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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 6270

Chapter 6270 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Rodey G.E., 1985: Recalcified plasma as nutrient additive in mixed lymphocyte culture

Section 7, Chapter 6270, Accession 006269001

Cunliffe W.J., 1988: Recalcitrant acne vulgaris clinical biochemical and microbiological investigation of patients not responding to antibiotic treatment

Bras, P.; Maury-Lechon, G., 1986: Recalcitrant forest tropical seeds storage and its effects example of symphonia globulifera l.f. from french guyana

Berjak P., 1984: Recalcitrant seeds short term storage effects in avicennia marina may be germination associated

Salgado I., 1982: Recalcitrant sympathetic dystrophy of the hand successfully treated by acupuncture

Krishnapillai V., 1987: Recalibration of the pseudomonas aeruginosa strain pao chromosome map in time units using high frequency of recombination donors

Austin, V. D.; Ruble, D. N.; Trabasso, T., 1977: Recall and order effects as factors in childrens moral judgments

Section 7, Chapter 6270, Accession 006269008

Section 7, Chapter 6270, Accession 006269009

Section 7, Chapter 6270, Accession 006269010

Devitt D.R., 1982: Recall and recognition as diagnostic indices of malignant memory loss in senile dementia a bayesian analysis

Kihlstrom, J. F.; Shor, R. E., 1978: Recall and recognition during post hypnotic amnesia

Read J.D., 1980: Recall and recognition encoding differences for low imagery and high imagery words

Dixit R.C., 1982: Recall and recognition measures of the von restorff effect and the serial position of the item

Helkala, E. L.; Laulumaa, V.; Soininen, H.; Riekkinen, P. J., 1988: Recall and recognition memory in patients with alzheimer's and parkinson's diseases

Section 7, Chapter 6270, Accession 006269016

Liben L.S., 1984: Recall and reconstruction of gender related pictures effects of attitude task difficulty and age

Mavligit G.M., 1979: Recall antigen delayed type hyper sensitivity skin testing in melanoma and acute leukemia patients and their associates

Section 7, Chapter 6270, Accession 006269019

Roediger, H. L-Iii, 1978: Recall as a self limiting process

Vandierendonck A. , 1985: Recall as communication effects of frame anticipation

Guidotti T.L., 1988: Recall bias in exposed subjects following a toxic exposure incident

Eaton-Evans, J; Dugdale, Ae, 1986: Recall by mothers of the birth weights and feeding of their children

Perlmutter M., 1986: Recall clustering and metamemory in young children

Payne D.G., 1985: Recall criterion does not affect recall level or hypermnesia a puzzle for generate recognize theories

Wilson C.L., 1985: Recall deficits produced by afterdischarges in the human hippocampal formation and amygdala

Sabol M.A., 1985: Recall evidence for a frequency ordered lexicon

Frey, P. W.; Adesman, P., 1976: Recall memory for visually presented chess positions

Igarashi K., 1987: Recall memory of epileptic children

Dowson J.H., 1982: Recall of a 10 word list in the assessment of dementia in the elderly

Hall, J. W.; Cox, B. E.; Tinzmann, M. B., 1984: Recall of categorized and unrelated lists with complete vs. discrete presentation and fast vs. moderate presentation rates

Section 7, Chapter 6270, Accession 006269032

Tversky A., 1987: Recall of common and distinctive features of verbal and pictorial stimuli

Peeck, J.; Van-Dam, G., 1978: Recall of complex and simple pictures in mixed and unmixed lists

Shotick, A. L.; Ray, A. B.; Addison, C. L., 1976: Recall of familiar objects and projected color photographs of objects by mentally retarded individuals of comparable mental age

Collins, F. M., 1968: Recall of immunity in mice vaccinated with salmonella enteritidis or salmonella typhimurium

Section 7, Chapter 6270, Accession 006269037

Hines, D.; Sutker, L. W.; Satz, P.; Altman, A., 1976: Recall of letters from the left and right visual half fields under unilateral and bilateral presentation

Section 7, Chapter 6270, Accession 006269039

Nikolaeva E.I., 1984: Recall of monaurally presented emotional and neutral verbal information during the adaptation process

Lamont, J.; Fischoff, S.; Gottlieb, H., 1976: Recall of parental behaviors in female neurotic depressives

