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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 6275

Chapter 6275 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Shimada, T.; Nunoura, Y.; Kitanaka, E.; Iwagami, S.; Mizuta, Y., 1977: Recovery from toxicological and biochemical effects of rats intoxicated with poly chlorinated bi phenyls

Jaeger J.; Hundshagen W., 1986: Recovery from traumatic tetraplegia due to immediate surgery

Field J.B.; Chou M.C.Y.; Titus G.; Worden W., 1982: Recovery from tsh induced refractoriness in thyroid slices effect of removal of hormone and new protein synthesis

Deuel R.K.; Collins R.C., 1983: Recovery from unilateral neglect

Campbell, D. C.; Oxbury, J. M., 1976: Recovery from unilateral visuo spatial neglect

Elharrar V., 1988: Recovery from use dependent block of maximum upstroke velocity and restitution action potential duration in canine cardiac purkinje fibers

Zamansky G.B., 1986: Recovery from uv induced potentially lethal damage in systemic lupus erythematosus skin fibroblasts

Bhatnagar D.; Bhattacharya A.K., 1983: Recovery from uv light induced catabolite repression of l arabinose isomerase

Witkin E.M.; Roegner Maniscalco V.; Sweasy J.B.; Mccall J.O., 1987: Recovery from uv light induced inhibition of dna synthesis requires umu dc gene products in rec a 718 mutant strains but not in rec a positive strains of escherichia coli

Seeger J.W.Jr; Carell E.F., 1983: Recovery from vitamin b 12 induced unbalanced growth fate of the elevated ribo nucleotide reductase activity in euglena gracilis

Goetz, G. H.; Carell, E. F., 1978: Recovery from vitamin b 12 induced unbalanced growth the shortened cell cycle and the deoxy ribo nucleoside tri phosphate pools

Rawson, H. M.; Turner, N. C., 1982: Recovery from water stress in 5 sunflower helianthus annuus cultivars 1. effects of the timing of water application of leaf area and seed production

Rawson, H. M.; Turner, N. C., 1982: Recovery from water stress in 5 sunflower helianthus annuus cultivars 2. the development of leaf area

Lovhaug, D.; Wibe, E.; Oftebro, R.; Pettersen, E. O.; Brustad, T., 1977: Recovery from x ray induced damage in human cells grown in culture

Miller R.C.J.; Enno M.; Yamane M.; Nishiki M., 1985: Recovery from x ray induced damage in primary cultures of human skin fibroblast cells

Ellis D.V.; Gee P.; Cross S., 1981: Recovery from zinc contamination in a stock of pacific oysters crassostrea gigas

Wiederholt, W. C., 1978: Recovery function of short latency components of surface and depth recorded somato sensory evoked potentials in the cat

Meyer Hardting E.; Wiederholt W.C.; Budnick B., 1983: Recovery function of short latency components of the human somato sensory evoked potential

Kevanishvili Z.; Lagidze Z., 1979: Recovery function of the human brain stem auditory evoked potential

Luders H.; Lesser R.; Gurd A.; Klem G., 1984: Recovery functions of spinal cord and subcortical somatosensory evoked potentials to posterior tibial nerve stimulation intrasurgical recordings

Singh A.; Mcfeters G.A., 1986: Recovery growth and production of heat stable enterotoxin by escherichia coli after copper induced injury

Weatherley A.H.; Gill H.S., 1981: Recovery growth following periods of restricted rations and starvation in rainbow trout salmo gairdneri

Chu A.C.P.; Mcpherson H.G.; Halligan G., 1979: Recovery growth following water deficits of different duration in prairie grass bromus catharticus

Mast F.; Elzinga G., 1988: Recovery heat production of isolated rabbit papillary muscle at 20 c

Wendt, I. R.; Gibbs, C. L., 1976: Recovery heat production of mammalian fast twitch muscles and slow twitch muscles

Tamm I., 1983: Recovery hela cell population growth after treatment with 5 6 di chloro 1 beta d ribofuranosyl benzimidazole

Hojo K.; Watanabe S.; Tasaki H.; Sato T.; Metoki H.; Saito M., 1985: Recovery in aphasia part 1

