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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 6277

Chapter 6277 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Bloomer L.C., 1983: Recurrent poly neuropathy with multiple herpesvirus infections

Jones D.R., 1987: Recurrent positive gz induced loss of consciousness

Jay S.J., 1982: Recurrent post ictal pulmonary edema a case report and review of the literature

Section 7, Chapter 6277, Accession 006276003

Section 7, Chapter 6277, Accession 006276004

Meltzer E., 1983: Recurrent post partum psychosis a model for prospective clinical investigation

Section 7, Chapter 6277, Accession 006276006

Section 7, Chapter 6277, Accession 006276007

Rothman R.H., 1985: Recurrent posterior dislocation of the shoulder treatment using a bone block

Johnston G., 1984: Recurrent posterior instability sub luxation of the shoulder

Torigoe R., 1988: Recurrent postictal pulmonary edema a case report

Snodgrass C.A., 1986: Recurrent pregnancy induced polyuria and thirst due to hypothalamic diabetes insipidus an investigation into possible mechanism responsible for polyuria

Farhat M., 1981: Recurrent primary erythro blastopenia in adults possible suppressive role of mononuclear cell on erythropoiesis

Bellack A.S., 1983: Recurrent problems in the behavioral assessment of social skill

Machemer R., 1985: Recurrent proliferations in macular pucker diabetic retinopathy and retrolental fibroplasia like disease after vitrectomy

Walls J., 1981: Recurrent proteinuria in chronic lymphocytic leukemia

Kauffman C.A., 1987: Recurrent pseudobacteremias traced to a radiometric blood culture device

Kreeger A., 1987: Recurrent pseudocyesis and hypomania

Guice, K. S.; Kosloske, A. M., 1978: Recurrent pseudocyst from a ventriculo peritoneal shunt an unusual abdominal mass

Bartlett J.G., 1981: Recurrent pseudomembranous colitis unassociated with prior antibiotic therapy

Shigeoka, A. O.; Hill, H. R., 1978: Recurrent pseudomonas infection associated with neutrophil dys function

Forbes B.A., 1987: Recurrent pseudomonas luteola cdc group ve 1 peritonitis in a patient undergoing continuous ambulatory peritoneal dialysis

Section 7, Chapter 6277, Accession 006276022

Voineskos, G.; Denault, S., 1978: Recurrent psychiatric hospitalization

Section 7, Chapter 6277, Accession 006276024

Gilboa Y., 1987: Recurrent pulmonary atelectasis as a manifestation of familial mediterranean fever

Green R.D., 1986: Recurrent pulmonary barotrauma

Rachelefsky G.S., 1979: Recurrent pulmonary disease in children a complication of gastro esophageal reflux

Laragh J.H., 1988: Recurrent pulmonary edema in hypertension due to bilateral renal artery stenosis treatment by angioplasty or surgical revascularization

Mullick, S. C.; Wheeler, H. B., 1970: Recurrent pulmonary emboli after inferior vena caval clipping

Ikeda M., 1983: Recurrent pulmonary embolism

Risius B., 1987: Recurrent pulmonary embolism after greenfield filter placement

Section 7, Chapter 6277, Accession 006276032

Scott P.P., 1986: Recurrent pulmonary infections in patients with chronic lymphocytic leukemia and hypogammaglobulinemia

Freycon F., 1986: Recurrent purulent meningitis and deafness mondini malformation

Jezyna C., 1986: Recurrent purulent meningoencephalitis

Ovchinnikov V.V., 1986: Recurrent purulent otitis media prognosis of occurrence in infancy

Otken L.B.Jr, 1981: Recurrent purulent triaditis in a patient with congenital x linked agamma globulinemia

Callen, J. P.; Dubin, H. V.; Gehrke, C. F., 1977: Recurrent pyoderma gangrenosum and agnogenic myeloid metaplasia

Eibl M.M., 1984: Recurrent pyoderma in a family with a defect in leukocyte locomotion

Chan C.W., 1980: Recurrent pyogenic cholangitis a necropsy study

Lam, S. K.; Wong, K. P.; Chan, P. K. W.; Ngan, H.; Ong, G. B., 1978: Recurrent pyogenic cholangitis a study by endoscopic retrograde cholangiography

Jeffrey R.B.Jr, 1982: Recurrent pyogenic cholangitis in asian immigrants use of ultrasonography computed tomography and cholangiography

Chang F.L., 1987: Recurrent pyogenic cholangitis ultrasound evaluation compared with endoscopic retrograde cholangiopancreatography

Sotillo I., 1983: Recurrent pyogenic granuloma with multiple satellites clinico pathological and ultrastructural study

Baker P.J., 1982: Recurrent pyogenic infections in individuals with absence of complement c 2

Section 7, Chapter 6277, Accession 006276046

Friedmann G., 1988: Recurrent rectal cancer diagnosis with mr imaging versus ct

Jones R.S., 1982: Recurrent rectal carcinoma in an asymptomatic patient

Carini M., 1981: Recurrent reflux caused by vesico ureteral fistula

Kolchanov N.A., 1982: Recurrent relationship for the characteristics polynomial of a system of nonbranched mono molecular reactions

Section 7, Chapter 6277, Accession 006276051

Hoerandner H., 1988: Recurrent renal hyperparathyroidism reoperation of the autograft

Gyepes, M. T.; Kaufman, J. J.; Dornfeld, L., 1976: Recurrent reno vascular hypertension report of an unusual case

Olearchyk A.W., 1984: Recurrent residual? left ventricular aneurysm a report of 11 cases

Section 7, Chapter 6277, Accession 006276055

Biggers W.P., 1985: Recurrent respiratory papillomatosis

Kaltenbach M., 1987: Recurrent restenosis after successful transluminal coronary angioplasty dilatation or surgery?

Kaltenbach M., 1988: Recurrent restenosis after transluminal coronary angioplasty dilatation or surgery

Section 7, Chapter 6277, Accession 006276059

Chavis P., 1981: Recurrent retinal ischemia beyond cervical carotid occlusions clinical angiographic correlations and therapeutic implications

Esco Baron R., 1987: Recurrent retroperitoneal liposarcoma case report

Kimura Y., 1985: Recurrent retroperitoneal liposarcoma treated by surgery combined with radiation and hyperthermia a case report

Section 7, Chapter 6277, Accession 006276063

Kunjithapatham S., 1981: Recurrent rhinosporidiosis in man case reports

Williams B.D., 1988: Recurrent rupture of a popliteal cyst in a patient with chronic tophaceous gout

Section 7, Chapter 6277, Accession 006276066

Elgin J.H.Jr, 1987: Recurrent seedling and individual plant selection for potato leafhopper homoptera cicadellidae resistance in alfalfa

Section 7, Chapter 6277, Accession 006276068

Wright, L. N., 1978: Recurrent selection for changing gene frequency of germination rate in blue panic grass

Smith R.R., 1986: Recurrent selection for diploid pollen formation in red clover trifolium pratense

Sigafus R.E., 1984: Recurrent selection for forage and seed yield in zigzag clover trifolium medium

Wiersma J.V., 1983: Recurrent selection for grain protein percentage in hard red spring wheat triticum aestivum

Smith O.S., 1983: Recurrent selection for grain yield in a maize zea mays cultivar krug population

Nelson, L. R., 1980: Recurrent selection for improved rate of germination in annual rye grass lolium multiflorum

Townsend C.E., 1985: Recurrent selection for improved seed germination seedling elongation and seedling emergence in cicer milkvetch astragalus cicer

Kofoid K., 1982: Recurrent selection for kernel weight in spring wheat triticum aestivum

Brim C.A., 1982: Recurrent selection for percent protein in soybean seed glycine max indirect effects on plant nitrogen accumulation and distribution

Sanford, L. L.; Ladd, T. L. Jr, 1987: Recurrent selection for potato leafhopper resistance in potato solanum tuberosum l. group tuberosum

Palmer A.F.E., 1986: Recurrent selection for reduced plant height in lowland tropical maize zea mays

Guthrie W.D., 1986: Recurrent selection for resistance to european corn borer ostrinia nubilalis in a corn zea mays synthetic and correlated effects on agronomic traits

