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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 6283

Chapter 6283 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Section 7, Chapter 6283, Accession 006282000

Section 7, Chapter 6283, Accession 006282001

Holder N., 1988: Reformation of specific neuromuscular connections during axolotl limb regeneration evidence that the first contacts are correct

Section 7, Chapter 6283, Accession 006282003

Section 7, Chapter 6283, Accession 006282004

Holder N., 1987: Reformation of the pattern of neuromuscular connections in the regenerated axolotl hindlimb

Bjorklund, A.; Stenevi, U., 1977: Reformation of the severed septo hippocampal cholinergic pathway in the adult rat by transplanted septal neurons

Reddington R.W., 1981: Reformatted coronal display of upper abdominal computed tomography comparison with ultrasonography

Kennedy W.H., 1985: Reformatted imaging to define the intercommissural line for computed tomography guided stereotaxic functional neurosurgery

Beca E.T., 1981: Reformulation of psychiatric assistance reality and perspectives

Poletti C.E., 1983: Reformulation of the papez circuit absence of hippocampal influence on cingulate cortex unit activity in the primate

Tucker G.S., 1986: Refractile bodies in the inner segments of cones in the aging human retina

Goertz H D., 1987: Refractile bodies r bodies from the macronuclear killer particle caedibacter caryophila

Ogino N., 1980: Refraction and age distribution of hole type retinal detachment

Ingram, R. M., 1977: Refraction as a basis for screening children for squint and amblyopia

Walker C., 1979: Refraction as a means of predicting squint of amblyopia in preschool siblings of children known to have these defects

Lindner, D. P.; Poberii, I. A.; Stetsenko, O. N., 1976: Refraction as an index of the extent of differentiation of immuno competent cells

Alsbirk P.H., 1979: Refraction in adult west greenland eskimos a population study of spherical refractive errors including oculometric and familial correlations

Chukharev V.I., 1987: Refraction index change in bacteriorhodopsin photocycle

Bear J.C., 1980: Refraction near work and education a population study in newfoundland canada

Ingram R.M., 1979: Refraction of 1 year old children after atropine cycloplegia

Section 7, Chapter 6283, Accession 006282021

Section 7, Chapter 6283, Accession 006282022

Meyer, G. E.; Salinsky, M. C., 1977: Refraction of the rat estimation by pattern evoked visual cortical potentials

Lee J.A., 1980: Refractive and di electric properties of a chlorophyll protein complex light harvesting chlorophyll protein complex of chloroplast grana thylakoid membranes

Sivak, J. G.; Gilbert, P. W., 1976: Refractive and histological study of accommodation in 2 species of sharks ginglymostoma cirratum and carcharhinus milberti

Richards R.D., 1980: Refractive change in alloxan diabetic rabbits control by flavonoids 1

Fledelius H.C., 1987: Refractive change in diabetes mellitus around onset or when poorly controlled a clinical study

Vaughan D.G., 1982: Refractive change in hyper glycemia hyperopia not myopia

Section 7, Chapter 6283, Accession 006282029

Lepard, C. W., 1977: Refractive changes of normal and amblyopic eyes during growth and development

Wolffe, M., 1976: Refractive development in strabismic children

Donzis P., 1985: Refractive development of the human eye

Brungardt T.F., 1980: Refractive error stability of contact lens wearers

Dada V.K., 1986: Refractive error stress in the etiology of senile cataract

Laatikainen, L.; Erkkila, H., 1980: Refractive errors and other ocular findings in school children

Robb, R. M., 1977: Refractive errors associated with hem angiomas of the eyelids and orbit in infancy

Aine E., 1984: Refractive errors in a finnish rural population

Kubota N., 1981: Refractive errors in brazilian born japanese children

Anderson R.J., 1982: Refractive errors in patients with fundus flavimaculatus

Sieving, P. A.; Fishman, G. A., 1978: Refractive errors of retinitis pigmentosa patients

Yeung E.S., 1982: Refractive index and absorption detector for liquid chromatography based on fabry perot interferometry

Gabrys-Mizera, H., 1976: Refractive index determination of the cell wall and cytoplasm by interference microscopy

