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Reconstitution of photosynthetic energy conservation. II. Photophosphorylation in liposomes containing photosystem-I reaction center and chloroplast coupling-factor complex

Hauska, G.; Samoray, D.; Orlich, G.; Nelson, N.

European Journal of Biochemistry 111(2): 535-543


ISSN/ISBN: 0014-2956
PMID: 6450680
Accession: 006272722

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Photophosphorylation was reconstituted in a liposomal system containing reaction centers of photosystem I and coupling-factor complex highly purified from spinach chloroplasts. This energy-converting model system was made by dilution of the coupling-factor complex with an aqueous suspension of proteolipid vesicles performed from photosystem-I reaction centers and soybean phospholipids by sonication. In the presence of reduced N-methylphenazonium methosulfate the system catalyzed photophosphorylation with rates up to 50 .mu.mol ATP formed .times. mg chlorophyll-1 .times. h-1 and was sensitive to uncouplers and N,N'-dicyclohexylcarbodiimide. Properties of the system in comparison to chloroplasts was discussed.

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