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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 6280

Chapter 6280 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Slutsky R.A., 1983: Reduction in pulmonary blood volume during positive end expiratory pressure

Tsimoyianis G.V.; Jacobson M.S.; Feldman J.G.; Antonio Santiago M.T.; Clutario B.C.; Nussbaum M.; Shenker I.R., 1987: Reduction in pulmonary function and increased frequency of cough associated with passive smoking in teenage athletes

Leeman M.; Lejeune P.; Melot C.; Naeije R., 1987: Reduction in pulmonary hypertension and in airway resistances by enoximone mdl 17043 in decompensated copd

Naeije R.; Melot C.; Mols P.; Hallemans R., 1982: Reduction in pulmonary hypertension by prostaglandin e 1 in decompensated chronic obstructive pulmonary disease

Farrar D.J.; Green H.D.; Wagner W.D.; Bond M.G., 1980: Reduction in pulse wave velocity and improvement of aortic distensibility accompanying regression of athero sclerosis in the rhesus monkey macaca mulatta

Lazo, J. S.; Catravas, J. D.; Gillis, C. N., 1981: Reduction in rabbit serum and pulmonary angiotensin converting enzyme ec activity after subacute bleomycin treatment

Melamed E.; Lavy S.; Bentin S.; Cooper G.; Rinot Y., 1980: Reduction in regional cerebral blood flow during normal aging in man

Yamaguchi T.; Kanno I.; Uemura K.; Shishido F.; Inugami A.; Ogawa T.; Murakami M.; Suzuki K., 1986: Reduction in regional cerebral metabolic rate of oxygen during human aging

Bartell, R. J.; Lawrence, L. A., 1977: Reduction in responsiveness of male apple moths epiphyas postvittana to sex pheromone following pulsed pheromonal exposure

Bartell, R. J.; Lawrence, L. A., 1977: Reduction in responsiveness of male light brown apple moths epiphyas postvittana to sex pheromone following pulsed pre exposure to pheromone components

Wada S.; Kinoshita Y.; Ozaki Y.; Nishio S.; Kimura S.; Maekawa M., 1987: Reduction in responsiveness of thymocytes to phytohemagglutinin during bladder tumor induction and restorative effects of thymosin fraction 5 in rats

Bergman N.A., 1982: Reduction in resting end expiratory position of the respiratory system with induction of anesthesia and neuro muscular paralysis

Hollinger F.B.; Dolana G.; Thomas W.; Gyorkey F., 1984: Reduction in risk of hepatitis transmission by heat treatment of a human factor viii concentrate

Zaitsev-Yu, P.; Polishchuk, L. N.; Marchenko, A. S., 1978: Reduction in river runoff and pontization of the dniester estuary ussr fauna

Schlegel R.A.; Miller L.S.; Rose K.M., 1985: Reduction in rna synthesis following red cell mediated microinjection of antibodies to rna polymerase i

Edgerton L.J.; Veinbrants N., 1979: Reduction in russeting of golden delicious apples with silicon di oxide formulations and gibberellins a 4 plus 7

Dunn R.; Landry C.; O'hanlon D.; Dunn J.; Allore R.; Brown I.; Marks A., 1987: Reduction in s100 protein beta subunit messenger rna in c6 rat glioma cells following treatment with anti microtubular drugs

Rose M.E.; Colby B.N., 1979: Reduction in sample foaming in purge and trap gas chromatography mass spectrometry analyses

Iaina, A.; Solomon, S.; Gavendo, S.; Eliahou, H. E., 1977: Reduction in severity of acute renal failure in rats by dopamine

Bartell, R. J.; Lawrence, L. A., 1976: Reduction in sexual responsiveness of male light brown apple moth following previous brief pheromonal exposure is concentration dependent

Wyse R.E.; Saftner R.A., 1982: Reduction in sink mobilizing ability following periods of high carbon flux

Kendall Taylor P.; Hall K.; Johnston D.G.; Prescott R.W.G., 1982: Reduction in size of prolactin secreting tumors in men treated with pergolide

Hicks R.A.; Allen J.G.; Armogida R.E.; Gilliland M.A.; Pellegrini R.J., 1980: Reduction in sleep duration and type a behavior

