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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 6278

Chapter 6278 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Van Stalle J., 1985: Redescription and taxonomic notes on three pentastirini described as cixius latifrons moysella sinaitica and mesoliarus malagensis homoptera fulgoroidea cixiidae

Gibson R., 1986: Redescription and taxonomic reappraisal of nemertopsis actinophila nemertea hoplonemertea monostilifera

Bona F.V.; Maffi A.V., 1985: Redescription and variability of paruterina similis cestoda paruterinidae collected in a new host coccyzus melacoryphus cuculiformes in northern argentina

Lemaitre R.; Gore R.H., 1988: Redescription ecological observations and distribution of the caridean shrimp plesionika escatilis stimpson 1860 decapoda pandalidae

Bousquet Y., 1984: Redescription of abaris splendidula new combination coleoptera carabidae pterostichini

Nesis K.N.; Nikitina I.V., 1987: Redescription of abralia steindachneri and revision of subgenus system of the genus abralia cephalopoda enoploteuthidae

Mikkelsen P.M.; Mikkelsen P.S., 1987: Redescription of acteocina recta and acteocina lepta two species of cephalaspidean gastropods from the western atlantic

Coomans A.; Loof P.A.A., 1986: Redescription of actinolaimus costatus schneider 1935 nematoda actinolaimidae with observations on its pharyngosomatic muscles and discussion of its taxonomic position

Lane N.G.; Sevastopulo G.D., 1985: Redescription of allagecrinus americanus a late devonian microcrinoid

Steiner W.E.Jr; Singh B.P., 1987: Redescription of an ergot beetle acylomus pugetanus casey with immature stages and biology coleoptera phalacridae

Kabata Z., 1986: Redescription of and comments on four little known lernaeopodidae crustacea copepoda

Lalana, R. R.; Ortiz, M., 1987: Redescription of and new locality for the isopod cleantis planicauda new record benedict in richardson 1899 crustacea

Torii T., 1988: Redescription of antocha spinifer new record diptera tipulidae

Papp J., 1987: Redescription of apanteles barcinonensis marshall 1898 hymenoptera braconidae microgastrinae

Gon O., 1987: Redescription of apogon fleurieu lacepede 1802 with notes of its synonymy

Ajid A.M.; Mahasneh D.M., 1986: Redescription of ariomma brevimanus a rare stromateoid from the gulf of aqaba red sea

Fernandes A.C.S., 1985: Redescription of arthraria riachaoensis and commentaries on its validity as a bioglyph

Hershler R., 1987: Redescription of assiminea infima berry 1947 from death valley california usa

Goren M., 1988: Redescription of bathygobius albopunctatus valenciennes 1837 and a note on its distribution

Stokland O., 1987: Redescription of bela ampla smith 1884 gastropoda turridae

Yochelson E.L.; Hongfu Y., 1985: Redescription of bellerophon asiaticus early triassic gastropoda from china and a survey of triassic bellerophontacea

Yochelson E.L.; Boyd D.W.; Wardlaw B., 1985: Redescription of bellerophon bittneri gastropoda triassic from wyoming usa

Maury E.A., 1984: Redescription of bothriurus bocki scorpiones bothriuridae

Shaw D.P., 1988: Redescription of bouvieriella carcinophila chevreux 1889 eusiroidea calliopiidae from northern british columbia canada and its proposed synonymy with leptamphopus paripes stephensen 1931

Najt J., 1985: Redescription of brachystomella quadrituberculata collembola

Trojan P., 1987: Redescription of chalybosoma cyaneoviridis macquart from tasmania australia diptera tabanidae

Zdzitowiecki K., 1984: Redescription of corynosoma hamanni and description of corynosoma pseudohamanni new species acanthocephala from the environs of the south shetlands antarctic

Zdzitowiecki K., 1986: Redescription of corynosoma tunitae weiss 1914 and description of corynosoma baylis new species acanthocephala polymorphidae parasites of piscivorous birds

Bonatto S.L.; Grazia J., 1985: Redescription of cosmopepla decorata with a study of the genitalia of both sexes heteroptera pentatomidae

