Rearing dairy calves by restricted suckling part 11 performance of calves reared by restricted suckling or with nurse cows supplemented with molasses urea or concentrates from 1 week of age to 150 kilogram weight

Ugarte, J.

Cuban Journal of Agricultural Science 12(1): 17-24


ISSN/ISBN: 0864-0408
Accession: 006268258

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Holstein and crossbred calves (100) were used in a 2 .times. 2 factorial design reared by restricted suckling (RS) twice a day or with nurse cows (NC) supplemented with molasses/urea plus fish meal (M) or concentrate (C). Weaning was at 70 days of age and the supplement was offered ad lib from the 7th day to 150 kg live wt. Twenty calves artificially reared and weaned at 35 days of age with concentrate and pasture ad lib were used as control. Daily gain at weaning, at 150 kg and from weaning to 150 kg was discussed. Total gain for the artificially reared calves was lower than and equal to, respectively, that of those fed concentrates and reared by restricted suckling or with nurse cows, but it improved when supplemented with molasses. Reducing suckling to once a day after the 4th or 5th wk of age may lead to a better post-weaning performance in those calves on RS. Molasses may be used for the supplementation of young calves though with poorer results than with concentrates.