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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 6281

Chapter 6281 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Luke M.; Kvist E.; Andersen F.; Hjortrup A., 1986: Reduction of post operative bleeding after transurethral resection of the prostate by local instillation of fibrin adhesive periplast

Wapnick S.; Guinto R.; Reizis I.; Leveen H.H., 1979: Reduction of post operative infection in elective colon surgery with pre operative administration of kanamycin and erythromycin

Simchen E.; Sacks T.; Michel J.; Robin G., 1979: Reduction of post operative infection rate in hip surgery collaborative effort between orthopedic surgeons and control of infection team

Mullen J.B.; Cook W.A.Jr, 1979: Reduction of post operative lumbar hemi laminectomy pain with marcaine technical note

Solomon R.A.; Viernstein M.C.; Long D.M., 1980: Reduction of post operative pain and narcotic use by trans cutaneous electrical nerve stimulation

Buttram V.C.; Malinak R.; Cleary R.; Cohen S.; Hunter T.; Cowan B.D.; Daniell J.; Maxson W.; Decherney A.; Et Al, 1983: Reduction of post operative pelvic adhesions with intra peritoneal 32 percent dextran 70 a prospective randomized clinical trial

Ho K.H.; Hashish I.; Salmon P.; Freeman R.; Harvey W., 1988: Reduction of post operative swelling by a placebo effect

Diamond M.J.; Keeri Szanto M., 1980: Reduction of post operative vomiting by pre operative administration of oral metoclopramide

Lang, D. J.; Ebert, P. A.; Rodgers, B. M.; Boggess, H. P.; Rixse, R. S., 1977: Reduction of post perfusion cytomegalovirus infections following the use of leukocyte depleted blood

Poynard T.; Slama G.; Tchobroutsky G., 1982: Reduction of post prandial insulin needs by pectin as assessed by the artificial pancreas in insulin dependent diabetics

Dilawari J.B.; Kamath P.S.; Batta R.P.; Mukewar S.; Raghavan S., 1981: Reduction of post prandial plasma glucose by bengal gram dal cicer arietinum and rajmah phaseolus vulgaris

Inoue K.; Wiener I.; Gourley W.K.; Watson L.C.; Rayford P.L.; Thompson J.C., 1982: Reduction of post prandial release of pancreatic poly peptide after development of pancreatic fibrosis

Johnson, R. C., 1978: Reduction of post replication dna repair in 2 escherichia coli mutants with temperature sensitive polymerase iii activity implications for the post replication repair pathway

Bennetts F.E.; Khalil K.I., 1981: Reduction of post suxamethonium pain by pre treatment with 4 nondepolarizing agents

Roberts D.; Pizzarelli G.; Lepore V.; Al Khaja N.; Belboul A.; Dernevik L., 1988: Reduction of post thoracotomy pain by cryotherapy of intercostal nerves

Solomon L.R.; Cairns S.A.; Lawler W.; Johnson R.W.G.; Mallick N.P. , 1981: Reduction of post transplant proteinuria due to recurrent mesangial proliferative immuno globulin m glomerulo nephritis following plasma exchange

Nylander G.; Lewis D.; Nordstrom H.; Larsson J., 1985: Reduction of postischemic edema with hyperbaric oxygen

Mayer E.D.; Welsch M.; Tanzeem A.; Saggau W.; Spath J.; Hummels R.; Schmitz W., 1985: Reduction of postoperative donor blood requirement by use of the cell separator

Koppel R.; Benz J., 1986: Reduction of postoperative morbidity of cesarean section through risk adjusted perioperative antibiotic short time prophylaxis under special consideration of anaerobic germs

Hashish I.; Hai H.K.; Harvey W.; Feinmann C.; Harris M., 1988: Reduction of postoperative pain and swelling by ultrasound treatment a placebo effect

Lawlis G.F.; Selby D.; Hinnant D.; Mccoy C.E., 1985: Reduction of postoperative pain parameters by presurgical relaxation instructions for spinal pain patients

Boyers S.P.; Diamond M.P.; Decherney A.H., 1988: Reduction of postoperative pelvic adhesions in the rabbit with gore tex surgical membrane

Dudicourt J.C.; Hemery P.; Gignoux C.; Hostein J.; Denis P.; Fournet J.; Galmiche J.P.; Colin R., 1988: Reduction of postprandial gastroesophageal reflux with sodium alginate liquid multicenter ph measurement study in 21 patients

Harju E.; Makela J., 1987: Reduction of postprandial hyperglycemia by guar gum in symptomatic patients 5 10 years following proximal selective vagotomy

Tribble G.L.; Schwindt P.C.; Crill W.E., 1983: Reduction of postsynaptic inhibition tolerated before seizure initiation brain stem

Tribble G.L.; Schwindt P.C.; Crill W.E., 1983: Reduction of postsynaptic inhibition tolerated before seizure initiation spinal cord

Jayme D.W.; Adelberg E.A.; Slayman C.W., 1981: Reduction of potassium efflux in cultured mouse fibroblasts by mutation or by diuretics permits growth in potassium deficient medium

Carmeliet, E.; Verdonck, F., 1977: Reduction of potassium permeability by chloride substitution in cardiac cells

David H.L.; Rastogi N.; Frehel C.; Gheorghiu M., 1982: Reduction of potassium tellurite and atp content in mycobacterium leprae

Sawada N.; Ishikawa T., 1988: Reduction of potential for replicative but not unscheduled dna synthesis in hepatocytes isolated from aged as compared to young rats

Lewis J.A.; Lumsden R.D., 1984: Reduction of pre emergence damping off of peas pisum sativum caused by pythium ultimum with calcium oxide

Ivleva, T. S.; Belyaeva, I. D., 1978: Reduction of pre replicative period of hepatocyte mitotic cycle after repeated division stimulation

Pekkanen J.; Marti B.; Nissinen A.; Tuomilehto J.; Punsar S.; Karvonen M.J., 1987: Reduction of premature mortality by high physical activity a 20 year follow up of middle aged finnish men

Colter, K. D.; Shen, M.; Bell, A. T., 1977: Reduction of progesterone release rate through silicone membranes by plasma polymerization

Hilf R.; Helton D.L., 1982: Reduction of proline transport in r 3230ac mammary carcinomas by estrogens in vitro

Tada M.; Esumi K.; Yamagishi M.; Kuzuya T.; Matsuda H.; Abe H.; Uchida Y.; Murao S., 1984: Reduction of prostacyclin synthesis as a possible cause of transient flow reduction in a partially constricted canine coronary artery

Hiremath S.T.; Wang T.Y., 1981: Reduction of prostatic binding protein messenger rna sequences in rat prostate by castration

Libby P.; Ingwall J.S.; Goldberg A.L., 1979: Reduction of protein degradation and atrophy in cultured fetal mouse hearts by leupeptin

Lotan D.; Kaplan B.S.; Fong J.S.C.; Goodyear P.R.; De Chadarevian J P., 1984: Reduction of protein excretion of di methyl sulfoxide in rats with passive heymann nephritis

Gorin A.I.; Bogomolova N.S.; Ermakov A.V.; Freidin M.I.; Chernov V.A.; Tseitlin P.I., 1987: Reduction of protein nucleic interactions that was induced by some chemical mutagens in human fibroblast cell culture

Alvarez, J. L.; Tizol, G.; Castillo, E.; Baez, R.; Martinez, N.; Perez, M., 1986: Reduction of protein percentage in concentrates for bovine sires ii. influence on metabolic status

Olson B.D.; Jones A.L., 1983: Reduction of pseudomonas syringae pathovar morsprunorum on montmorency sour cherry with copper and dynamics of the cooper residues

Mur J M.; Chau N.; Pham Q.T.; Meyer Bisch C.; Cavelier C., 1984: Reduction of pulmonary function indices comparison of 2 hierarchical methods

Knapp, E.; Gmeiner, R., 1977: Reduction of pulmonary hypertension by nitroprusside

Saijo N.; Ozaki A.; Sakurai M.; Ishihara J.; Takahashi H.; Sasaki Y.; Hoshi A.; Hamburger A.W., 1986: Reduction of pulmonary metastases of b 16 melanoma by human recombinant interleukin 2 and lymphokine activated killer cells in immunosuppressed c 57bl 6 mice receiving anticancer agents

Piene, H.; Hauge, A., 1976: Reduction of pulsatile hydraulic power in the pulmonary circulation caused by moderate vaso constriction

Jensen D.J.; Brey W.W.; Delayre J.L.; Narayana P.A., 1987: Reduction of pulsed gradient setting time in the superconducting magnet of a magnetic resonance instrument

Stark W.J.; Fagadau W.R.; Stewart R.H.; Crandall A.S.; Defaller J.M.; Reaves T.A.Jr; Klein P.E., 1986: Reduction of pupillary constriction during cataract surgery using suprofen

Weiner, M. W.; Lardy, H. A., 1973: Reduction of pyridine nucleotides induced by adp in kidney mitochondria the influence of sodium magnesium and inhibitors of oxidative phosphorylation

Cradock, J. C.; Guder, L. A.; Francis, D. L.; Morgan, S. L., 1978: Reduction of pyrogens application of molecular filtration

Whitton P.S.; Marshall I.G.; Parsons S.M., 1986: Reduction of quantal size by vesamicol ah 5183 an inhibitor of vesicular acetylcholine storage

Ray L.; Majumdar S.K., 1987: Reduction of quininone to quinidine by hansenula anomala var schneggii

Manninen H.; Kiekara O.; Soimakallio S.; Vainio J., 1988: Reduction of radiation dose and imaging costs in scoliosis radiography application of large screen image intensifier photofluorography

Hellstrom G.; Irstam L.; Nachemson A., 1983: Reduction of radiation dose in radiologic examination of patients with scoliosis

Miyazaki Y.; Inoue H.; Shiozaki J.; Higuchi Y.; Fujioka M.; Kawaguchi K.; Miyanaga M.; Aburano T., 1987: Reduction of radiation dose simple shielding equipment for the worker preparing radiopharmaceutical solution

Bryant, T. H. E.; Julian, W. L., 1978: Reduction of radiation dose to patients in xero radiography

Gray J.E.; Hoffman A.D.; Peterson H.A., 1983: Reduction of radiation exposure during radiography for scoliosis

Rossi R.P.; Harnisch B.; Hendee W.R., 1982: Reduction of radiation exposure in radiography in the chest

Fritz Niggli H.; Frohlich E., 1980: Reduction of radiation induced early skin damage mouse foot by o beta hydroxyethyl rutoside

Diehl J F., 1979: Reduction of radiation induced vitamin losses by irradiation of foodstuffs at low temperatures and by exclusion of atmospheric oxygen

Sukhomlina, A. N.; Il'itskii, R. B., 1977: Reduction of radiation loads in the population in roentgeno diagnostic examinations

Korhola O.; Riihimaki E.; Savikurki S., 1987: Reduction of radiation scatter with a multiple pencil beam imaging device

Browman M.G.; Spalding B.P., 1984: Reduction of radio strontium mobility in acid soils by carbonate treatment

Blumenthal R.D.; Sharkey R.M.; Snyder D.J.; Hansen H.J.; Goldenberg D.M., 1988: Reduction of radioantibody induced myelotoxicity in hamsters by recombinant interleukin 1

Skotte J., 1986: Reduction of radiofrequency exposure to the operator during short wave diathermy treatments

Trkula M.; Keller R.A., 1985: Reduction of raman background in laser induced fluorescence by 2nd harmonic detection

Sangiah S.; Caldwell D.F., 1988: Reduction of rapid eye movement rem sleep by glucose alone or glucose and insulin in rats

Moja E.A.; Mendelson W.B.; Stoff D.M.; Gillin J.C.; Wyatt R.J., 1979: Reduction of rapid eye movement sleep by a tryptophan free amino acid diet

Katsuyama Y.; Yano S.; Watanabe K., 1986: Reduction of rat gastric transmucosal potential difference by indomethacin partly associated with its acid secretory activity

Baimbridge K.G.; Mody I.; Miller J.J., 1985: Reduction of rat hippocampal calcium binding protein following commissural amygdala septal perforant path and olfactory bulb kindling

Lijinsky, W.; Taylor, H. W.; Keefer, L. K., 1976: Reduction of rat liver carcinogenicity of 4 nitroso morpholine by alpha deuterium substitution

Ohyama H.; Yamada Y., 1980: Reduction of rat thymocyte interphase death by hyper thermia

Bellaver C.; Konzen E.A.; Zanardi J.C., 1982: Reduction of ration waste in swine feeders

Cole, H. D.; Staley, T. E.; Whipp, S. C., 1977: Reduction of reactivity of escherichia coli entero toxins by intestinal mucosal components

Jones K.M., 1980: Reduction of red color in starkrimson apples using calcium nitrate sprays

Mozes B.; Halkin H.; Katz A.; Schiff E.; Modan B., 1987: Reduction of redundant hospital stay through controlled intervention

Rimoldi O.; Pierini S.; Sandrone G.; Songini M.G.; Pagani M., 1987: Reduction of reflex sympathetic increase in heart rate by iloprost during transient ischemia in conscious dog

Reske S.N.; Kropp J.; Heck I.; Mattern H.; Biersack H.J.; Knopp R., 1984: Reduction of regurgitation in aortic insufficiency by inhibition of the renin angiotensin conversion enzyme

Larkin E.C.; Jarratt B.A.; Rao G.A., 1986: Reduction of relative levels of nervonic acid to lignoceric acid in the brain of rat pups due to iron deficiency

Klotman P.E.; Yarger W.E., 1983: Reduction of renal blood flow and proximal bi carbonate re absorption in rats by gentamicin

Allen L.H.; Bartlett R.S.; Block G.D., 1979: Reduction of renal calcium re absorption in man by consumption of dietary protein

Kimberly, R. P.; Bowden, R. E.; Keiser, H. R.; Plotz, P. H., 1978: Reduction of renal function by newer nonsteroidal antiinflammatory drugs

Schad, H.; Seller, H., 1976: Reduction of renal nerve activity by volume expansion in conscious cats

Van Gilst W.H.; De Graeff P.A.; Wesseling H.; De Langen C.D.J., 1986: Reduction of reperfusion arrhythmias in the ischemic isolated rat heart by angiotensin converting enzyme inhibitors a comparison of captopril enalapril and hoe 498

Olafsson B.; Forman M.B.; Puett D.W.; Pou A.; Cates C.U.; Friesinger G.C.; Virmani R., 1987: Reduction of reperfusion injury in the canine preparation by intracoronary adenosine importance of the endothelium and the no reflow phenomenon

Santiago Alvarez C.; Vargas Osuna E., 1988: Reduction of reproductive capacity of spodoptera littoralis males by a nuclear polyhedrosis virus npv

Madore C.D.; Boucias D.G.; Dimond J.B., 1983: Reduction of reproductive potential in spruce budworm choristoneura fumiferana lepidoptera tortricidae by a chitin inhibiting insect growth regulator

Lecato, G. L.; Collins, J. M.; Arbogast, R. T., 1977: Reduction of residual populations of stored product insects by xylocoris flavipes hemiptera heteroptera anthocoridae

Gerloczy A.; Fonagy A.; Szejtli J., 1983: Reduction of residual toluene content in beta cyclo dextrin through preparing inclusion complexes

Briquet M.; Purnelle B.; Beattie D.S.; Goffeau A., 1982: Reduction of respiratory chain cytochrome b by lactate in saccharomyces cerevisiae

Moolten, F.; Capparell, N.; Boger, E., 1978: Reduction of respiratory tract binding of benzo a pyrene in mice by immunization

Yoshida Y.; Hirata K., 1981: Reduction of retention time in nitrogen removal treatment with intermittent aeration

Kakkad B.P.; Ong D.E., 1988: Reduction of retinaldehyde bound to cellular retinol binding protein type ii by microsomes from rat small intestine

Lim O.W.; Fleisher A.A.II.; Ziel H.K., 1982: Reduction of rh o d sensitization a cost effective analysis

Roget D.K.; Venn N.R.; Rovira A.D., 1987: Reduction of rhizoctonia root rot of direct drilled wheat by short term chemical fallow

Martegani E.; Popolo L.; Alberghina L.; Sturani E., 1980: Reduction of ribosome activity and synthesis of stable rna in neurospora crassa

Gilfillan I.M.; Pelser P.D.T., 1985: Reduction of rind pitting development in cultivar marsh grapefruit citrus paradisi with ethephon

Alban, L. S.; Nay, W. R., 1976: Reduction of ritual checking by a relaxation delay treatment

Marais P.G.; Hattingh M.J., 1986: Reduction of root rot caused by phytophthora cinnamomi in grapevines by chemical treatments

Boswell S.B.; Bergh B.O.; Whitsell R.H.; Kumamoto J., 1979: Reduction of rootstock sprouts on young grafted avocados with naphthaleneacetic acid

Buerki F.; Moestl K.; Spiegl E.; Horvath E.; Szekely H., 1986: Reduction of rotavirus coronavirus and escherichia coli associated calf diarrheas in a large size dairy herd by means of dam vaccination with a triple vaccine

Hammond, A. C.; Bray, T. M.; Cummins, K. A.; Carlson, J. R.; Bradley, B. J., 1978: Reduction of ruminal 3 methyl indole production and the prevention of tryptophan induced acute bovine pulmonary edema and emphysema

Laws, D. R.; Meyer, J.; Holmen, M. L., 1978: Reduction of sadistic sexual arousal by olfactory aversion a case study

Talmi Y.P.; Finkelstein Y.; Zohar Y.; Laurian N., 1988: Reduction of salivary flow with scopoderm tts

Zacharski L.R.; Rosenstein R., 1979: Reduction of salivary tissue factor thromboplastin activity by warfarin therapy

Kampelmacher, E. H.; Fonds, A. W.; Van-Noorle-Jansen, L. M., 1977: Reduction of salmonella escherichia coli coliforms and fecal streptococci by chlorination of sewage treatment plant effluents

Stersky A.; Blanchfield B.; Thacker C.; Pivnick H., 1981: Reduction of salmonella typhimurium excretion into drinking water following treatment of chicks gallus domesticus with nurmi culture

Shihabi, Z. K.; Turner, J. C., 1976: Reduction of sample size on the technicon sma 6 60 continuous flow analyzer

Barnes, G. T.; Cleare, H. M.; Brezovich, I. A., 1976: Reduction of scatter in diagnostic radiology by means of a scanning multiple slit assembly

Trutmann P.; Keane P.J.; Merriman P.R., 1980: Reduction of sclerotial inoculum of sclerotinia sclerotiorum with coniothyrium minitans

Doering P.H., 1982: Reduction of sea star predation by the burrowing response of the hard clam mercenaria mercenaria mollusca bivalvia

Agache, P.; Caperan, A., 1978: Reduction of sebaceous secretion in hyper seborrheic skin by a synthetic steroid promestriene

Janzen, D. H., 1978: Reduction of seed predation on bauhinia pauletia leguminosae through habitat destruction in a costa rican deciduous forest

Zehr J.P.; Oremland R.S., 1987: Reduction of selenate to selenide by sulfate respiring bacteria experiments with cell suspensions and estuarine sediments

Hogg J., 1982: Reduction of self induced vomiting in a multiply handicapped girl by lemon juice therapy and concomitant changes in social behavior

Nestmann E.R., 1979: Reduction of sensitivity to uv light in excision deficient escherichia coli strain wp 2 uvra

Goldstein R.S.; Camhi J.M., 1988: Reduction of sensory activity produced by cercal displacement modifies response of wind sensitive interneurons in the cockroach

Altner H.; Hintzpeter U., 1984: Reduction of sensory cells in antennal sensilla correlated with changes in feeding behavior in the beetle loricera pilicornis insecta coleoptera carabidae

Chang H C.; Jones O.W., 1985: Reduction of sera requirements in amniotic fluid cell culture

Mikuni M.; Meltzer H.Y., 1984: Reduction of serotonin 2 receptors in rat cerebral cortex after subchronic administration of imipramine chlorpromazine and the combination thereof

Chesney, R. W.; Mazess, R. B.; Hamstra, A. J.; Deluca, H. F., 1978: Reduction of serum 1 25 di hydroxy vitamin d 3 in children receiving gluco corticoids

Damian E.; Lanas O.; Badescu I., 1984: Reduction of serum and testicular sialic acid by melatonin free pineal extract in rats

Samuel, P.; Holtzman, C. M.; Meilman, E.; Sekowski, I., 1970: Reduction of serum cholesterol and tri glyceride levels by the combined administration of neomycin and clofibrate

Moore G.W.; Swift L.L.; Rabinowitz D.; Crofford O.B.; Oates J.A.; Stacpoole P.W. , 1979: Reduction of serum cholesterol in 2 patients with homo zygous familial hyper cholesterolemia by di chloro acetate

Mabuchi H.; Sakai T.; Sakai Y.; Yoshimura A.; Watanabe A.; Wakasugi T.; Koizumi J.; Takeda R., 1983: Reduction of serum cholesterol in hetero zygous patients with familial hyper cholesterolemia additive effects of compactin and cholestyramine

Emas S.; Svensson S O.; Lilja B.; Kaess H., 1980: Reduction of serum gastrin response to insulin hypo glycemia by selective vagotomy with pyloro plasty in duodenal ulcer patients

Staruch M.J.; Wood D.D., 1985: Reduction of serum interleukin 1 like activity after treatment with dexamethasone

Brusco O.J.; Martinez Esteban M.T., 1988: Reduction of serum lipid levels with gemfibrozil under the results of the helsinki heart study

Schwartz K.E.; Zaro B.; Burton P.; Hunt J.; Pennelly L.; Sevelius H., 1988: Reduction of serum lipoproteins in man by the oral administration of a prostaglandin analogue enprostil

Orts, R. J., 1977: Reduction of serum luteinizing hormone and testosterone in male rats by a partially purified bovine pineal extract

Joborn H.; Hjemdahl P.; Wide L.; Akerstrom G.; Ljunghall S., 1987: Reduction of serum parathyroid hormone levels during sympathetic stimulation in man

Pun K.K.; Varghese Z.; Moorhead J.F., 1987: Reduction of serum prolactin after salmon calcitonin infusion in patients with impaired renal function

Stein R.W.; Papp A.C.; Weiner W.J.; Wu K.K., 1985: Reduction of serum prostacyclin stability in ischemic stroke

Macadams M.R.; White R.H.; Chipps B.E., 1986: Reduction of serum testosterone levels during chronic glucocorticoid therapy

Bosco, J. S.; Greenleaf, J. E.; Kaye, R. L.; Averkin, E. G., 1970: Reduction of serum uric acid in young men during physical training

Mcphee I.B.; O'brien J.P., 1979: Reduction of severe spondylolisthesis a preliminary report

Bersh P.J.; Alloy L.B., 1980: Reduction of shock duration as negative reinforcement in free operant avoidance

Rollinson P.D., 1988: Reduction of shoulder dislocations by the hanging method

Christiansen T.G.; Nielsen R., 1988: Reduction of shoulder dislocations under interscalene brachial blockade

Straub H.; Wiebe V., 1981: Reduction of side effects in aorto femoral angiography low osmolar contrast medium compared with conventional contrast medium plus local anesthetic

Schwartz J.L.; Morgan W.F.; Wolff S., 1984: Reduction of sister chromatid exchange frequency with time after mutagen exposure in chinese hamster ovary cells in the presence of 3 amino benzamide

Walton, K. R.; Green, J. R.; Reeve, J.; Wootton, R., 1985: Reduction of skeletal blood flow in paget's disease with disodium etidronate therapy

Strauss M.B.; Hargens A.R.; Gershuni D.H.; Greenberg D.A.; Crenshaw A.G.; Hart G.B.; Akeson W.H., 1983: Reduction of skeletal muscle necrosis using intermittent hyperbaric oxygen in a model compartment syndrome

Pitt P.; O'dowd T.M.; Brincat M.; Moniz C.J.; Studd J.W.W.; Berry H., 1986: Reduction of skin collagen with increased skin thickness in postmenopausal women with rheumatoid arthritis

Evans N.J.; Rutter N., 1986: Reduction of skin damage from transcutaneous oxygen electrodes using a spray on dressing

Rutter, N.; Hull, D., 1981: Reduction of skin water loss in the new born 1. effect of applying topical agents

Brice, J. E. H.; Rutter, N.; Hull, D., 1981: Reduction of skin water loss in the new born 2. clinical trial of 2 methods in very low birth weight babies

Korner, A. F.; Guilleminault, C.; Van-Den-Hoed, J.; Baldwin, R. B., 1978: Reduction of sleep apnea and brady cardia in preterm infants on oscillating water beds a controlled polygraphic study

Bornstein, P. H.; Carmody, T. P.; Relinger, H.; Zohn, C. J.; Devine, D. A.; Bugge, I. D., 1977: Reduction of smoking behavior a multi variable treatment package and the programming of response maintenance

Schroeder C.L.; Bodyfelt F.W.; Wyatt C.J.; Mcdaniel M.R., 1988: Reduction of sodium chloride in cheddar cheese effect on sensory microbiological and chemical properties

Borgens R.B.; Vanable J.W.Jr; Jaffe L.F., 1979: Reduction of sodium dependent stump currents disturbs urodele limb regeneration

Wills R.B.H.; Hopkirk G.; Scott K.J., 1981: Reduction of soft scald in apples malus domestica cultivar jonathan with anti oxidants

Dixon, G. M.; Holland, P. T., 1977: Reduction of soldier fly damage to rye grass seedlings by insecticidal seed treatments

Symonyan M.A., 1982: Reduction of some organic and inorganic oxidants in alkaline media by super oxide dis mutase and scavengers of hydroxyl radicals

Mitsui T.; Ogura T.; Ogawa N.; Ota Z., 1985: Reduction of specific arginine vasopressin binding sites of renal medulla membranes in lithium treated rats

Evans G.; Armstrong D.T., 1984: Reduction of sperm transport in ewes by super ovulation treatments

Kocherginskii N.M.; S"yakste N.I.; Berkovich M.A.; Devichenskii V.M., 1981: Reduction of spin labels with ascorbic acid in solution and on bio membranes

Sackellares J.C.; Sato S.; Dreifuss F.E.; Penry J.K., 1981: Reduction of steady state valproate levels by other anti epileptic drugs

Murphy, R. J.; Nunes, D. L.; Hutchings-Ruprecht, M., 1977: Reduction of stereotyped behavior in profoundly retarded individuals

Tierney I.R.; Walton H.J.; Mcguire R.J. , 1979: Reduction of stereotyped body rocking using variable time reinforcement practical and theoretical implications

Barton L.E.; Repp A.C.; Brulle A.R., 1985: Reduction of stereotypic behaviors using differential reinforcement procedures and momentary restraint

Barkley, R. A.; Zupnick, S., 1976: Reduction of stereotypic body contortions during physical restraint and differential reinforcement of other behavior

Chen, P. N.; Kingston, D. G. I.; Vercellotti, J. R., 1977: Reduction of sterigmatocystin and versicolorin a hemi acetals with sodium borohydride

Pradhan B.P.; Chakraborty S., 1987: Reduction of steroid and triterpenoid alpha beta unsaturated ketones with lithium ethylenediamine

Monder, C., 1978: Reduction of steroidal 20 oxo 21 oic acids to steroidal 20 hydroxy 21 oic acids by 20 hydroxy steroid dehydrogenase

Paradisi M.P.; Zecchini G.P., 1981: Reduction of steroidal di carbonyl compounds with poly n iso propylimino alane

Marshall, J.; Mccutcheon, B., 1976: Reduction of stomach ulceration by hypothalamic stimulation in the unrestrained rat

Wick, M. M.; Rossini, A.; Glynn, D., 1977: Reduction of streptozotocin toxicity by 3 o methyl d glucose with enhancement of anti tumor activity in murine l 1210 leukemia

Cruickshank J.M.; Neil Dwyer G.; Degaute J.P.; Hayes Y.; Kuurne T.; Kytta J.; Vincent J.L.; Carruthers M.E.; Patel S., 1987: Reduction of stress catecholamine induced cardiac necrosis by beta 1 selective blockade

Meerson F.Z.; Malyshev V.V.; Popova N.S.; Markovskaya G.I., 1979: Reduction of stress reaction and gastric ulcer under the effect of gamma hydroxy butyric acid

Darden, J. H.; Hunt, W. A., 1977: Reduction of striatal dopamine release during an ethanol withdrawal syndrome

Kargacin B.; Kostial K., 1985: Reduction of strontium 85 cesium 137 iodine 131 and cerium 141 retention in rats by simultaneous oral administration of calcium alginate ferrihexacyanoferrate ii potassium iodide and zinc diethylenetriaminepentaacetate

Craig A.R.; Cleary P.J., 1982: Reduction of stuttering by young male stutterers using electro myographic feedback

Guitar, B., 1975: Reduction of stuttering frequency using analog electro myographic feedback

Dressendorfer R.H.; Smith J.L.; Amsterdam E.A.; Mason D.T., 1982: Reduction of submaximal exercise myo cardial oxygen demand post walk training program in coronary patients due to improved physical work efficiency

Surdhar P.S.; Armstrong D., 1987: Reduction of substituted flavins by carbon dioxide ion and cyclic disulfide anions

Starkey T.E.; Hendrix F.F.Jr, 1980: Reduction of substrate colonization by botryosphaeria obtusa

Willner P.; Towell A.; Sampson D.; Sophokleous S.; Muscat R., 1987 : Reduction of sucrose preference by chronic unpredictable mild stress and its restoration by a tricyclic antidepressant

Watabe T.; Ozawa N.; Kobayashi F.; Kurata H., 1980: Reduction of sulfonated water soluble azo dyes by microorganisms from human feces

Houghten A.; Li C.H., 1979: Reduction of sulfoxides in peptides and proteins

Wolfe, R. S.; Pfening, N., 1977: Reduction of sulfur by spirillum 5175 and syntrophism with chlorobium

Smith R.L.; Klug M.J., 1981: Reduction of sulfur compounds in the sediments of a eutrophic lake basin

Wills, R. B. H.; Scott, K. J.; Bailey, W. M., 1977: Reduction of superficial scald in apples with mono terpenes

Toge T.; Yamada H.; Aratani K.; Yamaguchi M.; Fujita T.; Yanagawa E.; Hattori T., 1987: Reduction of suppressor cell activities of human peripheral blood lymphocytes by a streptococcal preparation ok 432

Uchida A.; Hoshino T., 1980: Reduction of suppressor cells in cancer patients treated with ok 432 picibanil immuno therapy

Hoffman S.L.; Piessens W.D.; Ratiwayanto S.; Hussein P.R.; Kurniawan L.; Piessens P.W.; Campbell J.R.; Marwoto H.A., 1984: Reduction of suppressor t lymphocytes in the tropical splenomegaly syndrome

Gode P., 1984: Reduction of surfactant concentrations in static fish tests compared with biodegradation rates in the organization for economic cooperation and development screening test

Galland R.B.; Heine K.J.; Trachtenberg L.S.; Polk H.C.Jr, 1982: Reduction of surgical wound infection rates in contaminated wounds treated with antiseptics combined with systemic antibiotics an experimental study

Erasmus D.S.; Von Wechmar M.B., 1983: Reduction of susceptibility of wheat triticum aestivum cultivar t 4 to stem rust puccinia graminis f sp tritici by brome mosaic virus

Campadelli Fiume G.; Scannavini M.; Falasca A.; Hakim G.; Busi C.; Mattioli A.; Fiume L., 1981: Reduction of sv 40 growth by a mitotic inhibitor extracted from liver evidence that the inhibitor is arginase

Meiselman, H. L.; Halpern, B. P.; Dateo, G. P., 1976: Reduction of sweetness judgments by extracts from the leaves of ziziphus jujuba

Kikuchi S.; Matsumoto H.; Chiba S.; Ito M., 1980: Reduction of swelling and metabolic enhancement of rat cerebral cortex by glycerol in vitro

Lehmann A G.; Busnel R G., 1979: Reduction of swimming time in mice through interaction of infrasound and alcohol

Ciuffo A.A.; Ouyang P.; Becker L.C.; Levin L.; Weisfeldt M.L., 1985: Reduction of sympathetic inotropic response after ischemia in dogs contributor to stunned myocardium

Greene, M. I.; Dorf, M. E.; Pierres, M.; Benacerraf, B., 1977: Reduction of syngeneic tumor growth by an anti i j allo anti serum

Sabbah H.N.; Stein P.D., 1988: Reduction of systolic coronary blood flow in experimental left ventricular outflow tract obstruction

Cotterill P.J.; Sivasithamparam K., 1988: Reduction of take all inoculum by rotation with lupines oats or field peas

Russell M.A.H.; Jarvis M.J.; Feyerabend C.; Saloojee Y., 1986: Reduction of tar nicotine and carbon monoxide intake in low tar smokers

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Ehrlich, R. S.; Hayman, S.; Ramachandran, N.; Colman, R. F., 1981: Reevaluation of molecular weight of pig heart nad specific iso citrate dehydrogenase ec

Sanderson K.J.; Welker W.; Shambes G.M., 1984: Reevaluation of motor cortex and of sensori motor overlap in the cerebral cortex of albino rats

Takabayashi Y.; Mcgarry J.D.; Foster D.W., 1980: Reevaluation of phenformin therapy in maturity onset diabetic patients

Ness P.M.; Hymas P.G.; Perkins H.A., 1979: Reevaluation of plasmas from patients previously diagnosed as having von willebrands disease with the factor viii related antigen and ristocetin cofactor assays

Miller S.; Howden H.F.; Gordon R.D., 1981: Reevaluation of pleistocene scarab beetles from rancho la brea california usa coleoptera scarabaeidae

Gobbi, P. G.; Cavalli, C.; Gendarini, A.; Crema, A.; Ricevuti, G.; Federico, M.; Di-Prisco, U.; Ascari, E., 1985: Reevaluation of prognostic significance of symptoms in hodgkin's disease

Ruggiero D.A.; Ross C.A.; Kumada M.; Reis D.J., 1982: Reevaluation of projections from the mesencephalic trigeminal nucleus to the medulla and spinal cord new projections a combined retrograde and anterograde horseradish peroxidase study

Song C.S.; Kim K H., 1981: Reevaluation of properties of acetyl coenzyme a carboxylase from rat liver

Richards J.H.; Teeri J.A., 1982: Reevaluation of proposed 4 carbon pathway photosynthetic characteristics in the genus larix

Nishino H.; Ide H.; Kurihara N.; Tanno M.; Chiba K.; Yamada H., 1987: Reevaluation of radionuclide cisternography in the elderly with special reference to frequent occurrences of pseudo normal pressure hydrocephalus nph

Hikita Y., 1985: Reevaluation of recalled infants by neonatal mass screening for congenital adrenal hyperplasia due to 21 hydroxylase deficiency diagnostic value of pregnanetriolone in a single urine specimen using glass capillary gas chromatography

Sakai S.; Yano M.; Kohno K.; Matsuoka K.; Inatsuki S.; Hamamoto K., 1982: Reevaluation of regional cerebral blood flow studies in patients with ruptured intra cranial aneurysms

Yoshida M.; Hoshii H., 1982: Reevaluation of requirement of calcium and available phosphorus for finishing meat type chicks

Yoshida M.; Hoshii H., 1982: Reevaluation of requirement of calcium and available phosphorus for starting egg type chicks

Yoshida M.; Hoshii H., 1982: Reevaluation of requirement of calcium and available phosphorus for starting meat type chicks

Mekori Y.A.; Weitzman G.L.; Galli S.J., 1985: Reevaluation of reserpine induced suppression of contact sensitivity evidence that reserpine interferes with t lymphocyte function independently of an effect on mast cells

Cumming D.A.; Carver J.P., 1987: Reevaluation of rotamer populations for 1 6 linkages reconciliation with potential energy calculations

Saal H.M.; Pagon R.A.; Pepin M.G., 1985: Reevaluation of russell silver syndrome

Kolb, H. J.; Renner, R.; Dieter-Hepp, K.; Weiss, L.; Wieland, O. H., 1975: Reevaluation of sepharose insulin as a tool for the study of insulin action

Hara H.; Ban Y.; Sato R.; Kushima K.; Nagakura H.; Kaihara M.; Teramoto A., 1987: Reevaluation of serum tsh determination in various pituitary disorders using highly sensitive immunoradiometric assay

Lamas L.; Santisteban P., 1980: Reevaluation of some factors affecting the stability of rat thyro globulin

Turwaijri A.A.; Saad A.H., 1986: Reevaluation of some of the kinetics of carbon colloid clearance by the mononuclear phagocyte system in vivo

Hamulyak K.; Nieuwenhuizen W.; Devilee P.P.; Hemker H.C., 1983: Reevaluation of some properties of fibrinogen purified from cord blood of normal new borns

Sasmal S.; Kulshrestha J.P.; Dani R.C., 1984: Reevaluation of some the commercially available insecticides for the control of brown plant hopper nilaparvata lugens on rice

Nakamura Z I.; Asano T.; Yano K.; Ofuji T., 1982: Reevaluation of suppressor cell function in systemic lupus erythematosus

Ogasawara K.; Takahashi Y.; Odashima S.; Tazawa Y., 1985: Reevaluation of swinging flashlight test in measuring relative afferent pupillary defect

Datta, S. C., 1988: Reevaluation of taurine levels and distribution of cysteic acid decarboxylase in developing human fetal brain regions

Lunn J.A.; Shipton W.A., 1983: Reevaluation of taxonomic criteria in cunninghamella

Turley, S. D.; Dietschy, J. M., 1978: Reevaluation of the 3 alpha hydroxy steroid dehydrogenase assay for total bile acids in bile

Boyce J.M., 1984: Reevaluation of the ability of the standardized disc diffusion test to detect methicillin resistant strains of staphylococcus aureus

Le Treut A.; Lamblin G.; Houdret N.; Degand P.; Roussel P., 1981: Reevaluation of the action of reducing agents on soluble mucus glyco proteins from human bronchial secretion

Rubin, R. L.; Lafferty, J.; Carr, R. I., 1978: Reevaluation of the ammonium sulfate assay for dna antibody

Dahlof C.G.; Lundborg P.; Persson B.A.; Regardh C.G., 1979: Reevaluation of the anti mineralo corticoid effect of the spirono lactone metabolite canrenone from plasma concentrations determined by a new high pressure liquid chromatographic method

Ellison, P. H., 1978: Reevaluation of the approach to an enlarging head in infancy

Braune, L. M.; Kocka, F. E., 1975: Reevaluation of the auxotab inolex enteric 1 system for identification of enterobacteriaceae

Hino S.; Sato H., 1984: Reevaluation of the biological certification test for the class ii biological safety cabinets

Schultze, H. P.; Arratia, G., 1986: Reevaluation of the caudal skeleton of actinopterygian fishes i. lepisosteus and amia

Schultze, H. P.; Arratia, G., 1988: Reevaluation of the caudal skeleton of some actinopterygian fishes ii. hiodon elops and albula

Vandamme J.P.; Bonte J.; Van Der Schueren G., 1982: Reevaluation of the colic irrigation from the inferior mesenteric artery

Vandamme, J. P. J.; Van-Der-Schuren, G., 1976: Reevaluation of the colic irrigation from the superior mesenteric artery

Barbosa R.D.R., 1984: Reevaluation of the continental sponge fauna of the state of rio grande do sul brazil in view of new collections

Isaacson L.C., 1980: Reevaluation of the contralateral effects of sodium and potassium on sodium transport through toad xenopus laevis skin

Boisseau A.; Begaud B.; Albin H.; Dangoumau J., 1980: Reevaluation of the diagnosis of drug side effects after a lapse of 6 months

Sauter, A. M.; Boss, D.; Von-Wartburg, J. P., 1977: Reevaluation of the disulfiram alcohol reaction in man

Cleland, R. E.; Rayle, D. L., 1977: Reevaluation of the effect of calcium ions on auxin induced elongation

Bernstein, I. L., 1978: Reevaluation of the effect of early nutritional experience on body weight

Moger W.H.; Murphy P.R., 1982: Reevaluation of the effect of fsh on the steroidogenic capacity of the testis the effects of neuraminidase treated fsh preparations

Boura P.; Raptopoulou Gigi M.; Acriviadis E.; Goulis G., 1984: Reevaluation of the effect of levamisole in chronic brucellosis in vitro and in vivo effect on monocyte phagocytosis

Ashley R.L.; Cardiff R.D.; Fanning T.G., 1980: Reevaluation of the effect of mouse mammary tumor virus infection on the balb c mouse hyperplastic outgrowth

Lubs, H. A.; Verma, R. S.; Summitt, R. L.; Hecht, F., 1976: Reevaluation of the effect of spray adhesives on human chromosomes

Wilson J.X., 1987: Reevaluation of the effect of substance p on nasal salt gland secretion in the duck anas platyrhynchos

Hosaka Y.; Kaneko M.; Muraki M.; Iwamoto K., 1980: Reevaluation of the effect of the operation in the peracute stage review of 166 cases of hypertensive intra cerebral hemorrhage the lateral type

Baraona E.; Finkelman F.; Lieber C.S., 1984: Reevaluation of the effects of alcohol consumption on rat liver micro tubules effects of feeding status

Cicero T.J.; O'connor L.H.; Bell R.D., 1987: Reevaluation of the effects of castration on naloxone sensitive opiate receptors in the male rat brain

Silavin S.L.; Javitt N.B.; Strauss J.F.IIi, 1984: Reevaluation of the effects of cytochalasins on steroidogenesis studies on hamster granulosa cells

Okamura, K.; Ikenoue, H.; Shiroozu, A.; Sato, K.; Yoshinari, M.; Fujishima, M., 1987: Reevaluation of the effects of methylmercaptoimidazole and propylthiouracil in patients with graves' hyperthyroidism

Gherzi R.; Russell D.S.; Taylor S.I.; Rosen O.M., 1987: Reevaluation of the evidence that an antibody to the insulin receptor is insulin mimetic without activating the protein tyrosine kinase activity of the receptor

Kimura, M.; Andoh, T., 1978: Reevaluation of the filter method for measuring anti double stranded dna antibody

Yamada T.K., 1986: Reevaluation of the flexor digitorum superficialis

Mcallister J.A., 1985: Reevaluation of the formation of spiral coprolites

Szczytko S.W.; Stewart K.W., 1981: Reevaluation of the genus clioperla

Schrijver J.; Van Rijn H.J.M.; Schreurs W.H.P., 1984: Reevaluation of the hapto globin reference values with the radial immuno diffusion technique

Brand, M. D.; Reynafarje, B.; Lehninger, A. L., 1976: Reevaluation of the hydrogen ion site ratio of mitochondrial electron transport with the oxygen pulse technique

Conzelman K.A.; Mooseker M.S., 1986: Reevaluation of the hydrophobic nature of the 110 kilodalton calmodulin binding actin binding and membrane binding protein of the intestinal microvillus

Sahulka J., 1985: Reevaluation of the in vitro and in vivo methods of nitrate reductase determination in pea pisum sativum roots

Ogren S.O.; Fuxe K.; Agnati L.F.; Gustafsson J.A.; Jonsson G.; Holm A.C., 1979: Reevaluation of the indoleamine hypothesis of depression evidence for a reduction of functional activity of central 5 hydroxy tryptamine systems by anti depressant drugs

Ingrid, C.; Lindemans-Banziger, M.; Van-Der-Steen, A. T. M.; Staal, G. E. J., 1976: Reevaluation of the kinetic data of human erythrocyte phospho fructo kinase ec

Hersh, L. B.; Peet, M., 1977: Reevaluation of the kinetic mechanism of the choline acetyl transferase ec reaction

Bielski, B. H. J.; Chan, P. C., 1976: Reevaluation of the kinetics of lactate dehydrogenase ec catalyzed chain oxidation of nad by super oxide radicals in the presence of edta

El Gemayel G.; Trouvin J.H.; Prioux Guyonneau M.; Jacquot C.; Cohen Y., 1986: Reevaluation of the l dopa loading effect on dopamine metabolism in rat striatum

Olah I.; Glick B., 1980: Reevaluation of the lymphocyte migration through the high endothelial venules light microscopic and electron microscopic studies on the opossums didelphis virginiana lymph node

Spicer D.V.; Ardalan B.; Daniels J.R.; Silberman H.; Johnson K., 1988: Reevaluation of the maximum tolerated dose of continuous venous infusion of 5 fluorouracil with pharmacokinetics

Von-Meyenburg, K.; Nielsen, L. D.; Johnsen, K.; Molin, S.; Svenningsen, B.; Miozzari, G., 1978: Reevaluation of the mode of action of streptolydigin in escherichia coli induction of transcription termination in vivo

Moutschen J., 1979: Reevaluation of the mutability of genes modifying the short tail characteristic in the mouse

Blijleven W.G.H., 1981: Reevaluation of the mutagenic effects of the hair dye p phenylenediamine in the sex linked recessive lethal test in drosophila melanogaster

Hedrick W.R.; Milavickas L.R., 1987: Reevaluation of the newborn thyroid dose from radioiodines

Gould, M. N.; Jirtle, R.; Crowley, J.; Clifton, K. H., 1978: Reevaluation of the number of cells involved in the neutron induction of mammary neoplasms

Makara G.B.; Stark E.; Palkovits M., 1980: Reevaluation of the pituitary adrenal response to ether in rats with various cuts around the medial basal hypothalamus

Shilo, R.; Gutman, R.; Ascari, D.; Schwartz, J., 1976: Reevaluation of the poly vinyl pyrrolidone sedimentation test in the diagnosis of abo hemolytic disease of the new born

Ford M.J.; Taylor M.G.; Bickle Q.D., 1987: Reevaluation of the potential of fasciola hepatica antigens for immunization against schistosoma mansoni infection

Shulman S.; Wiesner R.; Troll W.; Karpatkin S., 1983: Reevaluation of the presence of the major antigen calcium complex in bernard soulier syndrome platelets

Kamboh M.I.; Board P.G.; Kirwood C., 1984: Reevaluation of the proposed interrelationship between thyroxine binding globulin and alpha 1 anti trypsin

Kitamoto Y.; Maeda H., 1980: Reevaluation of the reaction of formaldehyde at low concentration with amino acids

Bielski B.H.J.; Arudi R.L.; Cabelli D.E.; Bors W., 1984: Reevaluation of the reactivity of hydroxylamine with superoxide perhydroxyl radicals

Durand J.; Giacobino J P.; Deshusses J.; Girardier L., 1979: Reevaluation of the relationship between catechol o methyl transferase and the binding of norepinephrine to brown adipocyte membranes

Huang, W.; Rhee, H. M.; Chiu, T. H.; Askari, A., 1979: Reevaluation of the relationship between the positive inotropic effect of ouabain and its inhibitory effect on sodium potassium dependent atpase ec in rabbit and dog hearts

Licht P.; Papkoff H., 1985: Reevaluation of the relative activities of the pituitary glycoprotein hormones fsh luteinizing hormone and thyrotropin from the green sea turtle chelonia mydas

Chan K.Y.; Haschke R.H., 1981: Reevaluation of the retrograde axonal transport of horseradish peroxidase iso enzymes by semi quantitative cytochemical analysis

Turek, R.; Ponec, J.; Brlicova, A.; Lichardus, B., 1976: Reevaluation of the role of aldo sterone in mechanism of natriuresis induced by extracellular fluid volume expansion

Naito M.; Dreifus L.S.; David D.; Michelson E.L.; Mardelli T.J.; Kmetzo J.J., 1983: Reevaluation of the role of atrial systole to cardiac hemodynamics evidence for pulmonary venous regurgitation during abnormal atrio ventricular sequencing

Snel J.F.H.; Van Rensen J.J.S., 1984: Reevaluation of the role of bi carbonate and formate in the regulation of photosynthetic electron flow in broken chloroplasts

Weir F.W.; Fabiano V.L., 1982: Reevaluation of the role of carbon mon oxide in production or aggravation of cardio vascular disease processes

Sasaki M.; Riddiford L.M.; Truman J.W.; Moore J.K., 1983: Reevaluation of the role of corpora cardiaca in calling and oviposition behavior of giant silk moths

Ling, W. Y.; Marsh, J. M., 1977: Reevaluation of the role of cyclic amp and protein kinase in the stimulation of steroidogenesis by luteinizing hormone in bovine corpus luteum slices

Rosenfeld, G. C.; Jacobson, E. D.; Thompson, W. J., 1976: Reevaluation of the role of cyclic amp in histamine induced gastric acid secretion

Critchely D.R.; Habig W.H.; Fishman P.H., 1986: Reevaluation of the role of gangliosides as receptors for tetanus toxin

Beckner S.K.; Brady R.O.; Fishman P.H., 1981: Reevaluation of the role of gangliosides in the binding and action of thyrotropin

Lee, Y. H.; Tarr, P. I.; Schumacher, J. R.; Rosner, B.; Alpert, S.; Mccormack, W. M., 1976: Reevaluation of the role of t mycoplasmas in nongonococcal urethritis

Chesney C.M.; Pifer D.D.; Crofford L.J.; Huch K.M., 1983: Reevaluation of the role of the polar groups of collagen in the platelet collagen interaction

Rice M.G.; Robertson R.P., 1980: Reevaluation of the sand rat psammomys obesus as a model for diabetes mellitus

Young, D. A., 1978: Reevaluation of the sections of rhus subgenus lobadium anacardiaceae

Timmermans P.B.M.W.M.; Wilffert B.; Davidesko D.; Mathy M.J.; Dijkstra D.; Horn A.S.; Van Zwieten P.A., 1983: Reevaluation of the selectivity of 2 n n di methylamino 5 6 dihydroxy 1 2 3 4 tetra hydro naphthalene m 7 as an agonist of postjunctional alpha 2 adrenoceptors in the pithed normotensive rat

Maeda H.; Maki S., 1987: Reevaluation of the site of septal lesions which produce lowering of thresholds for hypothalamic defensive attack in cats

Rock C.O.; Cronan J.E.Jr, 1979: Reevaluation of the solution structure of acyl carrier protein

Ochiai-Yanagi, S.; Takagi, T.; Kitamura, K.; Tajima, M.; Watanabe, T., 1977: Reevaluation of the subunit molecular weights of soybean 11s globulin

Holyoke E.A.; Fatemi S.H.; Cullan G.E.; Jelinek E.H.; Cullan G.M., 1980: Reevaluation of the surgical anatomy of the meso caval shunt

Yochelson E.L.; Cid D.G., 1984: Reevaluation of the systematic position of scenella

Riessen H.P.; O'brien W.J., 1980: Reevaluation of the taxonomy of daphnia longiremis cladocera description of a new morph from alaska usa

Baumann P.; Baumann L.; Bang S.S.; Woolkalis M.J., 1980: Reevaluation of the taxonomy of vibrio beneckea and photobacterium abolition of the genus beneckea

Hauri, H. P.; Kedinger, M.; Haffen, K.; Gaze, H.; Hadorn, B.; Hekkens, W., 1978: Reevaluation of the technique of organ culture for studying gluten toxicity in celiac disease

Okamura K.; Sato K.; Ikenoue H.; Yoshinari M.; Nakagawa M.; Kuroda T.; Fujishima M., 1988: Reevaluation of the thyroidal radioactive iodine uptake test with special reference to reversible primary hypothyroidism with elevated thyroid radioiodine uptake

Ichimura K.; Ueda H.; Teramoto Y.; Noguchi Y.; Yoneyama H., 1986: Reevaluation of the tympanometric findings in otitis media with effusion

Costa J.L.; Kirk K.L., 1979: Reevaluation of the uptake of deoxy fructo serotonin by human platelets and of its effect on the uptake of serotonin

De Gregorio G.; Restivo S.; Armeli G., 1980: Reevaluation of the vasoactive properties of thymoxamine effects on brain circulation

Takatsu F.; Osugi J.; Nagaya T., 1982: Reevaluation of the vector cardiographic criteria for inferior myo cardial infarction correlation between vector cardiograms and left ventriculograms

Calisher C.H.; Karabatsos N.; Lazuick J.S.; Monath T.P.; Wolff K.L., 1988: Reevaluation of the western equine encephalitis antigenic complex of alphaviruses family togaviridae as determined by neutralization tests

Polonelli L.; Morace G., 1986: Reevaluation of the yeast killer phenomenon

Schweitzer L.; Green L., 1982: Reevaluation of things past a test of the retrospection hypothesis using a conditioned emotional response procedure with rats

Nagashima K.; Onoda K.; Suzuki S.; Sakaguchi M.; Kuroume T., 1985: Reevaluation of thyroid function in low birth weight infants based on free triiodothyronine and triiodothyronine

Morooka H., 1979: Reevaluation of thyroid malignancies with a special reference to surgical treatment

Mashberg A., 1980: Reevaluation of toluidine blue application as a diagnostic adjunct in the detection of asymptomatic oral squamous carcinoma a continuing prospective study of oral cancer iii

Inoue T.; Hata K.; Chatani M.; Sato T.; Suzuki T., 1983: Reevaluation of treatment result of carcinoma of the hypo pharynx using quantification ii of multi variate analysis

Hoving, J.; Wilson, J. H. P.; Pratt, J. J.; Woldring, M. G., 1977: Reevaluation of tri ethers as markers for tri glycerides during gastric emptying

Ebina S.; Nagai Y., 1979: Reevaluation of turbidimetry of proteins by use of aromatic sulfonic acids and chloro acetic acids

Takasaki I., 1979: Reevaluation of ultrasonic examinations for the diagnosis of obstructive jaundice with special reference to images of the dilated extrahepatic bile duct

Omae K.; Sakurai H.; Higashi T.; Hosoda K.; Teruya K.; Suzuki Y., 1988: Reevaluation of urinary excretion of coproporphyrins in lead exposed workers

Tillil H.; Shapiro E.T.; Given B.D.; Rue P.; Rubenstein A.H.; Galloway J.A.; Polonsky K.S., 1988: Reevaluation of urine c peptide as measure of insulin secretion

Le-Fevre, P. G.; Masiak, S. J., 1970: Reevaluation of use of retardation chromatography to demonstrate selective mono saccharide binding by erythrocyte membranes

Newman C.P.S.J.; Shenton B.K., 1981: Reevaluation of viability testing of cadaveric kidneys for transplantation

Kramer T.R., 1984: Reevaluation of zinc deficiency on concanavalin a induced rat spleen lymphocyte proliferation

Nakamura N.; Ogawa T.; Hashimoto T.; Yuki K.; Kobayashi S., 1981: Reevaluation on resolving subdural hematoma

Kondo E.; Kanai K., 1985: Reevaluation studies on the chemotherapeutic effect of pyrazinamide in experimental mouse tuberculosis

Hidaka, T., 1976: Reevaluation study of mushroom tyrosinase ec tyrosine metabolites by means of gas chromatography and mass spectrometry part 1 identification of 2 carboxy 5 6 dihydroxy indole

Beaumelle B.D.; Vial H.J.; Philippot J.R., 1987: Reevaluation using marker enzymes of the ability of saponin and ammonium chloride to free plasmodium from infected erythrocytes

Nesom G.L.; Bates V.M., 1984: Reevaluations of infraspecific taxonomy in polygonella polygonaceae

Spiezia K.S.; Mushahwar I.K., 1986: Reexamination and further characterization of a monoclonal antibody to hepatitis b e antigen

Daunicht W.J., 1983: Reexamination of a linear systems approach to the behavior of mammalian muscle spindles

Schilling E.E.Jr, 1976: Reexamination of a numerical taxonomic study of solanum species and hybrids

Hollocher H.; Place A.R., 1987: Reexamination of alcohol dehydrogenase structural mutants in drosophila using protein blotting

Iwamoto T.; Yoshihura M.; Ozaki Y.; Iriyama K., 1982: Reexamination of an alumina procedure for the preliminary purification of urinary catecholamines

Glaessner, M. F., 1978: Reexamination of archaeichnium a fossil from the nama group

Motojima S.; Fukuda T.; Ikemori R.; Makino S., 1984: Reexamination of auto antibodies to beta adrenergic receptors in sera of normal subjects and asthmatic patients

Kasai T.; Sakamura S., 1986: Reexamination of canavanine disappearance during germination of alfalfa medicago sativa

Vasse J.M.; Dazzo F.B.; Truchet G.L., 1984: Reexamination of capsule development and lectin binding sites on rhizobium japonicum 3i 1b 110 by the glutaraldehyde ruthenium red uranyl acetate staining method

Nachshen, D. A.; Landau, E. M., 1977: Reexamination of carbodiimide as a possible affinity label for the acetyl choline receptor at the frog neuro muscular junction

Ando T., 1981: Reexamination of cariogenesis in relation to the distribution of enamel lamellae on crowns of human teeth

Wada I., 1984: Reexamination of cholesterol monohydrate and sterols in cholesterol gallstones by ir spectroscopy x ray analysis and mass spectrometry

Tsutsumi, C.; Shimomura, C., 1978: Reexamination of contents of mineral elements of vegetables in several cases

Tsutsumi, C.; Shimomura, C., 1978: Reexamination of contents of vitamin c in vegetables in several cases

Chihara E., 1982: Reexamination of decussated fibers at the optic chiasma of rabbits

Kasai T.; Chiji H.; Kiriyama S., 1986: Reexamination of direct preparation of amino acids from glycine via n salicylideneglycinatoaquocopper ii

Yamazaki T.; Kusakabe S.; Tachida H.; Ichinose M.; Yoshimaru H.; Matsuo Y.; Mukai T., 1983: Reexamination of diversifying selection of polymorphic allozyme genes by using population cages in drosophila melanogaster

Smith M.; Payne R.B., 1979: Reexamination of effect of paracetamol on serum uric acid measured by phospho tungstic acid reduction

Dlugokecka, E.; Kacperska-Palacz, A., 1978: Reexamination of electrical conductivity method for estimation of drought injuries

Miyamoto, H.; Kasai, M., 1973: Reexamination of electrical stimulation on sarcoplasmic reticulum fragments in vitro

Van-Brunt, J.; Waggoner, B. T.; Pato, M. L., 1977: Reexamination of f plasmid replication in the dnac mutant of escherichia coli

Kawakatsu M.; Oki I.; Tamura S.; Yamayoshi T., 1985: Reexamination of freshwater planarians found in tanks of tropical fishes in japan with a description of dugesia austroasiatica new species turbellaria tricladida paludicola

Eichenbaum H.; Clegg R.A.; Feeley A., 1983: Reexamination of functional subdivisions of the rodent prefrontal cortex

Nelson T.; Lucignani G.; Atlas S.; Crane A.M.; Dienel G.A.; Sokoloff L., 1985: Reexamination of glucose 6 phosphatase activity in the brain in vivo no evidence for a futile cycle

Shorey J.; Mushahwar I.K.; Shorey J.; Overby L.R., 1982: Reexamination of hepatitis b virus subtypes and e antigen expression by radio immunoassays

Ogino H.; Fujimoto M.; Hirono I., 1986: Reexamination of histological findings of ileal sarcomas induced in rats given diet containing bracken fern pteridium aquilinum var latiusculum

Imoh, H., 1978: Reexamination of histone changes during development of newt embryos

Argemi, B.; Hours, M. C.; Even, F.; Garguilo, G.; Hollard, J. M., 1978: Reexamination of human calcitonin radio immunoassay/

Islam, A. S.; Ngaii, M., 1978: Reexamination of meiosis of some east african viscum species

Jansonius, J., 1986: Reexamination of mesozoic canadian dinoflagellate cysts published by s. a. j. pocock 1962 1972

Walsh P.J.; Bedolla C.; Mommsen T.P., 1987: Reexamination of metabolic potential in the toadfish sonic muscle

Walker, T. J., 1977: Reexamination of monopterous and micropterous house crickets acheta domesticus

Iwatsuki Z., 1979: Reexamination of myurium and its related genera from japan and its adjacent areas

Nagele, R. G. Jr ; Lee, H. Y., 1978: Reexamination of neural tube defects caused by 5 bromodeoxy uridine and cytochalasin b in chick embryos

Matsunaga, E.; Tonomura, A.; Oishi, H.; Kikuchi, Y., 1978: Reexamination of paternal age effect in downs syndrome

Roth M P.; Feingold J.; Baumgarten A.; Bigel P.; Stoll C., 1983: Reexamination of paternal age effect in downs syndrome

Kleber M., 1987: Reexamination of periodontitis patients

Barouki R.; Smith H.O., 1985: Reexamination of phenotypic defects in rec 1 and rec 2 mutants of haemophilus influenzae rd

Saito T.; Kujiraoka T.; Yonaha T.; Chino Y., 1985: Reexamination of photoreceptor bipolar connectivity patterns in carp retina horseradish peroxidase electron microscopic and golgi electron microscopic studies

Mack, R. N.; Rutter, N. W.; Bryant, V. M. Jr ; Valastro, S., 1978: Reexamination of postglacial vegetation history in northern idaho usa hager pond bonner county

Mcclellan A.D., 1982: Reexamination of presumed feeding motor activity in the isolated nervous system of pleurobranchaea

Englander J.J.; Downer N.W.; Englander S.S., 1982: Reexamination of rhod opsin structure by hydrogen exchange

Schon I.; Szirtes T.; Uberhardt T.; Rill A.; Csehi A.; Hegedus B., 1983: Reexamination of sodium liquid ammonia reduction in peptide chemistry

Miya Y., 1981: Reexamination of some alpheid shrimps crustacea decapoda collected from mauritius and the seychelles indian ocean by moebius in 1874 1875

Carriol R P.; Feral J P., 1985: Reexamination of some antarctic and subantarctic psolidae holothurioidea echinodermata description of two new species of the genus psolus

Anderson, T. W., 1978: Reexamination of some of the framingham blood pressure data

Calabrese L.; Mateescu M.A.; Carbonaro M.; Mondovi B., 1988: Reexamination of spectroscopic properties of ceruloplasmin freshly isolated with a novel very rapid single step procedure

Krow G.R.; Carey J.T.; Zacharias D.E.; Knaus E.E., 1982: Reexamination of stereochemical issues concerning 2 phenyl 1 2 di hydro pyridine maleimide cyclo additions

Kazeem A., 1986: Reexamination of testicular lymphatic drainage in the rat

Hindenlang, D. M.; Wichmann, J. K., 1976: Reexamination of tetra decenyl acetates in oak leaf roller sex pheromone and in plants

Honjo, I.; Honda, K.; Kumazawa, T., 1978: Reexamination of the acoustic method in measurement of eustachian tube function

Magni G.; Drewniak M.; Santarelli I.; Huang C.Y., 1986: Reexamination of the activation of yeast proteinase b at ph 5 loss of inhibition effect of proteinase b inhibitors

Burns G.F.; Cawley J.C., 1979: Reexamination of the alleged monocytic features of hairy cell leukemia

Duhamel R.C.; Finerty M.; Lightner D.V.; Brendel K., 1982: Reexamination of the amino acid compositions of proteins from penaeid shrimp failure to find uncommonly high tryptophan levels

Harafuji, H.; Ogawa, Y., 1980: Reexamination of the apparent binding constant of ethylene glycol bis beta aminoethyl ether n n n' n' tetra acetic acid with calcium around neutral ph

De-Ley, J., 1970: Reexamination of the association between melting point buoyant density and chemical base composition of dna

Herndon, C. S.; Norton, I. L.; Hartman, F. C., 1982: Reexamination of the binding site for pyridoxal 5' phosphate in ribulose bis phosphate carboxylase oxygenase from rhodospirillum rubrum

Antia, N. J.; Cheng, J. Y., 1977: Reexamination of the carotenoid pigments of the uni cellular blue green alga agmenellum quadruplicatum

Matthews, D. A.; Alden, R. A.; Birktoft, J. J.; Freer, S. T.; Kraut, J., 1977: Reexamination of the charge relay system in subtilisin and comparison with other serine proteases

Kimura A.; Shimada K.; Takagi Y., 1982: Reexamination of the col e 1 dna regions essential for autonomous replication and their functions

Matsunaga M.; Suzuki Y.; Nakagawa K.; Wada M.; Nishihata S., 1986: Reexamination of the conditions for processing and storing of blood for plasma renin assay

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