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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 6274

Chapter 6274 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

D.L.ngis G.; Cascone N.; Rizzo A.; Vicinanza F.; Argenzio V.; Morrone B.; Itro A., 1984:
Reconstruction of facial nerve by microsurgical techniques

Chandra N.S.; Nath S., 1985:
Reconstruction of femoral and humeral bone lengths using a fragmentary bone measure

Zhu S X.; L.S.B.; Zhang B X.; Wang J F.; Yao J X.; Kong X X., 1982:
Reconstruction of finger flexion function with latissimus dorsi myo cutaneous free flap and micro neuro vascular surgery

Miyaji N.; Noshiro S.; Minaki M., 1985:
Reconstruction of forests buried by fuji 1707 tephra on the southeastern slope of fuji volcano central japan

Ogawa Y.; Miura T.; Yanagida I., 1986:
Reconstruction of full thickness defects of the lip and cheek

Haake K., 1987:
Reconstruction of head and neck defects using transpositional flaps from the back

Takahashi M.; E.A., 1988:
Reconstruction of head and neck using pmmc flap

Beier E.M.; Vidershain G.Ya; Venert M., 1984:
Reconstruction of hexosaminidase isozymes in hybridization of fibroblasts in persons with tay sachs and sandhoffs diseases

Ikizler C.; Aslamaci S.; Yener A.; Tasdelen A.; Yorulmaz F., 1986:
Reconstruction of hypoplastic pulmonary arteries in tetralogy of fallot

Biro, V.; Vamhidy, L., 1986:
Reconstruction of injured flexor tendons with autologous composite flexor tendon graft in the no man's land of the hand

Shi S M.; E.A., 1984:
Reconstruction of injured thumb by transposition of an island flap with neurovascular pedicle from the dorsum of the index finger

Schultz Coulon H J.; Berger A.; Tizian C.; Loehlein D., 1985:
Reconstruction of large oropharyngeal defects with free revascularized jejunal graft

Volpi P.; Merlo M., 1985:
Reconstruction of lateral ligaments in inveterate injuries of the ankle in athletes

Preaux J.; Texier M., 1987:
Reconstruction of lateral transfixing tissue defects of the upper lip

O'connell M., 1986:
Reconstruction of local landscape development in the post atlantic based on paleoecological investigations at carrownaglogh prehistoric field system county mayo ireland

Kostetskii P.V.; Dobrova I.E., 1988:
Reconstruction of long nucleotide sequences from the fragments using personal computer iskra 226

Schrudde J.; Omran G., 1988:
Reconstruction of lower lip defects

Brass J.M.; Manson M.D., 1984:
Reconstruction of maltose chemo taxis in escherichia coli by addition of maltose binding protein to calcium treated cells of maltose regulon mutants

Nag, A.C., 1978:
Reconstruction of mammalian heart tissue from embryonic heart cell suspension with reference to the aggregation of adult heart cells

Sailer, H.F., 1980:
Reconstruction of mandible by means of a similar allogenic lyophilized mandibular segment 2. clinical application

Harris A.H., 1987:
Reconstruction of mid wisconsin environments in southern new mexico usa

Shchipakin, V.; Chuchlova, E.; Evtodienko, Y., 1976:
Reconstruction of mitochondrial hydrogen ion transporting system in proteo liposomes

Edelheit, L.S.; Herman, G.T.; Lakshminarayanan, A.V., 1977:
Reconstruction of objects from diverging x rays

Stoehr C.; Huberty R., 1980:
Reconstruction of old ruptures of the lateral ligaments of the ankle using a periosteal flap

Kolesnichenko T.S.; Medvinskii A.L., 1982:
Reconstruction of organotypic structure of the embryonic lung tissue from a suspension of dissociated cells

Brkic E., 1984:
Reconstruction of palate defects with tubular skin flaps

Norton D.A., 1987:
Reconstruction of past river flow and precipitation in canterbury new zealand from analysis of tree rings

Jaroma, H.J.; Ritsilä, V.A., 1987 :
Reconstruction of patellar cartilage defects with free periosteal grafts. An experimental study

Johnson L.S.; Bennion R.C., 1980:
Reconstruction of personal constructs following predictive failure influences of stereotypy in thinking and invalidation level

Tagashira N.; Taira T.; Sugata Y.; Omura R.; Kohno Y.; Harada Y.; Yamashita M., 1987:
Reconstruction of pharyngo and esophago cutaneous fistula one stage repair using pmmc flap and split thickness free skin graft

Avakyan G.S., 1984:
Reconstruction of poor quality plantations in the armenian ssr ussr

Miyata, M.; Nakao, K.; Hirose, H.; Hamaji, M.; Kawashima, Y., 1987:
Reconstruction of portal vein with an autograft of splenic vein

Schwemmler, W., 1978:
Reconstruction of pre cellular evolution as an impetus to experimental research

Hvass U.; Khoury W.; Girardet J.P.; Langlois J., 1987:
Reconstruction of pulmonary artery branches with pediculate flaps from autologous pericardium

Oku H.; Shirotani H.; Yokoyama T.; Kawai J.; Nishioka T.; Oka H.; Katayama O.; Saga T.; Wakaki N., 1984:
Reconstruction of pulmonary artery with substitute valve with special reference to size of conduit and valve

Dechamps R.; Lanfranchi R.; L.C.cq A.; Schwartz D., 1988:
Reconstruction of quaternary environments through study of vegetable macroremains bateke area congo

Ren G.; Ruan L.; Zhang Y.; Ping L.; Zie Y.; Zhu C.; Zhu J., 1984:
Reconstruction of recombinant plasmids of hepatitis b virus dna and high level expression of hepatitis b surface antigen in mammalian cells

Boar R.B.; Patel A.C., 1985:
Reconstruction of ring a of 3 4 dinor 2 5 secosteroids

Sakai, M.; Shinkawa, A.; Miyake, H.; Fujii, K., 1986:
Reconstruction of scutum defects (scutumplasty) for attic cholesteatoma

Rice C.; Harris R.L.Jr; Lumsden J.C.; Symons M.J., 1984:
Reconstruction of silica exposure in the north carolina usa dusty trades

Kojima T., 1982:
Reconstruction of skin defects of the lower leg by muscle flap transposition

Rybal'chenko V.K.; Karamushka V.I.; Gruzina T.G.; Pogrebnoi P.V.; Kulikova N.V., 1983:
Reconstruction of smooth muscle cell sarcolemma properties on the planar lipid membranes

Neugebauer R.; Burri C.; Spier W.; Ulrich C., 1987:
Reconstruction of soft tissue by local muscle flap and simultaneous bone grafting in posttraumatic defects and osteitis in the lower extremity

Patil T.L.; Muzumdar R.D.; Gawhale K.S., 1983:
Reconstruction of stature from long bones of both upper and lower limbs

Baffi, R.R.; Didolkar, M.S.; Bakamjian, V., 1977:
Reconstruction of sternal and abdominal wall defects in a case of desmoid tumor

Wloch W.; Zagorska Marek B., 1982:
Reconstruction of storyed cambium in the linden tilia cordata

Kam Z., 1980:
Reconstruction of structure from electron micrographs of randomly oriented particles

Harashina T.; Inoue T.; Fukuzumi S.; Fujino T.; Sugimoto C., 1985:
Reconstruction of subclavicular decompression after radical mastectomy

Schmidt, H.G.; Neikes, M.; Zimmer, W., 1987:
Reconstruction of tangential and circular infected bone defects

Flot F.; Chassagne J.F.; Stricker M.; Meley M.; Maxant P., 1985:
Reconstruction of temporomandibular joint by total intermediary prosthesis

Langer P.; Keenan V.; Medosch Schonbeck C.M., 1986:
Reconstruction of text and feedback

Vieira R.C.; Kogut J.; Chveid M.; Syro M.C.; Pereira A.F., 1985:
Reconstruction of the abdominal wall

Adrian, R.H.; Peachey, L.D., 1973:
Reconstruction of the action potential of frog sartorius muscle

Beeler, G.W.; Reuter, H., 1977:
Reconstruction of the action potential of ventricular myo cardial fibers

Birnbaum, L., 1981:
Reconstruction of the aesthetically pleasing breast

Tanaka Y.; Tajima S., 1987:
Reconstruction of the ala nostril sill and upper lip using ear composite graft in one piece

Björk, V.O.; Ivert, T.; Landou, C.; Szamosi, A., 1982:
Reconstruction of the anomalous left coronary artery within the main pulmonary artery

Sprenger F.B.; Meier W.; Urfer A., 1987:
Reconstruction of the anterior cruciate ligament the results of different techniques

Ferkel, R.D.; Fox, J.M.; Del Pizzo, W.; Friedman, M.J.; Snyder, S.J.; Dorey, F.; Kasimian, D., 1988:
Reconstruction of the anterior cruciate ligament using a torn meniscus

Petruson, B., 1986:
Reconstruction of the anterior nasal septum by transplantation

Roux F.X.; Loty B.; Brasnu D.; Guillemin G., 1988:
Reconstruction of the anterior skull basis with coral grafts

Bonnichon P.; Bellouard A.; Richardson A.; Bordier C.; Diner P.; Chapuis Y., 1988:
Reconstruction of the anus after excision of giant condyloma acuminatum