Fehr W.R., 1981: Recurrent selection for resistance to iron deficiency chlorosis in soybeans glycine max

Section 7, Chapter 6277, Accession 006276085

Hunter J.E., 1987: Recurrent selection for resistance to white mold in phaseolus species

Davis, S. M.; Crane, P. L., 1976: Recurrent selection for rind thickness in maize and its relationship with yield lodging and other plant characteristics

Motto M., 1985: Recurrent selection for seed quality traits in an opaque 2 maize zea mays population

Wright, L. N., 1976: Recurrent selection for shifting gene frequency of seed weight in panicum entidotale

Schmitthenner A.F., 1984: Recurrent selection for tolerance to phytophthora rot in soybean glycine max

Genter, C. F., 1976: Recurrent selection for yield in the f 2 of a maize single cross

Gill K.S., 1981: Recurrent selection in an inter varietal cross of wheat

Nason, D. A.; Cuany, R. L.; Wilson, A. M., 1987: Recurrent selection in blue grama i. seedling water uptake and shoot weight

Lyrene P.M., 1981: Recurrent selection in breeding rabbiteye blueberries vaccinium ashei

Fejer S.O., 1985: Recurrent selection in doubled haploid populations of barley hordeum vulgare

Khadr F.H., 1979: Recurrent selection in pearl millet pennisetum typhoides in northern nigeria

Khadr, F. H., 1977: Recurrent selection in pearl millet pennisetum typhoides in northern nigeria

Zuechner S., 1985: Recurrent selection in rye secale cereale populations to improve the resistance to powdery mildew

Brim, C. A.; Burton, J. W., 1979: Recurrent selection in soybeans glycine max 2. selection for increased percent protein in seeds

Burton, J. W.; Brim, C. A., 1981: Recurrent selection in soybeans glycine max 3. selection for increased percent oil in seeds

Section 7, Chapter 6277, Accession 006276102

Brim C.A., 1979: Recurrent selection in soybeans part 1 seed yield

Section 7, Chapter 6277, Accession 006276104

Stalker H.T., 1986: Recurrent selection within a population from an interspecific peanut arachis hypogaea cross

Lott T., 1985: Recurrent senescence in axenic cultures of physarum polycephalum

Section 7, Chapter 6277, Accession 006276107

Lovrien E., 1984: Recurrent sepsis with deficiencies of complement c 2 and galacto kinase

Section 7, Chapter 6277, Accession 006276109

Newman, S. L.; Vogler, L. B.; Feigin, R. D.; Johnston, R. B. Jr, 1978: Recurrent septicemia associated with congenital deficiency of c 2 and partial deficiency of factor b and the alternative complement pathway

Et Al, 1987: Recurrent severe epistaxis from non traumatic cavernous portion aneurysm of the internal carotid artery

Gallin, J. I.; Malech, H. L.; Wright, D. G.; Whisnant, J. K.; Kirkpatrick, C. H., 1978: Recurrent severe infections in a child with abnormal leukocyte function possible relationship to increased micro tubule assembly

Johnston R.B.Jr, 1985: Recurrent severe infections in a girl with apparently variable expression of mosaicism for chronic granulomatous disease

Section 7, Chapter 6277, Accession 006276114

Lagrue, G.; Rahbar, K.; Behar, A.; Sobel, A.; Laurent, J., 1986: Recurrent shock associated with monoclonal gammapathy acute and chronic treatment with parenteral and oral ginkgo biloba extract

Rosenberg Z.S., 1987: Recurrent shoulder dislocation after surgical repair double contrast ct arthrography work in progress

Egund N., 1987: Recurrent shoulder dislocation and screw failure after the bristow latarjet procedure a case report

Geha R.S., 1985: Recurrent sinopulmonary infection and impaired antibody response to bacterial capsular polysaccharide antigen in children with selective immunoglobulin g subclass deficiency

Section 7, Chapter 6277, Accession 006276119

Sokol R.J., 1987: Recurrent small for gestational age birth perinatal risks and outcomes

Cotton D.W.K., 1988: Recurrent solitary giant trichoepithelioma located in the perianal area a case report

