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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 6283

Chapter 6283 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Zakon H.; Capranica R.R., 1981:
Reformation of organized connections in the auditory system after regeneration of the 8th nerve

Wilson, S.; Jesani, M.; Holder, N., 1988:
Reformation of specific neuromuscular connections during axolotl limb regeneration: evidence that the first contacts are correct

Stephens, N.; Holder, N., 1987:
Reformation of the pattern of neuromuscular connections in the regenerated axolotl hindlimb

Bjorklund, A.; Stenevi, U., 1977:
Reformation of the severed septo hippocampal cholinergic pathway in the adult rat by transplanted septal neurons

Foley, W.D.; Lawson, T.L.; Berland, L.L.; Chintapalli, K.; Berninger, W.H.; Reddington, R.W., 1981:
Reformatted coronal display of upper abdominal computed tomography: comparison with ultrasonography

Latchaw R.E.; Lunsford L.D.; Kennedy W.H., 1985:
Reformatted imaging to define the intercommissural line for computed tomography guided stereotaxic functional neurosurgery

Beca E.T., 1981:
Reformulation of psychiatric assistance reality and perspectives

Tucker, G.S., 1986:
Refractile bodies in the inner segments of cones in the aging human retina

Schmidt H.J.; Pond F.R.; Goertz H D., 1987:
Refractile bodies r bodies from the macronuclear killer particle caedibacter caryophila

Ogino, N., 1980:
Refraction and age distribution of hole type retinal detachment

Ingram, R.M., 1977:
Refraction as a basis for screening children for squint and amblyopia

Ingram R.M.; Walker C., 1979:
Refraction as a means of predicting squint of amblyopia in preschool siblings of children known to have these defects

Lindner, D.P.; Poberii, I.A.; Stetsenko, O.N., 1976:
Refraction as an index of the extent of differentiation of immuno competent cells

Savranskii V.V.; Tkachenko N.V.; Chukharev V.I., 1987:
Refraction index change in bacteriorhodopsin photocycle

Ingram R.M.; Barr A., 1979:
Refraction of 1 year old children after cycloplegia with 1 percent cyclopentolate comparison with findings after atropinization

Bozhkov G.; Petkov P.; Aleksandrova S.; Dushepeeva Y., 1986:
Refraction of milk and cow mammary gland disorders

Thorne S.W.; Duniec J.T.; Lee J.A., 1980:
Refractive and di electric properties of a chlorophyll protein complex light harvesting chlorophyll protein complex of chloroplast grana thylakoid membranes

Varma S.D.; E.A.uizy H.K.; Richards R.D., 1980:
Refractive change in alloxan diabetic rabbits control by flavonoids 1

Eva P.R.; Pascoe P.T.; Vaughan D.G., 1982:
Refractive change in hyper glycemia hyperopia not myopia

Lakshminarayanan, V.; Enoch, J.M.; Raasch, T.; Crawford, B.; Nygaard, R.W., 1986:
Refractive changes induced by intraocular lens tilt and longitudinal displacement

Lepard, C.W., 1977:
Refractive changes of normal and amblyopic eyes during growth and development

Wolffe, M., 1976:
Refractive development in strabismic children

Gordon, R.A.; Donzis, P.B., 1985:
Refractive development of the human eye

Brungardt, P.F.; Brungardt, T.F., 1980:
Refractive error stability of contact lens wearers

Angra S.K.; Adhikari K.P.; Dada V.K., 1986:
Refractive error stress in the etiology of senile cataract

Maruo T.; Kubota N., 1981:
Refractive errors in brazilian born japanese children

Doka, D.S.; Fishman, G.A.; Anderson, R.J., 1982:
Refractive errors in patients with fundus flavimaculatus

Sieving, P.A.; Fishman, G.A., 1978:
Refractive errors of retinitis pigmentosa patients

Woodruff S.D.; Yeung E.S., 1982:
Refractive index and absorption detector for liquid chromatography based on fabry perot interferometry

Gabrys-Mizera, H., 1976:
Refractive index determination of the cell wall and cytoplasm by interference microscopy

Simpson, B.W., 1977:
Refractive index iodine value linoleic acid oleic acid regressions for queensland australia grown sunflower oil

Tiffany, J.M., 1986:
Refractive index of meibomian and other lipids

Ray A.K.; Johnson J.K.; Sullivan R.J., 1983:
Refractive index of the dispersed phase in oil in water emulsions its dependence on droplet size and aging

Baumgartner, S.D.; Zavala, E.Y.; Binder, P.S., 1985:
Refractive keratoplasty: acute morphologic features

McCartney, D.L.; Whitney, C.E.; Stark, W.J.; Wong, S.K.; Bernitsky, D.A., 1987:
Refractive keratoplasty for disabling astigmatism after penetrating keratoplasty

McCarey, B.E.; Waring, G.O.; Street, D.A., 1987:
Refractive keratoplasty in monkeys using intracorneal lenses of various refractive indexes

Binder, P.S.; Zavala, E.Y.; Baumgartner, S.; Deg, J.K.; Grossman, R.K., 1984:
Refractive keratoplasty. Keratophakia in a nonhuman primate

Zavala, E.Y.; Binder, P.S.; Deg, J.K.; Baumgartner, S.D., 1985:
Refractive keratoplasty: lathing and cryopreservation

Fitzke, F.W.; Hayes, B.P.; Hodos, W.; Holden, A.L.; Low, J.C., 1985:
Refractive sectors in the visual field of the pigeon eye

Sakai, W.S.; Lamoureux, C.H., 1973:
Refractive spherules in phloem of microsorium scolopendria and psilotum nudum

Gur, M.; Sivak, J.G., 1979:
Refractive state of the eye of a small diurnal mammal: the ground squirrel

Sivak J.G.; Howland H.C., 1987:
Refractive state of the eye of the brown kiwi apteryx australis

Tomazzoli Gerosa L.; Panozzo G.; Sblendorio O.; Concato L., 1987:
Refractive variations in patients submitted to surgical circling

Maas F.M.; Hoffmann I.; Van Harmelen M.J.; D.K.k L.J., 1986:
Refractometric determination of sulfate and other anions in plants separated by high performance liquid chromatography

Medvedev V.A., 1981:
Refractometric evaluation of membranolytic activity of exogenous aromatic compounds

Medvedev V.A., 1982:
Refractometric evaluation of the membranolytic activity of alkyl derivatives and halogen derivatives of benzene

Muraviov, I.A.; Pshukov-Yu, H.; Berezhna, L.A.; Bohdanov, A.N., 1975:
Refractometric method for determining dry residue and moisture in extracts of some types of plant raw material

Ivanov, I.E., 1976:
Refractometric method for the determination of fat content in corn grain

Shishkov G.Z.; Ponomarev V.D.; Pekhov A.V.; Butto S.V., 1981:
Refractometric method of determining essential oil in extracts from garden sage salvia officinalis

Joseph, S., 1983:
Refractometry of fungi

Follett, B.K., 1988:
Refractoriness in quail leads to a reduction in the photoperiodic drive on LH secretion

Eiler H.; Oden J.; Schaub R.; Sims M., 1981:
Refractoriness of both uterus and mammary gland of the cow to prostaglandin f 2 alpha administration clinical implication

Grenader A.K.; Zurabishvili G.G., 1980:
Refractoriness of cardiac tissue and death mechanism of spiral wave sources in rabbit heart

Gardner, J.D.; Jow, N.; Kiino, D.R., 1975:
Refractoriness of cation transport in turkey erythrocytes to stimulation by cyclic amp

Levin, G.Y. ; Sheremet'ev-Yu, A., 1977:
Refractoriness of erythrocytes and platelets

Bertelé, V.; Stemerman, M.; Schafer, A.; Adelman, B.; Smith, M.; Fuhro, R.; Salzman, E., 1985:
Refractoriness of platelets to prostaglandins after infusion in rabbits

Bavister B.D.; Dees C.; Schultz R.D., 1986:
Refractoriness of rhesus monkeys macaca mulatta to repeated ovarian stimulation by exogenous gonadotropins is caused by nonprecipitating antibodies

Yoshimura, K.; Nezu, E.; Chiba, A., 1980:
Refractoriness of the cyclic AMP response to catecholamines in rat parotid slices in vitro

Gajanana, A.; Rajagopalan, P.K.; Reuben, R., 1980:
Refractoriness of the slender loris, Loris tardigradus to Plasmodium vivax

Takasu N.; Sato A.; Yamada T.; Shimizu Y., 1982:
Refractoriness of tsh stimulated and prostaglandin e 2 stimulated iodine metabolism in cultured porcine thyroid cells evidence for refractoriness at the level of cyclic amp action

Dyro, F.M.; Yalla, S.V., 1986:
Refractoriness of urethral striated sphincter during voiding: studies with afferent pudendal reflex arc stimulation in male subjects

Corey, A.L.; Richman, D.P.; Agius, M.A.; Wollmann, R.L., 1987:
Refractoriness to a second episode of experimental myasthenia gravis. Correlation with AChR concentration and morphologic appearance of the postsynaptic membrane

Friche E.; Hansen M.M.; Wieslander S., 1988:
Refractoriness to alpha interferon intron a in previously chemotherapy treated patients with chronic myelocytic leukemia

Platia, M.P.; Bloomquist, G.; Williams, R.F.; Hodgen, G.D., 1984:
Refractoriness to gonadotropin therapy how to distinguish ovarian failure vs. pseudoovarian resistance caused by neutralizing antibodies

Robinson, J.E.; Karsch, F.J., 1984:
Refractoriness to inductive day lengths terminates the breeding season of the Suffolk ewe

Robinson, J.E.; Wayne, N.L.; Karsch, F.J., 1985:
Refractoriness to inhibitory day lengths initiates the breeding season of the Suffolk ewe

Loudon, A.S.; Curlewis, J.D., 1987:
Refractoriness to melatonin and short daylengths in early seasonal quiescence in the Bennett's wallaby (Macropus rufogriseus rufogriseus)

Tagliabue, A.; Mccoy, J.L.; Herberman, R.B., 1978:
Refractoriness to migration inhibitory factor of macrophages of lipo poly saccharide nonresponder mouse strains

Harper, J.F.; Brooker, G., 1977:
Refractoriness to muscarinic and adrenergic agonists in the rat parotid responses of cyclic amp and cyclic gmp

Klingemann H G.; Self S.; Banaji M.; Deeg H.J.; Doney K.; Slichter S.J.; Thomas E.D.; Storb R., 1987:
Refractoriness to random donor platelet transfusion in patients with aplastic anemia a multivariate analysis of data from 264 cases

Reiter R.J.; Petterborg L.J.; Philo R.C., 1979:
Refractoriness to the anti gonadotropic effects of melatonin in male hamsters and its interruption by exposure of the animals to long daily photoperiods

Marin P.; Granena A.; Carreras E.; Ribera J M.; Rozman C., 1984:
Refractory adult acute lymphoblastic leukemia therapy with daunorubicin cytosine arabinoside 6 thioguanine vincristine and prednisone

Lee, L.I.; Teplick, S.K.; Haskin, P.H.; Sammon, J.K.; Wolferth, C.; Amron, G., 1987:
Refractory afferent loop problems: percutaneous transhepatic management of two cases

Fenaux P.; Estienne M.H.; Lepelley P.; Zandecki M.; Lai J.L.; Beuscart R.; Jouet J.P.; Cosson A.; Bauters F., 1988:
Refractory anemia according to the fab classification a report on 69 cases

Camba L.; Joyner M.V., 1985:
Refractory anemia terminating in a combined lymphoproliferative and myeloproliferative disorder

Seigneurin D.; Audhuy B.; Leger J.; Hollard D., 1984 :
Refractory anemia with excess blasts evidence for the evolution of 2 groups in a population of 56 patients

Nakajima, Y.; Takagi, H.; Karube, T.; Ijima, H.; Yamamoto, Y.; Muchi, H., 1986:
Refractory anemia with excess of blasts with major karyotypic abnormalities in childhood: a case report