Hojo K.; Watanabe S.; Tasaki H.; Sato T.; Metoki H.; Saito M., 1985: Recovery in aphasia part 2 size and site of lesion

Watanabe S.; Hojo K.; Tasaki H.; Hanazono T.; Sato T.; Metoki H.; Oosumi N., 1987: Recovery in aphasia part 3 study by multivariate analysis

Inada, T.; Kasuga, T.; Nojiri, I.; Furuse, T.; Hiraoka, T., 1976: Recovery in burkitt lymphoma cells after x ray irradiation

Gustafson, L.; Hagberg, B., 1978: Recovery in hydrocephalic dementia after shunt operation

Isles C.G.; Mclay A.; Jones J.M.B., 1984: Recovery in malignant hypertension presenting as acute renal failure

Paparo A.A.; Dean R.C., 1982: Recovery in the average rate of lateral transport as a function of acclimation time

Menck C.F.M.; Meneghini R., 1982: Recovery in the survival capacity of uv irradiated 3t3 mouse cells at g 0 cannot be solely dependent on the excision of pyrimidine dimers

Sarno M.T.; Levita E., 1979: Recovery in treated aphasia in the 1st year post stroke

Miyakoshi J.; Heki S I.; Furukawa M.; Kano E., 1982: Recovery kinetics from the damage by step up and step down heatings in combination with radiation in chinese hamster cells

Iversen O.H., 1983: Recovery kinetics of epidermal cell proliferation after 2 intra peritoneal injections of epidermal extracts chalone

Virsik R.P.; Harder D., 1980: Recovery kinetics of radiation induced chromosome aberrations in human g 0 lymphocytes

Kahn R.A.; Staggs S.D.; Miller W.V.; Heaton W.A., 1980: Recovery life span and function of citrate phosphate dextrose adenine platelet concentrates stored for up to 72 hours at 4 celsius

Kahn R.A.; Staggs S.D.; Philllips G.L., 1981: Recovery life span and function of stored plateletpheresis units

Namikawa T.; Satoh J I.; Yamamura T.; Sakai K.; Kunishita T.; Tabira T., 1987: Recovery mechanisms from experimental allergic encephalomyelitis in rats analyses by using encephalitogenic t cell line

Niki H.; Igarashi S.; Wada T., 1983: Recovery moisture and particle size of active fish protein powder

Agarwal R.P., 1979: Recovery of 2 deoxy coformycin inhibited adenosine deaminase of mouse erythrocytes and leukemia l 1210 in vivo

Ahmad T.R.; Kindler S.D.; Pruess K.P., 1984: Recovery of 2 sorghum varieties from sublethal infestations of chinch bug blissus leucopterus leucopterus hemiptera heteroptera lygaeidae

Levy J.A.; Rutledge F.; Dimpfl J.; Silagi S., 1979: Recovery of 3 distinct biologically active type c viruses from cloned c 57bl 6 melanoma cells

Mela, T.; Youngner, V. B., 1976: Recovery of 3 temperate climate grasses from drought stress

Bayfield N.G., 1979: Recovery of 4 montane heath communities on cairngorm scotland uk from disturbance by trampling

Yates G.K.; Cody A.R.; Johnstone B.M., 1983: Recovery of 8th nerve action potential thresholds after exposure to short intense pure tones similarities with temporary threshold shift

Schwartz, H. E.; Morgan, D. E.; Calcaterra, T. C., 1978: Recovery of 8th nerve function after cerebello pontine angle surgery

Smith D.L.; Distler D.A., 1981: Recovery of a benthic macro invertebrate community following a toxic chemical discharge in a sandy plains stream

Leonard R.E.; Conkling P.W.; Mcmahon J.L., 1985: Recovery of a bryophyte community on hurricane island maine usa

Likens, G. E.; Bormann, F. H.; Pierce, R. S.; Reiners, W. A., 1978: Recovery of a de forested ecosystem

Mackenzie C.P., 1982: Recovery of a dog from louping ill

Wallace J.B.; Vogel D.S.; Cuffney T.F., 1986: Recovery of a headwater stream from an insecticide induced community disturbance