Bowsher D.J.; Krejcie T.C.; Avram M.J.; Chow M.J.; Del Greco F.; Atkinson A.J.Jr, 1985: Reduction in slow intercompartmental clearance of urea during dialysis

Reich P.B.; Amundson R.G.; Lassoie J.P., 1982: Reduction in soybean glycine max cultivar hark yield after exposure to ozone and sulfur di oxide using a linear gradient exposure technique

Howard F.W.; Mccoy R.E., 1980: Reduction in spread of mycoplasma like organism associated lethal decline of the palm veitchia merrillii by use of insecticides

Morinan A., 1987: Reduction in striatal 5 hydroxytryptamine turnover following chronic administration of ethanol to rats

Burns, R. A.; Burns, D. P., 1978: Reduction in sucrose reward magnitude without generalization decrement

Waller T.J.; Kay H.R.; Spielman S.R.; Kutalek S.P.; Greenspan A.M.; Horowitz L.N., 1987: Reduction in sudden death and total mortality by antiarrhythmic therapy evaluated by electrophysiologic drug testing criteria of efficacy in patients with sustained ventricular tachyarrhythmia

Kallio V.; Hamalainen H.; Hakkila J.; Luurila O.J., 1979: Reduction in sudden deaths by a multi factorial intervention program after acute myo cardial infarction

Czer L.S.C.; Gray R.J.; Stewart M.E.; De Robertis M.; Chaux A.; Matloff J.M., 1988: Reduction in sudden late death by concomitant revascularization with aortic valve replacement

Skutelsky, E.; Danon, D., 1969: Reduction in surface charge as an explanation of the recognition by macrophages of nuclei expelled from normo blasts

Hiratsuka T., 1981: Reduction in the actin activated atpase activity of cardiac myosin induced by fluorescence labeling of 2 reactive lysyl residues located in its subfragment 1 subfragment 2 link region

Pelissier M.A.; Faudemay F.; Dooh Priso E.; Atteba S.; Albrecht R., 1981: Reduction in the activity of microsomal liver oxygenases in the rat by a di thio carbamate fungicide zineb effects of diet containing 9 percent casein

Murakami T.; Katada T.; Yasuda H., 1987: Reduction in the activity of the stimulatory guanine nucleotide binding protein in the myocardium of spontaneously hypertensive rats

Heppell L.M.J.; Cant A.J.; Kilshaw P.J., 1984: Reduction in the antigenicity of whey proteins by heat treatment a possible strategy for producing a hypo allergenic infant milk formula

Mutter L.C.; Blanke R.V.; Jandacek R.J.; Guzelian P.S., 1988: Reduction in the body content of dde in the mongolian gerbil treated with sucrose polyester and caloric restriction

Shimada K., 1985: Reduction in the critical number of short days for pupal diapause in papilio machaon with precocious metamorphosis

El Hage A.N.; Herman E.H.; Ferrans V.J., 1981: Reduction in the diabetogenic effect of alloxan in mice by treatment with the anti neoplastic agent icrf 187

Bertram J.S., 1979: Reduction in the formation of carcinogen induced transformed foci by penicillin g sodium in the c 3h 10t 1 2 cl8 cell line

Veleminsky J.; Gichner T.; Satava J., 1983: Reduction in the frequency of n methyl n nitroso urea induced somatic mutations in tradescantia by pre treatment with low doses of alkylating agents

Kapron Bras C.M.; Trasler D.G., 1985: Reduction in the frequency of neural tube defects in splotch mice by retinoic acid

Gross L.; Dreyfuss Y., 1984: Reduction in the incidence of radiation induced tumors in rats after restriction of food intake

Ray Keil L.; Chandler J.W., 1986: Reduction in the incidence of rejection of heterotopic murine corneal transplants by pretreatment with uv radiation

Simpson P.J.; Smith C.B.Jr; Rosenthal G.; Lucchesi B.R., 1986: Reduction in the incidence of thrombosis by the thromboxane synthetase inhibitor cgs 13080 in a canine model of coronary artery injury

Kim, Y.; Hamburgh, M.; Frankfort, H.; Etkin, W., 1977: Reduction in the latent period of the response to thyroxine by tadpole tail discs fused to discs pre treated with thyroxine