Najean, Y.; Pecking, A., 1977:
Refractory anemia with excess of myelo blasts in the bone marrow a clinical trial of androgens in 90 patients

Silver R.T., 1985:
Refractory anemias pre leukemia and myelodysplasias

Zucchelli A.; Giorgi G.; Olivieri P.; Guella R., 1982:
Refractory ascites the leveen valve and a functionally intact internal jugular vein

Evil'tis A.A., 1982:
Refractory chronic circulatory insufficiency and ways to control it

Johnson, C.A.; Sobrinho, T.C.; Aziz, E.M.; Rogers, S.B., 1976:
Refractory coagulopathy in an infant with loss of clotting proteins into ascitic fluid

Duus, B.R.; Philipsen, T.; Christensen, J.D.; Lundvall, F.; Sondergaard, J., 1985:
Refractory condylomata acuminata a controlled clinical trial of carbon dioxide laser vs. conventional surgical treatment

Vives, C.; Vives, G.; Giusti, M.; Martina, M.; Bob, L., 1987:
Refractory congestive heart failure in the course of chronic chagas' myocardiopathy its management with the fixed association captopril plus fursemide

Kupfer, D.J.; Spiker, D.G., 1981:
Refractory depression: prediction of non-response by clinical indicators

Bardhan, K.D., 1984:
Refractory duodenal ulcer

Hojhus J.H.; Orthmann Brask H., 1981:
Refractory hyper calcemia presumably caused by metastasizing carcinoma of the prostate

Yoshida Y.; Oguma S.; Uchino H.; Maekawa T., 1988:
Refractory myelodysplastic anemias with hypocellular bone marrow

Fujita A.; Sato H.; Takahashi H.; Honjo I., 1988:
Refractory otitis media with effusion a long term clinical study

Angus J.A.; Harvey K., 1981:
Refractory period field stimulation of right atria a method for studying presynaptic receptors in cardiac autonomic transmission

Kimura, J.; Yamada, T.; Rodnitzky, R.L., 1978:
Refractory period of human motor nerve fibers

Lehmann, H.J.; Muche, H.; Schütt, P., 1977:
Refractory period of human sural nerve action potential related to age in healthy probands

Borg J., 1984:
Refractory period of single motor nerve fibers in man

Lowitzsch K.; Goehring U.; Hecking E.; Koehler H., 1981:
Refractory period sensory conduction velocity and visual evoked potentials before and after hemo dialysis

Mattoli, S.; Foresi, A.; Corbo, G.M.; Valente, S.; Culla, G.; Toscano, L.; Bevignani, G.; Porcarelli, M.G.; Patalano, F.; Ciappi, G., 1987:
Refractory period to ultrasonic mist of distilled water: relationship to methacholine responsiveness, atopic status, and clinical characteristics

Van Dyke, T.E.; Offenbacher, S.; Place, D.; Dowell, V.R.; Jones, J., 1988:
Refractory periodontitis: mixed infection with Bacteroides gingivalis and other unusual Bacteroides species. A case report

Bielajew C.; Jordan C.; Ferme Enright J.; Shizgal P., 1981:
Refractory periods and anatomical linkage of the substrates for lateral hypothalamic and peri aqueductal gray self stimulation

Capucci A.; Janse M.J., 1987:
Refractory periods dispersion and ventricular arrhythmias during acute ischemia

Pedersen, F.K.; Johansen, K.S.; Rosenkvist, J.; Tygstrup, I.; Valerius, N.H., 1979:
Refractory Pneumocystis carinii infection in chronic granulomatous disease: successful treatment with granulocytes

Dor, J.F.; Mattei, J.F.; Mattei, M.G.; Giraud, F.; Mongin, M., 1977:
Refractory sidero blastic anemia 3 cases with the same extra marker chromosome 47 marker positive

Baker, A.L.; Rosenberg, I.H., 1978:
Refractory sprue: recovery after removal of nongluten dietary proteins

Hidaka, S.; Gustilo, R.B., 1984:
Refracture of bones of the forearm after plate removal

Grob, D.; Magerl, F., 1987:

Breederveld, R.S.; Patka, P.; van Mourik, J.C., 1985:
Refractures of the femoral shaft

Adelhoj B.; Petring O.U.; Jensen B.N.; Mikkelsen S., 1985:
Refraining from cigarette smoking before premedication does not decrease the risk of acid pulmonary aspiration during anesthesia

Divac J.M., 1986:
Reframing transactional analytic therapy model of borderlines

Priepke, P.E.; Wei, L.S.; Nelson, A.I., 1976:
Refrigerated storage of pre packaged salad vegetables

De-Barro-Cotta, J.T.; Campos, E.J., 1980:
Refrigerating broiler carcasses 2. effects upon moisture content of tissues

Cotta, J.T.D.; Campos, E.J., 1981:
Refrigerating broiler carcasses 3. effects on overall qualities and moisture of the meat

Burditt A.K.Jr; Balock J.W., 1985:
Refrigeration as a quarantine treatment for fruits and vegetables infested with eggs and larvae of dacus dorsalis and dacus cucurbitae diptera tephritidae

Szyskowska A.M., 1985:
Refrigeration experiments at the tissular model

Lasota J.A.; Kok L.T., 1986:
Refrigeration for maintenance of pteromalus puparum hymenoptera pteromalidae adult parasites

Petit, H.; Leys, D.; Skjeldal, O.H.; Caron, J.C.; Lambert, P.; Lehembre, P.; Hache, J.C., 1986:
Refsum's disease correlations between epidemiologic clinical and biological features a report of six cases

Hungerbühler, J.P.; Meier, C.; Rousselle, L.; Quadri, P.; Bogousslavsky, J., 1985:
Refsum's disease: management by diet and plasmapheresis

Feldmann H., 1981 :
Refsums syndrome heredopathia atactica poly neuritiformis in the view of the oto laryngologist

Simberloff D.; Abele L.G., 1982:
Refuge design and island bio geographic theory effects of fragmentation

Mazokhin-Porshnyakov, G.A.; Ryazanova, G.I., 1987:
Refuge searching behavior in larvae of the damsel fly calopteryx splendens harris. zygoptera

Gomelyuk V.E.; Leunov V.P.; Markevich A.I., 1987:
Refuge utilization and the nature of interrelations between specimens of the white edged rockfish sebastes taczanowskii scorpaeniformes sebastinae

Simonetti J., 1984:
Refuge utilization by liolaemus nigromaculatus a compromise between predation risks and thermoregulatory requirements

Witman J.D., 1985:
Refuges biological disturbance and rocky subtidal community structure in new england usa

Woodin, S.A., 1978:
Refuges disturbance and community structure a marine soft bottom example

Blundon J.A.; Kennedy V.S., 1982:
Refuges for infaunal bivalves from blue crab callinectes sapidus predation in chesapeake bay usa

Coull B.C.; Wells J.B.J., 1983:
Refuges from fish predation experiments with phytal meio fauna from the new zealand rocky inter tidal

Khokhryakov A.P., 1979:
Refuges of the mesophyll relict elements of the flora of the northern part of the okhotsk coast and the upper kolyma basin russian sfsr ussr

Mclachlan A.J., 1988:
Refugia and habitat partitioning among midges diptera chironomidae in rain pools

Pasqualin F.; Wilk A.; Gros D.; Grenier J.F., 1988:
Refusal of reconstruction after mastectomy for breast cancer

Winkel, F.W.; Huismans, S.E., 1986:
Refutational messages on donor cards a test of boomerang effects

Dobrokhotova T.A.; Grindel' O.M.; Bragina N.N.; Potapov A.A.; Sharova E.V.; Knyazeva N.A., 1985:
Regaining consciousness after prolonged coma in patients with a severe craniocerebral trauma

Shimomura H.; Sashida Y.; Mimaki Y.; IIda N., 1988:
Regaloside a and b acylated glycerol glucosides from lilium regale

Romero A.M.; Bertolazzo W.; Silva S.B.D., 1984:
Regarding a case of chronic osteomyelitis of the jawbone treated with gentamicin polymethylmethacrylate beads

Chalumeau F., 1982:
Regarding a definition dynastes tityus coleoptera scarabaeidae dynastinae

Cregut Bonnoure E.; Granier J., 1982:
Regarding a tooth of equus hydruntinus mammalia perissodactyla of the recent loess of collias grad france

Lett, B.T., 1977:
Regarding roberts reported failure to obtain visual discrimination learning with delayed reward

Welker, R.L.; Mcauley, K., 1978:
Regarding the functional equivalence of response independent events and extinction

Horn M., 1979:
Regarding the optimality of the formula n o over n equals square root of p for the ratio of sample sizes of a control and of p treated groups

Ching M., 1980:
Regarding the validity of the end point response of the mouse mckenzie bioassay for thyroid stimulating hormone

Ching M., 1981:
Regarding the validity of the end point response of the mouse mckenzie bioassay for thyrotropin

Barlow, B.A., 1987:
Regelia punicea new combination n. byrnes barlow myrtaceae from the northern territory australia phytogeographic implications

Jerala, R.; Turk, V., 1988:
Regen: program for designing gene assembly

Kobos, R.K.; Rechnitz, G.A., 1977:
Regenerable bacterial membrane electrode for l aspartate

Levy, S.E.; Danna, A.T.; Boykoff, T.J.; Cooper, S., 1987:
Regenerate bone. An assessment of digital manifestations

Tassava R.A.; Johnson Wint B.; Gross J., 1986:
Regenerate epithelium and skin glands of the adult newt notophthalmus viridescens react to the same monoclonal antibody

Mshvidobadze, M.V., 1977:
Regenerate re mineralization in allo transplantation of sterilized bones

Asamizu T.; Nishi A., 1980:
Regenerated cell wall of carrot daucus carota cultivar kintoki protoplasts isolated from suspension cultured cells

Adler E.A., 1981:
Regenerated human mandibular condyle

Schmalbruch, H., 1984:
Regenerated muscle fibers in Duchenne muscular dystrophy: a serial section study

Goodman, L.A.; Covell, D.A.; Model, P.G., 1988:
Regenerating afferent fibers stimulate the recovery of mauthner cell dendritic branching in the axolotl

Krasne, F.B.; Lee, S.H., 1977:
Regenerating afferents establish synapses with a target neuron that lacks its cell body

Polonyi, J.; Kapeller, K.; Mraz, P., 1977:
Regenerating autonomic nerve in experiment part 1 ultrastructure of regenerating axons proximal to the lesion

Carlstedt T., 1985:
Regenerating axons from nerve terminals at astrocytes

Jackson, P.C.; Diamond, J., 1981:
Regenerating axons reclaim sensory targets from collateral nerve sprouts

Vanina L.S.; Vartapetyan V.V., 1985:
Regenerating capacity of wild apple tree species after winter damage

Kocsis J.D.; Waxman S.G.; Hilderbrand C.; Ruiz J.A., 1982:
Regenerating mammalian nerve fibers changes in action potential waveform and firing characteristics following blockage of potassium conductance

Robinsin P.P., 1984:
Regenerating nerve fibers do not displace the collateral reinnervation of cat teeth

Freeman, M.P.; Vick, C.W.; Taylor, K.J.; Carithers, R.L.; Brewer, W.H., 1986:
Regenerating nodules in cirrhosis: sonographic appearance with anatomic correlation

Itai, Y.; Ohnishi, S.; Ohtomo, K.; Kokubo, T.; Yoshida, H.; Yoshikawa, K.; Imawari, M., 1987:
Regenerating nodules of liver cirrhosis: MR imaging

Gwinn K.D.; Daub M.E., 1988:
Regenerating protoplasts from cercospora and neurospora differ in their response to cercosporin

Francavilla A.; D.L.o A.; Eagon P.K.; W.S.Q.; Ove P.; Van Thiel D.H.; Starzl T.E., 1984:
Regenerating rat liver correlations between estrogen receptor localization and dna synthesis

Pezzino, V.; Vigneri, R.; Cohen, D.; Goldfine, I.D., 1981:
Regenerating rat liver: insulin and glucagon serum levels and receptor binding

Moskalewski, S.; Bator, S., 1985:
Regenerating rib cartilage tentatively used as a source of chondrocytes for transplantation

Matsuda R., 1987:
Regenerating skeletal muscle contains transferrin and a transferrin dependent growth factor

Loftis D.L., 1983:
Regenerating southern appalachian usa mixed hardwood stands with the shelterwood method

Zahn-Daimler, G.; Mueller, W.E.G.; Kurelec, B.; Rijavec, M.; Zahn, R.K., 1975:
Regenerating sponge cubes as a model in the impact evaluation of intermittent city and factory waste pollution

Olier, B.; Morin, J.P.; Grancher, G.; Fillastre, J.P., 1987 :
Regenerating tubular cell process in rat kidney: influence of gentamicin treatment

Yeiser J.L.; Paschke J.L., 1987:
Regenerating wet sites with bare root and containerized loblolly pine seedlings

Hellekant G.; Kasahara Y.; Farbman A.I.; Harada S.; Hard A.S.gerstad C., 1987:
Regeneration ability of fungiform papillae and taste buds in rats

Zohar, Y.; Waisel, Y.; Karschon, R., 1978:
Regeneration after cutting and the role of ligno tubers in the regeneration of eucalyptus occidentalis

Baird, A.M., 1977:
Regeneration after fire in kings park perth western australia

Tada, K., 1980:
Regeneration and adhesion of the tendon 7. influence of the vincula on regeneration of the tendon

Randall, J.B., 1981:
Regeneration and autotomy exhibited by the black widow spider latrodectus variolus 1. the legs

Hanisch Ten Cate C.H.; Ennik E.; Roest S.; Sree Ramulu K.; Dijkhuis P.; D.G.oot B., 1988:
Regeneration and characterization of plants from potato root lines transformed by agrobacterium rhizogenes

Kohyama T., 1984:
Regeneration and coexistence of 2 abies species dominating subalpine forests in central japan

Szabad, J.; Simpson, P.; Nöthiger, R., 1979:
Regeneration and compartments in Drosophila

Akhabadze, L.V.; Akhobadze, V.V., 1977 :
Regeneration and compensation in the light of the systems theory

Sopory S.K.; Tan B.H., 1979:
Regeneration and cytological studies of anther and pollen calli of di ha ploid solanum tuberosum

Hiller, U., 1977:
Regeneration and degeneration of setae bearing sensilla in the scales of the gekkonid lizard tarentola mauritanica

Manabe M., 1987:
Regeneration and degradation of basal lamina associated anionic sites in vitro

Shimamura, S., 1978:
Regeneration and development of young plants in some species of mosses

Zacks, S.I.; Sheff, M.F., 1977:
Regeneration and differentiation of minced anterior tibial muscle explants from mice with motor end plate disease myopathy

Borisov A.B.; Khairutdinova Y.A., 1986:
Regeneration and dna synthesis in cultures of the rat cardiac ventricles after the lesions of the cell layer

Hofmann, D.K., 1976:
Regeneration and endocrinology in the polychaete platynereis dumerilii an experimental and structural study

Reilmann, H.; Pabst, R.; Creutzig, H., 1983:
Regeneration and function of autologous splenic grafts in pigs

Olarinmoye S.O., 1981:
Regeneration and gemma development in hyophila crenulata

Terwilliger V.J.; Ewel K.C., 1986:
Regeneration and growth after logging florida usa pond cypress taxodium distichum var nutans domes

Salo, E.; Baguna, J., 1984:
Regeneration and pattern formation in planarians 1. the pattern of mitosis in anterior and posterior regeneration in dugesia tigrina and a new proposal for blastema formation

Nakosteen P.G.; Dodson D.; Hughes K.W., 1979:
Regeneration and photo reactivation after uv irradiation of moss cells

Bijlsma W.A.; Schotman P.; Jennekens F.G.I.; Gispen W.H., 1983:
Regeneration and protein synthesis in the spinal cord influence of acth like peptides of cell free protein synthesis

Summers P.J.; Ashmore C.R., 1983:
Regeneration and re innervation of the dystrophic mouse soleus muscle a light microscopic and electron microscopic study

Reier, P.J.; Webster, H.D.F., 1974:
Regeneration and re myelination of xenopus laevis tadpole optic nerve fibers following transection or crush

Miguet J M., 1980:
Regeneration and restoration of the native forests of la reunion mascarenes

Kitpreechavanich V.; Nishio N.; Hayashi M.; Nagai S., 1985:
Regeneration and retention of nadph for xylitol production in an ionized membrane reactor

Gaugy D.; Fevre M., 1985:
Regeneration and reversion of protoplasts from different species of penicillium

Keller J M.; Stephan Dubois F., 1984:
Regeneration and seasonal variations of the copulatory apparatus in the planarian polycelis tenuis

Bustomi S.; Soemarna K., 1986:
Regeneration and standing stock study on logged over area in labanan forest complex forest district of berau east kalimantan indonesia

Khan M.L.; Rai J.P.N.; Tripathi R.S., 1986:
Regeneration and survival of tree seedlings and sprouts in tropical deciduous and sub tropical forests of meghalaya india

Skeen, J.N., 1976:
Regeneration and survival of woody species in a naturally created forest opening

Sobotka, D., 1976:
Regeneration and vegetative propagation of sphagnum palustre as a factor of population stability

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Regeneration at different levels of a phalanx in adult rana ridibunda influence of the nature of the injured tissues

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Regeneration by dissociated adult hydra attenuata cells a histologic study

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Regeneration by somatic embryogenesis of triploid plants from endosperm of walnut juglans regia l. cultivar manregian

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Regeneration capacity of grape buds after hail damage

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Regeneration characteristics of a swamp forest in northwestern tasmania australia

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Regeneration cultivation and differentiation of plant protoplasts immobilized in calcium alginate beads

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Regeneration differentiation and molting hormones in the cockroach embryo cultured in vitro

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Regeneration dynamics of beech forests in japan

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Regeneration dynamics of the mucosa of rat small intestine after in situ desquamation of the epithelium using a solution of sodium tetra phenyl borate as a factor complexing potassium ions

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Regeneration dynamics of the peritoneal mast cell population after its destruction

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Regeneration following harvest on nonindustrial private pine sites in the south usa a diffusion of innovations perspective

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Regeneration following tibial nerve crush in the rabbit: the effect of proximal constriction

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Regeneration from duplicating fragments of the drosophila melanogaster wing disc

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Regeneration from isolated half limbs in the upper arm of the axolotl

Ball E.A., 1980 :
Regeneration from isolated portions of the shoot apex of trachymene coerulea

Wilmot Dear C.M., 1980:
Regeneration from leaves in some species of pogonatum and polytrichum

Sawada H.; Tsuda C., 1984:
Regeneration from lodging tiller of timothy phleum pratense in a pasture

Torello W.A.; Symington A.G., 1984:
Regeneration from perennial rye grass lolium perenne cultivar yorktown ii callus tissue

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Regeneration from rhizome fragments of agropyron repens part 1 the seasonality of shoot growth and rhizome reserves in single node fragments

Leakey, R.R.B.; Chancellor, R.J.; Vince-Prue, D., 1977:
Regeneration from rhizome fragments of agropyron repens part 2 the breaking of late spring dormancy and the influence of chilling and node position on growth from single node fragments

Leakey, R.R.B.; Chancellor, R.J.; Vince-Prue, D., 1978:
Regeneration from rhizome fragments of agropyron repens part 3 effects of nitrogen and temperature on the development of dominance among shoots on multi node fragments

Leakey, R.R.B.; Chancellor, R.J.; Vince-Prue, D., 1978:
Regeneration from rhizome fragments of agropyron repens part 4 effects of light on bud dormancy and development of dominance among shoots on multi node fragments

Rushing A.E.; Mueller D.M.J., 1986:
Regeneration from the leaves of oedipodiella australis

Schuster C.J., 1980:
Regeneration in a jarrah eucalyptus marginata and marri eucalyptus calophylla forest following logging and burning

Schaefer J., 1985:
Regeneration in alfalfa medicago sativa cultivar regen s tissue culture characterization of intracellular ph during somatic embryo production by solid state phosphorus 31 nmr

Skokut T.A.; Manchester J.; Schaefer J., 1985:
Regeneration in alfalfa medicago sativa cultivar regen s tissue culture stimulation of somatic embryo production by amino acids and nitrogen 15 nmr determination of nitrogen utilization

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Regeneration in autologous and allogenic nerve grafts of the sciatic nerve in the rat with and without immunosuppression of cyclosporin a

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Regeneration in fossombronia himalayensis and sewardiella tuberifera

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Regeneration in gastrostyla steinii

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Regeneration in hydrozoa distal vs. proximal transformation in hydractinia echinata

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Regeneration in inland lowland forests in south vietnam one decade after aerial spraying by agent orange as a defoliant P.; Moretti A.; Sabato S., 1979:
Regeneration in mega gametophytes of cycads

Reid C.A.; Mccarthy J.G.; Kolber A.B., 1981:
Regeneration in parietal bone defects in rabbits

Griffin, J.R., 1976 :
Regeneration in quercus lobata savannas santa lucia mountains california usa

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Regeneration in small and large saw timber sweet gum liquidambar styraciflua and red oak stands following selection and seed tree harvest 23 year results

Meyer Brodniewicz J.; Petruczenko A.; Gnatowski B.; Baltrukiewicz Z., 1984:
Regeneration in small intestine following exposure to x radiation and neutron beam as estimated in the light of changes in alkaline phosphatase activity and degree of tritiated thymidine incorporation into cells in intestinal crypts

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Regeneration in subalpine coniferous forest 1. mosaic structure and regeneration process in a tsuga diversifolia forest

Kanzaki, M.; Yoda, K., 1986:
Regeneration in subalpine coniferous forests ii. mortality and the pattern of death of canopy trees

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Regeneration in the coenocytic marine alga caulerpa with respect to gravity

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Regeneration in the fungid corals

Cancalon P.; Elam J.S., 1980:
Regeneration in the garfish lepisosteus osseus olfactory nerve

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Regeneration in the gorgonian plexaura flexuosa cnidaria octocorallia

Shostak S., 1981:
Regeneration in young bunodactis verrucosa actinaria anthozoa

Fox E.A.; Powley T.L., 1984:
Regeneration may mediate the sparing of ventromedial hypothalamus obesity observed with prior vagotomy

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Regeneration mechanism and favorable process for regeneration of activated carbon adsorbing phenol

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Regeneration methods for tropical high forests

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Regeneration morphogenesis in the ciliate condylostoma magnum ultrastructural study

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Regeneration of 2 coastal raised bogs in eastern north america stratigraphy radiocarbon dates and rhizopod analysis from sea cliffs

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Regeneration of 3 populations of olfactory axons as a function of temperature

Nishio T.; Hayashi R., 1985:
Regeneration of a collagen like circular dichroism spectrum from industrial gelatin

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Regeneration of a distinctive set of axosomatic contacts in the leech hirudo medicinalis central nervous system

Abd Elfattah A S.A.; Shamoo A.E., 1981:
Regeneration of a functionally active rat brain muscarinic receptor by d penicillamine after inhibition with methyl mercury and mercuric chloride evidence for essential sulfhydryl groups in muscarinic receptor binding sites

Pammenter N.W.; Berjak M.; Macdonald I.A.W., 1985:
Regeneration of a natal south africa coastal dune forest after fire

Blair I.A.; Frith R.G.; Phillipou G.; Seaborn C.J., 1979:
Regeneration of a steroid carbon 13 angular methyl group from a functionalized precursor application to the preparation of carbon 18 deuterium labeled steroids and carbon 18 deuterium labeled d homo steroids

Sauer C.A.; Brown T., 1983:
Regeneration of a strong acid cation exchange resin for de ionizing corn syrup solutions

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Regeneration of acacia melanoxylon plantlets in vitro

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Regeneration of actin bundles in chara corallina polarized growth and orientation by endoplasmic flow

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Regeneration of activity by mixture of rnase enzymically degraded from the carboxyl terminus and a synthetic carboxy terminal tetra deca peptide

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Regeneration of adult newt notophthalmus viridescens skeletal muscle tissue in vitro

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Regeneration of afferent and efferent fibers to muscle spindles after nerve injury in adult cats

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Regeneration of alfalfa medicago sativa cultivar saranac plants from protoplasts of selected regen s clones

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Regeneration of amphidiploid plants from tissue cultures of Allium wakegi

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Regeneration of aneuploid plants from tetraploid 2n equals 24 tradescantia crassifolia through callus culture

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Regeneration of anion exchange resins by calcium carbonate and carbon di oxide

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Regeneration of ankylosed teeth in the adult frog premaxilla

Lane, D.W., 1978:
Regeneration of apple plants from shoot meristem tips

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Regeneration of arterial auto venous anastomoses in experimental reno vascular hypertension using mechanical vascular sutures

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Regeneration of aspergillus niger 44 study of different sporulation media

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Regeneration of atp by chromatophores in aqueous 2 phase systems

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Regeneration of atp by immobilized microbial cells and its utilization for the synthesis of atp and cdp choline

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Regeneration of atp in the outer segments of frog photo receptors

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Regeneration of attachment apparatus lost due to disease of endodontic origin

Znidaric D., 1981:
Regeneration of auto grafts iso grafts and xeno grafts of hydra

Mufti S.A., 1986:
Regeneration of autografted skeletal muscle in femurectomized hind limbs of rats

Carlson B.M., 1982:
Regeneration of axolotl limbs covered by frog rana pipiens skin

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Regeneration of axons and nerve cell bodies in the central nervous system of annelids

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Regeneration of axons and synaptic connections by touch sensory neurons in the leech hirudo medicinalis central nervous system

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Regeneration of barley plants in the culture of callus tissue

Nakashizuka T., 1988:
Regeneration of beech fagus crenata after the simultaneous death of undergrowing dwarf bamboo sasa kurilensis

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Regeneration of birch betula pendula plants from catkin tissue cultures

Blenda V.F.; Kirilenko E.D., 1982:
Regeneration of black currants from apical meristems

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Regeneration of blood forming organs after autologous leukocyte transfusion in lethally irradiated dogs part 1 distribution and cellularity of the bone marrow in normal dogs

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Regeneration of blood forming organs after autologous leukocyte transfusion in lethally irradiated dogs part 2 distribution and cellularity of the marrow in irradiated and transfused animals

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Regeneration of bone in the presence of calcium sulfate

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Regeneration of brassica napus plantlets in cultures from isolated protoplasts of ha ploid stem embryos as compared with leaf protoplasts

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Regeneration of butanol from its mixtures with butyl acetate

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Regeneration of calli and plants following protoplast fusion in lycopersicon

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Regeneration of callus from mesophyll protoplasts of chrysanthemum morifolium

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Regeneration of carbon in yeast under conditions of nitrogen deficiency

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Regeneration of cardiac type mucosa and acquisition of barrett mucosa after esophago gastrostomy

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Regeneration of cartilage in the monkey auricle after subperichondrial resection

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Regeneration of castor ricinus communis stem propagules and its significance in hybrid seed production

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Regeneration of cauda equina fibers after trans section and end to end suture light and electron microscopic study in the pig

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Regeneration of cells from protoplasts of clostridium acetobutylicum b643

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Regeneration of central cholinergic neurons in the adult rat brain

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Regeneration of cervical epithelium after laser vaporization

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Regeneration of changes induced in rabbit tracheal epithelium by a single oral dose of a mucolytic agent

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Regeneration of chloroplast structure in talbotia elegans a desiccation tolerant plant

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Regeneration of cholin esterases in the stellate and normal and de nervated superior cervical ganglia of the cat following inactivation by sarin

Skriver, L.; Williams, N.E., 1980:
Regeneration of cilia in starved Tetrahymena thermophila involves induced synthesis of ciliary proteins but not synthesis of membrane lipids

Grain, J.; Bohatier, J., 1977:
Regeneration of ciliate protozoa

Morioka H., 1986:
Regeneration of cirrhotic remnant liver after partial hepatectomy especially the relationship between insulin receptor and hepatic regeneration

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Regeneration of clearance capacities in rats after nephrectomy

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Regeneration of coenzymes using immobilized hydrogenase

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Regeneration of colony forming units in the marrow of mice exposed to 300 rads after having recovered from 950 rads

De-Luca, P.; Sabato, S., 1980:
Regeneration of coralloid roots on cycad cycas revoluta mega gametophytes

Shea, V.K.; Perl, E.R., 1985:
Regeneration of cutaneous afferent unmyelinated (C) fibers after transection

L.X.Q.; Chetrit P.; Mathieu C.; Vedel F.; D.P.epe R.; Remy R.; Ambard Bretteville F., 1988:
Regeneration of cytoplasmic male sterile protoclones of nicotiana sylvestris with mitochondrial variations

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Regeneration of di ploid alfalfa plants from cells grown in suspension culture

Shalygin V.A.; Zelinskii Y.G.; Smirnova G.E., 1986:
Regeneration of dimethylformamide and alcohols in the manufacture of barbiturates

Cheng, T.Y.; Voqui, T.H., 1977:
Regeneration of douglas fir plantlets through tissue culture

Birse, S.C.; Bittner, G.D., 1981:
Regeneration of earthworm giant axons following transection or ablation

Hattori, T.; Helpap, B.; Gedigk, P., 1982:
Regeneration of endocrine cells in the stomach

Gardner, R.L., 1985:
Regeneration of endoderm from primitive ectoderm in the mouse embryo: fact or artifact?

Hertzer, N.R., 1981:
Regeneration of endothelium in knitted and velour dacron vascular grafts in dogs

Malczak, H.T.; Buck, R.C., 1977:
Regeneration of endothelium in rat aorta after local freezing. A scanning electron microscopic study

Henry M.; Marie B.; Guignard J L., 1979:
Regeneration of entire plants from in vitro cell culture of cheiranthus cheiri and cardamine pratensis cruciferae

Gwozdz E.A.; Waliszewska B., 1979:
Regeneration of enzymatically isolated protoplasts of the moss funaria hygrometrica

Kopec, J., 1980:
Regeneration of epidermis after burn in white rat 1. kinetics of epidermal tongue cells

Kopec, J., 1980:
Regeneration of epidermis after burn in white rat 2. structure and cytochemistry

Milenkovic P.; Pavlovic Kentera V., 1980:
Regeneration of erythroid committed precursor cells in polycythemic mice treated with cyclo phosphamide

Biljanović-Paunović, L.; Milenković, P.; Kapa, D.; Pavlović-Kentera, V., 1985:
Regeneration of erythroid progenitor cells in polycythemic mice treated with cyclophosphamide

Wardlaw T.J.; Palzer C., 1988:
Regeneration of eucalyptus spp in an eastern tasmanian coastal forest in the presence of phytophthora cinnamomi

Benjamin P.R.; Allison P., 1985:
Regeneration of excitatory inhibitor and biphasic synaptic connections made by a snail giant interneuron

Brenes Balbuena M.; Garrido Fernandez A., 1988:
Regeneration of fermentation brines from spanish green table olives by ion exchange resins

Still P.E.; Plata M.I.; Campbell R.J.; Bueno L.C.; Chichester E.A.; Niblett C.L., 1987:
Regeneration of fertile arachis paraguariensis plants from callus and suspension cultures

Govind C.K.; Mearow K.M.; Wong A., 1986:
Regeneration of fiber types in paired asymmetric closer muscles of the snapping shrimp alpheus heterochelis

Shah, B.; Langdon, W.; Wasan, D., 1977:
Regeneration of fibrous bed coalescers for oil water separation

Witter, J.A.; Ragenovich, I.R., 1986:
Regeneration of fraser fir abies fraseri at mt. mitchell north carolina usa after depredations by the balsam woolly adelgid adelges piceae

Punjabi, B.; Basu, R.N., 1987:
Regeneration of french bean phaseolus vulgaris l. cuttings as influenced by morphactin pretreatment of stock plants

Horikoshi T.; Kitamoto Y.; Kasai Z., 1983 :
Regeneration of fruiting bodies in favolus arcularius

Chen C J.; W.S.H.; Wang K T., 1981:
Regeneration of full enzymatic activity by re oxidation of reduced taiwan cobra naja naja atra venom phospho lipase a 2

Wang X W.; Miller G.; Zapata Sirvent R.L.; Roberts B.B.; Robinson W.A., 1986:
Regeneration of full layer necrosed skull after high tension electrical injury

Mackler, S.A.; Selzer, M.E., 1985:
Regeneration of functional synapses between individual recognizable neurons in the lamprey spinal cord

Xiao Y.; S.K.F., 1987:
Regeneration of ganglion cell axons after peripheral nerve transplantation into the retina of adult golden hamsters

Kaushik S.; Bali N.P., 1981:
Regeneration of gastric mucosa after aspirin induced injury in clarias batrachus

Kirilenko E.D.; Blenda V.F.; Kalinin F.L., 1984:
Regeneration of gean cherry hybrids by micro cuttings in tissue culture

Bajaj Y.P.S.; Ram A.K.; Labana K.S.; Singh H., 1981:
Regeneration of genetically variable plants from the anther derived callus of arachis hypogaea and arachis villosa

Choi S.B.; Lee K W., 1987:
Regeneration of glyphosate resistant plant from tobacco nicotiana tabacum cell culture

Seeni, S.; Gnanam, A., 1976:
Regeneration of green and chimeral shoots from the same explant of hetero zygous tobacco grown in vitro

Miroshnichenko Y.M., 1985:
Regeneration of haloxylon aphyllum in kara kum ussr

Keenan, K.P.; Combs, J.W.; Mcdowell, E.M., 1982:
Regeneration of hamster tracheal epithelium after mechanical injury 1. focal lesions quantitative morphologic study of cell proliferation

Keenan, K.P.; Combs, J.W.; Mcdowell, E.M., 1982:
Regeneration of hamster tracheal epithelium after mechanical injury 2. multi focal lesions stathmo kinetic and auto radiographic studies of cell proliferation

Keenan, K.P.; Combs, J.W.; Mcdowell, E.M., 1982:
Regeneration of hamster tracheal epithelium after mechanical injury 3. large and small lesions comparative stathmo kinetic and single pulse and continuous thymidine labeling auto radiographic studies

Keenan, K.P.; Wilson, T.S.; Mcdowell, E.M., 1983:
Regeneration of hamster tracheal epithelium after mechanical injury 4. histochemical immuno cytochemical and ultrastructural studies

Wark M.C.; White M.D.; Robertson D.J.; Marriott P.F., 1987:
Regeneration of health and heath woodland in the northeastern otway ranges australia following the wildfire of february 1983

Paterson K.E.; Everett N.P., 1985:
Regeneration of helianthus annuus inbred plants from callus

Dygai A.M.; Gol'dberg E.D.; Agafonov V.I., 1983:
Regeneration of hemopoiesis by local body irradiation

Vavrova, J.; Nouza, K.; Petjrek, P., 1977:
Regeneration of hemopoietic and lymphoid tissues after total body irradiation and tdp therapy

Gurevich O.A.; Drize N.I.; Chertkov I.L., 1983:
Regeneration of hemopoietic stroma precursors after irradiation and curettage

Simon H.; Wenzelides K.; Guski H.; Kranz D., 1985:
Regeneration of hepatocytes and sinusoidal cells following partial hepatectomy

Wisniewski J.E.; Parsons R.F., 1986:
Regeneration of heterodendrum in arid south eastern australia

Noda, T.; Tanaka, N.; Mano, Y.; Nabeshima, S.; Ohkawa, H.; Matsui, C., 1987:
Regeneration of horseradish hairy roots incited by Agrobacterium rhizogenes infection

Renard G.; Pouliquen Y.; Hirsch M., 1981:
Regeneration of human corneal endothelium a scanning electron microscopic study

Lin, T.Y.; Lee, C.S.; Chen, C.C.; Liau, K.Y.; Lin, W.S., 1979:
Regeneration of human liver after hepatic lobectomy studied by repeated liver scanning and repeated needle biopsy