Franklin L.D., 1982: Recall of passages of synthetic speech

Squire L.R., 1983: Recall of remote episodic memory in amnesia

Ojson M.J., 1980 : Recall of semantic domains

Hanson, B. R., 1976: Recall of sentence meaning in aphasic and nonaphasic adults

Eardley, D. D.; Sercarz, E. E., 1977: Recall of specific suppression co dominance of suppression after primary or secondary antigen stimulation

Gold R., 1983: Recall of story schema categories by reading disabled adults effect of mode of presentation

Katz J.A., 1984: Recall of surgery for major trauma

Gowling E.A., 1984: Recall of the goal box in latent learning and latent discrimination

Belak S., 1979: Recall phenomenon induced with ovine adenoviruses brief report

Jennings, J. R.; Hall, S. W-Jr, 1980: Recall recognition and rate memory and the heart

Grage T.B., 1979: Recall skin test antigens and the prognosis of stage i melanoma

Boldsen J.L., 1986: Recalled age of menarche in britain uk

Gilbert F.I.Jr, 1984: Recalled characteristics of menstruation in relation to reproductive history among caucasian japanese and chinese women living in hawaii usa

Section 7, Chapter 6270, Accession 006269055

Beatson C.A., 1981: Recalling lost emotion

Bellezza F.S., 1983: Recalling script based text the role of selective processing and schematic cues

Dargie H.J., 1984: Recanalization of arteries by laser radiation

Laurent D., 1984: Recanalization of human arteries using neodymium yttrium aluminum garnet laser carried by optical fiber

Zarins C.K., 1987: Recanalization of obstructed arteries with a flexible rotating tip catheter

Anderson R.R., 1987: Recanalization of occluded biliary endoprostheses with pulsed laser radiation

Leveen H.H., 1987: Recanalization of occluded superior vena cava for replacement of leveen shunt catheter

Tamura T., 1984: Recanalization of retinal capillary non perfusion in diabetic retinopathy following photocoagulation a long term follow up study

Smith M.E., 1987: Recap the registry of cytogenetic abnormalities and phenylketonuria

Section 7, Chapter 6270, Accession 006269065

Slaby O., 1987: Recapitulation changes in the course of evolution

Akhtemiichuk Yu T., 1988: Recapitulation in the development of the counterflow system components of the vertebrata metanephros

Slaby O., 1987: Recapitulation of movement of progressive evolutionary changes in morphogenesis

Liana A., 1979: Recapitulation of the results of investigations on terrestrial invertebrates of the pieniny mountains poland

Rasnitsyn A.P., 1981: Recapitulations in ontogenesis of dolichovespa saxonica hymenoptera vespidae

Salazar, N. P., 1977: Recapitulations on changes in dengue virus properties and the etiology of hemorrhagic fever

Athias Henriot C., 1980: Recapitulatory note on composition and geography of the genus gamasodes parasitiformes parasitidae with a description of 4 new species

Borisov, I. N., 1978: Recapitulatory significance of coelo blastulas

Kamezaki N., 1987: Recapture of the hawksbill turtle eretmochelys imbricata linne in the yaeyama islands ryukyu archipelago japan

Havera S.P., 1986: Recapture rates and length of residence in an unexploited fox squirrel sciurus niger population

Ono T., 1987: Recapturing the persistent anteriorly displaced disk by mandibular manipulation after pumping and hydraulic pressure to the upper joint cavity of the temporomandibular joint

Voit E.O., 1987: Recasting nonlinear differential equations as s systems a canonical nonlinear form

Mishra S.P., 1984: Recategorized wechsler intelligence scale for children revised scores of learning disabled children from mexican american culture

Aspey, W. P., 1977: Recdis a basic program for computing inter individual distances within a rectangular area

Tanaka T., 1979: Rece 4 independent recombination between homologous dna segments of bacillus subtilis plasmids

Solomon P., 1986: Receipt of aftercare services by problem types psychiatric psychiatric substance abuse and substance abuse

Cohn, T. E.; Green, D. G.; Tanner, W. P. Jr, 1975: Receiver operating characteristic analysis application to the study of quantum fluctuation effects in optic nerve of rana pipiens

Hochhaus L., 1980: Receiver operating characteristic analysis of choice accuracy in rats

Gallagher J.H., 1981: Receiver operating characteristic analysis of diagnostic performance in liver scintigraphy

Wu C C., 1986: Receiver operating characteristic analysis of isotopes scanning in detection of diffuse goiter