Fiala O., 1980:
Reconstruction of the articular surface in dissecting osteo chondritis of the knee joint

Parker, G.A.; Halloran, L.G., 1986:
Reconstruction of the bile duct with transanastomotic U tubes

Picardi N.; Cancrini A.; Naccarato G., 1981:
Reconstruction of the bladder with intestinal segments after total cystectomy

Thuesen B.; Partoft S.; Bolund S., 1988:
Reconstruction of the breast with a temporary expander

Mccoll I., 1979:
Reconstruction of the breast with omentum after sub cutaneous mastectomy

Szalay L.V., 1985:
Reconstruction of the burned face by tissue expanders

Amstutz, H.C.; Coulson, W.F.; David, E., 1976:
Reconstruction of the canine achilles and patellar tendons using dacron mesh silicone prosthesis part 1 clinical and bio compatibility evaluation

Moriwaki, Y., 1977:
Reconstruction of the canine carotid arteries by use of irradiated arterial grafts a scanning electron microscopic and functional study

Bailey, C.P.; Zimmerman, J.; Hirose, T.T.; Folk, F.S.; Bakst, A.A., 1976:
Reconstruction of the cardiac valves with autologous tissue

Ishida K.; Suzuki S.; Watanabe M.; Murakami K.; Suzuki K.; Niitsu Y.; Ikeda K.; Sato N.; Yaegashi Y.; E.A., 1988:
Reconstruction of the cervical esophageal cancer by a revascularized isolated jejunal segment a case report

Zilberstein B.; Nasi A.; Pinheiro E.A.; Pollara W.M.; Cecconello I.; Brandao L.G.; Leao P.P.; Ferraz A.R.; Pinotti H.W., 1987:
Reconstruction of the cervical esophagus by free bowel autotransplantation

Uemichi, A.; Inui, K.; Onchi, K.; Harada, S.; Kakinoki, E.; Takenaka, H.; Shiraha, Y., 1977:
Reconstruction of the cervical esophagus by transplantation and re vascularization of a small intestinal segment 10 year follow up

Whitehill, R.; Reger, S.I.; Kett, R.L.; Payne, R.; Barry, J., 1984:
Reconstruction of the cervical spine following anterior vertebral body resection: a mechanical analysis of a canine experimental model

Lam E.; Malkin R., 1982:
Reconstruction of the chloroplast noncyclic electron transport pathway from water to nadp with 3 integral protein complexes

Beziat J.L.; Freidel M.; Dumas P., 1980:
Reconstruction of the contour of the frontal bone after trauma

Jones N.F.; Schramm V.L.; Sekhar L.N., 1987:
Reconstruction of the cranial base following tumor resection

Vaas, F., 1977:
Reconstruction of the deep femoral artery with a venous patch

Frezzotti R.; Caporossi A.; Menicacci F., 1984:
Reconstruction of the diaphragm of the iris in cataract surgery

Byrne K.B.; Parris D.C., 1987:
Reconstruction of the diet of the middle woodland amerindian population of abbott farm new jersey usa by bone trace element analysis

Zilch H., 1985:
Reconstruction of the dorsal ligaments in snapping scapholunate subluxation

Baylor, D.A.; Hodgkin, A.L.; Lamb, T.D., 1974:
Reconstruction of the electrical responses of turtle cones to flashes and steps of light

Yatasuka K.; Iboshi A.; Fukushima T.; Kita T.; Takeda J., 1979:
Reconstruction of the esophagus by left trans pleural trans diaphragmatic approach and cervical esophago gastrostomy with gastric tube

Kato, H.; Iizuka, T.; Watanabe, H.; Terui, S.; Ono, I.; Ebihara, S.; Harii, K., 1984:
Reconstruction of the esophagus by microvascular surgery

Moriguchi T.; Inoue K., 1988:
Reconstruction of the eyelid affected by a malignant tumor

Goto S.; Toyoda H.; Hamanaka T., 1986:
Reconstruction of the eyelid using a composite graft of nasal septal mucosa

Mcfadden G.I.; Wetherbee R., 1984:
Reconstruction of the flagellar apparatus and micro tubular cytoskeleton in pyramimonas gelidicola prasinophyceae chlorophyta

Yokoyama M.; E.A., 1982:
Reconstruction of the floor of mouth using pectoralis major myo cutaneous flap

Ben-Hur, N., 1980:
Reconstruction of the floor of the mouth by an arteriolized dorsalis pedis free flap

Sawada Y.; Nakajima T.; Yosimura Y.; Katoh H.; Sakakibara A., 1986:
Reconstruction of the folded ear deformity with the banner flap tanzer

Jordan, G.H., 1987:
Reconstruction of the fossa navicularis

Bilik R.; Wolloch Y.; Dintsman M., 1985:
Reconstruction of the gastrointestinal tract after total gastrectomy by interposition of iso peristaltic and anti peristaltic jejunal loops

Bostwick, J., 1976:
Reconstruction of the heel pad by muscle transposition and split skin graft

Shah, A.; Pandit, S., 1985:
Reconstruction of the heel with chronic ulceration with flexor digitorum brevis myocutaneous flap

Nakai H., 1982:
Reconstruction of the helix by free composite graft from contralateral concha

Johnston, R.C.; Brand, R.A.; Crowninshield, R.D., 1979:
Reconstruction of the hip. A mathematical approach to determine optimum geometric relationships

Strawberry C.W.; D.F.ies H.O.; Deeb Z.E., 1981:
Reconstruction of the hypo pharynx and cervical esophagus with bilateral pectoralis major myo cutaneous flaps

Hudjetz W.A., 1986:
Reconstruction of the index metacarpophalangeal joint by implantation of a cortico cancellous homograft

Kasateev A.V., 1980:
Reconstruction of the injured body region posture as related to teeth imprints during biting

Berger A.; Hausamen G.E.; Loehlein P., 1983:
Reconstruction of the inner lining of the mouth by micro vascular jejunal transfers

Young G.C., 1984:
Reconstruction of the jaws and brain case in the devonian placoderm fish bothriolepis

Brusati R., 1979:
Reconstruction of the labial commissure by a sliding u shaped cheek flap

Holt, J.E.; Holt, G.R., 1984:
Reconstruction of the lacrimal drainage system

Karlsson, J.; Bergsten, T.; Lansinger, O.; Peterson, L., 1988:
Reconstruction of the lateral ligaments of the ankle for chronic lateral instability

Anderson, M.E., 1985:
Reconstruction of the lateral ligaments of the ankle using the plantaris tendon

Sohara Y.; Mitsui K.; Endo K.; Kimura A.; Yamashita K.; Ogata G.; Kimura K.; Hasegawa T.; Hasegawa S., 1980:
Reconstruction of the left innominate vein by expanded poly tetra fluoro ethylene graft in a patient with a acth beta melanocyte stimulating hormone producing invasive thymic carcinoid

Gomes J.G.F.V.; Tavares Filho J.M., 1985:
Reconstruction of the left side of the face

Schmoker R., 1987:
Reconstruction of the lingual nerve following an iatrogenic lesion

Skotselyas E.D.; Kanaeva I.P.; Dzhuzenova C.S.; Gordeev S.A.; Karyakin A.V.; Bachmanova G.I.; Archakov A.I., 1987:
Reconstruction of the liver microsomal monooxygenase system in a solution of nadph cytochrome p 450 reductase and cytochrome p 450 monomers

Bergman R.S.; Pandeya N.K.; Murphy B.J.; Stallings J.O.; Abramsohn L.; Ban J., 1982:
Reconstruction of the lower anterior abdominal wall for a massive defect using the tensor fasciae latae myo cutaneous flap a case

Serafin, D.; Sabatier, R.E.; Morris, R.L.; Georgiade, N.G., 1980:
Reconstruction of the lower extremity with vascularized composite tissue: improved tissue survival and specific indications

Jackson, I.T., 1981:
Reconstruction of the lower eyelid defect in Treacher Collins syndrome

Texier M.; Noury Duperrat G.; Preaux J., 1981:
Reconstruction of the lower lid with a chondro mucosal alar graft and an upper lid myo cutaneous flap

Neiva J., 1981:
Reconstruction of the lower lip in injury caused a by human bite technical and legal medical aspects

Light, J.K.; Engelmann, U.H., 1985:
Reconstruction of the lower urinary tract: observations on bowel dynamics and the artificial urinary sphincter

Pillet, J.; Cronier, P.; Mercier, P.; Moreau, P., 1982:
Reconstruction of the lumbo sacral plexus of an embryo of 25 millimeters and an embryo of 7.5 millimeters

Sailer, H.F., 1980:
Reconstruction of the mandible by means of a similar allogenic lyophilized mandibular segment 1. morphological and immunological studies in monkeys

Skorpik C.; Prskavec F.H., 1986:
Reconstruction of the medial canthal area and the lower eyelid

Inaki S.; Okamura H.; Chikamori Y., 1988:
Reconstruction of the mesopharynx with a lateral tongue flap in a patient with tonsillar cancer

Yablokov A.V.; Baranov A.S.; Rozanov A.S., 1981:
Reconstruction of the micro phylogeny of a species based on a study of the sand lizard lacerta agilis

Stanley, R.B., 1984:
Reconstruction of the midfacial vertical dimension following Le Fort fractures

Fonseca J.L.S.D., 1982:
Reconstruction of the nasal dorsum with emphasis on the psycho somatic profile of the patient

