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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 6279

Chapter 6279 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Weese J.L.; Gilbertson E.M.; Syrjala S.E.; Whitney P.D.; Starling J.R., 1985: Reduced incidence of rat colon cancer metastases by perioperative immunostimulation with maleic anhydride divinyl ether 2

Ryan, J. J.; Ketcham, A. S.; Wexler, H., 1968: Reduced incidence of spontaneous neopl lung metastases with long term coumadin hematol therapy mouse

Ormerod L.P., 1987: Reduced incidence of tuberculosis by prophylactic chemotherapy in subjects showing strong reactions to tuberculin testing

Nauck M.; Stoeckmann F.; Ebert R.; Creutzfeldt W., 1986: Reduced incretin effect in type 2 non insulin dependent diabetes

Hoekstra, F. A.; Bruinsma, J., 1978: Reduced independence of the male gametophyte in angiosperm evolution

Salem, S. A. M.; Rajjayabun, P.; Shepherd, A. M. M.; Stevenson, I. H., 1978: Reduced induction of drug metabolism in the elderly

Penttila I.A.; Ey P.L.; Jenkin C.R., 1984: Reduced infectivity of nematospiroides dubius larvae after incubation in vitro with neutrophils or eosinophils from infected mice and a lack of effect by neutrophils from normal mice

Dingledine R.; Gjerstad L., 1980: Reduced inhibition during epileptiform activity in the in vitro hippocampal slice

Miura Y.; Fukui H.; Tabata M., 1988: Reduced inhomogeneity of angelica acutiloba plants propagated clonally through somatic embryoids

Spalding M.H.; Spreitzer R.J.; Ogren W.L., 1983: Reduced inorganic carbon transport in a carbon di oxide requiring mutant of chlamydomonas reinhardii

Bachmann W.; Haslbeck M.; Boettger I.; Hepp K.D.; Mehnert H., 1979: Reduced insulin binding to hepatic plasma membranes in d galactosamine treated rats

Lonnroth P.; Wesslau C.; Stenstrom G.; Tisell L E.; Smith U., 1985: Reduced insulin binding to human fat cells following beta adrenergic stimulation experimental evidence and studies in patients with a pheochromocytoma

Murphy R.F.; Powers S.; Cantor C.R.; Pollack R., 1984: Reduced insulin endocytosis in serum transformed fibroblasts demonstrated by flow cytometry

Lohmann, D.; Ellorhaoui, M.; Verlohren, H. J., 1977: Reduced insulin response in diabetes a quantitative or a qualitative problem

Strubbe J.H.; Prins A.J.A., 1986: Reduced insulin secretion after short term food deprivation in rats plays a key role in the adaptive interaction of glucose and free fatty acid utilization

Sorensen T.I.A.; Sonne Holm S.; Christensen U.; Kreiner S., 1982: Reduced intellectual performance in extreme over weight

Holson, J. R.; Scott, W. J.; Gaylor, D. W.; Wilson, J. G., 1976: Reduced inter litter variability in rats resulting from a restricted mating period and reassessment of the litter effect

Lewis D.B.; Larsen A.; Wilson C.B., 1986: Reduced interferon gamma messenger rna levels in human neonates evidence for an intrinsic t cell deficiency independent of other genes involved in t cell activation

Brajczewska Fischer W.; Kontny E.; Ryzewska A.; Maldykowa H.; Plachecka Gutowska M.; Jablonska S., 1986: Reduced interleukin 2 production and suppressor function of t lymphocytes in connective tissue diseases

Bieri J.G.; Wu A L.; Tolliver T.J., 1981: Reduced intestinal absorption of vitamin e by low dietary levels of retinoic acid in rats

Regan P.T.; Malagelada J R.; Dimagno E.P.; Go V.L.W., 1979: Reduced intra luminal bile acid concentrations and fat mal digestion in pancreatic insufficiency correction by treatment

Kronert K.; Luft D.; Baumann B.; Mueller P.H.; Eggstein M., 1986: Reduced intraindividual variability of repeated cardiovascular reflex tests an additional marker of autonomic neuropathy in insulin dependent type i diabetes mellitus

Zhao M J.; Willis J.S., 1988: Reduced ion transport in erythrocytes of male sprague dawley rats during starvation

Egger M.J.; Huth D.A.; Ward J.R.; Reading J.C.; Williams H.J., 1985: Reduced joint count indices in the evaluation of rheumatoid arthritis

Kubota M.; Kagamimori S.; Yokoyama K.; Okada A., 1985: Reduced killer cell activity of lymphocytes from patients with asbestosis

Pediconi M.F.; Rodriguez De Turco E.B.; Bazan N.G., 1986: Reduced labeling of brain phosphatidylinositol triacylglycerols and diacylglycerols by 1 carbon 14 arachidonic acid after electroconvulsive shock potentiation of the effect by adrenergic drugs and comparison with palmitic acid labeling

Jalonen J.; Irjala J.; Vaenttinen E.; Inberg M.V., 1981: Reduced lactate washout from the myo cardium after combining st thomas i type cardioplegia with topical cooling of the heart myo cardial oxygenation and performance after cardioplegia in coronary artery bypass grafting patients

Freedman, L. P.; Deutch, C. E., 1981: Reduced lactose operon expression in an escherichia coli mutant lacking leucyl transfer rna protein transferase ec

Belsito D.V.; Sanchez M.R.; Baer R.L.; Valentine F.; Thorbecke G.J., 1984: Reduced langerhans cell ia antigen and atpase activity in patients with the acquired immuno deficiency syndrome

Rabin L.B.; Pacovsky R.S., 1985: Reduced larva growth of two lepidoptera noctuidae on excised leaves of soybean infected with a mycorrhizal fungus

Thompson, N. L.; Axelrod, D., 1980: Reduced lateral mobility of a fluorescent lipid probe in cholesterol depleted erythrocyte membrane

Guenther T.; Averdunk R., 1979: Reduced lectin stimulation of lymphocytes from magnesium deficient rats

Tompkins P.; Wilson M.F.; Brackett D.J.; Schaefer C.F., 1980: Reduced left ventricular hypertrophy following long term water deprivation in the young spontaneously hypertensive rat

Johnson, L. L.; Sciacca, R. R.; Ellis, K.; Weiss, M. B.; Cannon, P. J., 1978: Reduced left ventricular myo cardial blood flow per unit mass in aortic stenosis

Markowitz J.; Brown R.; Sweeney J.; Mann J.J., 1987: Reduced length and cost of hospital stay for major depression in patients treated with ect

Mckanna, J. A.; Casagrande, V. A., 1978: Reduced lens development in lid suture myopia

Malcolm R.D.; Finn D.A.; Syapin P.J.; Alkana R.L., 1985: Reduced lethality from ethanol or ethanol plus pentobarbital in mice exposed to 1 or 12 atmospheres absolute helium oxygen

Hutchinson N.J.; Sprague J.B., 1987: Reduced lethality of aluminum zinc and copper mixtures to american flagfish by complexation with humic substances in acidified soft waters

Blum K.; Briggs A.H.; Elston S.F.A.; Delallo L.; Sheridan P.J.; Sar M., 1982: Reduced leucine enkephalin like immuno reactive substance in hamster basal ganglia after long term ethanol exposure

Machida C.A.; Estwick R.K.; Kabat D., 1984: Reduced leukemogenicity caused by mutations in the membrane glyco protein gene of rauscher spleen focus forming virus

Celada A.; Herreros V.; Pugin P.; Rudolf H., 1979: Reduced leukocyte alkaline phosphatase activity and decreased nitro blue tetrazolium reduction test in induced iron deficiency anemia in rabbits

Foote J.W.; Hinks L.J., 1987: Reduced leukocyte zinc and albumin bound zinc in blood of hemodialysis patients

Bodell W.J.; Rupniak H.T.R.; Rasmussen J.; Morgan W.F.; Rosenblum M.L., 1984: Reduced level of dna cross links and sister chromatid exchanges in 1 3 bis 2 chloroethyl 1 nitrosourea resistant rat brain tumor cells

