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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 6270

Chapter 6270 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Dries D.; D.C.rte B.; Liessens J.; Steurbaut W.; Dejonckheere W.; Verstraete W., 1987:
Recalcitrance of atrazine at low levels to aerobic and hydrogenotrophic microorganisms

Bras, P.; Maury-Lechon, G., 1986:
Recalcitrant forest tropical seeds storage and its effects example of symphonia globulifera l.f. from french guyana

Pammenter N.W.; Farrant J.M.; Berjak P., 1984:
Recalcitrant seeds short term storage effects in avicennia marina may be germination associated

Salgado I., 1982:
Recalcitrant sympathetic dystrophy of the hand successfully treated by acupuncture

Austin, V.D.; Ruble, D.N.; Trabasso, T., 1977:
Recall and order effects as factors in childrens moral judgments

Davies, G.; Brown, L., 1978:
Recall and organization in 5 year old children

Coward R.T.; Lange G., 1979:
Recall and recall organization behaviors of field dependent and field independent children

Branconnier, R.J.; Cole, J.O.; Spera, K.F.; DeVitt, D.R., 1982:
Recall and recognition as diagnostic indices of Malignant Memory Loss in Senile Dementia: a Bayesian analysis

Wnek I.; Read J.D., 1980:
Recall and recognition encoding differences for low imagery and high imagery words

Malhotra A.; Dixit R.C., 1982:
Recall and recognition measures of the von restorff effect and the serial position of the item

Botwinick, J.; Storandt, M., 1980:
Recall and recognition of old information in relation to age and sex

Signorella M.L.; Liben L.S., 1984:
Recall and reconstruction of gender related pictures effects of attitude task difficulty and age

Morris D.L.; Hersh E.M.; Hsi B.P.; Gutterman J.U.; Marshall M.M.; Mavligit G.M., 1979:
Recall antigen delayed type hyper sensitivity skin testing in melanoma and acute leukemia patients and their associates

Roediger, H.L-Iii, 1978:
Recall as a self limiting process

Hopwood, D.G.; Guidotti, T.L., 1988:
Recall bias in exposed subjects following a toxic exposure incident

Eaton-Evans, J.; Dugdale, A.E., 1986:
Recall by mothers of the birth weights and feeding of their children

Roediger H.L.IIi; Payne D.G., 1985:
Recall criterion does not affect recall level or hypermnesia a puzzle for generate recognize theories

Igarashi, K., 1987:
Recall memory of epileptic children

Harris S.J.; Dowson J.H., 1982:
Recall of a 10-word list in the assessment of dementia in the elderly

Hall, J.W.; Cox, B.E.; Tinzmann, M.B., 1984:
Recall of categorized and unrelated lists with complete vs. discrete presentation and fast vs. moderate presentation rates

Sowder, C.D., 1978:
Recall of categorized lists as a function of organization associative frequency cues at recall and inter trial variability of order

Peeck, J.; Van Dam, G., 1978:
Recall of complex and simple pictures in mixed and unmixed lists

Collins, F.M., 1968:
Recall of immunity in mice vaccinated with Salmonella enteritidis or Salmonella typhimurium

Leutin V.P.; Nikolaeva E.I., 1984:
Recall of monaurally presented emotional and neutral verbal information during the adaptation process

Gold, R., 1983:
Recall of story schema categories by reading disabled adults: effect of mode of presentation

Bogetz, M.S.; Katz, J.A., 1984:
Recall of surgery for major trauma

Gaffan, D.; Gowling, E.A., 1984:
Recall of the goal box in latent learning and latent discrimination

Pálfi, V.; Belák, S., 1979:
Recall phenomenon induced with ovine adenoviruses. Brief report

Mascie Taylor C.G.N.; Boldsen J.L., 1986:
Recalled age of menarche in britain uk

Goodman M.J.; Grove J.S.; Gilbert F.I.Jr, 1984:
Recalled characteristics of menstruation in relation to reproductive history among caucasian japanese and chinese women living in hawaii usa

Strongman K.T.; Beatson C.A., 1981:
Recalling lost emotion

Bellezza F.S., 1983:
Recalling script based text the role of selective processing and schematic cues

Gillen, G.J.; Elliott, A.T.; Findlay, I.N.; Dargie, H.J., 1984:
Recanalization of arteries by laser radiation

Geschwind H.; Boussignac G.; Teisseire B.; Benhaiem N.; Laurent D., 1984:
Recanalization of human arteries using neodymium yttrium aluminum garnet laser carried by optical fiber

Kensey, K.R.; Nash, J.E.; Abrahams, C.; Zarins, C.K., 1987:
Recanalization of obstructed arteries with a flexible, rotating tip catheter

Vujic, I.; Moore, L.B.; LeVeen, H.H., 1987:
Recanalization of occluded superior vena cava for replacement of LeVeen shunt catheter

Okada M.; Tamura T., 1984:
Recanalization of retinal capillary non perfusion in diabetic retinopathy following photocoagulation a long term follow up study

Jozsa, L.; Balint, B.J.; Vandor, E.; Reffy, A.; Demel, Z., 1985:
Recapillarization of tenotomized skeletal muscles after delayed tendon suture 1. experimental study

Slabý, O., 1987:
Recapitulation changes in the course of evolution

Krutsyak V.N.; Kokoshchuk G.I.; Kalugin V.A.; Pronyaev V.I.; Akhtemiichuk Y.T., 1988:
Recapitulation in the development of the counterflow system components of the vertebrata metanephros

Slaby O., 1987:
Recapitulation of movement of progressive evolutionary changes in morphogenesis

Bazyluk W.; Liana A., 1979:
Recapitulation of the results of investigations on terrestrial invertebrates of the pieniny mountains poland

Tikhomirova A.L.; Rasnitsyn A.P., 1981:
Recapitulations in ontogenesis of dolichovespa saxonica hymenoptera vespidae

Salazar, N.P., 1977:
Recapitulations on changes in dengue virus properties and the etiology of hemorrhagic fever

Athias Henriot C., 1980:
Recapitulatory note on composition and geography of the genus gamasodes parasitiformes parasitidae with a description of 4 new species

Hansen L.P.; Nixon C.M.; Havera S.P., 1986:
Recapture rates and length of residence in an unexploited fox squirrel sciurus niger population

Murakami, K.I.; Iizuka, T.; Matsuki, M.; Ono, T., 1987:
Recapturing the persistent anteriorly displaced disk by mandibular manipulation after pumping and hydraulic pressure to the upper joint cavity of the temporomandibular joint

Savageau M.A.; Voit E.O., 1987 :
Recasting nonlinear differential equations as s systems a canonical nonlinear form

Mishra S.P., 1984:
Recategorized wechsler intelligence scale for children revised scores of learning disabled children from mexican american culture

Aspey, W.P., 1977:
Recdis a basic program for computing inter individual distances within a rectangular area

Tanaka T., 1979:
Rece 4 independent recombination between homologous dna segments of bacillus subtilis plasmids

Cohn, T.E.; Green, D.G.; Tanner, W.P., 1975:
Receiver operating characteristic analysis. Application to the study of quantum fluctuation effects in optic nerve of Rana pipiens

Marlin N.A.; Hochhaus L., 1980:
Receiver operating characteristic analysis of choice accuracy in rats

Fritz S.L.; Preston D.F.; Gallagher J.H., 1981:
Receiver operating characteristic analysis of diagnostic performance in liver scintigraphy

Yang, K.T.; Lee, Y.J.; Wu, C.C., 1986:
Receiver operating characteristic analysis of isotopes scanning in detection of diffuse goiter

Kadar N.; Decherney A.H.; Romero R., 1982:
Receiver operating characteristic curve analysis of the relative efficacy of single and serial chorionic gonadotropin determinations in the early diagnosis of ectopic pregnancy

Goin J.E., 1982:
Receiver operating characteristic curve estimation and hypothesis testing applications to breast cancer detection

Thijssen, M.A., 1983:
Receiver operating characteristic curves in diagnostic imaging

Ritchings, R.T.; Isherwood, I.; Pullan, B.R.; Kingsley, D., 1979:
Receiver operating characteristic curves in the evaluation of hard copies of computed tomography scans

John V.; Hirche H.; Callies R.; Lenz W., 1981:
Receiver operating characteristics analysis in testing and training the interpretation of radiographs with mammography serving as an example

Hata Y., 1985:
Receiver operating characteristics analysis of computed tomography and renal scintigraphy for renal diseases

Zemcov A.; Barclay L.L.; Sansone J.; Metz C.E., 1985:
Receiver operating characteristics analysis of regional cerebral blood flow in alzheimers disease

Kelsey C.A.; Moseley R.D.Jr; Garcia J.F.; Mettler F.A.Jr; Parker T.W.; Juhl J.H., 1985:
Receiver operating characteristics and contrast detail image evaluation tests compared

Gohagan J.K.; Spitznagel E.L.; Mccrate M.M.; Frank T.B., 1984:
Receiver operating characteristics curve analysis of mammography and palpation for breast screening

Joseph W.B., 1983:
Receivers open processing style as a moderator of communicators persuasiveness

Buhr, T.A.; Pryor, B., 1988:
Receivers' apprehension and need for cognition

Chebat, J.C.; Picard, J., 1988:
Receivers' self acceptance and the effectiveness of two sided messages

Meudell P.R.; Mayes A.R.; Ostergaard A.; Pickering A., 1985:
Recency and frequency judgements in alcoholic amnesics and normal people with poor memory

Manning S.K.; Schreier H., 1988:
Recency and suffix effects of pictures as a function of recall method

Broadbent D.E.; Broadbent M.H.P., 1981:
Recency effects in visual memory

Peterson L.C., 1984:
Recent abyssal benthic foraminiferal bio facies of the eastern equatorial indian ocean

Ritchie J.C.; Cooper C.M.; Mchenry J.R., 1979:
Recent accumulation of sediment in lakes in the bear creek watershed in the mississippi delta usa

Vallini, A., 1977:
Recent acquisitions about australia antigen and hepatitis b virus

Andrei A.; Algeri R.; Schiaroli G.; Valentini P., 1984:
Recent acquisitions in anti inflammatory and analgesic therapy in degenerative arthropathies double blind controlled clinical study

Melino C.; Sottili G., 1984:
Recent acquisitions in the prophylaxis of dental caries

Mammi G., 1987:
Recent acquisitions on myocardial infarction in the young

Michel D.; Laurent B.; Granouillet R.; Gaudin Terrasse O.D., 1981:
Recent acute and sometimes persistent mycoplasma pneumoniae infections with neurological disorders possible causal relationships

Tortonese, E., 1977:
Recent additions and corrections concerning the crinoids holothuroids ophiuroids and echinoids of the mediterranean and particularly of the italian seas

Webber, E.E., 1975:
Recent additions to the marine algal flora of nahant massachusetts usa

Schembri S.P.; Ebejer M.J., 1984:
Recent additions to the orthoptera of the maltese islands

Murakami Y., 1981:
Recent advance in head and neck reconstructive surgery myo cutaneous flap its development and clinical application

Hamada, T.; Deguchi, Y.; Fukuda, Y.; Habe, T.; Hirano, H.; Kanie, Y.; Kawamoto, N.; Mikami, S.; Obata, I.; Et-Al, 1978:
Recent advancement of the rearing experiments of nautilus in japan

Hanna M.K., 1982:
Recent advances and further experience with surgical techniques for 1 stage total remodeling of massively dilated ureters

McAllister, T.A., 1976:
Recent advances in antibiotics

Poller L., 1977:
Recent advances in blood coagulation no 2

Flod, N.E.; Franz, M.L.; Galant, S.P., 1976:
Recent advances in bronchial asthma

Root, A.W.; Harrison, H.E., 1976:
Recent advances in calcium metabolism part 1 mechanisms of calcium homeostasis

Berggren, W.A., 1978:
Recent advances in cenozoic planktonic foraminiferal bio stratigraphy bio chronology and bio geography atlantic ocean

Luke, B.G.; Richards, J.C.; Dawes, E.F., 1984:
Recent advances in cleanup of fats by sweep co distillation 1. organo chlorine residues

Like, B.G.; Richards, J.C., 1984:
Recent advances in cleanup of fats by sweep co distillation 2. organophosphorus residues

Rapaport, F.T.; Converse, J.M.; Billingham, R.E., 1977:
Recent advances in clinical and experimental transplantation

Mukaiyama T.; Murakami M., 1986:
Recent advances in cross aldol reactions

Ansari, A.H.; Pearson, O.H., 1978:
Recent advances in diagnosis and management of galactorrhea

Zhen X.; Dong S.; Shi W., 1981:
Recent advances in diagnosis and treatment of acute appendicitis complicated with peritonitis by combined traditional chinese and western medicine

Bruni, J., 1979:
Recent advances in drug therapy for epilepsy

Fujita R.; Yamamura M.; Hattori M., 1985:
Recent advances in endoscopic sphincteropapillotomy

Paulin J.P., 1987:
Recent advances in fireblight research

Itagaki, Y., 1976:
Recent advances in gas chromatography mass spectrometry

Demling, L., 1978:
Recent advances in gastro intestinal endoscopy

Mcpherson, S.D.; Cline, J.W.; Mccurdy, D., 1977:
Recent advances in glaucoma surgery trabeculotomy and trabeculectomy

Naqvi H.H.; Hanson G.P., 1980:
Recent advances in guayule parthenium argentatum seed germination procedures

Mchugh J.L., 1981:
Recent advances in hard clam mercenaria mercenaria mariculture

Pinching A.J., 1979:
Recent advances in immunological therapy: plasma-exchange and immunosuppression

Robins-Browne, R.M.; Koornhof, H.J., 1977:
Recent advances in infantile gastro enteritis research

Wright, R.B., 1981:
Recent advances in information storage and retrieval relevant to occupational hygiene

Ishizaki, H., 1977:
Recent advances in insect endocrinology

Lekieffre J.; Medvedowsky J.L.; Thery C., 1981:
Recent advances in knowledge of the sinus node and mal function of the sinus

Zum Gottesberg Orsulakova A.; Kaufman R., 1985 :
Recent advances in laser microprobe mass analysis of inner ear tissue

Shirakusa T.; E.A., 1985:
Recent advances in lung transplantation

Nozaki Y., 1985:
Recent advances in marine chemistry

Kaufman, R.A.; Tietz, N.W., 1980:
Recent advances in measurement of amylase ec activity a comparative study

Rutter, J.M., 1975:
Recent advances in microbial genetics

Kramer, J.J.; Nagle, R.J.; Engle, R.W., 1980:
Recent advances in mnemonic strategy training with mentally retarded persons: implications for educational practice

Fadel, M.A.; El-Fiki, M.A.; Kenawy, M.; El-Konsol, S.; Basha, M., 1976:
Recent advances in neutron dosimetry using plastic detectors

Becker, C.E.; Coye, M.J., 1984:
Recent advances in occupational cancer

Ophir, D.; Lancet, D., 1986:
Recent advances in olfaction

Tittarelli R.; Battistini P.; Valazzi C.M.; Giugliano F., 1981:
Recent advances in ophthalmic surgery anesthesia

Wester R.C.; Noonan P.K.; Maibach H.I., 1979:
Recent advances in per cutaneous absorption using the rhesus monkey model

El-Golli, S.; Madelaine, G.; Turpin, P.Y.; Bricard, J., 1975:
Recent advances in photo electric aerosol measurements

Tada K., 1987:
Recent advances in prenatal diagnosis

Grasl, M.; Skorpik, C.; Hochmeister, M.; Gnad, H.D.; Scheidel, W., 1986:
Recent advances in preservation of viable corneal tissue

Malinverni, W.; Girotto, G.; Diotti, G., 1986:
Recent advances in prevention of urrets zavalia's syndrome

Hanaoka M., 1978:
Recent advances in res research vol 16 16th general meeting tokyo japan may 17 18 1976

Manabe R., 1988:
Recent advances in research for herpetic eye diseases

Petiard V.; Courtois D., 1983:
Recent advances in research for novel alkaloids in apocynaceae tissue cultures

Stretton T.B., 1976:
Recent advances in respiratory medicine no 1

Who, 1978:
Recent advances in rheumatic fever control and future prospects a who memorandum

Paradelis, A.G.; Edipides, T.; Zurukzoglou, W., 1980:
Recent advances in salmonellosis treatment based on in vitro susceptibilities

Unnikrishnan K.P.; Choubey A.K., 1985:
Recent advances in statistical research in forestry

Kobayashi T.; Sano T.; Dhalla N.S., 1978:
Recent advances in studies on cardiac structure and metabolism vol 11 heart function and metabolism proceedings of the 8th international meeting of the international study group for research in cardiac metabolism presently the international society for hart research tokyo japan may 26 29 1976

Kobayashi T.; Ito T.; Rona G., 1978:
Recent advances in studies on cardiac structure and metabolism vol 12 cardiac adaptation proceedings of the 8th international meeting of the international study group for research in cardiac metabolism now the international society for heart research tokyo japan may 26 29 1976

Harris P.; Bing R.J.; Fleckenstein A., 1976:
Recent advances in studies on cardiac structure and metabolism vol 7 biochemistry and pharmacology of myo cardial hypertrophy hypoxia and infarction

Roy P E.; Harris P., 1975:
Recent advances in studies on cardiac structure and metabolism vol 8 the cardiac sarcoplasm

Roy P E.; Dhalla N.S., 1976:
Recent advances in studies on cardiac structure and metabolism vol 9 the sarcolemma

Xu, R.S.; Zhu, Q.Z.; Xie, Y.Y., 1985:
Recent advances in studies on Chinese medicinal herbs with physiological activity

Visser, D., 1974:
Recent advances in the deep freeze preservation of ram semen

Kallistratos, G.; Burchardt, P.; Freerksen, P., 1978:
Recent advances in the diagnosis and treatment of l cystine stone disease

Hart R.C.; Cormier M.J., 1979:
Recent advances in the mechanisms of bio luminescent and chemi luminescent reactions

Barwin, B.N., 1978:
Recent advances in the pharmacologic regulation of fertility in man

Barriga Angulo G.; Trejo Ixcapa S.; Ruiz Sanchez D.; Villarreal Urenda C.; Espinoza D.A.da M.; Peredo Lopez Velarde M., 1982:
Recent advances in the serologic diagnosis of type a viral hepatitis in mexico

Parodi, A.J.; Leloir, L.F., 1978:
Recent advances in the study of membrane bound saccharides

Azcon-Aguilar, C.; Barea, J.M.; Roldan-Fajardo, B.E., 1984:
Recent advances in the study of vesicular arbuscular mycorrhizas 2. factors affecting their formation and function and practical application in agriculture

Ramamurthi, B., 1973:
Recent advances in the surgery of the brain

Saraf S.; A.O.ran F.; A.S.leh B., 1987:
Recent advances in the synthesis of phenothiazines

Eliasson, U., 1977:
Recent advances in the taxonomy of myxomycetes

Barold, S.S.; Linhart, J.W., 1970:
Recent advances in the treatment of ectopic tachy cardias by electrical pacing

Lagier J.P.; Lachard A.; Blanc J.L.; Lachard J., 1985:
Recent advances in the treatment of osteoradionecrosis of the mandible use of a sternocleidomastoid osteomusculocutaneous flap

Liao, S.J., 1978:
Recent advances in the understanding of acupuncture

Ohmori, K., 1982:
Recent advances in the use of free flaps

Davis, S.S.; Hunneyball, I.M.; Illum, L.; Ratcliffe, J.H.; Smith, A.; Wilson, C.G., 1985:
Recent advances in the use of microspheres for targeted therapy

Nigam P.C.; Prasad S., 1986:
Recent advances in trace determination of phosgene a review

Kawa S.; Homma T., 1984:
Recent advances in tumor marker research of pancreatic carcinoma

Kappert A.; Leu H.J.; Waibel P., 1976:
Recent advances in vascular disease

McIntosh, K., 1978:
Recent advances in viral diagnosis

Schreiber, D.S.; Trier, J.S.; Blacklow, N.R., 1977:
Recent advances in viral gastro enteritis

Morandini G.C.; Perduca M.; Finiguerra M.; D.M.rtini S.; Fraticelli G., 1986:
Recent advances of knowledge on the mechanisms of action of drugs modifying the bronchial secretions

N'doye, M., 1978:
Recent advances on biology and ecology of the cowpea hairy caterpillar amsacta moloneyi lepidoptera arctiidae in senegal

Bonomi F.; Pagani S.; Cerletti P., 1982:
Recent advances on the mechanism of the active nonactive transition of succinate dehydrogenase

Wells P.E., 1985:
Recent agglutinated benthonic foraminifera suborder textulariina of wellington harbor new zealand

Wright S.E., 1983:
Recent amenity tree and shrub planting in the rural landscape of england and wales uk

Lercker G., 1986:
Recent analytical advancements in the fat analysis

Brussaard L.; Runia L.T., 1984:
Recent and ancient traces of scarab beetle typhaeus typhoeus activity in sandy soils of the netherlands

Grande L., 1985:
Recent and fossil clupeomorph fishes with materials for revision of the subgroups of clupeoids

Cook, P.L.; Chimonides, P.J., 1984:
Recent and fossil lunulitidae bryozoa cheilostomata 1. the genus otionella from new zealand

Cook, P.L.; Chimonides, P.J., 1984:
Recent and fossil lunulitidae bryozoa cheilostomata 2. species of helixotionella new genus from australia

Cook, P.L.; Chimonides, P.J., 1985:
Recent and fossil lunulitidae bryozoa cheilostomata 3. opesiulate and other species of selenaria sensu lato

Cook, P.L.; Chimonides, P.J., 1985:
Recent and fossil lunulitidae bryozoa cheilostomata 4. american and australian species of otionella

Cook, P.L.; Chimonides, P.J., 1985:
Recent and fossil lunulitidae bryozoa cheilostomata 5. selenaria alata and related species

Cook, P.L.; Chimonides, P.J., 1987:
Recent and fossil lunulitidae bryozoa cheilostomata 7. selenaria maculata busk and allied species from australasia

Gayet M.; Meunier F.J., 1983:
Recent and fossil osteoglossiform pisces teleostei scales

Johnson R.I., 1981:
Recent and fossil unionacea and mutelacea fresh water bivalves of the caribbean islands

Fuetterer, D.; Paul, J., 1976:
Recent and pleistocene sediments off the istrian coast northern adriatic yugoslavia

Schwaar J., 1982:
Recent and sub fossil birch marshes in northwestern west germany

Krisai R., 1982:
Recent and sub fossil distribution of moor dwelling species of the moss genus meesea in austria

Schmidt, P.P., 1976:
Recent and sub fossil finds of a new species of ostracod potamocypris parva new species in greenland crustacea ostracoda cyprididae

Harland R.; Reid P.C.; Dobell P.; Norris G., 1980:
Recent and sub recent dinoflagellate cysts from beaufort sea canadian arctic

Marshall B.A., 1985:
Recent and tertiary cocculinidae and pseudococculinidae mollusca gastropoda from new zealand and new south wales australia

Marshall B.A., 1985:
Recent and tertiary deep sea limpets of the genus pectinodonta mollusca gastropoda from new zealand and new south wales australia

Collinson M.E., 1980:
Recent and tertiary seeds of the nymphaeaceae sensu lato with a revision of brasenia ovula

Areshev G.P.; Agapov A.A.; Gratsianskii N.A., 1987:
Recent angina pectoris first experience with using programmed cardiac stimulation to detect the electrical instability of the ventricles

Haering, R.R., 1975:
Recent applications of physics to archaeology

Rackham, D.M., 1976:
Recent applications of quantitative nmr spectroscopy in pharmaceutical research

Ebel F.; Hentschel A., 1987:
Recent approaches to nature conservation in north rhine westphalia compared to the nature conservation programs of other federal states

Ricketts B.D., 1981:
Recent aragonite cements from inter tidal sands near whitford auckland new zealand

Probst C., 1984:
Recent aspects of cranio cerebral injury

Lereclus, D.; Lecadet, M.M.; Klier, A.; Ribier, J.; Rapoport, G.; Dedonder, R., 1985:
Recent aspects of genetic manipulation in Bacillus thuringiensis

Balasse, E.O., 1976:
Recent aspects of patho physiology and treatment of diabetic keto acidosis

Maclouf, J.; Sors, H.; Rigaud, M., 1977:
Recent aspects of prostaglandin biosynthesis: a review

Zwiener, U.; Schumann, N.P.; Nebrich, A., 1983:
Recent aspects of the neuro muscular organization of the masticatory activity and its disturbances 1. physiology

Kerschbaumer F.; Pfaller K.; Siorpaes R., 1987:
Recent aspects on radiosynoviorthesis of the knee joint clinical and experimental results

Djafari N.; Andre J.L.; Bloc B.; Bretagne M.C.; Voz J.; Pierson M., 1980:
Recent attainments in the radiologic study of the dialyzed childs renal osteo dystrophy

Parada Ruffinatti C.; Camacho Rodriguez C.; Cortes Echeverri E., 1985:
Recent benthic foraminifera from las islas estuary sanquinaga national wildlife park department of narino colombia

Lagoe, M.B., 1977:
Recent benthic foraminifera from the central arctic ocean

Burke S.C., 1981:
Recent benthic foraminifera of the ontong java plateau

Osterman L.E.; Kellogg T.B., 1979:
Recent benthic foraminiferal distributions from the ross sea antarctica relation to ecologic and oceanographic conditions

Culver S.J.; Buzas M.A., 1983:
Recent benthic foraminiferal provinces in the gulf of mexico

Culver S.J.; Buzas M.A., 1981:
Recent benthic foraminiferal provinces on the atlantic continental margin of north america

Murray J.W., 1979:
Recent benthic foraminiferids of the celtic sea northwest atlantic ocean

Broennimann, P., 1979:
Recent benthonic foraminifera from brazil 6 morphology and ecology 4. trochamminids from the campos shelf with description of paratrochammina madeirae new genus new species

Broennimann, P., 1980:
Recent benthonic foraminifera from brazil morphology and ecology 5. primitive agglutinated foraminifera from the campos and bahia shelf

Bronnimann, P.; Beurlen, G., 1977:
Recent benthonic foraminifera from brazil morphology and ecology part 1 polystomammininae new subfamily of the trochamminidae and description of polystomammina planulata from the campos shelf

Broennimann, P.; Beurlen, G., 1977:
Recent benthonic foraminifera from brazil morphology and ecology part 2 no 3 cribrostomoides and haplophragmoides from the campos shelf