Bidashko F.G.; Prokurin K.P., 1987:
Reconstruction of the natural environment of the lower volga river russian sfsr ussr in the singilian middle pleistocene based on entomological and carpological data

Beliczay, I., 1977:
Reconstruction of the nature conservation district martely hungary

Wintsch K., 1986:
Reconstruction of the nose after leprosy

Kwiatkowska A.J., 1986:
Reconstruction of the old range and present day boundary of a potentillo albae quercetum phytocenosis in the bialowieza primeval forest poland landscape

Virag M.; Aljinovic N., 1986:
Reconstruction of the oral cavity 1976 1986

Harashina T.; E.A., 1985:
Reconstruction of the oral cavity with free revascularized intestinal graft

Frezzotti, R.; Cantore, G.P.; Bonanni, R.; Delfini, R., 1977:
Reconstruction of the orbit with antibiotic acrylic in cases of severe bone loss

Tanabe Y.; Kondo T.; Niwa H.; Torii S., 1981:
Reconstruction of the orbital socket with antral mucosa

Alaily A., 1983:
Reconstruction of the original composition and balancing of soils developed on glacial till

Hussl, B.; Böheim, K.; Welzl-Müller, K., 1981:
Reconstruction of the ossicular chain: Plastipore prosthesis compared with autogenous and allogenic ossicles

Berkovits, R.N.; Kruithof, C.; Bos, C.E.; van der Berg, J., 1978:
Reconstruction of the ossicular chain with an autologous bone cylinder, produced with a hollow drill. Technique and application: a preliminary report

Grote, J.J., 1986:
Reconstruction of the ossicular chain with hydroxyapatite implants

Grote, J.J., 1987:
Reconstruction of the ossicular chain with hydroxyapatite prostheses

Kaplin P.A.; Shcherbakov F.A., 1986:
Reconstruction of the paleogeographic shelf environment during the late quaternary

Mueller W.; Loewicke G.; Naumann H., 1985:
Reconstruction of the pars alveolaris with molded and compressed spongy substance a clinical and experimental study

Karesh, J.W.; Putterman, A.M., 1988:
Reconstruction of the partially contracted ocular socket or fornix

Pasturel A.; Bellavoir A.; Colleau C.; Olhagaray R., 1984:
Reconstruction of the pinna of the ear after burn injuries

Kozlov, E.A.; Levitina, T.L.; Katsman, M.S.; Gusak, N.M.; Serebryanyi, S.B., 1978:
Reconstruction of the poly peptide chain of the inclusion body protein of the silkworm nuclear polyhedrosis virus complete amino acid sequence

Grote, J.J.; van Blitterswijk, C.A., 1986:
Reconstruction of the posterior auditory canal wall with a hydroxyapatite prosthesis

Pers, M.; Medgyesi, S.; Hill-Madsen, J., 1982:
Reconstruction of the posterior urethra with a distally based flap from the bladder

Jakucs P., 1980:
Reconstruction of the potential quantity of primary organic material and its production in hungary

Jemec B.I.E., 1980 :
Reconstruction of the prepuce after operative treatment of phimosis

Brock, R.A., 1980:
Reconstruction of the proximal part of the common bile duct

Lecompte, Y.; Neveux, J.Y.; Leca, F.; Zannini, L.; Tu, T.V.; Duboys, Y.; Jarreau, M.M., 1982:
Reconstruction of the pulmonary outflow tract without prosthetic conduit

Kagawa, Y.; Hongo, T.; Nitta, S.; Sato, N.; Watanabe, T.; Horiuchi, T., 1982:
Reconstruction of the right ventricle with diaphragm driven right ventricular wall device

Abril, E.; Björk, V.O.; Ivert, T.; Olin, C., 1982:
Reconstruction of the right ventricular outflow tract in patients with tetralogy of Fallot: early and late results

Dickinson D.F.; Hamilton D.I., 1979:
Reconstruction of the right ventricular outflow tract using an inlayed aortic root homo graft

Waldhausen, J.A.; Pierce, W.S.; Whitman, V.; Pennock, J.L., 1977:
Reconstruction of the right ventricular outflow tract with a conduit in congenital heart disease

Lukács L.L.; Záborszky B.B.; Sárközy K.K.; Arvay, A., 1984:
Reconstruction of the right ventricular outflow tract with bovine pericardial monocusp patch

Tiwari, I.N.; Seth, H.P.; Mehdiratta, K.S., 1980:
Reconstruction of the scrotum by thigh flaps

Schwarz G.; Teige K.; Brinkmann B., 1985:
Reconstruction of the seating position microtrace analysis

Kobayashi S.; Sugita K.; Matsuo K.; Inoue T., 1981:
Reconstruction of the sellar floor during trans sphenoidal operations using alumina ceramic

Olszewski, Z., 1978:
Reconstruction of the size of mollusk shells in studies on the food of fish

Nara T.; Koizumi R.; Hongoh S., 1981:
Reconstruction of the skin on the upper eyelid by sub cutaneous island flap and superficial temporal artery flap

Kon, M., 1985:
Reconstruction of the small joints of the hand by perichondrial arthroplasty

Arai, T.; Inagaki, K.; Hata, E.; Hirata, M.; Onoue, Y.; Morimoto, K., 1978:
Reconstruction of the superior vena cava in a patient with a thymoma

Hasegawa T.; Kotoda K.; Fukushima K.; Hata E.; Kimura S.; Harada M.; Ohara T.; Kira S.; Koike M.; Ninomura N., 1982:
Reconstruction of the superior vena cava with prosthetic graft for the treatment of invasive mediastinal tumor

Sey O., 1983:
Reconstruction of the systematics of the family diplodiscidae trematoda paramphistomata

Caironi C.; R.S., 1981:
Reconstruction of the thoraco abdominal wall by plication of the diaphragm and application of a fascia lata patch following demolition for sarcoma

Hirashita A.; Noda K.; Kazama T.; Kai T.; Kaida K.; Nakamura Y.; Kuwabara Y., 1986:
Reconstruction of the three dimensional structure of multinucleated giant cells incident to experimental tooth movement

Baker T.S.; Drak J.; Bina M., 1988 :
Reconstruction of the three dimensional structure of sv 40 and visualization of the chromatin core

Miura T., 1981:
Reconstruction of the thumb in congenital hand anomalies

Van-Ewijk, W.; Verzijden, J.H.M.; Van-Der-Kwast, T.H.; Luijcx-Meijer, S.W.M., 1974:
Reconstruction of the thymus dependent area in the spleen of lethally irradiated mice a light and electron microscopical study of the thymus dependent cell micro environment

Grillo H.C., 1981:
Reconstruction of the trachea after resection for neoplasms

Stanton R.J.Jr; Nelson P.C., 1980:
Reconstruction of the trophic web in paleontology community structure in the stone city formation middle eocene texas usa

Blyumkin V.N.; Ivanov A.E., 1979:
Reconstruction of the tubular epithelium of allo transplanted kidneys in man following transplantation

Nara T.; Kikuchi M.; Shimizu S.; Koizumi R.; Honjo S., 1981:
Reconstruction of the upper lip by composite graft

Whitmore W.F.IIi; Gittes R.F., 1983:
Reconstruction of the urinary tract by cecal and ileo cecal cysto plasty review of a 15 year experience

Redman, J.F., 1982:
Reconstruction of the urinary tract by extraordinary measures

Takeuchi H.; Komatz Y.; Tomoyoshi T.; Yoshida O., 1981:
Reconstruction of the urinary tract in prune belly syndrome

Woodard, J.R.; Parrott, T.S., 1978:
Reconstruction of the urinary tract in prune belly uropathy

Ballon S.C.; Donaldson R.C.; Roberts J.A.; Lagasse L.D., 1979:
Reconstruction of the vulva using a myo cutaneous graft

Satoh K.; Aoyame R.; Yoshikawa A.; Hori S.; Toga M.; Gyoutoku H.; Hosaka Y., 1988:
Reconstruction of the weight bearing area of the foot by a flexor digitorum brevis musculocutaneous flap or a plantar fasciocutaneous flap

Dobson M.J.; Yull F.E.; Molina M.; Kingsman S.M.; Kingsman A.J., 1988:
Reconstruction of the yeast 2 micrometer plasmid partitioning mechanism

Itzchaki, M.; Ben-Hur, N.; Ashur, H., 1980:
Reconstruction of total loss of fingers by free sensory dorsalis pedis flap and Matev procedure

Koike F., 1985:
Reconstruction of two dimensional tree and forest canopy profiles using photographs

Husni, E.A., 1983:
Reconstruction of veins: the need for objectivity

Towfigh H., 1986:
Reconstruction or arthrodesis after wrist injuries

Hoefer M.; Hoehnke C.; Lee K.S.; Lie T.S., 1987:
Reconstruction problems of biliary drainage in orthotopic liver transplantation

Chapchal G., 1978:
Reconstruction surgery and traumatology vol 16 complications and late results in traumatology

Ter Pogossian M.M.; E.A., 1977:
Reconstruction tomography in diagnostic radiology and nuclear medicine proceedings of the workshop san juan puerto rico 1975

Kasai, M.; Nishihira, T., 1986:
Reconstruction using pedicled jejunal segments after resection for carcinoma of the cervical esophagus