Motokawa, Y.; Kikuchi, G.; Narisawa, K.; Arakawa, T., 1977: Reduced level of glycine cleavage system in the liver of hyper glycemia patients

Crum, J. W.; Fass, R. J.; Pollack, J. D., 1978: Reduced level of nonesterified fatty acids in sera from patients with infectious respiratory disease

Takei F.; Oyama F.; Kimura K I.; Hyodo A.; Mizuno S.; Shimura K., 1984: Reduced level of secretion and absence of subunit combination for the fibroin synthesized by a mutant silkworm bombyx mori nd 2

Chiang, P. K.; Cantoni, G. L.; Ray, D. A.; Bader, J. P., 1977: Reduced levels of adenosine deaminase ec in chick embryo fibroblasts transformed by rous sarcoma virus

Young J.H.; Kelly B.; Clayton B.E., 1982: Reduced levels of biopterin and di hydro pteridine reductase in alzheimer type dementia

Prashad N., 1985: Reduced levels of cardiac cyclic amp dependent protein kinase in spontaneously hypertensive rat

Liteplo R.G.; Kerbel R.S., 1987: Reduced levels of dna 5 methylcytosine in metastatic variants of the human melanoma cell line mewo

Robson C.N.; Lewis A.D.; Wolf C.R.; Hayes J.D.; Hall A.; Proctor S.J.; Harris A.L.; Hickson I.D., 1987: Reduced levels of drug induced dna cross linking in nitrogen mustard resistant chinese hamster ovary cells expressing elevated glutathione s transferase activity

Lavin M.F.; Seymour G.J., 1984: Reduced levels of fibronectin in ataxia telangi ectasia lympho blastoid cells

Juhlin, L.; Shroot, B.; Martin, B.; Caron, J. C., 1986: Reduced levels of histidine and urocanic acid in suction blister fluids from patients with psoriasis

Davie J.R.; Delcuve G.P.; Nickel B.E.; Moirier R.; Bailey G., 1987: Reduced levels of histones h1 0 and h1b and unaltered content of methylated dna in rainbow trout hepatocellular carcinoma chromatin

Akanuma H.; Ogawa K.; Lee Y S.; Akanuma Y., 1981: Reduced levels of plasma 1 5 anhydro glucitol in diabetic patients

Coll M.J.; Enrich C.; Domingo J.; Pujol M.J.; Bachs O., 1988: Reduced levels of sialic acid in the plasma membrane during hepatocellular proliferation

Del Senno L.; Bernardi F.; Bruno M.R.; Buzzoni D.; Casoni I.; Marchetti G.; Alberti R.M.; Perrotta C.M.; Conconi F., 1979: Reduced levels of variant alpha globins in beta thalassemia

Marshall M.J.; Rees J.A.; Nisbet N.W.; Wiseman J., 1987: Reduced life span of the osteoclast in osteopetrotic mi and mi d i mice

Downes, G.; Turvey, N. D., 1986: Reduced lignification in pinus radiata d. don

Rothwell N.J.; Stock M.J.; Trayhurn P., 1983: Reduced lipogenesis in cafeteria fed rats exhibiting diet induced thermogenesis

Schmid H.; Kettelhut I.C.; Migliorini R.H., 1984: Reduced lipogenesis in rats fed a high protein carbohydrate free diet

Ostrowski N.L.; Scouten C.W.; Malsbury C.W., 1981: Reduced lordosis response following unilateral hypothalamic knife cuts

Mordasini R.; Riesen W.; Oster P.; Keller M.; Middelhoff G.; Lang P.D., 1981: Reduced low density lipo protein apo proteins and increased high density lipo protein apo proteins in patients with hyper cholesterolemia under treatment with bezafibrate

Wood P.L.; Etienne P.; Lal S.; Gauthier S.; Cajal S.; Nair N.P.V., 1982: Reduced lumbar cerebro spinal fluid somatostatin levels in alzheimers disease

Klimek A.; Cieslak D.; Szulc Kuberska J.; Stepien H., 1986: Reduced lumbar cerebrospinal fluid corticotropin releasing factor levels in amyotrophic lateral sclerosis

Sorensen P.G.; Ernst P.; Panduro J.; Moller J., 1984: Reduced lung function in leukemia patients undergoing bone marrow transplantation

Henderson Smart D.J.; Read D.J.C., 1979: Reduced lung volume during behavioral active sleep in the new born

Alder S.J.; Morley A.A.; Seshadri R.S., 1982: Reduced lymphocyte colony formation with age

Royce P.M.; Camakaris J.; Danks D.M., 1980: Reduced lysyl oxidase activity in skin fibroblasts from patients with menkes syndrome

Gribakin F.G.; Burovina I.V.; Chesnokova Ye G.; Natochin Yu V.; Shakmatova Ye I.; Ukhanov K.Yu; Woyke E., 1987: Reduced magnesium content in non pigmented eyes of the honey bee apis mellifera l

Stabrun A.E.; Larheim T.A.; Hoyeraal H.M.; Rosler M., 1988: Reduced mandibular dimensions and asymmetry in juvenile rheumatoid arthritis pathogenetic factors

Terblanche S.J., 1985: Reduced mating efficiency due to osteo arthrosis in a ram

Amici C.; Oppi C.; Fiorucci G.; Battistini A.; Djaczenko W.; Ella G.; Rossi G.B.; Benedetto A., 1987: Reduced maturation of friend virus in adhesive mutants of friend leukemia cells

Kamal L.A.; Raisman R.; Meyer P.; Langer S.Z., 1984: Reduced maximum velocity of tritium labeled serotonin uptake but unchanged tritium labeled imipramine binding in the platelets of untreated hypertensive subjects

Clo C.; Muscari C.; Tantini B.; Pignatti C.; Bernardi P.; Ventura C., 1985: Reduced mechanical activity of perfused rat heart following morphine or enkephalin peptides administration

Umeda T.; Yokoyama H.; Kobayashi K.; Akaza H.; Niijima T., 1980: Reduced membrane receptor activity of polymorphonuclear leukocytes of cancer patients

Ricci G.; Martinelli L.; Vigano M.; Strozzi C., 1986: Reduced membrane sialic acid contents of the erythrocytes after heart valve replacement with prosthetic devices

Tauber P.F.; Kloppel A.; Goodpasture J.C.; Burns J.; Ludwig H.; Zaneveld L.J.D., 1981: Reduced menstrual blood loss by release of an anti fibrinolytic agent from intra uterine contraceptive devices

Pizzolato G.; Soncrant T.T.; Larson D.M.; Rapoport S.I., 1985: Reduced metabolic response of the rat brain to haloperidol after chronic treatment

Karoum F.; Korpi E.R.; Linnoila M.; Chuang L W.; Wyatt R.J., 1984: Reduced metabolism and turnover rates of rat brain dopamine norepinephrine and serotonin by chronic desipramine and zimelidine treatments

Harnik M.; Aharonowitz Y.; Lamed R., 1982: Reduced metabolites of 18 hydroxy 11 deoxy cortico sterone

Jackson P.; Bellett A.J.D., 1985: Reduced microfilament organization in adenovirus type 5 infected rat embryo cells a function of early region 1a

Meyer J.; Abt E., 1984: Reduced mitotic activity and atrophy in oral epithelium of the rat following elimination of masticatory movements

Mosnaim, A. D.; Wolf, M. E.; Huprikar, S.; Singh, S. P.; Zeller, E. A., 1979: Reduced mono amine oxidase ec activity in blood platelets from insulin dependent diabetic subjects

Van Holten Verzantvoort A.T.; Bijvoet O.L.M.; Cleton F.J.; Hermans J.; Kroon H.M.; Harinck H.I.J.; Vermey P.; Elte J.W.F.; Neijt J.P.; Et Al, 1987: Reduced morbidity from skeletal metastases in breast cancer patients during long term bisphosphonate apd treatment

Wilcken B.; Chalmers G., 1985: Reduced morbidity in patients with cystic fibrosis detected by neonatal screening

