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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 6276

Chapter 6276 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Gray D., 1988: Recruitment of virgin b cells into an immune response is restricted to activation outside lymphoid follicles

Henderson, B. A.; Nepszy, S. J., 1988: Recruitment of yellow perch perca flavescens affected by stock size and water temperature in lakes erie and st. clair 1965 85

Muncy R.J., 1987: Recruitment of young of year largemouth bass in relation to size structure of parental stock

Grace E.S., 1984: Recruitment of young rooks corvus frugilegus into breeding populations

Section 7, Chapter 6276, Accession 006275004

Murphy P.R., 1981: Recruitment order of gamma moto neurons in the de cerebrate rabbit

Henneman E., 1984: Recruitment order of motoneurons in stretch reflexes is highly correlated with their axonal conduction velocity

Koslow J.A., 1984: Recruitment patterns in northwest atlantic fish stocks

Mcfarland, W. N.; Brothers, E. B.; Ogden, J. C.; Shulman, M. J.; Bermingham, E. L.; Kotchian-Prentiss, N. M., 1985: Recruitment patterns in young french grunts haemulon flavolineatum family haemulidae at st. croix virgin islands usa

Luckhurst, B. E.; Luckhurst, K., 1977: Recruitment patterns of coral reef fishes on the fringing reef of curacao netherlands antilles

Abbas P.J., 1981: Recruitment patterns of motor units in speech production

Section 7, Chapter 6276, Accession 006275011

Mortimer J.T., 1986: Recruitment properties of monopolar and bipolar epimysial electrodes

Czechowski, W., 1977: Recruitment signals and raids in slave maker ants

Johannessen A., 1986: Recruitment studies of herring clupea harengus in lindaaspollene western norway 1 3

Biester E., 1979: Recruitment studies on the herring clupea harengus in the bodden chain south of darss zingst east germany

Ishida A., 1986: Recruitment threshold force and its changing type of motor units during voluntary contraction at various speeds in man

Mcclean M.D., 1984: Recruitment thresholds of lower lip motor units with changes in movement direction

Miller R.R., 1987: Recruitment time of conditioned opioid analgesia

Section 7, Chapter 6276, Accession 006275019

Rabenold P.P., 1987: Recruitment to food in black vultures evidence for following from communal roosts

Cammaerts M C., 1979: Recruitment to food in myrmica rubra

Silvert W., 1987: Recruitment to northwest atlantic cod gadus morhua and haddock melanogrammus aeglefinus stocks influence of stock size and climate

Farquhar J.W., 1982: Recruitment using mass media strategies

Reed W.J., 1983: Recruitment variability and age structure in harvested animal populations

Section 7, Chapter 6276, Accession 006275025

Down G.R.B., 1984: Recrystallization after powder compaction

Simon L., 1985: Recrystallization from ether causes unusual changes in the convulsant activity of pentylenetetrazole

Macfarlane D.R., 1986: Recrystallization revisited

Section 7, Chapter 6276, Accession 006275029

Higuchi T., 1986: Rectal absorption and lymphatic uptake of cytosine arabinoside in rats

Kamada A., 1985: Rectal absorption of 1 7 aminosuberic acid eel calcitonin in rats

Section 7, Chapter 6276, Accession 006275032

Toshikatsu, N.; Morita, N.; Kurogochi, Y., 1976: Rectal absorption of chloral hydrate preparation h g suppository capsule in rabbits

Section 7, Chapter 6276, Accession 006275034

Section 7, Chapter 6276, Accession 006275035

Section 7, Chapter 6276, Accession 006275036

Section 7, Chapter 6276, Accession 006275037

Hirata, M.; Futaguchi, S.; Tamura, T.; Odaguchi, K.; Tanaka, A., 1978: Rectal absorption of glycine 1 alpha 1 18 acth amide

Section 7, Chapter 6276, Accession 006275039

Kawata H., 1980: Rectal absorption of insulin suppositories in rabbits

Parrott, E. L.; Matheson, L. E. Jr, 1977: Rectal absorption of nitro furantoin

Fung H L., 1982: Rectal absorption of nitro glycerin in the rat avoidance of first pass metabolism as a function of rectal length exposure

Section 7, Chapter 6276, Accession 006275043

Section 7, Chapter 6276, Accession 006275044

Mizuno M., 1987: Rectal absorption of sodium valproate in rats

Section 7, Chapter 6276, Accession 006275047

Section 7, Chapter 6276, Accession 006275048

Sage M., 1981: Rectal actinomycosis study on a pseudoneoplastic tumor

Section 7, Chapter 6276, Accession 006275050

Section 7, Chapter 6276, Accession 006275051

Section 7, Chapter 6276, Accession 006275052

Section 7, Chapter 6276, Accession 006275053

Section 7, Chapter 6276, Accession 006275054

Ritschel G.B., 1984: Rectal administration of insulin

Andersson K E., 1984: Rectal administration of morphine hydrogel absorption and bioavailability in women

Section 7, Chapter 6276, Accession 006275057

Hazenberg, H. J. A.; Gips, C. H.; Beekhuis, H.; Vaalburg, W., 1976: Rectal administration of nitrogen 13 ammonia in cirrhosis of the liver

Caliva R., 1984: Rectal administration of sodium valproate in children

Vajda, F. J. E.; Mihaly, G. W.; Miles, J. L.; Donnan, G. A.; Bladin, P. F., 1978: Rectal administration of sodium valproate in status epilepticus

Section 7, Chapter 6276, Accession 006275061

Section 7, Chapter 6276, Accession 006275062

Kjaergaard J., 1988: Rectal anastomoses sutured in one layer and with luminal fibrin glue compared with 2 layer suturing a group comparison on dogs

Holmstrom B., 1979: Rectal anatomy following ripsteins operation for prolapse studied by cine radiography

Alkana R.L., 1987: Rectal and brain temperatures in ethanol intoxicated mice

Valon B., 1985: Rectal and colonic perforations resulting from endoscopy and barium enema

Section 7, Chapter 6276, Accession 006275068

Section 7, Chapter 6276, Accession 006275069

Bourdin G., 1987: Rectal and perirectal sigmoiditis

Gass, G. C.; Camp, E. M.; Nadel, E. R.; Gwinn, T. H.; Engel, P., 1988: Rectal and rectal vs. esophageal temperatures in paraplegic men during prolonged exercise

Ward O.C., 1979: Rectal aspirin absorption and anti pyretic effect

Section 7, Chapter 6276, Accession 006275073

Section 7, Chapter 6276, Accession 006275074

Section 7, Chapter 6276, Accession 006275075

Section 7, Chapter 6276, Accession 006275076

Balakrishnan V., 1981: Rectal biopsies in inflammatory bowel diseases and normal controls in a southern indian population

Stevenson G.W., 1985: Rectal biopsy as a cause of rectal ulceration

Schulte F.J., 1980: Rectal biopsy findings in infantile neuro axonal dystrophy

Belic L., 1984: Rectal biopsy helps to distinguish acute self limited colitis from idiopathic inflammatory bowel disease

Section 7, Chapter 6276, Accession 006275081

Cohen A., 1980: Rectal biopsy in early lympho granuloma venereum proctitis

Mcclelland D.B.L., 1979: Rectal biopsy in patients presenting to an infectious disease unit with diarrheal disease

Section 7, Chapter 6276, Accession 006275084

Section 7, Chapter 6276, Accession 006275085

Bacon P.A., 1981: Rectal biopsy in the diagnosis of systemic vasculitis

Cantin, M.; Brochu, P.; Turgeon-Knaack, C.; Berdnikoff, G.; Simard, P.; Morin, C., 1976: Rectal biopsy in type 4 glycogenosis an ultrastructural cytochemical study

Lopez C., 1980: Rectal biopsy its value in the diagnosis of schistosomiasis

Server Falgas G., 1987: Rectal bladder evaluation of its tolerance

Laurenti C., 1979: Rectal bladder in the treatment of bladder exstrophy

Lotti T., 1979: Rectal bladder indication contraindications and advantages

Rutishauser, G.; Duerig, M.; Leibundgut, B.; Evard, P.; Graber, P., 1977: Rectal bladder with dorsolateral intra sphincteric submucosal pull through of the sigmoid colon in adult bladder cancer patients 5 years later

Rattan J., 1981: Rectal bleeding due to amoebic colitis diagnosed by multiple endoscopic biopsies 2 cases

Leoutsakos, B.; Agnadi, N.; Kolisiatis, S., 1977: Rectal bleeding due to oesophagostomum brumpti report of a case

Section 7, Chapter 6276, Accession 006275095

Naderi, M. J.; Bookstein, J. J., 1978: Rectal bleeding secondary to fecal dis impaction angiographic diagnosis and treatment

Dias J.D.A., 1988: Rectal cancer and pregnancy review of the literature and a case report

Section 7, Chapter 6276, Accession 006275098

Dryzhak, V. I., 1976: Rectal cancer based on the materials of rovno oblast oncological dispensary

Mapp E., 1983: Rectal cancer extent of disease and radio therapeutic effects by computed tomography

Calzaretto J., 1981: Rectal cancer miles operation

Tatekawa I., 1986: Rectal cancer occurring synchronously in identical twins

Gapanyuk O.N., 1983: Rectal cancer patho morphology after pre operative radiation treatment

Segal A., 1980: Rectal carcinoid tumor with osteo blastic bone metastases diagnostic contribution of ultrastructural studies

Cali V., 1988: Rectal carcinoid tumors report of two cases

Wolfe H.J., 1982: Rectal carcinoids as tumors of the hind gut endocrine cells a morphological and immuno histochemical analysis

Kamocki Z., 1987: Rectal carcinoma

Modlin I.M., 1986: Rectal carcinoma in a renal transplant patient long term complication of immunosuppression

Maruyama Y., 1988: Rectal carcinoma treatment with papillon technique and fiberoptic guided methods

Schmitz, M.; Komnick, H., 1976: Rectal chloride epithelia and osmo regulatory salt absorption by the hind gut of zygopterous and anisopterous dragonfly larvae

Chaudhri M.A., 1979: Rectal ciliates of the frog rana cyanophlyctis their population composition seasonal variations and correlation with the body length of the host

Shete, S. G., 1982: Rectal ciliates of the genus nyctotheroides from indian amphibians 1. subgenus aduncuperistomatus

Shete, S. G., 1982: Rectal ciliates of the genus nyctotheroides from indian amphibians 2. subgenus nyctotheroides

Christensen, K. K.; Christensen, P.; Juldorf, F.; Pettersson, L., 1978: Rectal colonization with group b streptococci relation to uro genital carriage

Badri, M. S.; Zawaneh, S.; Cruz, A. C.; Mantilla, G.; Baer, H.; Spellacy, W. N.; Ayoub, E. M., 1977: Rectal colonization with group b streptococcus relation to vaginal colonization of pregnant women

Suzuki T., 1985: Rectal complication after remote afterloading intracavitary therapy for carcinoma of the uterine cervix

Ribet M., 1981: Rectal conservation in procto colic polyposis

Section 7, Chapter 6276, Accession 006275118

Plant J.W., 1979: Rectal damage in ewes following pregnancy diagnosis by rectal abdominal palpation

Yaginuma, H.; Nakata, T.; Toya, H.; Murakami, T.; Yamazaki, M.; Kamada, A., 1981: Rectal delivery of anti inflammatory drugs 1. influence of anti inflammatory drugs on rectal absorption of beta lactam antibiotics

Section 7, Chapter 6276, Accession 006275121

Section 7, Chapter 6276, Accession 006275122

Section 7, Chapter 6276, Accession 006275123

Section 7 , Chapter 6276, Accession 006275124

Section 7, Chapter 6276, Accession 006275125

Section 7, Chapter 6276, Accession 006275126

Section 7, Chapter 6276, Accession 006275127

Busch W., 1986: Rectal early pregnancy examination of cattle a triggering factor for partial colonic aplasia

Section 7, Chapter 6276, Accession 006275129

Lynch H.T., 1988: Rectal epithelial cell proliferation in a group of young adults influence of age and genetic risk for colon cancer

Coulanges P., 1987: Rectal examination in patients with uterine cervix cancer in madagascar

De Klerk D.P., 1988: Rectal examination in the detection of prostatic cancer

Spigelman, S. S.; Mcneal, J. E.; Freiha, F. S.; Stamey, T. A., 1986: Rectal examination in volume determination of carcinoma of the prostate clinical and anatomical correlations

Krishnamurthy, R.; Shete, S. G., 1981: Rectal flagellates of indian amphibians 1. hexamitus

Krishnamurthy, R.; Shete, S. G., 1981: Rectal flagellates of indian amphibians 2. monocercomonas

Krishnamurthy, R.; Shete, S. G., 1981: Rectal flagellates of indian amphibians 3. trichomitus aurangabadensis new species

Donoghue V., 1983: Rectal fold thickness as an indicator of disease

Watt A.G., 1986: Rectal foreign bodies

Busch, D. B.; Starling, J. R., 1986: Rectal foreign bodies case reports and a comprehensive review of the world's literature

Thorson, T. B.; Wotton, R. M.; Georgi, T. A., 1978: Rectal gland of fresh water sting rays potamotrygon spp chondrichthyes potamotrygonidae

Oguri M., 1981: Rectal gland weight of some elasmobranchs

Section 7, Chapter 6276, Accession 006275142

Hochman E.B., 1980: Rectal gonorrhea in men diagnosis and treatment

Kumar P., 1979: Rectal immuno globulin e cells in inflammatory bowel disease

Taff M.L., 1987: Rectal impaction following enema with concrete mix

Bjorkman S., 1985: Rectal induction of anesthesia in children with methohexitone patient acceptability and clinical pharmacokinetics

Gevorkyan I.Kh, 1983: Rectal infusion of anti bacterial preparations in the complex treatment of surgical infection in the abdominal cavity

Novy M.J., 1987: Rectal infusion of semen results in transient elevation of blood prostaglandins

Ueno, Y.; Sugimoto, C.; Onoyama, Y.; Imura, T.; Yoshida, Y.; Nakajima, N., 1976: Rectal injuries following radiation therapy for cervical cancer

Witkin S.S., 1984: Rectal insemination modifies immune responses in rabbits

Herr, H. W.; Whitmore, W. F. Jr ; Lieberman, P. H.; Grabstald, H., 1977: Rectal invasion by benign prostatic hyperplasia

Ariel I., 1982: Rectal involvement in sarcoidosis

Gram Hansen P., 1987: Rectal ketamine ketalar for procedures requiring anesthesia in children

Sibuya M., 1980: Rectal leio myo sarcoma

Mazzeo F., 1984: Rectal lympho scintigraphy

Section 7, Chapter 6276, Accession 006275156

Parsons M.A., 1982: Rectal malignant lymphoma in chronic ulcerative colitis

Holmes K.K., 1982: Rectal mass caused by treponema pallidum confirmation by immuno fluorescent staining