Raga J.A., 1987: Redescription of crassicauda grampicola johnston and mawson 1941 nematoda spirurida a parasite of grampus griseus cuvier 1812 cetacea delphinidae

Raski D.J.; Luc M.; Valenzuela A., 1984: Redescription of criconema giardi type species of the genus criconema criconematidae nematoda

Sato Y., 1984: Redescription of cryptopecten yanagawaensis paleontological study of the molluscan fauna from moniwa formation japan 2

Rehana, R.; Bilqees, F. M., 1986: Redescription of cucullanus annulatus rehana and bilqees 1976 as cucullanus pseudoannulatus new species from mystus cavasius ham. of kalri lake sind pakistan

Desch C.E.Jr, 1987: Redescription of demodex nanus acari demodicidae from rattus norvegicus and rattus rattus rodentia

Baker M.R., 1984: Redescription of dichelyne cotylophora nematoda cucullanidae parasitic in fresh water fishes of eastern north america

Papp J., 1987: Redescription of doryctes hedini new combination fahringer hymenoptera braconidae doryctinae

Vilela C.R.; Pereira M.A.Q.R., 1985: Redescription of drosophila talamancana diptera drosophilidae

Kawakatsu M.; Mitchell R.W., 1984: Redescription of dugesia festai based upon material from venezuela and peru turbellaria tricladida paludicola

Rajapaksa R.; Fernando C.H., 1987: Redescription of dunhevedia serrata daday 1898 cladocera chydoridae and a description of dunhevedia americana new species from america

Maples C.G.; Archer A.W., 1987: Redescription of early pennsylvanian trace fossil holotypes from the nonmarine hindostan whetstone beds of indiana usa

Higgins R.P., 1986: Redescription of echinoderes pilosus kinorhyncha cyclorhagida

Schneider W., 1985: Redescription of erythromma viridulum orientale from the eastern mediterranean area insecta odonata coenagrionidae

Berry J.F., 1984: Redescription of falcaustra duyagi new record nematoda cosmocercoidea from cuora amboinensis testudinidae of malaysia

Esslinger J.H., 1986: Redescription of foleyellides striatus nematoda filarioidea from a mexican frog rana montezumae with reinstatement of the genus foleyellides

Hardy G.S., 1986: Redescription of gilloblennius pisces tripterygiidae and description of a new genus and two new species from new zealand

Oosthuizen J.H., 1987: Redescription of hemiclepsis quadrata new combination moore 1939 hirudinea glossiphoniidae

Kensley B.; Tobias W., 1985: Redescription of heterocarpus laevis crustacea decapoda pandalidae

Golden A.M.; Maqbool M.A.; Shahina F., 1988: Redescription of heterodera fici nematoda heteroderidae with sem observations

Day M.C., 1985: Redescription of heterogyna protea hymenoptera sphecidae heterogyninae

Nagatomi A., 1985: Redescription of heterostomus curvipalpis diptera heterostomidae and some notes on my paper of the male genitalia of the lower brachycera diptera

Pereira V.F.G.C., 1985: Redescription of hyalella pernix amphipoda hyalellidae with a discussion of its synonym hyalella curvispina

Balseiro E.G., 1987: Redescription of instar iv larva of aedeomyia squamipennis and diagnosis of instars i ii and iii diptera culicidae

Wagele, J. W., 1984: Redescription of k. h. barnards 3 species of mesanthura crustacea isopoda anthuridea

Dessart P., 1987: Redescription of lagynodes pseudocarinatus szabo and oehlke 1986 from baltic amber hymenoptera ceraphronoidea megaspilidae lagynodinae

Watson W., 1984: Redescription of larvae of the pigfish orthopristis chrysoptera pisces haemulidae

Cumberlidge N., 1985: Redescription of liberonautes chaperi new combination brachyura potamonautidae from ivory coast and ghana

Hogans W.E.; Dadswell M.J., 1985: Redescription of lophoura gracilis copepoda sphyriidae from synaphobranchus kaupi in the northwest atlantic ocean

Marotta S.; Tranfaglia A., 1985: Redescription of macrocerococcus superbus leonardi and considerations on its generic position with a note on puto signoret

