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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 6269

Chapter 6269 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Rubinsky B., 1985: Real time ultrasonic monitoring of hepatic cryosurgery

Balogh F., 1983: Real time ultrasonography a new tool for the intra operative localization of renal calculi

Peters P.E., 1980: Real time ultrasonography an efficient screening method for abdominal and pelvic lymph adenopathy

Cooperberg, P. L.; Burhenne, H. J., 1980: Real time ultrasonography diagnostic technique of choice in calculous gallbladder disease

Popky G.L., 1980: Real time ultrasonography during biliary surgery

Whitehead M., 1982: Real time ultrasonography for determination of ovarian morphology and volume a possible early screening test for ovarian cancer?

Stokes C.A., 1988: Real time ultrasonography for determining pregnancy status and viable fetal numbers in ewes

Reiertsen O., 1981: Real time ultrasonography for location of intra uterine device

Marsal, K.; Gennser, G.; Lindstrom, K., 1976: Real time ultrasonography for quantified analysis of fetal breathing movements

Githa K., 1985: Real time ultrasonography in neuromuscular problems of children

Sermet A., 1986: Real time ultrasonography in neurosurgery puncture of intracerebral hypoechoic cavities

Lee S K., 1985: Real time ultrasonography in the diagnosis of pancreatic tumors

Behl P., 1986: Real time ultrasonography in the evaluation of hydrocephalus and associated abnormalities

Sandre J., 1987: Real time ultrasonography in the hand

Moulonguet A., 1986: Real time ultrasonography in the staging of venous extension of renal cancer

Lucey J.F., 1982: Real time ultrasonography its use in diagnosis and management of neo natal hydrocephalus

Silver T.M., 1981: Real time ultrasonography its use in the evaluation of neo natal intra cranial hemorrhage and post hemorrhagic hydrocephalus

Smith Y., 1981: Real time ultrasonography of neo natal intra ventricular hemorrhage and comparison with computed tomography

Kennedy L., 1982: Real time ultrasonography of subcarinal bronchogenic cysts in 2 children

Goldberg B.B., 1984: Real time ultrasonography of the spinal cord intra operative and post operative imaging

Et Al, 1986: Real time ultrasonography of thyroid nodules

Meire H.B., 1979: Real time ultrasound a new method for studying gallbladder kinetics

Foley W.D., 1982: Real time ultrasound and pulsed doppler evaluation of the retroplacental clear area

Donaldson B., 1987: Real time ultrasound arterial pulsation and neonatal cerebral infarction

Cooperberg, P. L.; Carpenter, C. W., 1978: Real time ultrasound as an aid in intra uterine transfusion

Section 7, Chapter 6269, Accession 006268025

Godden D.J., 1987: Real time ultrasound diagnosis of deep vein thrombosis a comparison with venography

Jaffe M.H., 1982: Real time ultrasound diagnosis of intussusception in children

Depp R., 1985: Real time ultrasound estimations of weight in fetuses of diabetic gravid women

Ditschuneit H., 1986: Real time ultrasound evaluation of renal transplant failure during the early postoperative period

Section 7, Chapter 6269, Accession 006268030

Rosenberg H.K., 1983: Real time ultrasound guidance for ventriculo peritoneal shunting

Section 7, Chapter 6269, Accession 006268032

Section 7, Chapter 6269, Accession 006268033

Miller J.B., 1979: Real time ultrasound in locating intra uterine contraceptive devices

Cremin B.J., 1982: Real time ultrasound in pediatric biliary ascariasis case reports

Homsi C., 1986: Real time ultrasound in the diagnosis of congenital dislocation of the hip

Gibson R.N., 1987: Real time ultrasound measurement of bladder volume a comparative study of three methods

Brown S., 1981: Real time ultrasound observation of breathing and movements in the fetal lamb

Platt L.D., 1982: Real time ultrasound of the placenta in assessment of fetal pulmonic maturity

Cosgrove D.O., 1987: Real time ultrasound scanning in the planning and guidance of pericardiocentesis

Wild S.R., 1985: Real time ultrasound scanning of the head in neonates and infants including a correlation between ultrasound and computed tomography

Smith, S. W.; Von-Ramm, O. T.; Kisslo, J. A.; Thurstone, F. L., 1978: Real time ultrasound tomography of the adult brain

Baum B.J., 1983: Real time ultrasound visualization of tongue movement during swallowing

Tsuchiya M., 1987: Real time visualization of oxyradical burst from single neutrophil by using ultrasensitive video intensifier microscopy

Hoshimiya N., 1985: Real time waveform analysis of multichannel nerve impulses with a multimicroprocessor system

Ritter D.G., 1979: Real time wide angle sector echo cardiography atrio ventricular canal defects

Cho Z.H., 1986: Real value representation in inversion recovery nmr imaging by use of a phase correction method

Szarejko T., 1985: Real vegetation of the jorka river watershed poland

Edwards, A. P.; Hauck, R. D.; Bremner, J. M., 1978: Real vs imaginary sources of error in agronomic research involving nitrogen 15

Slevin, K. F.; Wingrove, C. R., 1983: Real vs. perceived differences in how 3 intra family generations of women view their roles in society

Hock, H. S.; Romanski, L.; Galie, A.; Williams, C. S., 1978: Real world schemata and scene recognition in adults and children

Slocum M.K., 1979: Realignment of the genetic map of the terminus of the riib cistron of bacterio phage t 4

Austin, D. F., 1977: Realignment of the species placed in exogonium convolvulaceae

Leroux D., 1985: Realignment stabilization synovectomy in the rheumatoid wrist a study of twenty five cases

Bechtel W., 1985: Realism instrumentalism and the intentional stance

Barrios B.A., 1986: Realistic assessment of body image

Rakness K.L., 1982: Realistic sludge production for activated sludge plants without primary clarifiers

Ponchet J., 1982: Realities and prospects for biological control of plant diseases

Mason M.F., 1981: Realities and results of proficiency testing of laboratories performing toxicological analyses

Durso F.T., 1980: Reality monitoring 2nd perceptions and thoughts

Raye, C. L.; Johnson, M. K., 1980: Reality monitoring vs. discriminating between external sources of memories

Kwon Y W., 1987: Reality of drought problems in korean paddy rice

Boyd W.D., 1981: Reality orientation and dementia a controlled trial of 2 approaches

Ehlert K., 1987: Reality orientation and reminiscence therapy a controlled cross over study of elderly confused people

Jackson R.D., 1985: Reality orientation for brain injured patients group treatment and monitoring of recovery

Lloyd C., 1985: Reality orientation its application as a ward based program for the institutionalized elderly

Macdonald, M. L.; Settin, J. M., 1978: Reality orientation vs sheltered workshops as treatment for the institutionalized aging

Jamieson H., 1979: Reality orientation with psycho geriatric patients

Slade P.D., 1985: Reality testing and auditory hallucinations a signal detection analysis

Ryan, M. L.; Sheehan, P. W., 1977: Reality testing in hypnosis subjective vs objective effects

Forni C., 1982: Realization of a new multi fiber electrochemical device allowing continuous in vivo measurements of neuro mediators

Perdicchi A., 1986: Realization of a simple system for the objective valuation of transparency of ocular dioptrical means

Dreano E., 1982: Realization of a system which permits automatic analysis of sleep of infants 2 12 months of age

Schowing J., 1982: Realization of anterior symelia by direct action of the chick embryo

Griesser, G., 1977: Realization of data protection in health information systems proceedings of the international federation for information processing working group 4.2 conference kiel west germany june 23 25 1976

Schunke, A. W., 1984: Realization of duty in ones occupation vs. other individual pursuits value orientation in the case of conflict

Seitz, J. F.; Kalinovsky, V. P., 1976: Realization of genetic information programming the synthesis of pepsinogen pepsin in the mucous membrane and tumors of the stomach in man

Lengerova, A., 1975: Realization of histo compatibility phenotype

Section 7, Chapter 6269, Accession 006268079

Shkidchenko, A. N., 1978: Realization of maximum specific rate of yeast growth on optically heterogeneous media

Romanov V.P., 1980: Realization of potential changes into structural chromosome mutations under spontaneous mutagenesis in crepis capillaris cells

Section 7, Chapter 6269, Accession 006268082

Suda T., 1988: Realization of spontaneous healing function by carnosine

Kokina, N. N., 1975: Realization of systemic relations in the behavior of early neuro blasts in neural tissue cultures

Legay J M., 1980: Realization of the architecture of mistletoe viscum album a long term study

Section 7, Chapter 6269, Accession 006268086

Section 7, Chapter 6269, Accession 006268087

L'vova T.S., 1982: Realization of the pesticide cyto genetic study program primary estimation of cyto genetic activity and potential mutagenic hazards of 24 pesticides