Romero R., 1982: Receiver operating characteristic curve analysis of the relative efficacy of single and serial chorionic gonadotropin determinations in the early diagnosis of ectopic pregnancy

Goin J.E., 1982: Receiver operating characteristic curve estimation and hypothesis testing applications to breast cancer detection

Cohn T.E., 1979: Receiver operating characteristic curves for poisson signals

Thijssen M.A.O., 1983: Receiver operating characteristic curves in diagnostic imaging

Kingsley D., 1979: Receiver operating characteristic curves in the evaluation of hard copies of computed tomography scans

Lenz W., 1981: Receiver operating characteristics analysis in testing and training the interpretation of radiographs with mammography serving as an example

Hata Y., 1985: Receiver operating characteristics analysis of computed tomography and renal scintigraphy for renal diseases

Metz C.E., 1985: Receiver operating characteristics analysis of regional cerebral blood flow in alzheimers disease

Juhl J.H., 1985: Receiver operating characteristics and contrast detail image evaluation tests compared

Frank T.B., 1984: Receiver operating characteristics curve analysis of mammography and palpation for breast screening

Wrixon W., 1987: Receiver operating characteristics curves for semen analysis variables methods for evaluating diagnostic tests of male gamete function

Joseph W.B., 1983: Receivers open processing style as a moderator of communicators persuasiveness

Buhr, T. A.; Pryor, B., 1988: Receivers' apprehension and need for cognition

Chebat, J. C.; Picard, J., 1988: Receivers' self acceptance and the effectiveness of two sided messages

Moore P.W.B., 1984: Receiving beam patterns and directivity indices of the atlantic bottle nosed dolphin tursiops truncatus

Sackett G.P., 1981: Receiving severe aggression correlates with fetal gender in pregnant pig tailed monkeys

Section 7, Chapter 6270, Accession 006269103

Schreier H., 1988: Recency and suffix effects of pictures as a function of recall method

Weiskrantz L., 1980: Recency effects and lesion effects in delayed nonmatching to randomly baited samples by monkeys macaca mulatta

Crowder R.G., 1986: Recency effects in delayed recall of mouthed stimuli

Broadbent, D.; Vines, R.; Broadbent, M., 1978: Recency effects in memory as a function of modality of intervening events

Broadbent M.H.P., 1981: Recency effects in visual memory

Malmi, R. A.; Lund, A. M.; Underwood, B. J., 1978: Recency judgments as measures of temporal coding

Peterson L.C., 1984: Recent abyssal benthic foraminiferal bio facies of the eastern equatorial indian ocean

Bradshaw R., 1985: Recent accumulation and erosion of blanket peat in the wicklow mountains ireland

Mchenry J.R., 1979: Recent accumulation of sediment in lakes in the bear creek watershed in the mississippi delta usa

Vallini, A., 1977: Recent acquisitions about australia antigen and hepatitis b virus

Valentini P., 1984: Recent acquisitions in anti inflammatory and analgesic therapy in degenerative arthropathies double blind controlled clinical study

Sottili G., 1984: Recent acquisitions in the prophylaxis of dental caries

Mammi G., 1987: Recent acquisitions on myocardial infarction in the young

Section 7, Chapter 6270, Accession 006269118

Tortonese, E., 1977: Recent additions and corrections concerning the crinoids holothuroids ophiuroids and echinoids of the mediterranean and particularly of the italian seas

Webber, E. E., 1975: Recent additions to the marine algal flora of nahant massachusetts usa

Ebejer M.J., 1984: Recent additions to the orthoptera of the maltese islands

Murakami Y., 1981: Recent advance in head and neck reconstructive surgery myo cutaneous flap its development and clinical application

Hamada, T.; Deguchi, Y.; Fukuda, Y.; Habe, T.; Hirano, H.; Kanie, Y.; Kawamoto, N.; Mikami, S.; Obata, I.; Et-Al, 1978: Recent advancement of the rearing experiments of nautilus in japan

Hanna M.K., 1982: Recent advances and further experience with surgical techniques for 1 stage total remodeling of massively dilated ureters

Killick-Kendrick, R., 1978: Recent advances and outstanding problems in the biology of phlebotomine sand flies a review

Mcallister, T. A., 1976: Recent advances in antibiotics

Cooper, A. R.; Van-Derveer, D. S., 1978: Recent advances in aqueous gel permeation chromatography

