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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 6268

Chapter 6268 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Kallos G.J., 1981: Reactive adsorbent derivative collection and gas chromatographic determination of chloromethyl methyl ether in air

Hawkins, D. M., 1978: Reactive affective cycles and lithium a caveat

Section 7, Chapter 6268, Accession 006267002

Section 7, Chapter 6268, Accession 006267003

Section 7, Chapter 6268, Accession 006267004

Matthews, M. A., 1977: Reactive alterations in nonneuronal elements of the degenerating ventrobasal complex of immature and mature rats an electron microscopic study/

Bartlett R.J., 1982: Reactive aluminum in the vermont usa soil test

Copeland J.R.M., 1984: Reactive and endogenous depressive illness and 5 year outcome

Barber B.J., 1982: Reactive and exercise hyperemia during high levels of adenosine infusion

Stein H., 1981: Reactive and neoplastic human lymphoid cells producing j chain in the absence of immuno globulin evidence for the existence of j chain disease?

Mcnutt M.A., 1986: Reactive and neoplastic serosal tissue a light microscopic ultrastructural and immunocytochemical study

Lisak, R. P.; Zweiman, B.; Levinson, A. I., 1976: Reactive and nonreactive lymphocytes in experimental allergic encephalo myelitis part 1 possible role of macrophage lymphocyte interactions

Levinson, A. I.; Lisak, R. P.; Zweiman, B.; Wilkerson, L. D., 1977: Reactive and nonreactive lymphocytes in experimental allergic encephalo myelitis part 2 characteristics of peritoneal lymphocytes responding to antigen

Ioachim H.L., 1979: Reactive antibodies in the bronchial washings of lung cancer patients

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Section 7, Chapter 6268, Accession 006267015

Section 7, Chapter 6268, Accession 006267016

Section 7, Chapter 6268, Accession 006267017

Section 7, Chapter 6268, Accession 006267018

Section 7, Chapter 6268, Accession 006267019

Section 7, Chapter 6268, Accession 006267020

Section 7, Chapter 6268, Accession 006267021

Section 7, Chapter 6268, Accession 006267022

Section 7, Chapter 6268, Accession 006267023

Hamm B., 1988: Reactive benign hyperplasia of the thymus after cytostatic chemotherapy

Wilcox R.E., 1985: Reactive capacity a sensitive behavioral marker of movement initiation and nigrostriatal dopamine function

Coupek, J.; Labsky, J.; Kalal, J.; Turkova, J.; Valentova, O., 1977: Reactive carriers of immobilized compounds

Zhabotinskii-Yu, M., 1978: Reactive changes and phagocytic activity of glial cells during pathological processes in the central nervous system

Berger L.C., 1982: Reactive changes in pulmonary parenchyma after bi lobectomy a scanning electron microscopic investigation

Mezhiborskaya N.A., 1981: Reactive changes in the cerebral mammillary body capillaries of old rats

Section 7, Chapter 6268, Accession 006267030

Arnesen K., 1981: Reactive changes in the human retinal pigment epithelium in vitro

Section 7, Chapter 6268, Accession 006267032

Kostenko M.A., 1981: Reactive changes of living neural terminals in isolated neuro glia deprived lymnaea stagnalis cultures

Pravotorov G.V., 1981: Reactive changes of mouse liver stroma in response to zymosan administration

Prokhvatilov G.I., 1988: Reactive changes of the skin tissues and its derivatives in various modes of transplantation of full thickness flaps

Zolotareva G.A., 1981: Reactive changes of vegetative synapses during frequency stimulation

Chebotar' I.V., 1987: Reactive chemiluminescence of phytohemagglutinin stimulated human lymphocytes

Rosen J.A., 1979: Reactive column high pressure liquid chromatography rapid analysis on rpc 5 of oligo adenylates that differ at the 3 prime terminus

Colosi, N. J.; Yanoff, M., 1977: Reactive corneal endothelialization

Section 7, Chapter 6268, Accession 006267041

Section 7, Chapter 6268, Accession 006267042

Section 7, Chapter 6268, Accession 006267043

Section 7, Chapter 6268, Accession 006267044

Heflich, R. H.; Dorney, D. J.; Maher, V. M.; Mccormick, J. J., 1977: Reactive derivatives of benzo a pyrene and 7 12 di methyl benz a anthracene cause s 1 nuclease sensitive sites in dna and uv like repair