Hyakusoku H.; Umeda T.; Shiozuka M.; Iuchi K.; Ishii K.; Fumiiri M., 1984:
Reconstruction using the secondary axial pattern flap made by burying the superficial temporal vascular bundles in 2 patients

Kamata, S.; Kawabata, K.; Kaneko, S.; Takahashi, H.; Uchida, M., 1988:
Reconstruction with a radial forearm flap in the head and neck region in 139 cases report i. indication the raising of the flap and the treatment of the donor site

Yamamoto, N.; Takaba, T.; Hori, G.; Funami, M.; Yoshizawa, T.; Nomoto, S.; Ishii, J., 1986:
Reconstruction with insertion of expanded polytetrafluoroethylene (EPTFE) for iliac venous obstruction

Kinoshita K.; Kawaguchi T.; Kuki K.; E.A., 1988:
Reconstruction with microvascular tissue transfer after ablation of head and neck cancer

Paolillo D.J.Jr; Rubin G., 1980:
Reconstructions of the grana fretwork system of a chloroplast

Russell D.A.; Seguin R., 1982:
Reconstructions of the small cretaceous theropod stenomychosaurus inequalis and a hypothetical dinosauroid

Van Bemmelen S.P.S.; Olthuis G.A.A.; Dinkelman R.J., 1988:
Reconstructive approach of chronic edema of the lower limb

Wexler, M.R.; Mintzker, Y.; Peled, I.J.; Rand, Y.; Sela, M.; Feuerstein, R., 1987:
Reconstructive facial surgery in Down's syndrome

Watanabe S.; Saito R.; Ogawara T.; Ogura Y.; Kantani M.; Koike S.; Matsubara Y., 1983:
Reconstructive head and neck surgery

Ianba K.; Tanishima T., 1982:
Reconstructive kerato plasty 10 cases

Bellina J.H., 1981:
Reconstructive micro surgery of the fallopian tube with the carbon di oxide laser procedures and preliminary results

Grosspietzsch R.; Schulz B.O.; Endell W.; Klink F.; Von Klitzing L., 1979:
Reconstructive micro surgery using carbon di oxide laser

Sørensen, S.S.; Schroeder, E.; Olesen, H.P., 1987:
Reconstructive microsurgery of the rabbit oviduct using serosal microsutures and fibrin sealant

Nakagawa, Y.; Gotoh, S.; Shimoyama, M.; Ohtsuka, K.; Mabuchi, S.; Sawamura, Y.; Abe, H.; Tsuru, M., 1983:
Reconstructive operation for moyamoya disease. Surgical indication for the hemorrhagic type, and preferable operative methods

Nakagawa, Y.; Shimoyama, M.; Kashiwaba, T.; Suzuki, Y.; Gotoh, S.; Miyasaka, K.; Takei, H.; Gotoh, S.; Ohtsuka, K.; Abe, H.; Tsuru, M., 1981:
Reconstructive operation of Moyamoya disease and its problems

Mikaelyan A.L., 1984:
Reconstructive operations for varying degrees of disturbances in blood supply metabolism and myo cardial function in patients with acquired heart disease

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Reconstructive operations in the surgical treatment of reno vascular hypertension

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Reconstructive operations on the middle ear with the use of allo grafts

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Reconstructive operations on the pyelo ureteral junction in patients with only 1 kidney

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Reconstructive osteotomy applications in cases of a cranio maxillo deformity

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Reconstructive plastic surgery of female perineum personal technique

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Reconstructive problems after destructive surgery of the pancreas

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Reconstructive procedures after surgical treatment of tumors of the mouth, jaws and face

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Reconstructive procedures in spinal dysraphism experience in jordan university hospital

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Reconstructive procedures in the management of occlusive arterial disease

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Reconstructive rhinoplasty using flap and composite graft

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Reconstructive spinal surgery as palliation for metastatic malignancies of the spine

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Reconstructive surgery after anterior pelvimandibulectomy advantages and inconveniences of different methods in 85 cases

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Reconstructive surgery after injuries of knee joint ligaments

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Reconstructive surgery for combined aorto femoral and infrafemoral occlusion

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Reconstructive surgery for congenital atresia of the uterine cervix

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Reconstructive surgery for digestive transplant in pharyngo laryngo esophageal cancer 18 cases

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Reconstructive surgery for giant labial cancers our experience at the casablanca general teaching hospital morocco regarding sixty two cases

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Reconstructive surgery for obstructive arterial lesions of low extremities

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Reconstructive surgery for renovascular hypertension. II. Influence of patient selection and anatomical result on the blood pressure response after operation

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Reconstructive surgery for the complications of pelvic irradiation

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Reconstructive surgery for the management of imperforate anus in animals

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Reconstructive surgery for vasculogenic impotence

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Reconstructive surgery in buerger's disease

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Reconstructive surgery in gangrene

Morrow C.P.; Lacey C.G.; Lucas W.E., 1979:
Reconstructive surgery in gynecologic cancer employing the gracilis myo cutaneous pedicle graft

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Reconstructive surgery in the adult for failed scoliosis fusion

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Reconstructive surgery in the lower limb in hemophiliacs

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Reconstructive surgery in the subclavian steal syndrome

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Reconstructive surgery in the treatment of hypopharyngeal cancer

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Reconstructive surgery of accessorius nerve palsy following operation of the peripheral lymph nodes in the lateral region of the neck

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Reconstructive surgery of auricular hypoplasia review of 50 cases

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Reconstructive surgery of flaccid paralysis

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Reconstructive surgery of hydrosalpinx with and without the carbon dioxide laser

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Reconstructive surgery of mitral regurgitation due to ruptured chordae tendineae

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Reconstructive surgery of mitral valve incompetence 10 year appraisal

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Reconstructive surgery of pharyngo cutaneous and esophago cutaneous fistulae

Salo, J.A.; Ala-Kulju, K.; Ketonen, P.; Perhoniemi, V.; Meurala, H.; Harjola, P.T., 1986:
Reconstructive surgery of popliteal artery aneurysms

Shintomi Y.; Ohura T.; Honda K.; IIda K., 1982:
Reconstructive surgery of progressive hemi facial atrophy using the free de epithelized flap 1

Maeda M.; Kawashima Y., 1980:
Reconstructive surgery of the airway evaluation of tracheal mobilization for tracheo bronchial plasty

Takahara, N., 1977:
Reconstructive surgery of the cervical carotid artery experimental studies using homologous and heterologous arterial grafts irradiated with high voltage cathode ray

Hamann, H.; Vollmar, J., 1979:
Reconstructive surgery of the internal carotid artery

Boltrukevich, S.I.; Kovanov, V.V., 1985:
Reconstructive surgery of the locomotor system with the aid of allografts conserved in aldehydes

Fritz, K., 1980:
Reconstructive surgery of the pharyngeal isthmus 2. reconstructive surgery of velo pharyngeal insufficiency

Fritz, K., 1980:
Reconstructive surgery of the pharyngeal isthmus 3. surgery of naso pharyngeal atresia

Koch, G.; Gutschi, S., 1977:
Reconstructive surgery of the subclavian artery

Nolli M.L.; Diani M.M.; Callegari P., 1986:
Reconstructive surgery of the trachea an example of a multidisciplinary study between surgeons and anesthetists

Montalto G.; Granone P.M.; Panebianco V.; Zampa G., 1980:
Reconstructive surgery of tracheal bifurcation

Lammert I., 1986:
Reconstructive surgery using myocutaneous island flaps from the latissimus dorsi muscle after cancer ablation in the head and neck

Donato, D.; Jarrell, M.; Averette, H.; Malinin, T.; Sevin, B.; Girtanner, R., 1988:
Reconstructive techniques in gynecologic oncology: the use of human dura mater allografts

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Reconstructive vascular surgery below the knee

Lapin M.D.; Dudkin B.P.; Dolgikh V.A.; Vorontsov V.V.; Meshcheryakova L.N., 1987:
Reconstructive vascular surgery in patients with chronic ischemic heart disease

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Reconstructive vascular surgery in treating severe ischemia of the lower extremities during athero sclerosis

Brunner, U.; Tschumi, M., 1985:
Reconstructive venous surgery

Gourreau J.M.; Mornet M.; Gressin R.; Fraisse J.C.; Gourvil J.; Lesouple C., 1986:
Recontamination by the orf virus ecthyma eight months after infection report of a case and review of the literature

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Record and evaluation of biota for nature conservation purposes mapping of biotopes in baden wuerttemberg germany

Chaudhuri, H.; Rao, N.G.S.; Saha, G.N.; Rout, M.; Kanaujia, D.R.; Lakshmanan, M.A.V., 1978:
Record fish production through intensive fish culture in a farmers ponds

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Record for india vaucheria crenulata new record prescott

Pazzaglia, P.; Frank-Pazzaglia, L., 1976:
Record in grade school of pupils with epilepsy: an epidemiological study

Skegg, D.C.; Doll, R., 1981:
Record linkage for drug monitoring

Van-Der-Have, T.M., 1978:
Record of 2 eye browed thrushes turdus obscurus in the amsterdamse bos netherlands

Kawakatsu M.; Mitchell R.W., 1983:
Record of a cave adapted planarian turbellaria tricladida maricola from guatemala