Fiddian Green R.G., 1981: Rectal membrane an unusual complication following use of the circular stapling instrument for colo rectal anastomosis

Section 7, Chapter 6276, Accession 006275160

Steward D.J., 1979: Rectal methohexitone for induction of anesthesia in children

Section 7, Chapter 6276, Accession 006275162

Kawai K., 1984: Rectal motility of patients with ulcerative colitis

Section 7, Chapter 6276, Accession 006275164

Elias E.G., 1981: Rectal mucosa malignant and pre malignant changes after radiation therapy

Kyosola, K.; Penttila, O.; Salaspuro, M., 1977: Rectal mucosal adrenergic innervation and entero chromaffin cells in ulcerative colitis and irritable colon

Mathan V.I., 1985: Rectal mucosal morphologic abnormalities in normal subjects in southern india a tropical colonopathy

Jenkins D., 1983: Rectal mucosal plasma cells in inflammatory bowel disease

Peck D.A., 1980: Rectal mucosal replacement

Toriya, H.; Ihara, T.; Akiyama, F.; Watanabe, R.; Umeno, T.; Uchida, H.; Futami, K.; Arima, S.; Shimura, H., 1987: Rectal mucosectomy and ileo anal anastomosis with j type reservoir for ulcerative colitis

Young A., 1987: Rectal necrosis after a phosphate enema

Wright C.D., 1988: Rectal necrosis after pelvic crush injury

Hazenberg, H. J. A.; Gips, C. H.; Beekhuis, H.; Kruizinga, K., 1976: Rectal nitrogen 13 ammonia test nitrogen 13 liver heart ratio hepatic sinusoidal pressure and prevailing portal flow direction in cirrhosis of the liver

Miskowiak J., 1981: Rectal obstruction by prostate carcinoma

Harbrecht P.J., 1979: Rectal obstruction secondary to carcinoma of the prostate

Forsum U., 1988: Rectal occurrence of mobiluncus sp

Section 7, Chapter 6276, Accession 006275177

Section 7, Chapter 6276, Accession 006275178

Section 7, Chapter 6276, Accession 006275179

Al Sandouk N.M., 1980: Rectal pads in oncopeltus fasciatus lygaeidae heteroptera

Kabir A., 1986: Rectal pads in the jute hairy caterpillar diacrisia obliqua

Turner, D. A.; Ali, A. A.; Ochart, M. G.; Sukerkar, A. N.; Fordham, E. W.; Rayudu, G. V. S., 1977: Rectal per chlorate for unconscious patients prior to brain scintigraphy with per technetate concise communication

Mabogunje, O. A.; Subbuswamy, S. G.; Lawrie, J. H., 1978: Rectal polyps in zaria nigeria

Section 7, Chapter 6276, Accession 006275184

Weiland L.H., 1980: Rectal preservation in nonspecific inflammatory disease of the colon

Huguet C., 1981: Rectal preservation in ulcerative colitis 198 cases

Fujioka M., 1982: Rectal pressure and rectal compliance in ulcerative colitis

Gould, K. G.; Warner, H.; Martin, D. E., 1978: Rectal probe electro ejaculation of primates

Seager S.W.J., 1987: Rectal probe electrostimulation in the treatment of anejaculatory spinal cord injured men

Eftaiha M., 1984: Rectal procidentia in elderly and debilitated patients experience with the altemeier procedure

Mandowara S.L., 1985: Rectal prolapse

Kuypers J.H.C., 1986: Rectal prolapse a review of dutch surgical practice

Kronborg O., 1985: Rectal prolapse and anal incontinence treated with a modified roscoe graham operation

Lombard Platet R., 1985: Rectal prolapse and associated incontinence

Nylander G., 1988: Rectal prolapse and internal intussusception the role of defecography in preoperative and postoperative evaluation

Theuerkauf, F. J-Jr ; Beahrs, O. H.; Hill, J. R., 1970: Rectal prolapse causation and surgical treatment

Yano H., 1982: Rectal prolapse in childhood ano rectal manometric study before and after treatment

Hadley G.P., 1985: Rectal prolapse in childhood the role of infections and infestations

Cantillana J., 1980: Rectal prolapse in children treatment with lockhart nummerys technique

Hino Y., 1982: Rectal prolapse in the aged

Delbridge L., 1987: Rectal prolapse relationship with joint mobility

Koryakina L.P., 1981: Rectal radiation injuries after irradiation of cervical cancer using the agat b afterloading device

Percy D.H., 1987: Rectal resection in the dog a new surgical approach and the evaluation of its effect on fecal continence

Leggett I.T., 1987: Rectal reservoir reduction procedures for internal rectal prolapse

Brownstein R.E., 1982: Rectal sparing in antibiotic associated pseudomembranous colitis a prospective study

Section 7, Chapter 6276, Accession 006275206

Weitzman J.J., 1981: Rectal suction biopsy for the diagnosis of hirschsprungs disease