Culvenor, A. J.; Jarrott, B., 1979: Reduction in the level of immuno titratable dopamine beta hydroxylase ec after chronic administration of l dopa or alpha methyl dopa

Zalmanzon E.S.; Grigor'eva L.V.; Pogrebnyak N.Ya; Kushch A.A.; Turetskaya R.L.; Tsoi L.A., 1987: Reduction in the malignancy of hybrid tumor cells fused with lymph node lymphocytes of syngeneic rats

Ikemoto Y.; Yatani A.; Imoto Y.; Arimura H., 1986: Reduction in the myocardial sodium current by halothane and thiamylal

Samanin R.; Cervo L.; Rochat C.; Poggesi E.; Mennini T., 1980: Reduction in the number of serotonin receptors in the brain stem of morphine dependent rats relation to blockade of naloxone precipitated jumping by serotonin agonists

Verri, R. A.; Grandini, S. A.; Ito, I. Y.; Costa, A., 1977: Reduction in the number of streptococci of the gingival sulcus by pre operative antisepsis of the oral cavity

Carlson R.W., 1979: Reduction in the photosynthetic rate of acer saccharum quercus velutina and fraxinus americana caused by sulfur di oxide and ozone

Bell W.R.; Anderson K.C.; Noe D.A.; Silver B.A., 1986: Reduction in the plasma clearance rate of warfarin induced by cimetidine

Innes I.R.; Weisman H., 1981: Reduction in the severity of myo cardial infarction by sulfinpyrazone

Apostolov K.; Barker W.; Catovsky D.; Goldman J.; Matutes E., 1985: Reduction in the stearic acid to oleic acid ratio in leukemic cells a possible chemical marker of malignancy

Ishikawa, N.; Eguchi, K.; Otsubo, T.; Ueki, Y.; Fukuda, T.; Tezuka, H.; Matsunaga, M.; Kawabe, Y.; Shimomura, C.; Et-Al, 1987: Reduction in the suppressor induced t cell subset and increase in the helper t cell subset in thyroid tissue from patients with graves' disease

Subramanian, A.; Tanabe, S.; Tatsukawa, R.; Saito, S.; Miyazaki, N., 1987: Reduction in the testosterone levels by pcbs and dde in dall's porpoises of northwestern north pacific

Anderson L.M.; Priest L.J., 1980: Reduction in the trans placental carcinogenic effect of methyl cholanthrene in mice by prior treatment with beta naphtho flavone

Chiykowski, L. N., 1977: Reduction in the transmissibility of a greenhouse maintained isolate of aster yellows agent

Carrier R.; Beitinger T.L., 1988: Reduction in thermal tolerance of notropis lutrensis and pimephales promelas exposed to cadmium

Hoff H.F.; Yamauchi Y.; Bond M.G., 1985: Reduction in tissue low density lipoprotein accumulation during coronary artery regression in cynomolgus macaques macaca fascicularis

Dabek A.J., 1980: Reduction in tobacco mosaic virus induced local lesion formation by sap of healthy and macana affected agavaceous plants

Noguchi T.; Ueda Y.; Onoue Y.; Kono M.; Koyama K.; Hashimoto K.; Takeuchi T.; Seno Y.; Mishima S., 1980: Reduction in toxicity of highly paralytic shellfish poison infested scallops patinopecten yessoensis during canning process and storage

Horning W.B.II; Robinson E.L.; Petrasek A.C.Jr, 1984: Reduction in toxicity of organic priority pollutants by pilot scale conventional waste water treatment process

Noguchi T.; Ueda Y.; Onoue Y.; Kono M.; Koyama K.; Hashimoto K.; Seno Y.; Michima S., 1980: Reduction in toxicity of paralytic shellfish poison infested scallops patinopecten yessoensis during canning process

Hatae J., 1986: Reduction in transmembrane calcium influx induced by the negative inotropic action of nicardipine in frog rana catesbeiana ventricular muscle

Hill A.R., 1986: Reduction in trap captures of female fruit flies diptera tephritidae when synthetic male lures are added

Fridman, O.; Foglia, V. G.; De-Nicola, A. F., 1978: Reduction in tritiated cortico sterone binding to cytoplasmic receptors in the brain of diabetic rats