Znidaric D.; Lui A., 1983:
Regeneration of hydra vulgaris damaged by zolone pm insecticide

Abou Mandour A.A.; Fischer S.; Czygan F C., 1979:
Regeneration of intact plants from ha ploid and di ploid callus cells of catharanthus roseus

Barton K.; Binns A.N.; Matzke A.J.M.; Chilton M D., 1983:
Regeneration of intact tobacco plants containing full length copies of genetically engineered transferred dna and transmission of transferred dna to r 1 progeny

Montgomery, K.R.; Strid, T.W., 1976:
Regeneration of introduced species of cistus cistaceae after fire in southern california

Marzluf, G.A., 1973:
Regeneration of invertase in Neurospora crassa

Majone, F., 1977:
Regeneration of isolated bud fragments of Botryllus schlosseri

Szabados, L.; Roca, W.M., 1986:
Regeneration of isolated mesophyll and cell suspension protoplasts to plants in Stylosanthes guianensis. A tropical forage legume

Ripets'kyi, R.T., 1978:
Regeneration of isolated protoplasts of the moss pottia intermedia

Binding, H.; Nehls, R., 1978:
Regeneration of isolated protoplasts of vicia faba

Binding, H.; Nehls, R., 1977:
Regeneration of isolated protoplasts to plants in solanum dulcamara

Pierik R.L.M.; Van Leeuwen P.; Rigter G.C.C.M., 1979:
Regeneration of leaf explants of anthurium andraeanum in vitro

Tan M L.M.C.; Rietveld E.M.; Van Marrewijk G.A.M.; Kool A.J., 1987:
Regeneration of leaf mesophyll protoplasts of tomato cultivars lycopersicon esculentum factors important for efficient protoplast culture and plant regeneration

Merkle S.A.; Sommer H.E., 1987:
Regeneration of liriodendron tulipifera family magnoliaceae from protoplast culture

Blüger, A.; Kartaschowa, O.; Zalcmane, V., 1980:
Regeneration of liver cells in man

Liuzzi F.J.; Lasek R.J., 1985:
Regeneration of lumbar dorsal root axons into the spinal cord of adult frogs rana pipiens a horseradish peroxidase study

Markozashvili M.I.; Rumyantsev P.P., 1984:
Regeneration of lymph heart muscle tissue in adult frogs rana temporaria light microscope and electron microscope autoradiographical studies

Scowcroft P.G., 1981:
Regeneration of mamane sophora chrysophylla effects of seed coat treatment and sowing depth

Rey H.Y.; Mroginski L.A., 1988:
Regeneration of mate plants ilex paraguariensis by in vitro cultivation of shoot tips and axillary buds

Binding, H.; Nehls, R.; Schieder, O.; Sopory, S.K.; Wenzel, G., 1978:
Regeneration of mesophyll protoplasts isolated from di ha ploid clones of solanum tuberosum/

Liuzzi F.J.; Lasek R.J., 1986:
Regeneration of motoneuron axons into the adult frog rana pipiens spinal cord after ventral to dorsal root anastomosis

Bouton M.S.; Bittner G.D., 1981:
Regeneration of motor axons in crayfish procambarus clarkii limbs distal stump activation followed by synaptic reformation

Donaldson P.L.; Josephson R.K., 1981:
Regeneration of motor neurons to a cricket teleogryllus oceanicus muscle after partial or complete de nervation

Keynes R.J.; Hopkins W.G.; Huang C.L H., 1984:
Regeneration of mouse peripheral nerves in degenerating skeletal muscle guidance by residual muscle fiber basement membrane

Kim H R.; Patel K.R.; Thorpe T.A., 1985:
Regeneration of mulberry morus alba plantlets through tissue culture

Hola J.; Vacha J.; Lukas P.; Znojil V., 1985:
Regeneration of murine erythropoiesis in individual bone marrow regions bones and spleen in lethally irradiated marrow graft recipients

Gallicchio, V.S.; Chen, M.G.; Watts, T.D., 1985:
Regeneration of murine megakaryocytopoiesis and the hematopoietic inductive microenvironment after sublethal whole body irradiation by treatment with an anabolic steroid

Couteaux, R.; Mira, J.C.; d'Albis, A., 1988:
Regeneration of muscles after cardiotoxin injury. I. Cytological aspects

Neerunjun, J.S.; Dubowitz, V., 1977:
Regeneration of muscles transplanted between normal and dystrophic mice: a quantitative study of early transplants

Ando M., 1983:
Regeneration of myo epithelial cells of the rat submandibular gland auto grafted in the tongue

Julliard M.; L.P.tit J., 1982:
Regeneration of nad and nadp cofactors by photo sensitized electron transfer

Godbole, S.S.; D'souza, S.F.; Nadkarni, G.B., 1983:
Regeneration of nadh by alcohol dehydrogenase ec in gel entrapped yeast saccharomyces cerevisiae cells

Danielsson, B.; Winqvist, F.; Malpote, J.Y.; Mosbach, K., 1982:
Regeneration of nadh with immobilized systems of alanine dehydrogenase ec and hydrogen dehydrogenase ec

Miura Y.; Nakano Y.; Yagi K.; Miyamoto K., 1981:
Regeneration of nadph by frozen thawed cells of a blue green alga synechococcus sp

Wong C H.; Gordon J.; Cooney C.L.; Whitesides G.M., 1981:
Regeneration of nadph using glucose 6 sulfate and glucose 6 phosphate dehydrogenase

Lee, D.A.; Wright, W.K., 1977:
Regeneration of nasal skeletal structures after subperiosteal and subperichondrial resection experimental study in adult dogs

Abercrombie D.M.; Khorana G., 1986:
Regeneration of native bacteriorhodopsin structure following acetylation of epsilon amino groups of lysine 30 lysine 40 and lysine 41

Onans J.; Parsons R.F., 1980:
Regeneration of native plants on abandoned mallee farmland in southeastern australia

Biondi L.; Filippi B.; Filira F.; Tolazzi M.; Rocchi R., 1984:
Regeneration of native structure and biological activity by air oxidation of the reduced bovine trypsin inhibitor kunitz influence of 4 amino terminal amino acid residues and single salt bridge

Tkachenko, Z.Y. ; Demidova, G.G.; Chebotarev, E.E., 1976:
Regeneration of neural structures during irradiation

Campenot R.B., 1981:
Regeneration of neurites in long term cultures of sympathetic neurons deprived of nerve growth factor

Arshavskii Y.I.; Gel'fand I.M.; Orlovskii G.N.; Pavlova G.A.; Panchin Y.V.; Popova L.B., 1985:
Regeneration of neurons in pedal ganglia of pteropodial mollusk clione limacina

Mathur, B.B.; Bhaskaran, S., 1977:
Regeneration of nicotiana tabacum ha ploid plants from irradiated colonies obtained through protoplast culture

Whitledge T.E., 1982:
Regeneration of nitrogen by the nekton and its significance in the northwest africa upwelling ecosystem

Trenin, A.S.; Dudnik, I.V., 1984:
Regeneration of Nocardia orientalis protoplasts

Verme L.J.; Johnston W.F., 1986:
Regeneration of northern white cedar deeryards in upper michigan usa

Yamamoto, M.; Uchida, K.; Ito, T., 1976:
Regeneration of olfactory bi polar neurons in the normal olfactory epithelium of the adult bat

Ikadai H.; Kanatani H., 1982:
Regeneration of oocyte surface factor responsible for 1 methyl adenine induced oocyte maturation in starfish asterina pectinifera

Michael, M.I.; Khalil, S.H.; Moussad, E.E., 1988:
Regeneration of orbitally transplanted hind limbs, after amputation at shank level, in stages of the Egyptian toad, Bufo regularis Reuss

Pavlov A.V., 1986:
Regeneration of parathyroid glands after their partial resection

Raftery, A.T., 1976:
Regeneration of parietal and visceral peritoneum: an enzyme histochemical study

Dagar, J.C.; Rao, A.N.; Mall, L.P., 1976:
Regeneration of parthenium hysterophorus

Kumar T.V.; Naragund V.R., 1987:
Regeneration of patchouli plantlets by propagation of leaves

Natali, L.; Cavallini, A., 1987:
Regeneration of pea pisum sativum l. plantlets by in vitro culture of immature embryos

Hammerschlag F.A.; Bauchan G.; Scorza R., 1985:
Regeneration of peach prunus persica plants from callus derived from immature embryos

Mroginski L.A.; Kartha K.K.; Shyluk J.P., 1981:
Regeneration of peanut arachis hypogaea cultivar colorado manfredi plantlets by in vitro culture

Lane W.D., 1979:
Regeneration of pear plants pyrus communis cultivar bartlett from shoot meristem tips

Hows J.M.; Chipping P.M.; Palmer S.; Gordon Smith E.C., 1983:
Regeneration of peripheral blood cells following abo incompatible allogeneic bone marrow transplantation for severe aplastic anemia

Hows J.M.; Kaffaf S.; Palmer S.; Harris R.; Fairhead S.; Gordon Smith E.C., 1982:
Regeneration of peripheral blood cells following allogeneic bone marrow transplantation for severe aplastic anemia

Koenig H J., 1987:
Regeneration of peripheral nerves following neodymium yag laser and scalpel transection experimental observations

Holz, A., 1974:
Regeneration of peripheral nerves through multi capillary implants

Raftery, A.T., 1979:
Regeneration of peritoneum: a fibrinolytic study

Aloni, R., 1976:
Regeneration of phloem fibers round a wound a new experimental system for studying the physiology of fiber differentiation

Chapman B.E.; Kuchel P.W.; Lovric V.A.; Raftos J.E.; Stewart I.M., 1985:
Regeneration of phosphorylated metabolites in stored erythrocytes in an open perfusion system studies using phosphorus 31 nmr spectroscopy

Katoh, T.; Ohki, K., 1976:
Regeneration of photosystem ii and phycobilin pigments in photo organotrophically grown anabaena variabilis

Sakharova N.Yu; Lakirev A.V., 1986:
Regeneration of planarians after longitudinal cut

Park J.I.; Kim J.H.; Lee B.C., 1984:
Regeneration of plantlets by culturing needle fascicles of 2 year old pinus rigida x pinus taeda seedlings in vitro

Sasahara H.; Tada K.; Iri M.; Takezawa T.; Tazaki M., 1981:
Regeneration of plantlets by meristem tip culture for virus free grapevine

Chen C.H.; L.P.F.; Ross J.G., 1979:
Regeneration of plantlets from callus cultures of indian grass

Harms, C.T.; Loerz, H.; Potrykus, I., 1976:
Regeneration of plantlets from callus cultures of zea mays

Rao N.K.S.; Narayanaswamy S.; Chacko E.K.; Swamy R.D., 1982:
Regeneration of plantlets from callus of elettaria cardamomum

Ram H.Y.M.; Mehta G., 1982:
Regeneration of plantlets from cultured morphactin induced barren capitula of african marigold tagetes erecta cultivar giant double african lemon

Mukhopadhyay A.; Ram H.Y.M., 1981:
Regeneration of plantlets from excised roots of dalbergia sissoo

Toivonen, P.M.; Kartha, K.K., 1988:
Regeneration of plantlets from in vitro cultured cotyledons of white spruce (Picea glauca (Moench) Voss)

Griga M.; Sladky Z., 1982:
Regeneration of plantlets from ovules of carnation dianthus caryophyllus after placental pollination in vitro

Bapat V.A.; Mhatre M.; Rao P.S., 1986:
Regeneration of plantlets from protoplast cultures of pergularia pallida

Coulibaly M.Y.; Demarly Y., 1986:
Regeneration of plantlets from protoplasts of rice oryza sativa cultivar moroberekan

Wang G Y.; Xia Z A., 1983:
Regeneration of plantlets from solanum nigrum mesophyll protoplasts

Sharma D.R.; Deepak S.; Chowdhury J.B., 1986:
Regeneration of plantlets from somatic tissues of the date palm phoenix dactylifera linn