Khrushchov, M. M.; Raifel, B. A.; Marova-Yu, M.; Simakina, E. P.; Motuznaya, L. A., 1975: Realization of the plan of distance radiation therapy

Batta R.K., 1983: Realized and expected gains through selection in a maize zea mays cultivar ageti 76 population

Hamrick J.L., 1987: Realized gene flow via pollen in artificial populations of musk thistle carduus nutans l

Raya L.G., 1986: Realized genetic parameters from an antagonistic selection index in tribolium castaneum

Ollivier L., 1987: Realized heritability for litter size in selection of hyperprolific sows

Derr J.A., 1985: Realized heritability of binary behavioral responses

Markman E.M., 1979: Realizing that you do not understand elementary school childrens awareness of inconsistencies

Robinson W.P., 1984: Realizing you dont understand a further study

Fernando C.H., 1985: Reallocation of indialona macronyx cladocera chydoridae to the genus alona

Easterling R., 1983: Reanalysis and clarification of the structures of alpha naphtho flavone di hydro diols formed by uninduced and induced rat liver microsomes from charles river cd and sprague dawley rats

Fuerst J.A., 1987: Reanalysis of 5s ribosomal rna sequence data for the vibrionaceae with the clustan program suite

Ramsay-Shaw, B.; Schmitz, K. S., 1976: Reanalysis of histone induced conformational changes in dna determined by quasielastic light scattering

Abrahamson, S.; Wolff, S., 1976: Reanalysis of radiation induced specific locus mutations in the mouse

Van Rood J.J., 1983: Reanalysis of the hla drw 6 complex

Jackson L., 1984: Reanalysis of the methylalkanes of the grasshoppers melanoplus differentialis melanoplus packardii and melanoplus sanguinipes

Section 7, Chapter 6269, Accession 006268104

Blitzer P.H., 1985: Reanalysis of the radiation therapy and oncology group study of the palliation of symptomatic osseous metastasis

Ingram R.H.Jr, 1981: Reanalysis of the refractory period in exertional asthma

Wing R.R., 1983: Reanalysis of weight changes in behavior modification and nutrition education for childhood obesity

Dissait F., 1988: Reanimation of intrahospitalized and extrahospitalized circulatory arrest evaluation of the initial undertaking by witnesses and by the medical team

Sawhney C.P., 1986: Reanimation of lower lip reconstructed by flaps

Massart P., 1986: Reanimation of thumb opposition by the extensor pollicis longus report of sixteen cases

Abd Elrazik A.A., 1985: Reappearance and control on onion downy mildew epidemics in new york usa

Downie J.C., 1981: Reappearance in 1979 of a 1968 hong kong like influenza virus

Boss, J. H., 1975: Reappearance of alpha feto protein in spontaneous hepatitis in the rat

Rambajan I., 1984: Reappearance of anopheles darlingi and vivax malaria in a controlled area of guyana south america

Yui Y., 1980: Reappearance of beriberi heart disease in japan a study of 23 cases

Staehelin M., 1983: Reappearance of beta adrenergic receptors after isoproterenol treatment in intact c 6 cells

Nou E., 1982: Reappearance of childhood tuberculous meningitis in sweden

Guimaraes, J. P.; Klaczko, L. B.; Hirano, K.; Vaz, E. M.; Miguel, N. M. R., 1975: Reappearance of embryonal antigens in planarian regenerates

Section 7, Chapter 6269, Accession 006268119

Rubin P.C., 1988: Reappearance of end diastolic velocity in a pregnancy complicated by severe pregnancy induced hypertension

Diffey B.L., 1983: Reappearance of epidermal langerhans cells after 8 methoxy psoralen plus uv a therapy

Gardner J.M., 1979: Reappearance of h 1n 1 influenza virus in man evidence for the persistence of the virus in domestic chickens

Viljanen A., 1987: Reappearance of hering breuer reflex after bilateral autotransplantation of the lungs

Rohlich P., 1987: Reappearance of immune complex binding sites on macrophages after internalization and its inhibition by monensin

Broissin M., 1980: Reappearance of soft chancre comments on the current epidemic in paris france

Reitmeyer J.C., 1980: Reappearance of sporothrix schenckii lesions after administration of solu medrol to infected cats

Hutton J.J., 1980: Reappearance of terminal deoxy nucleotidyl transferase containing cells in rat bone marrow following cortico steroid administration

Di Capi C., 1980: Reappearance of the bearded tit panurus biarmicus breeding on the lago superiore of mantua lombardy italy

Smyth J.R.Jr, 1981: Reappearance of the multiple train semi lethal mutation psp in the fowl

Section 7, Chapter 6269, Accession 006268130

Section 7, Chapter 6269, Accession 006268131

Greenstein B.D., 1985: Reappearance of thymus of aging rats after orchiectomy

Schulman H., 1982: Reappraisal and new therapeutic classification halo

Yamada H., 1980: Reappraisal for phrenic motor innervation in kittens by horseradish peroxidase and fluorescent dual labeling studies

Burbridge P., 1985: Reappraisal of a palynological storage technique

Tyler P.A., 1981: Reappraisal of age composition growth and survivorship of the deep sea brittle star ophiura ljungmani from size structure in a sample time series from the rockall trough northeast atlantic ocean

Buyukalpelli R., 1988: Reappraisal of antibiotic susceptibility tests in the management of chronic bacterial prostatitis

Yamada, M.; Ishige, T.; Ohkawa, Y., 1985: Reappraisal of ashby's hypothesis on heterosis of physiological traits in maize zea mays

Section 7, Chapter 6269, Accession 006268139

Section 7, Chapter 6269, Accession 006268140

Mclean, I. W.; Zimmerman, L. E.; Evans, R. M., 1978: Reappraisal of callenders spindle a type of malignant melanoma of choroid and ciliary body

Wellinger C., 1987: Reappraisal of cervical tractions

Nakayama T., 1986: Reappraisal of computed tomography of pulmonary nodules

Section 7, Chapter 6269, Accession 006268144

Breithardt G., 1988: Reappraisal of criteria for assessing drug efficacy in patients with ventricular tachyarrhythmias complete versus partial suppression of inducible arrhythmias

Gundersen, A. L.; Cogbill, T. H.; Landercasper, J., 1985: Reappraisal of delorme's procedure for rectal prolapse

Gentilini M., 1987: Reappraisal of diagnostic procedures for cutaneous leishmaniasis

Section 7, Chapter 6269, Accession 006268148

Finch P., 1986: Reappraisal of empyema thoracis surgical intervention when the duration of illness is unknown

Lee L., 1986: Reappraisal of endocervical curettage in predicting cervical involvement by endometrial carcinoma

Becker A.E., 1987: Reappraisal of endomyocardial biopsy with special reference with histopathological contractility failure hcf index and histological variability of pick up specimen obtained from autopsy cases with idiopathic dilated cardiomyopathy

Caskanette G., 1980: Reappraisal of extravascular lung thermal volume as a measure of pulmonary edema

Reddy, P. M.; Nagaya, H.; Pascual, H. C.; Lee, S. K.; Gupta, S.; Lauridsen, J. I.; Jerome, D. C., 1978: Reappraisal of intra cutaneous tests in the diagnosis of reaginic allergy

Yoshikawa, J.; Tanaka, K.; Owaki, T.; Kato, H., 1977: Reappraisal of jugular phlebogram in the diagnosis of tricuspid regurgitation relationship between echo cardiographic inter ventricular septal motion and jugular phlebogram

Flint E.J., 1981: Reappraisal of lignocaine therapy in management of myo cardial infarction

Section 7, Chapter 6269, Accession 006268156

Partridge T.C., 1979: Reappraisal of litho stratigraphy of makapansgat limeworks hominid site

Partridge, T. C., 1978: Reappraisal of litho stratigraphy of sterkfontein south africa hominid site

Musher D.M., 1982: Reappraisal of lymphocyte responsiveness to concanavalin a during experimental syphilis evidence that glycosamino glycans in the sera and tissues interfere with active binding sites on the lectin and not with the lymphocytes

Malec, E.; Eklund, G.; Lagerlof, B., 1977: Reappraisal of malignant melanoma diagnosis in the swedish cancer registry

Hung C C., 1987: Reappraisal of management of brain abscess analysis of 26 cases treated with various methods

Sodhi, H. S.; Kudchodkar, B. J.; Borhani, N.; Mason, D. T., 1977: Reappraisal of mechanisms for control of plasma cholesterol concentrations

Frost R.B., 1985: Reappraisal of methods in clinical length measurements the potential of current technology

Paton, D. C.; Wykes, B. J., 1978: Reappraisal of molt of red necked stints in southern australia

Westermann J.E.M., 1985: Reappraisal of nuclear dna content of rodlet cells compared to several cell types from some freshwater teleosts using two methods of microdensitometry