Stamm W.E., 1987: Rectal swab cultures for clostridium difficile surveillance studies

Arnold, J. S.; Meagher, D. M.; Lohse, C. L., 1978: Rectal tears in the horse

Denbow D.M., 1981: Rectal temperature and blood chemical responses of young chickens given escherichia coli endo toxin

Section 7, Chapter 6276, Accession 006275211

Stranden E., 1984: Rectal temperature monitoring during neodymium yttrium aluminum garnet laser irradiation for prostatic carcinoma

Dey P.K., 1980: Rectal temperature of rats in relation to seasonal air temperature and morphine administration

Shedd M.L., 1987: Rectal temperatures of 2 free ranging white tailed deer fawns

Section 7, Chapter 6276, Accession 006275215

Balz, J.; Samson, R. B.; Stewart, W. R. C., 1978: Rectal tube decompression in left colectomy

Metges P J., 1984: Rectal varices a rare cause of hemorrhage due to portal hypertension

Section 7, Chapter 6276, Accession 006275218

Riis P., 1985: Rectal wall thickness measured by ultrasound in chronic inflammatory diseases of the colon

Westerling D., 1985: Rectally administered morphine plasma concentrations in children premedicated with morphine in hydrogel and in solution

Section 7, Chapter 6276, Accession 006275221

Section 7, Chapter 6276, Accession 006275222

Nakamura K., 1986: Rectangular arrays of intramembranous particles on freeze fractured chlamydomonas eugametos plasma membranes

Maclean F.I., 1987: Rectangular game theory and metabolic response to random changes in environmental states

Eberhard, W. G., 1977: Rectangular orb webs of synotaxus araneae theridiidae

Kiyosawa, K.; Tazawa, M., 1973: Rectification characteristics of nitella flexilis membranes in respect of water permeability

Wiederhold, M. L., 1977: Rectification in aplysia statocyst receptor cells

Section 7, Chapter 6276, Accession 006275228

Section 7, Chapter 6276, Accession 006275229

Peigler, R. S., 1977: Rectification of a recent paper on leucanella memusae gardineri

Drummond M.M., 1987: Rectification of amphoediceros willisi fearn wannan 1968 genus and species removed to paramoera miers 1875

Valleron A J., 1984: Rectification of distorted chromosome image automatic determination of density profiles

Geesink J., 1987: Rectification of lopharia spadicea

Section 7, Chapter 6276, Accession 006275234

Cernohorsky W.O., 1980: Rectification of nomenclature for melagraphia aethiops and diloma bicanaliculata mollusca trochidae

Reiss, N. M.; Eversole, R. A., 1978: Rectification of prevailing visibility statistics

Johnston D., 1985: Rectification of single gamma aminobutyric acid gated chloride channels in adult hippocampal neurons

Section 7, Chapter 6276, Accession 006275240

Smith, A. G., 1977: Rectification of west coast chiton nomenclature mollusca polyplacophora

Badonnel A., 1987: Rectifications about the psocoptera from colombia

Bellamy C.L., 1986: Rectifications and descriptions of new taxa in the coraebini bedel coleoptera buprestidae agrilinae

Rosewater J., 1979: Rectifications in the nomenclature of some indo pacific littorinidae

Kadolsky D., 1981: Rectifications in the nomenclature of some indo pacific littorinidae 2

Barozzi E., 1986: Rectified concentrated grape must high performance liquid chromatographic analysis of phenolic substances and hydroxymethylfurfural

Sanderson J., 1984: Rectifier like activities of roots of 2 desert succulents

Section 7, Chapter 6276, Accession 006275248

Liu C.J., 1986: Rectifying radii on off center increment cores

Slipinski S.A., 1985: Rectifying remarks on publications by roger dajoz concerning colydiidae and cerylonidae coleoptera

Adams, F. G.; Horton, P. W., 1978: Rectilinear bone scanning differentiation between metastases and degenerative spinal disease

Newman T.M., 1986: Rectilinear particle arrays in freeze fracture replicas of the surface membrane of paramecium tetraurelia

Nelson, R. L.; Wahner, H. W.; Gorman, C. A., 1978: Rectilinear thyroid scanning as a predictor of malignancy

De Beaujeu M.J., 1979: Recto anal pressures and rectal sensitivity studies in chronic childhood constipation

Bechi P., 1979: Recto anal reflex in healthy subject

Celestin L.R., 1983: Recto colectomy with anal conservation in inflammatory colitis

Section 7, Chapter 6276, Accession 006275257

Shaikh H., 1984: Recto colonic calcification due to schistosomiasis a clinico radiologic study

Shimizu Y., 1982: Recto sigmoid colonic varices

Kleinhaus, U.; Kaftori, J., 1978: Recto sigmoid pseudostenosis due to urinary retention

Frasin M., 1984: Recto sigmoidoscopy in the detection of recto colic polyps prospective study in a recto colic asymptomatic population

Tveter, K. J.; Mathisen, W., 1978: Recto urethral fistula treatment by abdomino perineal pull through resection of the rectum

Raymond A., 1980: Recto uterine fistula review of the literature and 2 more cases of cancerous origin