Kull F.C.Jr, 1988: Reduction in tumor necrosis factor receptor affinity and cytotoxicity by glucocorticoids

Gill J.J.; Price V.A.; Friedman M.; Thoresen C.E.; Powell L.H.; Ulmer D.; Brown B.; Drews F.R., 1985: Reduction in type a behavior in healthy middle aged american military officers

Coop L.B.; Berry R.E., 1986: Reduction in variegated cutworm peridroma saucia lepidoptera noctuidae injury to peppermint by larval parasitoids mentha piperita

Marshall, R. J.; Parratt, J. R., 1974: Reduction in ventricular arrhythmias following acute coronary artery ligation in the dog after the administration of creatine phosphate

Lekven J.; Chatterjee K.; Tyberg J.V.; Parmley W.W., 1979: Reduction in ventricular endo cardial and epi cardial potentials during acute increments in left ventricular dimensions

Sheikh A.H.; Ghaffar A., 1984: Reduction in viability of sclerotia of macrophomina phaseolina with poly ethylene mulching of soil

Callow L.L.; Mellors L.T.; Mcgregor W., 1979: Reduction in virulence of babesia bovis due to rapid passage in splenectomized cattle bos taurus

Falk R.H.; Desilva R.D.; Lown B., 1981: Reduction in vulnerability to ventricular fibrillation by bromocriptine a dopamine agonist

Mason M.G., 1980: Reduction in wheat yields after use of a high level of ammonium sulfate for a number of years

Utkhede R.S.; Rahe J.E., 1982: Reduction in white rot incidence by seed irradiation in allium cepa

Francois L.E.; West D.E., 1982: Reduction in yield and market quality of celery apium graveolens var dulce cultivar tall utah 52 70r cultivar caused by soil salinity

Berberet R.C.; Mcnew R.W., 1986: Reduction in yield and quality of leaf and stem components of alfalfa medicago sativa forage due to damage by larvae of hypera postica coleoptera curculionidae

Bolton A.T., 1984: Reduction in yield of greenhouse carnation caused by pythium aphanidermatum and rhizoctonia solani

Koric B., 1982: Reduction in yield of wheat caused by stem rust attack under conditions of artificial infection in 1980 and 1981

Wood, F. E.; Post, C. B.; Cusanovich, M. A., 1977: Reduction kinetics of bacterial cytochromes c 2

Tamburini P.P.; Gibson G.G.; Backes W.L.; Sligar S.G.; Schenkman J.B., 1984: Reduction kinetics of purified rat liver cytochrome p 450 evidence for a sequential reaction mechanism dependent on the hemoprotein spin state

Bhattacharyya A.K.; Meyer T.E.; Tollin G., 1986: Reduction kinetics of the ferredoxin ferredoxin nadp reductase complex a laser flash photolysis study

Brettel K.; Witt H.T., 1983: Reduction kinetics of the photo oxidized chlorophyll a i i in chloroplasts measured in the nanosecond range at 837 nanometers under repetitive flash excitation

Rosen L., 1984: Reduction mammaplasty for hypertrophic breasts

Vennesland O.; Kierulf K.H., 1984: Reduction mammaplasty in a general surgical department

Erbs G., 1985: Reduction mammoplasty a modified technique of skin resection

D'assumpcao E.A., 1984: Reduction mammoplasty prevention of late sliding

Capitan F.; Vilchez J.L.; Navalon A., 1984: Reduction mechanism of 1 8 diamino 4 5 dihydroxyanthraquinone 2 7 disulfonic acid at a mercury electrode

Watanabe S.; Watanabe S.; Ito K., 1987: Reduction metabolites of the herbicide chlornitrophen cnp in mussel

Van-Ham, P.; Lasters, I., 1978: Reduction methods for logical control networks

Wrench J.J.; Addison R.F., 1981: Reduction methylation and incorporation of arsenic into lipids by the marine phyto plankton dunaliella tertiolecta

Bostmembrun Desrut M.; Dauphin G.; Kergomard A.; Renard M.F.; Veschambre H., 1985: Reduction of 1 1 dideuterio 2 methyl 2 penten 1 ol by beauveria sulfurescens mechanism of the microbiological reduction of alpha beta unsaturated aldehydes and alcohols