Sekiguchi T.; Nishimoto T.; Kai R.; Sekiguchi M., 1983: Recovery of a hybrid vector derived from bovine papilloma virus dna pbr 322 and the herpes simplex virus tk gene by bacterial transformation with extrachromosomal dna from transfected rodent cells

Johnson K.M.; Taylor P.; Elliott L.H.; Tomori O., 1981: Recovery of a lassa related arenavirus in zimbabwe

Caudill J.W.; Romanowski E.; Araullo Cruz T.; Gordon Y.J., 1986: Recovery of a latent herpes simplex virus type 1 thymidine kinase negative strain following iontophoresis and co cultivation in the ocularly infected rabbit model

Simione, F. P-Jr ; Daggett, P. M., 1977: Recovery of a marine dinoflagellate following controlled and uncontrolled freezing

Finch G.R.; Stiles M.E.; Smith D.W., 1987: Recovery of a marker strain of escherichia coli from ozonated water by membrane filtration

Hanafusa, T.; Hanafusa, H.; Miyamoto, T., 1970: Recovery of a new virus from apparently normal chick cells by infection with avian tumor viruses

Oviatt C.A.; Pilson M.E.Q.; Nixon S.N.; Frithsen J.B.; Rudnick D.T.; Kelly J.R.; Grassle J.F.; Grassle J.P., 1984: Recovery of a polluted estuarine system a mesocosm experiment

Lim P.; Labat R., 1979: Recovery of a polluted river the little baise france

De Villiers G., 1979: Recovery of a population of white mussels donax serra at elands bay south africa following a mass mortality

Uchino A.; Miyazaki T., 1986: Recovery of a sat chromosome a 2 incurred differential amphiplasty in amphidiploids of scilla scilloides

Collins, A. R.; Flanagan, T. D., 1978: Recovery of a sendai virus variant with temperature sensitive hemolytic activity from persistently infected cells from mouse brain

Molles M.C.Jr, 1985: Recovery of a stream invertebrate community from a flash flood in tesuque creek new mexico usa

Henton W.W.; Sykes S.M., 1984: Recovery of absolute threshold with uv a induced retinal damage

Goudou, D.; Rieger, F., 1983: Recovery of acetyl cholin esterase ec and of its multiple molecular forms in motor end plate free and motor end plate rich regions of mouse striated muscle after irreversible inactivation by an organo phosphorus compound methyl phosphoro thiolate derivative

Wilson, B. W.; Nieberg, P. S., 1983: Recovery of acetyl cholin esterase ec forms in quail muscle cultures after intoxication with dfp

Cisson, C. M.; Wilson, B. W., 1977: Recovery of acetyl cholin esterase ec in cultured chick embryo muscle treated with paraoxon

Grubic, Z.; Sketelj, J.; Klinar, B.; Brzin, M., 1981: Recovery of acetyl cholin esterase ec in the diaphragm brain and plasma of the rat after irreversible inhibition by soman a study of cytochemical localization and molecular forms of the enzyme in the motor end plate

Dekin, M. S.; Guy, H. R., 1978: Recovery of acetyl choline response of de nervated muscle following exposure to alpha bungaro toxin

Wehner J.M.; Smolen A.; Smolen T.N.; Murphy C., 1985: Recovery of acetylcholinesterase activity after acute organophosphate treatment of central nervous system reaggregate cultures

Turpaev T.M.; Semenova M.N., 1988: Recovery of acetylcholinesterase activity after irreversible inhibition by organophosphorous compounds in embryonic development

Levy J.A.; Shimabukuro J., 1985: Recovery of acquired immune deficiency syndrome associated retroviruses from patients with acquired immune deficiency syndrome or acquired immune deficiency syndrome related conditions and from clinically healthy individuals

Orlova T.I.; Volkova E.I.; Kuroedov A.A., 1988: Recovery of actinomycin biosynthesis during protoplast regeneration in the inactive variant of an antibiotic producing organism

Petrenko, O. A.; Khvatov, B. V., 1976: Recovery of active plasminogen from the blood plasma of individuals who died suddenly

Mikalsen A.; Andersen R.A.; Barstad J.A.B.; Lilleheil G., 1982: Recovery of activity and molecular forms of cholin esterase in different animal species following irreversible cholin esterase inhibition