Broenniman, P.; Beurlen, G., 1977:
Recent benthonic foraminifera from brazil morphology and ecology part 2 no 4 trochammina brasiliensis new species from the campos shelf

Bronnimann, P.; Beurlen, G., 1977:
Recent benthonic foraminifera from brazil morphology and ecology part 2 spiroplectamminoides camposi new genus new species from the campos shelf

Baier, W.; Davidson, H.; Desjardins, R.L.; Ouellet, C.E.; Williams, G.D.V., 1976:
Recent bio meteorological applications to crops

Doyle, L.J.; Blake, N.J.; Woo, C.C.; Yevich, P., 1978:
Recent biogenic phosphorite: concretions in mollusk kidneys

Richardson J.R., 1981:
Recent brachiopods from new zealand background to the study cruises of 1977 1979

Oliphant, L.W.; Thompson, W.J.P., 1978:
Recent breeding success of richardsons merlin falco columbarius richardsonii in saskatchewan canada

Clarke, G.C.S., 1978:
Recent bryological literature

Bijma J.; Boekschoten G.J., 1985:
Recent bryozoan reefs and stromatolite development in brackish inland lakes southwestern netherlands

Segonzac G., 1984:
Recent calcareous algae rhodophyceae chlorophyceae sampled in the western indian ocean

Orsak, L.J., 1975:
Recent captures of anthocharis cethura catalina

Ramstead, K.D.; Hughes, R.G.; Webb, A.J., 1980:
Recent cases of trench foot

Holbrook, W.P.; Higgins, B.; Shaw, T.R., 1987:
Recent changes in antibiotic prophylactic measures taken by dentists against infective endocarditis

Goldberg, R.J.; Gore, J.M.; Alpert, J.S.; Dalen, J.E., 1986:
Recent changes in attack and survival rates of acute myocardial infarction (1975 through 1981). The Worcester Heart Attack Study

Kiff L.F.; Peakall D.B.; Wilbur S.R., 1979:
Recent changes in california condor gymnogyps californianus egg shells

Jarvinen, O.; Vaisanen, R.A., 1978:
Recent changes in forest bird populations in northern finland

Faithfull, G.R.; Goulston, K.J., 1985:
Recent changes in gastrointestinal investigation in a university hospital

Hoag S.H.; Deriso R.B.; S.P.erre G., 1984:
Recent changes in halibut catch per unit effort studies on area differences in setline catchability

Brooke M.D.L.; Davies N.B., 1987:
Recent changes in host usage by cuckoos cuculus canorus in britain uk

Johnson A.H.; Siccama T.G.; Wang D.; Turner R.S.; Barringer T.H., 1981:
Recent changes in patterns of tree growth rate in the new jersey usa pinelands a possible effect of acid rain

Balling R.C.Jr; Brazel S.W., 1987:
Recent changes in phoenix arizona usa summertime diurnal precipitation patterns

Skogheim, O.K.; Rognerud, S., 1978:
Recent changes in plankton communities and present trophic state of lake steinsfjord

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Recent changes in prevalence pattern of japanese encephalitis virus in hyogo prefecture japan using a 2 dimensional distribution of immunoglobulin g and immunoglobulin m class antibody levels in swine sera

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Recent changes in ring billed gull larus delawarensis and california gull larus californicus populations in the western usa

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Recent changes in selected local health departments: implications for their capacity to guarantee basic medical services

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Recent changes in serological markers of hepatitis B virus infection in Japanese university students

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Recent changes in the avifauna of makatea island tuamotus central pacific

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Recent changes in the deposition of heavy metals in northern europe

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Recent changes in the fishery of a new tropical man made lake lake kamburu kenya

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Recent changes in the incidence of duodenal and gastric ulcer

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Recent changes in the occurrence of fucus vesiculosus in the archipelago sea southwest finland

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Recent changes in the population of juvenile atlantic salmon in the matamek river quebec canada

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Recent changes to the burmese mammal list

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Recent chemistry of homo iso flavonoids

Jain, A.C.; Khazanchi, R., 1978:
Recent chemistry of peltogynoids peltonoids

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Recent chemotherapy for child pneumonia and empyema

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Recent classification of vascular malformations

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Recent classifications of the green algae chlorophyta and an attempt at the construction of their phylogenetic system

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Recent climatic change in australia implications for a carbon di oxide warmed earth

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Recent clinical experience in evaluation of secretory and motor activity of the diabetic stomach a study conducted in parallel with other parameters concerning the underlying pathology part i

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Recent collections and a redescription of amsonia ludoviciana vail apocynaceae

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Recent collections and status of lesquerella lyrata cruciferae

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Recent collections of anepeorus simplex new record ephemeroptera heptageniidae from the wabash river indiana usa

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Recent collections of nomia triangulifera on sunflowers in illinois usa hymenoptera apoidea

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Recent colonization of a major salmon producing lake in british columbia canada by pacific lamprey lampetra tridentata

Muntaner J., 1980:
Recent colonization of the island of minorca baleares spain by dartford warblers sylvia undata

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Recent concepts and development of an automated biological monitoring system

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Recent concepts concerning cerebral ischemia in man and their implications in therapeutic evaluations

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Recent confirmation of the teratogenic activity of thalidomide in the new zealand white rabbit

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Recent contributions in phycobili proteins and phycobilisomes

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Recent contributions of high resolution gas chromatography to the analysis of environmental hydro carbons

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Recent contributions to the mechanism of action and clinical relevance of erythropoietin

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Recent contributions towards epidemiology of wheat rusts in india

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Recent coral barnacles of the genus ceratoconcha cirripedia pyrgomatidae from northeast brazil

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Recent corals of taiwan 1. description of reefs and coral environments

Randall, R.H.; Cheng, Y.M., 1979 :
Recent corals of taiwan 2. description of reefs and coral environments

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Recent data about microorganisms of the genus serratia

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Recent data in animal gynecology

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Recent data on chronic spinal muscular atrophy in adults

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Recent data on endocrine control of reproduction in teleosts

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Recent data on meningococcal carrier state in healthy recruits

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Recent data on monoclonal gammapathies

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Recent data on side effects of beta adrenergic blocking drugs

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Recent data on the biosynthetic pathway of beta lactam antibiotics

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Recent data on the control of spermatogenesis in crustacea decapoda reptantia

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Recent data on the distribution of some species of the group acalyptrata diptera in slovakia czechoslovakia 1. families heleomyzidae and lauxaniidae

Martinek, V., 1984:
Recent data on the distribution on some species of acalyptrata diptera in the territory of czechoslovakia 2. families dryomyzidae lonchaeidae opomyzidae otitidae pallopteridae platystomatidae and psilidae

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Recent data on the ecology of aedes rempeli diptera culicidae

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Recent data on the group of melanotropic and lipotropic pituitary hormones and on the brain morphinomimetic peptides endorphins

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Recent data on the in vitro development of imaginal discs in insects

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Recent data on the mechanism of action of estrogens in the treatment of prostatic tumor patients

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Recent data on the nature of the reflux syndrome and their role in the standardization of surgical treatment

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Recent data on the pathology of systemic vasculitis

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Recent data on the renal tubular behavior of phosphorus calcium and magnesium ions

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Recent data on the scale insect homoptera coccoidea fauna of hungary

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Recent decline in gonorrhea incidence in Israel: possible association with the AIDS pandemic

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Recent declines of grasshopper warblers locustella naevia at british uk bird observatories

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Recent dendro chronological sampling in new zealand a preliminary note

Tate C.H.; Trussell R.R., 1980:
Recent development in direct filtration

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Recent development of national parks in nicaragua

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Recent development of the fireblight situation in france

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Recent developments and some problems in the taxonomy of cyst nematodes with a classification of the heteroderoidea

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Recent developments for field monitoring of alpha emitting contaminants in the environment

Lupotto E.; Russo S., 1980:
Recent developments in anther culture technique for rice breeding

Shoolery J.N., 1984:
Recent developments in carbon 13 nmr and proton nmr

Tsuei, J.J., 1983:
Recent developments in clinical acupuncture

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Recent developments in diagnosis and treatment planning of antero posterior jaw discrepancies from the lateral skull cephalostat radiograph

Fonda S.; Melli M.; Neroni M.; Sargentini A.; Torlai F.; Peduzzi M., 1983:
Recent developments in eye fundus imaging for clinical application television fluoro angiography and new technologies

Lakowicz J.R.; Maliwal B.P.; Gratton E., 1985:
Recent developments in frequency domain fluorometry

Zlatkis A.; Weisner S.; Ghaoui L., 1985:
Recent developments in gas chromatographic trace analysis using new concentration techniques

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Recent developments in gonorrhea and pelvic inflammatory disease

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Recent developments in hepatitis A

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Recent developments in immunization against diarrheal diseases

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Recent developments in machine milking under the aspect of mastitis prophylaxis

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Recent developments in neo natal peri natal medicine

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Recent developments in nosocomial infections and their control

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Recent developments in paternity cases by application of iso electric focusing

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Recent developments in personnel neutron dosimeters a review

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Recent developments in phosphorimetry a spectroscopic method for organic analysis

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Recent developments in photo electric setting microscopes

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Recent developments in radio immunoassay

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Recent developments in the biochemistry of globoid and meta chromatic leuko dystrophies

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Recent developments in the chemistry of phospholipids

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Recent developments in the chemistry of rotenoids derronoids

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Recent developments in the chemistry of the components of amino glycoside antibiotics

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Recent developments in the diagnosis of bacterial food intoxications

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Recent developments in the diagnosis of morgagni's hernia

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Recent developments in the field of iodine 123 labeled radiopharmaceuticals

Luger, A., 1980:
Recent developments in the field of syphilis serology

Lupu F., 1987:
Recent developments in the freeze fracture technique

Zerbi, G.; Magliulo, V., 1988:
Recent developments in the measurement of plant and soil water status 1. the soil

Zerbi, G.; Magliulo, V., 1988:
Recent developments in the measurement of plant and soil water status 2. the plant

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Recent developments in the molecular genetics of human hemo globin

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Recent developments in the molecular structure of ciguatoxin

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Recent developments in the ontogeny of phialo spores

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Recent developments in the study of hypothalamic hormones with special reference to luteinizing hormone releasing hormone and somatostatin

Issaq, H.J.; Barr, E.W., 1977:
Recent developments in thin layer chromatography/

Burman, K.D. , 1978:
Recent developments in thyroid hormone metabolism interpretation and significance of measurements of reverse tri iodo thyronine 3 3 di iodo thyronine and thyro globulin

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Recent developments in urinary kallikrein ec research

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Recent developments of neurobiology in hungary vol 5 results in neurochemistry neuro endocrinology neuro physiology and behavior neuro pharmacology neuro pathology cybernetics

Lissak K., 1978:
Recent developments of neurobiology in hungary vol 6 neural and neuro humoral organization of motivated behavior

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Recent developments toward a unifying concept of carcinogenesis

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Recent diagnostic experience with subdural empyema

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Recent discoveries concerning the ovarian cycle of the bitch precautions in the use of progestogens

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Recent discoveries in the blepharicera tenuipes group including descriptions of two new species from appalachia usa diptera blephariceridae

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Recent discoveries in the butterfly fauna of the vogtland region east germany

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Recent discoveries of mammals and continental mollusks in the upper oligocene and aquitanian layers of southeastern france comparison with previously known localities in the same area

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Recent discovery of lepidopterans new for france geometridae noctuidae

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Recent distribution of sphaerium solidum new record normand bivalvia sphaeriidae in poland

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Recent distribution records of culex tarsalis in new jersey usa

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Recent dolomitic concretions of crustacean burrow origin from loch sunart west coast of scotland

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Recent dynamics and mortality rates of the kaibab arizona usa deer herd

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Recent dynamics of snow patches in richmond gulf northern quebec canada a dendrochronological analysis

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Recent eastern pacific species of the bivalve genus semele

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Recent eastern pacific species of the crassatellid bivalve genus crassinella

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Recent ecological modifications in the vegetation of the french lesser antilles west indies and their essential causes 42

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Recent effects of poly chemo therapy in advanced ovarian neoplasms

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Recent environmental tritium levels in japan ii. coastal seawater and lake water

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Recent epidemiological features on korean hemorrhagic fever in the republic of korea

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Recent ethnographic research upper churchill river drainage saskatchewan canada

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Recent evidence of black bear ursus americanus denning and parturition in new jersey usa

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Recent evidence supporting psychological and social risk factors for coronary disease part 1

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Recent evolution of an active barrier beach complex popponesset beach cape cod massachusetts usa

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Recent evolution of DNA sequence homology in the pericentromeric regions of human acrocentric chromosomes

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Recent evolution of the different levels of marine pollution of the soft substratum linked with the big sewer of marseilles cortiou france

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Recent examination procedures in the diagnosis of diseases of the external pancreas

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Recent excavation of the genay breccia cote d'or france pollen study

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Recent excavations at the edwin harness mound liberty works ross county ohio usa

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Recent excitement in the DNA replication problem

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Recent expansion of some species of birds in romania

Morin A.; Payette S., 1984:
Recent expansion of the tamarack to the forest limits northern quebec canada

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Recent experience in the management of neovascular glaucoma by pan retinal photocoagulation and trabeculectomy

Zuck M.G.; Machardy W.E., 1981:
Recent experience in timing sprays for control of apple scab equipment and test results

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Recent experience in total shoulder replacement

Kitatani H.; Kamimoto T., 1987:
Recent experience of fiberscopic examination of gastrointestinal tract in newborn patients

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Recent experience with arterial embolism of the limbs in a vascular unit

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Recent experience with the Baylor left ventricular bypass pump

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Recent experience with the complement fixation test in the laboratory diagnosis of rickettsial diseases in the usa

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Recent experience with trauma of the liver

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Recent experiences on the ophthalmologic complications of oral contraceptives

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Recent fertility trends in Suriname

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Recent findings and challenges in clinical diagnosis

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Recent findings in antibody dependent cellular cyto toxicity

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Recent findings in oogenesis of drosophila melanogaster part 3 lysosomes and yolk platelets

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Recent findings in the genealogical clinical and histological features in a family presenting a hyper kalemic periodic paralysis

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Recent findings of gerris paludum fabricius in the province of zeeland netherlands heteroptera gerridae

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Recent findings on biochemistry and effectiveness of bovine leukosis virus and structural relations to human t lymphocyte viruses with particular reference to trigger virus of acquired immunity deficiency syndrome

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Recent findings on coli enterotoxemia of weaned piglets

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Recent findings on how to control growth of embryos and fetuses of swine

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Recent findings on oogenesis of drosophila melanogaster part 1 ultrastructural observations on the developing ooplasm

Giorgi, F.; Jacob, J., 1977:
Recent findings on oogenesis of drosophila melanogaster part 2 further evidence on the origin of yolk platelets

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Recent findings on the biocompatibility of carbon findings a histologic and electron microscopic analysis

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Recent findings on the importance of calcium ions to animal cells as well as on the genesis and treatment of hypo calcemia of cattle

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Recent findings on the organization of apical meristems with single apical cell

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Recent findings on the physiological significance of histamine and histamine receptors

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Recent findings regarding 1 25 hydroxyvitamin d and vitamin d metabolism in animals

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Recent findings regarding parturition of cattle

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Recent findings regarding virulence parameters of salmonellae

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Recent finds of some rate and little known plants from silent valley and its close vicinity india

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Recent fluvial processes in drainage basins of the upper bobr and strzegomka rivers in the central sudetes poland

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Recent foraminifera and selected biometrics of heterostegina from ontong java atoll solomon islands southwest pacific

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Recent foraminifera from some points of the caribbean facing the colombian coasts

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Recent foraminifera from the honiara bay area solomon islands

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Recent foraminifera from tobago island west indies

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Recent foraminifera of an estuarine environment in broken bay new south wales

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Recent foraminifera of the coral reef zone of the island of mbudya east coast of tanzania

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Recent foraminifera rhizopodea foraminiferida from the bulgarian black sea coast

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Recent foraminiferal communities of the pacific abyssal plains

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Recent foraminiferal diversity on the continental margin off nova scotia canada

E.Nakhal H.A., 1984:
Recent foraminiferida from the sea shores of yemen the genus quinqueloculina

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Recent foraminifers from the inner shelf of the central west coast of india a reappraisal using factor analysis

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Recent forest development on yellow island san juan county washington usa

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Recent fractures of the carpal scaphoid bone report of 42 cases

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Recent french research on marine phyto plankton and primary production

Riding R.; Voronova L., 1982:
Recent fresh water oscillatoriacean analog of the lower paleozoic calcareous alga angulocellularia

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Recent gley processes in soils of ukrainian ciscarpathians ussr

Buckley L.J.; Lough R.G., 1987:
Recent growth biochemical composition and prey field of larval haddock melanogrammus aeglefinus and atlantic cod gadus morhua on georges bank usa

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Recent history of atmospheric trace gas concentrations deduced from measurements in the deep sea application to sulfur hexafluoride and carbon tetrachloride

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Recent hypolimnetic sediment in lake gjersjoen a eutrophicated lake in southeast norway

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Recent hypotheses regarding the phosphatidylinositol effect

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Recent ideas concerning the basis of regulatory mechanisms of liver regeneration

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Recent immuno histological findings on the luteinizing hormone releasing hormone neuron system of the rat

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Recent immunological aspects of aerospace medicine

Poggi R., 1982:
Recent increases in the cetological collection of the museo civico di storia naturale in genoa italy mammalia cetacea

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Recent information on gelochelidon nilotica in morocco and its diet

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Recent insecticides: their efficacy as plunge dips against the biting louse, Damalinia ovis, and the ked, Melophagus ovinus, on sheep

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Recent insights in paroxysmal supraventricular tachy cardia an integrated approach to diagnosis and therapy

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Recent international reductions and increases in liver cirrhosis deaths