Jansen J., 1986: Redescription of mazamastrongylus trinitatis cameron 1935 and a discussion of the systematic position and species composition of the genus mazamastrongylus cameron 1935 nematoda trichostrongyloidea

Baker M.R., 1986: Redescription of megalobatrachonema elongata new combination nematoda kathlaniidae parasitic in north american salamanders

Negrea S., 1984: Redescription of moina salina cladocera moinidae based on specimens found in its type location

Carvalho C.J.B.D.; Lopes S.M., 1985: Redescription of mydaea plaumanni diptera muscidae mydaeinae of brazil

Mahnert V.; Aguiar N.O., 1986: Redescription of neocheiridium corticum balzan 1890 and descriptions of two new species of the genus from south america pseudoscorpiones cheiridiidae

Luc M.; Coomans A.; Sarr E., 1987: Redescription of neodolichodorus rostrulatus siddiqi 1976 siddiqi 1977 nematoda tylenchina

Goff M.L.; Loomis R.B.; Ainsworth R., 1987: Redescription of neotrombicula naultini dumbleton 1947 and descriptions of two new species of chiggers from new zealand acari trombiculidae

Tibana R.; Hime N.D.C., 1984: Redescription of nephochaetopteryx pallidiventris and description of nephochaetopteryx utinguensis new species diptera sarcophagidae

Lopes S.M., 1985: Redescription of neurotrixa felsina of south america diptera muscidae cyrtoneurininae

Grootaert P., 1984: Redescription of niphadobata belgica new combination diptera tipulidae a snowfly from low altitudes in belgium

Barnard J.L.; Drummond M.M., 1984: Redescription of notoediceros tasmaniensis and a note on the synonymy of warreyus with exoediceroides crustacea amphipoda exoedicerotidae

Theron J.G., 1987: Redescription of occiplanocephalus ravus evans homoptera cicadellidae deltocephalinae from western australia

Esslinger J.H., 1986: Redescription of ochoterenella digiticauda nematoda filarioidea from the toad bufo marinus with a redefinition of the genus ochoterenella

Pinto R.M.; Vicente J.J.; Noronha D.; De Fabio S.P., 1988: Redescription of oncophora melanocephala rudolphi 1819 baudin laurencin 1971 nematoda camallanidae

Foua Bi K.; Mehaud T., 1986: Redescription of ornytus elongatus dallas 1852 heteroptera coreidae

Draber Monko A., 1985: Redescription of pandelleia maculata diptera tachinidae

Clamp J.C., 1987: Redescription of paralagenophrys singularis new genus new combination kellicott ciliophora peritricha lagenophryidae

Soderstrom O.; Nilsson J., 1986: Redescription of parameletus chelifer and parameletus minor with keys to nymphal and adult stages of the fennoscandian species of siphlonuridae ephemeroptera

Hogans W.E., 1986: Redescription of pennella instructa copepoda pennellidae from the swordfish xiphias gladius

Niedbala W., 1984: Redescription of phthiracaridae acari oribatida by marie hammer

Paschoal A.D., 1984: Redescription of plesiodamaeus craterifer acari oribatei gymnodamaeidae with a reevaluation of the genus

Jordaan L.C., 1988: Redescription of protogamasellus scuticalis genis loots and ryke acari ascidae and a new species from the afrotropical region

Kitchener D.J.; Adams M.; Baverstock P., 1984: Redescription of pseudomys bolami rodentia muridae

Rego A.A., 1987: Redescription of pterobothrium crassicolle diesing 1850 cestoda trypanorhyncha and validation of the species

Harrison A.D., 1984: Redescription of pyrgophorus parvulus gastropoda hydrobiidae from st vincent st lucia and grenada west indies

Kornicker L.S., 1986: Redescription of sheina orri harding 1966 a myodocopid ostracod collected on fishes off queensland australia

Mikhailov K.G., 1987: Redescription of spider trachelas maculatus aranei corinnidae

Yochelson E.L., 1987: Redescription of spirodentalium walcott gastropoda late cambrian from wisconsin usa

Houston K.J., 1983: Redescription of stethorus obscuripennis new combination coleoptera coccinellidae from norfolk island australia

Bousquet Y., 1988: Redescription of stobeus collucens fairmaire a species belonging to the genus stomis clairville coleoptera carabidae

Dardeau M.R., 1986: Redescription of synalpheus scaphoceris decapoda alpheidae with new records from the gulf of mexico

Kohn A.; Fernandes B.M.M., 1987: Redescription of teratotrema dubium travassos artigas and pereira 1928 callodistomidae digenea

Hii J.L.K.; Peyton E.L.; Shang V.Y., 1988: Redescription of the adult and first descriptions of the larva and pupa of anopheles sulawesi waktoedi a species of the leucosphyrus group from sulawesi indonesia diptera culicidae

Moll E.O.; Groombridge B.; Vijaya J., 1986: Redescription of the cane turtle with notes on its natural history and classification

Bocquet Vedrine J., 1985: Redescription of the cryptoniscium of the crustacean isopod crinoniscus equitans

Zucchi R.A., 1984: Redescription of the female of anastrepha bezzii diptera tephritidae

Volkmer Ribeiro C.; De Rosa Barbosa R., 1985: Redescription of the freshwater sponges trochospongilla repens and trochospongilla amazonica new combination with an account of the south american species of trochospongilla porifera spongillidae

Weidner H.; Bach De Roca C., 1986: Redescription of the genus hypermeinertellus paclt 1969 insecta archaeognatha meinertellidae

Fauchald K., 1987: Redescription of the genus nauphanta kinberg 1865 polychaeta eunicidae

Yang C K.; Li F., 1984: Redescription of the genus petalolyma and 3 new species from china homoptera psyllidae

Yancey T.E.; Ozaki K., 1986: Redescription of the genus shikamaia and clarification of the hinge characters of the family alatoconchidae bivalvia

Kinzelbach R.K.; Nagel K.O., 1986: Redescription of the glochidium of pseudanodonta complanata bivalvia unionidae

Nitecki M.H.; Rietschel S., 1985: Redescription of the holotype of selenoides iowensis

Gon, O., 1988: Redescription of the holotypes of vincentia conspersa klunzinger 1872 and apogon punctatus klunzinger 1879. pisces apogonidae

Randall J.E.; Hutomo M., 1988: Redescription of the indo pacific serranid fish pseudanthias bimaculatus smith

Moore S.J., 1987: Redescription of the leptomedusan blackfordia virginica

Bengtson S., 1985: Redescription of the lower cambrian halkieria obliqua

Kobari H., 1984: Redescription of the male and redesignation of neobisium pygmaeum arachnida pseudoscorpionida

Wittmann K.J., 1986: Redescription of the mysid crustacean notomysis australiensis new combination tattersall representative of a new genus

Ohwada T., 1985: Redescription of the nephtyid polychaete aglaophamus minusculus

Coates K.A., 1986: Redescription of the oligochaete genus propappus and diagnosis of the new family propappidae annelida oligochaeta

Ueda H., 1986: Redescription of the planktonic calanoid copepod acartia hudsonica new record from atlantic and pacific waters a new record from japanese waters

Hardy G.S., 1984: Redescription of the pufferfish torquigener brevipinnis tetraodontiformes tetraodontidae with description of a new species of torquigener from indonesia

Campbell M.B.S.C.; Davies D.M., 1985: Redescription of the south african leafhopper distantia frontalis homoptera cicadellidae

Holsinger J.R., 1987: Redescription of the stygobiont amphipod crustacean stygobromus pusillus crangonyctidae from the ussr with comments on taxonomic and zoogeographic relationships

Karaman G.S., 1986: Redescription of the subterranean gammaridean species niphargus longicaudatus costa 1851 based on topotypic material contribution to the knowledge of the amphipoda 161

Ginet R., 1985: Redescription of the type amphipod niphargus rhenorhodanensis

Stadler T., 1986: Redescription of the type material of eubrachiella antarctica copepoda lernaeopodidae

Francke O.F.; Santiago Blay J.A., 1984: Redescription of tityus crassimanus and its junior synonym tityus antillanus scorpiones buthidae