Yoneyama K., 1983: Recovery of activity of daily living in cases of cerebral infarction

Smith C.J.; Delaune R.D., 1985: Recovery of added nitrogen 15 labeled ammonium nitrogen from louisiana gulf coast usa estuarine sediment

Scherer S.; Chen T W.; Boeger P., 1986: Recovery of adenine nucleotide pools in terrestrial blue green algae after prolonged drought periods

Greig, F.; Oberfield, S. E.; Levine, L. S.; Ghavimi, F.; Pang, S.; New, M. I., 1984: Recovery of adrenal function after treatment of adreno cortical carcinoma with o p' ddd

Osa S.R.; Peterson R.E.; Roberts R.B., 1981: Recovery of adrenal reserve following treatment of disseminated south american blasto mycosis

Araie M.; Tsuru T.; Masuda K., 1981: Recovery of adreno cortical function in patients treated with a large dose of gluco corticoids assessment of adreno cortical responsiveness to acth by rapid acth test

Abeyta C.Jr; Kaysner C.A.; Wekell M.M.; Sullivan J.J.; Stelma G.N., 1986: Recovery of aeromonas hydrophila from oysters implicated in an outbreak of foodborne illness

Fabris N.; Muzzioli M.; Mochegiani E., 1982: Recovery of age dependent immunological deterioration in balb c mice by short term treatment with l thyroxine

Fabris N.; Mocchegiani E.; Muzzioli M., 1986: Recovery of age related decline of thymic endocrine activity and phytohemagglutinin response by lysine arginine combination

Viljoen, M., 1978: Recovery of albumin from hepatitis b surface antigen positive plasma

Adler C.H.; Meller E.; Goldstein M., 1985: Recovery of alpha 2 adrenoceptor binding and function after irreversible inactivation by n ethoxycarbonyl 2 ethoxy 1 2 dihydroquinoline

Hamilton C.A.; Dalrymple H.W.; Reid J.L.; Sumner D.J., 1984: Recovery of alpha adrenoceptor function and binding sites after phenoxybenzamine an index of receptor turnover

Furnace G.; Hamilton C.A.; Reid J.L.; Sumner D.J., 1985: Recovery of alpha adrenoreceptor mediated responses and binding site number after intravenous benextramine in the rabbit

Roach D.A.; Marchand P.J., 1984: Recovery of alpine disturbances early growth and survival in populations of the native species arenaria groenlandica juncus trifidus and potentilla tridentata

Youyou A.; Durand G.; Pascal G.; Piciotti M.; Dumont O.; Bourre J.M., 1985: Recovery of altered fatty acid composition induced by a diet devoid of n 3 fatty acids in myelin synaptosomes mitochondria and microsomes of developing rat brain

Kastello M.D.; Emmert A.D.; Denson R.F.; Kishimoto R.A., 1979: Recovery of alveolar macrophages from rhesus and cynomolgus macaques by lung lavage

Yoshida H.; Kataoka T., 1986: Recovery of amine and ammonia by ion exchange method comparison of ligand sorption and ion exchange accompanied by neutralization reaction

Dudek N.; Brzezinski M.A.; Wheeler P.A., 1986: Recovery of ammonium nitrogen by solvent extraction for the determination of relative nitrogen 15 abundance in regeneration experiments

Montanaro, N.; Strocchi, P.; Dall'olio, R.; Gandolfi, O., 1977: Recovery of amnestic effect of alpha amanitin by post training administration of dextro amphetamine in the rat

Beaver D.L., 1980: Recovery of an american robin turdus migratorius population after earlier ddt use

Mccormick J.F.; Platt R.B., 1980: Recovery of an appalachian usa forest following the chestnut blight endothia parasitica

Matzel L.D.; Schachtman S.R.; Miller R.R., 1985: Recovery of an overshadowed association achieved by extinction of the overshadowing stimulus

Brook I., 1988: Recovery of anaerobic bacteria from clinical specimens in 12 years at two military hospitals

Brook I.; Martin W.J.; Cherry J.D.; Summaya C.V., 1979: Recovery of anaerobic bacteria from pediatric patients a 1 year experience

Collee, J. G.; Duerden, B. I.; Brown, R., 1977: Recovery of anaerobic bacteria from small inocula a model for blood culture studies