Lewinski U.H., 1985: Recurrent spontaneous bacterial peritonitis

Wiznitzer T., 1986: Recurrent spontaneous perforation of the colon

Twiford, T. W-Jr ; Zornoza, J.; Libshitz, H. I., 1978: Recurrent spontaneous pneumo thorax after radiation therapy to the thorax

Nandi P., 1980: Recurrent spontaneous pneumo thorax an effective method of talc poudrage

Brune J., 1987: Recurrent spontaneous pneumothorax in young subjects treatment by one stage bilateral apical pleurectomy through the axillary route

Reisin L.H., 1987: Recurrent spontaneous return to sinus rhythm from chronic atrial fibrillation

Wind C.A., 1982: Recurrent spontaneous vitreous air bubble formation case report

Knox K.L., 1983: Recurrent squamous cell carcinoma of the skin

Hilaris B., 1985: Recurrent stage i endometrial carcinoma results of treatment and prognostic factors

Hill, H. R.; Williams, P. B.; Krueger, G. G.; Janis, B., 1976: Recurrent staphylococcal abscesses associated with defective neutrophil chemo taxis and allergic rhinitis

Hedstrom S.A., 1981: Recurrent staphylococcal furunculosis bacteriological findings and epidemiology in 100 cases

Hedstrom S.A., 1982: Recurrent staphylococcal furunculosis lymphocyte subsets and plasma immuno globulins

Steele R.W., 1980: Recurrent staphylococcal infection in families

Section 7, Chapter 6277, Accession 006276135

Section 7, Chapter 6277, Accession 006276136

Section 7, Chapter 6277, Accession 006276137

Welsby, P.; Smith, C., 1977: Recurrent sterile meningitis as a manifestation of systemic lupus erythematosus

Section 7, Chapter 6277, Accession 006276139

Section 7, Chapter 6277, Accession 006276140

Patton D.W., 1982: Recurrent sub luxation of the temporo mandibular joint in psychiatric illness

Dohn D.E., 1979: Recurrent subarachnoid hemorrhage associated with epsilon amino caproic acid therapy and acute renal artery thrombosis case report

Section 7, Chapter 6277, Accession 006276143

Sahn S.A., 1982: Recurrent suppressed goiter causing upper airway obstruction

Gorban' I.V., 1986: Recurrent suppurative meningitides and nasal liquorrhea

Dany A., 1988: Recurrent supratentorial meningiomas a report of 17 cases

Abinader, E. G., 1976: Recurrent supraventricular tachy cardia success and subsequent failure of termination by implanted endo cardial pacemaker

Dotzenrath C., 1988: Recurrent surgery for hyperparathyroidism in multiple endocrine adenopathy

Takamaru M., 1981: Recurrent sustained ventricular tachy cardia in a school boy

Josephson, M. E.; Horowitz, L. N.; Farshidi, A.; Kastor, J. A., 1978: Recurrent sustained ventricular tachy cardia part 1 mechanisms

Josephson, M. E.; Horowitz, L. N.; Farshidi, A.; Spear, J. F.; Kastor, J. A.; Moore, E. N., 1978: Recurrent sustained ventricular tachy cardia part 2 endo cardial mapping

Horowitz, L. N.; Josephson, M. E.; Farshidi, A.; Spielman, S. R.; Michelson, E. L.; Greenspan, A. M., 1978: Recurrent sustained ventricular tachy cardia part 3 role of the electro physiologic study in selection of anti arrhythmic regimens

Greenspan A.M., 1979: Recurrent sustained ventricular tachy cardia part 4 pleomorphism

Wit A.L., 1983: Recurrent sustained ventricular tachy cardia structure and ultrastructure of sub endo cardial regions in which tachy cardia originates

Sakurai I., 1984: Recurrent sustained ventricular tachycardia in children investigations by electrophysiologic and histopathologic method

Sivertsen E., 1987: Recurrent sustained ventricular tachycardia treatment guided by programmed electrical stimulation of the heart

Makino H., 1988: Recurrent sustained ventricular tachycardia without overt heart disease clinical classification characteristics and responses to antiarrhythmic therapy