Section 7, Chapter 6268, Accession 006267046

Petlenko, V. P., 1976: Reactive determination in the theory of pathology

Nakamura M., 1986: Reactive dilation and late hyperemic constriction of epicardial coronary artery after short coronary occlusion

Vatner S.F., 1984: Reactive dilation of large coronary arteries in conscious dogs

Blackstone, M. O.; Mizuno, H., 1977: Reactive duodenal changes in chronic pancreatitis simulating the contiguous spread of pancreatic carcinoma

Hazzard A., 1983: Reactive effects during naturalistic observation of families

Torizuka K., 1987: Reactive endosteal bone formation

Section 7, Chapter 6268, Accession 006267053

Schugerl K., 1987: Reactive extraction and reextraction of penicillin with different carriers

Mueller, B.; Schlichting, E.; Bischoff, L.; Schuegerl, K., 1987: Reactive extraction of penicillin g in a pilot plant karr column i. model media

Mueller, B.; Schlichting, E.; Bischoff, L.; Schuegerl, K., 1987: Reactive extraction of penicillin g in a pilot plant karr column ii. fermentation broths

Mueller, B.; Schlichting, E.; Schugerl, K., 1988: Reactive extraction of penicillin g in a pilot plant karr column iii. modelling and simulation of the extraction process

Channabasavanna S.M., 1986: Reactive factors in obsessive compulsive neurosis

Dehner L.P., 1981: Reactive fibro histiocytic proliferation simulating fibrous histio cytoma

Stenius P.J., 1984: Reactive foams for air purification

Miles, P. R.; Castranova, V.; Lee, P., 1978: Reactive forms of oxygen and chemi luminescence in phagocytizing rabbit alveolar macrophages

Mccay P.B., 1987: Reactive free radical generation in vivo in heart and liver of ethanol fed rats correlation with radical formation in vitro

Myslobodsky M.S., 1979: Reactive gaze laterality in schizophrenic patients

Mastaglia F.L., 1987: Reactive glial cells in cns demyelination contain both cg and gfap

Rubinstein L.J., 1979: Reactive glioma in intra cranial sarcoma a form of mixed sarcoma and glioma sarco glioma report of 8 cases

Section 7, Chapter 6268, Accession 006267066

Sapozhnikova, L. R., 1975: Reactive growth of the mesothelium of the parietal leaf of the peritoneum

Section 7, Chapter 6268, Accession 006267069

Section 7, Chapter 6268, Accession 006267070

Section 7, Chapter 6268, Accession 006267071

Liang, D. C.; Chu, M. L.; Shih, C. C., 1986: Reactive histiocytosis in acute lymphoblastic leukemia and non hodgkin's lymphoma

Bonnelle J.P., 1982: Reactive hydrogen species in the copper chromium oxide system

Melamed, E., 1976: Reactive hyper glycemia in patients with acute stroke

Laragh J.H., 1979: Reactive hyper reninemia in reno vascular hypertension after angiotensin blockade with saralasin or converting enzyme inhibitor

Hillis, W. S.; Friesinger, G. C., 1976: Reactive hyperemia an index of the significance of coronary stenoses

Kurose K., 1987: Reactive hyperemia and brain edema after restoration of cerebral circulation in acute focal ischemia induced in cats

Mortillaro, N. A.; Granger, H. J., 1977: Reactive hyperemia and oxygen extraction in the feline small intestine

Hess D.S., 1986: Reactive hyperemia following one beat coronary occlusions in the awake dog

Bache R.J., 1982: Reactive hyperemia following total and subtotal coronary occlusion in the awake dog

Section 7, Chapter 6268, Accession 006267081

Section 7, Chapter 6268, Accession 006267082

Brugmans J., 1980: Reactive hyperemia in patients with intermittent claudication and correlation with other diagnostic methods

Heberer G., 1988: Reactive hyperemia in patients with septic conditions

Giles, R. W.; Wilcken, D. E. L., 1977: Reactive hyperemia in the dog heart evidence for a myogenic contribution

Section 7, Chapter 6268, Accession 006267086

Kroese, A. J., 1976: Reactive hyperemia in the human calf after long lasting ischemia a study with strain gauge plethysmography

Ludlow P.G., 1988: Reactive hyperemia in the human forearm

Section 7, Chapter 6268, Accession 006267089

Orlova N.N., 1987: Reactive hyperemia of the myocardium after experimental coronary insufficiency of varying degrees