Imaki, A.; Taki, Y., 1976:
Record of a cyprinid fish xenocheilichthys loppei from the laotian and vietnamese mekong and peninsular thailand

Remeeus, A., 1977:
Record of a leucistic red backed shrike lanius collurio near wassenaar

Dawe E.G.; Drew H.J., 1981:
Record of a mature female short finned squid illex illecebrosus captured inshore at newfoundland canada and previous captures of mature females in the northwest atlantic

Torres-Barreto, A., 1975:
Record of a new species for the colombian avi fauna and some data on its behavior in captivity

Jeritta A.L.R.; David B.V., 1988:
Record of a parasite euderomphale sp new record eulophidae hymenoptera on lipaleyrodes euphorbiae david and subramaniam aleyrodidae homoptera from india

Bin, F., 1976:
Record of a teratological trichopria hymenoptera diapriidae

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Record of a white throated sparrow zonotrichia albicollis in the netherlands

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Record of aberrant forms of dictyoploca japonica and geometra valida lepidoptera

Wongratana T., 1986:
Record of ambicoloration in cynoglossus pisces cynoglossidae from thailand

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Record of an upper miocene fossil goniocorella dumosa coral thicket mount bruce wairarapa new zealand

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Record of aphis craccivora koch. and aphis gossypii glov. family aphididae on moghania macrophylla a host plant of lac insect

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Record of beauveria bassiana on linshcosteus sp hemiptera heteroptera reduviidae triatominae in india

Maithy P.K.; Avasthy R.K., 1982:
Record of biological remains from the iron ore supergroup orissa india

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Record of bluefin killifish lucania goodei new record in north carolina

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Record of caprella laevis new record crustacea amphipoda from hokkaido japan

Tachikawa, T., 1976:
Record of cephalonomia gallicola new record from japan hymenoptera bethylidae

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Record of cetorhinus maximus new record in waters of southern chile elasmobranchii cetorhinidae

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Record of chaetocladius new record diptera chironomidae from india

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Record of coelosternelum new record heller coleoptera curculionidae cryptorhynchinae from india with the descriptions of three new species

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Record of coronis excavatrix crustacea stomatopoda from south carolina usa

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Record of elasmopus pectenicrus new record bate crustacea amphipoda in the lagoon of venice italy

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Record of fleas siphonaptera from the isle of man united kingdom

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Record of genus pseudocypris new record crustacea ostracoda with the description of a new species from india

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Record of heavy metal pollution in sediment from the seto inland sea japan

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Record of horny scales of eomanis waldi from the grube messel near darmstadt west germany mammalia pholidota

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Record of labrid fish xyrichtys pentadactylus from the ogasawara islands japan

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Record of lead pollution in sediments of the tokyo bay japan

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Record of michigan usa mosquito species diptera culicidae collected in a natural focus of jamestown canyon virus in 1984

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Record of nematode trapping fungi in argentina

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Record of new eriophyid mites eriophyoidea acarina from south india

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Record of new natural parasites of sorghum shoot fly atherigona varia soccata diptera anthomyiidae in india

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Record of pacific parrot fish ypsiscarus oedema new record from gulf of mannar india

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Record of paracerceis sculpta new record holmes 1904 isopoda flabellifera sphaeromatidae in the lagoon of venice italy

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Record of parallela chlorococcales chlorophyceae in brazil

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Record of phyllidia zebrina new species from sagami bay japan nudibranchia doridoidea phyllididiidae

Tachikawa, T., 1976:
Record of phylloxerina capreae new record from shikoku japan homoptera phylloxeridae

Mas-Coma, S., 1978 :
Record of psilotornus confertus trematoda psilostomidae a parasite of birds in water shrew neomys fodiens insectivora soricidae in the oriental pyrenean mountains

Ruggieri G., 1985:
Record of rissoa porifera in the pleistocene of palermo italy

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Record of saharidia combaz a late cambrian tremadocian index fossil from krol e beds of mussoorie syncline india

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Record of sandersiella bathyalis cephalocarida from brazil

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Record of saxicola torquata maura new record in the netherlands

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Record of schizodelphis sulcatus cetacea odontoceti from the miocene of preplans friuli carnian pre alps italy

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Record of short finned eel from nagata river shimonoseki japan

Olah J., 1987:
Record of smicridea jamaicensis new record flint from cuba trichoptera hydropsychidae

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Record of somatochlora arctica new record in the schlaubetal a new dragonfly for the fauna of east germany

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Record of sorghum earhead worm cryptoblabes gnidiella lepidoptera pyralidae from haryana india

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Record of species interesting or new to the province of ferrara italy

Valdez J.; Aguilera O., 1985:
Record of stellifer colonensis pisces sciaenidae on the coasts of south america venezuela

Shimizu, T., 1978:
Record of the beryciform fish anoplogaster cornuta f caulolepis from the western north pacific

Taniguchi N.; Kimura S., 1982:
Record of the chum salmon oncorhynchus keta new record from the river monobe in kochi japan

Frances S.P., 1986:
Record of the mosquito pathogenic fungus culicinomyces clavisporus infecting larvae of culiseta inconspicua diptera culicidae in victoria australia

Bhattacharya A.R., 1983:
Record of the stromatolite plicatina from india

Udayagiri S.; Mohan N.J., 1986:
Record of two insect pests of patchouli pogostemon cablin

Grehan J.R., 1983:
Record of wiseana signata lepidoptera hepalidae larvae in sand dunes

Balazy, S.; Wisniewski, J., 1977:
Record on a new species of epiphytic fungus aegeritella lenkoi new species mycophyta hyphomycetales from the brazilian ant camponotus sericeiventris

Kwain W., 1987:
Record size of freshwater pink salmon

Last H., 1984:
Recorded and new species of coleoptera staphylinidae paederinae in papua new guinea

Nagata, T.; Uno, Y.; Shinoda, A., 1977:
Recorder for tracking movement of benthic macro animals

Wünsch, Z.; Hník, P., 1980:
Recording and evaluation of isotonic and isometric contractions of skeletal muscle in situ

Black S.P.W.; Leo H L.; Carson W.L., 1988:
Recording and measuring the interior features of intracranial aneurysms removed at autopsy method and initial finding

Tellnes G.; Fugelli P., 1981:
Recording and prevention of injuries on an island in northern norway

Wergin W.P.; Pawley J.B., 1980:
Recording and projecting stereo pairs of scanning electron micrographs

Dahmen H J.; Zeil J., 1984:
Recording and reconstructing 3 dimensional trajectories a versatile method for the field biologist

Bouchot M C.; Catel J.; Chirol C.; Ganiere J.P.; M., 1985:
Recording bacterial sensitivity to antibiotics in the treatment of mammary infection in cattle

Unwin D.M.; Martin P., 1987:
Recording behavior using a portable microcomputer

Idoniboye-Obu, B., 1977:
Recording bio electric action potentials of marine decapod crustacea by remote electrodes a bioassay procedure for monitoring hydro carbon pollution

Gulledge, J.L., 1976:
Recording bird sounds

Mori T.; Tazawa Y.; Takahashi Y.; Sasamori H., 1981:
Recording electro retinography c waves from retinal detachment before surgical treatment

Tsubaki H.; Ozawa T.; Nagoshi D.; Wada T.; Higo H.; Tsugu Y., 1985:
Recording electromyograms of the intestinal tract in fasted dogs

Lanto A.R.N.; Schaal J.P.; Mailet R.; Colette C., 1986:
Recording fetal movements during pregnancy a help in diagnosis and prognosis using the tococinon

Colette C.; Anguenot M., 1984:
Recording fetal movements using the doppler fizeau effect with a new apparatus the tococinon

Dubrovin N.N.; Cherkasov A.D.; Petukhov V.B., 1981:
Recording forces generated by gnawing in insects

Lukoshevichyute A.I.; Grutsite V.R.; Stankus A.I., 1979:
Recording his bundle potential from the chest surface

Wong, B.; Woody, C.D., 1978:
Recording intra cellularly with potassium ion sensitive electrodes from single cortical neurons in awake cats

Rodionov-Yu-Ya ; Chikov, V.P., 1976:
Recording method of contractions of isolated smooth muscle organs and tissues

Webb, W.B., 1986:
Recording methods and visual scoring criteria of sleep records: comments and recommendations

Shkarin P.Yu; Samoilenko A.A.; Sibel'dina L.A., 1983:
Recording of a high resolution phosphorus 31 nmr spectra from the surface of a living object

Dudel, J., 1973:
Recording of action potentials and polarization of a single crayfish motor axon through a sucrose gap capillary suction electrode

Leuschner, R.M., 1978:
Recording of airborne pollen of ambrosia indicating the presence of this adventive plant

Diemer W.A.; Van Aken H.; Lawin P., 1986:
Recording of anesthesia and recovery period with a new combined anesthesia record

Damato, A.N.; Lau, S.H.; Bobb, G.A.; Wit, A.L., 1970:
Recording of atrio ventricular nodal activity in the intact dog heart

Datta, N.; Kumar, V., 1987:
Recording of birth weight in a primary health care setting in India

Kumar, V.; Walia, I., 1986:
Recording of birthweight range by traditional birth attendants (dais) in villages in Northern India

Friman L.; Persson U.; Uden R., 1984:
Recording of bone marrow activity in liver spleen scintigraphy