Section 7, Chapter 6269, Accession 006268166

Salmon S.E., 1980: Reappraisal of plateau phase in myeloma

Davidovich R., 1979: Reappraisal of prick test to tree and weed antigens

Dombros N., 1980: Reappraisal of protein losses in patients undergoing continuous ambulatory peritoneal dialysis

Yoshioka T., 1983: Reappraisal of radio nuclide liver scans for pre operative gastric cancer patients

Riley T.L., 1987: Reappraisal of radionuclide cisternograms and the question of normal pressure hydrocephalus a review of clinical practice

Liao S T., 1982: Reappraisal of relative frequency of mono clonal immuno globulins

Section 7, Chapter 6269, Accession 006268173

Section 7, Chapter 6269, Accession 006268174

Yokota, T.; Nishikawa, N., 1980: Reappraisal of somatotopic tactile representation within trigeminal subnucleus caudalis

Stonescu L., 1980: Reappraisal of some problems concerning the genesis of heart sounds

Bulow, S.; Kronborg, O.; Lund-Kristensen, J., 1977: Reappraisal of surgery for suppurative cholecystitis

Cote L., 1985: Reappraisal of temporary l dopa withdrawal drug holiday in parkinsons disease

Yamada, T.; Koizumi, Y.; Sato, A.; Hashizume, K.; Aizawa, T.; Takasu, N.; Nagata, H., 1984: Reappraisal of the 3 5 3' tri iodo thyronine suppression test in the prediction of long term outcome of anti thyroid drug therapy in patients with hyper thyroid graves disease

Bravo, T. C.; Ellard, G. A.; Mitchison, D. A.; Horsfall, P. A. L., 1975: Reappraisal of the activity of morphazinamide against mycobacterium tuberculosis

Frand M., 1988: Reappraisal of the approach to the child with heart murmurs is echocardiography mandatory

Samuni A., 1988: Reappraisal of the association between adriamycin and iron

Evreux J.C., 1984: Reappraisal of the barbiturate sleeping time in mice as predictive tool for the detection of liver enzymes inhibiting drugs

Fogelman I., 1988: Reappraisal of the baseline bone scan in breast cancer

Section 7, Chapter 6269, Accession 006268185

Gerard D., 1981: Reappraisal of the binding processes of n 3 pyrene maleimide as a fluorescent probe of proteins

Turner D.R., 1982: Reappraisal of the causes of the hook effect in 2 site immuno radiometric assays

Mahmoodian A., 1981: Reappraisal of the chloride plate test as screening test for cystic fibrosis

Mueller-Eckhardt, C.; Moehring, F.; Kretschmer, V.; Hoebel, W.; Loeffler, H., 1977: Reappraisal of the clinical and etiologic significance of immuno globulin deviations in auto immune hemolytic anemia warm type

Section 7, Chapter 6269, Accession 006268190

Amano N., 1981: Reappraisal of the fine structure of alzheimers neuro fibrillary tangles

Houbrick R.S., 1980: Reappraisal of the gastropod genus varicopeza cerithiidae prosobranchia

Mclaren D.J., 1983: Reappraisal of the guinea pig as an experimental host for studies of schistosomiasis mansoni

Mcclure J.W., 1980: Reappraisal of the inhibitory effect of certain sugars used as osmotica on phenyl alanine ammonia lyase activity

Waldron N.M., 1986: Reappraisal of the lectin hypothesis in the etiopathogenesis of celiac disease

Headifen J.M., 1981: Reappraisal of the method for estimation of the per oxide value of fat in whole milk powder

Brault J., 1979: Reappraisal of the predictive value of the beta human chorionic gonadotropin assay in an infertile population

Mittelman J., 1982: Reappraisal of the problems of intra abdominal abscess

Section 7, Chapter 6269, Accession 006268200

Section 7, Chapter 6269, Accession 006268201

Zeitlin I.J., 1983: Reappraisal of the role of histamine in carrageenan induced paw edema

Dvorak, E., 1986: Reappraisal of the role of radiation therapy in the management of hodgkin's lymphoma with large intrathoracic masses

Blandy J.P., 1984: Reappraisal of the role of radiotherapy and surgery in the management of carcinoma of the penis

Hamby, R. I.; Sherman, L.; Mehta, J.; Aintablian, A., 1976: Reappraisal of the role of the diabetic state in coronary artery disease

Grossman M.I., 1979: Reappraisal of the secretory potency and disappearance rate of pure human mini gastrin

Schito G.C., 1980: Reappraisal of the significance of multiply resistant urinary isolates of proteus rettgeri

Aiba S., 1979: Reappraisal of the so called light shielding of gas vacuoles in microcystis aeruginosa

Koyanagi, T.; Tsuji, I., 1978: Reappraisal of the sympathetic role in the sphincteric urethra de nervation super sensitivity of the urethra of the chronic neurogenic bladder to alpha adrenergic drugs

Ohtahara S., 1987: Reappraisal of the treatment for the age dependent epileptic encephalopathy with acth

Burghele, N.; Serban, N., 1976: Reappraisal of the treatment of fractures of the calcaneus involving the subtalar joint

Busuttil, A.; More, I. A. R.; Mcseveney, D., 1977: Reappraisal of the ultrastructure of the human respiratory nasal mucosa

Section 7, Chapter 6269, Accession 006268213

Stevenson, A. J.; Kacew, S.; Singhal, R. L., 1977: Reappraisal of the use of a single dose of lead for the study of cell proliferation in kidney liver and lung

Section 7, Chapter 6269, Accession 006268215

Cao, I.; Chiarolini, L., 1976: Reappraisal of treatment of congenital club foot

Takeda M., 1982: Reappraisal of tri modal combination therapy for maxillary sinus carcinoma

Earle R.A., 1986: Reappraisal of variation in the ground woodpecker geocolaptes olivaceus aves picidae with notes on its molt

Sayre, M. W.; Atkinson, R. D.; Baskett, T. S.; Haas, G. H., 1978: Reappraising factors affecting mourning dove perch cooing

Szabo J.B., 1981: Reared telenominae from turkey hymenoptera proctotrupoidea scelionidae

Underwood S.J., 1985: Rearing a second generation of cotton top tamarins saguinus oedipus oedipus in captivity

Renfer, A., 1977: Rearing and biological characteristics of phytodietus coryphaeus hymenoptera ichneumonidae a parasitoid of exapate duratella lepidoptera tortricidae at high altitude

Serda J.G., 1979: Rearing and biology of ataxia hubbardi and mecas inornata coleoptera cerambycidae girdling pests on sunflower

Bughio, A. R.; Akbar, S. S.; Qureshi, Z. A., 1977: Rearing and biology of maize borer chilo partellus lepidoptera pyralidae

Gahukar, R. T., 1976: Rearing and biology of ostrinia nubilalis on 5 artificial diets

Charpentier R., 1979: Rearing and biology of the turnip moth scotia segetum lepidoptera noctuidae on artificial diets

Greany, P. D.; Ashley, T. R.; Baranowski, R. M.; Chambers, D. L., 1976: Rearing and life history studies on biosteres longicaudatus hymenoptera braconidae

Kapoor, N. N., 1972: Rearing and maintenance of plecopteran nymphs

Chapman J.E., 1987: Rearing and maintenance of the australian anuran limnodynastes tasmaniensis under laboratory conditions

Dinis M.T., 1982: Rearing and ongrowing of dover sole solea solea under laboratory conditions

Kobayashi M., 1979: Rearing and population growth of fresh water snail semisulcospira libertina in the laboratory

Cohen A.C., 1983: Rearing and post embryonic development of the myodocopid ostracod skogsbergia lerneri from coral reefs of belize and the bahamas

Board, P. A.; Feaver, M. J., 1973: Rearing and radiographing the shipworm lyrodus pedicellatus

Meyer R.A.Jr, 1987: Rearing and step climbing behavior of x linked hypophosphatemic hyp mice

Schwartz, C. C.; Nagy, J. G.; Kerr, S. M., 1976: Rearing and training pronghorns for ecological studies

Eden-Green, S. J., 1978: Rearing and transmission techniques for haplaxius sp homoptera cixiidae a suspected vector of lethal yellowing disease of coconuts

Sato, Y., 1975: Rearing apanteles glomeratus on the larva of pieris rapae crucivora fed on an artificial diet

Rimmer, D. M.; Power, G., 1978: Rearing atlantic salmon salmo salar in fishless lakes of the matamek river system quebec

Sugioka, K.; Nakamura, K., 1978: Rearing avoidance behavior in rats with antero dorsal hippocampal lesion

Kemble, E. D.; Studelska, D. R.; Nagel, J. A., 1976: Rearing behavior of rats after amygdaloid hippocampal olfactory bulb cortical or striatal lesions