Holst E.; Mardh P A.; Thelin I., 1984: Recovery of anaerobic curved rods and gardnerella vaginalis from the urethra of men including male heterosexual consorts of female carriers

Helstad, A. G.; Kimball, J. L.; Maki, D. G., 1977: Recovery of anaerobic facultative and aerobic bacteria from clinical specimens in 3 anaerobic transport systems

Mcminn, M. T.; Crawford, J. J., 1970: Recovery of anaerobic microorganisms from clinical specimens in pre reduced media vs recovery by routine clinical laboratory methods

Sanchez C.A.; Blackmer A.M., 1988: Recovery of anhydrous ammonia derived nitrogen 15 during three years of corn production in iowa usa

Novikov D.K.; Shmakov A.P., 1979: Recovery of anti tumor reactivity of leukocytes in patients with cancer after pre incubation

Witherspoon, R. P.; Storb, R.; Ochs, H. D.; Flournoy, N.; Kopecky, K. J.; Sullivan, K. M.; Deeg, H. J.; Sosa, R.; Noel, D. R.; Et-Al, 1981: Recovery of antibody production in human allogeneic marrow graft recipients influence of time post transplantation the presence or absence of chronic graft vs. host disease and anti thymocyte globulin treatment

Johnson, P. E.; Greenberg, S. B.; Harmon, M. W.; Alford, B. R.; Couch, R. B., 1976: Recovery of applied human leukocyte interferon from the nasal mucosa of chimpanzees and humans

Cherry, D. S.; Guthrie, R. K.; Singleton, F. L.; Harvey, R. S., 1977: Recovery of aquatic bacterial populations in a stream after cessation of chemical pollution

Voznakova, Z.; Popl, M.; Berka, M., 1978: Recovery of aromatic hydro carbons from water/

Kumakura I.; Et Al, 1985: Recovery of articulation disorders after hemiglossectomy and partial mandibulectomy a case of reconstruction with pectoralis major myocutaneous flap and ceramic artificial mandible

Passman F.J., 1983: Recovery of aspergillus fumigatus aerospora from municipal sewage sludge composting operations in the state of maine usa

Wallas C.H.; Tanley P.C.; Gorrell L.P., 1980: Recovery of autologous erythrocytes in transfused patients

Hanafusa, H.; Halpern, C. C.; Buchhagen, D. L.; Kawai, S., 1977: Recovery of avian sarcoma virus from tumors induced by transformation defective mutants

Sneh B.; Schuster S., 1981: Recovery of bacillus thuringiensis and other bacteria from larvae of spodoptera littoralis previously fed bacillus thuringiensis treated leaves

Saleh, S. M.; Harris, R. F.; Allen, O. N., 1970: Recovery of bacillus thuringiensis var thuringiensis from field soils

Neal, N. D.; Walker, H. W., 1977: Recovery of bacterial endo spores from a metal surface after treatment with hydrogen per oxide

Di-Girolamo, R.; Daley, M., 1973: Recovery of bacterio phage from contaminated chilled and frozen samples of edible west coast crabs

Mendes A.M.; Silva H.B.D.; Guerra L.F.P., 1981: Recovery of banded common tern sterna hirundo in rio grande brazil

Hearn L.C.; Skelton T.E., 1979: Recovery of bathyplectes curculionis from alfalfa weevil larvae in south carolina usa

Globa L.I.; Alekseev O.L.; Rotmistrov M.N., 1981: Recovery of beauveria bassiana conidia from the cultural broth with calcium carbonate

Le M.S., 1987: Recovery of beer from tank bottoms with membranes

Hier D.B.; Mondlock J.; Caplan L.R., 1983: Recovery of behavioral abnormalities after right hemisphere stroke

Chadwick J.W.; Canton S.P.; Dent R.L., 1986: Recovery of benthic invertebrate communities in silver bow creek montana usa following improved metal mine wastewater treatment

Doss R.C.; Perkins J.P.; Harden T.K., 1981: Recovery of beta adrenergic receptors following long term exposure of astro cytoma cells to catecholamine role of protein synthesis

