Realization of the pesticide cyto genetic study program primary estimation of cyto genetic activity and potential mutagenic hazards of 24 pesticides

Kurinnyi, A.I.; Pilinskaya, M.A.; German, I.V.; L'vova T.S.

Tsitologiya i Genetika 16(1): 45-49


Accession: 006268088

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Mutagenic activity of 24 pesticides of different chemical classes was studied when applied to mouse bone marrow. Ten substances [Actellic, Banvel-D, Dalapon, Dimilin, Dithane M-45, Thiodan, Neopinamin, rhonite, diphenylamide, EF-2] induced cytogenetic effects of different degrees of manifestation. Cytogenetically active pesticides were arranged in groups according to their potential mutagenic hazard.