Kato M., 1985:
Regeneration of plantlets from tea camellia sinensis stem callus

Mehta U.; Ram H.Y.M., 1980:
Regeneration of plantlets from the cotyledons of cajanus cajan

Chang S F.; Yie S T., 1979:
Regeneration of plantlets in vitro from different parts of rape plants brassica chinensis var oleifera

Paul N.K.; Ghosh P.D., 1984:
Regeneration of plantlets of oryza sativa cultivar kiran from scutellar tissues

Saniewski M.; Pytlewski C., 1979:
Regeneration of plantlets on leaves and inflorescence stalk of muscari comosum through tissue culture

Koop H U.; Schweiger H G., 1985:
Regeneration of plants after electrofusion of selected pairs of protoplasts

Zwierzykowski Z.; Slusarkiweicz Jarzina A.; Rybczynski J.J., 1985:
Regeneration of plants and chromosome doubling in callus culture of lolium multiflorum x festuca pratensis 2n equals 14 hybrid

Janecek J.; Horak J., 1983:
Regeneration of plants derived from cultures of young inflorescences and basal parts of internodia in sterile f 1 hybrids lolium multiflorum x festuca arundinacea in vitro

Bovo O.A.; Quarin C.L.; Mroginski L.A., 1985:
Regeneration of plants from anther derived calli of paspalum quadrifarium

Quazi, H.M., 1978:
Regeneration of plants from anthers of broccoli brassica oleracea

Bloksberg L.N.; Saltveit M.E.Jr, 1986:
Regeneration of plants from axillary buds of harvested and stored heads of field grown iceberg lettuce lactuca sativa

Bouabdallah L.; Branchard M., 1986:
Regeneration of plants from callus cultures of cucumis melo

Skene K.G.M.; Barlass M., 1983:
Regeneration of plants from callus cultures of lolium rigidum

Bajaj Y.P.S.; Dhanju M.S., 1981:
Regeneration of plants from callus cultures of napier grass pennisetum purpureum

Spano L.; Costantino P., 1982:
Regeneration of plants from callus cultures of roots induced by agrobacterium rhizogenes on tobacco nicotiana tabacum cultivar petit havana

Boyes C.J.; Sink K.C., 1981:
Regeneration of plants from callus derived protoplasts of salpiglossis sinuata

Loerz, H.; Harms, C.T.; Potrykus, I., 1976:
Regeneration of plants from callus in avena sativa

Bovo, O.A.; Mroginski, L.A.; Rey, H.Y., 1986:
Regeneration of plants from callus tissue of the pasture legume Lotononis bainesii

Bannikova V.P.; Sidorova N.V.; Kolyuchaya G.S.; Sytnik K.M., 1985:
Regeneration of plants from callus tissues of immature hybrids of wheat germ

Mezentsev A.V.; Lyubavina L.A., 1982:
Regeneration of plants from cell suspension cultures of meadow clover

Bajaj, Y.P.S., 1976:
Regeneration of plants from cell suspensions frozen at minus 20 minus 70 and minus 196 celsius

Alconero R., 1983:
Regeneration of plants from cell suspensions of lactuca saligna lactuca sativa and lactuca serriola

Srejovic V.; Neskovic M., 1981:
Regeneration of plants from cotyledon fragments of buckwheat fagopyrum esculentum cultivar pennguad

Bhatia C.R.; Murty G.S.S.; Mathews V.H., 1985:
Regeneration of plants from de embryonated peanut cotyledons cultured without nutrients and agar

Bajaj, Y.P.S., 1988:
Regeneration of plants from frozen minus 196 c protoplasts of atropa belladonna l. datura inoxia mill and nicotiana tabacum l

Sacristan, M.D.; Melchers, G., 1977:
Regeneration of plants from habituated and agrobacterium tumefaciens transformed single cell clones of tobacco

Seilleur, P.; Martiat, J.C., 1978:
Regeneration of plants from leaf explants of chinese cabbage brassica pekinensis

Slusarkiewicz Jarzina A.; Zenkteler M.; Podlewska B., 1982:
Regeneration of plants from leaves of chrysanthemum morifolium cultivar bronze borholm in in vitro cultures

Sacristan M.D., 1981:
Regeneration of plants from long term callus cultures of ha ploid brassica napus cultivar early cauba

Stavarek S.J.; Croughan T.P.; Rains D.W., 1980:
Regeneration of plants from long term cultures of alfalfa cells

Gill, R.; Rashid, A.; Maheshwari, S.C., 1978:
Regeneration of plants from mesophyll protoplasts of nicotiana plumbaginifolia brief report

Barsby T.; Shepard J.F., 1983:
Regeneration of plants from mesophyll protoplasts of solanum species of the etuberosa group

Sikdar, S.R.; Chatterjee, G.; Das, S.; Sen, S.K., 1987 :
Regeneration of plants from mesophyll protoplasts of the wild crucifer Eruca sativa Lam

Bajaj Y.P.S., 1981:
Regeneration of plants from potato solanum tuberosum meristems freeze preserved for 24 months

Berry S.F.; L.D.Y.; Pental D.; Cocking E.C., 1982:
Regeneration of plants from protoplast of lactuca sativa cultivar avondefiance

Shepard, J.F., 1977:
Regeneration of plants from protoplasts of potato virus x infected tobacco leaves part 2 influence of virazole on the frequency of infection

Bajaj Y.P.S.; Kumar P.; Labana K.S.; Singh M.M., 1981:
Regeneration of plants from seedling explants and callus cultures of arachis hypogaea

Khvilkovskaya B., 1981:
Regeneration of plants from the mesophyll protoplasts of nicotiana plumbaginifolia

Bharal S.; Rashid A., 1979:
Regeneration of plants from tissue cultures of the legume indigofera enneaphylla

Bajaj Y.P.S., 1981:
Regeneration of plants from ultra low frozen anthers of primula obconica

Slavova J.V., 1980:
Regeneration of plants from various sugar beet explants grown in vitro

El'konin L.A.; Tyrnov V.S.; Tsvetova M.I.; Ishin A.G., 1987:
Regeneration of plants in a somatic tissue culture of sorghum haploid

El'konin L.A.; Tyrnov V.S.; Sukhanov V.M.; Ishin A.G., 1984 :
Regeneration of plants in sorghum tissue culture

Farrah, S.R.; Gerba, C.P.; Goyal, S.M.; Wallis, C.; Melnick, J.L., 1977:
Regeneration of pleated filters used to concentrate enteroviruses from large volumes of tap water

Patrascu A., 1981:
Regeneration of potato solanum tuberosum plants by in vitro culture of stem segments

Jordan M.; Montenegro G.; Apablaza G., 1983:
Regeneration of potato virus x free plantlets of 6 potato cultivars by shoot tip culture and virazole treatment in vitro

Heyser J.W.; Nabors M.W., 1982:
Regeneration of proso millet panicum miliaceum from embryogenic calli derived from various plant parts

Kerbauy G.B., 1984:
Regeneration of protocorm like bodies through in vitro culture of root tips of catasetum orchidaceae

Bopp M.; Zimmermann S.; Knoop B., 1980:
Regeneration of protonema with multiple dna content from isolated protoplasts of the moss funaria hygrometrica

Kostov V.; Kehkhlibarova L.; Kuyumdzhieva A., 1987:
Regeneration of protoplasts from yeasts of different properties

Bourne, N.; Dancer, B.N., 1986:
Regeneration of protoplasts of Bacillus subtilis 168 and closely related strains

Uhrig H., 1981:
Regeneration of protoplasts of di ha ploid potato plants bleached by a herbicide san 6706

Dunphy, G.B.; Nolan, R.A., 1977:
Regeneration of protoplasts of entomophthora egressa a fungal pathogen of the eastern hemlock looper

Znidaric, D.; Lui, A., 1978:
Regeneration of proximal and distal part of hydra body cut in the middle of gastral cavity and treated with actinomycin d

Ormos, J.; Bohus, K., 1979:
Regeneration of proximal tubules of the rat kidney following sublimate necrosis. A scanning electron microscopic study

Kraehmer H., 1981:
Regeneration of pruning wounds of apple trees and their susceptibility to infections by nectria galligena

Postacchini, F.; D.M.rtino, C., 1980:
Regeneration of rabbit calcaneal tendon maturation of collagen and elastic fibers following partial tenotomy

Trenholm, S.R.; Mix, M.C., 1978:
Regeneration of radiation damaged digestive tissues in juvenile pacific oysters crassostrea gigas

Solopaev B.P.; Bobyleva N.A., 1980:
Regeneration of rat liver with experimental cirrhosis after 4 resections

Gordon, R.E.; Lane, B.P., 1976:
Regeneration of rat tracheal epithelium after mechanical injury part 2 restoration of surface integrity during the early hours after injury

Li, Z.G.; Cui, K.M.; Yuan, Z.D.; Liu, S.J., 1983:
Regeneration of re-covered bark in Eucommia ulmoides

Tworkoski T.J.; Smith D.W.; Parrish D.J., 1986:
Regeneration of red oak quercus rubra white oak quercus alba and white pine pinus strobus by underplanting prior to canopy removal in the virginia piedmont usa

Smith G.K.; Schaffer S.W., 1980:
Regeneration of reduced denatured seminal rnase effect of modification at cysteines 31 and 32

Nicholls, D.M.; Ng, K., 1976:
Regeneration of renal proximal tubules after mercury ii chloride injury is accompanied by increased binding of aminoacyl transfer rna

Sandor S.; Checiu M.; Fazakas Todea I., 1981:
Regeneration of retinal pigment epithelium damaged in rat fetuses by 6 amino nicotinamide

Towner P.; Gaertner W.; Walckhoff B.; Oesterhelt D.; Hopf H., 1981:
Regeneration of rhod opsin and bacterio rhod opsin role of retinal analogs as inhibitors

Shukolyukov, S.A.; Chizhevich, E.P.; Korchagin, V.P.; Dikarev, V.P., 1977:
Regeneration of rhod opsin in marine teleost fishes in the presence of exogenous 11 cis retinals and all trans retinals

Lacy, M.E.; Veronee, C.D.; Crouch, R.K., 1984:
Regeneration of rhodopsin and isorhodopsin in rod outer segment preparations: absence of effect of solvent parameters

Schnyder H.; Machler F.; Nosberger J., 1986:
Regeneration of ribulose 1 5 bisphosphate and ribulose 1 5 bisphosphate carboxylase oxygenase activity associated with lack of oxygen inhibition of photosynthesis at low temperature

Wong C K.; K.S.W.; Woo S C., 1983:
Regeneration of rice plantlets on sodium chloride stressed medium by anther culture

Konishi, Y.; Scheraga, H.A., 1980:
Regeneration of rnase a from the reduced protein 1. conformational analysis of the intermediates by measurements of enzymatic activity optical density and optical rotation

Konishi, Y.; Scheraga, H.A., 1980:
Regeneration of rnase a from the reduced protein 2. conformational analysis of the intermediates by nmr spectroscopy

Konishi Y.; Ooi T.; Scheraga H.A., 1982:
Regeneration of rnase a from the reduced protein energetic analysis

Konishi Y.; Ooi T.; Scheraga H.A., 1981:
Regeneration of rnase a from the reduced protein isolation and identification of intermediates and equilibrium treatment

Konishi Y.; Ooi T.; Scheraga H.A., 1982:
Regeneration of rnase a from the reduced protein rate limiting steps

Stanis V.A.; Slesaravichyus A.K.; Kaleda V.A., 1983:
Regeneration of rye grass and clover plants in tissue culture of different origins

Sire, J.Y., 1982:
Regeneration of scales in a cichlid hemichromis bimaculatus teleostei perciformes 1. morphogenesis structure and mineralization

Carlsen R.C., 1983:
Regeneration of sciatic nerve in frogs rana pipiens maintained at 15 celsius failure to sustain regeneration after initiation

Flores D.V.; Pellegrino D.I.aldi A., 1980:
Regeneration of sensory tentacular structures in a pulmonate snail helix aspersa

Vezina, L.; Bouchard, C.J.; Therrien, H.P., 1987:
Regeneration of sheep sorrel rumex acetosella l. after cutting or tilling of the soil

Hess D.; Leipoldt G., 1979:
Regeneration of shoots and roots from isolated mesophyll protoplasts of nemesia strumosa

Mathews V.H.; Bhatia C.R.; Mitra R.; Krishna T.G.; Rao P.S., 1985:
Regeneration of shoots from brassica juncea cells transformed by agrobacterium tumefaciens and expression of nopaline dehydrogenase genes

Kathal R.; Bhatnagar S.P.; Bhojwani S.S., 1986:
Regeneration of shoots from hypocotyl callus of cucumis melo cultivar pusa sharbati

Surikov I.M., 1985:
Regeneration of shoots from the primary tuber callus in various potato cultivars

Novoselova I.L.; Zhenevskaya R.P.; Umnova M.M., 1982:
Regeneration of skeletal muscles after mechanical trauma in reptiles

Liu M C.; Yeh H S., 1984:
Regeneration of sodium chloride tolerant sugarcane saccharum sp cultivar f 177 plants from callus re initiated from pre selected differentiated shoots

Bapat V.A.; Gill R.; Rao P.S., 1985:
Regeneration of somatic embryos and plantlets from stem callus protoplasts of sandalwood tree santalum album

Attree, S.M.; Bekkaoui, F.; Dunstan, D.I.; Fowke, L.C., 1987:
Regeneration of somatic embryos from protoplasts isolated from an embryogenic suspension culture of white spruce (Picea glauca)

Sun Y.; Huang M.; L.W.; L.X., 1982:
Regeneration of somatic hybrid plants between nicotiana glauca and petunia hybrida

O'connell M.A.; Hanson M.R., 1987:
Regeneration of somatic hybrid plants formed between lycopersicon esculentum and lycopersicon pennellii

Malkowski, K., 1976:
Regeneration of some brachiopod shells

Allen R.B.; Rose A.B., 1983:
Regeneration of southern rata metrosideros umbellata and kamahi weinmannia racemosa in areas of dieback

Wright, M.S.; Ward, D.V.; Hinchee, M.A.; Carnes, M.G.; Kaufman, R.J., 1987:
Regeneration of soybean (Glycine max L. Merr.) from cultured primary leaf tissue

Ely, P.; Velez, S.J., 1982:
Regeneration of specific neuro muscular connections in the crayfish procambarus clarkii 1. pattern of connections and synaptic strength

Hunt, W.P.; Velez, S.J., 1982:
Regeneration of specific neuro muscular connections in the crayfish procambarus clarkii 2. effect of changes in target area

Raekallio, J.; Viljanto, J., 1979:
Regeneration of sub cutaneous connective tissue in children 2. a histochemical study with application of the cellstic device

Wallace, H.; Watson, A.; Egar, M., 1981:
Regeneration of subnormally innervated axolotl arms

Bak R.P.M.; Stewar Van E.Y., 1980:
Regeneration of superficial damage in the scleractinian corals agaricia agaricites f purpurea and porites asteroides

Holder N.; Weeks C., 1984:
Regeneration of surgically created mixed handed axolotl ambystoma mexicanum forelimbs pattern formation in the dorsal ventral axis

Kirpekar, S.M.; Wakade, A.R.; Prat, J.C., 1970:
Regeneration of sympathetic nerves to the vas deferens and spleen of the cat

Scarpelli D.G.; Rao M.S.; Subbarao V.; Beversluis M., 1981:
Regeneration of syrian golden hamster pancreas and covalent binding of tritium labeled n nitroso 2 6 di methyl morpholine

Maiti, R.G., 1974:
Regeneration of terminal greenwood cuttings of some ornamental shrubs under auto humid chamber

Krawczynska W., 1983:
Regeneration of tetrahymena cilia under the influence of a dna ligand 4 6 di amidino 2 phenyl indole

K.C P., 1984:
Regeneration of the active zone at the frog rana pipiens neuro muscular junction

Feral J P., 1979:
Regeneration of the arms of the cuttlefish sepia officinalis cephalopoda sepioidea part 2 histological and cytological study

Shukla, R.C., 1977:
Regeneration of the basal melanocytes of the human skin

Miragall, F.; Rico, H.; Sentandreu, R., 1988:
Regeneration of the cell wall in protoplasts of Candida albicans. A cytochemical study using wheat germ agglutinin and concanavalin A

Gabriel M.; Kopecka M., 1983:
Regeneration of the cell wall of protoplasts of the fission yeast schizosaccharomyces versatilis in liquid media and their reversion to cells

Kawaguchi, S.; Miyata, H.; Kato, N., 1986:
Regeneration of the cerebellofugal projection after transection of the superior cerebellar peduncle in kittens: morphological and electrophysiological studies

Yamshchikov N.V., 1983:
Regeneration of the chick embryo myo cardium after the effect of cyclo phosphamide

Ripamonti U.; Petit J C.; Lemmer J.; Austin J.C., 1987:
Regeneration of the connective tissue attachment on surgically exposed roots using a fibrin fibronectin adhesive system an experimental study on the baboon papio ursinus

Yamanaka H.; Eguchi G., 1981:
Regeneration of the cornea in adult newts triturus pyrrhogaster overall process and behavior of epithelial cells

Niwa, S.; Jikihara, S.; Funahashi, M., 1981:
Regeneration of the damaged chamber angle in rabbit

Kishida Y.; Asai E., 1980:
Regeneration of the distal part of the pharynx of the fresh water planarian dugesia japonica japonica

Marbey D.A.; Browner R.H., 1987:
Regeneration of the eighth nerve fibers after transection in the red eared turtle chrysemys scripta elegans

Shelton, P.M.; Pfannenstiel, H.D.; Wachmann, E., 1983:
Regeneration of the eye margin in Periplaneta americana (Insecta, Blattodea)

Potashov, L.V.; Berlin, L.B.; Klimashevskii, V.F.; Sedov, V.M., 1976:
Regeneration of the gastric mucosa after a massive loss of blood

Johannisson, E.; Fournier, K.; Riotton, G., 1981:
Regeneration of the human endometrium and presence of inflammatory cells following diagnostic curettage

Pekkarinen M., 1984:
Regeneration of the inhalant siphon and siphonal sense organs of brackish water baltic sea macoma balthica lamellibranchiata tellinacea

Will Hofmann H., 1985:
Regeneration of the interior structures of the knee joint after meniscectomy experimental studies on the rabbit knee joint

Beketova T.P.; Lapish K.; Korolev V.V.; Kovach L., 1980:
Regeneration of the liver of weanling rats after allyl alcohol induced injury to the peri portal fields

Ono K.; Ohyama K.; Gamborg O.L., 1979:
Regeneration of the liverwort marchantia polymorpha from protoplasts isolated from cell suspension culture

Cho K.W.; Lee H.J.; Shim S.C., 1986:
Regeneration of the monooxygenating intermediate by hydrogen peroxide in bacterial bioluminescent reaction of vibrio fischeri

Loginov A.S.; Speranskii M.D.; Matyushina E.D.; Aruin L.I., 1980:
Regeneration of the mouse liver after partial hepatectomy under the effects of blood serum and extracts of human cirrhotic liver

Luciak, M.; Ziaja, K.; Kubicki, B.; Ginko, T., 1976:
Regeneration of the mucous membrane in duodenal defects closed with acryl adhesive and a loop of small intestine

Kliblei, M.Kh, 1975:
Regeneration of the myo cardium in adult rats under the effect of cobalt compounds

Malyshev, I.I., 1977:
Regeneration of the myo cardium of rabbit fetuses and new borns

Ogo K., 1988:
Regeneration of the nail in traumatic nail bed injuries

Liao M J.; London E.; Khorana H.G., 1983:
Regeneration of the native bacterio rhod opsin structure from 2 chymotryptic fragments

Nanda D.K.; Chaudhuri P.S., 1983:
Regeneration of the neuro secretory system of the nerve ring in earthworm metaphire peguana

Haider S.; Singh I.J., 1979:
Regeneration of the neuro secretory tract in hypophysectomized catfish ompok bimaculatus an in situ study

Page T.L., 1983:
Regeneration of the optic tracts and circadian pacemaker activity in the cockroach leucophaea maderae

Pelvat, B.; Emery, R., 1983:
Regeneration of the oral apparatus in stentor coeruleus 2. ultrastructural modifications in the macro nucleus

Shapkina A.V.; Ivanova V.F., 1986:
Regeneration of the pancreatic epithelium in organ cultures

Pavlov A.V., 1983:
Regeneration of the parathyroid glands after mechanical trauma to them

Pavlov, A.V.; Antipanova, E.M., 1986:
Regeneration of the parathyroid glands in experimental hyperthyroidism

Chumasov, E.I.; Chalisova, N.I., 1983:
Regeneration of the peripheral nerves in the lumen of implanted vessels

Lur'e, B.L., 1977:
Regeneration of the planaria polycelis nigra during destruction of biogenic mono amines by reserpine

Hanisch W.H.; Dunnill P., 1980:
Regeneration of the progesterone 11 alpha hydroxylase of rhizopus nigricans by the use of per iodate

Ormos J.; Bokhush K., 1980:
Regeneration of the proximal tubules of the kidneys experimental study using scanning electron microscopy

Paddock, J.K.; Lada, W.; Lowenstein, L.M., 1981:
Regeneration of the renal brush border after renal ischemia in rats

Andre, F.; Davant, N., 1977:
Regeneration of the reproductive system and differentiation of extragonadic germ cells in eisenia foetida

Schmidt J.G.H.; Mansfeld Nies R.; Nies C., 1986:
Regeneration of the retina and vitreous body after extraction of intravitreal copper particles

Cat, T.N.; Uyen, N.V., 1976:
Regeneration of the rice plant from root derived callus tissue

Barlow P.W.; Hines E.R., 1982:
Regeneration of the root cap of zea mays and pisum sativum a study with the scanning electron microscope

Botev N., 1981:
Regeneration of the root system of the european beech during the 1st year after planting the seedlings

Zyablov V.I.; Babanin A.A., 1981:
Regeneration of the severed sciatic nerve after experimental re connection

Alvarez, F.E.; Greco, R.S., 1980:
Regeneration of the spleen after ectopic implantation and partial splenectomy

Shimizu Y., 1984:
Regeneration of the subtropical evergreen broad leaved forest at chichijima in the bonin ogasawara japan islands with reference to an environmental gradient and canopy gaps

Ahmad, M.; Billett, F.S., 1977:
Regeneration of the tail of x irradiated xenopus laevis tadpoles

Greenstein, B.D.; Fitzpatrick, F.T.; Kendall, M.D.; Wheeler, M.J., 1987:
Regeneration of the thymus in old male rats treated with a stable analogue of LHRH

Korolev, R.V., 1976:
Regeneration of the thyroid gland after its resection in dogs

Borkowski, A., 1980:
Regeneration of the ureter and the renal pelvis from transversely transected and anastomosed strip of the ureteral wall 2. clinical study

Busch, L.C.; Winterhager, E.; Fischer, B., 1986:
Regeneration of the uterine epithelium in later stages of pseudopregnancy in the rabbit. An ultrastructural study

Simakov-Yu, G., 1978:
Regeneration of the vacuolar apparatus in the infusorian spirostomum ambiguum

Siepmann R., 1981:
Regeneration of thin roots of spruce picea abies and invasion by fungi in the soil

Chesterfield C.J.; Parsons R.F., 1985:
Regeneration of three tree species in arid southeastern australia

Fraker, P.J.; Depasquale-Jardieu, P.; Zwickl, C.M.; Luecke, R.W., 1978:
Regeneration of thymus derived cell helper function in zinc deficient adult mice

Wilson J.W.; Grange R.I., 1984:
Regeneration of tissues in wounded stems a quantitative study

Einset J.W.; Cheng A., 1979:
Regeneration of tobacco nicotiana tabacum plants from crown gall tumors

von Melchner, H.; Bartlett, P.F., 1981:
Regeneration of transplanted allogeneic hemopoietic progenitor cells in mouse spleen organ cultures