Section 7, Chapter 6283, Accession 006282043

Ninham, B. W.; Sammut, R. A., 1976: Refractive index of arrays of spheres and cylinders

Tiffany J.M., 1986: Refractive index of meibomian and other lipids

Sullivan R.J., 1983: Refractive index of the dispersed phase in oil in water emulsions its dependence on droplet size and aging

Shoji Y., 1979: Refractive index of the protoplasm in sea urchin eggs

Sands P.J., 1988: Refractive index within the lens of a goldfish eye determined from the paths of thin laser beams

Zavala E.Y., 1982: Refractive kerato plasty micro keratome evaluation

Akers P.H., 1983: Refractive kerato plasty tissue dyes and cryo protective solutions

Andrews D.M., 1981: Refractive kerato plasty with intra stromal hydrogel lenticular implants

Binder P.S., 1985: Refractive keratoplasty acute morphologic features

Bernitsky D.A., 1987: Refractive keratoplasty for disabling astigmatism after penetrating keratoplasty

Street D.A., 1987: Refractive keratoplasty in monkeys using intracorneal lenses of various refractive indexes

Grossman R.K., 1984: Refractive keratoplasty keratophakia in a nonhuman primate

Baumgartner S.D., 1985: Refractive keratoplasty lathing and cryopreservation

Grossman K.R., 1984: Refractive keratoplasty myopic keratomileusis in baboons papio cynocephalus

Merin S., 1980: Refractive power of premature children at infancy and early childhood

Low J.C., 1985: Refractive sectors in the visual field of the pigeon eye

Sakai, W. S.; Lamoureux, C. H., 1973: Refractive spherules in phloem of microsorium scolopendria and psilotum nudum

Wiesenfeld, Z.; Branchik, T., 1976: Refractive state and visual acuity in the hooded rat

Jacobs G.H., 1984: Refractive state depth of focus and accommodation of the eye of the california ground squirrel spermophilus beecheyi

Sivak J.G., 1979: Refractive state of the eye of a small diurnal mammal the ground squirrel

Howland H.C., 1987: Refractive state of the eye of the brown kiwi apteryx australis

Kaufman H.E., 1979: Refractive variation and donor tissue size in aphakic kerato plasty a prospective randomized study

Concato L., 1987: Refractive variations in patients submitted to surgical circling

De Kok L.J., 1986: Refractometric determination of sulfate and other anions in plants separated by high performance liquid chromatography

Medvedev V.A., 1981: Refractometric evaluation of membranolytic activity of exogenous aromatic compounds

Medvedev V.A., 1982: Refractometric evaluation of the membranolytic activity of alkyl derivatives and halogen derivatives of benzene

Muraviov, I. A.; Pshukov-Yu, H.; Berezhna, L. A.; Bohdanov, A. N., 1975: Refractometric method for determining dry residue and moisture in extracts of some types of plant raw material

Ivanov, I. E., 1976: Refractometric method for the determination of fat content in corn grain

Butto S.V., 1981: Refractometric method of determining essential oil in extracts from garden sage salvia officinalis

Naylor, J. M.; Kronfeld, D. S., 1977: Refractometry as a measure of the immuno globulin status of the new born dairy calf comparison with the zinc sulfate turbidity test and single radial immuno diffusion

Joseph S., 1983: Refractometry of fungi

Schwartz J., 1987: Refractoriness as a determinant of tachycardia inducibility in the right ventricle

Cuellar, H. S.; Cuellar, O., 1977: Refractoriness in female lizard reproduction a probable circannual clock

Follett B.K., 1988: Refractoriness in quail leads to a reduction in the photoperiodic drive on lh secretion

Sims M., 1981: Refractoriness of both uterus and mammary gland of the cow to prostaglandin f 2 alpha administration clinical implication

Zurabishvili G.G., 1980: Refractoriness of cardiac tissue and death mechanism of spiral wave sources in rabbit heart

Gardner, J. D.; Jow, N.; Kiino, D. R., 1975: Refractoriness of cation transport in turkey erythrocytes to stimulation by cyclic amp