Novick A.C.; Ortenburg J.; Braun W.E., 1980: Reduced morbidity with posterior surgical approach for pre transplant bilateral nephrectomy

Serafin J.A., 1982: Reduced mortality among young endangered masked bobwhite quail colinus virginianus ridgwayi fed oxytetracycline supplemented diets

Brohult A.; Brohult J.; Brohult S.; Joelsson I., 1986: Reduced mortality in cancer patients after administration of alkoxyglycerols

Keel B.A.; Black J.B., 1980: Reduced motility longevity in thawed human spermatozoa

La Monica N.; Kupsky W.J.; Racaniello V.R., 1987: Reduced mouse neurovirulence of poliovirus type 2 lansing antigenic variants selected with monoclonal antibodies

Ehrhardt J.C.; Tian Z.; Chang W., 1988: Reduced mr acquisition time with the crocus technique

Ulven A.J.; Romslo I.; Varhaug J.E.; Svanes K., 1979: Reduced mucosal blood flow and acid secretion related to accelerated healing of gastric ulcer in rats after omentectomy including partial gastric de vascularization

Vanderhoof J.A.; Park J.H.Y.; Grandjean C.J., 1988: Reduced mucosal prostaglandin synthesis after massive small bowel resection

Schwab B.W.; Hand H.; Costa L.G.; Murphy S.D., 1981: Reduced muscarinic receptor binding in tissues of rats tolerant to the insecticide disulfoton

Pedigo N.W.Jr; Polk D.M., 1985: Reduced muscarinic receptor plasticity in frontal cortex of aged rats after chronic administration of cholinergic drugs

Mcgregor D.; Prentice R.D.; Mcconville M.; Lee Y.J.; Caspary W.J., 1984: Reduced mutant yield at high doses in the salmonella activation assay the cause is not always toxicity

Chesky, J. A.; Rockstein, M., 1977: Reduced myo cardial acto myosin atpase activity in the aging male fischer rat

Steiness, E.; Bille-Brahe, N. E.; Hansen, J. F.; Lomholt, N.; Ring-Larsen, H., 1978: Reduced myo cardial blood flow in acute and chronic digitalization

Mccaig, D. J.; Parratt, J. R., 1980: Reduced myo cardial response to calcium during endo toxin shock in the cat

Barkai, A. I.; Dunner, D. L.; Gross, H. A.; Mayo, P.; Fieve, R. R., 1978: Reduced myo inositol levels in cerebro spinal fluid from patients with affective disorder

Popescu, N. C.; Amsbaugh, S. A.; Dipaolo, J. A., 1980: Reduced n methyl n' nitro n nitroso guanidine sister chromatid exchange induction in chinese hamster v 79 cells pre exposed to 5 bromodeoxy uridine

Webster, D. A.; Liu, C. Y., 1974: Reduced nadh cytochrome o reductase associated with cytochrome o purified from vitreoscilla

Nakamura S.; Kawamata T.; Kimura T.; Akiguchi I.; Kameyama M.; Nakamura N.; Wakata Y.; Kimura H., 1988: Reduced nadph diaphorase histochemistry in the pontomesencephalic region of the human brainstem

Flacke J.W.; Bloor B.C.; Flacke W.E.; Wong D.; Dazza S.; Stead S.W.; Laks H., 1987: Reduced narcotic requirement by clonidine with improved hemodynamic and adrenergic stability in patients undergoing coronary bypass surgery

Kalland, T., 1980: Reduced natural killer activity in female mice after neo natal exposure to di ethyl stilbestrol

Froom, P.; Aghai, E.; Dobinsky, J. B.; Quitt, M.; Lahat, N., 1987: Reduced natural killer activity in patients with fanconi's anemia and in family members

Margaretten N.C.; Warren R.P., 1986: Reduced natural killer cell activity and okt 4 okt 8 ratio in epileptic patients

Neri A.; Brugiatelli M.; Topuz U.O.; Astaldi G., 1981: Reduced natural killer cell activity in non hodgkins lymphoma

Goto M.; Tanimoto K.; Horiuchi Y.; Kuwata T., 1982: Reduced natural killer cell activity of lymphocytes from patients with werners syndrome and recovery of its activity by purified human leukocyte interferon

Foa, R.; Fierro, M. T.; Lusso, P.; Raspadori, D.; Ferrando, M. L.; Matera, L.; Malavasi, F.; Lauria, F., 1986: Reduced natural killer t cells in b cell chronic lymphocytic leukemia identified by three monoclonal antibodies leu 11 a 10 ab 8.28

Raz I.; Havivi Y.; Yarom R., 1988: Reduced negative surface charge on arterial endothelium of diabetic rats

Myers R.R.; Murakami H.; Powell H.C., 1986: Reduced nerve blood flow in edematous neuropathies a biomechanical mechanism

Myers R.R.; Mizisin A.P.; Powell H.C.; Lampert P.W., 1982: Reduced nerve blood flow in hexachlorophene neuropathy relationship to elevated endoneurial fluid pressure

Eisen, A.; Yufe, R.; Trop, D.; Campbell, I., 1978: Reduced neuro muscular transmission safety factor in multiple sclerosis

Gamse R.; Jancso G., 1985: Reduced neurogenic inflammation in streptozotocin diabetic rats due to microvascular changes but not to substance p depletion

Conlee J.W.; Parks T.N.; Creel D.J., 1986: Reduced neuronal size and dendritic length in the medial superior olivary nucleus of albino rabbits

Wrathall J.R., 1986: Reduced neuronotrophic activity of fibroblasts from individuals with dysautonomia in cultures of newborn mouse sensory ganglion cells

Peck S.L.; Johnston R.B.Jr; Horwitz L.D., 1985: Reduced neutrophil superoxide anion release after prolonged infusions of lidocaine

Lappi D.A.; Evans F.E.; Kaplan N.O., 1980: Reduced nicotinamide 8 alkylamino adenine di nucleotides enzyme coenzyme interactions with different adenyl glycosyl bond conformations

Tsujita M.J.; Craig W.E., 1980: Reduced night temperature effects on poinsettias euphorbia pulcherrima cultivar dark red annette hegg

Ruben, J. A., 1976: Reduced nocturnal heat loss associated with ground litter burrowing by the california red sided garter snake thamnophis sirtalis infernalis

Ferrier I.N.; Arendt J.; Johnstone E.C.; Crow T.J., 1982: Reduced nocturnal melatonin secretion in chronic schizophrenia relationship to body weight

Ossenkopp K P.; Hirst M.; Kavaliers M., 1983: Reduced nocturnal morphine analgesia in mice following a geo magnetic disturbance

Corriveau J.L.; Carroll R.B., 1984: Reduced nodule number on soybean glycine max roots associated with water stress caused by fusarium wilt and tillage

Yoshida T.; Nishioka H.; Nakamura Y.; Kondo M., 1985: Reduced noradrenaline turnover in streptozotocin induced diabetic rats

Edvinsson L.; Egund N.; Owman C.; Sahlin C.; Svendgaard N A., 1982: Reduced noradrenaline uptake and retention in cerebro vascular nerves associated with angiographically visible vaso constriction following experimental subarachnoid hemorrhage in rabbits

Hesse B.; Kanstrup I L.; Christensen N.J.; Ingemann Hansen T.; Hansen J.F.; Halkjaer Kristensen J.; Petersen F.B., 1981: Reduced norepinephrine response to dynamic exercise in human subjects during oxygen breathing

Knehans A.W.; Romsos D.R., 1982: Reduced norepinephrine turnover in brown adipose tissue of ob ob mice

Yoshida T.; Nishioka H.; Nakamura Y.; Kanatsuna T.; Kondo M., 1985: Reduced norepinephrine turnover in brown adipose tissue of preobese mice treated with monosodium l glutamate

Yoshida T.; Nishioka H.; Toshioka K.; Kondo M., 1987: Reduced norepinephrine turnover in interscapular brown adipose tissue of obese rats after ovariectomy

Yoshida T.; Nishioka H.; Nakamura Y.; Kondo M., 1984: Reduced norepinephrine turnover in mice with monosodium glutamate induced obesity