Davidenko T.I.; Kotlyar I.I.; Bondarenko G.I.; Kabanov V.M.; Yavorskii A.S., 1984: Reduction of 1 2 dihydro 3h 1 4 benzodiazepin 2 one nitroderivatives by immobilized escherichia coli cells

Fukata G.; Itoh T.; Mataka S.; Tashiro M., 1988: Reduction of 1 2 hydroxy 3 5 di tert butylphenylpyridinium halides and their zwitterions formation of di and tetrahydropyrido 2 1 b benzoxazoles

Teodori L.; Barlogie B.; Drewinko B.; Swartzendruber D.; Mauro F., 1981: Reduction of 1 beta d arabinofuranosyl cytosine and adriamycin cyto toxicity following cell cycle arrest by anguidine

Huffman, J. W.; Copley, D. J., 1977: Reduction of 12 keto steroids part 2

Winter J.; O'rourke Locascio S.; Bokkenheuser V.D.; Cohen B.I.; Mosbach E.H., 1984: Reduction of 17 ketosteroids by anaerobic microorganisms isolated from human fecal flora

Carlberg I.; Mannervik B., 1986: Reduction of 2 4 6 trinitrobenzenesulfonate by glutathione reductase and the effect of nadp on the electron transfer

Asmussen, L. E.; White, A. W-Jr ; Hauser, E. W.; Sheridan, J. M., 1977: Reduction of 2 4 d load in surface runoff down a grassed waterway

Mori M A.; Matsuhashi T.; Miyahara T.; Shibata S.; Izima C.; Kozuka H., 1984: Reduction of 2 4 dinitrotoluene by wistar rat liver microsomal and cytosol fractions

Verboom, C. N.; De-Vries, J.; Van-Bree, L.; Nauta, W. T., 1977: Reduction of 2 6 di chloro phenol indophenol by bovine met hemo globin reductase in the presence of a number of nonsteroidal anti inflammatory compounds

Chipman J.K.; Davies J.E., 1988: Reduction of 2 acetylaminofluorene induced unscheduled dna synthesis in human and rat hepatocytes by butylated hydroxytoluene

Schmidt D., 1983: Reduction of 2 drug therapy in intractable epilepsy

Simon H.; White H.; Lebertz H.; Thanos I., 1987: Reduction of 2 enoates and alkanoates with carbon monoxide or formate viologens and clostridium thermoaceticum to saturated acids and unsaturated and saturated alcohols

Engbersen J.F.; Koudijs A.; Van Der Plas H.C., 1988: Reduction of 2 pyridinecarboxaldehyde by a dehydrogenase nadh model

Peterson W.L.; Barnett C.; Feldman M.; Richardson C.T., 1979: Reduction of 24 hour gastric acidity with combination drug therapy in patients with duodenal ulcer

Amuro Y.; Yamade W.; Maebo A.; Hada T.; Higashino K., 1985: Reduction of 3 keto 5 beta cholanoic acid to lithocholic acid and isolithocholic acid by human liver cytosol in vitro

Bjorkhem, I.; Einarsson, K.; Hellers, G.; Wikvall, K., 1976: Reduction of 3 oxo steroids in human liver microsomes

Lin J T.; Palevitch D.; Heftmann E., 1983: Reduction of 4 androstene 3 17 dione by growing cucumber cucumis sativus plants

Haernryd C.; Bjerkenstedt L.; Grimm V.E.; Sedvall G., 1979: Reduction of 4 hydroxy 3 phenyl ethylene glycol levels in cerebro spinal fluid of psychotic women after electro convulsive treatment

Pocklington, T.; Jeffery, J.; Middleditch, B. S.; Brooks, C. J. W., 1970: Reduction of 5 alpha androstane 3 16 dione by a crystalline 20 beta hydroxy steroid nad oxido reductase ec preparation

Contreras R.; Mendoza L., 1979: Reduction of 5 alpha cholestan 3 one and 5 beta cholestan 3 one by some boranes and hydro borates

Van Der Schoot P.; Uilenbroek J.T.J., 1983: Reduction of 5 day cycle length of female rats by treatment with bromocriptine

Garin A.M.; Mamedov E.F., 1985: Reduction of 5 fluorouracil toxicity by allopurinol