Shvets Teneta Gurii T.B., 1979:
Recording of brain electrochemical activity as a method of studying metabolic changes connected with higher nervous activity

Llusa-Perez, M.; Suso-Vergara, S.; Ruano-Gil, D., 1988:
Recording of chick embryo movements and their correlation with joint development

Castanet, J.; Meunier, F.J.; De-Ricqles, A., 1977 :
Recording of cyclic growth by bone tissue in poikilothermic vertebrates comparative data and conclusions

Hariman, R.J.; Chen, C.M., 1983:
Recording of diastolic slope from the junctional area in dogs with junctional rhythm

Hariman, R.J.; Gomes, J.A.; El-Sherif, N., 1984:
Recording of diastolic slope with catheters during junctional rhythm in humans

Boethius, G.; Wiman, F., 1977:
Recording of drug prescriptions in the county of jamtland sweden part 1 methodological aspects

Boethius, G., 1977:
Recording of drug prescriptions in the county of jamtland sweden part 2 drug exposure of pregnant women in relation to course and outcome of pregnancy

Boethius, G., 1977:
Recording of drug prescriptions in the county of jamtland sweden part 3 drugs presented for blood donors in a 5 year period

Boethuis, G., 1977:
Recording of drug prescriptions in the county of jamtland sweden pattern of drug usage in 16600 individuals during 1970 1975

Gaino, E.; Spano, S., 1975:
Recording of ephemerella major new record in italy ephemeroptera

Bechet, G., 1978:
Recording of feeding activity and rumination in grazing sheep

Valentin L.; Marsal K.; Lindstrom K., 1986:
Recording of fetal movements a comparison of three methods

Kindt J.; Erhardt U.; Retzke U.; Stuebe G., 1987:
Recording of fetal movements dependence on typologic psychologic features

Ogishima, H., 1977:
Recording of heart rates during 24 hours of usual activity by super miniature data recording system and its analysis

Slama K., 1984:
Recording of hemolymph pressure pulsations from the insect body surface

Pierrot-Deseilligny, C.; Prier, S.; Masson, M.; Cambier, J., 1978:
Recording of human eye movements in cases of unilateral lesions of the paramedian pontine reticular formation

Yamaguchi H., 1986:
Recording of intracellular calcium from smooth muscle cells by sub micron tip double barrelled calcium selective microelectrodes

Breithardt, G.; Seipel, L., 1980:
Recording of left atrial potentials from pulmonary artery in man

Niida T.; Yamada T.; Mukuno K.; Ishikawa S., 1985:
Recording of lid movement a new trial by ir video camera 1

Kraljevic K.; Vukovojac S., 1984:
Recording of mandibular movements by an articulator system panadent quick analyzer

Reshepilov A.N.; Porotikov V.I.; Zakharov S.D.; Medvedev A.A., 1981:
Recording of muscle electrical activity using potential sensitive dyes

Skok V.I.; Purnyn' S.L., 1980:
Recording of natural electrical activity from human sympathetic nerve fibers with skin surface electrodes

Nassberger L.; Monti M., 1987:
Recording of pinocytosis in amoeba proteus by microcalorimetry

Kontani H.; Koshiura R., 1981:
Recording of pulmonary afferent activities from receptors in the perfused lung preparation of bull frog rana catesbeiana and effects of drugs on the afferent activities

Bodd E.; Stuveseth K.; Kveseth N.; Morland J.; Nordal T.L.; Wickstrom E., 1985:
Recording of salicylate and paracetamol poisonings in norway in relation to new prescription regulations

Elidan J.; Sohmer H.; Nizan M., 1982:
Recording of short latency vestibular evoked potentials to acceleration in rats by skin electrodes

Miledi R.; Parker I.; Sumikawa J., 1983:
Recording of single gamma amino butyrate activated acetyl choline activated receptor channels translated by exogenous messenger rna in xenopus oocytes

Miledi R.; Parker I.; Sumikawa K., 1982:
Recording of single gamma amino butyrate and acetyl choline activated receptor channels translated by exogenous messenger rna in xenopus oocytes

Luehring H., 1986:
Recording of single potassium channels in the membrane of cytoplasmic drop of chara australis

Wang, R.Y.; Aghajanian, G.K., 1977:
Recording of single unit activity during electrical stimulation and micro iontophoresis a method of minimizing stimulus artifacts

Solti, F.; Szatmáry, L.; Czakó, E., 1985:
Recording of sinus node electrogram: its technique, electrophysiological and clinical importance

Hasan Z.; Sasaki S I., 1986:
Recording of spindle afferent discharge during hindlimb movements in spinalized turtles pseudemys scripta elegans

Day M.D.; Poyser R.H.; Sempik J., 1980:
Recording of splanchnic sympathetic nerve activity in conscious and anesthetized cats

Morozova G.I.; Dobretsov G.E.; Barenboim G.M., 1982:
Recording of surface charge changes in erythrocytes and model membranes by means of fluorescent probe

Yanaga, T.; Otsuka, K.; Hata, Y.; Kajimoto, N.; Otsuka, K.; Yoshitake, Y.; Yoshioka, M.; Ito, F., 1977:
Recording of the 4th heart sound by the signal averaging method preliminary report

Sagalovich B.M.; Tsukanova V.N., 1980:
Recording of the acoustic reflex by impedometry in bone conduction of the stimulating signal and its diagnostic significance

Korolev, E.B.; Kryukov-Yu, D., 1976:
Recording of the activity of neurons from 2 brain structures in dogs during an alimentary conditioned reflex

Burlui V.; Teodoru I.; Rener S., 1980:
Recording of the limit perimeter of mandibulary movements

Millet, B.; Thibert, P., 1976:
Recording of the mechanical response of stamens of berberis electrically stimulated

Uematsu S.; Tolo V.T., 1981:
Recording of the somato sensory evoked potentials during surgery for scoliosis and midline myelotomy to monitor spinal cord function

Cullen L.K.; Jones R.S., 1980:
Recording of train of 4 evoked muscle responses from the nose and fore leg in the intact dog

Altynkov G.P., 1982:
Recording optical interaction between lymphocytes activated with phyto hem agglutinin using a yeast detector

Sergeeva S.S., 1983:
Recording oxygen tension near the retzius neuron surface in the leech

Wright, K.W.; Eriksen, K.J.; Shors, T.J.; Ary, J.P., 1986:
Recording pattern visual evoked potentials under chloral hydrate sedation

Croake, J.W., 1985:
Recording psychological testing: the Psychological Testing Report Form

Wallis, D.I.; Lees, G.M.; Kosterlitz, H.W., 1975:
Recording resting and action potentials by the sucrose gap method

Woller, T.W.; Roberts, M.J.; Ploetz, P.A., 1987:
Recording schedule II drug use in a decentralized drug distribution system

Sviderskaya G.E.; Voino Yasenetskii A.V.; Polyakova L.A.; Bursian A.V., 1981:
Recording technique for investigation of movements of sea animals

Frantsevich L.I.; Mokrushov P.A.; Dub V.A., 1979:
Recording the activity in directionally sensitive visual neurons in the beetles geotrupes during walking

Scholz S.; Grosse W R., 1986:
Recording the activity of fish with ultrasound techniques with reference to different water qualities

Dunkelberg, H.; Hartmetz, G., 1977 :
Recording the air pollution by ethylene oxide in the region of clinical sterilization installations

Gill C.W., 1987:
Recording the beat patterns of the second antennae of calanoid copepods with a micro impedance technique

Lambrecht R.; Willenberg E.; Plate M., 1986:
Recording the cell mediated immunity in patients with gliomatous cerebral tumors

Fomin I.O.; Sinel'nikova S.E.; Kozlov A.N.; Uranov V.N.; Gorshkov V.A., 1983:
Recording the hearts magnetic field

Winter M.; Rothe H., 1979:
Recording the repertory of sounds emitted by hand reared callithrix jacchus jacchus with special consideration to the imperceptible transitions between the individual groups of sounds

Silver S.C.; Halls J.A.T., 1980:
Recording the sounds of hydropsychid larvae hydropsyche pellucidula a cautionary tale

Petersen H.C., 1986:
Recording the utilization of land and sea resources in greenland

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Recording the visual electrically evoked potential

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Records of a sharp tailed sandpiper calidris acuminata and a pectoral sandpiper calidris melanotos a comparison

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Records of lernaeolophus sp copepoda in the fish lutjanus griseus with multiple epizoic organisms on the copepod

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Records of the greater white toothed shrew crocidura russula new record on the island of schiermonnikoog and the harvest mouse micromys minutus new record on the island of ameland the netherlands

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Records of the lepidoptera of greece based on the collections of g. christensen and l. gozmany xi. lithocolletidae

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Records of the northern hemisphere cretaceous sawfish genus onchopristis order batoidea from new zealand

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Records of the parti colored bat vespertilio murinus in the netherlands

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Records of the spotted skunk spilogale putorius and long tailed weasel mustela frenata new record from the llano estacado of texas usa

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Records of the strepsiptera from australia and sri lanka in the collection of the smithsonian institution with descriptions of 4 new species notulae strepsipterologicae 11

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Records of the strepsiptera from west malaysia with descriptions of malayaxenos new genus and 5 new species notulae strepsipterologicae 7

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Records of the trichopteran families hydroptilidae and psychomyiidae from kansas

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Records of trematode parasites of japanese bats from akita prefecture northern honshu japan

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Records of trichoptera from kansas usa part 2 the families glossosomatidae helicopsychidae hydropsychidae and rhyacophilidae

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Records of two species of plant hoppers new to china homoptera delphacidae

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Records of upper cretaceous and tertiary bankia mollusca teredinidae from new zealand

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Records of Western Australian plants used by Aboriginals as medicinal agents

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Records on some lower fungi occurring in mites acarina in poland

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Records on some species of the genera prathigada and stenella

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Records on the distribution of micronecta species heteroptera corixidae in finland

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Recoupling the sodium potassium pump

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Recoverability of cotton gossypium hirsutum following simulated hail damage

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Recovered alcoholics' perception of prevention

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Recoveries in southern africa of sea birds breeding elsewhere

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Recoveries of banded ospreys in the west indies

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Recoveries of danish swallows hirundo rustica in denmark

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Recoveries of dippers cinclus cinclus with finnish rings in northern norway

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Recoveries of gray seals halichoerus grypus fabricius tagged along the norwegian coast

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Recoveries of ospreys banded in the usa 1914 1984

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Recoveries of paradise shelducks tadorna variegata banded in the taihape nelson marlborough waitaki and southland districts new zealand

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Recoveries of ringed birds

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Recoveries of ringed birds from iraq

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Recoveries of saskatchewan banded great horned owls

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Recoveries of tagged nitrogen nitrogen 15 labeled under some management practices for lowland rice

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Recovering alcoholics: personality and aftercare factors

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Recovering of proteins from buttermilk

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Recovering toxocara spp ova from soil of public gardens in paris prophylaxis of human infestations

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Recovering viewer centered depth from disparity occlusion and velocity gradients

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Recovery after anesthesia with alfentanil or halothane

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Recovery after bone marrow transplantation performed without previous radiotherapy in blastic phase of chronic granulocytic leukemia

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Recovery after chilling an assessment of chill tolerance in phaseolus spp

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Recovery after exposure to near uv light of cells containing 5 bromodeoxy uridine

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Recovery after freezing and thawing of cultured human di ploid fibroblasts

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Recovery after ketamine diazepam infusion and thiopental fentanyl infusion anesthesia with jet ventilation for laryngo microscopy

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Recovery after muscular fatigue in hemiparesis

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Recovery after night work

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Recovery after physical exercise analysis of substrate repletion

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Recovery after prolonged asystolic cardiac arrest in profound hypo thermia a case and a literature review

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Recovery after stroke

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Recovery after stroke the 1st 3 months

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Recovery after water stress of leaf gas exchange in panicum maximum var trichoglume

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Recovery and activation of hydroxymethyl glutaryl coenzyme a reductase ec from rat small intestine

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Recovery and adjustment of aquatic vegetation within channelization works in england and wales uk

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Recovery and age dynamics of native spruce beech fir forests of the ukrainian carpathians ussr

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Recovery and compensatory adaptive processes of the spinal cord during damage and enzymo therapy

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Recovery and culture of ova from Brucella abortus infected cows

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Recovery and development of birch forests damaged by epirrita autumnata in utsjoki area north finland

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Recovery and diversity of heterotrophic bacteria from chlorinated drinking waters

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Recovery and driving after brief anesthesia

McKercher, T.C.; Nelson, W.J.; Melgaard, S.A., 1980:
Recovery and enhancement of reflex reaction time after nitrous oxide analgesia

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Recovery and evaluation of embryos from normal and infertile mares

Kemp J.A.; Hurt S.N.; Brown J.; Clark W.R., 1981:
Recovery and function of human fetal pancreas frozen to minus 196 celsius

Villanueva M.R.; Holt E.C., 1986:
Recovery and growth patterns of coastal bermuda grass as influenced by nitrogen level and defoliation frequency

Ellner, P.D.; Granato, P.A.; May, C.B., 1973:
Recovery and identification of anaerobes: a system suitable for the routine clinical laboratory

Quan, T.J.; Tsuchiya, K.R.; Carter, L.G., 1986:
Recovery and identification of Pasteurella multocida from mammals and fleas collected during plague investigations

Yayanos, A.A., 1978 :
Recovery and maintenance of live amphipods at a pressure of 580 bars from an ocean depth of 5700 meters

Bough, W.A.; Landes, D.R., 1976:
Recovery and nutritional evaluation of proteinaceous solids separated from whey by coagulation with chitosan

Kirchner, B.K.; Dixon, L.W.; Lentsch, R.H.; Wagner, J.E., 1982:
Recovery and pathogenicity of several Salmonella species isolated from mice

Visser, J.H.; Herb, R.; Schildknecht, H., 1987:
Recovery and preliminary chromatographic investigation of germination stimulants produced by vigna unguiculata walp. cultivar saunders upright

Alvarez R.J.; Bitton G., 1983:
Recovery and prevalence of aeromonas hydrophila in 25 florida usa lakes

Yamamoto, T.; Tsukui, K.; Ootsuka, N., 1982:
Recovery and purification of leakage radioactive krypton

Karumo, I., 1977:
Recovery and rehabilitation of elderly subjects with femoral neck fractures

Barker, S.A.; Somers, P.J.; Epton, R., 1970:
Recovery and reuse of water insoluble amylase derivatives

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Recovery and survival of nontuberculous mycobacteria under various growth and decontamination conditions

Saleh, F.A., 1977:
Recovery and susceptibility patterns of fecal streptococci bacterio phages

Osnes M., 1981:
Recovery and variation of pancreatic juice obtained by endoscopic cannulation of the main pancreatic duct in man

Goldfinger M.D.; Simpson C.W.; Resch G.E., 1984:
Recovery by push pull perfusion on neuro chemicals released within the cuneate nucleus of the cat by somato sensory stimulation

Powell E.N.; Connor S.J.; Kendall J.J.Jr; Zastrow C.E.; Bright T.J., 1984:
Recovery by the coral acropora cervicornis after drilling mud exposure the free amino acid pool/

Jones, R.M.; Pearce, A.C.; Williams, J.P., 1984:
Recovery characteristics following antagonism of atracurium with neostigmine or edrophonium

Macková, N.; Praslicka, M., 1979:
Recovery course in mouse spleen and bone marrow after continuous irradiation

Smirnova N.P., 1979:
Recovery cycles of brain evoked potentials under the effect of constant magnetic field in rats

Maksimova E.V.; Maksimova L.N., 1982:
Recovery cycles of electrical reactions of the visual cortex at the early stages of the cat ontogenesis

Vorob'ev V.V.; Nesterova I.V., 1979:
Recovery cycles of primary responses in rat visual cortex caused by pharmacological and electrical effects on mono aminergic brain systems

Pollak, G.D.; Bodenhamer, R.; Marsh, D.S.; Souther, A., 1977:
Recovery cycles of single neurons in the inferior colliculus of unanesthetized bats obtained with frequency modulated and constant frequency sounds

Daurova F.K.; Kolotygina R.F., 1980:
Recovery cycles of the cortical evoked potentials to paired stimuli

Anh-Thu-Pham-Thi ; Vieira-Da-Silva, J., 1978:
Recovery during re hydration of carbon di oxide compensation point photo respiration and ultrastructure in 2 cotton species

M.S.; Zhong J., 1982:
Recovery effect of uv light on the cell membrane damage of rat erythrocytes induced by gamma radiation

Brehm, B.A.; Gutin, B., 1986:
Recovery energy expenditure for steady state exercise in runners and nonexercisers

Hughes D.E., 1983:
Recovery factor for extraction from a solid extractant retaining matrix

Redmond, J.M.; Ahmad, B.K., 1986:
Recovery following acute pontine hemorrhage

Uhl C., 1982:
Recovery following disturbances of different intensities in the amazon rain forest of venezuela

Smith B.D., 1985:
Recovery following experimental harvesting of laminaria longicruris and laminaria digitata in southwestern nova scotia canada

Wells, M.A.; Albrecht, P.; Ennis, F.A., 1981:
Recovery from a viral respiratory infection 1. influenza pneumonia in normal and t deficient mice

Wells, M.A.; Ennis, F.A.; Albrecht, P., 1981:
Recovery from a viral respiratory infection 2. passive transfer of immune spleen cells to mice with influenza pneumonia

Wells, M.A.; Daniel, S.; Djeu, J.Y.; Kiley, S.C.; Ennis, F.A., 1983:
Recovery from a viral respiratory tract infection 4. specificity of protection by cyto toxic t lymphocytes

Baba, M.; Matsunaga, M., 1984:
Recovery from acute demyelinating conduction block in the presence of prolonged distal conduction delay due to peripheral nerve constriction

Behera, H.N.; Patnaik, B.K., 1981:
Recovery from alloxan diabetes as revealed by collagen characteristics of bone, skin and tendon of Swiss mice

Poertner, H.O.; Vogeler, S.; Grieshaber, M.K., 1986:
Recovery from anaerobiosis in the intertidal worm sipunculus nudus i. restoration of aerobic steady state energy metabolism

Poertner, H.O.; Vogeler, S.; Grieshaber, M.K., 1986:
Recovery from anaerobiosis in the intertidal worm sipunculus nudus ii. gas exchange and changes in the intracellular and extracellular acid base status

Poertner H O.; Surholt B.; Grieshaber M., 1979:
Recovery from anaerobiosis of the lugworm arenicola marina changes of metabolite concentrations in the body wall musculature

Enright, A.C.; Pace-Floridia, A., 1977:
Recovery from anesthesia in out patients a comparison of narcotic and inhalational techniques

Thomas, E.D.; Storb, R.; Giblett, E.R.; Longpre, B.; Weiden, P.L.; Fefer, A.; Witherspoon, R.; Clift, R.A.; Buckner, C.D., 1976:
Recovery from aplastic anemia following attempted marrow transplantation

Hahn E.W.; Feingold S.M.; Simpson L.; Batata M., 1982:
Recovery from aspermia induced by low dose radiation in seminoma patients

Lawson E.E., 1982:
Recovery from central apnea effect of stimulus duration and end tidal carbon di oxide partial pressure

Bodis-Wollner, I., 1977:
Recovery from cerebral blindness evoked potential and psycho physical measurements

Reasor M.J.; Castranova V., 1981:
Recovery from chlorphentermine induced phospho lipidosis in rat alveolar macrophages biochemical and cellular features

Reasor M.J.; Walker E.R., 1981:
Recovery from chlorphentermine induced phospho lipidosis in rat alveolar macrophages morphological features

Fekadu, M.; Baer, G.M., 1980:
Recovery from clinical rabies of 2 dogs inoculated with a rabies virus strain from Ethiopia

Brezáni, P.; Zahumenská, L.; Condrusseková, A.; Kalina, I., 1985:
Recovery from cytogenetic damage of mouse bone marrow cells after continuous irradiation

Wagner S.; Feldman A.; Snipes W., 1982:
Recovery from damage induced by acridine plus near uv light in escherichia coli

Craig J.; Cooper G.M.; Sear J.W., 1982:
Recovery from day case anesthesia comparison between methohexitone althesin and etomidate

Jones D.F., 1982:
Recovery from day case anesthesia comparison of a further 4 techniques including use of the new induction agent diprivan

Okamoto, M.; Rao, S.N.; Reyes, J.; Rifkind, A.B., 1985:
Recovery from dispositional and pharmacodynamic tolerance after chronic pentobarbital treatment

Lillo R.S., 1979:
Recovery from diving brady cardia in bull frogs rana catesbeiana

Malabuyoc J.A.; Aragon E.L.; D.D.tta S.K., 1985:
Recovery from drought induced desiccation at the vegetative growth stage in direct seeded rain fed rice

Kolb, B.; Holmes, C.; Whishaw, I.Q., 1987:
Recovery from early cortical lesions in rats iii. neonatal removal of posterior parietal cortex has greater behavior and anatomical effects than similar removals in adulthood

Glassman, R.B.; Malamut, B.L., 1976:
Recovery from electro encephalographic slowing and reduced evoked potentials after somato sensory cortical damage in cats

Nandi, P.S.; Spodick, D.H., 1977:
Recovery from exercise at varying work loads. Time course of responses of heart rate and systolic intervals

Heaton M.B.; Klein S.L., 1981:
Recovery from experimentally induced problem solving deficits in neo natal peking ducklings anas platyrhynchos as a function of environmental stimulation

Beck E.; Scheibe R.; Schulze E D., 1986:
Recovery from fire observations in the alpine vegetation of western mount kilimanjaro tanzania

Feldmann, A.M., 1978:
Recovery from genetic damage induced by 4 kilorad x rays in sperm of tetranychus urticae acari tetranychidae

Watson A.C.; Rosenfield R.L.; Fang V.S., 1988:
Recovery from glucocorticoid inhibition of the responses to corticotropin releasing hormone

Machado, C.R.; Machado, A.B.; Chiari, C.A., 1978:
Recovery from heart norepinephrine depletion in experimental Chagas' disease

Pankov, N.V., 1977:
Recovery from helminthoses in employees of food enterprises

Loughton B.G., 1987:
Recovery from hyperlipemia in the locust

Block, E.R., 1978:
Recovery from hyperoxic depression of pulmonary 5 hydroxy tryptamine clearance effect of inspired oxygen tension

Kumada M.; Hosaka Y.; Kawabata M.; Asahi H.; Kato K.; Kobayakawa T.; Hayashi S., 1987:
Recovery from immunosuppression in mice infected with schistosoma japonicum by treatment of praziquantel

Wood, T.E.; Edgar, H.; Salcedo, J., 1976:
Recovery from inhalation of diquat aerosol

Tsushimoto G.; Kikuchi T.; Ishida M.R., 1982:
Recovery from inhibition of transcription in gamma irradiated euglena gracilis cells

Ravussin P.; Bayer Berger M.M., 1985:
Recovery from isoflurane and halothane anesthesias

Thacker J.; Stretch A., 1983:
Recovery from lethal and mutagenic damage during post irradiation holding and low dose rate irradiation of cultured hamster cells

Hinshaw, L.B.; Beller, B.K.; Archer, L.T.; Flournoy, D.J.; White, G.L.; Phillips, R.W., 1979:
Recovery from lethal Escherichia coli shock in dogs

Korbyn U.; Hoffmann B., 1986:
Recovery from local dynamic work to exhaustion

File S.E., 1982:
Recovery from lorazepam tolerance and the effects of a benzodiazepine antagonist ro 15 1788 8 fluoro 5 6 dihydro 5 methyl 6 oxo 4h imidazo 1 5 a 1 4 benzodiazepine 3 carboxylic acid ethyl ester on the development of tolerance

Weltman, A.; Stamford, B.A.; Fulco, C., 1979:
Recovery from maximal effort exercise: lactate disappearance and subsequent performance

Blakemore, C.; Vital-Durand, F.; Garey, L.J., 1981:
Recovery from mon ocular deprivation in the monkey erythrocebus patas 1. reversal of physiological effects in the visual cortex

Garey, L.J.; Vital-Durand, F., 1981:
Recovery from mon ocular deprivation in the monkey erythrocebus patas 2. reversal of morphological effects in the lateral geniculate nucleus

Swindale, N.V.; Vital-Durand, F.; Blakemore, C., 1981:
Recovery from mon ocular deprivation in the monkey erythrocebus patas 3. reversal of anatomical effects in the visual cortex

McGonigle, L.F.; Beaudry, M.A.; Coe, J.Y., 1987:
Recovery from neonatal myocardial dysfunction after treatment of acute hypertension

Amy, P.S.; Pauling, C.; Morita, R.Y., 1983:
Recovery from nutrient starvation by a marine Vibrio sp

Milligan K.R.; O'toole D.P.; Howe J.P.; Cooper J.C.; Dundee J.W., 1987:
Recovery from outpatient anesthesia a comparison of incremental propofol and propofol isoflurane

Chancellor, A.M.; Glasgow, G.L., 1986:
Recovery from parainfectious encephalomyelitis

McQuarrie, I.G., 1978:
Recovery from paraplegia caused by spontaneous spinal epidural hematoma

Seidenfeld, J.J.; Sobonya, R.E.; Toyoshima, J.M., 1985:
Recovery from paraquat pneumonitis

Berenberg R.A., 1984:
Recovery from partial de afferentation in increases 2 deoxy glucose uptake in distant spinal segments

Tanaka H.; Kobayashi S., 1982:
Recovery from phosphorus excess in rice seedlings by iron application

Hama Inaba H.; Hieda Shiomi N.; Shiomi T.; Sato K., 1982:
Recovery from post irradiation inhibition of dna synthesis in an uv sensitive mutant mouse cell

Eiholzer U.; Zachmann M.; Gnehm H.E.; Prader A., 1986:
Recovery from post traumatic anterior pituitary insufficiency

Bivins D.; Biller J.; Laster D.W.; Mclean W.T., 1981:
Recovery from post traumatic locked in syndrome with basilar artery occlusion

Porras, C.; Barboza, J.J.; Fuenzalida, E.; Adaros, H.L.; Oviedo, A.M.; Furst, J., 1976:
Recovery from rabies in man

Miller R.C.; Hiraoka T.; Enno M.; Takeichi N., 1985:
Recovery from radiation induced damage in primary cultures of human epithelial thyroid cells

Bhagat R.M., 1987:
Recovery from radiation injury by 2 mercaptopropionylglycine in lymphocytes of mouse bone marrow

Monroy R.L.; Skelly R.R.; Taylor P.; Dubois A.; Donahue R.E.; Macvittie T.J., 1988:
Recovery from severe hematopoietic suppression using recombinant granulocyte macrophage colony stimulating factor

Lantz G.D.; Cunningham G.R.; Huckins C.; Lipschultz L.I., 1981:
Recovery from severe oligo spermia after exposure to di bromochloro propane

Wells R.M.G.; Tetens V.; Devries A.L., 1984:
Recovery from stress following capture and anesthesia of antarctic fish hematology and blood chemistry

Zuurmond W.W.A.; Van Leeuwen L., 1987:
Recovery from sufentanil anesthesia for outpatient arthroscopy a comparison with isoflurane

Kumar R.; Singh M., 1984:
Recovery from tannic acid inhibited proteolysis in the rumen by urea/

Davidson D., 1982:
Recovery from the 5 amino uracil induced blockage in interphase evidence for differential recovery

Chan, H.; Evans, W.E.; Pratt, C.B., 1977:
Recovery from toxicity associated with high dose methotrexate prognostic factors

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