Section 7, Chapter 6276, Accession 006275264

Chisholm G.D., 1979: Recto vesical fistula secondary to prostatic carcinoma

Luzuriaga A., 1986: Rectocolonic neoplasms in patients under 40 years of age

Parc R., 1984: Rectopexy to the promontory for the treatment of rectal prolapse 257 cases

Vasil'ev, V. S., 1975: Rectoromanoscopic picture in dysentery combined with helminthiases

Rozin R., 1987: Rectoscopic decompression of acute recto sigmoid obstruction

Toman, R.; Hlavacek, K.; Zelenkova, J.; Svabova, S., 1977: Rectoscopy and electro cardiographic changes

Lagasse L.D., 1984: Rectosigmoid colectomy and reanastomosis to facilitate resection of primary and recurrent gynecologic cancer

Section 7, Chapter 6276, Accession 006275272

Section 7, Chapter 6276, Accession 006275273

Section 7, Chapter 6276, Accession 006275275

Section 7, Chapter 6276, Accession 006275276

Troyer, D.; Leipold, H. W., 1985: Rectovaginal constriction in jersey cattle i. cross anatomical studies

Troyer, D.; Leipold, H. W., 1986: Rectovaginal constriction in jersey cattle ii. light microscopic studies of tissues in in vitro cells

Section 7, Chapter 6276, Accession 006275279

Section 7, Chapter 6276, Accession 006275280

Leipold H.W., 1988: Rectovaginal constriction in jersey cattle ultrastructural features

Section 7, Chapter 6276, Accession 006275282

Troyer, D.; Liepold, H. W., 1986: Rectovaginal constriction in jersey cattle vii. anatomical characterization of the constriction rings in the anal and vestibular canals

Kovic M., 1985: Rectum and the anal canal

Widell A., 1985: Rectum carried drugs may spread hepatitis a among drug addicts

Rao M.C., 1988: Rectum has abnormal ion transport but normal cyclic amp binding proteins in cystic fibrosis

Fieret E., 1986: Rectum obstruction in rats after local irradiation

Cardoso F.M., 1980: Rectum testis temperature gradient in zebus

Section 7, Chapter 6276, Accession 006275290

Werntz J.R., 1987: Rectus femoris transfer to improve knee function of children with cerebral palsy

Eskes, T. K. A. B.; Essed, G. G. M.; Exalto, N.; Hoogland, H. J.; Smits, F., 1978: Rectus hematoma a clinical diagnosis confirmed by ultrasound

Section 7, Chapter 6276, Accession 006275293

Majeski J.A., 1986: Rectus sheath abscess

Rozin R., 1981: Rectus sheath hematoma

Meissner K., 1986: Rectus sheath hematoma clinical experience report with particular regard to ultrasound diagnosis

Patterson R., 1986: Rectus sheath hematoma complicating an exacerbation of asthma

Foulk W.T., 1981: Rectus sheath hematoma diagnosis by computed tomography scanning

Fedorin Yu V., 1985: Recultivated lands rating

Maurer H.R., 1985: Reculturing of cells from primary colony forming hematopoietic stem cell colonies

Fuste, C.; Loren, J. G.; Guinea, J.; Pares, E.; Prado, J., 1977: Recuperating effect of factor s in the irradiation of bacterio phages fc 3 and 3a 1 of citrobacter intermedius c 3 and citrobacter freundii

Asmussen, E.; Mazin, B., 1978: Recuperation after muscular fatigue by diverting activities

Hasegawa Y., 1981: Recuperation from lithium induced illness flavor enhancement for rats

Drago E., 1988: Recuperation of an athlete after accident or disease

Wood G.W., 1979: Recuperation of native bee populations in blueberry fields exposed to drift of fenitrothion from forest spray operations in new brunswick canada

Savu C., 1981: Recuperation of the acute patient with severe lesions of the central nervous system

Section 7, Chapter 6276, Accession 006275307

Coe F.L., 1985: Recurrence after a single renal stone in a community practice

Murphy M.C., 1987: Recurrence after coronary angioplasty

Teichmann R.K., 1987: Recurrence after proximal gastric vagotomy for gastric pyloric and prepyloric ulcers

Section 7, Chapter 6276, Accession 006275311

Hughes L.E., 1987: Recurrence after surgical treatment of hidradenitis suppurativa

Section 7, Chapter 6276, Accession 006275313

Section 7, Chapter 6276, Accession 006275314

Ohta H., 1984: Recurrence and mortality in early gastric carcinoma

Aggarwala B.D., 1980: Recurrence and nonstationary coexistence in 2 species competition

Section 7, Chapter 6276, Accession 006275317

Heaton K.W., 1988: Recurrence and re recurrence of gall stones after medical dissolution a longterm follow up

Hollier L.H., 1982: Recurrence and rupture of an axillary artery aneurysm

Olsson S A., 1986: Recurrence and survival after anterior resection of the rectum using the end to end anastomotic stapler

Ryall R.D.H., 1986: Recurrence and survival after total mesorectal excision for rectal cancer