Matsuzaki, S., 1976: Reduction of 5 nucleotidase activity in rat thyroid and adeno hypophysis following methyl thio uracil treatment

John D.I.; Thomas E.J.; Tyrrell N.D., 1979: Reduction of 6 alpha alkyl 6 beta iso cyano penicillanates by tri n butyl tin hydride a stereoselective synthesis of 6 beta alkyl penicillanates

Chatterjie, N.; Umans, J. G.; Inturrisi, C. E., 1976: Reduction of 6 ketones of the morphine series with formamidinesulfinic acid stereoselectivity opposite to that of hydride reductions

Amuro Y.; Yamade W.; Nakano T.; Hayashi E.; Hada T.; Higashino K., 1985: Reduction of 7 ketolithocholic acid to chenodeoxycholic acid by rat liver preparations in vitro

Versteeg C.A.M.; Cransberg K.; De Jong W.; Bohus B., 1983: Reduction of a centrally induced pressor response by neuro hypophyseal peptides the involvement of lower brain stem mechanisms

Peterson D.A.; Gerrard J.M., 1987: Reduction of a disulfide bond by beta adrenergic agonists evidence in support of a general reductive activation hypothesis for the mechanism of action of adrenergic agents

Elliott S.T., 1986: Reduction of a dolly varden salvelinus malma population and macrobenthos after removal of logging debris

Moeller H., 1984: Reduction of a larval herring clupea harengus population by jellyfish aurelia aurita predator/

Peterson D.A.; Gerrard J.M., 1987: Reduction of a metal or disulfide bond associated with receptor a general hypothesis for the mechanism of action of adrenergic agents

Mulick, J. A.; Hoyt, P.; Rojahn, J.; Schroeder, S. R., 1978: Reduction of a nervous habit in a profoundly retarded youth by increasing toy play

Singh S.; Nath I., 1980: Reduction of a subset of thymus derived cells bearing fc receptors for immuno globulin g in lepromatous leprosy

Pandit, U. K.; Keijzer, P. C.; Gase, R. A., 1976: Reduction of a thiol ester by di hydro pyridine derivatives a model reaction of glyceraldehyde 3 phosphate dehydrogenase

Ji, Z. L.; Wang, S. Y., 1988: Reduction of abscisic acid content and induction of sprouting in potato solanum tuberosum l. by thidiazuron

Tomita T.; Ammirati M., 1984: Reduction of absolute lymphocyte count in children with recurrent medullo blastoma/

Julin P.; Kraepelien T., 1984: Reduction of absorbed doses in radiography of the facial skeleton

Neuvonen, P. J.; Elfving, S. M.; Elonen, E., 1978: Reduction of absorption of digoxin phenytoin and aspirin by activated charcoal in man

Maconi E.; Griffini A.; Cavazzoni V.; Aragozzini F., 1988: Reduction of acetaldehyde to ethanol by some microorganisms and its stereospecificity

Slattery, J. T.; Levy, G., 1977: Reduction of acetaminophen toxicity by sodium sulfate in mice

Imamura Y.; Kojima Y.; Otagiri M., 1986: Reduction of acetohexamide by rabbit heart cytosol

Voloch M.; Ladisch M.R.; Rodwell V.W.; Tsao G.T., 1983: Reduction of acetoin to 2 3 butanediol in klebsiella pneumoniae a new model

Narisawa T.; Hermanek P.; Habs M.; Schmahl D., 1984: Reduction of acetoxymethyl methylnitrosamine induced large bowel cancer in rats by indomethacin

Harvey, A. L.; Robertson, J. G.; Barkas, T.; Harrison, R.; Lunt, G. G.; Stephenson, F. A.; Campbell, M. J.; Teague, R. H., 1978: Reduction of acetyl choline sensitivity of chick muscle in culture by myasthenia gravis serum

Werner, D.; Russell, S. A.; Evans, H. J., 1973: Reduction of acetylene and hydrazine with a molybdenum glutathione complex

Evans, W. R.; Keister, D. L., 1976: Reduction of acetylene by stationary cultures of free living rhizobium sp under atmospheric oxygen levels

