Reaction of the thiol groups of escherichia coli rna polymerase ec with 7 chloro 4 nitro benzo 2 oxa 1 3 diazole

Coprean D., 1985: Reaction of the thymus and the bursa of fabricius in chickens inoculated with corynebacterium parvum

Giurgea R., 1979: Reaction of the thymus of wistar rats treated with alar and disulfoton

Polyak, R. I.; Zvyagintsev, V. I., 1978: Reaction of the thyroid gland to partial and complete experimental resection of the pancreas

Section 7, Chapter 6266, Accession 006265764

Jablonski M., 1986: Reaction of the tumor markers carcinoembryonic antigen and tissue polypeptide antigen to a surgical trauma

Section 7, Chapter 6266, Accession 006265766

Bartone, F. F.; Stinson, W., 1976: Reaction of the urinary tract to poly propylene sutures

Hoogkamp Korstanje A.A., 1979: Reaction of the vaginal flora to ornidazole in patients with cervicitis

Hakansson C.H., 1985: Reaction of the vascular system in the trachea of the rabbit exposed to fractionated irradiation with and without the addition of misonidazole

Bryk, E., 1977: Reaction of the vascular system of the ocular conjunctiva and retina to basic vaso dilating substances and carbon di oxide

Orikasa, S.; Hinman, F. Jr, 1977: Reaction of the vesical wall to bacterial penetration resistance to attachment desquamation and leukocytic activity

Section 7, Chapter 6266, Accession 006265772

Kriessmann I., 1987: Reaction of thiamin analogues with sulfite ion an example of zero order kinetics

Arakawa, Y.; Ueyama, N.; Nittta, Y., 1988: Reaction of thio acid s esters with p toluenesulfonic acid a facile synthesis of p toluenethiosulfonic s esters

Section 7, Chapter 6266, Accession 006265775

Section 7, Chapter 6266, Accession 006265776

Krawiecka, B.; Michalski, J.; Wojna-Tadeusiak, E., 1986: Reaction of thiolo and selenolo esters of phosphorus acids with halogens 1. stereochemical and phosphorus 31 nmr studies of reaction of s methyl tert butylphenylphosphinothiolate with elemental chlorine and sulfuryl chloride

Andersson B., 1986: Reaction of three barley varieties when fertilized with divided or undivided rates of nitrogen

Larsson S., 1987: Reaction of three oat varieties when fertilized with divided or undivided rates of nitrogen

Nel P.C., 1987: Reaction of three phaseolus vulgaris cultivars to alachlor and metolachlor

Section 7, Chapter 6266, Accession 006265781

Section 7, Chapter 6266, Accession 006265782

Besova R.V., 1980: Reaction of thymocytes to hypoxic stress

Section 7, Chapter 6266, Accession 006265784

Wakimoto S., 1983: Reaction of tobacco leaf tissue infiltrated with wild types and induced mutant strains of xanthomonas campestris pathovar oryzae

San George R.C., 1988: Reaction of tobacco smoke aldehydes with human hemoglobin

Assis V.L.G.D., 1984: Reaction of tomato cultivars lycopersicon esculentum to blossom end rot involving levels of calcium

O'bannon J.H., 1982: Reaction of tomato lycopersicon esculentum cultivars to meloidogyne chitwoodi and meloidogyne hapla

Pappalardo S., 1988: Reaction of tosylamide monosodium salt with bishalomethyl compounds an easy entry to symmetrical n tosylaza macrocycles

Eto M., 1982: Reaction of toxic bi cyclic phosphates with acetyl cholin esterases and alpha chymotrypsin

Neumann H G., 1987: Reaction of trans 4 n acetoxy n acetylaminostilbene with guanosine deoxyguanosine rna and dna in vitro predominant product is a cyclic n 2 n3 guanine adduct

Vorotilo S.P., 1983: Reaction of trans glycosylation during the enzyme hydrolysis of laminaran and glucan chitinous complexes of yeast membranes

Castro J.A., 1981: Reaction of tri chloro methyl free radicals with dna bases

Motooka I., 1982: Reaction of tri meta phosphate with glycine

Akhtar M.H., 1982: Reaction of trichlorfon with di azo methane

Umarova T.Ya, 1985: Reaction of trichogramma cacoeciae hymenoptera trichogrammatidae females to the duration of host egg development

Thurling N., 1980: Reaction of trifolium subterraneum genotypes to different isolates of kabatiella caulivora

Section 7, Chapter 6266, Accession 006265798

Richard J.P., 1985: Reaction of triose phosphate isomerase with l glyceraldehyde 3 phosphate and triose 1 2 enediol 3 phosphate

Kemal, C.; Chan, T. W.; Bruice, T. C., 1977: Reaction of triplet oxygen with di hydro flavines part 1 n 3 5 di methyl 1 5 di hydro lumiflavine and 1 5 di hydro iso alloxazines/

Section 7, Chapter 6266, Accession 006265801

Gospodinova E., 1981: Reaction of triticale accessions to stem and leaf brown rust

K"rzhin Kh, 1979: Reaction of triticale samples to wheat brown leaf and black stem rusts

Section 7, Chapter 6266, Accession 006265804

Section 7, Chapter 6266, Accession 006265805

Gupta M.N., 1988: Reaction of trypsin with dimethyl adipimidate purification and characterization of a trypsin derivative with decreased autolysis

Gupta M.N., 1987: Reaction of trypsin with some crosslinking reagents

Pindur U., 1979: Reaction of tryptamine with 4 di methylamino benzaldehyde

Pindur, U., 1978: Reaction of tryptophan with aldehydes 2 2 di indolyl methanes

Labouesse J., 1987: Reaction of tryptophanyl transfer rna synthetase from beef pancreas with periodate oxidized atp

Inoue A., 1988: Reaction of two heads of gizzard myosin with atp

Andersson B., 1987: Reaction of two spring wheat varieties when fertilized with divided or undivided rates of nitrogen

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Section 7, Chapter 6266, Accession 006265825

Section 7, Chapter 6266, Accession 006265826

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Section 7, Chapter 6266, Accession 006265844

Section 7, Chapter 6266, Accession 006265845

Section 7, Chapter 6266, Accession 006265846

Section 7, Chapter 6266, Accession 006265847

Section 7, Chapter 6266, Accession 006265848

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Section 7, Chapter 6266, Accession 006265882

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Section 7, Chapter 6266, Accession 006265893

Section 7, Chapter 6266, Accession 006265894

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Section 7, Chapter 6266, Accession 006265906

Section 7, Chapter 6266, Accession 006265907

Section 7, Chapter 6266, Accession 006265908

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Section 7, Chapter 6266, Accession 006265934

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Section 7, Chapter 6266, Accession 006265956

Section 7, Chapter 6266, Accession 006265957

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Perone M., 1983: Reaction times of younger and older men and temporal contingencies of reinforcement

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