Conci C.; Tamanini L., 1985: Redescription of trioza ilicina new combination de stefani perez 1901 from quercus ilex homoptera psylloidea

Kingston N.; Franzmann A.; Maki L., 1985: Redescription of trypanosoma cervi protozoa in moose alces alces from alaska and wyoming usa

Acosta L.E., 1985: Redescription of urophonius achalensis scorpiones bothriuridae

Froglia C., 1987: Redescription of uroptychus ensirostris parisi 1917 decapoda anomura chirostylidae

Baba K.; Nagatomi A.; Nagatomi H.; Evenhuis N.L., 1987: Redescription of villa myrmeleonostena new combination insecta diptera bombyliidae a parasitoid of ant lion in japan

Smith M.L.; Song J.; Miller R.R., 1984: Redescription variation and zoogeography of the mexican darter etheostoma pottsi pisces percidae

Heciak S.; Proszynski J., 1984: Redescriptions of 1 aelurillus and 2 phlegra species araneae salticidae from spain

Lowry J.K.; Stoddart H.E., 1984: Redescriptions of schellenbergs types of lysianopsis subantarctica and paralysianopsis odhneri amphipoda lysianassidae

Ueda H., 1986: Redescriptions of the closely related calanoid copepods acartia japonica and acartia australis with remarks on their zoogeography

Miller G.L.; Lambdin P.L., 1984: Redescriptions of the larval stages of hemerobius stigma neuroptera hemerobiidae

Szadziewski R., 1984: Redescriptions of three species of the biting midges diptera ceratopogonidae described by becker from egypt

Ernst C.H., 1988: Redescriptions of two chinese cuora reptilia testudines emydidae

Bruce A.J., 1987: Redescriptions of two little known indo west pacific palaemonid shrimps periclimenes calmani tattersall and periclimenes delagoae barnard

Heciak, S.; Proszynski, J., 1984: Redescriptions of type species of genera of salticidae araneae 11. the genus allohyllus

Miller A.D.; Buttimore C., 1986: Redesign of retrovirus packaging cell lines to avoid recombination leading to helper virus production

Skabitschevsky, A. P., 1976: Redesignation of the genus draparnaldiella and the question of the taxonomic status of its species

Ramos J.L.; Wasserfallen A.; Rose K.; Timmis K.N., 1987: Redesigning metabolic routes manipulation of tol plasmid pathway for catabolism of alkylbenzoates

Shaffer G., 1987: Redfield ratios primary production and organic carbon burial in the baltic sea

Schaeffer, B.; Mcdonald, N. G., 1978: Redfieldiid fishes from the triassic liassic newark new jersey usa supergroup of eastern north america

O'leary T.O.; Clarke K., 1987: Redfish harvesting experiment 1985

Truax R.E.; Siegel P.B.; Johnson W.A., 1979: Redhead a plumage color mutant in japanese quail

Clayson D.E.; Maughan M.R.C., 1986: Redheads and blonds stereotypic images

Wirnsberger E.; Larsen H.F.; Uhlig G., 1987: Rediagnoses of closely related pigmented marine species of the genus pseudokeronopsis ciliophora hypotrichida

Adamson M.L., 1984: Rediagnosis of urucuia nematoda rhigonematina carnoyidae with comments on morphology and host distribution of the carnoyidae parasites of diplopods

Schjeide O.A.; Schniepp H.C.; Reddy K.P.; Schjeide S.; Kelley J.L., 1987: Redifferentiation and subsequent dedifferentiation of the livers of roosters resulting from acute estrogen challenges

Meier B., 1985: Redilatation of coronary artery stenoses influences on long term results

Tolbert D.L.; Der T., 1987: Redirected growth of pyramidal tract axons following neonatal pyramidotomy in cats

Szechtman H., 1980: Redirected oral behavior in rats induced by tail pinch and electrical stimulation of the tail

Singh, S. C., 1978: Redirected perforant and commissural connections of eutopic and ectopic neurons in the hippocampus of methylazoxy methanol acetate treated rats

Haldimann D.; Brodelius P., 1987: Redirecting cellular metabolism by immobilization of cultured plant cells a model study with coffea arabica

