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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 6284

Chapter 6284 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Semenova Tyan Shanskaya A.A., 1981: Regimen of protection of the plant cover in the reserve territories

Konstantinov V.D., 1986: Regimen of soil and ground waters and runoff in forests and swamps of the enisey basin in western siberia russian sfsr ussr

Kostina E.L.; Dmitriev A.A.; Grigoryan S.A., 1979: Regimen of supporting hemo dialysis in patients with chronic renal insufficiency depending on the form of terminal uremia and residual kidney function

Gunin P.D.; Dedkov V.P., 1984: Regimen of temperature air humidity and wind in phytocenoses of the trans altai gobi mongolia

Ryabukha A.S., 1980: Regimen of underground water level in pine forests of the ukrainian polesye ussr in sparse and close drainage network

Mckinnon R.I., 1984: Regimen rejection the patients decision a study of the effects of education and motivation on compliance

Kida A.; Kawamura S.; Yokode Y.; Furusaka T.; Hasegawa H.; Saito Y.; Aoyagi M., 1985: Regimen used in combination with conventional therapeutic procedures in maxillary sinus cancer

Abramyan A.S., 1980: Regimens of the regulation of the blood circulating system during change of volume of circulating blood

Gavristov A.V.; Zhitskaya E.A.; Churakova A.B., 1986: Regimes for combined cultivation of microorganisms producing hydrolytic enzymes

Philipsen H., 1983: Regimes for dilution of bull semen to obtain 20 million sperm per dose

Ohta, H.; Ozaki, K.; Tsuchihashi, G. I., 1986: Regio and enantio selective reduction of alpha gamma diketones by fermenting bakers' yeast

Belanger A.; Philibert D.; Teutsch G., 1981: Regio and stereospecific synthesis of 11 beta substituted 19 norsteroids influence of 11 beta substitution on progesterone receptor affinity

Bongini A.; Cardillo G.; Orena M.; Porzi G.; Sandri S., 1982: Regio controlled and stereo controlled synthesis of epoxy alcohols and triols from allylic and homo allylic alcohols via iodo carbonates

Ekhato I.V.; Robinson C.H., 1986: Regio controlled synthesis of 4 alpha tritritiated methyl 5 alpha cholestan 3 beta ol

Trost B.M.; Rivers G.T.; Gold J.M., 1980: Regio controlled synthesis of hydroxy phthalides synthesis of racemic iso ochracinic acid and a zearalenone intermediate

Kinney W.A.; Crouse G.D.; Paquette L.A., 1983: Regio controlled synthesis of mono substituted di substituted and tri substituted cyclo hexenones by cyclo addition of vinyl sulfones to 1 methoxy 3 trimethylsilyloxy 1 3 butadienes conversion of alkenes into effective dienophilic reagents

Testa, B.; Buenzli, J. C.; Purcell, W. P., 1978: Regio electronic factors in metabolic hydroxylation of aliphatic carbon atoms

Rajtova, V.; Horakova, A., 1982: Regio hypothalamica intermedia in ovis aries 3. nucleus tuberomamillaris

Najera C.; Baldo B.; Yus M., 1988: Regio selective and stereo selective synthesis of beta sulfonyl alpha beta unsaturated carbonyl compounds via an iodosulfonylation dehydroiodination reaction

Jojima T.; Takeshiba H.; Kinoto T.; Kondo Y., 1980: Regio selective synthesis of 4 aryloxy 2 chloro pyrimidines and their herbicidal activity

Irwin, A. J.; Jones, J. B., 1977: Regio specific and enantio selective horse liver alcohol dehydrogenase catalyzed oxidations of some hydroxy cyclo pentanes

Oka, K.; Hara, S., 1978: Regio specific beckmann rearrangement of 3 oxo 4 ene steroid oximes

Peterson L.A.; Castagnoli N.Jr, 1988: Regiochemical and stereochemical studies on the alpha carbon oxidation of s nicotine by cytochrome p 450 model systems

Nemec J.; Rhoades J.M., 1983: Regiochemical aspects in reactions of 6 azauridine dialdehyde

Kende A.S.; Curran D.P., 1979: Regiochemical control in di hydro phenanthrene synthesis a photochemical total synthesis of juncusol

Mcinnes A.G.; Walter J.A.; Wright J.L.C., 1983: Regiochemical distribution of deuterium during fatty acid biosynthesis following incorporation of carbon 13 deuterium labeled acetate a carbon 13 nmr study of exchange desaturase and enoyl reductase stereospecificities in 3 algae and a yeast saccharomyces cerevisiae

Nelson W.L.; Olsen L.D.; Beitner D.B.; Pallow R.J.Jr, 1988: Regiochemistry and substrate stereoselectivity of o demethylation of verapamil in the presence of the microsomal fraction from rat and human liver

Baldwin S.W.; Wilson J.D.; Aube J., 1985: Regiochemistry in the intramolecular cycloadditions of substituted 5 alkenyl and 6 alkenyl nitrones

Mitra R.B.; Muljiani Z.; Padhye A.M.; Deshpande S.R., 1986: Regiochemistry of alkylation in substituted 1 2 4 triazoles

Marples B.A.; Saint C.G.; Traynor J.R., 1986: Regiochemistry of nucleophilic opening of beta substituted styrene oxides with thiolate anions model experiments in the synthesis of leukotriene analogs

Fathi T.; An N.D.; Schmitt G.; Cerutti E.; Laude B., 1988: Regiochemistry of the cycloadditions of diphenylnitrilimine to coumarin 3 ethoxycarbonyl and 3 acetylcoumarins a reinvestigation

Talaat R.E.; Nelson W.L., 1988: Regioisomeric aromatic dihydroxylation of propranolol synthesis and identification of 4 6 and 4 8 dihydroxypropranolol as metabolites in the rat and in man

Talaat R.E.; Nelson W.L., 1988: Regioisomeric aromatic dihydroxylation of propranolol use of monohydroxylated intermediates for structural assignments of the metabolites formed in vitro

Gustavson L.M.; Nelson W.L., 1988: Regioisomeric products of propranolol metabolism the monomethyl ethers of 3 4 dihydroxypropranolol and of 3 4 dihydroxypropranolol glycol

Abdel Aziz A.S.; Hamed M.K., 1979: Region by season age correction factors for adjusting milk records to their mature equivalents in young buffaloes

Wright S.E.; Bennett D.D., 1986: Region coding for subgroup specificity of envelope of avian retroviruses does not determine lymphomagenicity

Paulsen D.F.; Parker C.L.; Finch R.A., 1979: Region dependent capacity for limb chondrogenesis patterns of chondrogenesis in cultures from different regions of the developing chick wing

Kenyon D.J.; Raska K.Jr, 1986: Region e1a of highly oncogenic adenovirus 12 in transformed cells protects against nk but not lak cytolysis

Signas C.; Akusjarvi G.; Pettersson U., 1986: Region e3 of human adenoviruses differences between the oncogenic adenovirus 3 and the nononcogenic adenovirus 2

Matsushima A.; Yoshimura T.; Aki K., 1986: Region of cytochrome c interacting with yeast saccharomyces cerevisiae cytochrome b 2 determination with singly modified carboxydinitrophenylcytochromes c

Schechter, I., 1975: Region of immuno globulin light chain messenger rna transcribed into complementary dna by rna dependent dna polymerase of avian myeloblastosis virus

Lennon V.A.; Mccormick D.J.; Lambert E.H.; Griesmann G.E.; Atassi M.Z., 1985: Region of peptide 125 147 of acetylcholine receptor alpha subunit is exposed at neuromuscular junction and induces experimental autoimmune myasthenia gravis t cell immunity and modulating autoantibodies

Kay G.N.; Epstein A.E.; Plumb V.J., 1988: Region of slow conduction in sustained ventricular tachycardia direct endocardial recordings and functional characterization in humans

Horvath I.; Margoczi K., 1979: Region reconstruction of the tisza dead arm at lakitelek on the basis of the ecological investigations performed in toserdo hungary

Ahlenius S.; Carlsson A.; Hillegaart V.; Hjorth S.; Larsson K., 1987: Region selective activation of brain monoamine synthesis by sexual activity in the male rat

Kuhn, D. T.; Walker, F. C., 1978: Region specific aldehyde oxidase activity in tumorous head eye discs of drosophila melanogaster

Howard K.; Ingham P.; Rushlow C., 1988: Region specific alleles of the drosophila segmentation gene hairy

Giza P.E.; Schmit D.M.; Murr B.L., 1981: Region specific and strand specific mutagenesis of a recombinant plasmid

Petschek J.P.; Perrimon N.; Mahowlad A.P., 1987: Region specific defects in l 1 giant embryos of drosophila melanogaster

Levitt P.; Rakic P.; Goldman Rakic P., 1984: Region specific distribution of catecholamine afferents in primate cerebral cortex a fluorescence histochemical analysis

Natomi H.; Sugano K.; Iwamori M.; Takaku F.; Nagai Y., 1988: Region specific distribution of glycosphingolipids in the rabbit gastrointestinal tract preferential enrichment of sulfoglycolipids in the mucosal regions exposed to acid

Baker B.S.; Smith D.A.; Gatti M., 1982: Region specific effects on chromosome integrity of mutations at essential loci in drosophila melanogaster

Toth L.E.; Slawin K.L.; Pintar J.E.; Nguyen Huu M.C., 1987: Region specific expression of mouse homeobox genes in the embryonic mesoderm and central nervous system

Utset M.F.; Awgulewitsch A.; Ruddle F.H.; Mcginnis W., 1987: Region specific expression of two mouse homeo box genes

Nickells R.W.; Browder L.W., 1985: Region specific heat shock protein synthesis correlates with a biphasic acquisition of thermotolerance in xenopus laevis embryos

Groome N.P.; Dawkes A.; Gales M.; Hruby S.; Alvord E.C.Jr, 1986: Region specific immunoassays for human myelin basic protein

Stallcup M.R.; Washington L.D., 1983: Region specific initiation of mouse mammary tumor virus rna synthesis by endogenous rna polymerase ii in preparations of cell nuclei

Hardy, J.; Cowburn, R.; Barton, A.; Reynolds, G.; Lofdahl, E.; O'carroll, A. M.; Wester, P.; Winblad, B., 1987: Region specific loss of glutamate innervation in alzheimer's disease

Autillo Touati A.; Chamak B.; Araud D.; Vuillet J.; Seite R.; Prochiantz A., 1988: Region specific neuro astroglial interactions ultrastructural study of the in vitro expression of neuronal polarity

Tatematsu M.; Katsuyama T.; Nakanowatari J.; Hasegawa R.; Imaida K.; Fukushima S.; Ito N., 1982: Region specific patterns of mucin reaction demonstrated by paradoxical concanavalin a staining in normal colonic epithelium and in colo rectal cancers induced in rats by 1 2 di methyl hydrazine

Levy, J. N.; Goldberg, E. B., 1980: Region specific recombination in phage t 4 1. a special glucosyl dependent recombination system

Levy, J. N.; Goldberg, E. B., 1980: Region specific recombination in phage t 4 2. structure of the recombinants

Levy, J. N.; Goldberg, E. B., 1980: Region specific recombination in phage t 4 3. the effect of host mutations on glucosylation dependent recombination in bacterio phage t 4d

Zacharko R.M.; Bowers W.J.; Kokkinidis L.; Anisman H., 1983: Region specific reductions of intra cranial self stimulation after uncontrollable stress possible effects on reward processes

Schoelz J.; Shepherd R.J.; Daubert S., 1986: Region vi of cauliflower mosaic virus encodes a host range determinant

Guss B.; Uhlen M.; Nilsson B.; Lindberg M.; Sjoquist J.; Sjodahl J., 1984: Region x the cell wall attachment part of staphylococcal protein a

Driscoll P.; Dedek J.; Martin J.R.; Baettig K., 1980: Regional 5 hydroxy tryptamine analysis in roman high avoidance and low avoidance rats following mono amine oxidase

Ghazy F.S., 1981: Regional absorption of 2 different sulfa drugs from the rat small intestine

Dienel G.A., 1984: Regional accumulation of calcium in postischemic rat brain

Mackenzie, R. G.; Trulson, M. E., 1978: Regional accumulation of tryptophan and serotonin metabolism following tryptophan loading in diabetic rats

Jonasson L.; Holm J.; Skalli O.; Bondjers G.; Hansson G.K., 1986: Regional accumulations of t cells macrophages and smooth muscle cells in the human atherosclerotic plaque

Stavinoha, W. B.; Hosoya, E.; Maruyama, Y.; Modak, A. T., 1977: Regional acetyl choline content in mouse brain after morphine tablet implantation

Durkin, T.; Ayad, G.; Ebel, A.; Mandel, P., 1977: Regional acetyl choline turnover rates in the brains of 3 inbred strains of mice correlation with some interstrain behavioral differences

Ghajar J.B.G.; Gibson G.E.; Duffy T.E., 1985: Regional acetylcholine metabolism in brain during acute hypoglycemia and recovery

Brazier, M. A. B., 1970: Regional activities within the human hippocampus and hippocampal gyrus

Rahman T.A., 1987: Regional activity of acetylcholinesterase in the brain of three mammalian species

Yamada S.; Isogai M.; Okudaira H.; Hayashi E., 1983: Regional adaptation of muscarinic receptors and choline uptake in brain following repeated administration of dfp and atropine

Krakower G.R.; James R.G.; Arnaud C.; Etienne J.; Keller R.H.; Kissebah A.H., 1988: Regional adipocyte precursors in the female rat influence of ovarian factors

Shehata W.M.; Meyer R.L.; Jazy F.K.; Cormier W.J.; Welling R.E., 1987: Regional adjuvant irradiation for adenocarcinoma of the cecum

Bhumralkar C.M.; Mancuso R.L.; Wolf D.E.; Johnson W.B.; Pankrath J., 1981: Regional air pollution model for calculating short term daily patterns and trans frontier exchanges of airborne sulfur in europe

Nochumson D.H., 1983: Regional air quality in the four corners study region usa

Maggi A.; Enna S.J., 1980: Regional alterations in rat brain neuro transmitter systems following chronic lithium treatment

Seegal R.F.; Brosch K.O.; Bush B., 1986: Regional alterations in serotonin metabolism induced by oral exposure of rats to polychlorinated biphenyls

Dubas, T. C.; Stevenson, A.; Singhal, R. L.; Hrdina, P. D., 1978: Regional alterations of brain biogenic amines in young rats following chronic lead exposure

Baksi S.N.; Hughes M.J., 1982: Regional alterations of brain catecholamines by lead ingestion in adult rats influence of dietary calcium

Mutti A.; Falzoi M.; Romanelli A.; Franchini I., 1984: Regional alterations of brain catecholamines by styrene exposure in rabbits

Piatkowski J.; Schumacher G.H., 1984: Regional alterations of the chemical composition in the lower jaw after diminution of the tongue

Piatkowski, J.; Schumacher, G. H., 1985: Regional alterations of the chemical composition in the lower jaw after diminution of the tongue 3. distribution of phosphorus calcium and nitrogen in the cortex of the lower jaw

Allen J.L.; Frantz I.D.IIi; Fredberg J.J., 1985: Regional alveolar pressure during periodic flow dual manifestations of gas inertia

Chapman A.G.; Halsey M.J.; Hart G.P.; Luff N.P.; Meldrum B.S.; Wardley Smith B., 1986: Regional amino acid concentration in the brains of rats exposed to high pressures

Butterworth R.F.; Merkel A.D.; Landreville F., 1982: Regional amino acid distribution in relation to function in insulin hypo glycemia

Mans A.M.; