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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 6282

Chapter 6282 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Section 7, Chapter 6282, Accession 006281000

Morris G.M., 1983: Reexamination of the contributions of aerobic and anaerobic energy production during swimming in the bivalve mollusk limaria fragilis family limidae

Section 7, Chapter 6282, Accession 006281002

Niu L.C., 1983: Reexamination of the dna mediated transformation in goldfish

Perl E.R., 1979: Reexamination of the dorsal root projection to the spinal dorsal horn including observations on the differential termination of coarse and fine fibers

Kiil F., 1979: Reexamination of the dose response relationship for the renal effect of acetozolamide

Valenzeno D.P., 1983: Reexamination of the double sucrose gap technique for the study of lobster homarus americanus giant axons theory and experiments

Mulrow P.J., 1983: Reexamination of the effect of urinary kallikrein on renin release evidence that kallikrein does not release renin but protects renin from destruction

Nelson, D. A.; Lassman, F. M., 1977: Reexamination of the effects of periodic and aperiodic stimulation on the auditory evoked vertex response

Lobuglio A.F., 1979: Reexamination of the erythrocyte antibody rosette assay ripley for fc receptor leukocytes

Noble R.W., 1985: Reexamination of the evidence for paramagnetism in oxyhemoglobin and carbon monoxyhemoglobin

Monaghan, F. V.; Corcos, A. F., 1987: Reexamination of the fate of mendel's paper

Davies, O. L.; Ku, J. Y., 1977: Reexamination of the fitting of the richards growth function

Inouye M., 1981: Reexamination of the genome size of myxobacteria including the use of a new method for genome size analysis

Davis D.J., 1982: Reexamination of the interaction between ferredoxin nadp reductase and nadp

Monder C., 1981: Reexamination of the interaction of cobalt ii ions with the ketol side chain of cortico steroids

Silbernagl S., 1982: Reexamination of the interplay between dibasic amino acids and l cystine l cysteine during tubular re absorption

Edward, J. T.; Farrell, P. G.; Job, J. L.; Poh, B. L., 1978: Reexamination of the kirkwood westheimer theory of electrostatic effects part 2 possible conformations of alpha omega amino acids in aqueous solutions as deduced from dissociation constants

Terrier F., 1979: Reexamination of the kirkwood westheimer theory of electrostatic effects part 4 effect of n substitution on the dissociation constants of some alpha omega amino acids

Empson Morin K.M., 1982: Reexamination of the late cretaceous radiolarian genus amphipyndax

Ewart, J. A. D., 1977: Reexamination of the linear glutenin hypothesis

Erseus C., 1979: Reexamination of the marine genus spiridion oligochaeta tubificidae

Zhou, Z. H.; Li, H. Z., 1978: Reexamination of the new myxomycetes described by skvortzow

Burdi A.R., 1985: Reexamination of the origin and early development of the human larynx

Augsten H., 1985: Reexamination of the partial quantum yields for the phytochrome photoconversion by adequate photokinetic methods

Mort A.J., 1987: Reexamination of the presence and linkage of 3 hydroxybutyryl substituents in the acidic capsular polysaccharide of rhizobium trifolii 0403

Sakiyama F., 1986: Reexamination of the primary structure of an antitumor protein neocarzinostatin

Robbins J.B., 1984: Reexamination of the protective role of the capsular polysaccharide vi antigen of salmonella typhi

Ikenaka T., 1984: Reexamination of the pyridyl amination used for fluorescence labeling of oligo saccharides and its application to glyco proteins/

Flannery T.F., 1984: Reexamination of the quanbun local fauna a late cenozoic vertebrate fauna from western australia

Rotilio G., 1981: Reexamination of the reaction of di ethyl di thio carbamate with the copper of super oxide dis mutase

Kondo H., 1984: Reexamination of the reality or artifacts of the microtrabeculae

Section 7, Chapter 6282, Accession 006281033

Davis J.K., 1981: Reexamination of the relationship between locus of control and field independence dependence

Zusman D.R., 1988: Reexamination of the role of autolysis in the development of myxococcus xanthus

Section 7, Chapter 6282, Accession 006281036

Light, W. J., 1978: Reexamination of the species referred to the genus flabelliderma polychaeta flabelligeridae and acrocirridae

Iwai K., 1980: Reexamination of the spectrophotometric assay for serum angiotensin converting enzyme

Gyory, A. Z., 1971: Reexamination of the split oil droplet method as applied to kidney tubules

Ito S., 1986: Reexamination of the structure of eumelanin

Koehrle J. , 1979: Reexamination of the sub cellular localization of thyroxine 5 prime deiodination in rat liver

Cokendolpher J.E., 1982: Reexamination of the tertiary harvestmen from the florissant formation colorado usa arachnida opiliones palpatores

Section 7, Chapter 6282, Accession 006281043

Al Ani F.Y., 1979: Reexamination of transformation within different species of rhizobium

Moure, J. S., 1978: Reexamination of types of several euplusia spp described by friese hymenoptera apidae

Kitamura K., 1982: Reexamination of zymo lyase purification

Suge H., 1984: Reexamination on the role of vernalization and photoperiod in the flowering of brassica crops under controlled environment

Erbach M., 1986: Reexamination results of operatively treated cases of patellar chondropathy

Section 7, Chapter 6282, Accession 006281049

Section 7, Chapter 6282, Accession 006281050

Ashton G.C., 1983: Reexamining the concept of adolescence differences between adolescent boys and girls in the context of their families

Cheney F.W., 1986: Reexpansion hypotension a complication of rapid evacuation of prolonged pneumothorax

Section 7, Chapter 6282, Accession 006281053

Section 7, Chapter 6282, Accession 006281054

Cerny J., 1987: Reexpression of a t15 idiotope on variant immunoglobulins after the binding of another anti idiotopic antibody

Eisen H., 1984: Reexpression of an inactivated variable surface glycoprotein gene in trypanosoma equiperdum

Khoury E.L., 1982: Reexpression of blood group abh antigens on the surface of human thyroid cells in culture

Section 7, Chapter 6282, Accession 006281058

Darmon M., 1985: Reexpression of fetal characters in sv 40 transformed human keratinocytes

Section 7, Chapter 6282, Accession 006281060

Wong Yip Y.P., 1979: Reexpression of nonglycosylated surface immuno globulin a in trypsin treated mopc 315 plasma cytoma cells

Ferraris A.M., 1983: Reexpression of normal stem cells in erythro leukemia during remission

Roth, J.; Zuber, C.; Wagner, P.; Taatjes, D. J.; Weisgerber, C.; Heitz, P. U.; Goridis, C.; Bitter-Suermann, D., 1988: Reexpression of polysialic acid units of the neutral cell adhesion molecule in wilms' tumor

Reid, P.; Speyer, J., 1970: Refampicin inhibition of rna and protein synthesis in normal and edta treated escherichia coli

Bates C.J., 1980: Refection in rats fed on a sucrose based riboflavine deficient diet

Foster R.S.Jr, 1985: Refeeding differentially affects tumor and host cell proliferation

Willems G., 1986: Refeeding of fasting rats stimulates dna synthesis in implanted colon carcinoma

Braun J.P., 1986: Reference and frequent values in animal clinical biochemistry

Volpe B.T., 1986: Reference and working memory of rats following hippocampal damage induced by transient forebrain ischemia

Stolbovoi V.S., 1985: Reference base of soil classification

Gotzsche P.C., 1988: Reference bias

Gotzsche P.C., 1987: Reference bias in reports of drug trials

Bibl-Dtsch-Phytomed-Arbeitskreis-Dok-Inf-Ges, 1975: Reference books for use in phyto medical documentation and information

Raynaud J.P., 1979: Reference compounds for the study of moxestrol metabolism

Roede M.J., 1984: Reference curves for biceps triceps subscapular and suprailiac skinfolds in dutch children from 7 14 years

Parbo J., 1987: Reference data for abrs in retrocochlear diagnosis

Moore W.M., 1988: Reference data for head circumference and 1 month increments from 1 to 12 months of age

Suntharalingam N., 1988: Reference dose rates for single and double plane iridium 192 implants

Et Al, 1985: Reference equations for the single breath diffusing capacity a cross sectional analysis and effect of body size and age

Hierholzer, J. C.; Gamble, W. C.; Dowdle, W. R., 1975: Reference equine anti sera to 33 human adenovirus types homologous and heterologous titers

Mcdaniel D.M., 1986: Reference equivalent threshold levels for pure tones and 1 3 oct noise bands insert earphone and tdh 49 earphone

Skrandies W., 1980: Reference free identification of components of checkerboard evoked multi channel potential fields

Norgaard-Pedersen, B.; Schultz-Larsen, P., 1976: Reference interval for maternal serum alpha feto protein

Smith A.L., 1988: Reference interval for prealbumin in children two to 36 months old

Fuentes Arderiu J., 1985: Reference interval for serum alpha amylase determined with p nitrophenyl alpha d maltoheptaoside as a substrate

Dimitri G., 1986: Reference interval of serum transferrin determined by an immunological method

Section 7, Chapter 6282, Accession 006281089

Gillard, B. K.; Simbala, J. A.; Goodglick, L., 1983: Reference intervals for amylase ec iso enzymes in serum and plasma of infants and children

Bryant S.J., 1986: Reference intervals for calcium phosphate and alkaline phosphatase as derived on the basis of multichannel analyzer profiles

Olesen H., 1982: Reference intervals for hemo globins estimated by iso electric focusing

Section 7, Chapter 6282, Accession 006281093

Pan S., 1985: Reference intervals for serum amylase isoenzymes in normal adults

Shriner H.C., 1982: Reference intervals for serum immuno globulin g immuno globulin a immuno globulin m complement c 3 and complement c 4 as determined by rate nephelometry

Colomo L.F., 1984: Reference intervals for serum lipids lipo proteins and apo proteins in the elderly

Section 7, Chapter 6282, Accession 006281097

Grandjean P., 1986: Reference intervals for toxic metals problems and prospects

Et Al, 1986: Reference intervals for vitamins b 1 b 2 e d retinol beta carotene and folate in blood usefulness of dietary selection criteria

Sanchez M., 1985: Reference intervals of total serum calcium in costa rica by the method of atomic absorption in ambulatory and hospitalized populations

Tanaka, G. I.; Kawamura, H.; Nomura, E., 1981: Reference japanese man 2. distribution of strontium in the skeleton and in the mass of mineralized bone

Section 7, Chapter 6282, Accession 006281103

Section 7, Chapter 6282, Accession 006281104

Bottiger L.E., 1983: Reference lists in medical journals language and length

Boehmer G., 1987: Reference master a microcomputer based storage and retrieval system for bibliographic references

Norman M.B., 1981: Reference material for the quantitation of alpha quartz in respirable dust by x ray diffraction

Hallaire M., 1984: Reference measures for use in studies of plant water needs

Section 7, Chapter 6282, Accession 006281110

Zdrojewski, A.; Dubois, L.; Quickert, N., 1976: Reference method for the determination of beryllium in airborne particulates

Moore, F. D.; Hartsuck, J. M.; Zollinger, R. M. Jr ; Johnson, J. E., 1968: Reference models for clinical studies by isotope dilution

Boyd, D. H.; Zillig, W.; Scaife, F. J. G., 1974: Reference mutations for the beta subunit of rna polymerase

Steyskal G.C., 1979: Reference of cephalia fulvicornis and cephalia maculipennis diptera otitidae to the genera euxesta diptera otitidae and rivellia diptera platystomatidae

Smith, M. L.; Lee, R.; Sheppard, S. J.; Fariss, B. L., 1978: Reference ovine serum chemistry values

Ibarra B., 1980: Reference parameter for red cells in a population from 0 to 15 years of age living at 1540 meters over sea level

Umilta C., 1984: Reference patterns and the process of normalization

Section 7, Chapter 6282, Accession 006281118

Section 7, Chapter 6282, Accession 006281119

Sripathi K., 1983: Reference phases and circadian rhythms

Fulford, K. M.; Taylor, R. N.; Przybyszewski, V. A., 1978: Reference preparation to standardize results of serological tests for rheumatoid factor

Clarke A.J., 1981: Reference preparations for calibration of platelet counting instruments

Nicholas, M. L.; Powell, D. L.; Williams, T. R.; Huff, S. R., 1976: Reference raman spectra of 10 phosphorus containing pesticides

Nicholas, M. L.; Powell, D. L.; Williams, T. R.; Thompson, R. Q.; Oliver, N. H., 1976: Reference raman spectra of 11 miscellaneous pesticides

Nicholas, M. L.; Powell, D. L.; Williams, T. R.; Bromund, R. H., 1976: Reference raman spectra of ddt and 5 structurally related pesticides and of 5 pesticides containing the norbornene group

Ruhren R., 1986: Reference range data base for serum chemistry and hematology values in laboratory animals

Mcmanus B.M., 1986: Reference ranges and ideal patient values for blood cholesterol can there be reconciliation?

Section 7, Chapter 6282, Accession 006281128

Webster A.D.B., 1985: Reference ranges for immunoglobulin g subclasses in preschool children

Hodes D.T., 1983: Reference ranges for plasma creatinine during the 1st month of life

Mccann V.J., 1986: Reference ranges for serum c 4 concentrations in subjects with and without c 4 null alleles

Stryker W.S., 1987: Reference ranges of retinol tocopherols lycopene and alpha and beta carotene in plasma by simultaneous high performance liquid chromatographic analysis

Malik, A. B.; Kaplan, J. E.; Saba, T. M., 1976: Reference sample method for cardiac output and regional blood flow determinations in the rat

Frohlich E.D., 1980: Reference sample microsphere method cardiac output and blood flows in conscious rat

Section 7, Chapter 6282, Accession 006281135

Taylor L., 1984: Reference sera with graded levels of high density lipoprotein cholesterol

Gardner R.M., 1981: Reference spirometric values using techniques and equipment that meet american thoracic society recommendations

Pierson W.A., 1987: Reference standards and the physiologic significance of the pregnant goat capra hircus as a human model in obstetrical research

Kenny, F. M.; Richards, C.; Taylor, F. H., 1970: Reference standards for cortisol production and 17 hydroxy cortico steroid excretion during growth variation in the pattern of excretion of radio labeled cortisol metabolites

Rieser, J. J.; Pick, H. L-Jr, 1976: Reference systems and the perception of tactual and haptic orientation

Lawson J., 1980: Reference the linguistic essential

De Chicchis A.R., 1988: Reference threshold sound pressure levels for the tdh 50 and er 3a earphones

Killion M.C., 1987: Reference thresholds for the er 3a insert earphone

Terhivuo J., 1983: Reference to the methods and data compiled for monitoring the finnish herpeto fauna

Ganev S., 1983: Reference to the theory on south european facies of soil podzolization

Siegel K., 1987: Reference to two approved physiotherapeutic forms of treatment treading massage and centrifugal massage

Tuynman F.H.B., 1981: Reference values and analytical performance of the hydroxy proline creatinine ratio in early morning urine samples

Rosignoli M., 1981: Reference values and characteristics of brain stem audiometry in neo nates and children

Mayer M., 1987: Reference values and modelling of lung function development as a transcendent function of age body height and mass

Harwood, S. J.; Cole, G. W., 1978: Reference values based on hospital admission laboratory data

Pedersen G.T., 1979: Reference values for 6 enzymes in plasma from new borns and women at delivery

Backall, K. A.; Scholz, R. W., 1979: Reference values for a field test to estimate inadequate glutathione peroxidase ec activity and selenium status in the blood of cattle

Willamowski K D., 1981: Reference values for a new alpha amylase determination in serum and urine

Vos, J. A.; Binkhorst, R. A.; Geurts, W., 1978: Reference values for accompanying dutch sportgroups

Section 7, Chapter 6282, Accession 006281156

Behrendt H., 1985: Reference values for automated cytochemical differential count of leukocytes in children 0 16 years old comparison with manually obtained counts from wright stained smears

Kiechel J.R., 1987: Reference values for biochemical tests and enzymes in mini pigs

Jernigan, J. A.; Gudat, J. C.; Blake, J. L.; Bowen, L.; Lezotte, D. C., 1980: Reference values for blood findings in relatively fit elderly persons

Hicks J.M., 1980: Reference values for cerebro spinal fluid glutamine concentration in infants

Section 7, Chapter 6282, Accession 006281162

Aurell M., 1981: Reference values for chromium 51 labeled edta clearance as a measure of glomerular filtration rate

Tasker, J. B., 1978: Reference values for clinical chemistry using the coulter chemistry system

Iyengar G.V., 1984: Reference values for elemental concentrations in some human samples of clinical interest a preliminary evaluation

Section 7, Chapter 6282, Accession 006281166

Olsson S., 1985: Reference values for exercise tests with continuous increase in load

Sorbini C.A., 1980: Reference values for flow volume curves during forced vital capacity breathing in male children and young adults

Schmahl F.W., 1986: Reference values for free amino acids and other biochemical constituents in serum of male rabbits

Fridriksson H.V., 1987: Reference values for gas exchange during exercise in healthy nonsmoking and smoking men

Abicht K., 1985: Reference values for high density lipoprotein cholesterol in adults according to the method in the east german pharmacopeia diagnostic laboratory methods 83

Ohlin P., 1982: Reference values for intra muscular pressure in the lower leg in man

Nicolas G., 1981: Reference values for ionized complexed and protein bound plasma magnesium in men and women

Rasmussen J., 1987: Reference values for lipids from a danish region

Fridriksson H.V., 1986: Reference values for lung function tests in men regression equations with smoking variables

Boutros Toni F., 1987: Reference values for maximum mid expiratory flow in black females

Wright V., 1985: Reference values for metacarpophalangeal joint stiffness in normals

Sunderman F.W.Jr, 1987: Reference values for nickel concentrations in human tissues and bile

Tillotson K.M., 1988: Reference values for normal regional lumbar sagittal mobility

Van Baal J.M., 1988: Reference values for nucleosides and nucleobases in cerebrospinal fluid of children

Section 7, Chapter 6282, Accession 006281181

Et Al, 1982: Reference values for pulmonary hemodynamics

Gardner R.M., 1982: Reference values for pulmonary tissue volume membrane diffusing capacity and pulmonary capillary blood volume

Daniels O., 1987: Reference values for pulsed doppler signals from the blood flow on both sides of the aortic valve

Daniels O., 1988: Reference values for pulsed doppler signals from the blood flow velocity on both sides of the pulmonary valve

Hillerdal G., 1981: Reference values for respiratory function tests in males prediction formulas with tobacco smoking parameters

Felton H., 1979: Reference values for selected enzyme activities and protein concentrations in serum and plasma derived from cord blood specimens

Tryding N., 1984: Reference values for serum components in pregnant women

Section 7, Chapter 6282, Accession 006281189

Bolodeoku J.O., 1986: Reference values for serum folate erythrocyte folate and serum cobalamin in nigerian adolescents

Mati J.K.G., 1984: Reference values for serum lipids and lipoprotein cholesterol in adults and cord blood of kenyan africans

Sato A., 1986: Reference values for the total serum immunoglobulin e levels by radioimmunosorbent test paper radioimmunosorbent test and enzyme immunoassay

Borrie M.J., 1988: Reference values for upper arm anthropometric measurements for a new zealand community sample of subjects aged 70 years and over

Kruse U., 1984: Reference values for urinary calcium excretion and screening for hypercalciuria in children and adolescents

Grasbeck, R., 1977: Reference values formerly called normal values

Tentori L., 1979: Reference values in hematology a survey in italy report from latium

Letellier G., 1981: Reference values of 2 well defined populations neo nates and post partum women

Lemmens W.A.J.G., 1985: Reference values of blood components related to fuel metabolism in children after an overnight fast

Murray N.L., 1988: Reference values of blood parameters in beef cattle of different ages and stages of lactation

Pasquis, P.; Denis, P.; Hellot, M. F.; Lefrancois, R., 1976: Reference values of dynamic pulmonary compliance

Bergmann K C., 1982: Reference values of inter alpha trypsin inhibitor in childhood

Cocco P.L., 1984: Reference values of lung function tests in healthy sardinian italy workers

Aalen O., 1986: Reference values of peak expiratory flow forced expiratory volume and vital capacity in children

Uusitalo A., 1986: Reference values of regional ventilation lung volumes and perfusion assessed by using an automated multidetector xenon 133 radiospirometer

Massmann W., 1981: Reference values of renal excretion of fluoride

Mueller, E.; Merker, G.; Wuthe, H.; Vogel, J., 1980: Reference values of respiratory parameters in children 6. reference values of nitrogen washout parameters

Dezier J.F., 1987: Reference values of serum transferrin in newborn child and adult

Contora N., 1985: Reference values of some biochemical and hematological parameters in cattle

Section 7, Chapter 6282, Accession 006281210

Buenger, U.; Schmoldt, P.; Furcht, G.; Steinhardt, M.; Schoenfelder, E.; Kaphengst, P.; Fiebig, U.; Kleiner, W.; Jentsch, D.; Ponge, J., 1981: Reference values of the hemo globin content hematocrit and the mean concentration of corpuscular hemo globin of rearing calves without iron substitution 1. dependence on the rearing period

Buenger, U.; Steinhardt, M.; Furcht, G.; Schmoldt, P.; Fiebig, U.; Kleiner, W.; Kaphengst, P.; Ponge, J.; Motsch, T., 1982: Reference values of the hemo globin content the hematocrit and the mean concentration of corpuscular hemo globin of calves being raised without iron substitution 3. comparison of the observed dependence on age with data from literature

Buenger, U.; Furcht, G.; Steinhardt, M.; Schmoldt, P.; Schoenfelder, E.; Fiebig, U.; Kaphengst, P.; Kleiner, W.; Ponge, J.; Motsch, T., 1981: Reference values of the hemo globin content the hematocrit and the mean concentration of corpuscular hemo globin of rearing calves without iron substitution 2. dependence on live weight and age

Zubizarreta A., 1986: Reference values of the parameters used in the diagnosis of iron deficiency

Section 7, Chapter 6282, Accession 006281215

Van De Woestijne K.P., 1987: Reference values of total respiratory resistance and reactance between 4 and 26 hz in children and adolescents aged 4 20 years

Pandya C.B., 1985: Reference values of urinary electrolyte excretion in respect of a vegetarian diet a chronobiological study

Wyler F., 1984: Reference values of various blood constituents in young mini pigs

Horiot J C., 1987: Reference volume milligram hours and external irradiation for the fletcher applicator

French K.E., 1987: References for motor tasks gender differences across age in motor performance a meta analysis

Gervas J.J., 1986: References in an investigational project

Nakayama, K., 1975: References on nucleic acid enzymes a supplement

Royston J.P., 1988: References ranges and sources of variation for indices of pulsed doppler flow velocity waveforms from the uteroplacental and fetal circulation

Kuehl I., 1986: References to deformation caused by bearing in bones from prehistoric cremations

Trziszka, T., 1986: References to estimating the albumin foam quality 1. foaming time as quality factor

Boss K.J., 1988: References to molluscan taxa introduced by linnaeus in the systema naturae 1758 1767

Nakamura K., 1980: References to the per iodic acid schiff positive granules of the supraesophageal ganglion cells in penaeidae

George, E. A., 1973: References to the use of cultures of algae and protozoa

Stauffer, E. K.; Watt, D. G. D., 1976: Referencing procedure for location of lumbo sacral alpha moto neurons

Rhoades J.D., 1985: Referencing water content effects on soil electrical conductivity salinity calibrations

Section 7, Chapter 6282, Accession 006281232

Rahim M.A., 1986: Referent role and styles of handling interpersonal conflict

Ackerman B.P., 1986: Referential and causal coherence in the story comprehension of children and adults

Greenberg B.R., 1988: Referential communication abilities of learning disabled language learning disabled and normal school age children

Azuma H., 1979: Referential communication accuracy between mother and child as a predictor of cognitive development in the usa and japan

Chan K.S., 1980: Referential communication skill levels of moderately mentally retarded adolescents

Meline T.J., 1986: Referential communication skills of learning disabled language impaired children

Preston J.M., 1984: Referential communication some factors influencing communication efficiency

Johnson Laird P.N., 1982: Referential continuity and the coherence of discourse

Watson J.M., 1979: Referential description by children in negative form

Gandar P.W., 1985: Referential descriptions of cell proliferation in roots illustrated using phleum pratense

Gruendel, J. M., 1977: Referential extension in early language development

Sabsay S., 1987: Referential first mention in narratives by mildly mentally retarded adults

Delfini C., 1988: Refermentation potential in bottled sweet wines of yeasts adapted to sulfur dioxide

Mccarthy M., 1984: Referral and survival of patients accepted by a terminal care support team

Section 7, Chapter 6282, Accession 006281247

Bates R., 1985: Referral intervention and outcome in canadian child abuse cases

Kaminsky R., 1986: Referral letters of family physicians to the psychiatric emergency room

Valbak, K.; Hansted, L., 1988: Referral of acute psychiatric patients i. a 24 hour reception ward

Section 7, Chapter 6282, Accession 006281251

Gertman P., 1985: Referral of musculoskeletal disease patients by family and general practitioners

Steel K., 1983: Referral of patients from long term to acute care facilities

Smith N.M., 1988: Referral of pediatric oncology patients for marrow transplantation and the process of informed consent

Papageorge, M. B.; Kronman, J. H., 1986: Referral of symptoms from the trigeminal to the facial nerve as a sequel to dental infection

Eshelman R.E., 1979: Referral of the fossil lizard sceloporus holmani late pliocene of north central kansas usa to the genus phrynosoma

Dreissen J.J.R., 1988: Referral pattern of patients with aneurysmal subarachnoid hemorrhage

Simpson M.A., 1987: Referral patterns for psychiatric consultation in a large general hospital

Flannery J.T., 1982: Referral patterns of childhood brain tumors in the state of connecticut usa

Manderscheid R.W., 1986: Referral patterns to and from inpatient psychiatric services a social network approach

Elkington A.R., 1982: Referral routes to hospital of patients with chronic open angle glaucoma

Bascue L.O., 1983: Referral sources of psychologists in private practice

Cooke R.W.I., 1987: Referral to a regional center improves outcome in extremely low birthweight infants

Section 7, Chapter 6282, Accession 006281264

Pope C.A., 1988: Referrals and notifications by british optometrists

Araujo L., 1985: Referrals by traditional birth attendants in northeast brazil

Charney E., 1982: Referrals from an emergency room to primary care practices at an urban hospital

Corea S., 1980: Referrals to a psychiatric service from old peoples homes

Woodhouse K., 1988: Referrals to a psychogeriatric consultation liaison service

Sims D.G., 1988: Referrals to a regional neonatal intensive care unit

Taylor J.A., 1987: Referrals to a scottish uk drug dependence unit a descriptive study

Hopkins A., 1981: Referrals to neurologists for head aches not due to structural disease

Wilska M., 1979: Referrals to psychiatric services and attitudes toward psychiatry in the urban and rural populations

Pettingale K., 1985: Referrals to psychiatrists in a general hospital comparison of 2 methods of liaison psychiatry preliminary communication

De-Geyndt, W., 1971: Referrals to within and from the comprehensive health services program for children and youth

Section 7, Chapter 6282, Accession 006281276

Section 7, Chapter 6282, Accession 006281278

Wilkes Gibbs D., 1986: Referring as a collaborative process

Caroll E.J.Jr, 1988: Refertilization in eggs of the sea urchin strongylocentrotus purpuratus

Penttila T., 1984: Refertilization on mesotrophic pine swamps in northern finland

Nishi O., 1987: Refilling the lens of the rabbit eye after endocapsular cataract surgery

Bode, W.; Papamokos, E.; Musil, D.; Seemueller, U.; Fritz, H., 1986: Refined 1.2 angstrom crystal structure of the complex formed between subtilisin carlsberg and the inhibitor eglin c molecular structure of eglin and its detailed interaction and subtilisin

Bartunik H., 1983: Refined 2 angstrom x ray crystal structure of porcine pancreatic kallikrein a a specific trypsin like serine proteinase crystallization structure determination crystallographic refinement structure and its comparison with bovine trypsin

Chen, Z.; Bode, W., 1983: Refined 2.5 angstrom x ray crystal structure of the complex formed by porcine kallikrein a and the bovine pancreatic trypsin inhibitor crystallization patterson search structure determination refinement structure and comparison with its components and with the bovine trypsin pancreatic trypsin inhibitor complex

Preuss H.G., 1986: Refined carbohydrate increases blood pressure and catecholamine excretion in spontaneously hypertensive rats and wistar kyoto rats

Section 7, Chapter 6282, Accession 006281288

Section 7, Chapter 6282, Accession 006281289

Behm F., 1987: Refined cigarette smoke as a method for reducing nicotine intake

Kennard O., 1986: Refined crystal structure of an octanucleotide duplex with guanine thymine mismatched base pairs

Rees, D. C.; Lewis, M.; Lipscomb, W. N., 1983: Refined crystal structure of carboxy peptidase a ec at 1.54 angstrom resolution

Padlan, E. A.; Love, W. E., 1985: Refined crystal structure of deoxyhemoglobin s 1. restrained least squares refinement at 3.0 angstrom resolution

Padlan, E. A.; Love, W. E., 1985: Refined crystal structure of deoxyhemoglobin s 2. molecular interactions in the crystal

Rossmann M.G., 1987: Refined crystal structure of dogfish m 4 apo lactate dehydrogenase

Cohen, G. H.; Silverton, E. W.; Davies, D. R., 1981: Refined crystal structure of gamma chymotrypsin at 1.9 angstrom resolution comparison with other pancreatic serine proteases

Wang, D.; Chang, W.; Dai, J., 1982: Refined crystal structure of insulin at 1.8 angstrom resolution crystallographic refinement

Wang, D.; Chang, W.; Dai, J., 1982: Refined crystal structure of insulin at 1.8 angstrom resolution hydrogen bonds and bound water

Read, R. J.; James, M. N. G., 1988: Refined crystal structure of streptomyces griseus trypsin at 1.7 a resolution

James M.N.G., 1982: Refined crystal structure of the molecular complex of streptomyces griseus protease b a serine protease with the 3rd domain of the ovo mucoid inhibitor from turkey

Rees, D. C.; Lipscomb, W. N., 1982: Refined crystal structure of the potato inhibitor complex of carboxy peptidase a ec at 2.5 angstrom resolution

Section 7, Chapter 6282, Accession 006281302

Aviv A., 1988: Refined evaluation of the exponential curve parameters and initial exchange rate constant of sodium 22 washout in cultured human skin fibroblasts

IIno T., 1985: Refined genetic analysis of the region ii che mutants in salmonella typhimurium

Et Al, 1988: Refined linkage map of chromosome 7 in the region of the cystic fibrosis gene

Shoffner R.N., 1983: Refined linkage value for pea comb and blue egg lack of effect of pea comb blue egg and naked neck on age at 1st egg in the domestic fowl

Gutensohn, W.; Rodewald, A.; Haas, B.; Schulz, P.; Cleve, H., 1978: Refined mapping of the gene for glutathione reductase ec on human chromosome 8

Section 7, Chapter 6282, Accession 006281308

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Section 7, Chapter 6282, Accession 006281379

Section 7, Chapter 6282, Accession 006281380

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Inoue S., 1979: Reflection uv photography in dermatology part 2 photography of skin lesions

Bentel M., 1985: Reflections

Section 7, Chapter 6282, Accession 006281505

Section 7, Chapter 6282, Accession 006281506

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Jolivet P., 1979: Reflections on the ecology origin and distribution of chrysomelidae coleoptera of the mascarene islands indian ocean with description of chaetocnema etiennei new species

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Section 7, Chapter 6282, Accession 006281565

Section 7, Chapter 6282, Accession 006281566

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Section 7, Chapter 6282, Accession 006281569

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Robbins M.L., 1987: Reflective mulches influence plant survival production and insect control in fall tomatoes

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Section 7, Chapter 6282, Accession 006281587

Abuladze, G. V., 1976: Reflectory delay of motor reactions for short intervals of time

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