Cupp E.W., 1986: Rearing black flies diptera simuliidae in the laboratory mass scale in vitro membrane feeding and its application to collection of saliva and to parasitological and repellent studies

Beremski C., 1987: Rearing broiler chicks on floors at increased stocking density with and without further rarefication

Section 7, Chapter 6269, Accession 006268250

Section 7, Chapter 6269, Accession 006268251

Section 7, Chapter 6269, Accession 006268252

Kincaid, H. L.; Bridges, W. R.; Thomas, A. E.; Donahoo, M. J., 1976: Rearing capacity of circular containers of different sizes for fry and fingerling rainbow trout

Samokhvalova, G. V.; Ionov, V. M., 1977: Rearing chinese silkworm bombyx mori larvae in open waxed paper bags/

Nakanishi T., 1987: Rearing condition of eggs larvae and post larvae of king crab

Ugarte, J., 1977: Rearing dairy calves by restricted suckling part 10 residual milk in cows suckling or not their calves after milking

Ugarte, J., 1978: Rearing dairy calves by restricted suckling part 11 performance of calves reared by restricted suckling or with nurse cows supplemented with molasses urea or concentrates from 1 week of age to 150 kilogram weight

Rigby, C.; Ugarte, J.; Boucourt, R., 1976: Rearing dairy calves by restricted suckling part 7 effect on mastitis development caused by staphylococcus aureus

Ugarte, J., 1976: Rearing dairy calves by restricted suckling part 8 effect of weaning age on milk production and calf performance

Ugarte, J., 1976: Rearing dairy calves by restricted suckling part 9 effect of suckling on milk production and calf growth after the morning or afternoon milking

Moss, R. J., 1977: Rearing dairy replacements on the atherton tableland queensland australia part 2 effect of number of calves per cow and grain supplementation

Moss, R. J., 1977: Rearing dairy replacements on the atherton tableland queensland part 1 effect of suckling system bucket feeding and protein supplementation

Sun C.N., 1984: Rearing diamondback moth plutella xylostella lepidoptera yponomeutidae on rape seedlings by a modification of the koshihara and yamada method

Spratt D., 1987: Rearing early maturing pullets

Williams, M., 1976: Rearing environments and their effects on schooling of fishes

Inst-Eri-Silkworm-Res-Zhan-Jiang-Dist-(China), 1977: Rearing eri silkworms on evodia meliaefolia

Reisen W.K., 1980: Rearing experiments for producing large numbers of culex tritaeniorhynchus

Yang W.T., 1979: Rearing experiments on the california market squid loligo opalescens

Tschiderer, K., 1973: Rearing feeding and breeding experiments on roe deer capreolus capreolus

Page M., 1985: Rearing glypta fumiferanae hymenoptera ichneumonidae on a multivoltine laboratory colony of the western spruce budworm choristoneura occidentalis lepidoptera tortricidae

Giacometti R., 1981: Rearing gortyna xanthenes lepidoptera noctuidae on a semi artificial diet

Grenter S., 1984: Rearing growth development of phryxe caudata diptera tachinidae in a substitution host galleria mellonella lepidoptera pyralidae or on an artificial medium

Lolordo V.M., 1986: Rearing in response to a visual conditioned stimulus an index of associative strength or of associability?

Isom B.G., 1984: Rearing juveniles of the fresh water mussels unionidae in a laboratory setting

Behmer D.J., 1982: Rearing lake whitefish coregonus clupeaformis to fingerling size

Zaki F.N., 1982: Rearing larvae of aphid lion chrysopa carnea on artificial diet neuroptera chrysopidae

Hooper, G. H. S., 1978: Rearing larvae of the queensland fruit fly dacus tryoni diptera tephritidae on a bran based medium

Hall, L. W-Jr ; Buikema, A. L-Jr, 1977: Rearing larval grass shrimp in the laboratory

Goldrosen, A.; Buckland, R. B., 1977: Rearing leghorn pullets on a photoperiod of 1 hour of light and 11 hours of darkness with respect to growing and laying performance as influenced by age at housing and strain

Liang W J., 1980: Rearing method for tarsonemid mites steneotarsonemus spinki free of rice sheath rot acrocylindrium oryzae

IIzuka Y., 1984: Rearing method for the production of successive generations of anomala cuprea coleoptera scarabaeidae

Kuramochi K., 1985: Rearing method of horn fly haematobia irritans larvae with freeze dried bovine dung diptera muscidae

Chu Y I., 1986: Rearing method of southern yellow thrips thrips palmi karny in the laboratory

Ryan R.B., 1980: Rearing methods and biological notes for 7 species of european and japanese parasites of the larch casebearer coleophora laricella lepidoptera coleophoridae

Section 7, Chapter 6269, Accession 006268290

Lewis W.J., 1988: Rearing microplitis demolitor wilkinson hymenoptera braconidae in the laboratory for use in studies of semiochemical mediated searching behavior

Qin J D., 1983: Rearing myzus persicae of beijing china on an artificial diet

Furr, R. E.; Shaw, J. R., 1977: Rearing neoseiulus fallacis in the laboratory

Oloffs P.C., 1984: Rearing non diapausing western spruce budworm choristoneura occidentalis on pre mixed artificial diet

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Section 7, Chapter 6269, Accession 006268542

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Smerdon M.J., 1987: Rearrangement of nucleosome structure during excision repair in xeroderma pigmentosum group a human fibroblasts

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Kouwenhoven J.K., 1979: Rearrangement of soil aggregates by the tines of soil tilling machines

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Bobkova N.V., 1979: Rearrangement of spatial synchronization of layer by layer cortical activity during orientational reaction and during stimulation of nuclei in the brain stem reticular formation and mamillary bodies

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Section 7, Chapter 6269, Accession 006268560

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Roth J.R., 1980: Rearrangement of the bacterial chromosome using tn 10 as a region of homology

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Section 7, Chapter 6269, Accession 006268567

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Section 7, Chapter 6269, Accession 006268574

Jacobson J.O., 1987: Rearrangement of the genes for the beta and gamma chains of the t cell receptor is rarely observed in adult b cell lymphoma and chronic lymphocytic leukemia

Carlson M., 1985: Rearrangement of the genetic map of chromosome vii of saccharomyces cerevisiae

Section 7, Chapter 6269, Accession 006268577

Section 7, Chapter 6269, Accession 006268578

Sawyer R.H., 1983: Rearrangement of the keratin cytoskeleton after combined treatment with micro tubule and micro filament inhibitors

Section 7, Chapter 6269, Accession 006268580

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Section 7, Chapter 6269, Accession 006268582

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Section 7, Chapter 6269, Accession 006268590

Gelfand E.W., 1987: Rearrangement of the t cell receptor gamma chain gene in childhood acute lymphoblastic leukemia

Grund C., 1987: Rearrangement of the vimentin cytoskeleton during adipose conversion formation of an intermediate filament cage around lipid globules

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Section 7, Chapter 6269, Accession 006268596

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Section 7, Chapter 6269, Accession 006268598

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Section 7, Chapter 6269, Accession 006268640

Argeriou M., 1988: Rearrest following residential treatment for repeat offender drunken drivers

Hetland K.R., 1984: Rearthroplasty after conventional total hip prosthesis and double cup prosthesis a comparative study

Tosa, T.; Sato, T.; Nishida, Y.; Chibata, I., 1977: Reason for higher stability of aspartase ec activity of immobilized escherichia coli cells

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Carey L.C., 1979: Reasonable surgical treatment for tumors of the liver associated with the use of oral contraceptives

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Bilsky L.H., 1980: Reasoning by trainable mentally retarded and young nonretarded individuals

Niethammer D., 1984: Reasoning clinical aspects and results of a guarded platelet substitution therapy in children with acute lymphoblastic and myeloblastic leukemia treated according to the bfm therapy studies

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Toppino T.C., 1980: Reasoning of kindergarteners in simple problems

Cope D.E., 1979: Reasoning with conditionals the effects of a binary restriction

Sternberg R.J., 1981: Reasoning with determinate and indeterminate linear syllogisms

Chrostowski J.J., 1984: Reasoning with realistic disjunctives

Szuromi A., 1985: Reasons and magnitude of losses of cows of various genotypes in different herd size and management

O'leary S.G., 1982: Reasons and reminder instructions their effects on problematic behavior of kindergarten children

Babayan S.S., 1981: Reasons and time of development of post operative peritoneal hernia

Haritonov A.Yu, 1980: Reasons for a sharp curve in the western boundary of the ranges of some eastern dragonfly species in the north of western siberia ussr

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Degkwitz R., 1986: Reasons for admitting mentally ill persons to locked wards

Section 7, Chapter 6269, Accession 006268673

Solti L., 1979: Reasons for anestrus in sows after insemination

Lee C H., 1979: Reasons for bcg unvaccination among preschool children in taipei city taiwan

Mineev V.N., 1982: Reasons for changed leukocyte adreno reactivity in bronchial asthma

Hoefner W., 1982: Reasons for chlorosis of vine vitis vinifera under field conditions

Imaizumi Y., 1987: Reasons for consanguineous marriages in japan

Section 7, Chapter 6269, Accession 006268679

Glushkov, V. M., 1976: Reasons for daily movements of elk

Section 7, Chapter 6269, Accession 006268681

Zuidema G.D., 1984: Reasons for delay of the diagnosis of acute appendicitis

Trummer E.G., 1983: Reasons for disagreement in the standardized assessment of suspected adverse drug reaction

Christian B., 1983: Reasons for discontinuing contraception among women in bangkok thailand

Parkhouse, J.; Ellin, D. J., 1988: Reasons for doctors' career choice and change of choice

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Section 7, Chapter 6269, Accession 006268687

Sutton J.R., 1981: Reasons for dropout from exercise programs in post coronary patients

Section 7, Chapter 6269, Accession 006268689

Polson C.J., 1984: Reasons for drug use comparison of drug users and abusers

Demidov V.N., 1988: Reasons for erroneous results in the ultrasonic diagnosis of cholelithiasis

Jovanovic M., 1981: Reasons for eye enucleation in childhood

Teklu B., 1984: Reasons for failure in treatment of pulmonary tuberculosis in ethiopians

Section 7, Chapter 6269, Accession 006268694

Del Turco M.R., 1983: Reasons for failure of physical examination in breast cancer detection analysis of 232 false negative cases

Kamenskii Yu N., 1981: Reasons for fatigue in crew members of civilian helicopters

Golubev, N. G.; Khalitov, G. G.; Fedoseev, V. S.; Chaikovskii, V. T., 1976: Reasons for incidence of occupational erysipeloid at meat packing plants

Shcherbakov, G. G., 1977: Reasons for increases in illness and temporary disabilities of workers and methods for reducing them in industries producing complex chemical compounds

Marti B., 1985: Reasons for jogging of competitors of a 16 kilometer popular running event

Rybnikov, V. I., 1977: Reasons for late diagnosis of cervical cancer

Stepanov V.V., 1985: Reasons for late hospitalization and an analysis of lethality in pediatric cancer

Pozdova, L. M.; Konovalov, I. N.; Mukhina, V. A., 1976: Reasons for low frost resistance of northern plants under more southern conditions of growth

Stawarczyk T., 1987: Reasons for low population size of parus major in bialowieza forest poland experimental reduction of the population size

Section 7, Chapter 6269, Accession 006268704

Section 7, Chapter 6269, Accession 006268705

Schroff J., 1987: Reasons for not helping

Okada, Y.; Inoue, A., 1978: Reasons for occurrence of the tip potential in glass micro electrodes and tip glass thin membrane potential

Funder J., 1986: Reasons for papilledema

Naylor R.E.L., 1984: Reasons for poor establishment of direct re seeded grassland

Mackie R.M., 1986: Reasons for poor prognosis in british uk patients with cutaneous malignant melanoma

Westenberger W., 1981: Reasons for post operative deterioration of visual fields in cases of advanced primary open angle glaucoma

Tugushi K.L., 1980: Reasons for reducing sweet chestnut area of distribution in the caucasus ussr

Joffe H., 1981: Reasons for referral of the elderly for psychiatric hospitalization

Chernetskaya N.S., 1979: Reasons for refusing surgical treatment among gastric cancer patients

Florent G., 1981: Reasons for repeated serologically unsuccessful hem agglutination inhibition or hemolysis in gel test rubella vaccination

Tikhonova N.E., 1985: Reasons for resistance to insulin in disturbed glucose tolerance in persons with normal body weight

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Section 7, Chapter 6269, Accession 006268719

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Egorov, V. V., 1977: Reasons for stability of solonetz properties and the substantiation of solonetz reclamation

Sforza C., 1986: Reasons for starting and giving up contraception among adolescents

Section 7, Chapter 6269, Accession 006268723

Davies R., 1986: Reasons for taking radiographs in general dental practice

Arvin A.M., 1984: Reasons for the absence of a history of recurrent genital infections in mothers of neo nates infected with herpes simplex virus

Kolovskii, R. A., 1977: Reasons for the appearance of difference in potentials in the aboveground part of woody plants

Ladeishchikova E.I., 1986: Reasons for the appearance of root sponge foci in young pine forests after thinning

Gold R., 1983: Reasons for the decalage between identity conservation and equivalence conservation

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Bidyak, I. V., 1977: Reasons for the late diagnosis of lung cancer

Breckle S W., 1987: Reasons for the limitation of mangrove along the west coast of northern peru

Baimenova A.T., 1980: Reasons for the loss of rice shoots in the southern lake balkhash area kazakh ssr ussr

Khokhlov A.N., 1987: Reasons for the negative dependence between the crop yield and grain protein content in wheat

Afanas'eva S.N., 1982: Reasons for the onset and chronic course of bacterial inflammatory diseases in diabetes mellitus

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Kashina, T. K., 1976: Reasons for the waviness of the anticlinal walls of epidermal plant cells

Vasil'ev G.P., 1981: Reasons of and approaches to reduction of turnover of manpower as represented by the steelmaking shop of a metallurgic plant

Solinska Gornicka B., 1982: Reasons of leaves withering in tropical plants cultivated under greenhouse conditions

Molodtsov V.A., 1982: Reasons of the low fertility of the sierozem meadow gypsiferous soils in dzhizak steppe uzbek ssr ussr

Dorka M., 1985: Reasons of volume swellings due to osmification

Upshaw H.S., 1988: Reasons other causes and inferential sets

Trishkin V.A., 1979: Reasons why esophageal cancer patients refuse surgical treatment

Coward, W. A.; Whitehead, R. G.; Lunn, P. G., 1977: Reasons why hypo albuminemia may or may not appear in protein energy mal nutrition

Udaka S., 1982: Reassembly in vitro of hexagonal surface arrays in a protein producing bacterium bacillus brevis 47

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Beveridge, T. J.; Murray, R. G. E., 1976: Reassembly in vitro of the superficial cell wall components of spirillum putridiconchylium

Section 7, Chapter 6269, Accession 006268748

Section 7 , Chapter 6269, Accession 006268749

Kawata T., 1985: Reassembly of a regularly arranged protein in the cell wall of lactobacillus buchneri and its reattachment to cell walls chemical modification studies

Brakier Gingras L., 1987: Reassembly of active 30s ribosomal subunits with an unmethylated in vitro transcribed 16s ribosomal rna

Pressman, E. K.; Levin, I. M.; Sandakhchiev, L. S., 1973: Reassembly of an acetabularia mediterranea cell from the nucleus cytoplasm and cell wall

Chou K.L., 1986: Reassembly of c myc and relaxation of c fos nucleosomes during differentiation of human leukemic hl 60 cells

Langevin G.L., 1981: Reassembly of flagellar b alpha beta tubulin into singlet micro tubules consequences for cytoplasmic micro tubule structure and assembly

Section 7, Chapter 6269, Accession 006268755

Schrohenloher, R. E.; Hester, R. B., 1976: Reassembly of immuno globulin m heavy and light chains in vitro

Horowitz P.M., 1983: Reassembly of lipid protein complexes of pulmonary surfactant proposed mechanism of interaction

Kobayashi, K.; Kanaizuka, Y., 1977: Reassembly of living cells from dissociated components in bryopsis maxima/

Senshu T., 1987: Reassembly of nucleosomal histone octamers during replication of chromatin

Montal M., 1980: Reassembly of protein lipid complexes into large bi layer vesicles perspectives for membrane reconstitution

Yamamoto H.Y., 1987: Reassembly of solubilized chlorophyll protein complexes in proteolipid particles comparison of monogalactosyldiacylglycerol and two phospholipids

Rabito C.A., 1986: Reassembly of the occluding junctions in a renal cell line with characteristics of proximal tubular cells

Cox, R. A.; Greenwell, P., 1976: Reassembly of the peptidyl transferase center of larger sub particles of rabbit reticulocyte ribosomes from a core particle and split protein fraction

Overall, J. E.; Woodward, J. A., 1976: Reassertion of the paradoxical power of tests of significance based on unreliable difference scores

Villablanca, J. R.; Harris, C. M.; Burgess, J. W.; De-Andres, I., 1984: Reassessing morphine effects in cats 1. specific behavioral responses in intact and unilaterally brain lesioned animals

De-Andres, I.; Villablanca, J. R.; Burgess, J. W., 1984: Reassessing morphine effects in cats 2. protracted effects on sleep wakefulness and the electroencephalogram