Trinkaus Randall V., 1982:
Regeneration of transplanted chelae in 2 species of fiddler crabs uca pugilator and uca pugnax

Sharma V.K.; Banerjee S.P., 1979:
Regeneration of tritiated ouabain binding to sodium ion potassium ion atpase in chemically sympathectomized cat peripheral organs

Suzuki, E., 1980:
Regeneration of tsuga sieboldii forest 2. 2 cases of regenerations occurred about 260 and 50 years ago

Suzuki, E., 1981:
Regeneration of tsuga sieboldii forests 4. temperate conifer forests of kubotani yama japan and its adjacent area

Wakhlu A.K.; Bajwa P.S., 1986:
Regeneration of uniform plants from somatic embryos of papaver somniferum opium poppy

Kanda, M.; Kikuchi, S.; Takaiwa, F.; Oono, K., 1988:
Regeneration of variant plants from rice oryza sativa l. protoplasts derived from long term cultures

Baayen R.P., 1986:
Regeneration of vascular tissues in relation to fusarium wilt resistance of carnation

Dawson P.; Weste G.; Ashton D., 1985:
Regeneration of vegetation in the brisbane ranges after fire and infestation by phytophthora cinnamomi

Hamann O., 1979:
Regeneration of vegetation on sante fe and pinta islands galapagos ecuador after the eradication of goats

Barlass M.; Skene K.G.M.; Woodham R.C.; Krake L.R., 1982:
Regeneration of virus free grapevines vitis vinifera cultivar cabernet franc using in vitro apical culture

Murakishi, H.H.; Carlson, P.S., 1976:
Regeneration of virus free plants from dark green islands of tobacco mosaic virus infected tobacco leaves

White J.L., 1982:
Regeneration of virus free plants from yellow green areas and tobacco mosaic virus induced enations of nicotiana tomentosa

Rao S.; Ram H.Y.M., 1981:
Regeneration of whole plants from cultured root tips of limnophila indica

Meijer E.G.M.; Broughton W.J., 1981:
Regeneration of whole plants from hypocotyl derived root derived and leaf derived tissue cultures of the pasture legume stylosanthes guyanensis cultivar cook

Thanutong P., 1986:
Regeneration of whole plants from mesophyll protoplasts of tomato lycopersicon esculentum

Kakkar M.; Ram H.Y.M., 1986:
Regeneration of whole plants from tissue cultures of the tropical aquatic legume neptunia oleracea

Stefaniak B.; Zenkteler M., 1982 :
Regeneration of whole plants of geranium pelargonium spp from petioles cultured in vitro

Bystrykh L.V.; Bykovskaya S.V.; Trotsenko Y.A., 1986:
Regeneration of xylulose 5 phosphate in the dihydroxyacetone cycle of methanol assimilation in yeasts

Field R.J.; Jayaweera C.S., 1985:
Regeneration of yarrow achillea millefolium rhizomes as influenced by rhizome age fragmentation and depth of soil burial

Kamo K.K.; Becwar M.R.; Hodges T.K., 1985:
Regeneration of zea mays from embryogenic callus

Athias-Binche, F., 1987:
Regeneration pattern of mediterranean ecosystems after fire the case of some soil arthropods 3. uropodid mites

Smale M.C.; Kimberley M.O., 1983:
Regeneration patterns in beilschmiedia tawa dominant forest at rotoehu new zealand

Stewart G.H.; Veblen T.T., 1982:
Regeneration patterns in southern rata metrosideros umbellata and kamahi weinmannia racemosa forest in central westland new zealand

Athias-Binche, F.; Saulnier, L., 1986:
Regeneration patterns of mediterranean ecosystems after fire the case of some soil arthropods 1. introduction studied plots

Saulnier, L.; Athias-Binche, F., 1986:
Regeneration patterns of mediterranean ecosystems after fire the case of some soil arthropods 2. myriapoda

Scott M.L.; Murphy P.G., 1987:
Regeneration patterns of northern cedar an old growth forest dominant

Svajger A.; Kostovic Knezevic L.; Bradamante Z.; Levak Svajger B., 1979:
Regeneration phenomena in rat auricular cartilage transplanted under kidney capsule after digestion of matrix with elastase and hyaluronidase

Nakazawa, S., 1975:
Regeneration polarity in bryopsis plumosa

Sist, P.; Puig, H., 1987:
Regeneration population dynamics and dissemination of a palm from french guyana jessenia bataua ssp oligocarpa griseb. and h. wendl. balick

Hruskova H.; Hofbauer J.; Rauscherova L., 1987:
Regeneration process in lucerne under artificial conditions

Nakashizuka, T., 1983:
Regeneration process of climax beech fagus crenata forests 3. structure and development processes of sapling populations in different aged gaps

Nakashizuka, T., 1984:
Regeneration process of climax beech fagus crenata forests 4. gap formation

Nakashizuka, T., 1984:
Regeneration process of climax beech fagus crenata forests 5. population dynamics of beech in a regeneration process

Nakashizuka, T.; Numata, M., 1982:
Regeneration process of climax beech forests 1. structure of a beech forest with all undergrowth of sasa

Suzuki, E.; Ota, K.; Igarashi, T.; Fujiwara, K., 1987:
Regeneration process of coniferous forests in northern hokkaido japan i. abies sachalinensis forest and picea glehnii forest

Bardik Y.V.; Letov V.N.; Sutkovoi D.A., 1980:
Regeneration processes of damages in hepatic cells following irradiation with fast neutrons

Aruin L.I.; Smotrova I.A.; Ekisenina N.I.; Kurochkina O.K., 1983:
Regeneration processes of small intestinal mucosa in celiac disease in adults gluten enteropathy

Wilhelmi, G., 1976:
Regeneration promoting properties of tribenoside in ambystoma mexicanum

Kamatani A.; Ueno Y., 1980:
Regeneration rate and extent of phosphorus and silicon from decomposing phyto plankton assemblages

Wardle, P., 1978:
Regeneration status of some new zealand conifers with particular reference to libocedrus bidwillii in westland national park

Denisov A.B.; Mikhailov V.V., 1981:
Regeneration stimulus formation after submandibular salivary gland and liver injury in total sympathetic nervous system inhibition

Amalraj V.A., 1986:
Regeneration studies in balanites roxburghii pl

Hassan G.; Santeusanio G.; Bargagli A.M., 1986:
Regenerative activity in acute hepatitis a virus autoradiographic study after in vitro incorporation of tritiated thymidine

Delfino G., 1980:
Regenerative activity of the intercalary tract in the granular cutaneous glands of the yellow bellied toad bombina variegata pachypus amphibia anura discoglossidae experimental study under electron microscope

Fujikura K.; Inoue S., 1985:
Regenerative capability in hindlimb of xenopus laevis during ontogenetic development

Teshirogi, W.; Ishida, S.; Yamazaki, H., 1978:
Regenerative capacities of transverse pieces in 2 species of fresh water planarians dendrocoelopsis lactea and polycelis sapporo from aomori prefecture especially compared with those of the same species from hokkaido japan

Mookerjee S.; Chakraborti D.; Sinha S., 1979:
Regenerative capacity of isolated mid gastric annulus of hydra vulgaris by varying its cell quanta

Swanton, C.J.; Cavers, P.B., 1988:
Regenerative capacity of rhizomes and tubers from two populations of helianthus tuberosus l. jerusalem artichoke

Van Horn, D.L.; Sendele, D.D.; Seideman, S.; Buco, P.J., 1977:
Regenerative capacity of the corneal endothelium in rabbit and cat

Spirman N.; Sela B A.; Gitler C.; Calef E.; Schwartz M., 1984:
Regenerative capacity of the goldfish carassius auratus visual system is affected by antibodies specific to gangliosides injected intra ocularly

Fisyunov A.V.; Ostapenko N.A., 1979:
Regenerative capacity of the root system of acroptilon repens asteraceae in different soil moisture levels

Mahajan C.L.; Dheer T.R., 1982:
Regenerative capacity of the spleen in a splenectomized fish channa punctatus with related in investigations into changes in peripheral blood and hematopoiesis

Metzger, J.M.; Ganion, L.R.; Craig, B.W., 1986:
Regenerative capacity of transplanted cardiac muscle in the rat

Ivankovic S.; Kempf S.R., 1988:
Regenerative effects tetrachlorodecaoxide in bd ix rats after total body gamma irradiation

Ogihara M.; Ohnishi A.; Ogasawara H.; Hano H.; Horiguchi M., 1988:
Regenerative mechanism in bronchial cilia in patients with chronic bronchitis ultrastructural observation

Coca, A.; Bruguera, M.; Font, J.; Ingelmo, M.; Balcells-Gorina, A., 1982:
Regenerative nodular hyperplasia of the liver

Krichinskaya E.B.; Umari A., 1987:
Regenerative potency of starving planarians dugesia tigrini

Halloran G.M.; Pennell A.L., 1981:
Regenerative potential of barley grass hordeum leporinum

Harris D.; Davy A.J., 1986:
Regenerative potential of elymus farctus from rhizome fragments and seed

Browaeys Poly E., 1981:
Regenerative potentialities of the metathoracic wing of the stick insect sipyloidea sipylus insecta cheleutoptera

Nakamura, Y.; Saitoh, Y.; Yamamoto, I.; Fukuda, S.; Hashimoto, T., 1988:
Regenerative process of hyaline membrane disease. Electron microscopic, immunohistochemical, and biochemical study

Stephan Dubois F., 1981:
Regenerative processes after anterior amputation in the annelid tubifex tubifex

Ladd, H.W.; Broman, H.; O'Riain, M.D., 1982:
Regenerative processes in peripheral nerve injury: a new method for their evaluation

Matinyan L.A.; Nagapetyan K.O.; Mirzoyan V.S.; Naidin V.L.; Alakhverdyan A.G.; Trigoryan S.V., 1980:
Regenerative processes in the injured optic nerve in frogs under the effect of leucopain

Clausen, O.P.F.; Lindmo, T., 1976:
Regenerative proliferation of mouse epidermal cells following adhesive tape stripping micro flow fluorometry of isolated epidermal basal cells combined with tritiated thymidine incorporation and a stathmo kinetic method colcemid

Clausen, O.P.F., 1978:
Regenerative proliferation of mouse epidermal cells following application of a carcinogenic skin irritant 20 methyl cholanthrene micro flow fluorometric dna measurements and tritiated thymidine incorporation studies of isolated basal cells

Clausen O.P.F., 1979:
Regenerative proliferation of mouse epidermal cells following application of a skin irritant cantharidin flow micro fluorometric dna measurements and tritiated thymidine incorporation studies of isolated basal cells

Jungnickel, F., 1976:
Regenerative properties of isolated petioles of saintpaulia ionantha influenced by 6 benzylamino purine or alpha naphthalene acetic acid

Legendre P.; Cooke I.M.; Vincent J D., 1982:
Regenerative responses of long duration recorded intra cellularly from dispersed cell cultures of fetal mouse hypothalamus

Yanagawa, T.; Sakanishi, Y., 1980:
Regenerative studies on the excised bulb tissue of various tunicated bulbous ornamentals 2. morphological observations on bulblet formation from bulb scale segments

Koppel A.; Oja T., 1984:
Regime of diffuse solar radiation in an individual norway spruce picea abies crown

Gertsyk V.V.; Rode A.A., 1979:
Regimen and balance of moisture in individual layers of virgin chernozems under uncut steppe and oak forest

Scurr, J.H.; Coleridge-Smith, P.D.; Hasty, J.H., 1987 :
Regimen for improved effectiveness of intermittent pneumatic compression in deep venous thrombosis prophylaxis

Campbell, B.C.; Reid, J.L., 1985:
Regimen for the control of blood pressure and symptoms during clonidine withdrawal

Jordanov, T.; Tomova, T.; Dimova, I.; Gerasimova, S.; Getsov, I., 1980:
Regimen nutrition and obesity among the students from the vocational school hr. botev in the town of karlovo and m.i. kalinin in plovdiv bulgaria

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