Yoshida Y.; Arimoto K.; Sato M.; Sakuragawa N.; Arima M.; Satoyoshi E., 1985: Reduction of acid sphingomyelinase activity in human fibroblasts induced by ay 9944 and other cationic amphiphilic drugs

Kitagawa H.; Kamei S.; Kawada K.; Tarutani T., 1983: Reduction of acidity in satsuma mandarin citrus unshiu juice with ion exchange resins

Bender G.R.; Thibodeau E.A.; Marquis R.E., 1985: Reduction of acidurance of streptococcal growth and glycolysis by fluoride and gramicidin

Soyer M.; Houdet C., 1986: Reduction of acoustic annoyance in school dining halls

Brown, J. J.; Vernon, J. A.; Fenwick, J. A., 1982: Reduction of acoustically induced auditory impairment by inhalation of carbogen gas 1. permanent noise induced cochlear damage

Brown, J. J.; Meikle, M. B.; Lee, C. A., 1985: Reduction of acoustically induced auditory impairment by inhalation of carbogen gas ii. temporary pure tone induced depression of cochlear action potentials

Wen, H. L.; Ho, W. K. K.; Wong, H. K.; Mehal, Z. D.; Ng, Y. H.; Ma, L., 1978: Reduction of acth and cortisol in drug addicts treated by acupuncture and electrical stimulation

Chan P.H.; Chu L.; Fishman R.A., 1988: Reduction of activities of superoxide dismutase but not of glutathione peroxidase in rat brain regions following decapitation ischemia

Yazdany, S.; Badii, F., 1976: Reduction of activity of cyano cobalamin in the presence of methylparaben sodium at autoclave temperature

Thompson, E. D.; Nakata, H. M., 1971: Reduction of activity of nadh oxidase by divalent cations in cell free extracts of bacillus cereus t

Hacker M.P.; Newman R.A., 1983: Reduction of acute adriamycin toxicity in mice treated with adenosine

Russell J.A.; Holmes E.M.IIi; Vargas J.H.IIi; Keller D.J., 1981: Reduction of acute anterior shoulder dislocations using the milch technique ski injuries

Fiedler V.B., 1984: Reduction of acute myo cardial ischemia in rabbit hearts by nafazatrom

Klukanoa H.; Studnickova M.; Kovar J.; Turanek J.; Kahle V., 1986: Reduction of adenine nucleotides at the mercury electrode

Jakobs, K. H.; Saur, W.; Schultz, G., 1976: Reduction of adenylate cyclase activity in lysates of human platelets by the alpha adrenergic component of epinephrine

Brewster D.W.; Matsumura F., 1988: Reduction of adipose tissue lipoprotein lipase activity as a result of in vivo administration of 2 3 7 8 tetrachlorodibenzo p dioxin to the guinea pig

Bazyan A.S., 1984: Reduction of adrenergic synaptic transmission possible role of presynaptic adrenoreceptors

Berlin, V.; Haseltine, W. A., 1981: Reduction of adriamycin to a semi quinone free radical by nadph cytochrome p 450 reductase ec produces dna cleavage in a reaction mediated by molecular oxygen

Fujita K.; Shinpo K.; Yamada K.; Sato T.; Niimi H.; Shamoto M.; Nagatsu T.; Takeuchi T.; Umezawa H., 1981: Reduction of adriamycin toxicity by ascorbate in mice and guinea pigs

Reeser H.M.; Heremans G.F.P.; Van Gelderen H.H., 1979: Reduction of adult height in tall girls

Pawlowski, N. E.; Schoenhard, G. L.; Lee, D. J.; Libbey, L. M.; Loveland, P. M.; Sinnhuber, R. O., 1977: Reduction of afla toxin b 1 to aflatoxicol

Hamid A.; Shah F.H., 1983: Reduction of afla toxin beta 1 in ammoniated corn

Payne G.A.; Cassel D.K.; Adkins C.R., 1986: Reduction of aflatoxin contamination in corn zea mays by irrigation and tillage

Gross A.M.; Berler E.S.; Drabman R.S., 1982: Reduction of aggressive behavior in a retarded boy using a water squirt

Ouellet M., 1987: Reduction of airborne fluoride emissions from canadian aluminum smelters as revealed by snow chemistry