Manske P.R., 1985: Redirection of extensor pollicis longus in the treatment of spastic thumb in palm deformity

Wheeler Q.D., 1986: Rediscovery and cladistic placement of the genus cainosternum coleoptera leiodidae

Hoffman R.L., 1982: Rediscovery and distribution of bembidion plagiatum coleoptera carabidae

Roth B.; Coan E.V., 1986: Rediscovery and identity of the holotype of helminthoglypta diabloensis gastropoda pulmonata

Martin J.W.; Felder D.L., 1984: Rediscovery and re description of cirolana obtruncata peracarida isopoda cirolanidae from the east coast of mexico

Flechtmann, C. H. W.; Johnston, D. E., 1978: Rediscovery and re description of rhinoseius braziliensis acari ascidae

Flechtmann C.H.W., 1983: Rediscovery and re description of tetranychus graminae acari prostigmata tetranychidae a spider mite from paraguay

Colin P.L.; Arneson D.W.; Smith Vaniz W.F., 1979: Rediscovery and re description of the caribbean anomalopid fish kryptophanaron alfredi pisces anomalopidae

Sartori M.; Thomas A.G.B., 1984: Rediscovery and redescription of rhithrogena nivata ephemeroptera heptageniidae

Johnson S.; Bertsch H., 1985: Rediscovery and redescription of rostanga lutescens new combination gastropoda nudibranchia

Johnson K.; Rozycki R.; Matusik D., 1986: Rediscovery and species status of the neotropical swallowtail butterfly papilio illuminatus lepidoptera papilionidae

Bostock P.D., 1987: Rediscovery and status of adiantum whitei bailey adiantaceae

Moody S.M., 1988: Rediscovery and taxonomic identity of oreodeira gracilipes girard 1857 lacertilia agamidae

Short, J. W.; Freeman, J. D., 1978: Rediscovery distribution and phyto geographic affinities of leptogramma pilosa var alabamensis in alabama usa

Davis J.R., 1980: Rediscovery distribution and populational status of cyprinodon eximius cyprinodontidae in devils river texas usa

Isom B.G.; Gooch C.; Dennis S.D., 1979: Rediscovery of a presumed extinct river mussel dysnomia sulcata unionidae

Crisp, M. D., 1976: Rediscovery of acacia barattensis mimosaceae in south australia

Lillie R.A.; Schmude K.L.; Hilsenhoff W.L., 1987: Rediscovery of acanthametropus pecatonica in the western great lakes region usa ephemeroptera siphlonuridae

Acero P.A.; Garzon F.J., 1982: Rediscovery of anisotremus moricandi perciformes haemulidae including a re description of the species and comments on its ecology and distribution

Branco T., 1983: Rediscovery of aphodius putoni coleoptera scarabaeoidea

Tingek S.; Mardan M.; Rinderer T.E.; Koeniger N.; Koeniger G., 1988: Rediscovery of apis vechti maa 1953 the saban honey bee

Holland R.; Forbes G.S., 1981: Rediscovery of apodemia phyciodoides riodinidae

Cooper, K. W., 1976: Rediscovery of bembidion rufotinctum with extreme range and distributional records of bembidion and other carabidae coleoptera

Coscaron S.; Fairchild G.B.; Philip C.B., 1979: Rediscovery of both sexes of the enigmatic zophina eiseni diptera tabanidae in baja california sur mexico

Elgueta D.M., 1986: Rediscovery of callirhynchinus exquisitus fairmaire and germain 1861 coleoptera curculionoidea belidae

Imazeki, R.; Otani, Y., 1975: Rediscovery of chorioactis geaster in kyushu japan

Dubois, G., 1977: Rediscovery of clinostomum sp clinostomatidae trematoda

Dessart P., 1981: Rediscovery of dendrocerus solarii hymenoptera ceraphronoidea megaspilidae

Tennessen, K. J., 1977: Rediscovery of epitheca costalis odonata corduliidae

Bergmans, W., 1978: Rediscovery of epomophorus pousarguesi in the central african empire mammalia megachiroptera

Zollner-Sch, O., 1976: Rediscovery of eryngium sparganoides angiospermae umbelliferae