Fleminger A.; Kramer S.H., 1988:
Recent introduction of an asian estuarine copepod pseudodiaptomus marinus copepoda calanoida into southern california usa embayments

Orsi J.J.; Bowman T.E.; Marelli D.C.; Hutchinson A., 1983:
Recent introduction of the planktonic calanoid copepod sinocalanus doerrii centropagidae from mainland china to the sacramento san joaquin estuary of california usa

Lin, C.K.; Blum, J.L., 1977:
Recent invasion of a red alga bangia atropurpurea in lake michigan usa

Chen Z., 1980:
Recent investigation on tongue inspection

Cranmer G.J., 1985:
Recent investigations into the distribution of regular echinoids in the north sea

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Recent investigations of streptomycetes in croatian soils

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Recent investigations of the 1st bleeder family in aland finland described by von willebrand

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Recent investigations on physical limnology in lake biwa japan relating to environmental problems

Zelin C., 1981:
Recent investigations on tongue inspection

Scholtyssek S., 1981:
Recent knowledge of estimation of poultry meat

Kaufmann R., 1980:
Recent laser micro probe mass analyzer studies of physiological cation distributions in retina tissues

Seaward M.R.D.; Heslop J.A.; Green D.; Bylinska E.A., 1988:
Recent levels of radionuclides in lichens from southwest poland with particular reference to cesium 134 and cesium 137

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Recent life change measurement in Canadian Forces pilots

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Recent life changes and coronary heart disease in east vs west finland

Popkin, M.K.; Stillner, V.; Pierce, C.M.; Williams, M.; Gregory, P., 1976:
Recent life changes and outcome of prolonged competitive stress

Jacobs, S.; Myers, J., 1976:
Recent life events and acute schizophrenic psychosis: a controlled study

Williams, J.E., 1978:
Recent literature on detection of salmonellae in poultry production flocks: a critical review

Fulford, M., 1976:
Recent literature on hepatics part 73

Fulford, M., 1976:
Recent literature on hepatics part 74

Fulford, M., 1977:
Recent literature on hepatics part 76

Fulford, M., 1977:
Recent literature on hepatics part 77

Culberson, W.L., 1976:
Recent literature on lichens part 93

Culberson, W.L., 1977:
Recent literature on lichens part 95

Culberson, W.L., 1977:
Recent literature on lichens part 96

Haas, O., 1976:
Recent literature on mesozoic ammonites part 17

Crosby, M.R., 1976:
Recent literature on mosses part 104

Crosby, M.R., 1977:
Recent literature on mosses part 106

Crosby, M.R., 1977:
Recent literature on mosses part 107

Kristinsson, H., 1976:
Recent literature on the botany of iceland part 3

Evans M.S., 1986:
Recent major declines in zooplankton populations in the inshore region of lake michigan usa probable causes and implications

Biro V.; Vamhidy L., 1986:
Recent method for reconstruction of injured flexor tendons of the hand tendon and tendon sheath reconstruction with two stage operation

Birks H.J.B., 1987:
Recent methodological developments in quantitative descriptive biogeography

Judson, F.N.; Wright, R.A.; Mann, E.A., 1977:
Recent micturition does not affect the detection of urethral gonorrhea

Giovannelli M.M.; Stolfa M.L.Z., 1981:
Recent mollusca of the mouth of the livenza and piave rivers

Wagner, F.J.E., 1977:
Recent mollusk distribution patterns and paleo bathymetry southeastern beaufort sea

Cesari P.; Giusti F.; Minelli A., 1987:
Recent monoplacophorans in the mediterranean sea findings of neopilina zografi dautzenberg and fischer 1896 off the isles of capraia gorgona corsica and sardinia mollusca monoplacophora

Shimamoto, T.; Inada, H.; Doi, M.; Komachi, Y., 1987:
Recent morbidity trends in myocardial infarction in Japan: investigation of death certificates and the survival rates at coronary care units

Giordano A.; Tavazzi L., 1985:
Recent myocardial infarction digoxin therapy in patients with left ventricular dysfunction participating in a short term rehabilitation program

Chen M P.; Shieh K S., 1982:
Recent nanno fossil assemblages in sediments from sunda shelf to abyssal plain south china sea

Biasi, G.; Farina, A.; Bonfatti, A., 1977 :
Recent new clinical and angiographic findings on chronic celiac mesenteric ischemia

Vizek, M., 1977:
Recent notions concerning regulation of breathing and respiratory cycle

Debevoise N.T.; Fernandez R.B., 1984:
Recent observations and new developments in the calibration of open channel wastewater monitors

Cruickshank R.A.; Brown S.G., 1981:
Recent observations and some historical records of southern right whale dolphins lissodelphis peronii

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Recent observations in the rhesus blood group system 1. a weak expression of the rh antigen e 2. finding of rare rh antigen c x

Roman, E.; Pichot, J., 1976:
Recent observations on some fleas from nests of birds presence of ceratophyllus columbae in lyon france insecta siphonaptera

Molnar K., 1980:
Recent observations on the developmental cycle of philometra obturans nematoda philometridae

Gyuru F., 1981:
Recent observations on the fasciae of the equine fore limb

Sheila C., 1985:
Recent observations on the plants of nihoa island northwestern hawaiian islands usa

Luger, A.; Schmidt, B.; Spendlingwimmer, I.; Horn, F., 1980:
Recent observations on the serology of syphilis

Henry M.C.; Janssens P.G.; D.B.eck M., 1984 :
Recent observations on the transmission of onchocerciasis in kinsuka kinshasa zaire

Stehle H., 1980:
Recent observations on the vegetation of the islands and islets of st barthelemy french west indies

Ribeiro, M.B.; Ribeiro, O.C.; Galvao, C.D.L., 1975:
Recent occurrence and geographical distribution of foot and mouth disease in the state of bahia brazil 1970 1974

Blacker R.W., 1981:
Recent occurrences of blue whiting micromesistius poutassou and norway pout trisopterus esmarkii in the english channel and southern north sea

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Recent opinions on the relation between kallikrein kinin system and coagulation and fibrinolysis

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Recent orientations in the lymph angiography of the lower extremities

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Recent origin for a thermostable alcohol dehydrogenase allele of Drosophila melanogaster

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Recent ostracod species in the baltic sea

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Recent ostracods from the eifel west germany crater lakes crustacea ostracoda

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Recent outbreaks of grassland pest insects in the tohoku district japan 1. outbreaks of noctuid pests

Oku, T.; Miyahara, Y.; Kobayashi, T., 1982 :
Recent outbreaks of grassland pest insects in tohoku district japan 2. outbreaks of insect pests other than noctuids

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Recent outbreaks of grassland pest insects in tohoku district japan 3. seasonal trend of the black cutworm agrotis ipsilon oviposition

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Recent outbreaks of Japanese encephalitis in Burma

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Recent overbank deposits of the sudetic valleys southwest poland part i. general environmental characteristics with examples from the upper river bobr drainage basin

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Recent paleo limnology of 3 lakes in northwestern minnesota usa

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Recent paleoecology of nags head woods on the north carolina outer banks usa

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Recent pathomorphologic change in gastric carcinoma a regional study of northern daihoku district japan

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Recent paths of clinical research in soviet ussr psychiatry

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Recent patterns of intestinal helminth infections among the residents in Taegu City, Korea

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Recent patterns of sulfate variability in pristine streams

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Recent pharmacological developments in physical urticaria therapeutic implications

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Recent poisonings of wild birds by diazinon and carbofuran

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Recent pollen assemblages from deep sea cores and provenance of reykjanes ridge and gibbs fracture sediments

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Recent pollen spectra from garhwal himalaya india

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Recent population trends in cliff breeding sea birds in britain uk and ireland

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Recent porcupine expansion at tree line a dendroecological analysis

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Recent problems concerning pulmonary asbestosis in japan

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Recent problems of the animal protection in poland

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Recent problems with pseudomonas syringae pathovar pisi in uk

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Recent progress and problems of bladder sparing operations for bladder tumors

Imada A., 1982:
Recent progress in beta lactam antibiotics

Aldwinckle H.S.; Van Der Zwet T., 1979:
Recent progress in breeding for fire blight resistance in apples and pears in north america

Kanzaki, T.; Fujisawa, Y., 1975:
Recent progress in cephalosporin fermentation

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Recent progress in electron microscopy of cells and tissues

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Recent progress in hormone research vol 33 proceedings of the 1976 laurentian hormone conference

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Recent progress in ion chromatographic analysis of pulping liquors determination of sulfide and sulfate

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Recent progress in modelling and simulation of three-dimensional tumor growth and treatment

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Recent progress in orthopedic surgery

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Recent progress in studies on thyroid hormone metabolism and action

A.S.lti M.N.; Piart J.; Roth M., 1982:
Recent progress in the breeding of an african caterpillar sesamia calamistis lepidoptera noctuidae on artificial medium

Balchen J.G., 1984:
Recent progress in the control of fish behavior

Bogdanski, C., 1977:
Recent progress in the cybernetic formalization of the biotic systems model

