Rediscovery of bembidion rufotinctum with extreme range and distributional records of bembidion and other carabidae coleoptera

Cooper, K.W.

Entomological News 87(5-6): 159-166


ISSN/ISBN: 0013-872X
Accession: 006277186

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The history, rediscovery in Vermont [USA] and ecology of Bembidion rufotinctum are briefly described; ranges of B. obscurellum Motsch. and B. rapidum Lec. are shown to have reached the Atlantic coast (in New Hampshire and Massachusetts [USA], respectively), and that of B. oberthueri Hayw. to include California. The European B. obtusum Serv. occurs in upper New York State. Distributional records and comments on an additional 10 spp. of Bembidion, chiefly from New Hampshire, are provided [B. immaturum Lindr., B. americanum Lec., B. cordatum Lec., B. constrictum Lec., B. praticola Lindr., B. fortestriatum Motsch., B. castor Lindr., B. mimus Hayw. and B. concretum Csy.], as well as notes on the adventitious Trechus discus Fabr., Platypatrobus lacustris Darl. and Helluomorphoides praeustrus bicolor (Harris). Bembidion is represented in New Hampshire by not less than 56 spp., and probably not more than 70.