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Recent benthonic foraminifera from brazil morphology and ecology part 2 no 4 trochammina brasiliensis new species from the campos shelf

Broenniman, P.; Beurlen, G.

Archives des Sciences (Geneva) 30(2): 257-262


Accession: 006269291

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T. brasiliensis, sp. nov., is described and illustrated from the near-shore shallow water area of the Campos shelf, Brazil, and compared with T. quadriloba Hoeglund 1948, the type-species of Trochamminopsis Bronnimann 1976 and with Trochammina vesicularis Goes sensu Earland 1934. T. brasiliensis is a typical shelf species and associated with the cold to temperate water Cribrostomoides jeffreysi (Williamson), Polystomammina planulata (Mikhalevitch) and other lituolids and trochamminids. Trochamminipsis quadriloba has been recorded in temperate-to-cold waters off Sweden, the Arctic Sea, the Gulf of Maine and the Campos shelf. T. vesicularis Goes sensu Earland has been described from the cold waters of the Falklands area, Antarctic Sea, in a depth range of 278-3264 m. T. vesicularis Goes, 1894, from the Arctic Sea, is considered to represent a nomen non conservandum sine tipo and should no longer be used.

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