Barriga Angulo G.; Peredo Lopez Velarde M.A.; Ruiz Sanchez D.; Cardena Capetillo J., 1985:
Recent progress in the diagnosis of bacterial meningoencephalitis technique of co agglutination

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Recent progress in the discovery and development of plant antitumor agents

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Recent progress in the field of antibiotics containing carbohydrates with branched or lengthened chains

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Recent progress in the field of n acylalanines as systemic fungicides

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Recent progress in the histological typing of human breast tumors

Moreau, J.P., 1975:
Recent progress in the immunologic diagnosis of human filariasis

Greaves, M.F., 1977:
Recent progress in the immunological characterization of leukemic cells

Basdevant A., 1988:
Recent progress in the metabolic tolerance of estrogen progestagen substitutive therapy

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Recent progress in the research of membrane molecular biology

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Recent progress in the study on the mechanism of action of soybean lip oxygenase ec

Mod A.; Poros A.; Hollan Z., 1988:
Recent progress in the treatment of adult acute lymphoblastic leukemia

Doutre L P.; Chastan P.; Dost C.; Dulucq J L., 1981:
Recent progress in the treatment of nonlithiasic diseases of the gallbladder

Resnick, M.I.; Willard, J.W.; Boyce, W.H., 1977:
Recent progress in ultrasonography of the bladder and prostate

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Recent proposal in the stratigraphy of the lower pleistocene

Richard, M.L.; Liskow, B.I.; Perry, P.J., 1985:
Recent psychostimulant use in hospitalized schizophrenics

Parrini M.; Baratelli M.; Cabitza P., 1987:
Recent radiological techniques for the detection of osteoporosis

Robinson S.S.; Lee D.S., 1980:
Recent range expansion of groundhog marmota monax in the southeast usa mammalia rodentia

Beshovski, V.L., 1986:
Recent range of the genus meromyza mg. diptera chloropidae and its historical and zoogeographical significance

Compagno L.J.V.; Smale M.J., 1986:
Recent records of four warm water elasmobranchs from the eastern cape province south africa

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Recent records of hirudo medicinalis from denmark

Burns J.J.; Gavin A., 1980:
Recent records of hooded seals cystophora cristata from the western beaufort sea

Connell A.D.; Robertson W., 1986:
Recent records of megalopae of the crab varuna litterata entering natal south africa estuaries

Neck, R.W., 1976:
Recent records of sea hares gastropoda opisthobranchia from south texas usa

May, I.A., 1977:
Recent rediscovery of the eyrean grass wren

Shin Foon C., 1985:
Recent research findings on meliaceae and other promising botanical insecticides in china

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Recent research in kowhai bush new zealand and proposals for the future

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Recent research on irradiated french camargue rice

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Recent research progress on xanthomonas ampelina

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Recent results in growing human cancers in organotypic culture in vitro

Piekarski, G., 1973:
Recent results in parasitological research

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Recent results in rearing trichogramma in vitro with artificial media devoid of insect additives

Rastogi R.P., 1982:
Recent results in the development of natural products as anti neoplastic drugs

Potier P.; Guenard D.; Zavala F., 1979:
Recent results in the field of anti tumor alkaloids from the vinblastine group biochemical studies

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Recent results of ichthyological research of lake balaton and its perspectives

Lilla H., 1983:
Recent results of oligocene floristic studies

Herodek, S., 1977:
Recent results of phyto plankton research in lake balaton hungary

Nagy F.; Foldesi D.; Szalay P., 1980:
Recent results of preemergent chemical weed control in dill anethum graveolens and sage salvia sclarea sown in association

Tisell, L.E.; Jansson, S., 1988:
Recent results of reoperative surgery in medullary carcinoma of the thyroid

Kim W K., 1987:
Recent results of surgical treatment for biliary atresia experience at the seoul national university seoul korea

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Recent results of surgical treatment of colorectal carcinoma

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Recent results of surgical treatment of esophageal cancer

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Recent results of treatment for non seminomatous testicular cancer

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Recent results of treatment of infantile hypertrophic pyloric stenosis

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Recent results of tympano plasty and its unsettled problems

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Recent results on chromosome banding with Giemsa and quinacrine

Schimmel P.R., 1979:
Recent results on how aminoacyl transfer rna synthetases recognize specific transfer rna

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Recent rupture of the urethra

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Recent seasonal rainfall and temperature relationships in peninsular florida usa

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Recent secular trends in dizygotic twinning rates in Europe

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Recent sediment stratigraphy and geo technical characteristics of forest and bottomset beds of the niagara bar lake ontario canada usa

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Recent sedimentary history of a eutrophic reservoir long lake washington

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Recent sedimentary history of lake monona wisconsin usa

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Recent sedimentation and its relationship with primary productivity in 4 western washington lakes usa

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Recent sedimentation of the submarine platform of valparaiso chile

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Recent sedimentation processes on the calabria continental shelf and slope tyrrhenian sea italy

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Recent sedimentation rates and lead 210 fluxes in georgian bay and lake huron canada usa

Van Weering T.C.E., 1982:
Recent sediments and sediment transport in the northern north sea piston cores from the skagerrak norway

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Recent seedling establishment at timberline in jasper national park alberta canada

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Recent separation and the onset of peptic ulcer disease in older children and adolescents

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Recent shifts in daphnia community structure in southeastern lake michigan usa a comparison of the inshore and offshore regions

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Recent southern nevada usa bird records

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Recent state of research on satisfying parenterally the patients energy needs

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Recent stream flow trends in the rio grande below el paso texas usa

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Recent stressful life events and episodes of schizophrenia

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Recent studies in intra uterine devices a reappraisal

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Recent studies of glyco lipid and glyco protein profiles and characterization of the major glyco lipid antigen in gastric cancer of a patient of blood group genotype pp tj a minus 1st studied in 1951

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Recent studies of insect chemical communications in taiwan

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Recent studies of lysino alanine in alkali treated proteins

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Recent studies on antibiotics and small molecular immuno modulators with potential usefulness in treating lung cancer 1. anti tumor antibiotics and their derivatives

Umezawa, H., 1982:
Recent studies on antibiotics and small molecular immuno modulators with potential usefulness in treating lung cancer 2. small molecular weight immuno modulators produced by microorganisms

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Recent studies on conventional organic parameters and trace organics in water

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Recent studies on dictyocaulus filaria and other lungworms of sheep and goats in india

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Recent studies on 'hyalinized' glomeruli

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Recent studies on red leaf spot disease of sugarcane in uttar pradesh india

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Recent studies on selective serotonergic antidepressants: trazodone, fluoxetine, and fluvoxamine

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Recent studies on the anticancer activities of mistletoe (Viscum album) and its alkaloids

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Recent studies on the chloroplast cytochrome b 559

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Recent studies on the control of white grub holotrichia serrata fabr. infesting sugarcane

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Recent studies on the fauna of stored prunes

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Recent studies with epstein barr virus

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Recent submarine aragonite magnesian calcite and hematite cements in a gravel from islay scotland uk

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Recent subsegmental splenic infarction: hypervascular appearance on angiography

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Recent successional processes investigated by pollen analysis of closed canopy forest sites

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Recent techniques for retinal nerve fiber layer photography

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Recent term therapeutic effects of short course chemotherapy in rural outpatients with smear positive tuberculosis

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Recent textulariidae from the gulf of elat aqaba red sea

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Recent thecate and fossilized dinoflagellates off hachinohe coast northeastern japan

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Recent topics in the evaluation of male infertility

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Recent topics on plant growth regulation

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Recent traces by invertebrates in aquatic nonmarine environments

Bradley S.B., 1988:
Recent transport of metals in the river severn as recorded by the sediments of chelmarsh reservoir shrospshire uk

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Recent tree limit dynamics in west harjedalen sweden

Kullman L., 1986:
Recent tree limit history of picea abies in the southern swedish scandes

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Recent trend in food consumption as viewed from its purchase quantity part ii

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Recent trend of childhood bacterial meningitis in japan 1979 1984 part 4. a classification of prognosis and antibiotic treatment according to causative agents

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Recent trend of surgery for thumb polydactyly plastic operation using the removed thumb as fillet pedicle

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Recent trends in breast surgery in the usa and uk

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Recent trends in cancer incidence in kiev ussr 1969 1979

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Recent trends in carcass performance of the commercial hog population in canada

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Recent trends in cesarean birth and trial of labor rates in the usa

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Recent trends in chemical research of plant hormones

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Recent trends in coronary risk factors in the USSR

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Recent trends in different histological types of lung cancer in tokyo japan based on pathological autopsy records

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Recent trends in early recognition of adriamycin induced cardio myopathy

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Recent trends in fatal poisoning by opiates in the usa

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Recent trends in forecasting and control of apple scab venturia inaequalis

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Recent trends in incidence and mortality rates for leukemias and in survival rates for childhood acute lymphocytic leukemia in upstate new york usa

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Recent trends in latin american fertility

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Recent trends in lung cancer mortality in Canada