Levin, G. Ya ; Sheremet'ev-Yu, A., 1977: Refractoriness of erythrocytes and platelets

Bielajew C., 1987: Refractoriness of neurons mediating intracranial self stimulation in the anterior basal forebrain

Miliaressis E., 1981: Refractoriness of neurons subserving circling following stimulation of the median raphe region in the rat

Zor, U.; Lamprecht, S. A.; Misulovin, Z.; Koch, Y.; Lindner, H. R., 1976: Refractoriness of ovarian adenylate cyclase to continued hormonal stimulation

Salzman E., 1985: Refractoriness of platelets to prostaglandins after infusion in rabbits

Schultz R.D., 1986: Refractoriness of rhesus monkeys macaca mulatta to repeated ovarian stimulation by exogenous gonadotropins is caused by nonprecipitating antibodies

Nordeen, S. K.; Young, D. A., 1978: Refractoriness of the cyclic amp response to adenosine and prostaglandin e 1 in thymic lymphocytes dependence on protein synthesis and energy providing substrates

Chiba A., 1980: Refractoriness of the cyclic amp response to catecholamines in rat parotid slices in vitro

Reuben R., 1980: Refractoriness of the slender loris loris tardigradus to plasmodium vivax

Shimizu Y., 1982: Refractoriness of tsh stimulated and prostaglandin e 2 stimulated iodine metabolism in cultured porcine thyroid cells evidence for refractoriness at the level of cyclic amp action

Yalla S.V., 1986: Refractoriness of urethral striated sphincter during voiding studies with afferent pudendal reflex arc stimulation in male subjects

Wollmann R.L., 1987: Refractoriness to a second episode of experimental myasthenia gravis correlation with achr concentration and morphologic appearance of the postsynaptic membrane

Wieslander S., 1988: Refractoriness to alpha interferon intron a in previously chemotherapy treated patients with chronic myelocytic leukemia

Coombs, R. R. A.; Devey, M. E.; Anderson, K. J., 1978: Refractoriness to anaphylactic shock after continuous feeding of cows milk to guinea pigs

Platia, M. P.; Bloomquist, G.; Williams, R. F.; Hodgen, G. D., 1984: Refractoriness to gonadotropin therapy how to distinguish ovarian failure vs. pseudoovarian resistance caused by neutralizing antibodies

Karsch F.J., 1984: Refractoriness to inductive day lengths terminates the breeding season of the suffolk ewe

Karsch F.J., 1985: Refractoriness to inhibitory day lengths initiates the breeding season of the suffolk ewe

Loudon, A. S. I.; Curlewis, J. D., 1987: Refractoriness to melatonin and short daylengths in early seasonal quiescence in the bennett's wallaby macropus rufogriseus rufogriseus

Tagliabue, A.; Mccoy, J. L.; Herberman, R. B., 1978: Refractoriness to migration inhibitory factor of macrophages of lipo poly saccharide nonresponder mouse strains

Harper, J. F.; Brooker, G., 1977: Refractoriness to muscarinic and adrenergic agonists in the rat parotid responses of cyclic amp and cyclic gmp

Section 7, Chapter 6283, Accession 006282104

Storb R., 1987: Refractoriness to random donor platelet transfusion in patients with aplastic anemia a multivariate analysis of data from 264 cases

Philo R.C., 1979: Refractoriness to the anti gonadotropic effects of melatonin in male hamsters and its interruption by exposure of the animals to long daily photoperiods

Section 7, Chapter 6283, Accession 006282107

Amron G., 1987: Refractory afferent loop problems percutaneous transhepatic management of two cases

Bauters F., 1988: Refractory anemia according to the fab classification a report on 69 cases

Section 7, Chapter 6283, Accession 006282110

Hollard D., 1984: Refractory anemia with excess blasts evidence for the evolution of 2 groups in a population of 56 patients

Stud Aplast Refract Anemias Coop Group (Fr), 1979: Refractory anemia with excess of blast cells prognostic factors and effect of treatment with androgens or cytosine arabinoside results of a prospective trial in 58 patients

Muchi H., 1986: Refractory anemia with excess of blasts with major karyotypic abnormalities in childhood a case report

Najean, Y.; Pecking, A., 1977: Refractory anemia with excess of myelo blasts in the bone marrow a clinical trial of androgens in 90 patients

Section 7, Chapter 6283, Accession 006282115

Dieguez L., 1987: Refractory anemia with monosomy 2 and a double minute chromosome

Silver R.T., 1985: Refractory anemias pre leukemia and myelodysplasias

Guella R., 1982: Refractory ascites the leveen valve and a functionally intact internal jugular vein

Singh, R. B.; Singh, V. P.; Bajpai, H. S., 1975: Refractory cardiac arrhythmia due to hypo magnesemia

Evil'tis A.A., 1982: Refractory chronic circulatory insufficiency and ways to control it

Johnson, C. A.; Sobrinho, T. C. M.; Aziz, E. M.; Rogers, S. B., 1976: Refractory coagulopathy in an infant with loss of clotting proteins into ascitic fluid

Duus, B. R.; Philipsen, T.; Christensen, J. D.; Lundvall, F.; Sondergaard, J., 1985: Refractory condylomata acuminata a controlled clinical trial of carbon dioxide laser vs. conventional surgical treatment

Section 7, Chapter 6283, Accession 006282123

Smith B.H., 1982: Refractory cushings disease caused by multi nodular acth cell hyperplasia

Et Al, 1987: Refractory cytopenias clinical course according to bone marrow cytology and cellularity

Section 7, Chapter 6283, Accession 006282126

Peppercorn M.A., 1985: Refractory distal ulcerative colitis responsive to 5 aminosalicylate enemas

Bardhan K.D., 1984: Refractory duodenal ulcer

Moloney W.C., 1984: Refractory dys myelopoietic anemia and acute leukemia

Singal P.K., 1987: Refractory heart failure and age related differences in adriamycin induced myocardial changes in rats

Orthmann Brask H., 1981: Refractory hyper calcemia presumably caused by metastasizing carcinoma of the prostate

Section 7, Chapter 6283, Accession 006282132

Westmark E.R., 1979: Refractory hypo glycemia associated with a mal positioned umbilical artery catheter

Maron, B. J.; Shahidi, N. T., 1970: Refractory hypochromic anemia in malignant lymphoma

Section 7, Chapter 6283, Accession 006282135

Mcgraw C.A., 1979: Refractory infantile diarrhea due to primary bile acid mal absorption

Maekawa T., 1988: Refractory myelodysplastic anemias with hypocellular bone marrow

Honjo I., 1988: Refractory otitis media with effusion a long term clinical study

Godfrey S., 1982: Refractory period after exercise induced asthma unexplained by respiratory heat loss

Godfrey S., 1983: Refractory period after hyper ventilation induced asthma

Harvey K., 1981: Refractory period field stimulation of right atria a method for studying presynaptic receptors in cardiac autonomic transmission

Godfrey S., 1983: Refractory period following induced asthma contributions of exercise and isocapnic hyper ventilation

Lehmann H.J., 1983: Refractory period impairment in sural nerves of diabetics

Kimura, J.; Yamada, T.; Rodnitzky, R. L., 1978: Refractory period of human motor nerve fibers

Lehmann, H. J.; Muche, H.; Schuett, P., 1977: Refractory period of human sural nerve action potential related to age in healthy probands

Borg J., 1984: Refractory period of single motor nerve fibers in man

Koehler H., 1981: Refractory period sensory conduction velocity and visual evoked potentials before and after hemo dialysis

Zeiss, C. R.; Lockey, R. F., 1976: Refractory period to aspirin in a patient with aspirin induced asthma

Section 7, Chapter 6283, Accession 006282149

Van-Dyke, T. E.; Offenbacher, S.; Place, D.; Dowell, V. R.; Jones, J., 1988: Refractory periodontitis mixed infection with bacteroides gingivalis and other unusual bacteroides species a case report

Shizgal P., 1981: Refractory periods and anatomical linkage of the substrates for lateral hypothalamic and peri aqueductal gray self stimulation

Janse M.J., 1987: Refractory periods dispersion and ventricular arrhythmias during acute ischemia

Section 7, Chapter 6283, Accession 006282153

Hamilton P.B., 1979: Refractory phagocytosis by chicken thrombocytes during afla toxicosis

Valerius N.H., 1979: Refractory pneumocystis carinii infection in chronic granulomatous disease successful treatment with granulocytes

Dor, J. F.; Mattei, J. F.; Mattei, M. G.; Giraud, F.; Mongin, M., 1977: Refractory sidero blastic anemia 3 cases with the same extra marker chromosome 47 marker positive

Celada, A.; Farquet, J. J.; Muller, A. F., 1977: Refractory sidero blastic anemia secondary to auto immune hemolytic anemia

Baker, A. L.; Rosenberg, I. H., 1978: Refractory sprue recovery after removal of nongluten dietary proteins

Holmes D.R.Jr, 1985: Refractory supraventricular tachycardia in the neonate treatment with temporary antitachycardial pacing

Griffith L.S.C., 1987: Refractory symptomatic ventricular tachycardia and ventricular fibrillation in elderly patients

Pang D., 1987: Refractory torticollis an uncommon complication of adenotonsillectomy

Mizgala H.F., 1980: Refractory variant angina controlled with combined drug therapy in a patient with a single coronary artery

Moran, J. M.; Talano, J. V.; Euler, D.; Moran, J. F.; Montoya, A.; Pifarre, R., 1977: Refractory ventricular arrhythmia the role of intra operative electro physiological study

Ross, A.; Deweese, J. A.; Yu, P. N., 1978: Refractory ventricular arrhythmias in a patient with mitral valve prolapse successful control with mitral valve replacement

Gustilo R.B., 1984: Refracture of bones of the forearm after plate removal

Benum P., 1986: Refracture of the hip rare after removal of fixation device

Magerl F., 1987: Refractures

Van Mourik J.C., 1985: Refractures of the femoral shaft

Mikkelsen S., 1985: Refraining from cigarette smoking before premedication does not decrease the risk of acid pulmonary aspiration during anesthesia

Divac J.M., 1986: Reframing transactional analytic therapy model of borderlines

Priepke, P. E.; Wei, L. S.; Nelson, A. I., 1976: Refrigerated storage of pre packaged salad vegetables

De-Barro-Cotta, J. T.; Campos, E. J., 1980: Refrigerating broiler carcasses 2. effects upon moisture content of tissues

Cotta, J. T. D.; Campos, E. J., 1981: Refrigerating broiler carcasses 3. effects on overall qualities and moisture of the meat

Balock J.W., 1985: Refrigeration as a quarantine treatment for fruits and vegetables infested with eggs and larvae of dacus dorsalis and dacus cucurbitae diptera tephritidae

Szyskowska A.M., 1985: Refrigeration experiments at the tissular model

Kok L.T., 1986: Refrigeration for maintenance of pteromalus puparum hymenoptera pteromalidae adult parasites

Petit, H.; Leys, D.; Skjeldal, O. H.; Caron, J. C.; Lambert, P.; Lehembre, P.; Hache, J. C., 1986: Refsum's disease correlations between epidemiologic clinical and biological features a report of six cases

Herndon, J. H. Jr ; Steinberg, D.; Uhlendorf, B. W.; Fales, H. M., 1969: Refsums disease characterization of the enzyme defect in cell culture human skin fibroblast

Flage T., 1979: Refsums disease eye manifestations in a patient treated with low phytol low phytanic acid diet

Bogousslavsky J., 1985: Refsums disease management by diet and plasmapheresis

Section 7, Chapter 6283, Accession 006282183

Abele L.G., 1982: Refuge design and island bio geographic theory effects of fragmentation

Mazokhin-Porshnyakov, G. A.; Ryazanova, G. I., 1987: Refuge searching behavior in larvae of the damsel fly calopteryx splendens harris. zygoptera

Markevich A.I., 1987: Refuge utilization and the nature of interrelations between specimens of the white edged rockfish sebastes taczanowskii scorpaeniformes sebastinae

Simonetti J., 1984: Refuge utilization by liolaemus nigromaculatus a compromise between predation risks and thermoregulatory requirements

Hardy, P. G.; Broadhurst, F. M., 1978: Refugee communities of carbonicola

Witman J.D., 1985: Refuges biological disturbance and rocky subtidal community structure in new england usa

Woodin, S. A., 1978: Refuges disturbance and community structure a marine soft bottom example

Kennedy V.S., 1982: Refuges for infaunal bivalves from blue crab callinectes sapidus predation in chesapeake bay usa

Wells J.B.J., 1983: Refuges from fish predation experiments with phytal meio fauna from the new zealand rocky inter tidal

Khokhryakov A.P., 1979: Refuges of the mesophyll relict elements of the flora of the northern part of the okhotsk coast and the upper kolyma basin russian sfsr ussr

Mclachlan A.J., 1988: Refugia and habitat partitioning among midges diptera chironomidae in rain pools

Grenier J.F., 1988: Refusal of reconstruction after mastectomy for breast cancer

Reich T., 1982: Refutation of the general single locus model for the etiology of schizophrenia

Winkel, F. W.; Huismans, S. E., 1986: Refutational messages on donor cards a test of boomerang effects

Wiberg J.S., 1979: Rega protein of bacterio phage t 4d identification schedule of synthesis and autogenous regulation

Knyazeva N.A., 1985: Regaining consciousness after prolonged coma in patients with a severe craniocerebral trauma

IIda N., 1988: Regaloside a and b acylated glycerol glucosides from lilium regale

Section 7, Chapter 6283, Accession 006282201

Section 7, Chapter 6283, Accession 006282202

Chalumeau F., 1982: Regarding a definition dynastes tityus coleoptera scarabaeidae dynastinae

Granier J., 1982: Regarding a tooth of equus hydruntinus mammalia perissodactyla of the recent loess of collias grad france

Lett, B. T., 1977: Regarding roberts reported failure to obtain visual discrimination learning with delayed reward

Welker, R. L.; Mcauley, K., 1978: Regarding the functional equivalence of response independent events and extinction

Chyi Y.S., 1984: Regarding the novelty and breeding value of protoplast derived variants of russet burbank solanum tuberosum

Horn M., 1979: Regarding the optimality of the formula n o over n equals square root of p for the ratio of sample sizes of a control and of p treated groups

Section 7, Chapter 6283, Accession 006282209

Section 7, Chapter 6283, Accession 006282210

Barlow, B. A., 1987: Regelia punicea new combination n. byrnes barlow myrtaceae from the northern territory australia phytogeographic implications

Turk V., 1988: Regen program for designing gene assembly

Wagner F.W., 1979: Regenerable affinity chromatography support

Section 7, Chapter 6283, Accession 006282214

Cooper S., 1987: Regenerate bone an assessment of digital manifestations

Gross J., 1986: Regenerate epithelium and skin glands of the adult newt notophthalmus viridescens react to the same monoclonal antibody

Mshvidobadze, M. V., 1977: Regenerate re mineralization in allo transplantation of sterilized bones

Nishi A., 1980: Regenerated cell wall of carrot daucus carota cultivar kintoki protoplasts isolated from suspension cultured cells

Mihara M., 1984: Regenerated cutaneous nerves in human epidermal and subepidermal regions an electron microscopy study

Cohen A.H., 1988: Regenerated fibers of the lamprey spinal cord can coordinate fictive swimming in the presence of curare

Adler E.A., 1981: Regenerated human mandibular condyle

Bellomi A., 1982: Regenerated middle ear mucosa after tympano plasty

Section 7, Chapter 6283, Accession 006282223

Section 7, Chapter 6283, Accession 006282224

Model P.G., 1988: Regenerating afferent fibers stimulate the recovery of mauthner cell dendritic branching in the axolotl

Krasne, F. B.; Lee, S. H., 1977: Regenerating afferents establish synapses with a target neuron that lacks its cell body