Minota, S.; Koketsu, K., 1978: Recurrent synaptic activation of the bull frog sympathetic ganglion cells by direct intra cellular stimulation

Burwell E.L., 1981: Recurrent systemic lupus erythematosus involving renal allo grafts

Ricci, D. R.; Rider, A. K.; Mason, J. W., 1977: Recurrent tachy arrhythmia associated with a bi focal demand pacemaker

Gould, L.; Reddy, C. V. R.; Del-Nunzio, R., 1976: Recurrent tachy cardias due to an accessory pathway

Section 7, Chapter 6277, Accession 006276162

Ammann R., 1988: Recurrent thoracic wall abscess due to probable percutaneous infection by echinococcus multilocularis from dormouse bite

Mollin D.L., 1982: Recurrent thrombocytopenia erythroid hypoplasia and sidero blastic anemia associated with hypo thermia

Flatau E., 1986: Recurrent thromboembolic events in heterozygous protein c deficiency

Lie T.J., 1988: Recurrent thromboembolism disseminated intravascular coagulation and coumarin induced skin necrosis associated with protein c deficiency

Charles Edouard Otrante D., 1984: Recurrent thrombosis epidemiologic study

Stoffersen E., 1980: Recurrent thrombosis in a patient with factor xii deficiency

Section 7, Chapter 6277, Accession 006276169

Goldberg M., 1981: Recurrent thrombotic thrombocytopenic purpura after viral infection clinical and histologic simulation of chronic glomerulo nephritis

Rose L.I., 1984: Recurrent thyro toxicosis after iodine 131 induced hypo thyroidism

Baldet L., 1982: Recurrent thyro toxicosis after normal tri iodo thyronine suppression test in the course of a radio iodinated graves disease patient

Higgins C.B., 1988: Recurrent thyroid carcinoma characteristics on mr images

Section 7, Chapter 6277, Accession 006276174

Ein S.H., 1984: Recurrent tracheo esophageal fistula a protocol for investigation

Townsend J.J., 1979: Recurrent transient ischemic attacks secondary to an embolizing saccular middle cerebral artery aneurysm case report

Kamada T., 1986: Recurrent transient ischemic episodes after anticoagulation or bypass operation hemodynamic or embolic mechanism

Section 7, Chapter 6277, Accession 006276178

Aurias A., 1988: Recurrent translocation 11 22 breakpoint mapping by chromosome flow sorting and spot blot hybridization

Stedry V., 1986: Recurrent traumatic dislocation of the hip in a child significance of early hip arthrography

Kelman, J. P.; Dobbie, J. G.; Constantaras, A. A., 1977: Recurrent traumatic hyphema a sequel of injury to the schlemm canal

Barishak R., 1980: Recurrent traumatic hyphema due to increased local fibrinolysis

Rappaport, Z. H.; Gomori, J. M., 1988: Recurrent trigeminal cistern glycerol injections for tic douloureux

Johnson M., 1988: Recurrent tuberculosis why do patients develop disease again? a usa public health service cooperative survey

Bourguignon R.L., 1981: Recurrent turret exostoses case report

Madsen, P.; Kronborg, O., 1980: Recurrent ulcer 5.5 8 years after highly selective vagotomy without drainage and selective vagotomy with pyloro plasty

Section 7, Chapter 6277, Accession 006276187

Section 7, Chapter 6277, Accession 006276188

Gouffier, E.; Phan, A.; Paraf, A.; Boddaert, A.; Chevrel, J. P., 1977: Recurrent ulcerative jejuno ileitis report of a case with operative and endoscopic observations

Graham D.Y., 1983: Recurrent ulcers after gastric surgery endoscopic localization to the gastric mucosa

Grevsten, S.; Lindsjo, U.; Olerud, S., 1978: Recurrent ulnar nerve dislocation at the elbow report of a nontraumatic case with ulnar entrapment neuropathy

Scott C.I.Jr, 1981: Recurrent unilateral hand malformations in siblings

Section 7, Chapter 6277, Accession 006276193

Band J.D., 1983: Recurrent urban histoplasmosis indianapolis indiana usa 1980 1981

Williams G., 1987: Recurrent ureteric obstruction in association with henoch schoenlein purpura

Brown H.E., 1981: Recurrent urethral leio myoma presenting as stress incontinence

Ebner A., 1986: Recurrent urinary incontinence cystometry conditio sine qua non

Astrup A., 1980: Recurrent urinary incontinence treated neuro surgically

Nordling J., 1979: Recurrent urinary incontinence treated with quite another type of prolapse operation

Carroll, G., 1975: Recurrent urinary infections causes and prevention

Grueneberg, R. N., 1970: Recurrent urinary infections in general practice

Hamilton Miller J.M.T., 1987: Recurrent urinary infections in women clinical trial of cephradine as a prophylactic agent

Very J.M., 1986: Recurrent urinary infections newberyite and carbonate containing apatite in the same patient

Hashemi G., 1985: Recurrent urinary tract infection

Zeylan Z., 1985: Recurrent urinary tract infections a clinical and radiological study

Romero J., 1988: Recurrent urinary tract infections after renal transplantation

Madoff S., 1980: Recurrent urinary tract infections in men a role for aberrant bacterial forms

Natsios G.A., 1980: Recurrent urinary tract infections in men an assessment of contemporary treatment

Kaijser B., 1979: Recurrent urinary tract infections in men characteristics and response to therapy

Engelstein D., 1983: Recurrent urinary tract infections in pre menopausal women prophylaxis based on an understanding of the pathogenesis

Boyce W.H., 1981: Recurrent uro lithiasis following anatrophic nephro lithotomy

Laerum E., 1984: Recurrent urolithiasis a general practice study of risk factors and clinical consequences

Strong, D. W.; Pearse, H. D., 1976: Recurrent urothelial tumors following surgery for transitional cell carcinoma of the upper urinary tract

Juhlin L., 1981: Recurrent urticaria clinical investigation of 330 patients

Section 7, Chapter 6277, Accession 006276215

Section 7, Chapter 6277, Accession 006276216

Section 7, Chapter 6277, Accession 006276217

Mcloughlin, M. G., 1977: Recurrent varicocele radiographic documentation and surgical management

Jarvinen, P., 1978: Recurrent varicose veins

Hamilton D.N.H., 1984: Recurrent varicose veins a radiological approach to investigation

Pouliadis, G. P.; Brunner, U.; Thuerlemann, A., 1978: Recurrent varicose veins of the inguinal region after surgery comparison of phlebography and operation findings

Stoehr R., 1988: Recurrent vascular myelopathy report of a case with autopsy

Esmon C.T., 1984: Recurrent venous thromboembolism in patients with a partial deficiency of protein s

Ravid M., 1982: Recurrent venous thrombosis the sole manifestation of an occult myelo proliferative disease

Manoharan, A.; Gibson, L.; Rush, B.; Feery, B. J., 1977: Recurrent venous thrombosis with a lupus coagulation inhibitor in the absence of systemic lupus

Section 7, Chapter 6277, Accession 006276226

Shaw T.R.D., 1981: Recurrent ventricular fibrillation associated with normal qt intervals

Kazharskaya E.E., 1983: Recurrent ventricular fibrillation in a patient with trans mural myo cardial infarction

Lyngborg K., 1987: Recurrent ventricular fibrillation treated with the administration of magnesium

Mangano D.T., 1982: Recurrent ventricular tachy cardia associated with gangrene

Gavrilescu, S.; Luca, C., 1976: Recurrent ventricular tachy cardia due to reentry within the bundle branches

Section 7, Chapter 6277, Accession 006276232

Wicher W., 1979: Recurrent ventricular tachy cardia with right or left bundle branch block pattern in the electro cardiogram different etiology and clinical course an analysis of 38 cases

Barber H.O., 1986: Recurrent vestibulopathy third review

Peatfield R.C., 1985: Recurrent vi nerve palsy in cluster headache

Strannegard O., 1986: Recurrent viral infections in patients with past or present atopic dermatitis