Degroot, L. J.; Coleoni, A. H.; Rue, P. A.; Seo, H.; Martino, E.; Refetoff, S., 1977: Reduced nuclear tri iodo thyronine receptors in starvation induced hypo thyroidism

Kam Hansen S., 1979: Reduced number of active thymus derived cells in cerebro spinal fluid in multiple sclerosis

Shimada K.; Polsky Cynkin R.; Fanburg B.L., 1981: Reduced number of adrenal angiotensin ii receptors in the spontaneously hypertensive rat

Larue D.; Kato G., 1981: Reduced number of alpha adrenergic and beta adrenergic receptors in the myo cardium of rats exposed to tobacco smoke

Connell J.M.C.; Ding Y A.; Fisher B.M.; Frier B.M.; Semple P.F., 1986: Reduced number of angiotensin ii receptors on platelets in insulin dependent diabetes

Desmond M.E., 1985: Reduced number of brain cells in so called neural overgrowth

Khatter J.C.; Hoeschen R.J., 1984: Reduced number of digitalis receptor sites in the hypertrophied pig myocardium

Janssen Timmen U.; Traub O.; Dermietzel R.; Rabes H.M.; Willecke K., 1986: Reduced number of gap junctions in rat hepatocarcinomas detected by monoclonal antibody

Tabatabay C.A.; Bumbacher M.; Baumgartner B.; Leuenberger P.M., 1988: Reduced number of hemidesmosomes in the corneal epithelium of diabetics with proliferative vitreoretinopathy

Erwin, D. C.; Tsai, S. D.; Khan, R. A., 1978: Reduced number of micro sclerotia formed by verticillium dahliae in cotton tissue exposed to systemic benzimidazole fungicides and desiccation

Gerli R.; Rambotti P.; Nicoletti I.; Orlandi S.; Migliorati G.; Riccardi C., 1986: Reduced number of natural killer cells in patients with pathological hyperprolactinemia

Nakazato, Y.; Landing, B. H., 1986: Reduced number of neurons in esophageal plexus ganglia in down's syndrome additional evidence for reduced cell number as a basic feature of the disorder

Standen G.; Philip M.A.; Fletcher J., 1979: Reduced number of peripheral blood granulocytic progenitor cells in patients with downs syndrome

Lutz Bucher B.; Koch B., 1985: Reduced number of specific receptors for vasopressin in the neonatal pituitary gland fails to be associated with parallel changes in cell activity

Nordberg A.; Winblad B., 1986: Reduced number of tritiated nicotine and tritiated acetylcholine binding sites in the frontal cortex of alzheimer brains

Beal M.F.; Mazurek M.F.; Tran V.T.; Chattha G.; Bird E.D.; Martin J.B., 1985: Reduced numbers of somatostatin receptors in the cerebral cortex in alzheimers disease

Orimo H.; Shiraki M.; Hayashi T.; Nakamura T., 1987: Reduced occurrence of vertebral crush fractures in senile osteoporosis treated with 1 alpha hydroxyvitamin d 3

Dimattio J.; Zadunaisky J.A., 1983: Reduced ocular glucose transport and increased nonelectrolyte permeability in rats with retinal degeneration

Schiffman, S. S.; Nash, M. L.; Dackis, C., 1978: Reduced olfactory discrimination in patients on chronic hemo dialysis

Nived O.; Linder C.; Odeberg H.; Svensson B., 1985: Reduced opsonization of protein a containing staphylococcus aureus in sera with cryoglobulins from patients with active systemic lupus erythematosus

Sonnander K.; Gustavson K H., 1987: Reduced optimality as an indicator of developmental status at 18 months and school achievement at 8 years

Marsili Libelli S., 1980: Reduced order modeling of the activated sludge process

Cleary M.P.; Vasselli J.R., 1981: Reduced organ growth when hyperphagia is prevented in genetically obese fa fa zucker rats

Gray R.G.F.; Hill S.E.; Pollitt R.J., 1982: Reduced ornithine catabolism in cultured fibroblasts and phyto hem agglutinin stimulated lymphocytes from a patients with hyper ornithinemia hyper ammonemia and homo citrullinuria

Walker B.R.; Erickson A.L.; Arnold P.E.; Burke T.J.; Berl T., 1986: Reduced osmotic and nonosmotic release of vasopressin after meclofenamate in the conscious dog

Berkowitz G.A.; Gibbs M., 1983: Reduced osmotic potential effects on photosynthesis identification of stromal acidification as a mediating factor

Berkowitz G.A.; Gibbs M., 1983: Reduced osmotic potential inhibition of photosynthesis site specific effects of osmotically induced stromal acidification

Pressley T.A.; Edelman I.S., 1986: Reduced ouabain inhibition of sodium potassium activated atpase in cultured cell recipients of the ouabain resistance gene

Phelps C.P.; Nance D.M.; Saporta S., 1980: Reduced ovarian function and lordosis behavior following hypothalamic knife cuts

Chinzei Y.; Minoura H., 1988: Reduced oviposition in ornithodoros moubata acari argasidae fed on tick sensitized and vitellin immunized rabbits

Loesche W.J.; Robinson J.P.; Flynn M.; Hudson J.L.; Duque R.E., 1988: Reduced oxidative function in gingival crevicular neutrophils in periodontal disease

Gelatt K.N.; Bruss M.; Decostanza S.M.; Noonan N.E.; Das N.D.; Wolf E.D., 1982: Reduced oxidized and protein bound glutathione concentrations in normal and cataractous lenses in the dog

Jones C.E.; Hurst T.W.; Randall J.R., 1982: Reduced oxygen and blood flow demands in the chronically sympathectomized heart

Haeser P.E.; Werner G., 1980: Reduced oxygen consumption and reduced opercular movements in fish by heavy water deuterium

Palcic B.; Skarsgard L.D., 1984: Reduced oxygen enhancement ratio at low doses of ionizing radiation

Lucas, S. K.; Kanter, K. R.; Schaff, H. V.; Elmer, E. B.; Glower, D. D-Jr ; Gardner, T. J., 1980: Reduced oxygen extraction during re perfusion a consequence of global ischemic arrest

Vender R.L.; Clemmons D.R.; Kwock L.; Friedman M., 1987: Reduced oxygen tension induces pulmonary endothelium to release a pulmonary smooth muscle cell mitogens

Bisessar, S.; Temple, P. J., 1977: Reduced ozone injury on virus infected tobacco in the field

Markholst H.; Lernmark A., 1988: Reduced pancreatic insulin is associated with retarded growth of the pancreas in young prediabetic bb rats

Marco J.; Zulueta M.A.; Correas I.; Villanueva M.L., 1980: Reduced pancreatic poly peptide secretion in obese subjects

Mintzer C.L.; Deloron P.; Rice Ficht A.; Durica D.; Struck D.K.; Roessner C.A.; Nicolau C.; Ihler G.M., 1988: Reduced parasitemia observed with erythrocytes containing inositol hexaphosphate

Ittner J.; Dambacher M.A.; Muff R.; Ruegsegger P.; Trechsel U.; Fischer J.A., 1986: Reduced parathyroid hormone response to peroral phosphate in osteoporotic patients

Behrendt W., 1983: Reduced parenteral calorie supply after severe trauma

Bender C.L.; Stone H.E.; Sims J.J.; Cooksey D.A., 1987: Reduced pathogen fitness of pseudomonas syringae pathovar tomato tn5 mutants defective in coronatine production

Baraitser M.; Patton M.A., 1985: Reduced penetrance in tuberous sclerosis

Laufer N.; Margalioth E.J.; Navot D.; Shemesh A.; Schenker J.G., 1985: Reduced penetration of zona free hamster ova by cryopreserved human spermatozoa

Aggarwal P., 1984: Reduced penicillin resistance of staphylococcus aureus in a rural dispensary

Sidenius P.; Jakobsen J., 1980: Reduced perikaryal volume of lower motor and primary sensory neurons in early experimental diabetes

