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Recovery from lethal and mutagenic damage during postirradiation holding and low-dose-rate irradiations of cultured hamster cells

Thacker, J.; Stretch, A.

Radiation Research 96(2): 380-392


ISSN/ISBN: 0033-7587
PMID: 6647766
DOI: 10.2307/3576221
Accession: 006273942

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Survival and mutation to thioguanine resistance were measured in V79-4 hamster cells [lung fibroblast] grown to plateau phase without refeeding and irradiated with 60Co .gamma. rays. The effects of low-dose-rate irradiation and of postirradiation holding on recovery from .gamma.-ray damage leading to these 2 responses were also studied. The responses of these plateau (extended G1)-phase cells to acute irradiation were similar to those previously found for exponentially growing cells, including the linear relationship between induced mutant frequency and (log) surviving fraction. Irradiation at low dose rate (0.34 rad/min) considerably reduced both the lethal and mutagenic effects of given doses of .gamma. rays, but the linear mutation-survival relationship was approximately the same as for acute irradiation. In contrast, cells given a 5-h holding period after acute irradiation showed the anticipated recovery from potentially lethal damage but no recovery from damage leading to mutation. These results are discussed in terms of previously proposed cellular repair processes (sublethal damage repair and potentially lethal damage repair) and the possibility that the radiation damage leading to lethality is different from mutagenic damage.

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