Honda T. , 1986: Recurrence during maintenance therapy with histamine h 2 receptor antagonist in cases of gastric ulcer

Nozue M., 1985: Recurrence factors of the maxillary sinus carcinoma after multimodal treatment

Sutherland J.W., 1982: Recurrence following operative treatment of upper urinary tract stone

Schottler J.L., 1985: Recurrence following stapled coloproctostomy for carcinomas of the mid portion of the rectum

Riedi E., 1980: Recurrence following varicocele operation

Hajdu S.I., 1986: Recurrence free survival time for surgically treated soft tissue sarcoma patients multivariate analysis of five prognostic factors

Villarejo F.J., 1982: Recurrence in cranio pharyngiomas

Inokuchi K., 1980: Recurrence in early gastric cancer a pathologic evaluation

Lozano Mantecon R., 1987: Recurrence in hepatic hydatidosis presentation of our cases

Nesburn, A. B.; Green, M. T., 1976: Recurrence in ocular herpes simplex infection

Tome Ribeiro A., 1988: Recurrence in ulcerative colitis

Patriarca S., 1985: Recurrence incidence in follow up of patients affected by condylomatosis of the uterine cervix with viral cytopathic effect

Section 7, Chapter 6276, Accession 006275334

Bicknell W.B., 1982: Recurrence mortality and dispersal of prairie striped skunks mephitis mephitis and implications to rabies epizootiology

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Section 7, Chapter 6276, Accession 006275677

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Section 7, Chapter 6276, Accession 006275688

Section 7, Chapter 6276, Accession 006275689

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Lebedev E.L., 1982: Recurrent development of floras in the okhotsk chukotski volcanogenic belt russian sfsr ussr on the boundary between the early cretaceous and late cretaceous

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Section 7, Chapter 6276, Accession 006275726

Section 7, Chapter 6276, Accession 006275727

Calton G.J., 1985: Recurrent eruption following a solitary envenomation by the cnidarian stomolophus meleagris

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Section 7, Chapter 6276, Accession 006275747

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Et Al, 1981: Recurrent gastric reticulum cell sarcoma in the remnant stomach 5 years after operation

Section 7, Chapter 6276, Accession 006275751

Section 7, Chapter 6276, Accession 006275752

Section 7, Chapter 6276, Accession 006275753

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Milne W.R., 1987: Recurrent groups of zooplankton in the bay of fundy and southwest nova scotia regions canada

Section 7, Chapter 6276, Accession 006275777

Section 7, Chapter 6276, Accession 006275778

Section 7, Chapter 6276, Accession 006275779

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Section 7, Chapter 6276, Accession 006275786

Section 7, Chapter 6276, Accession 006275787

Section 7, Chapter 6276, Accession 006275788

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Section 7, Chapter 6276, Accession 006275801

Section 7, Chapter 6276, Accession 006275802

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Et Al, 1987: Recurrent high altitude pulmonary edema

Umbert Millet P., 1985: Recurrent high risk epithelioma mohs fresh tissue surgery the surgical technique of choice

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Section 7, Chapter 6276, Accession 006275817

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Section 7, Chapter 6276, Accession 006275819

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Section 7, Chapter 6276, Accession 006275836

Section 7, Chapter 6276, Accession 006275837

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Section 7, Chapter 6276, Accession 006275870

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Sato M., 1986: Recurrent intraoral herpes simplex virus infection

Lorentzen K., 1987: Recurrent intraperitoneal perforation of the bladder caused by a foley catheter

Stokes K.B., 1987: Recurrent intussusception barium or surgery

Yeon K.M., 1983: Recurrent intussusception in infancy and childhood

Ward J., 1987: Recurrent invasive haemophilus influenzae type b disease in alaskan natives

Herre M., 1982: Recurrent inversion of visual orientation in the walking fly drosophila melanogaster

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Sarkar J.K., 1980: Recurrent japanese encephalitis epidemics in west bengal india

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Section 7, Chapter 6276, Accession 006275884

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Szymanska-Cygler, B., 1976: Recurrent leakage of synovial fluid from the knee joint into crural soft tissues

Section 7, Chapter 6276, Accession 006275896

Section 7, Chapter 6276, Accession 006275897

Wilkinson C.P., 1979: Recurrent macular pucker

Mark J.B.D., 1980: Recurrent major hemoptysis progression to pneumonectomy

Sanzharovskaya N.K., 1987: Recurrent malignancy of the ethmoidal labyrinth

Enjoji M., 1981: Recurrent malignant fibrous histio cytoma a histologic analysis of 50 cases

Katz, D., 1970: Recurrent malignant hyper pyrexia during anesthesia

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Section 7, Chapter 6276, Accession 006275904

Knowles, R. P., 1977: Recurrent mass selection for improved seed yields in intermediate wheat grass

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Section 7, Chapter 6276, Accession 006275909

Thompson N.W., 1986: Recurrent medullary carcinoma of the thyroid demonstrated by thallium 201 scintigraphy

Menz J., 1986: Recurrent melanocytic nevi following partial removal pseudomelanoma