Bridges, B. A.; Green, M. H. L., 1977: Recent advances in basic mutation research

Poller, L., 1977: Recent advances in blood coagulation no 2

Flod, N.; Franz, M. L.; Galant, S. P., 1976: Recent advances in bronchial asthma

Root, A. W.; Harrison, H. E., 1976: Recent advances in calcium metabolism part 1 mechanisms of calcium homeostasis

Berggren, W. A., 1978: Recent advances in cenozoic planktonic foraminiferal bio stratigraphy bio chronology and bio geography atlantic ocean

Section 7, Chapter 6270, Accession 006269134

Section 7, Chapter 6270, Accession 006269135

Rapaport, F. T.; Converse, J. M.; Billingham, R. E., 1977: Recent advances in clinical and experimental transplantation

Murakami M., 1986: Recent advances in cross aldol reactions

Mcpherson M.A., 1988: Recent advances in cystic fibrosis

Kuramitsu H.K., 1987: Recent advances in defining the cariogenicity of mutans streptococci molecular genetic approaches

Ansari, A. H.; Pearson, O. H., 1978: Recent advances in diagnosis and management of galactorrhea

Shi W., 1981: Recent advances in diagnosis and treatment of acute appendicitis complicated with peritonitis by combined traditional chinese and western medicine

Bruni J., 1979: Recent advances in drug therapy for epilepsy

Regan, D., 1975: Recent advances in electrical recording from the human brain

Hattori M., 1985: Recent advances in endoscopic sphincteropapillotomy

Goldsmith L.A., 1983: Recent advances in epidermal biology relevance to epidermal malignancies

Prunieras M., 1979: Recent advances in epidermal cell cultures

Goodman W.S., 1981: Recent advances in external rhino plasty

Crumley R.L., 1981: Recent advances in facial nerve surgery

Paulin J.P., 1987: Recent advances in fireblight research

Itagaki, Y., 1976: Recent advances in gas chromatography mass spectrometry

Section 7, Chapter 6270, Accession 006269151

Mcpherson, S. D.; Cline, J. W.; Mccurdy, D., 1977: Recent advances in glaucoma surgery trabeculotomy and trabeculectomy

Hanson G.P., 1980: Recent advances in guayule parthenium argentatum seed germination procedures

Mchugh J.L., 1981: Recent advances in hard clam mercenaria mercenaria mariculture

Pinching A.J., 1979: Recent advances in immunological therapy plasma exchange and immuno suppression

Yamada, K., 1977: Recent advances in industrial fermentation in japan

Robins-Browne, R. M.; Koornhof, H. J., 1977: Recent advances in infantile gastro enteritis research

Wright R.B., 1981: Recent advances in information storage and retrieval relevant to occupational hygiene

Ishizaki, H., 1977: Recent advances in insect endocrinology

Thery C., 1981: Recent advances in knowledge of the sinus node and mal function of the sinus

Kaufman R., 1985: Recent advances in laser microprobe mass analysis of inner ear tissue

Wynne, M. J.; Loiseaux, S., 1976: Recent advances in life history studies of the phaeophyta

Et Al, 1985: Recent advances in lung transplantation

Nozaki Y., 1985: Recent advances in marine chemistry

Kaufman, R. A.; Tietz, N. W., 1980: Recent advances in measurement of amylase ec activity a comparative study

Rutter, J. M., 1975: Recent advances in microbial genetics

Section 7, Chapter 6270, Accession 006269167

Engle R.W., 1980: Recent advances in mnemonic strategy training with mentally retarded persons implications for educational practice

Dayton, S.; Hashimoto, S., 1970: Recent advances in molecular pathology a review cholesterol flux and metabolism in arterial tissue and in atheromata

Haudenschild C.C., 1984: Recent advances in molecular pathology the effects of hypertension on the arterial wall

Elias, S. B.; Appel, S. H., 1976: Recent advances in myasthenia gravis

Fadel, M. A.; El-Fiki, M. A.; Kenawy, M.; El-Konsol, S.; Basha, M., 1976: Recent advances in neutron dosimetry using plastic detectors

Coye M.J., 1984: Recent advances in occupational cancer

Lancet D., 1986: Recent advances in olfaction

Giugliano F., 1981: Recent advances in ophthalmic surgery anesthesia

Maibach H.I., 1979: Recent advances in per cutaneous absorption using the rhesus monkey model