Polonyi, J.; Kapeller, K.; Mraz, P., 1977: Regenerating autonomic nerve in experiment part 1 ultrastructure of regenerating axons proximal to the lesion

Carlstedt T., 1985: Regenerating axons from nerve terminals at astrocytes

Diamond J., 1981: Regenerating axons reclaim sensory targets from collateral nerve sprouts

Shteyer A., 1988: Regenerating bone marrow produces a potent growth promoting activity to osteogenic cells

Vartapetyan V.V., 1985: Regenerating capacity of wild apple tree species after winter damage

Dahl D., 1984: Regenerating dorsal roots and the nerve entry zone an immuno fluorescence study with neuro filament and laminin anti sera

Stein Izsak C., 1985: Regenerating fish optic nerves and a regeneration like response in injured optic nerves of adult rabbits

Kimhi Y., 1982: Regenerating goldfish retinal explants induction and maintenance of neurites by conditioned medium from cells originated in the nervous system

Section 7, Chapter 6283, Accession 006282235

Robinsin P.P., 1984: Regenerating nerve fibers do not displace the collateral reinnervation of cat teeth

Brewer W.H., 1986: Regenerating nodules in cirrhosis sonographic appearance with anatomic correlation

Imawari M., 1987: Regenerating nodules of liver cirrhosis mr imaging

Daub M.E., 1988: Regenerating protoplasts from cercospora and neurospora differ in their response to cercosporin

Starzl T.E., 1984: Regenerating rat liver correlations between estrogen receptor localization and dna synthesis

Section 7, Chapter 6283, Accession 006282241

Nagano K. , 1987: Regenerating retinal fibers of the goldfish make temporary and unspecific but functional synapses before forming the final retinotopic projection

Bator S., 1985: Regenerating rib cartilage tentatively used as a source of chondrocytes for transplantation

Section 7, Chapter 6283, Accession 006282244

Loftis D.L., 1983: Regenerating southern appalachian usa mixed hardwood stands with the shelterwood method

Zahn-Daimler, G.; Mueller, W. E. G.; Kurelec, B.; Rijavec, M.; Zahn, R. K., 1975: Regenerating sponge cubes as a model in the impact evaluation of intermittent city and factory waste pollution

Section 7, Chapter 6283, Accession 006282247

Paschke J.L., 1987: Regenerating wet sites with bare root and containerized loblolly pine seedlings

Hard Af Segerstad C., 1987: Regeneration ability of fungiform papillae and taste buds in rats

Section 7, Chapter 6283, Accession 006282250

Zohar, Y.; Waisel, Y.; Karschon, R., 1978: Regeneration after cutting and the role of ligno tubers in the regeneration of eucalyptus occidentalis

Baird, A. M., 1977: Regeneration after fire in kings park perth western australia

Tada, K., 1980: Regeneration and adhesion of the tendon 7. influence of the vincula on regeneration of the tendon

Randall, J. B., 1981: Regeneration and autotomy exhibited by the black widow spider latrodectus variolus 1. the legs

Mumma R.O., 1983: Regeneration and biosynthesis of dytiscid defensive agents coleoptera dytiscidae

Jansen, J. K. S.; Nicholls, J. G., 1972: Regeneration and changes in synaptic connections between individual nerve cells in the central nervous system of the leech

De Groot B., 1988: Regeneration and characterization of plants from potato root lines transformed by agrobacterium rhizogenes

Kohyama T., 1984: Regeneration and coexistence of 2 abies species dominating subalpine forests in central japan

Noethiger R., 1979: Regeneration and compartments in drosophila

Akhabadze, L. V.; Akhobadze, V. V., 1977: Regeneration and compensation in the light of the systems theory

Tan B.H., 1979: Regeneration and cytological studies of anther and pollen calli of di ha ploid solanum tuberosum

Hiller, U., 1977: Regeneration and degeneration of setae bearing sensilla in the scales of the gekkonid lizard tarentola mauritanica

Manabe M., 1987: Regeneration and degradation of basal lamina associated anionic sites in vitro

Shimamura, S., 1978: Regeneration and development of young plants in some species of mosses