Section 7, Chapter 6269, Accession 006268767

Halpert R.D., 1986: Reassessing the role of radiology in hemoccult screening

Section 7, Chapter 6269, Accession 006268769

Katayama, I.; Yang, J. P. S., 1977: Reassessment of a cytochemical test for differential diagnosis of leukemic reticulo endotheliosis

Wootton, J. C., 1983: Reassessment of ammonium ion affinities of nadp specific glutamate dehydrogenases ec activation of the neurospora crassa enzyme by ammonium and rubidium ions

Section 7, Chapter 6269, Accession 006268772

Neuman, R. B.; Bates, D. E. B., 1978: Reassessment of arenig and llanvirn age early ordovician brachiopods from anglesey northwest wales uk

Martin J.G., 1982: Reassessment of body plethysmographic technique for the measurement of thoracic gas volume in asthmatics

Nemoto E.M., 1983: Reassessment of brain free fatty acid liberation during global ischemia and its attenuation by barbiturate anesthesia

Chase C., 1980: Reassessment of cancer predisposition of fanconi anemia hetero zygotes

Sperber, R. D.; Ragain, R. D.; Mccauley, C., 1976: Reassessment of category knowledge in retarded individuals

Fischer, E. G.; Ames, A. Iii ; Hedley-Whyte, E. T.; O'gorman, S., 1977: Reassessment of cerebral capillary changes in acute global ischemia and their relationship to the no reflow phenomenon

Lanzing, W. J. R., 1977: Reassessment of chromatophore pattern regulation in 2 species of flatfish scophthalmus maximus pleuronectes platessa

Schoenberg H.W., 1980: Reassessment of circle tube nephrostomy in advanced pelvic malignancy

Avigliano L., 1988: Reassessment of copper stoichiometry in ascorbate oxidase

Section 7, Chapter 6269, Accession 006268782

Hardy R.M., 1988: Reassessment of cytologic values in canine cerebrospinal fluid by use of cytocentrifugation

Perloff J.K., 1988: Reassessment of echocardiography criteria for diagnosis of mitral valve prolapse

Section 7, Chapter 6269, Accession 006268785

Takahashi, S.; Kanai, H.; Miyamoto, Y., 1976: Reassessment of elevated serotonin levels in blood platelets in early infantile autism

Carlson M.L., 1984: Reassessment of exudation by fucoid macroalgae

O'dell J.W., 1980: Reassessment of factor solution of halsteads matrix

Section 7, Chapter 6269, Accession 006268789

Robinson M.A., 1979: Reassessment of fistula puncture site blood loss

Wiley H.S., 1988: Reassessment of fluid phase endocytosis and diacytosis in monolayer cultures of human fibroblasts

Noda Y., 1988: Reassessment of gamma doses from the atomic bombs in hiroshima and nagasaki japan

Section 7, Chapter 6269, Accession 006268793

Schlaman M.E., 1983: Reassessment of high frequency airborne gaps in older adults

Stein G., 1979: Reassessment of histone gene expression during cell cycle in human cells by using homologous h 4 histone complementary dna

Pouzar Z., 1985: Reassessment of hypoxylon serpens complex 1

Medlin W.J., 1984: Reassessment of inferring personality traits from bender gestalt drawing styles

Hogg J.C., 1985: Reassessment of inflammation of airways in chronic bronchitis

Kono T., 1987: Reassessment of insulin effects on the v max and km values of hexose transport in isolated rat epididymal adipocytes

Knutson, C. O.; Fry, D. E.; Barbie, R. D.; Polk, H. C., 1978: Reassessment of intra operative decisions why operations for cancer of the large bowel fail

Dilts P.V.Jr, 1981: Reassessment of intra venous magnesium sulfate therapy in pre eclampsia eclampsia

From, E.; Keeling, C. D., 1986: Reassessment of late 19th century atmospheric carbon dioxide variations in the air of western europe and the british isles based on an unpublished analysis of contemporary air masses by g. s. callendar

Vaerman J.P., 1981: Reassessment of levels of secretory immuno globulin a in pathological sera using a quantitative radio immunoassay

Stanescu D.C., 1982: Reassessment of lung volume measurement by helium dilution and by body plethysmography in chronic air flow obstruction

Section 7, Chapter 6269, Accession 006268805

Parkinson K., 1986: Reassessment of malignant angioendotheliomatosis intravascular lymphomatosis

Monteith, J. L., 1978: Reassessment of maximum growth rates for 3 carbon and 4 carbon crops

Boothe B.B.Jr, 1979: Reassessment of northern geographic limits for decapod crustacean species in the carolinian province usa some major range extensions itemized

Section 7, Chapter 6269, Accession 006268809

Spowart G., 1979: Reassessment of presumed y 22 and y 15 translocations in man using a new technique

Wolfe R.R., 1987: Reassessment of primed constant infusion tracer method to measure urea kinetics

Timmis, G. C.; Gangadharan, V.; Ramos, R. G.; Gordon, S., 1976: Reassessment of q waves in left bundle branch block

Margulis, L.; Walker, J. C. G.; Rambler, M., 1976: Reassessment of roles of oxygen and uv light in precambrian evolution

Beck E., 1988: Reassessment of root competition for phosphorus of field grown maize in pure and mixed cropping

Walker E.F., 1984: Reassessment of sediments and trace fossils from old red sandstone lower devonian of dunure scotland uk described by john smith 1909

Butterfield, E. J.; Devay, J. E., 1977: Reassessment of soil assays for verticillium dahliae

Rose K.D., 1984: Reassessment of some early eocene omomyidae with description of a new genus and 3 new species

Ryoo M.C., 1984: Reassessment of technical and biological factors in paranasal sinus carcinoma

Schoonjans F., 1987: Reassessment of the accuracy of traditional sperm characteristics and atp in estimating the fertilizing potential of human semen in vivo

Jones G.L., 1982: Reassessment of the anti convulsant activity of di phenylacetyl urea

Agnello V., 1979: Reassessment of the clinical significance of native dna antibodies in systemic lupus erythematosus

Hashimoto S., 1983: Reassessment of the clinical usefulness of gallium 67 citrate scanning in lung cancer using a log likelihood ratio method

Rezvani, I.; Digeorge, A. M., 1977: Reassessment of the daily dose of oral thyroxine for replacement therapy in hypo thyroid children

Brohet, C. R.; Neal, W. A.; Warwick, W. J.; Tuna, N., 1977: Reassessment of the diagnostic value of the vector cardiogram in cystic fibrosis correlation with clinical score pulmonary function tests and echo cardiogram

Rosen K.M., 1983: Reassessment of the effects of vaso dilator drugs in primary pulmonary hypertension guidelines for determining a pulmonary vaso dilator response

Section 7, Chapter 6269, Accession 006268828

Section 7, Chapter 6269, Accession 006268829

Parr D.M., 1981: Reassessment of the heavy chain deletion in human immuno globulin sac in the light of current theories of immuno globulin gene assembly

Joplin G.F., 1982: Reassessment of the human chorionic gonadotropin stimulation test in hypo gonadal males

Pouzar Z., 1985: Reassessment of the hypoxylon serpens complex ii

Miller, R. L.; Adamczyk, D. L.; Spector, T.; Agarwal, K. C.; Miech, R. P.; Parks, R. E. Jr, 1977: Reassessment of the interactions of guanylate kinase and 6 thio guanosine 5 phosphate

Lebacq, E. G., 1977: Reassessment of the kveim test in the diagnosis of sarcoidosis

Pincus D., 1981: Reassessment of the microcytic anemia of lead poisoning

Louguet P., 1982: Reassessment of the mode of action of ochracin on the stomatal conductance of wheat seedling leaves triticum aestivum cultivar etoile de choisy

Harbaugh J.W., 1983: Reassessment of the rates at which oil from natural sources enters the marine environment

Busbee D.L., 1981: Reassessment of the relationship between aryl hydro carbon hydroxylase and lung cancer

Murphy J.M., 1984: Reassessment of the relationship of perinatal risk factors and child abuse

Daniels J.R., 1987: Reassessment of the role of adjunctive surgical therapy in the treatment of advanced germ cell tumors

Norman R.W., 1987: Reassessment of the role of intra abdominal pressure in spinal compression

Root H.D., 1981: Reassessment of the role of routine operative exploration in vascular trauma

Section 7, Chapter 6269, Accession 006268843

Suzuki K., 1988: Reassessment of the translocation hypothesis by kinetic studies on hexose transport in isolated rat adipocytes

Propper, R. D.; Shurin, S. B.; Nathan, D. G., 1976: Reassessment of the use of deferrioxamine b in iron overload

Senewiratne, B.; Chir, B.; Senewiratne, K., 1977: Reassessment of the widal test in the diagnosis of typhoid