El-Golli, S.; Madelaine, G.; Turpin, P. Y.; Bricard, J., 1975: Recent advances in photo electric aerosol measurements

Tada K., 1987: Recent advances in prenatal diagnosis

Scheidel W., 1986: Recent advances in preservation of viable corneal tissue

Section 7, Chapter 6270, Accession 006269181

Mason D.T., 1979: Recent advances in programmable pacemakers consideration of advantages longevity and future expectations

Lawrence, G., 1978: Recent advances in radiation oncology

Seagren S.L., 1981: Recent advances in radiation therapy of head and neck cancer

Hanaoka, M., 1978: Recent advances in res research vol 16 16th general meeting tokyo japan may 17 18 1976

Manabe R., 1988: Recent advances in research for herpetic eye diseases

Courtois D., 1983: Recent advances in research for novel alkaloids in apocynaceae tissue cultures

Stretton, T. B., 1976: Recent advances in respiratory medicine no 1

Who, 1978: Recent advances in rheumatic fever control and future prospects a who memorandum

Zurukzoglou W., 1980: Recent advances in salmonellosis treatment based on in vitro susceptibilities

Choubey A.K., 1985: Recent advances in statistical research in forestry

Kobayashi, T.; Sano, T.; Dhalla, N. S., 1978: Recent advances in studies on cardiac structure and metabolism vol 11 heart function and metabolism proceedings of the 8th international meeting of the international study group for research in cardiac metabolism presently the international society for hart research tokyo japan may 26 29 1976

Kobayashi, T.; Ito, T.; Rona, G., 1978: Recent advances in studies on cardiac structure and metabolism vol 12 cardiac adaptation proceedings of the 8th international meeting of the international study group for research in cardiac metabolism now the international society for heart research tokyo japan may 26 29 1976

Harris, P.; Bing, R. J.; Fleckenstein, A., 1976: Recent advances in studies on cardiac structure and metabolism vol 7 biochemistry and pharmacology of myo cardial hypertrophy hypoxia and infarction

Roy, P. E.; Harris, P., 1975: Recent advances in studies on cardiac structure and metabolism vol 8 the cardiac sarcoplasm

Roy, P. E.; Dhalla, N. S., 1976: Recent advances in studies on cardiac structure and metabolism vol 9 the sarcolemma

Xie Y Y., 1985: Recent advances in studies on chinese medicinal herbs with physiological activity

Sorensen H., 1981: Recent advances in the analysis of glucosinolates

Grayson J.B., 1982: Recent advances in the behavioral treatment of obsessive compulsives

Ghosal T., 1984: Recent advances in the chemistry of lignans

Visser, D., 1974: Recent advances in the deep freeze preservation of ram semen

Kallistratos, G.; Burchardt, P.; Freerksen, P., 1978: Recent advances in the diagnosis and treatment of l cystine stone disease

Jeanmart L., 1980: Recent advances in the diagnosis of localized hepatic lesions by computed axial tomography

Section 7, Chapter 6270, Accession 006269206

Cormier M.J., 1979: Recent advances in the mechanisms of bio luminescent and chemi luminescent reactions

Low P.A., 1987: Recent advances in the pathogenesis of diabetic neuropathy

Barwin, B. N., 1978: Recent advances in the pharmacologic regulation of fertility in man

Peredo Lopez Velarde M., 1982: Recent advances in the serologic diagnosis of type a viral hepatitis in mexico

Parodi, A. J.; Leloir, L. F., 1978: Recent advances in the study of membrane bound saccharides

Azcon-Aguilar, C.; Barea, J. M.; Roldan-Fajardo, B. E., 1984: Recent advances in the study of vesicular arbuscular mycorrhizas 2. factors affecting their formation and function and practical application in agriculture

Ramamurthi, B., 1973: Recent advances in the surgery of the brain

Al Saleh B., 1987: Recent advances in the synthesis of phenothiazines

Eliasson, U., 1977: Recent advances in the taxonomy of myxomycetes

Barold, S. S.; Linhart, J. W., 1970: Recent advances in the treatment of ectopic tachy cardias by electrical pacing

Pettinger, W. A., 1977: Recent advances in the treatment of hypertension

Lachard J., 1985: Recent advances in the treatment of osteoradionecrosis of the mandible use of a sternocleidomastoid osteomusculocutaneous flap