Serjeant G.R., 1985: Recurrent visual loss in homozygous sickle cell disease

Horiuchi, I., 1981: Recurrent vitreous hemorrhages 1. noninflammatory type

Section 7, Chapter 6277, Accession 006276239

Section 7, Chapter 6277, Accession 006276240

Lenney, W.; Milner, A. D., 1978: Recurrent wheezing in the preschool child

Ooms L., 1987: Recurrent zinc responsive dermatosis in a siberian husky

Hamner W.M., 1980: Recurring aggregation of zoo plankton by a tidal current

Sepe, O.; Tessitore, A.; Valiani, R., 1977: Recurring and alternating paralysis of the oculo motor nerves due to obstruction of the cavernous sinus clinical and pathogenetic considerations

Fisherman, E. W.; Cohen, G. N., 1976: Recurring and chronic urticaria identification of etiologies

Bibbiani U., 1985: Recurring bilateral hypopyon in chronic myeloid leukemia in blastic transformation a case report

Section 7, Chapter 6277, Accession 006276247

Dallenbach-Hellweg, G.; Epple, H.; Birovljev, P.; Fischbach, H., 1976: Recurring clear cell leio myo blastoma of the uterus

Jaffe N., 1982: Recurring congenital lesion of the cheek

Singer M.F., 1981: Recurring defective variants of sv 40 containing monkey dna segments

Gibson A.A.M., 1982: Recurring digital fibroma

Demello D.E., 1986: Recurring digital fibroma of childhood

Bale P., 1985: Recurring digital fibromas of infancy

Lakhanpal, V. P.; Yadav, S. S.; Sastry, V. R. K., 1978: Recurring digital fibromas of infancy a case report

Beckett, J. H.; Jacobs, A. H., 1977: Recurring digital fibrous tumors of childhood a review

Calzavara F., 1987: Recurring gynecologic cancer treated with photodynamic therapy

Cadilhac J., 1988: Recurring hypersomnias

Huismans H., 1982: Recurring inflammation of optic nerve after long term therapy with hormonal contraceptive anacyclin 28

Milner-White, E. J., 1988: Recurring loop motif in proteins that occurs in right handed and left handed forms its relationship with alpha helices and beta bulge loops

Smith, J. W. M., 1977: Recurring off types in lettuce their significance in plant breeding and seed production

Eshbaugh W.H., 1985: Recurring origins of allopolyploid species in asplenium

Eskenasy A., 1982: Recurring thoracal mesenchymoma

Briquel M.E., 1980: Recurring thrombo embolic accidents caused by family related deficiency of the fibrinolysis system

Section 7, Chapter 6277, Accession 006276264

Winkler, J., 1977: Recursive computation of binding potential coefficients for ring and chain geometry in the koshland model

Fu K S., 1983: Recursive contextual classification using a spatial stochastic model

Roessler O.E., 1979: Recursive evolution

Hartmann G., 1982: Recursive features of circular receptive fields

Margolin B.H., 1986: Recursive nonparametric testing for dose response relationships subject to downturns at high doses

Mcgilchrist C.A., 1984: Recursive residuals on a rectangular lattice

Lyons Ruth K., 1980: Recursive structure in cognitive perspective taking

Veith D.L., 1980: Recursive thinking and the self concepts of preadolescent

Clapham W.B.Jr, 1986: Recycle a computerized planning tool to improve municipal solid waste management

Chang H.N., 1985: Recycle hollow fiber enzyme reactor with flow swing

Saddler J.N., 1987: Recycle of enzymes and substrate following enzymatic hydrolysis of steam pretreated aspenwood

Section 7, Chapter 6277, Accession 006276277

Pernis B., 1986: Recycling class i major histocompatibility complex antigens dynamics of internalization acidification and ligand degradation in murine t lymphoblasts

Rao A.R., 1986: Recycling crop residues as foods and human wastes as feeds

Wyndaele R., 1984: Recycling efficiency in hydrogenase uptake positive strains of rhizobium leguminosarum

Ploegh H.L., 1988: Recycling glycoproteins do not return to the cis golgi

Nicolas L., 1986: Recycling of bacillus sphaericus 2362 in mosquito larvae a laboratory study

Coz J., 1986: Recycling of bacillus sphaericus in dead larvae of culex pipiens diptera culicidae