Warren M.L.Jr, 1982: Rediscovery of etheostoma histrio and percina ouachitae in green river kentucky usa with distribution and habitat notes

Orchard, A. E., 1976: Rediscovery of gonocarpus trichostachyus haloragaceae

Brzeski M.W.; Sauer M.R., 1983: Rediscovery of gracilancea graciloides nematoda tylenchida

Telford S.R.Jr, 1982: Rediscovery of haemoproteus kopki in 2 gecko from the afghan border of pakistan

Dufay C., 1979: Rediscovery of heliophobus kitti new status lepidoptera noctuidae hadeninae in the french alps

Chinnock R.J.; Badman F.J., 1986: Rediscovery of hemichroa mesembryanthema amaranthaceae

Hayashi K I.; Chiba T., 1987: Rediscovery of heptacarpus jordani rathbun with notes on morphological variations decapoda caridea hippolytidae

Dubois G., 1986: Rediscovery of heterodiplostomum lanceolatum a neotropical ophiodiplostominae

Gould, E., 1978: Rediscovery of hipposideros ridleyi and seasonal reproduction in malaysian bats

Friedhoff, K. T.; Buescher, G., 1976: Rediscovery of kochs strahlenkoerper of babesia bigemina

Schloesser D.W.; Owens R.W.; Hiltunen J.K., 1983: Rediscovery of lake balls in lake michigan usa

Drewes, R. C.; Leviton, A. E., 1978: Rediscovery of lampropeltis nitida reptilia serpentes colubridae in baja california mexico

Dixon J.R.; Markezich A.L., 1979: Rediscovery of liophis taeniurus reptilia serpentes colubridae and its relationship to other andean colubrid snakes

Mcvaugh, R.; Huft, M. J., 1975: Rediscovery of lobelia dielsiana and a related species new to science

Takeda, M., 1977: Rediscovery of lophoplax sculpta crustacea decapoda brachyura

Reeves T.; Reeves L., 1985: Rediscovery of malaxis paludosa orchidaceae in minnesota usa

Panigrahi, G.; Tiwari, S. D. N., 1975: Rediscovery of nogra filicaulis new record leguminosae after 100 years

De-La-Maza, E. J.; White-Lopez, A., 1986: Rediscovery of nymphalis cyanomelas dbld. and hew. in mexico nymphalidae nymphalinae

Aberlenc H.P., 1979: Rediscovery of oligota pilicornis coleoptera staphylinidae in ardeche france

Graham M.W.R.D.V., 1986: Rediscovery of phanerotoma maculata wollaston insecta braconidae in the high altitude zone of madeira portugal

Greenbaum, H. N., 1977: Rediscovery of polysphincta albipes hymenoptera ichneumonidae

Nayar B.K.; Geeverghese K.K., 1987: Rediscovery of pronephrium thwaitesi thelypteridaceae a little known and long lost fern

Aspoeck U.; Aspoeck H., 1987: Rediscovery of puer maculatus new record olivier in europe neuropteroidea planipennia ascalaphidae

Hochberg F.G.Jr; Roth B.; Miller W.B., 1987: Rediscovery of radiocentrum avalonense hemphill in pilsbry 1905 gastropoda pulmonata

Willan R.C., 1981: Rediscovery of runcinella zelandica opisthobranchia runcinacea

Abele, L. G., 1977: Rediscovery of sesarma aequatoriale in the eastern pacific crustacea decapoda grapsidae

Ward, D. B.; Burkhalter, J. R., 1977: Rediscovery of smalls acacia in florida usa

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De Leon M.J.; La Regina M.E.; Ferris S.H.; Gentes C.I.; Miller J.D., 1986: Reduced incidence of left handedness in clinically diagnosed dementia of the alzheimer type

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Sharma, J. M.; Nazerian, K.; Witter, R. L., 1977: Reduced incidence of mareks disease gross lymphomas in thymus derived cell depleted chickens

O'connor S.; Vietze P.M.; Sherrod K.B.; Sandler H.M.; Altemeier W.A.IIi, 1980: Reduced incidence of parenting inadequacy following rooming in

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