Liao, S. J., 1978: Recent advances in the understanding of acupuncture

Gould, G. W., 1977: Recent advances in the understanding of resistance and dormancy in bacterial spores

Dohlman, C. H.; Freeman, H. M., 1968: Recent advances in the use of allo plastic materials in ocular surgery human

Ohmori K., 1982: Recent advances in the use of free flaps

Wilson C.G., 1985: Recent advances in the use of microspheres for targeted therapy

Prasad S., 1986: Recent advances in trace determination of phosgene a review

Homma T., 1984: Recent advances in tumor marker research of pancreatic carcinoma

Wilkinson R., 1987: Recent advances in ultratrace analysis of dioxins and related halogenated hydrocarbons

Kappert, A.; Leu, H. J.; Waibel, P., 1976: Recent advances in vascular disease

Mcintosh, K., 1978: Recent advances in viral diagnosis

Schreiber, D. S.; Trier, J. S.; Blacklow, N. R., 1977: Recent advances in viral gastro enteritis

Fraticelli G., 1986: Recent advances of knowledge on the mechanisms of action of drugs modifying the bronchial secretions

N'doye, M., 1978: Recent advances on biology and ecology of the cowpea hairy caterpillar amsacta moloneyi lepidoptera arctiidae in senegal

Cerletti P., 1982: Recent advances on the mechanism of the active nonactive transition of succinate dehydrogenase

Cooper, C. W., 1976: Recent advances with thyro calcitonin

Wells P.E., 1985: Recent agglutinated benthonic foraminifera suborder textulariina of wellington harbor new zealand

Wright S.E., 1983: Recent amenity tree and shrub planting in the rural landscape of england and wales uk

Lercker G., 1986: Recent analytical advancements in the fat analysis

Runia L.T., 1984: Recent and ancient traces of scarab beetle typhaeus typhoeus activity in sandy soils of the netherlands

Grande L., 1985: Recent and fossil clupeomorph fishes with materials for revision of the subgroups of clupeoids

Cook, P. L.; Chimonides, P. J., 1984: Recent and fossil lunulitidae bryozoa cheilostomata 1. the genus otionella from new zealand

Cook, P. L.; Chimonides, P. J., 1984: Recent and fossil lunulitidae bryozoa cheilostomata 2. species of helixotionella new genus from australia

Cook, P. L.; Chimonides, P. J., 1985: Recent and fossil lunulitidae bryozoa cheilostomata 3. opesiulate and other species of selenaria sensu lato

Cook, P. L.; Chimonides, P. J., 1985: Recent and fossil lunulitidae bryozoa cheilostomata 4. american and australian species of otionella

Cook, P. L.; Chimonides, P. J., 1985: Recent and fossil lunulitidae bryozoa cheilostomata 5. selenaria alata and related species

Cook, P. L.; Chimonides, P. J., 1986: Recent and fossil lunulitidae bryozoa cheilostomata 6. lunulites sensu lato and the genus lunularia from australasia

Cook, P. L.; Chimonides, P. J., 1987: Recent and fossil lunulitidae bryozoa cheilostomata 7. selenaria maculata busk and allied species from australasia

Meunier F.J., 1983: Recent and fossil osteoglossiform pisces teleostei scales

Johnson R.I., 1981: Recent and fossil unionacea and mutelacea fresh water bivalves of the caribbean islands

Section 7, Chapter 6270, Accession 006269249

Et Al, 1980: Recent and past use of conjugated estrogens in relation to adeno carcinoma of the endometrium

Fuetterer, D.; Paul, J., 1976: Recent and pleistocene sediments off the istrian coast northern adriatic yugoslavia

Schwaar J., 1982: Recent and sub fossil birch marshes in northwestern west germany

Krisai R., 1982: Recent and sub fossil distribution of moor dwelling species of the moss genus meesea in austria

Schmidt, P. P., 1976: Recent and sub fossil finds of a new species of ostracod potamocypris parva new species in greenland crustacea ostracoda cyprididae

Norris G., 1980: Recent and sub recent dinoflagellate cysts from beaufort sea canadian arctic

Marshall B.A., 1985: Recent and tertiary cocculinidae and pseudococculinidae mollusca gastropoda from new zealand and new south wales australia

Marshall B.A., 1985: Recent and tertiary deep sea limpets of the genus pectinodonta mollusca gastropoda from new zealand and new south wales australia