Nomura, S.; Pittman, C. S.; Chambers, J. B. Jr ; Buck, M. W.; Shimizu, T., 1975: Reduced peripheral conversion of thyroxine to tri iodo thyronine in patients with hepatic cirrhosis

Finberg J.P.M.; Tal A., 1985: Reduced peripheral presynaptic adrenoceptor sensitivity following chronic antidepressant treatment in rats

Vandenburg M.J.; Cooper W.D.; Woollard M.L.; Currie W.J.C.; Bowker C.H., 1984: Reduced peripheral vascular symptoms in elderly patients treated with a methyl dopa a comparison with propranolol

Roberts D.; Dernevik L.; Hirayama T.; Yamaguchi H.; Allers M.; William Olsson G., 1987: Reduced peroperative and postoperative mortality following the use of urea during elective cardiopulmonary bypass a proposed treatment for the prevention of reduced red cell deformability during open heart surgery

Dean H.A., 1982: Reduced pest status of the florida red scale chyrsomphalus aonidum on texas usa citrus associated with aphytis holoxanthus

Mittelman M.; Fishman P.; Djaldetti M., 1986: Reduced phagocytosis promoting activity of saliva from patients with chronic lymphocytic leukemia

Walli A.K.; Wieland E.; Faulstich H.; Wieland T., 1979: Reduced phallo toxin uptake by livers of young compared with adult rats

Zuffardi, O.; Tiepolo, L.; Scappaticci, S.; Francesconi, D.; Bianchi, C.; Di-Natale, D., 1977: Reduced phenotypic effect of partial trisomy 1q in a x i translocation

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Stucker F.J.Jr, 1988: Reduction cheiloplasty an adjunctive procedure in the black rhinoplasty patient

Parrott T.S.; Scheflan M.; Hester T.R., 1980: Reduction clitoro plasty and vaginal construction in a single operation

Rajfer J.; Goodwin W.E.; Ehrlich R.M., 1982: Reduction clitoro plasty via ventral approach

Yoneyama T.; Yanagisawa Y.; Watanabe K.; Igawa Y.; Komatsu H.; Takezaki T.; Watanabe S.; Ogawa A., 1984: Reduction clitoroplasty

Ventureyra E.C.G.; Da Silva V.F., 1981: Reduction cranio plasty for neglected hydrocephalus

Perlmutter, A. D., 1976: Reduction cysto plasty in prune belly syndrome

Freire-Maia, N.; Azevedo, J. B. C., 1977: Reduction deformities twinning and mortality in brazilian whites and negroes

Ozaki M.; Kuwatsuka S., 1986: Reduction degradation of the herbicide isouron and its related compounds by pseudomonas putida

Yamano, T.; Ojima, M.; Kawachi, Y.; Kohno, H.; Miyoshi, K., 1977: Reduction division in human bone marrow cells at different stages of maturation part 2 change of fluorescent body incidence in granulocyte maturation/

Yamano, T.; Kawachi, Y.; Ojima, M.; Shirakami, A.; Miyoshi, K., 1977: Reduction division in human bone marrow cells at different stages of maturation part 3 change of fluorescence intensity of fluorescent body in granulocyte maturation

Gohil, R. N.; Koul, K. K., 1988: Reduction division in the hexaploid agrostis filipes hook. f

Neve P.; Van Sande J., 1984: Reduction due to aging of tsh stimulated thyroid hormone release in the cream hamster

Ciancia F.; Maitte M.; Coquery J.M., 1980: Reduction during movement of the evoked potentials recorded along the extralemniscal pathways of the cat

Ledertoug S.; Mathiesen T., 1988: Reduction en masse of an incarcerated inguinal hernia

Seradge H.; Kleinert H.E., 1981: Reduction flexor teno plasty treatment of stenosing flexor teno synovitis distal to the 1st pulley

Bodnar R.J.; Romero M T.; Kest B.; Stone E.A., 1987: Reduction in 2 deoxy d glucose analgesia following acute but not chronic antidepressant treatment

Lundrigan M.; Earhart C.F., 1981: Reduction in 3 iron regulated outer membrane proteins and protein a by the escherichia coli k 12 pera mutation

Milligan G.; Strange P.G., 1983: Reduction in accumulation of tritium labeled tri phenylmethyl phosphonium cation in neuro blastoma cells caused by optical probes of membrane potential evidence for interactions between carbo cyanine dyes and lipophilic anions

Brenner, H. R.; Martin, A. R., 1976: Reduction in acetyl choline sensitivity of axotomized ciliary ganglion cells

Angel, A.; Desai, K. S.; Halperin, M. L., 1971: Reduction in adipocyte atp by lipolytic agents relation to intra cellular free fatty acid accumulation

Morin, R. J.; Burkart, W.; Garner, D.; Laks, M., 1978: Reduction in adp induced platelet aggregation by infusion of norepinephrine into dogs

Bjornson A.B.; Bjornson S.; Altemeier W.A., 1981: Reduction in alternative complement pathway mediated c 3 conversion following burn injury

Osborne L.C.; Peeler J.T.; Archer D.L., 1981: Reduction in anti viral activity of human beta interferon by gallic acid

Seligman S.J., 1981: Reduction in antibiotic costs by restricting use of an oral cephalosporin

Fleisch, J. H.; Calkins, P. J.; Hooker, C. S., 1978: Reduction in antigen induced release of histamine and slow reacting substance of anaphylaxis from guinea pig lung with increasing age

Hoshino T.; Mikura Y.; Shimidzu H.; Kusumoto S.; Kawai J.; Toguchi H., 1987: Reduction in antiviral activity of human interferon gamma in acidic media with reference to structural change

Miura Y.; Miyamoto K.; Urabe H.; Tanaka H.; Yasuda T., 1979: Reduction in apparent michaelis constant values of enzymes for atp by immobilization on an anion exchanger

Stinnett, H. O.; Bishop, V. S.; Peterson, D. F., 1976: Reduction in baro reflex cardio vascular responses due to venous infusion in the rabbit

Lin K.S.; Chan J.Y.H.; Chan S.H.H., 1988: Reduction in baroreceptor reflex response by angiotensin iii and its modification by isoleucine angiotensin iii and bestatin in the rat

Hitchcock, M., 1977: Reduction in basal adenylate cyclase activity during the immunologic release of histamine from guinea pig lung

Buck S.H.; Burks T.F.; Brown M.R.; Yamamura H.I., 1981: Reduction in basal ganglia and substantia nigra substance p levels in huntingtons disease

Franklin, T. J.; Twose, P. A., 1977: Reduction in beta adrenergic response of cultured glioma cells following depletion of intra cellular gtp

Garner, R. C., 1975: Reduction in binding of carbon 14 afla toxin b 1 to rat liver macro molecules by pheno barbitone pre treatment

Landrum P.F.; Nihart S.R.; Eadie B.J.; Herche L.R., 1987: Reduction in bioavailability of organic contaminants to the amphipod pontoporeia hoyi by dissolved organic matter of sediment interstitial waters

Mccarthy J.F.; Jimenez B.D., 1985: Reduction in bioavailability to bluegills lepomis macrochirus of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons bound to dissolved humic material

Wargovich T.; Mehta J.; Nichols W.W.; Pepine C.J.; Conti C.R., 1985: Reduction in blood flow in normal and narrowed coronary arteries of dogs by leukotriene c 4

Tew F.T.; Russell R.O.Jr, 1980: Reduction in blood oxygen content following angiography with renografin 76 in man a potential source of error in fick cardiac output calculation

Enticknap, J. B.; Lansley, T. S.; Davis, T., 1970: Reduction in blood platelet size with increase in circulating numbers in the post operative period and a comparison of the glass bead and rotating bulb methods for detecting changes in function

Sved A.F.; Fernstrom J.D., 1979: Reduction in blood pressure in normal and spontaneously hypertensive rats by lergotrile mesylate

Antonaccio, M. J.; Taylor, D. G., 1977: Reduction in blood pressure sympathetic nerve discharge and centrally evoked pressor responses by methysergide in anesthetized cats