Hummel, B. W.; Hummel, B. A.; Mowbry, A.; Maixner, W.; Barnes, R. W., 1978: Reactive hyperemia vs treadmill exercise testing in arterial disease

Section 7, Chapter 6268, Accession 006267093

Kahn C.R., 1983: Reactive hypo glycemia and insulin auto antibodies in drug induced lupus erythematosus

Green T.L., 1981: Reactive hypo glycemia current diagnosis and treatment

Section 7, Chapter 6268, Accession 006267096

Virkkunen M., 1984: Reactive hypo glycemic tendency among arsonists

Virkkunen M., 1982: Reactive hypo glycemic tendency among habitually violent offenders a further study by means of the glucose tolerance test

Treshchuk L.I., 1987: Reactive inflammatory process in the vertebral canal after the implantation of an intervertebral disk autocartilage

Evans, R. J., 1976: Reactive inhibition in relation to age and personality

Millburn P., 1986: Reactive intermediates from 3 hydroxybenzo a pyrene and its glucuronide

Nagayama K., 1987: Reactive intermediates produced in the decomposition of 2 diazoketone mechanism of the wolff rearrangement

Hansen L.S., 1980: Reactive lesions of the gingiva a clinico pathological study of 741 cases

Section 7, Chapter 6268, Accession 006267104

Agmon N., 1988: Reactive line shape narrowing in low temperature inhomogeneous geminate recombination of carbon monoxide to myoglobin

Kott M., 1982: Reactive lymph node hyperplasia with giant follicles

Uozumi, G.; Toriie, S.; Tanabe, S.; Fujita, K.; Kawai, K., 1981: Reactive lympho reticular hyperplasia of the stomach followed for 7.5 years after operation without recurrence

Nakashima N., 1981: Reactive lympho reticular hyperplasia of the stomach followed up for 2 years and 6 months

Matsuura H., 1982: Reactive lympho reticular hyperplasia with remarkable narrowing of the antrum a case

Kunori, T.; Nishihira, T.; Tan, M.; Tsutsumi, F.; Kasai, M., 1978: Reactive lymphocyte blastogenesis in canine renal transplantation

Kunori, T.; Nishihira, T.; Tsutsumi, E.; Tan, M.; Kasai, M., 1978: Reactive lymphocyte blastogenesis in patients with transplanted kidney

Prendergast R.A., 1987: Reactive lymphocytes in lacrimal gland and vasculitic renal lesions of autoimmune mrl pr mice express l3t4

Shimamine T., 1980: Reactive lymphoid hyperplasia of the stomach an immuno histochemical study

Gass J.D.M., 1983: Reactive lymphoid hyperplasia of the uvea a case with ultrasonographic and computed tomographic studies

Parker J.W., 1983: Reactive lymphoid hyperplasia with single class mono clonal surface immuno globulin

Thompson, R. A.; Lachmann, P. J., 1970: Reactive lysis the complement mediated lysis of unsensitized cells part 1 the characterization of the indicator factor and its identification as 7th component of complement

Lachmann, P. J.; Thompson, R. A., 1970: Reactive lysis the complement mediated lysis of unsensitized cells part 2 the characterization of activated reactor as complement 56 and the participation of complement 8 and complement 9

Muhlrad A., 1981: Reactive lysyl of myosin subfragment 1 location on the 27 kilodalton fragment and labeling properties

Wolter J.R., 1983: Reactive membrane on a lens implant 3 months after implantation

Yeats P.A., 1985: Reactive mercury in the central north atlantic ocean

Kageyama K., 1981: Reactive mesothelial cell and mesothelioma of the pleura

Gallagher P.J., 1981: Reactive mesothelial proliferation a necropsy study

Body M.R., 1984: Reactive metabolites from the bio activation of toxic methyl furans

Benhamou J P., 1979: Reactive metabolites of xenobiotics their role in hepato toxicity of drugs

Mcgeer, P. L.; Itagaki, S.; Boyes, B. E.; Mcgeer, E. G., 1988: Reactive microglia are positive for hla dr in the substantia nigra of parkinson's and alzheimer's disease brains

Mcgeer E.G., 1987: Reactive microglia in patients with senile dementia of the alzheimer type are positive for the histocompatibility glycoprotein hla dr

Sarmiento J., 1980: Reactive microglia in the developing brain

Letunov V.N., 1983: Reactive mobility of dendrites and terminal structures in isolated neurons of marine invertebrates

Tikhonova L.P., 1985: Reactive mobility of the dendrites

Trijsburg, R. W.; Duivenvoorden, H. J., 1987: Reactive narcissistic character obsessional personality and obsessive compulsive behavior a study of the validity of sandler and hazari's typology

Liu, H. M., 1978: Reactive neuro axonal dystrophy in children clinical pathological correlation

Weidemann M.J., 1985: Reactive oxygen formation and its relationship to prostaglandin and cyclic amp production by zymosan treated rat peritoneal macrophages

Patrick K.E., 1988: Reactive oxygen in the tumor promotion stage of skin carcinogenesis

Weidemann M.J., 1983: Reactive oxygen production arachidonate metabolism and cyclic amp in macrophages

Section 7, Chapter 6268, Accession 006267136

Ardaillou J.P.A., 1983: Reactive oxygen production by cultured rat glomerular mesangial cells during phagocytosis is associated with stimulation of lip oxygenase activity

Niwa Y., 1985: Reactive oxygen species are probably not involved in the pathogenesis of bullous pemphigoid

Mitchell J.R., 1988: Reactive oxygen species during ischemia reflow injury in isolated perfused rat liver

Eaton J.W., 1985: Reactive oxygen species may cause myocardial reperfusion injury

Bacon P.A., 1987: Reactive oxygen species selectively deplete normal t lymphocytes via a hydroxyl radical dependent mechanism

Sorensen, K.; Nielsen, J., 1977: Reactive paranoid psychosis in a 47 xyy male

Rotta O., 1983: Reactive perforating collagenosis 3 cases

Narang A., 1987: Reactive perforating collagenosis a case report

Goldberg L.H., 1985: Reactive perforating collagenosis and phototraumatism

Wojnarowska F., 1986: Reactive perforating collagenosis light ultrastructural and immunohistological studies

Khalimskaya L.M., 1986: Reactive phosphamidates of mononucleotides and dinucleotides

Section 7, Chapter 6268, Accession 006267148

Section 7, Chapter 6268, Accession 006267149

Hyun, B. H.; Kwa, D.; Gabaldon, H.; Ashton, J. K., 1976: Reactive plasmacytic lesions of the bone marrow

Pileri A., 1985: Reactive plasmacytosis case report and review of the literature

Droescher F.M., 1985: Reactive plume model effect of stack exit conditions on gas phase precursors and sulfate formation

Lukas, J.; Svec, F.; Kalal, J., 1978: Reactive polymers part 15 polar polymeric sorbents based on glycidyl methacrylate co polymers

Moldeus P., 1984: Reactive products formed by peroxidase catalyzed oxidation of p phenetidine

Joh T.H., 1981: Reactive proliferation of brain stem noradrenergic nerves following neo natal cerebellectomy in rats role of target maturation on neuronal response to injury during development

Section 7, Chapter 6268, Accession 006267156

Section 7, Chapter 6268, Accession 006267157

Orestenko-Yu, N., 1975: Reactive properties of the cerebral and noncerebral vessels and some mechanisms of regulation of the brain blood supply in acute myo cardial ischemia

Abdel Kader M.M., 1981: Reactive protein and immuno globulin levels in women using intra uterine devices

Roth J.A., 1980: Reactive pseudosarcomatous response in urinary bladder

Semke V.Ya, 1987: Reactive psychoses in general psychiatric practice epidemiological aspect

Kapur R.L., 1980: Reactive psychosis a prospective study

Carpenter W.T.Jr, 1988: Reactive psychosis i does the pre dsm iii concept define a third psychosis?

Carpenter W.T.Jr, 1988: Reactive psychosis ii does dsm iii r define a third psychosis?

Kumar S., 1986: Reactive scavenging of pollutants by rain a modeling approach

Sappington, J., 1977: Reactive schizophrenia and perceptual sensitization

Section 7, Chapter 6268, Accession 006267167

Boulanger P., 1980: Reactive serine in human adenovirus hexon poly peptide

Howard J.B., 1981: Reactive site in human alpha 2 macro globulin circumstantial evidence for a thiol ester

Section 7, Chapter 6268, Accession 006267170

Yoshikawa, M.; Ogura, S., 1978: Reactive sites of a trypsin ec and chymotrypsin ec inhibitor proteinase inhibitor ii from adzuki beans phaseolus angularis