Thelen M., 1986: Recycling of catheters used in angiography 1st communication fundamentals and problems of safe recycling

Magun B.E., 1985: Recycling of epidermal growth factor in a human pancreatic carcinoma cell line

Jeon K.W., 1985: Recycling of membrane proteins during endocytosis and exocytosis in amoebae

Thach R.E., 1986: Recycling of messenger rna cap binding proteins mediated by eukaryotic initiation factor 4 b

Deschenes, J.; Serodes, J. B., 1986: Recycling of metals and phosphorus by scirpus americanus and spartina alterniflora in the middle estuary of the st. lawrence quebec canada

Goodell E.W., 1985: Recycling of murein by escherichia coli

Chang T.M.S., 1987: Recycling of nad crosslinked to albumin or hemoglobin immobilized with multienzyme systems in artificial cells

Srivastava A.K., 1987: Recycling of nutrients in trash with nitrogen for higher cane yield

Heidenreich K.A., 1986: Recycling of photoaffinity labeled insulin receptors in rat adipocytes dissociation of insulin receptor complexes is not required for receptor recycling

Reese T.S., 1987: Recycling of plasmalemma in chick tectal growth cones

Isersky C., 1986: Recycling of receptor bound immunoglobulin e by rat basophilic leukemia cells

Talashilkar S.C., 1985: Recycling of sewage waste in agriculture prospects and problems

Narine K.R., 1988: Recycling of surfactant in black and beige mice pool sizes and kinetics

Weigel P.H., 1985: Recycling of the asialoglycoprotein receptor in isolated rat hepatocytes atp depletion blocks receptor recycling but not a single round of endocytosis

Kasahara M., 1986: Recycling of the glucose transporter the insulin receptor and insulin in rat adipocytes effect of acidotropic agents

Cockcroft A., 1984: Recycling of transferrin receptors in a 431 cells is inhibited during mitosis

Balaraman K., 1984: Recycling potential of bacillus sphaericus in natural mosquito breeding habitats

Srinivasan K.V., 1988: Recycling reuse of penicillin mycelium as fish pond manure

Kurihara T., 1988: Recyclization of 2 oxotetrahydro 1 3 oxazines accompanied by decarboxylation a convenient synthesis of tetrahydropyridine quinolizidine and indolizidine skeletons

Bernard G.D., 1979: Red absorbing visual pigment of butterflies

Akahane, T.; Suzuki, K., 1976: Red algae eucheuma muricatum mucilage tri iodide complex formation and mechanism

Prud'homme-Van-Reine, W. F.; Sluiman, H. J., 1980: Red algae found on european salt marshes 1. bostrychia scorpioides rhodomelaceae

Prud'homme-Van-Reine, W. F.; Sluiman, H. J.; Marchand, R. P., 1983: Red algae found on european salt marshes 2. catenella caespitosa rhabdoniaceae

Starmach K., 1982: Red algae in the kryniczanka stream poland

Perestenko, L. P., 1975: Red algae of far eastern seas of the ussr foliose cryptonemiacean algae cryptonemiales rhodophyta

Schneider C.W., 1983: Red algal genus audouinella nemaliales acrochaetiaceae from north carolina usa

Silver J., 1979: Red and blue green bile pigments in the shell of astraea tuber mollusca archaeogastropoda

Bellini, E.; Hillman, W. S., 1971: Red and far red effects on phenyl alanine ammonia lyase ec in raphanus sativus d and sinapis alba d seedlings do not correlate with phytochrome spectrophotometry

Ginzo, H. D., 1978: Red and far red inhibition of germination in aristida murina

Schaefer E., 1979: Red and far red modulation in vitro of enzyme activity in a membrane fraction from phaseolus aureus

Steffens W.L., 1979: Red and green anaglyph preparation technique for the presentation of stereo electron microscopy

Tucker C.J., 1979: Red and photographic ir linear combinations for monitoring vegetation

Grimes A.J., 1979: Red and white cell abnormalities in chronic renal failure

Section 7, Chapter 6277, Accession 006276323

Section 7, Chapter 6277, Accession 006276324

Section 7, Chapter 6277, Accession 006276325

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