Section 7, Chapter 6283, Accession 006282265

Khairutdinova Yu A., 1986: Regeneration and dna synthesis in cultures of the rat cardiac ventricles after the lesions of the cell layer

Al-Barwari, S. E.; Potten, C. S., 1976: Regeneration and dose response characteristics of irradiated mouse dorsal epidermal cells

Hofmann, D. K., 1976: Regeneration and endocrinology in the polychaete platynereis dumerilii an experimental and structural study

Creutzig H., 1983: Regeneration and function of autologous splenic grafts in pigs

Olarinmoye S.O., 1981: Regeneration and gemma development in hyophila crenulata

Ewel K.C., 1986: Regeneration and growth after logging florida usa pond cypress taxodium distichum var nutans domes

Bernier P.Y., 1987: Regeneration and growth of lodgepole pine in small openings in the alberta foothills canada

Section 7, Chapter 6283, Accession 006282273

Brightman M.W., 1979: Regeneration and myelination in autonomic ganglia transplanted to intact brain surfaces

Salo, E.; Baguna, J., 1984: Regeneration and pattern formation in planarians 1. the pattern of mitosis in anterior and posterior regeneration in dugesia tigrina and a new proposal for blastema formation

Hughes K.W., 1979: Regeneration and photo reactivation after uv irradiation of moss cells

Gispen W.H., 1983: Regeneration and protein synthesis in the spinal cord influence of acth like peptides of cell free protein synthesis

Section 7, Chapter 6283, Accession 006282278

Reier, P. J.; Webster, H. D. F., 1974: Regeneration and re myelination of xenopus laevis tadpole optic nerve fibers following transection or crush

D'amato C.J., 1982: Regeneration and recovery in the fetal nervous system after radiation injury

Section 7, Chapter 6283, Accession 006282281

Miguet J M., 1980: Regeneration and restoration of the native forests of la reunion mascarenes

Section 7, Chapter 6283, Accession 006282283

Shemie S., 1982: Regeneration and retrograde degeneration of axons in the rat optic nerve

Fevre M., 1985: Regeneration and reversion of protoplasts from different species of penicillium

Stephan Dubois F., 1984: Regeneration and seasonal variations of the copulatory apparatus in the planarian polycelis tenuis

Soemarna K., 1986: Regeneration and standing stock study on logged over area in labanan forest complex forest district of berau east kalimantan indonesia

Tripathi R.S., 1986: Regeneration and survival of tree seedlings and sprouts in tropical deciduous and sub tropical forests of meghalaya india

Skeen, J. N., 1976: Regeneration and survival of woody species in a naturally created forest opening

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Yokomuro, K.; Miyahara, S.; Takahashi, H.; Kimura, Y., 1983: Regeneration and the immune system 2. suppressor activities of lymphocytes activated in vivo by liver regeneration and their genetic control

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Section 7, Chapter 6283, Accession 006282560

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Section 7, Chapter 6283, Accession 006282565

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Section 7, Chapter 6283, Accession 006282573

Section 7, Chapter 6283, Accession 006282574

Section 7, Chapter 6283, Accession 006282575

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Section 7, Chapter 6283, Accession 006282580

Section 7, Chapter 6283, Accession 006282581

Section 7, Chapter 6283, Accession 006282582

Section 7, Chapter 6283, Accession 006282583

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Section 7, Chapter 6283, Accession 006282587

Section 7, Chapter 6283, Accession 006282588

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Section 7, Chapter 6283, Accession 006282627

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Section 7, Chapter 6283, Accession 006282705

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Section 7, Chapter 6283, Accession 006282768

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Section 7, Chapter 6283, Accession 006282827

Section 7, Chapter 6283, Accession 006282828

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Section 7, Chapter 6283, Accession 006282830

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Section 7, Chapter 6283, Accession 006282834

Section 7, Chapter 6283, Accession 006282835

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Section 7, Chapter 6283, Accession 006282850

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Section 7, Chapter 6283, Accession 006282853

Section 7, Chapter 6283, Accession 006282854

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Section 7, Chapter 6283, Accession 006282981

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