Section 7, Chapter 6268, Accession 006267172

Pelipas V.E., 1984: Reactive states in psychopathic personalities belonging to various clinical groups

Esteban Navarro J., 1988: Reactive strip in the diagnosis of urinary infection visual reading compared with automatic reading

Section 7, Chapter 6268, Accession 006267175

Neer E.J., 1987: Reactive sulfhydryl groups of alpha 39 a guanine nucleotide binding protein from brain location and function

Kuno, S.; Toraya, T.; Fukui, S., 1981: Reactive sulfhydryl groups of coenzyme b 12 dependent diol dehydrase ec differential modification of essential and nonessential ones

Saito-Nakatsuka, K.; Yamashita, T.; Kubota, I.; Kawakita, M., 1987: Reactive sulfhydryl groups of sarcoplasmic reticulum atpase i. location of a group which is most reactive with n ethylmaleimide

Section 7, Chapter 6268, Accession 006267179

Kawakita, M.; Yamashita, T., 1987: Reactive sulfhydryl groups of sarcoplasmic reticulum atpase iii. identification of cysteine residues whose modification with n ethylmaleimide leads to loss of the calcium transporting activity

Rao A., 1979: Reactive sulfhydryl groups of the band 3 poly peptide from human erythrocyte membranes identification of the sulfhydryl groups involved copper ii o phenanthroline cross linking

Reithmeier R.A.F., 1979: Reactive sulfhydryl groups of the band 3 poly peptide from human erythrocyte membranes location in the primary structure

Morse J.W., 1984: Reactive surface area of skeletal carbonates during dissolution effect of grain size

Dekosky S.T., 1986: Reactive synaptogenesis in hippocampal area ca 1 of aged and young adult rats

Howard C.S., 1986: Reactive synovitis after silicone arthroplasty

Lazarus S.S. , 1982: Reactive systemic amyloidosis complicating long standing sarcoidosis

Purtilo D.T., 1987: Reactive t cells in the immune repertoire self restricted and allo restricted helper t cell clones to epstein barr virus

Section 7, Chapter 6268, Accession 006267188

Butterworth P.J., 1985: Reactive thiol groups in rat liver acid phosphatase

Mendelow B.V., 1987: Reactive thrombocytosis in pulmonary tuberculosis

Namihisa T., 1987: Reactivities and clinical relevance of antimitochondrial antibodies to four mitochondrial inner membrane proteins in sera of patients with primary biliary cirrhosis

Terao, J.; Matsushita, S., 1978: Reactivities and products in photo sensitized oxidation of unsaturated tri glycerides

Nakatsu S., 1984: Reactivities and specific inhibitory effects of a 1 3 4 thiadiazolo 3 2 a pyrimidine on sulfhydryl enzymes

Omote Y., 1984: Reactivities of 3 1 azolyl 2 alken 1 ones and the related compounds with pyrrolidine

Hirano N., 1988: Reactivities of 4 murine coronavirus antigens with immunized or naturally infected rat sera by elisa

Rabinowitz J.R., 1988: Reactivities of acrylic and methacrylic acids in a nucleophilic addition model of their biological activity

Takayama, K.; Noguchi, T.; Nakano, M.; Migita, T., 1977: Reactivities of di phenyl furan a singlet oxygen trap with singlet oxygen and hydroxyl radical in aqueous systems

Ackman R.G., 1984: Reactivities of highly unsaturated fatty acids for the hydrogenation on nickel catalyst

Miyake Y., 1988: Reactivities of human urinary prokallikrein and kallikrein toward rabbit antibodies with special reference to enzyme immunoassay

Hultquist D.E., 1979: Reactivities of hydroxylamine and sodium bi sulfite with carbonyl containing heme and with the prosthetic groups of the erythrocyte green hemo proteins

Reinhard M., 1988: Reactivities of hypochlorous and hypobromous acid chlorine monoxide hypobromous acidium ion chlorine bromine and bromine chloride in electrophilic aromatic substitution reactions with p xylene in water

Uchino H., 1985: Reactivities of neoplastic t cells to human autoantibody and monoclonal antibodies

Section 7, Chapter 6268, Accession 006267203

Higuchi, M.; Yoshida, F., 1978: Reactivities of nonprotein substances in a modified lowry procedure using chloramine t

Section 7, Chapter 6268, Accession 006267205

Pincus, T.; Steinberg, A. D.; Blacklow, N. R.; Decker, J. L., 1978: Reactivities of systemic lupus erythematosus sera with cellular and virus antigen preparations

