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Recent benthonic foraminifera from brazil morphology and ecology part 2 no 3 cribrostomoides and haplophragmoides from the campos shelf

Broennimann, P.; Beurlen, G.

Archives des Sciences (Geneva) 30(2): 243-257


Accession: 006269290

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C. jeffreysi (Williamson) occurs abundantly in the shallow waters of the Campos shelf, Brazil, between 21.degree. 30' S and 22.degree. 30' S and between 40.degree. 30' W and 41.degree. 30' W. Associated are very rare C. crassimargo (Norman). Both are well known temperate-to-cold water species and their occurrence in the Campos area is due to the cold water influx of the southern Falkland (Malvin) current. C. compactus, sp. nov., C. siphonapertus, sp. nov. and a small representative of Haplophragmoides? Cushman are also described. The gross morphology of all these lituolids is illustrated by scanning photographs.

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