Ohtani T.; Ohi T.; Horikita H.; Nakajima M.; Nabetani H.; Watanabe A., 1987: Recovery of beta amylase from sweet potato with self rejection type of dynamic membrane

Brook I., 1987: Recovery of beta lactamase producing bacteria in pediatric infections

Wiley, R. C.; Lee, Y. N., 1978: Recovery of betalaines from red beets by a diffusion extraction procedure

Malaiyandi M.; Junkins E.; Lee P.; Bowron M., 1985: Recovery of bhc isomers in fortified water samples

Levitt F.B.; Van Sluyters R.C., 1982: Recovery of bin ocular function in kitten visual cortex

Linemeyer D.L.; Ruscetti S.K.; Menke J.G.; Scolnick E.M., 1980: Recovery of biologically active spleen focus forming virus from molecularly cloned spleen focus forming virus pbr 322 circular dna by co transfection with infectious type c retroviral dna

Fremont P.; Dionne F.T.; Rogers P.A., 1986: Recovery of biologically functional messenger rna from agarose gels by passive elution

Glue, D.; Morgan, R., 1977: Recovery of bird rings in pellets and other prey traces of owls hawks and falcons

Musial C.E.; Wilson W.R.; Sinkeldam I.R.; Roberts G.D., 1987: Recovery of blastomyces dermatitidis from blood of a patient with disseminated blastomycosis

Thomas M.R.; Robinson W.A.; Mughal T.I.; Morton N.; Glode L.M., 1986: Recovery of blood and bone marrow stem cells following intense chemotherapy and autologous bone marrow transplantation

Nose H.; Morita M.; Yawata T.; Morimoto T., 1986: Recovery of blood volume and osmolality after thermal dehydration in rats

Abu Elzein E.M.E., 1986: Recovery of bluetongue virus serogroup from sera collected for a serological survey from apparently healthy cattle from the sudan

Olivo O.M.; Bolzani R., 1979: Recovery of body weight in chicks after fasting

Hoppe J.E.; Weiss A., 1987: Recovery of bordetella pertussis from four kinds of swabs

Suzuki T.; Matsuda S.; Sakai Y.; Ishida T., 1987: Recovery of bovine embryos by invented cervical mucus remover and ova collector dish

Yukioka H.; Bogod D.G.; Rosen M., 1987: Recovery of bowel motility after surgery

Rehncrona S.; Mela L.; Siesjo B.K., 1979: Recovery of brain mitochondrial function in the rat after complete and incomplete cerebral ischemia

Bjoerklund, A.; Baumgarten, H. G.; Lachenmayer, L.; Rosengren, E., 1975: Recovery of brain noradrenaline after 5 7 di hydroxy tryptamine induced axonal lesions in the rat

Bertram J.F.; Rogers A.W., 1981: Recovery of bronchial epithelium on stopping smoking

Ishii, H., 1984: Recovery of buried juvenile sugi cryptomeria japonica trees after melting of snow i. on the occasion of two year old plantations in a year with little snow

Trabaud, L.; Grosman, J.; Walter, T., 1985: Recovery of burnt pinus halepensis forests i. understorey and litter phytomass development after wildfire

Trabaud, L.; Michels, C.; Grosman, J., 1985: Recovery of burnt pinus halepensis forests ii. pine reconstitution after wildfire

Balda R.P., 1980: Recovery of cached seeds by a captive nucifraga caryocatactes

Yatani A.; Wilson D.L.; Brown A.M., 1983: Recovery of calcium currents from inactivation the roles of calcium influx membrane potential and cellular metabolism

Brothersen C.F.; Olson N.F.; Richardson T., 1982: Recovery of calcium phosphate from ultra filtration permeates

Doyle M.P.; Roman D.J., 1982: Recovery of campylobacter jejuni and campylobacter coli from inoculated foods by selective enrichment

Stern N.J.; Green S.S.; Thaker N.; Krout D.J.; Chiu J., 1984: Recovery of campylobacter jejuni from fresh and frozen meat and poultry collected at slaughter

Taft, J. L., 1976: Recovery of carbon 14 carbon di oxide at high flow rates from a carbon hydrogen nitrogen analyzer