Collinson M.E., 1980: Recent and tertiary seeds of the nymphaeaceae sensu lato with a revision of brasenia ovula

Marshall B.A., 1983: Recent and tertiary seguenziidae mollusca gastropoda from the new zealand region

Gratsianskii N.A., 1987: Recent angina pectoris first experience with using programmed cardiac stimulation to detect the electrical instability of the ventricles

Haering, R. R., 1975: Recent applications of physics to archaeology

Rackham, D. M., 1976: Recent applications of quantitative nmr spectroscopy in pharmaceutical research

Section 7, Chapter 6270, Accession 006269263

Hentschel A., 1987: Recent approaches to nature conservation in north rhine westphalia compared to the nature conservation programs of other federal states

Ricketts B.D., 1981: Recent aragonite cements from inter tidal sands near whitford auckland new zealand

Gronnow B., 1986: Recent archaeological investigations of west greenland caribou hunting

Williams K.M., 1986: Recent arctic marine diatom assemblages from bottom sediments in baffin bay and davis strait canada greenland

Section 7, Chapter 6270, Accession 006269268

Probst C., 1984: Recent aspects of cranio cerebral injury

Dedonder R., 1985: Recent aspects of genetic manipulation in bacillus thuringiensis

Balasse, E. O., 1976: Recent aspects of patho physiology and treatment of diabetic keto acidosis

Maclouf, J.; Sors, H.; Rigaud, M., 1977: Recent aspects of prostaglandin biosynthesis a review

Section 7, Chapter 6270, Accession 006269274

Siorpaes R., 1987: Recent aspects on radiosynoviorthesis of the knee joint clinical and experimental results

Pierson M., 1980: Recent attainments in the radiologic study of the dialyzed childs renal osteo dystrophy

Cortes Echeverri E., 1985: Recent benthic foraminifera from las islas estuary sanquinaga national wildlife park department of narino colombia

Lagoe, M. B., 1977: Recent benthic foraminifera from the central arctic ocean

Scott D.B., 1985: Recent benthic foraminifera from the central north atlantic

Coulbourn W.T., 1984: Recent benthic foraminifera from the continental margin of northwest africa community structure and distribution

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Buzas M.A., 1981: Recent benthic foraminiferal provinces on the atlantic continental margin of north america

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Broennimann, P.; Beurlen, G., 1977: Recent benthonic foraminifera from brazil morphology and ecology part 2 no 3 cribrostomoides and haplophragmoides from the campos shelf

Broenniman, P.; Beurlen, G., 1977: Recent benthonic foraminifera from brazil morphology and ecology part 2 no 4 trochammina brasiliensis new species from the campos shelf

Bronnimann, P.; Beurlen, G., 1977: Recent benthonic foraminifera from brazil morphology and ecology part 2 spiroplectamminoides camposi new genus new species from the campos shelf

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Baier, W.; Davidson, H.; Desjardins, R. L.; Ouellet, C. E.; Williams, G. D. V., 1976: Recent bio meteorological applications to crops

Doyle, L. J.; Blake, N. J.; Woo, C. C.; Yevich, P., 1978: Recent biogenic phosphorite concretions in mollusk kidneys

Richardson J.R., 1981: Recent brachiopods from new zealand background to the study cruises of 1977 1979

Oliphant, L. W.; Thompson, W. J. P., 1978: Recent breeding success of richardsons merlin falco columbarius richardsonii in saskatchewan canada

Clarke, G. C. S., 1978: Recent bryological literature

Clarke, G. C. S., 1976: Recent bryological literature

Boekschoten G.J., 1985: Recent bryozoan reefs and stromatolite development in brackish inland lakes southwestern netherlands

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Orsak, L. J., 1975: Recent captures of anthocharis cethura catalina

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Mayers, M. M.; Kaufman, D. M.; Miller, M. H., 1978: Recent cases of intra cranial tuberculomas

Hughes R.G., 1980: Recent cases of trench foot

Shaw T.R.D., 1987: Recent changes in antibiotic prophylactic measures taken by dentists against infective endocarditis

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Section 7, Chapter 6270, Accession 006269927

Section 7, Chapter 6270, Accession 006269928

Section 7, Chapter 6270, Accession 006269929

Section 7, Chapter 6270, Accession 006269930

Section 7, Chapter 6270, Accession 006269931

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Section 7, Chapter 6270, Accession 006269999

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