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Recognition of the sibling species anopheles atroparvus and anopheles labranchiae diptera culicidae on the basis of q and c banding

Mezzanotte, R.; Ferrucci, L.

Monitore Zoologico Italiano 12(4): 211-218


Accession: 006271599

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The sibling species A. atroparvus and A. labranchiae were studied from a cytological viewpoint using techniques which show constitutive heterochromatin (C [constitutive heterochromatin] banding) and/or the presence of specific base sequences bound to chromatinic proteins (Q [quinacrine] banding) in metaphase chromosomes from brains and/or testes. Cytological preparations are used. Results confirmed previous cytological biochemical-genetic and ethologial observations, which placed these 2 spp. as sibling species within the maculipennis (Meigen) group of Anopheles. The structure of A. labranchiae chromatin is different than A. atroparvus, especially after Q banding.

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