Section 7, Chapter 6268, Accession 006267207

Ekisola O.B., 1979: Reactivities of the sulfhydryl groups of dog hemo globin

Section 7, Chapter 6268, Accession 006267209

Lu R.C., 1985: Reactivities of thiols in myosin rod effect of magnesium and ionic strength

Wismontski Knittel T., 1985: Reactivities of tyrosine histidine tryptophan and methionine in radical pair formation in flavin triplet induced protein nuclear magnetic polarization

Section 7, Chapter 6268, Accession 006267212

Albert, D. J.; Richmond, S. E., 1977: Reactivity and aggression in the rat induction by alpha adrenergic blocking agents injected ventral to anterior septum but not into lateral septum

Schiffman G., 1984: Reactivity and antibody responses of volunteers given 2 or 3 doses of pneumococcal vaccine

Harvey R.G., 1985: Reactivity and binding of benzo a pyrene diol epoxide to double stranded polydeoxyguanylic acid deoxycytidylic acid and 5 methylcytosine derivative in the b and z forms

Tune B.M., 1983: Reactivity and binding of beta lactam antibiotics in rabbit renal cortex

Altura B.M., 1980: Reactivity and contractility of rat main pulmonary artery to vasoactive agents

Playfair, J. H. L.; De-Souza, J. B.; Cottrell, B. J., 1977: Reactivity and cross reactivity of mouse helper thymus derived cells to malaria parasites

Section 7, Chapter 6268, Accession 006267219

Dowd M.A., 1986: Reactivity and fate of benzene and formaldehyde in culture medium with and without fetal calf serum relevance to in vitro mutagenicity testing

Makela O., 1980: Reactivity and hybridoma antibodies with amniotic and plasma fibronectin

Safary A., 1983: Reactivity and immunogenicity of bivalent ac and tetravalent acw 135y meningococcal vaccines containing o acetyl negative of o acetyl positive group c poly saccharide

Sullivan, A. C.; Singh, M.; Srere, P. A.; Glusker, J. P., 1977: Reactivity and inhibitor potential of hydroxy citrate isomers with citrate synthase ec citrate lyase ec and atp citrate lyase ec

Nifontov, V. I.; Bel'skaya, N. P.; Shishkina, V. I.; Chernov, V. A.; Ershova-Yu, A.; Validuda, G. I.; Darienko, E. P.; Selezneva, I. S., 1986: Reactivity and mechanism of the antitumor action of triazenes 2. interaction between aromatic diazo derivatives with a model of the nucleophilic centers of phenol type cell membranes

Pushkareva Z.V., 1984: Reactivity and mechanism of the antitumor effect of triazenes

Cohn M., 1982: Reactivity and metal dependent stereospecificity of the phosphorothioate analogs of adp and atp and reactivity of chromium iii atp in the 3 phospho glycerate kinase reaction structure of the metal nucleotide substrates

Nick J., 1982: Reactivity and metal dependent stereospecificity of the phosphorothioate analogs of atp in the arginine kinase reaction structure of the metal nucleoside tri phosphate substrate

Section 7, Chapter 6268, Accession 006267228

Section 7, Chapter 6268, Accession 006267229

Barriga, O. O., 1977: Reactivity and specificity of trichinella spiralis fractions in cutaneous and serological tests

Ando Y., 1982: Reactivity and stability of micro encapsulated placental alkaline phosphatase

Section 7, Chapter 6268, Accession 006267232

Nelson R.O., 1984: Reactivity and unreliability of husbands as participant observers

Zhang H., 1988: Reactivity control by microencapsulation in simple ammonium ion vesicles

Section 7, Chapter 6268, Accession 006267235

Section 7, Chapter 6268, Accession 006267236

Khugaeva, V. K., 1976: Reactivity dynamics of micro vessels in the mesentery of rats with experimental renal and hormonal hypertensions

Dipple A., 1986: Reactivity effects on site selectivity in nucleoside aralkylation a model for the factors influencing the sites of carcinogen nucleic acid interactions

Holwerda R.A., 1984: Reactivity electrochemical and spectroscopic studies of type 2 copper depleted rhus vernicifera laccase

Albrecht S., 1982: Reactivity in neoplasia pre neoplasia and pregnancy of lymphocytes against fetal extracts cross reaction between man and mouse