Govallo, V. I.; Grigor'eva, M. P.; Kosmiadi, G. A.; Efimtseva, N. N.; Baranovskaya, V. T., 1987: Reduction in blood small lymphocyte count in patients with malignant bone tumors

Patel, G. J.; Lal, H., 1973: Reduction in brain gamma amino butyric acid and in barbital narcosis during ethanol withdrawal

Cornford E.M.; Crane P.D.; Braun L.D.; Bocash W.D.; Nyerges A.M.; Oldendorf W.H., 1981: Reduction in brain glucose utilization rate after tryptophol 3 indoleethanol treatment

Hashimoto K.; Hattori T.; Murakami K.; Suemaru S.; Kawada Y.; Kageyama J.; Ota Z., 1985: Reduction in brain immunoreactive corticotropin releasing factor in spontaneously hypertensive rats

Trulson M.E.; Trulson V.M., 1982: Reduction in brain serotonin synthesis rate following chronic methamphetamine administration in rats

Crandall E.A.; Gillis M.A.; Fernstrom J.D., 1981: Reduction in brain serotonin synthesis rate in streptozotocin diabetic rats

Richardson, J. S.; Lamprecht, F.; Kazic, T.; Kopin, I. J., 1976: Reduction in brain tyrosine hydroxylase ec 1.14.3. activity following acetyl cholin esterase blockade in rats

Ferm V.H.; Layton W.M.Jr, 1979: Reduction in cadmium teratogenesis by prior cadmium exposure

Deng J.F.; Spyker D.A.; Rall T.W.; Steward O., 1983: Reduction in caffeine toxicity by acetaminophen

Sorimachi M.; Nishimura S., 1981: Reduction in calcium concentration induces exocytotic secretion of catecholamines from the adrenal medulla in the absence of extracellular ions

Gilfillan, E. S.; Mayo, D.; Hanson, S.; Donovan, D.; Jiang, L. C., 1976: Reduction in carbon flux in mya arenaria caused by a spill of no 6 fuel oil

Robleto D.O.; Peterson D.F., 1981: Reduction in cardiac contractility during upper respiratory stimulation with cigarette smoke

Zipfel J.; Baller D.; Blanke H.; Jonas W.; Rentrop P.; Hellige G.; Karsch K.R., 1980: Reduction in cardio toxicity of ionic contrast media used in coronary angiography by added calcium clinical study

Rosenstock J.; Strowig S.; Cercone S.; Raskin P., 1987: Reduction in cardiovascular risk factors with intensive diabetes treatment in insulin dependent diabetes mellitus

Kuenzel W., 1982: Reduction in caries after 7 years of water fluoridation under climatic conditions in cuba

Johnston D.; Robson J.M.; Melnykovych G., 1983: Reduction in cell associated low density lipo protein in dexamethasone treated hela cells suggested mechanism

Lazo J.S.; Shansky C.W.; Sartorelli A.C., 1979: Reduction in cell surface concanavalin a binding and mannose incorporation into glyco proteins of sarcoma 180 by 6 thio guanine

Van-Diggelen, O. P.; Shin, S. I.; Phillips, D. M., 1977: Reduction in cellular tumorigenicity after mycoplasma infection and elimination of mycoplasma from infected cultures by passage in nude mice

Coslett H.B.; Bowers D.; Heilman K.M., 1987: Reduction in cerebral activation after right hemisphere stroke

Levasseur J.E.; Kontos H.A.; Ellis E.F., 1985: Reduction in cerebral arteriolar oxygen consumption by arachidonate

Hong J.S.; Majchrowicz E.; Hunt W.A.; Gillin J.C., 1981: Reduction in cerebral methionine enkephalin content during the ethanol withdrawal syndrome

Bodnar R.J.; Komisaruk B.R., 1984: Reduction in cervical probing analgesia by repeated prior exposure to cold water swims

Walter, R. H.; Sherman, R. M., 1978: Reduction in chemical oxygen demand of ozonated sugar solutions by charcoal

Aljuburi H.J.; Huff A., 1984: Reduction in chilling injury to stored grapefruit citrus paradisi by vegetable oils

Matson J.V.; Andrews J.F.; Farrett M.T., 1982: Reduction in chlorine requirements by control of nitrification in an oxygen activated sludge process

Lyons J.P.; Brown J., 1981: Reduction in clinical assessment time using computer algorithms

Truesdell L.S.; Bodnar R.J., 1987: Reduction in cold water swim analgesia following hypothalamic paraventricular nucleus lesions

Ward C.A.; Koheil A.; Johnson W.R.; Madras P.N., 1984: Reduction in complement activation from bio materials by removal of air nuclei from the surface roughness

Stone E.A., 1983: Reduction in cortical beta adrenergic receptor density after chronic intermittent food deprivation

Mukhtar H.; Dixit R.; Seth P.K., 1981: Reduction in cutaneous and hepatic glutathione contents glutathione s transferase and aryl hydro carbon hydroxylase activities following topical application of acrylamide to mouse

Zendegui J.G.; Klein T.W., 1982: Reduction in cyclic amp phospho di esterase activity in exudate and cultured mouse peritoneal macrophages

Hunt, W. A.; Dalton, T. K., 1980: Reduction in cyclic nucleotide levels in the brain after a high dose of ionizing radiation

Smith, B. C.; Halliday, C. G., 1977: Reduction in damage to potatoes by leptinotarsa decemlineata coleoptera chrysomelidae by mixtures of insecticides and silica

Rasmussen J.B.; Glennow C., 1988: Reduction in days of illness after long term treatment with n acetylcysteine controlled release tablets in patients with chronic bronchitis

Ortenwall P.; Wadenvik H.; Kutti J.; Risberg B., 1987: Reduction in deposition of indium 111 labeled platelets after autologous endothelial cell seeding of dacron aortic bifurcation grafts in humans a preliminary report

Tofilon P.J.; Meyn R.E., 1988: Reduction in dna repair capacity following differentiation of murine proadipocytes

Eby G.A.; Davis D.R.; Halcomb W.W., 1984: Reduction in duration of common colds by zinc gluconate lozenges in a double blind study

Sternebring B.; Holm R.; Wadstein J., 1983: Reduction in early alcohol abstinence fits by administration of carbamazepine syrup instead of tablets

Marbet U.A.; Straumann A.; Gyr K.E.; Beglinger C.; Schaub N.; Vogtlin J.; Loosli J.; Kiowski W.; Ritz R.; Stadler G.A., 1988: Reduction in early recurrence of variceal bleeding by propranolol

Roper Hall M.J.; Wilson R.S., 1982: Reduction in endothelial cell density following cataract extraction and intra ocular lens implantation

Yonemoto K.; Gellin G.A.; Epstein W.L.; Fukuyama K., 1983: Reduction in eu melanin by the activation of glutathione reductase and gamma glutamyl trans peptidase after exposure to a de pigmenting chemical

Ritter W.S.; Stone M.J.; Willerson J.T., 1979: Reduction in exertional myo globinemia after physical conditioning

Ambrosio G.; Becker L.C.; Hutchins G.M.; Weisman H.F.; Weisfeldt M.L., 1986: Reduction in experimental infarct size by recombinant human superoxide dismutase insights into the pathophysiology of reperfusion injury

Apelbaum, A.; Sfakiotakis, E.; Dilley, D. R., 1974: Reduction in extractable dna polymerase activity in pisum sativum seedlings by ethylene

Saberi, M.; Sterling, F. H.; Utiger, R. D., 1975: Reduction in extrathyroidal tri iodo thyronine production by propyl thio uracil in man

Baden J.M.; Dore C.J.; Green C.J.; Monk S.; Halsey M.J.; Wardley Smith B., 1982: Reduction in fertility of male mice after exposure to high environmental pressure

Evans G.; Armstrong D.T., 1984: Reduction in fertilization rate in vitro of oocytes from immature rats induced to super ovulate

Younkin S.W.; Betts R.F.; Roth F.K.; Douglas R.G.Jr, 1983: Reduction in fever and symptoms in young adults with influenza a brazil 78 h 1n 1 infection after treatment with aspirin or amantadine