Section 7, Chapter 6269, Accession 006268847

Schneider B.E., 1985: Reassessment of verbal and visual analog ratings in analgesic studies

Diamond, M. P.; Salyer, S. L.; Vaughn, W. K.; Cotton, R.; Boehm, F. H., 1987: Reassessment of white's classification and pedersen's prognostically bad signs of diabetic pregnancies in insulin dependent diabetic pregnancies

Rego A.A., 1985: Reassessments and revisions of certain genera and species of the family sebekidae pentastomida including description of sebekia microhamus new species

Genco R.J., 1985: Reassignment of actinobacillus actinomycetemcomitans to the genus haemophilus as haemophilus actinomycetemcomitans new combination

Skog J.E., 1988: Reassignment of aspidium heterophyllum to a new genus in the family matoniaceae

Houbrick, R. S., 1978: Reassignment of batillaria sordida from the cerithiidae to the potamididae gastropoda prosobranchia

Section 7, Chapter 6269, Accession 006268854

Penner, J. L.; Hennessy, J. N., 1977: Reassignment of the intermediate strains of proteus rettgeri biovar 5 to providencia stuartii on the basis of the somatic o antigens

Koerner, T. A. W-Jr ; Voll, R. J.; Cary, L. W.; Younathan, E. S., 1978: Reassignment of the methine resonances of d fructose based on the carbon 13 nmr spectrum of 3 o methyl d fructose

Vyas D.M., 1988: Reassignment of the structure for the antitumor agent rr 150

Badawi M.M., 1986: Reassignment of the structure of tuguaconitine from aconitum sibiricum

Bassuener B., 1987: Reassimilation of carbon dioxide by flaveria asteraceae species representing different types of photosynthesis

Shugar D., 1985: Reassociable dimer subunit of potato nucleotide pyrophosphatase specificity and stability

Antonov, P. P.; Ivanov, I. G.; Markov, G. G.; Benigni, R., 1978: Reassociation analysis of dna in studying the genome size of streptomyces coelicolor

Gharrett, A. J.; Simon, R. C.; Mcintyre, J. D., 1977: Reassociation and hybridization properties of dna from several species of fish

Bartholmes, P.; Jaenicke, R., 1978: Reassociation and reactivation of yeast glyceraldehyde 3 phosphate dehydrogenase after dissociation in the presence of atp

Broekaert, D.; Van-Parijs, R., 1978: Reassociation characteristics of dna synthesized in wounded pea seedlings

Huss, V. A. R.; Hehenberger, A.; Kessler, E., 1987: Reassociation in the taxonomy of the genus chlorella iii. chlorella fusca and chlorella kessleri

Kawai, Y.; Nonoyama, M.; Pagano, J. S., 1973: Reassociation kinetics for epstein barr virus dna nonhomology to mammalian dna and homology of viral dna in various diseases

Antonov A.S., 1986: Reassociation kinetics of fossil repetitive sequences of sea urchin strongylocentrotus intermedius dna

Sevall J.S., 1979: Reassociation kinetics of nonhistone bound dna sites

Ordahl, C. P., 1977: Reassociation kinetics of poly ploid hepatocyte dna

Bosi P., 1979: Reassociation kinetics of the dna of human acute leukemia cells

Giles, K. L.; Whitehead, H. C. M., 1977: Reassociation of a modified mycorrhiza with the host plant roots pinus radiata and the transfer of acetylene reduction activity

Branton D., 1980: Reassociation of ankyrin with band 3 in erythrocyte membranes and lipid vesicles

Johansson, K.; Pettersson, U.; Philipson, L.; Tibbetts, C., 1977: Reassociation of complementary strand specific adenovirus type 2 dna with viral dna sequences of transformed cells

Zalik S., 1980: Reassociation of cytoplasmic ribosomal subunits of barley hordeum vulgare cultivar gateway and its virescens mutant to form active hybrids

Jaenicke R., 1986: Reassociation of dimeric cytoplasmic malate dehydrogenase is determined by slow and very slow folding reactions

Nishigai M., 1979: Reassociation of disc components solubilized with deoxy cholate

Gasaryan K.G., 1980: Reassociation of eukaryotic dna fragments containing interspersed repeats

Riboni L., 1980: Reassociation of eukaryotic ribosomal subunits and poly amine concentration in yoshida ascites hepatoma and ehrlich ascites carcinoma cells during growth

Stratling W.H., 1982: Reassociation of histone h 1 to h 1 depleted poly nucleosomes

Garrard W.T., 1979: Reassociation of histone h 1 with nucleosomes

Thornburg W.H., 1981: Reassociation of human lympho blastoid cell dna repair replicated following methyl methanesulfonate treatment

Gazaryan K.G., 1979: Reassociation of interspersed intermediate dna repeats

Jaenicke R., 1981: Reassociation of lactic dehydrogenase from pig heart studied by cross linking with glutaraldehyde

Tohno, Y.; Tohno, S.; Takakusu, A., 1976: Reassociation of rat hepatoma chromatin protein components with dna

Bisswanger H., 1982: Reassociation of the pyruvate dehydrogenase complex from escherichia coli kinetic measurements and binding studies by resonance energy transfer

Hurst P F.L., 1988: Reassortant formation and selection following coinfection of cultured cells with subgroup 2 human rotaviruses

Section 7, Chapter 6269, Accession 006268887

Greenberg H.B., 1986: Reassortant rotaviruses containing structural proteins vp 3 and vp 7 from different parents induce antibodies protective against each parental serotype

Hinshaw V.S., 1982: Reassortant virus derived from avian and human influenza a viruses is attenuated and immunogenic in monkeys

Potter C.W., 1985: Reassortants of influenza b viruses for use in vaccines an evaluation

Fields B.N., 1981: Reassortment of genome segments between reovirus defective interfering particles and infectious virus construction of temperature sensitive and attenuated viruses by rescue of mutations from defective interfering particles

Desselberger U., 1987: Reassortment of human rotavirus possessing genome rearrangements with bovine rotavirus evidence for host cell selection

Desselberger U., 1985: Reassortment of human rotaviruses carrying rearranged genomes with bovine rotavirus

Miller, H. R. P.; Adams, E. P., 1977: Reassortment of lymphocytes in lymph from normal and allo grafted sheep

Martin, M. A.; Gelb, L. D.; Fareed, G. C.; Milstien, J. B., 1973: Reassortment of sv 40 dna during serial undiluted passage

Nuttall P.A., 1987: Reassortment of thogoto virus a tick borne influenza like virus in a vertebrate host

Buchsbaum D.G., 1986: Reassurance reconsidered

Doherty R.A., 1983: Reassurance through pre natal diagnosis and willingness to bear children after age 35

Et Al, 1987: Rebinding and relaxation in the myoglobin pocket

Mcilvain J.H., 1985: Rebinding of tetrahymena 13s and 21s dynein atpases to extracted doublet microtubules the inner row and outer row dynein arms

Feuer W.J., 1986: Rebleeding after traumatic hyphema

Kawamura S., 1985: Rebleeding attack of the cerebral aneurysm clinical significance of the early aneurysmal rebleeding

Yano T., 1987: Rebleeding of ruptured intracranial aneurysms in the acute stage

Kater L., 1984: Rebound and overshoot after plasma exchange in humans

Section 7, Chapter 6269, Accession 006268905

Section 7, Chapter 6269, Accession 006268906

Randall W.C., 1985: Rebound cardiovascular responses following stimulation of canine vagosympathetic complexes or cardiopulmonary nerves

Section 7, Chapter 6269, Accession 006268908

Spencer W.A., 1980: Rebound excitation and the rhythmic activity of the ventrobasal complex of the thalamus

Section 7, Chapter 6269, Accession 006268910

Section 7, Chapter 6269, Accession 006268911

Dauphinee B., 1985: Rebound hyperresponsiveness to muscarinic stimulation after chronic therapy with an inhaled muscarinic antagonist

Section 7, Chapter 6269, Accession 006268914

Section 7, Chapter 6269, Accession 006268915

Section 7, Chapter 6269, Accession 006268916

Section 7, Chapter 6269, Accession 006268917

Section 7, Chapter 6269, Accession 006268918

Egner D.A., 1987: Rebound hyperthermia follows ethanol induced hypothermia in rats

Section 7, Chapter 6269, Accession 006268920

Section 7, Chapter 6269, Accession 006268921

Section 7, Chapter 6269, Accession 006268922

Soldatos C.R., 1979: Rebound insomnia a potential hazard following withdrawal of certain benzodiazepines

Soldatos C.R., 1985: Rebound insomnia and elimination half life assessment of individual subject response

Hamann K U., 1980: Rebound nystagmus

Zee D.S., 1979: Rebound nystagmus electro oculogram analysis of a case with a floccular tumor