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Et Al, 1984: Recurrent meningitis due to infection through the congenitally deformed stapes footplate a case

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Morimitsu T., 1986: Recurrent meningitis due to spontaneous cerebrospinal fluid otorrhea a case report

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Zimran A., 1988: Recurrent meningococcemia in hereditary deficiency of seventh complement component

Tainturier D., 1987: Recurrent metritis due to q fever in cows

Section 7, Chapter 6276, Accession 006275928

Section 7, Chapter 6276, Accession 006275929

Carranza L., 1986: Recurrent mole

Matsui, S., 1985: Recurrent molluscan associations of the omma manganji fauna in the gojome oga area northeast honshu japan part 1. general discussions of fauna and systematic notes on gastropod and scaphopod species

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Biedel, C. W., 1978: Recurrent mumps parotitis following natural infection and immunization

Caten C.E., 1979: Recurrent mutation and selection for increased penicillin titer in aspergillus nidulans

Section 7, Chapter 6276, Accession 006275936

Section 7, Chapter 6276, Accession 006275937

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Section 7, Chapter 6276, Accession 006275948

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Section 7, Chapter 6276, Accession 006275951

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Gooding C.A., 1983: Recurrent neuro blastoma the role of computed tomography and alternative imaging tests

Casella C., 1985: Recurrent neurons in the rat superior cervical ganglion an electrophysiological study

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Gervais A.J.G., 1988: Recurrent noncardiogenic pulmonary edema secondary to obstruction by hemiepiglottic remnant

Cumming D.C., 1979: Recurrent nonimmune hydrops fetalis

Kostis J., 1985: Recurrent nontraumatic aortic tears resulting in valvular avulsion and aortic insufficiency

O'riordan A.C., 1986: Recurrent obstruction after subclavian flap repair of coarctation of the aorta in infants can it be predicted or prevented

Mathur M., 1987: Recurrent olfactory neuroblastoma treated by radiation surgery and chemotherapy a case report

Becker B., 1979: Recurrent orbital and metastatic melanoma in a patient undergoing previous glaucoma surgery

Karakoulakis E., 1981: Recurrent osteoma overlying cranio plasty a case

Mogi G., 1985: Recurrent otitis media

Mansson B., 1985: Recurrent otitis media genetic immunoglobulin markers in children and their parents

Maeda S., 1982: Recurrent otitis media in association with immuno deficiency

Section 7, Chapter 6276, Accession 006275972

Kaplan B., 1985: Recurrent ovarian carcinoma retreatment utilizing combination chemotherapy including cis diamminedichloroplatinum in patients previously responding to this agent

Section 7, Chapter 6276, Accession 006275974

Veliskova J., 1980: Recurrent palsies of brachial plexus

Laker L., 1985: Recurrent pancreatitis after partial ileal bypass for hyperlipidemia a case report

Ohuchi Y., 1988: Recurrent pancreatitis in a child with anomalous arrangement of the pancreatico biliary duct

Section 7, Chapter 6276, Accession 006275978

Shibata A., 1986: Recurrent paroxysmal hypotension and bradycardia in a patient with pharynx tumor metastasis to the cervical lymph nodes

Section 7, Chapter 6276, Accession 006275980

Honore L.H., 1987: Recurrent partial hydatidiform mole report of a case

Gaffey T.A., 1981: Recurrent pelvic intra venous leio myomatosis

Sanz M., 1987: Recurrent periodontal disease and bacteria presence in the gingiva

Section 7, Chapter 6276, Accession 006275984

Grimont P.A.D., 1988: Recurrent peritonitis caused by serratia marcescens in a diabetic patient receiving continuous ambulatory peritoneal dialysis

Fogelfeld L., 1982: Recurrent phase 4 atrio ventricular block

Mock J.J., 1981: Recurrent phenotypic selection for high and low photosynthesis in 2 maize zea mays populations

Zeiders K.E., 1986: Recurrent phenotypic selection for resistance to brown leaf spot in smooth bromegrass bromus inermis

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Neri A., 1981: Recurrent placenta previa

Fleming W.B., 1987: Recurrent pleomorphic adenoma of the parotid

Stanley R.E., 1984: Recurrent pleomorphic adenomas of the parotid gland

Tan K.C., 1988: Recurrent pleomorphic salivary adenoma the relevance of age at first presentation

Boyles R., 1981: Recurrent pneumococcal otitis media in the chinchilla chinchilla laniger

Lofgren S., 1979: Recurrent pneumonia and encephalitis due to mycoplasma pneumoniae

Homrighausen J., 1982: Recurrent pneumonia in children and its relationship to bronchial hyper reactivity

Drif M., 1986: Recurrent pneumothorax during asthmatic attacks

Section 7, Chapter 6276, Accession 006275998

Contamin, F.; Singer, B.; Mignot, B.; Ecoffet, M.; Kazatchkine, M., 1976: Recurrent poly neuropathy developing over 19 years associated with a benign immuno globulin g mono clonal gammopathy favorable action of cortico therapy

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