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Recent trends in mesothelioma incidence in the usa

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Recent trends in methodological simplification of steroid radioimmunoassay

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Recent trends in mortality due to testicular cancer in ireland a comparison with england and wales uk

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Recent trends in mortality from prostate cancer in male populations of australia and england and wales uk

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Recent trends in ptosis surgery

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Recent trends in recycling of crop residues

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Recent trends in sparrow hawk accipiter nisus numbers in britain uk

Garnett A., 1980:
Recent trends in sulfur di oxide air pollution in the sheffield urban region england uk

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Recent trends in the chromosomology of grasshoppers

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Recent trends in the grand manan canada scallop fishery

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Recent trends in the importation of malaria caused by plasmodium falciparum into the usa from africa

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Recent trends in the incidence of multiple births and associated mortality

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Recent trends in the practice of sphincter saving excision for rectal cancer

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Recent trends in the surgical treatment of endomyocardial fibrosis

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Recent trends in the treatment of osteo myelitis

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Recent trends in the white sturgeon acipenser transmontanus population in the sacramento san joaquin estuary of california usa

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Recent trends in treatment of rheumatoid arthritis

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Recent trends in tuberculosis in children

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Recent trends in violent deaths among young adults in the usa

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Recent trends of bio complex transformation in the aral sea region ussr

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Recent trends of biocides in pikes esox lucius of lake paijanne finland

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Recent trends of congenital heart disease in our department of pediatrics hirosaki university school medicine hirosaki japan with reference to infants under 6 months of age

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Recent trends of large bowel cancer in japan compared to usa and england and wales

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Recent trends of psychiatric symptoms in systemic lupus erythematosus experience after 1975

Custo G.M.; Cosmi E.V., 1984:
Recent trends on neonatal respiratory distress syndrome

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Recent trophic changes in kootenay lake british columbia canada as recorded by fossil diatoms

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Recent undesirable life events and psychiatric disorder in childhood and adolescence

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Recent use of fosfomycin in salmonella infections in pediatrics

Vernon S.D.; Webb P.A., 1985:
Recent vesicular stomatitis virus infection detected by immunoglobulin m antibody capture elisa

Hara, M., 1978:
Recent view of euthanasia in japan

Williams, G., 1969:
Recent views on Buerger's disease

Hajos, E., 1972:
Recent views on pelvio calyceal motor function based on direct visualization by means of the television image amplification system

Liotta L.; D.M.ddi F., 1981:
Recent views on the medical treatment of patent ductus arteriosus

Bucko, A., 1976:
Recent views on the patho physiology of the development of acute pancreatitis

Prost M., 1984:
Recent views on the taxonomy of monogenea

Hersey, P., 1977:
Recent views on tumor antigens and their relation to host defense mechanisms

Scott, E.O.G.; Green, R.H., 1975:
Recent whale strandings in northern tasmania

Ogden J.C.; Nesbitt S.A., 1979:
Recent wood stork mycteria americana populations trends in the usa

Wapshere A.J., 1984:
Recent work in europe on biological control of hypericum oratum guttiferae for australia

Coiffait, H., 1976:
Recent works on taxonomy and bio geography

Deininger, P.L.; Slagel, V.K., 1988:
Recently amplified Alu family members share a common parental Alu sequence

Cate, C.N., 1978:
Recently discovered new species of ovulidae chiefly from off wakayama prefecture japan mollusca gastropoda

Rawat G.S.; Srivastava S.K., 1986:
Recently introduced exotics in the flora of himachal pradesh india

Green, M.H.; Brooks, T.L., 1978:
Recently replicated sv 40 dna is a preferential template for transcription and replication

Nyholm, K.G., 1977:
Receptaculum seminis and morphological hermaphroditism in homalorhaga kinorhyncha

Wagner G.; Kuehnel W.; Weidig W., 1985:
Reception and processing of sample changer data with a computer based 4 channel system

Gabai V.L.; Glagolev A.N., 1984:
Reception at the redox level of the electron transport chain component in phormidium uncinatum

Bowers, J.Z., 1978:
Reception of acupuncture by the scientific community: from scorn to a degree of interest

Hansen K., 1983:
Reception of bark beetle pheromone in the predaceous clerid beetle thanasimus formicarius coleoptera cleridae

Neustroev G.V.; Mikhailov V.V., 1981:
Reception of erythrocytic chalone by erythroid cells of the bone marrow

Tautz, J., 1977:
Reception of medium vibration by thoracal hairs of caterpillars of barathra brassicae lepidoptera noctuidae part 1 mechanical properties of the receptor hairs

Tautz, J., 1978:
Reception of medium vibration by thoracic hairs of caterpillars of barathra brassicae lepidoptera noctuidae part 2 response characteristics of the sensory cell

Mackay-Soroka, S.; Trehub, S.E.; Thorpe, L.A., 1988:
Reception of mothers' referential messages by deaf and hearing children

Yudaev, N.A.; Asribekova, M.K.; Kaganovich, B.E., 1976:
Reception of sex hormones in the human endometrium in normal and pathological pregnancy

Bishop P.J., 1981:
Reception of the stethoscope and laennecs book

Egel A.L.; Shafer M.S.; Neef N.A., 1984:
Receptive acquisition and generalization of prepositional responding in autistic children a comparison of 2 procedures

Terashima S.; Goris R.C., 1979:
Receptive areas of primary ir afferent neurons in crotaline snakes

Zaagman, W.H.; Mastebroek, H.A.K.; Buyse, T.; Kuiper, J.W., 1977:
Receptive field characteristics of a directionally selective movement detector in the visual system of the blow fly

Kennedy H.; Martin K.A.C.; Whitteridge D., 1983:
Receptive field characteristics of neurons in striate cortex of new born lambs and adult sheep

Grobstein, P.; Chow, K.L., 1975:
Receptive field development and individual experience

Baumbach, H.D.; Chow, K.L., 1978:
Receptive field development in the dorsal lateral geniculate nucleus in rabbits subjected to mono ocular eyelid suture

Victor, J.D.; Shapley, R.M., 1979:
Receptive field mechanisms of cat X and Y retinal ganglion cells

Ichikawa T.; Tateda H., 1982:
Receptive field of the stemmata in the swallowtail butterfly papilio xuthus

Kanui T.I., 1988:
Receptive field organization and electrophysiological responses of spinal cord thermoreactive neurons in the rat

Movshon, J.A.; Thompson, I.D.; Tolhurst, D.J., 1978:
Receptive field organization of complex cells in the cat's striate cortex

Bäckström, A.C.; Reuter, T., 1975:
Receptive field organization of ganglion cells in the frog retina: contributions from cones, green rods and red rods

Arutyunyan Kozak B.A.; Ekimyan A.A.; Grigoryan G.G., 1982:
Receptive field organization of movement sensitive neurons in the pulvinar of the cat

Mimura K., 1981:
Receptive field patterns in photo receptors of the flesh fly boettcherisca peregrina

Brown, A.G.; Noble, R.; Rowe, M.J., 1986 :
Receptive field profiles and integrative properties of spinocervical tract cells in the cat

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Receptive field properties of cells in the dorsal part of the lateral geniculate nucleus of the albino rat

Leventhal A.G.; Hirsch H.V.B., 1980:
Receptive-field properties of different classes of neurons in visual cortex of normal and dark-reared cats

Hanani M., 1983:
Receptive field properties of horizontal cells in the tiger salamander ambystoma tigrinum retina contributions of rods and cones

Felleman D.J.; Kaas J.H., 1984:
Receptive-field properties of neurons in middle temporal visual area (MT) of owl monkeys

Bender D.B., 1982:
Receptive-field properties of neurons in the macaque inferior pulvinar

Leresche N.; Hardy O.; Jassik Gerschenfeld D., 1983:
Receptive field properties of single cells in the pigeon optic tectum during cooling of the visual wulst

Guillemot J P.; Richer L.; Prevost L.; Ptito M.; Lepore F., 1987:
Receptive field properties of somatosensory callosal fibers in the monkey

Lipetz L.E.; Kaneko A., 1984:
Receptive field properties of the photopic luminosity horizontal cell of carp cyprinus carpio retina

Baizer J.S., 1982:
Receptive field properties of v 3 neurons in monkeys

Kennedy, H.; Magnin, M.; Jeannerod, M., 1976:
Receptive field response of lateral geniculate body neurons during vestibular stimulation in awake cats

Palmer L.A.; Davis T.L., 1981:
Receptive-field structure in cat striate cortex

Bullier J.; Mustari M.J.; Henry G.H., 1982:
Receptive field transformations between lateral geniculate nucleus neurons and s cells of cat striate cortex

Orban, G.A.; Callens, M., 1977:
Receptive field types of area 18 neurons in the cat

Shul'govskii V.V.; Sidorov B.M.; Moskvitin A.A., 1980:
Receptive fields and the character of reactions in zone c i neurons in instrumental motion performed by the cat

Zucker, S.W.; Hummel, R.A., 1986:
Receptive fields and the representation of visual information

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