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Recent benthonic foraminifera from brazil 6 morphology and ecology 4. trochamminids from the campos shelf with description of paratrochammina madeirae new genus new species

Broennimann, P.

Paläontologische Zeitschrift 53(1-2): 5-25


ISSN/ISBN: 0031-0220
Accession: 006269287

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PARATROCHAMMINA madeirae gen. et sp. nov., is proposed for trochamminids with a single interiomarginal, axial-extraaxial aperture which communicates directly with an axial cavity devoid of lamellar structures. Described and illustrated by scanning photographs and optical sections are P. simplissima (Cushman and McCulloch) comb. nov. (Trochammina), (P. clossi sp. nov., P. madeirae and Trochammina boltovskoyi sp. nov. All these trochamminids, except P. madeirae have been recorded from the shallow waters of the Campos shelf, Brazil, which is under the influence of the cold water Falkland (Malvin) current. P. madeirae was only encountered in a sample from the Brazilian shelf where it is associated with T. boltovskoyi. Also illustrated is Portatrochammina pacifica (Cushman) from the Chilean shelf at Cobija and from the Beaufort Sea, Arctica. T. advena Cushman, 1922 is considered as a nomen non conservandum.

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