Hummon M.R.; Hummon W.D., 1979: Reduction in fitness of the gastrotrich lepidodermella squammata by dilute acid mine water and amelioration of the effect by carbonates

O'shaughnessy, P. J.; Brown, P. S., 1978: Reduction in follitropin receptors in the rat testis by injection of homologous hormone

Raj S.A.; Singaravadivel K., 1982: Reduction in free fatty acids due to par boiling of paddy

Zakaria M.A.; Lockwood J.L., 1980: Reduction in fusarium populations in soil by oilseed meal amendments

Lanza F.L.; Rack M.F.; Wagner G.S.; Balm T.K., 1985: Reduction in gastric mucosal hemorrhage and ulceration with chronic high level dosing of enteric coated aspirin granules 2 and 4 times a day

Di Franco Spirito M., 1986: Reduction in gene flow among populations due to a reproductive isolating mechanism based on a unifactorial or bifactorial heredity

Reich P.B.; Lassoie J.P.; Amundson R.G., 1984: Reduction in growth of hybrid poplar populus deltoides x populus trichocarpa following field exposure to low levels of ozone and or sulfur dioxide

Lake C.L.; Difazio C.A.; Moscicki J.C.; Engle J.S., 1985: Reduction in halothane minimum alveolar concentration comparison of morphine and alfentanil

Wainwright M.; Grayston S.J., 1983: Reduction in heavy metal toxicity towards fungi by addition to media of sodium thio sulfate and sodium tetrathionate

Cantau B.; Guillon G.; Mathieu M N.; Vidal Chicot D.; Chevillard C., 1984: Reduction in hepatic but not in renal and vascular vasopressin receptor number in hyperinsulinemic mice and rats

Burman, K. D.; Lukes, Y.; Wright, F. D.; Wartofsky, L., 1977: Reduction in hepatic tri iodo thyronine binding capacity induced by fasting

Taggart H.M.; Applebaum Bowden D.; Haffner S.; Warnick G.R.; Cheung M.C.; Albers J.J.; Chestnut C.H.IIi; Hazzard W.R., 1982: Reduction in high density lipo proteins by anabolic steroid stanozolol therapy for post menopausal osteo porosis

Townsend J.; Piper M.; Frank A.O.; Dyer S.; North W.R.S.; Meade T.W., 1988: Reduction in hospital readmission stay of elderly patients by a community based hospital discharge scheme a randomized controlled trial

Mckenzie J.C.; Hung K S.; Mattioli L.; Klein R.M., 1984: Reduction in hypertension induced protein synthesis in the rat pulmonary trunk after treatment with teprotide sq 20881

Noyes R.; Reich J.; Clancy J.; O'gorman T.W., 1986: Reduction in hypochondriasis with treatment of panic disorder

Kamisaki, Y.; Wada, H.; Yagura, T.; Matsushima, A.; Inada, Y., 1981: Reduction in immunogenicity and clearance rate of escherichia coli l asparaginase ec by modification with mono methoxy poly ethylene glycol

Harper D.R.; Kangro H.O.; Argent S.; Heath R.B., 1988: Reduction in immunoreactivity of varicella zoster virus proteins induced by mycoplasma contamination

Graves P.M.; Brabin B.J.; Charlwood J.D.; Burkot T.R.; Cattani J.A.; Ginny M.; Paino J.; Gibson F.D.; Alpers M.P., 1987: Reduction in incidence and prevalence of plasmodium falciparum in under 5 year old children by permethrin impregnation of mosquito nets

Goddard Finegold J.; Armstrong D.L., 1987: Reduction in incidence of periventricular intraventricular hemorrhages in hypertensive newborn beagles pretreated with phenobarbital

Wingrave, S. J.; Kay, C. R., 1978: Reduction in incidence of rheumatoid arthritis associated with oral contraceptives royal college of general practitioners oral contraception study

Van De Werf F.; Vanhaecke J.; Jang I K.; Flameng W.; Collen D.; De Geest H., 1987: Reduction in infarct size and enhanced recovery of systolic function after coronary thrombolysis with tissue type plasminogen activator combined with beta adrenergic blockade with metoprolol

Golino P.; Tritto I.; Vallone C.; Prota S.; Salvatore M.; Chiariello M., 1988: Reduction in infarct size by the prostacyclin analog iloprost zk 36374 after experimental coronary artery occlusion reperfusion in rabbits

Chiariello M.; Golino P.; Cappelli Bigazzi M.; Ambrosio G.; Tritto I.; Salvatore M., 1988: Reduction in infarct size by the prostacyclin analogue iloprost zk 36374 after experimental coronary artery occlusion reperfusion

Lu, W.; Scragg, M. A.; Williams, D. M., 1978: Reduction in inflammatory response by prior injection of a different agent at the same site an experimental study in the rat

Colebatch, J. G.; Gandevia, S. C.; Mccloskey, D. I., 1977: Reduction in inspiratory activity in response to sternal vibration

Perurena O.H.; Festoff B.W., 1987: Reduction in insulin receptors in amyotrophic lateral sclerosis correlates with reduced insulin sensitivity

Williams R.N.; Bhattacherjee P., 1982: Reduction in intra ocular pressure induced by colchicine and related compounds

Perlman J.M.; Goodman S.; Kreusser K.L.; Volpe J.J., 1985: Reduction in intraventricular hemorrhage by elimination of fluctuating cerebral blood flow velocity in preterm infants with respiratory distress syndrome

Wall R.G.; Berberet R.C., 1979: Reduction in leaf area of spanish peanuts arachis hypogaea cultivar spanhoma by the red necked peanut worm stegasta bosqueella

Young J.C., 1986: Reduction in levels of deoxynivalenol in contaminated corn by chemical and physical treatment

Havery, D. C.; Perfetti, G. A.; Canas, B. J.; Fazio, T., 1985: Reduction in levels of volatile n nitrosamines in rubber nipples for babies' bottles

Shepherd F.A.; Ginsberg R.J.; Evans W.K.; Feld R.; Cooper J.D.; Ilves R.; Todd T.R.J.; Pearson F.G.; Waters P.F.; Et Al, 1983: Reduction in local recurrence and improved survival in surgically treated patients with small cell lung cancer

Seigel R.A.; Huggins M.M.; Ford N.B., 1987: Reduction in locomotor ability as a cost of reproduction in gravid snakes

Larsen J J.; Arnt J., 1985: Reduction in locomotor activity of arthritic rats as parameter for chronic pain effect of morphine acetylsalicylic acid and citalopram

Rao, G. A.; Siler, K.; Larkin, E. C., 1978: Reduction in medium chain acids and monoenoic acids in livers and plasma of rats fed eicosa 5 8 11 14 tetraynoic acid

Gordon C.J., 1987: Reduction in metabolic heat production during exposure to radio frequency radiation in the rat

Popov, B. V.; Podosinnikov, I. S.; Popova, I. A., 1977: Reduction in migration activity of blood leukocytes in neo natally thymectomized rats/

Tanabe K.; Murakami K., 1984: Reduction in mitochondrial membrane potential of toxoplasma gondii after invasion of host cells

Mankad V.N.; Moore R.B., 1987: Reduction in morphological sickling of red cells incubated with quinine

Tabar L.; Gad A.; Holmberg L.H.; Ljungquist U.; Eklund G.; Fagerberg C.J.G.; Baldetorp L.; Grontoft O.; Lundstrom B.; Et Al, 1985: Reduction in mortality from breast cancer after mass screening with mammography randomized trial from the breast cancer screening working group of the swedish national board of health and welfare

Riben P.D.; Louie T.J.; Lank B.A.; Kornachuk E.; Gurwith M.J.; Harding G.K.M.; Ronald A.R., 1983: Reduction in mortality from gram negative sepsis in neutropenic patients receiving trimethoprim sulfamethoxazole therapy

Bradbury A.J.; Costall B.; Naylor R.J., 1983: Reduction in motor responding of the mouse by actions of dopamine agonists in the mid brain