Biro P.; Hughes G.M., 1985: Recovery of cardiac and ventilatory frequencies after sub acute pesticide abol x treatment in rainbow trout salmo gairdneri richardson

Sidi D.; Kuipers J.R.G.; Heymann M.A.; Rudolph A.M., 1982: Recovery of cardio vascular function in new born lambs after thoracotomy

Moreira, L. C.; Takatsu, A.; Caldas, L. S., 1977: Recovery of cassava plants free from xanthomonas manihotis by meristem culture

Bonds A.B.; Enroth Cugell C., 1979: Recovery of cat retinal ganglion cell sensitivity following pigment bleaching

Stewart, W. E. Ii ; De-Clercq, E.; De-Somer, P., 1972: Recovery of cell bound interferon

Butenko R.G.; Popov A.S.; Volkova L.A.; Chernyak N.D.; Nosov A.M., 1984: Recovery of cell cultures and their biosynthetic capacity after storage of dioscorea deltoidea and panax ginseng cells in liquid nitrogen

Saito M.; Haruyama C.; Ohba H.; Makino S.; Matumoto M., 1981: Recovery of cell free varicella virus from vero cells

Kirillova E.N., 1984: Recovery of cell immunity systems after sublethal irradiation

Allalunis Turner M.J.; Siemann D.W., 1986: Recovery of cell subpopulations from human tumor xenografts following dissociation with different enzymes

Adams, G. K-Iii ; Yamamura, H. I.; O'leary, J. F., 1976: Recovery of central respiratory function following anti cholin esterase intoxication

Douay L.; Gorin N C.; Mary J Y.; Lemarie E.; Lopez M.; Najman A.; Stachowiak J.; Giarratana M C.; Baillou C.; Et Al, 1986: Recovery of cfu gm granulocyte macrophage progenitor cells from cryopreserved marrow and in vivo evaluation after autologous bone marrow transplantation are predictive of engraftment

Jakhar R.P.S., 1987: Recovery of chemicals from effluents using ion exchange

Ma Lin C.F.A.; Beuchat L.R., 1980: Recovery of chill stressed vibrio parahaemolyticus from oysters with enrichment broths supplemented with magnesium and iron salts

Kasschau M.R.; Meyn R.E., 1981: Recovery of chinese hamster cells from mercuric chloride exposure

Smith, T. F.; Weed, L. A.; Pettersen, G. R.; Segura, J. W., 1977: Recovery of chlamydia trachomatis and genital mycoplasma transported in sucrose phosphate buffer and urease color test medium

Bradley B.S.; Fisher L.M.; Dalton H.P., 1980: Recovery of chlamydia trachomatis from patients of a southeastern venereal disease clinic

Cleary R.E.; Jones R.B., 1985: Recovery of chlamydia trachomatis from the endometrium in infertile women with serum antichlamydial antibodies

Jones R.B.; Mammel J.B.; Shepard M.K.; Fisher R.R., 1986: Recovery of chlamydia trachomatis from the endometrium of women at risk for chlamydial infection

Clark E.P.; Dewey W.C.; Lett J.T., 1981: Recovery of cho cells from hyper thermic potentiation to x rays repair of dna and chromatin

Fleming W.J.; Grue C.E., 1981: Recovery of cholin esterase activity in 5 avian species exposed to dicrotophos an organo phosphorus pesticide

Banns H.; Ekstrom J.; Mann S.P., 1980: Recovery of choline acetyl transferase activity in the rat urinary bladder deprived of half of its innervation

Klinar B.; Brzin M., 1987: Recovery of cholinesterases in soman injected superior cervical ganglion of the rat in the presence and absence of innervation

Aoki, T.; Munemori, M., 1982: Recovery of chromium vi from waste waters with iron iii hydroxide 1. adsorption mechanism of chromium vi on iron iii hydroxide

Fluharty S.J.; Vollmer R.R.; Meyers S.A.; Mccann M.J.; Zigmond M.J.; Stricker E.M., 1987: Recovery of chronotropic responsiveness after systemic 6 hydroxydopamine treatment studies in the pithed rat

Shomer I.; Merin U., 1984: Recovery of citrus cloud from aqueous peel extract by microfiltration

Takahashi S.; Aihara H.; Shimakawa T., 1983: Recovery of citrus molasses from orange wastes by press dehydration