Moses, U.; Churchich, J. E., 1980: Reactivity of 1 thiol group in the dimeric protein 4 amino butyrate amino transferase ec

Nakamura, Y.; Ohta, M.; Ueno, Y., 1977: Reactivity of 12 13 epoxy trichothecenes with epoxide hydrolase glutathione s transferase and glutathione

Sekikawa I., 1979: Reactivity of 2 fluoro nicotinamide in nadase catalyzed trans glycosidation reaction

Logan, L. C.; Cox, P. M.; Norins, L. C., 1970: Reactivity of 2 gonococcal antigens in an automated micro hem agglutination procedure

Section 7, Chapter 6268, Accession 006267245

Reising, G.; Schmale, J. D.; Danielsson, D. G.; Thayer, J. D., 1969: Reactivity of 2 selected antigens of neisseria gonorrhoeae

Vanella A., 1987: Reactivity of 3 aryl 4 amino 5 mercapto 4h 1 2 4 triazoles synthesis and biological evaluation of 3 6 diaryl derivatives of 7h 1 2 4 thiazolo 3 4 b 1 3 4 thiadiazine of 3 aryl 4 amino 5 carboxymethylthio 4h 1 2 4 triazoles

Stud M., 1987: Reactivity of 4 amino 2 benzyl 2 3 dihydro 3 oxo 1 2 5 thiadiazole 1 1 dioxide towards amines synthesis of potential histamine h 2 receptor antagonists

Abbasi, M.; Nasr, M.; Zoorob, H. H.; Michael, J. M., 1978: Reactivity of 4 hydroxy 2 methyl 7 8 9 10 tetra hydro benzo h quinoline towards base catalyzed cyclization mannich and turpin reactions

Section 7, Chapter 6268, Accession 006267250

Unoki H., 1987: Reactivity of 48 1 antibody with human liver tissue

Section 7, Chapter 6268, Accession 006267252

Muramatsu T., 1985: Reactivity of 5 n acetylgalactosamine recognizing lectins with preimplantation embryos early postimplantation embryos and teratocarcinoma cells of the mouse

Smissaert, H. R., 1976: Reactivity of a critical sulfhydryl group of the acetyl cholin esterase ec from aphids myzus persicae

Section 7, Chapter 6268, Accession 006267255

Duckert F., 1980: Reactivity of a hereditary abnormal anti thrombin iii fraction in the inhibition of thrombin and factor xa

Muramatsu T., 1983: Reactivity of a mono clonal antibody raised against human leukemic cells to embryonic and adult tissues of the mouse and terato carcinomas

Knapp R.C., 1981: Reactivity of a mono clonal antibody with human ovarian carcinoma

Rilke F., 1984: Reactivity of a mono clonal antibody with tissues and tumors from the human breast immuno histochemical localization of a new antigen and clinico pathologic correlations

Krohn K., 1986: Reactivity of a monoclonal antibody recognizing an estrogen receptor regulated glycoprotein in relation to lectin histochemistry in breast cancer

Section 7, Chapter 6268, Accession 006267262

Klareskog, L.; Tragardh, L.; Lindblom, J. B.; Peterson, P. A., 1978: Reactivity of a rabbit anti serum against highly purified hl a dr antigens

Shih T.Y., 1986: Reactivity of a sulfhydryl group of the ras oncogene product p 21 modulated by gtp binding

Ng D.S.K., 1988: Reactivity of acetoacetate with alkaline picrate an interference of the jaffe reaction

Kramer H.E.A., 1979: Reactivity of acridine dye triplet states in electron transfer reactions

Deftos L.J., 1979: Reactivity of acth and synthetic acth peptides with anti sera to human calcitonin

Singh L.R., 1985: Reactivity of active site sulfhydryl groups and site heterogeneity in mung bean glyceraldehyde 3 phosphate dehydrogenase effect of coenzyme and substrate

Mckinley Mckee J.S., 1981: Reactivity of affinity labels a kinetic study of the reaction of alkyl halides with thiolate anions a model reaction for protein alkylation

Chu F.S., 1982: Reactivity of afla toxin b 2a antibody with afla toxin b 1 modified dna and related metabolites

Section 7, Chapter 6268, Accession 006267271

Section 7, Chapter 6268, Accession 006267272

Section 7, Chapter 6268, Accession 006267273

Section 7, Chapter 6268, Accession 006267274

Therling, K.; Tinapp, P., 1979: Reactivity of alpha hydroxy aldehydes 2. 2 4 di phenyl 5 6 di hydro 1 4 oxazine and 1 2 4 tri phenyl 1 4 5 6 tetra hydro pyrazine from mandel aldehyde