Halliday G.M.; Knight B.A.; Muller H.K., 1986: Reduction in murine langerhans cell atpase staining following topical but not systemic treatment with steroid and non steroid immunosuppressants

Sato S.; Ohka T.; Nagao M.; Tsuji K.; Kosuge T., 1979: Reduction in mutagenicity of cigarette smoke condensate by added sugars

Warner K.G.; Josa M.; Marston W.; Butler M.D.; Gherardi P.C.; Assousa S.N.; Cavanaugh A.C.; Hunt H.; Khuri S.F., 1987: Reduction in myocardial acidosis using blood cardioplegia

Wargovich T.J.; Mehta J.; Nichols W.W.; Ward M.B.; Lawson D.; Franzini D.; Conti C.R., 1987: Reduction in myocardial neutrophil accumulation and infarct size following administration of thromboxane inhibitor u 63557a

Layton M.B.; Boethel D.J., 1987: Reduction in nitrogen fixation by soybean in response to insect induced defoliation

Saba H.; Cowen T.; Haven A.J.; Burnstock G., 1984: Reduction in noradrenergic peri vascular nerve density in the left and right cerebral arteries of old rabbits

Wakade A.R.; Wakade T.D., 1984: Reduction in norepinephrine content of sympathetic neuro effector organs by alpha adrenergic antagonists and nerve stimulation evidence for presynaptic control of sympathetic transmitter release in intact animal

Bhardwaj H.L.; Weaver J.B.Jr, 1984: Reduction in number of motes in bolls of interspecific hybrid cotton gossypium spp by backcross pollination

Kornguth S.E.; Spear P.D.; Langer E., 1982: Reduction in numbers of large ganglion cells in cat retina following intra vitreous injection of antibodies

Boag B., 1987: Reduction in numbers of the wild rabbit oryctolagus cuniculus due to changes in agricultural practices and land use

Chen Y T.; Mattison D.R.; Feigenbaum L.; Fukui H.; Schulman J.D., 1981: Reduction in oocyte number following pre natal exposure to a diet high in galactose

Katz R.J.; Schmaltz K., 1980: Reduction in opiate activation after chronic electro convulsive shock possible role for endorphins in the behavioral effects of convulsive shock treatment

Osman M.A.; Patel R.B.; Schuna A.; Sundstrom W.R.; Welling P.G., 1983: Reduction in oral penicillamine absorption by food anti acid and iron ii sulfate

Belanger S.E.; Farris J.L.; Cherry D.S., 1988: Reduction in organic effluent static acute toxicity to fathead minnows by various aeration techniques

Wojta J.; Jones R.L.; Binder B.R.; Hoover R.L., 1988: Reduction in oxygen tension decreases the fibrinolytic potential of cultured bovine endothelial cells derived from pulmonary arteries and lung microvasculature

Gulmann N.C.; Nielsen C.J.; Christensen T L.R., 1981: Reduction in paroxysmal activity in electro encephalograms during treatment of patients with primary generalized epilepsy with valproic acid

Kuhn H., 1985: Reduction in patient dose with maximum image quality

Greenleaf J.E.; Kozlowski S., 1982: Reduction in peak oxygen uptake after prolonged bed rest

Milne R.J.; Aniss A.M.; Kay N.E.; Gandevia S.C., 1988: Reduction in perceived intensity of cutaneous stimuli during movement a quantitative study

Sandilands, G. P.; Macsween, R. N. M.; Gray, K. G.; Holden, R. J.; Mills, P.; Reid, F. M.; Thomas, M. A.; Watkinson, G., 1977: Reduction in peripheral blood antibody dependent cyto toxic cells and activated thymus derived cells in primary biliary cirrhosis

Szymonowicz W.; Yu V.Y.H.; Walker A.; Wilson F., 1986: Reduction in periventricular hemorrhage in preterm infants

Siegel S.M.; Chen J.; Kottenmeier W.; Clark K.; Siegel B.Z.; Chang H., 1982: Reduction in peroxidase in cucumis brassica and other seedlings cultured in saline waters

Nuckles R.O.; Brekke C.J.; Luedecke L.O., 1987: Reduction in ph and fermentation time of meat mixtures containing dry acid whey

Van-Noorden, C. J. F.; Dopp, E. A.; Dijkstra, C. D.; Aronson, D. C.; Lamers, W. H.; De-Graaf, A.; Frederiks, W. M., 1988: Reduction in phosphoenolpyruvate carboxykinase in rat liver parenchymal cells following experimentally induced cholestasis

Womack C.L., 1984: Reduction in photosynthetic and transpiration rates of alfalfa medicago sativa caused by potato leafhopper empoasca fabae homoptera cicadellidae infestations

Yakata M.; Nakamura J.; Otajima H.; Kobayashi I., 1981: Reduction in phyto hem agglutinin p mediated agglutination of erythrocyte membrane derived from hereditary elliptocytosis

Sweigard J.; Vanetten H.D., 1987: Reduction in pisatin sensitivity of aphanomyces euteiches by polar lipid extracts

Araki S.; Chikazawa K.; Motoyama M.; Ijima K.; Abe N.; Tamada T., 1985: Reduction in pituitary desensitization and prolongation of gonadotropin release by estrogen during continuous administration of gonadotropin releasing hormone in women its antagonism by progesterone

Cunfer B.M.; Demski J.W.; Bays D.C., 1988: Reduction in plant development yield and grain quality associated with wheat spindle streak mosaic virus

Ney D.M.; Ziboh V.A.; Schneeman B.O., 1987: Reduction in plasma apolipoprotein e and hdl 1 levels in rats with essential fatty acid deficiency

Balasubramaniam S.; Simons L.A.; Chang S.; Hickie J.B., 1985: Reduction in plasma cholesterol and increase in biliary cholesterol by a diet rich in n 3 fatty acids in the rat

De-La-Vega, C. E.; Slater, S.; Ziegler, M. G.; Lake, C. R.; Murphy, D. L., 1977: Reduction in plasma norepinephrine during fenfluramine treatment

Keil, L. C.; Severs, W. B., 1977: Reduction in plasma vasopressin levels of dehydrated rats following acute stress

Wharry D.L.; Sones E.L.; Mcguire S.E.; Mccrimlisk G.; Lovas J., 1986: Reduction in pluming during the spray drying of a nonionic based heavy duty powder

Mathur R.P.; Prakash I., 1984: Reduction in population of indian desert rodents with anticoagulant rodenticides

Jaspan J.; Polonsky K.; Lewis M.; Moossa A.R., 1979: Reduction in portal vein blood flow by somatostatin

Hussain, M. W.; Akhtar, P.; Shah, F. H.; Firdos, T., 1985: Reduction in post harvest losses of wheat part i. effect of carbon dioxide gas

Shukla H.S.; Rao G.P.; Tripathi S.C., 1985: Reduction in potato virus x and potato virus y infectivity by volatile constituents

Collavo D.; Ronchese F.; Zanovello P.; Cerundolo V.; Biasi G., 1984: Reduction in precursors of cytotoxic t lymphocytes and of cells with natural killer like activity in spleens of cyclophosphamide treated mice

Sukwa T.Y.; Bulsara M.K.; Wurapa F.K., 1987: Reduction in prevalence intensity of infection and morbidity due to schistosoma mansoni infection in a community following treatment with praziquantel

Ban S.; Ikushima T.; Sugahara T., 1981: Reduction in proliferative life span of human di ploid cells after exposure to a reactor radiation beam

Loesche, W. J.; Hockett, R. N.; Syed, S. A., 1977: Reduction in proportions of dental plaque streptococci following a 5 day topical kanamycin treatment

Serneri G.G.N.; Modesti P.A.; Fortini A.; Abbate R.; Lombardi A.; Gensini G.F., 1984: Reduction in prostacyclin platelet receptors in active spontaneous angina

Richardson J.M.; Morla A.O.; Wang J.Y.J., 1987: Reduction in protein tyrosine phosphorylation during differentiation of human leukemia cell line k 562

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