Bokkenheuser V.D.; Winter J.; Honour J.W.; Shackleton C.H.L., 1979: Reduction of aldo sterone by anaerobic bacteria origin of urinary 21 deoxy metabolites in man

Sivertsen K.; Bjorge A., 1980: Reduction of algal vegetation in helgeland norway coastal waters

Ehrhardt J.C., 1986: Reduction of aliasing in modulation transfer function measurements

Domke I.; Weis W., 1983: Reduction of alloxan by microsomal electron transport proteins

Bader, J.; Kim, M. A.; Simon, H., 1981: Reduction of allyl alcohols by clostridium spp is catalyzed by the combined action of alcohol dehydrogenase ec and enoate reductase

Brower J.H., 1980: Reduction of almond moth ephestia cautella populations in simulated storages by the release of genetically incompatible males

Kergomard A.; Renard M.F.; Veschambre H.; Courtois D.; Petiard V., 1988: Reduction of alpha beta unsaturated ketones by plant suspension cultures

Kergomard A.; Renard M.F.; Veschambre H., 1982: Reduction of alpha beta unsaturated ketones by various fungi

Pellicciari R.; Natalini B.; Cecchetti S.; Fringuelli R., 1985: Reduction of alpha diazo beta hydroxy esters to beta hydroxy esters application in 1 of 2 convergent syntheses of a 22 s 22 hydroxy bile acid from fish bile and its 22 r epimer

Konstantatos, J.; Katsaros, N.; Vrachnou-Astra, E.; Katakis, D., 1978: Reduction of alpha keto acids by low valent metal ions part 1 reaction of aqueous chromous ion with pyruvic acid

Schatz, L.; Segal, H. L., 1969: Reduction of alpha keto glutarate by homogeneous lactic dehydrogenase x of testicular tissue

Tang, C. L.; Hsu, R. Y., 1973: Reduction of alpha oxo carboxylic acids by pigeon liver malic enzyme ec

Mchalsky M.L.; Rabinow B.E.; Ericson S.P.; Weltzer J.A.; Ayd S.W., 1987: Reduction of aluminum levels in dialysis fluids through the development and use of accurate and sensitive analytical methodology

Ojima K.; Ohira K., 1985: Reduction of aluminum toxicity by addition of a conditioned medium from aluminum tolerant cells of carrot daucus carota

Gale E.F.; Ingram J.; Kerridge D.; Notario V.; Wayman F., 1980: Reduction of amphotericin resistance in stationary phase cultures of candida albicans by treatment with enzymes

Goldman H.; Berman R.F., 1984: Reduction of amygdaloid kindled seizures by an analog of acth msh

Svensson J.; Eneroth P.; Gustafsson J A.; Ritzen M.; Stenberg A., 1979: Reduction of androstenedione by skin in vitro and serum levels of gonadotropins and androgens in men with hypospadias

Salathe E.P.; Kolkka R.W., 1986: Reduction of anoxia through myoglobin facilitated diffusion of oxygen

Sabel B.A.; Delmastro R.; Dunbar G.L.; Stein D.G., 1987: Reduction of anterograde degeneration in brain damaged rats by gm 1 gangliosides

Komiyama T.; Oki T.; Inui T.; Takeuchi T.; Umezawa H., 1979: Reduction of anthracycline glycoside by nadph cytochrome p 450 reductase

Lawrence C.M.; Shuster S.; Collins M.; Bruce J.M., 1987: Reduction of anthralin inflammation by potassium hydroxide and teepol

Lebrun, M.; De-Repentigny, J.; Mathieu, L. G., 1978: Reduction of anti bacterial activity of antibiotics in mixed cultures and experimental infections

Jeffers, T. K., 1976: Reduction of anti coccidial drug resistance by massive introduction of drug sensitive coccidia

Torosyan A.Ts, 1979: Reduction of antibody affinity in immunized rabbits under the effect of ethylenimine and its derivatives

Nagai H.; Yamada H.; Goto S.; Inagaki N.; Koda A., 1985: Reduction of antigen induced contraction of sensitized guinea pig tracheal smooth muscle in vitro by calmodulin inhibitors

Marsden J.R.; Williams F.M.; Keys B.; Rawlins M.D.; Shuster S., 1984: Reduction of antipyrine clearance in psoriasis

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