Zhdanova, N. M.; Vasylevs'ka, A. I.; Havryushyna, A. I., 1977: Recovery of cladosporium transchelii and its mutants after uv irradiation and gamma irradiation injuries

Harmon, S. M.; Kautter, D. A., 1977: Recovery of clostridia on catalase treated plating media

Holst E.; Helin I.; Mardh P A., 1981: Recovery of clostridium difficile from children

Hoskins C.B.; Davidson P.M., 1988: Recovery of clostridium perfringens from food samples using an oxygen reducing membrane fraction

Sharpe, A. N.; Harshman, G. C., 1976: Recovery of clostridium perfringens staphylococcus aureus and molds from foods by the stomacher effect of fat content surfactant concentration and blending time

Riley I.T.; Dilworth M.J., 1985: Recovery of cobalt deficient root nodules in lupinus angustifolius

Wade D.T.; Wood V.A.; Langton Hewer R., 1988: Recovery of cognitive function soon after stroke a study of visual neglect attention span and verbal recall

Hester R.K.; Smith J.W.; Jackson T.R., 1980: Recovery of cognitive skills in alcoholics

Grusak, M. A.; Lucas, W. J., 1984: Recovery of cold inhibited phloem translocation in sugar beet beta vulgaris 1. experimental analysis of an existing mathematical recovery model

Bitton G.; Chang L.T.; Farrah S.R.; Clifford K., 1981: Recovery of coli phages from waste water effluents and polluted lake water by the magnetite organic flocculation method

Du Plessis H.J.; Roos I.M.M., 1986: Recovery of coliforms escherichia coli type i and salmonella spp from rooibos tea aspalathus linearis and decontamination by steam

Wierenga J.T., 1985: Recovery of coliforms in the presence of a free chlorine residual

Megumi, T., 1976: Recovery of colony forming ability of x irradiated l cells by cell fusion

Shostak V.I.; Kolbanov V.V., 1979: Recovery of color sensitivity after de adapting flashes

Najenson, T.; Sazbon, L.; Fiselzon, J.; Becker, E.; Schechter, I., 1978: Recovery of communicative functions after prolonged traumatic coma

Webb R.H.; Steiger J.W.; Wilshire H.G., 1986: Recovery of compacted soils in mojave desert california usa ghost towns

Page W.J.; Doran J.L., 1981: Recovery of competence in calcium limited azotobacter vinelandii

Tuszynski, G. P.; Damsky, C. H.; Fuhrer, J. P.; Warren, L., 1977: Recovery of concentrated protein samples from sodium dodecyl sulfate poly acrylamide gels

Samlowski W.E.; Crump C.L., 1987: Recovery of contact hypersensitivity responses following murine bone marrow transplantation comparison of gamma irradiation and busulfan as preparative marrow ablative agents

Nakamura M.; IIda H.; Takahashi S.; Fukui Y., 1981: Recovery of contingent negative variation area after nonresponse condition inverted u relation with arousal

Shimshak T.M.; Preuss K.C.; Gross G.J.; Brooks H.L.; Warltier D.C., 1986: Recovery of contractile function in post ischemic reperfused myocardium of conscious dogs influence of nicorandil a new antianginal agent

Nulsen, R. A.; Thurtell, G. W., 1978: Recovery of corn leaf water potential after severe water stress

Tanelian D.L.; Beuerman R.W., 1980: Recovery of corneal sensation following hard contact lens wear and the implication for adaptation

Rao G.N.; John T.; Ishida N.; Aquavella J.V., 1985: Recovery of corneal sensitivity in grafts following penetrating keratoplasty

Florian A.; Casamenti F.; Pepeu G., 1987: Recovery of cortical acetylcholine output after ganglioside treatment in rats with lesions of the nucleus basalis

O'brien, J. H.; Phillips, D. S., 1976: Recovery of cortical responses following localized cooling in the thalamus

Anderson D.C.; Harper K.T.; Rushforth S.R., 1982: Recovery of cryptogamic soil crusts from grazing on utah usa winter ranges

Nebesny E.; Sroczynski A., 1987: Recovery of crystalline glucose from the last green syrup so called hydrol

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