Igarashi, O.; Matsukawa, H.; Inagaki, C., 1976: Reactivity of alpha tocopherol with hydro per oxide of methyl linoleate

Reba R.C., 1979: Reactivity of amino acids in the azo coupling reaction part 1 dependence of their reactivity on ph

Kraal, B.; Hartley, B. S., 1978: Reactivity of amino groups in various complexes of the peptide chain elongation factor ef tu from escherichia coli a new method of competitive labeling using reductive methylation

Norgaard Pedersen B., 1980: Reactivity of amniotic fluid alpha feto protein with concanavalin a in relation to gestational age clinical implications

Jalanko H., 1983: Reactivity of amniotic fluid alpha feto protein with concanavalin a sepharose in pre natal diagnosis of fetal malformations

Steeneken P.A.M., 1984: Reactivity of amylose and amylo pectin in potato starch

Snell E.E., 1979: Reactivity of an fad dependent oxygenase with free flavines a new mode of uncoupling in flavo protein oxygenase

Section 7, Chapter 6268, Accession 006267283

Holden H.T., 1985: Reactivity of anti asialo gm 1 serum with tumoricidal and non tumoricidal mouse macrophages

Mach J P., 1979: Reactivity of anti daudi serum with acute and chronic leukemias

Mach J P., 1983: Reactivity of anti glioma mono clonal antibodies for a large panel of cultured gliomas and other neuro ectoderm derived tumors

Section 7, Chapter 6268, Accession 006267287

Colombani, J.; Colombani, M.; Degos, L.; David, C. S.; Shreffler, D. C., 1977: Reactivity of anti hl a sera against mouse lymphocytes

Thivolet J., 1987: Reactivity of anti hla class i polymorphic monoclonal antibodies with normal human skin

Whiteside, T. L., 1977: Reactivity of anti human brain serum with human lymphocytes

Anderson D.J., 1985: Reactivity of anti human sperm monoclonal antibodies with normal placenta hydatidiform mole and gestational choriocarcinoma

Reviron J., 1984: Reactivity of anti i autoantibodies with pigs and monkey

Marzuki S., 1985: Reactivity of anti mitochondrial autoantibodies in primary biliary cirrhosis definition of 2 novel mitochondrial polypeptide autoantigens

Minor P.D., 1986: Reactivity of anti peptide and anti poliovirus type 3 monoclonal antibodies with synthetic peptides

Hersey P., 1981: Reactivity of anti sera to antigens of c type viruses with leukocytes from patients with acute leukemia

Snyder H.W.Jr, 1984: Reactivity of anti sera to endogenous primate retrovirus with a human t cell membrane protein recognition of a nonviral glyco protein by antibodies directed only against carbohydrate components

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Section 7, Chapter 6268, Accession 006267349

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Section 7, Chapter 6268, Accession 006267358

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Section 7, Chapter 6268, Accession 006267368

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Section 7, Chapter 6268, Accession 006267470

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Section 7, Chapter 6268, Accession 006267479

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Section 7, Chapter 6268, Accession 006267514

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Kodama H., 1985: Real time sonography of palpable breast masses

Korhola O., 1982: Real time sonography of pleural lesions

Mack L.A., 1981: Real time sonography of pleural opacities

Kuhns L.R., 1981: Real time sonography of the brain through the anterior fontanel

Karasawa E., 1980: Real time sonography of the pancreatic duct application to per cutaneous pancreatic ductography

Falcon Vizcaino D., 1986: Real time sonography used for percutaneous thoracic biopsy

Park S.K., 1981: Real time sonography ventricular and vascular anatomy of the fetal brain in utero

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Horiuchi T., 1980: Real time sound spectro analysis for diagnosis of mal functioning prosthetic valves

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Troughton J.H., 1979: Real time studies of carbon 11 translocation in moonflower part 3 further experiments on the effects of a nitrogen atmosphere water stress and chilling and a qualitative theory of stem translocation

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Section 7, Chapter 6268, Accession 006267998

Ligtvoet, C.; Rijsterborgh, H.; Kappen, L.; Bom, N., 1978: Real time ultrasonic imaging with a hand held scanner part 1 technical description

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