Larson W.E., 1980: Rebound of 5 one dimensionally compressed unsaturated granular soils

Ferrandino F.J., 1985: Rebound of pollen and spores during deposition on cylinders by inertial impaction

Section 7, Chapter 6269, Accession 006268929

Section 7, Chapter 6269, Accession 006268930

Yazawa Y., 1985: Rebound phenomenon in glycerol test

Sone, S.; Yata, K.; Tsubura, E., 1977: Rebound phenomenon of phyto hem agglutinin skin reactivity in leukemia and malignant lymphoma after chemo therapy

Cuming, W. G.; Alexander, R. M.; Jayes, A. S., 1978: Rebound resilience of tendons in the feet of sheep ovis aries

Nesto, R. W.; Cady, B.; Oberfield, R. A.; Pazianos, A. G.; Salzman, F. A., 1976: Rebound response after estrogen therapy for metastatic breast cancer

Section 7, Chapter 6269, Accession 006268935

Section 7, Chapter 6269, Accession 006268936

Azouz E.M., 1984: Rebound thymic hyperplasia in a child with cancer

Chircop R.V., 1984: Rebound vaso spasm after coronary re vascularization in association with calcium antagonist withdrawal

Zetterstrom H., 1987: Rebreathing and ventilatory response to different fresh gas flows in the bain and lack systems a clinical study

Murray J.F., 1986: Rebreathing lung tissue volume of sheep with normal and edematous lungs

Denison D.M., 1988: Rebreathing method for the simultaneous measurement of oxygen consumption and effective pulmonary blood flow during exercise

Griez E., 1988: Rebreathing to cope with hyperventilation experimental tests of the paper bag method

Section 7, Chapter 6269, Accession 006268943

Baev K.V., 1987: Rebuilding of scratching generator efferent activity under the influence of stimulation of hindlimb skin afferents in decerebrated immobilized cats

Shimanskii Yu P., 1987: Rebuilding of the scratching generator efferent activity caused by cyclic movement of a hindlimb in decerebrated immobilized cat

Harkonen T.J., 1988: Rebuilding seal stocks in the kattegat skagerrak

Baux S., 1986: Rebuilding the cervico mandibular angle correcting a deformity of neck burns

Heide, K. G.; Petersen, N.; Brinkmann, B., 1975: Rebuttal of ritters criticism of the forensic validity of quantitative studies on the iso enzyme erythrocyte acid phosphatase and glutamate pyruvate trans aminase in resolving questions of parentage and a discussion of the opinion connected with the criticism

Drinkwater N.R., 1987: Rec a dependent and rec a independent n ethyl n nitrosourea mutagenesis at a plasmid encoded herpes simplex virus thymidine kinase gene in escherichia coli

Section 7, Chapter 6269, Accession 006268950

Baltz R.H., 1987: Rec a gene of escherichia coli complements defects in dna repair and mutagenesis in streptomyces fradiae js6 mcr 6

Macphee D.G., 1986: Rec a independent mutagenesis in escherichia coli effects of umn c and muc b mutations

Macphee D.G., 1987: Rec a independent mutagenesis in escherichia coli may be subject to glucose repression

Bartsch H., 1985: Rec a independent mutagenicity induced by chloroethylene oxide in escherichia coli

Tsai, M. M.; Thompson, T. L.; Deonier, R. C., 1984: Rec a independent recombination at transposongamma delta termini and at insertion sequence is 3 producing inverted repetition in f' plasmids

Jaskunas S.R., 1983: Rec a independent recombination between direct repeats of insertion sequence is 50

Berg D.E., 1985: Rec a independent recombination between repeated insertion sequence is 50 elements is not caused by an is 50 encoded function

Chatterjee A.K., 1985: Rec a is required in the induction of pectin lyase and carotovoricin in erwinia carotovora ssp carotovora

Ljungquist S., 1987: Rec a like activity in mammalian cell extracts of different origin

Howard Flanders P., 1988: Rec a mediated strand exchange reactions between duplex dna molecules containing damaged bases deletions and insertions

Nakayama H., 1983: Rec a positive gene dependent regulation of a uvr d lac z fusion in escherichia coli k 12

Steen H.B., 1985: Rec a protein acts at the initiation of stable dna replication in rnh mutants of escherichia coli k 12

Echols H., 1987: Rec a protein and sos correlation and mutagenesis phenotype with binding of mutant reca proteins to duplex dna and lex a cleavage

Cox M.M., 1987: Rec a protein binding to the heteroduplex product of dna strand exchange

Shinagawa, H.; Iwasaki, H.; Kato, T.; Nakata, A., 1988: Rec a protein dependent cleavage of umu d protein and sos mutagenesis

Mcentee K., 1981: Rec a protein dependent proteolysis of bacterio phage lambda repressor characterization of the reaction and stimulation by dna binding proteins

Griffith J., 1986: Rec a protein filaments can juxtapose dna ends an activity that may reflect a function in dna repair

Fersht A.R., 1983: Rec a protein filaments in solution

Fersht A.R., 1982: Rec a protein from escherichia coli a very rapid and simple purification procedure binding of atp and adp by the homogeneous protein

Lehman I.R., 1984: Rec a protein promoted dna strand exchange effect of ionic strength

Lehman I.R., 1983: Rec a protein promoted dna strand exchange isolation of rec a protein dna complexes formed in the presence of single stranded dna binding protein

Lehman I.R., 1982: Rec a protein promoted dna strand exchange stable complexes of rec a protein and single stranded dna formed in the presence of atp and single stranded dna binding protein

Roberts J.W., 1984: Rec a protein promoted lambda repressor cleavage complementation between rec a 441 and rec a 430 proteins in vitro

Shibata T., 1987: Rec a protein promoted recombination reaction consists of two independent processes homologous matching and processive unwinding a study involving an anti rec a protein monoclonal igg

Section 7, Chapter 6269, Accession 006268975

Smith K.C., 1986: Rec a srf suppression of rec f deficiency in the postreplication repair of uv irradiated escherichia coli k 12

Kada T., 1980: Rec assay and mutagenicity studies on metal compounds

Kada T., 1982: Rec assay with spores of bacillus subtilis with and without metabolic activation

Norton I.L., 1986: Rec bc enzyme activity is required for far uv induced respiration shutoff in escherichia coli k 12

Smith G.R., 1985: Rec bc enzyme nicking at chi sites during dna unwinding location and orientation dependence of the cutting

Smith G.R., 1986: Rec d the gene for an essential third subunit of exonuclease v

Roth J.R., 1987: Rec dependence of mu transposition from p22 transduced fragments

Brammar W.J., 1985: Rec dependent and rec independent recombination of plasmid borne duplications in escherichia coli k 12

Section 7, Chapter 6269, Accession 006268984

Hirschbein L., 1986: Rec e dependent lysogenic induction in the absence of repressor in bacillus subtilis non complementing diploids

Prozorov A.A., 1986: Rec e independent recombination of plasmids in bacillus subtilis cells

Smith C.L., 1983: Rec f dependent induction of rec a synthesis by coumermycin a specific inhibitor of the b subunit of dna gyrase

Shtromas I., 1985: Rec mediated recombinational activity of 2 adjacent chi elements in bacteriophage lambda

Stahl, F. W.; Stahl, M. M., 1975: Rec mediated recombinational hot spot activity in bacterio phage lambda part 4 effect of heterology on chi stimulated crossing over

Tyrrell, R. M., 1976: Rec plus dependent synergism between 365 nanometer and ionizing radiation in log phase escherichia coli a model for oxygen dependent near uv inactivation by disruption of dna repair

Salajsmic E., 1980: Reca gene product is responsible for inhibition of dna synthesis after uv irradiation

Nohmi, T.; Battista, J. R.; Dodson, L. A.; Walker, G. C., 1988: Reca mediated cleavage activates umud for mutagenesis mechanistic relationship between transcriptional derepression and posttranslational activation

West, S. C.; Powell, K. A.; Emmerson, P. T., 1975: Reca plus dependent inactivation of the phage lambda repressor in escherichia coli lysogens by gamma radiation and by tif expression

Bridges, B. A., 1971: Reca plus dependent repair of gamma ray damage to escherichia coli does not require re combination between existing homologous chromosomes

Lehman I.R., 1980: Reca protein catalyzed strand assimilation stimulation by escherichia coli single stranded dna binding protein

Lehman I.R., 1981: Reca protein of escherichia coli promotes branch migration a kinetically distinct phase of dna strand exchange

Cox M.M., 1987: Reca protein promoted atp hydrolysis occurs throughout reca nucleoprotein filaments

Howard Flanders P., 1981: Reca protein promotes homologous pairing and strand exchange reactions between duplex dna molecules

Heath B.M., 1986: Recainam a potent new antiarrhythmic agent effects on complex ventricular arrhythmias

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