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Recent benthonic foraminifera from brazil morphology and ecology part 2 spiroplectamminoides camposi new genus new species from the campos shelf

Bronnimann, P.; Beurlen, G.

Archives des Sciences (Geneva) 30(1): 85-90


Accession: 006269292

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SPIROPLECTAMMINOIDES, gen. nov., is defined and compared with Spiroplectammina Cushman, 1927. Most of the specimens of S. camposi, sp. nov., the type species of Spiroplectamminoides, occur on the Campos shelf between 30-50 m depth. Its occurrence below the 50 m depth line is unknown. It is usually associated with Polystomammina planulata (Mikhalevitch) and the cold to temperate water Cribrostomoides jeffreysi (Williamson) and other cold to temperate water arenaceous and calcareous foraminifera.

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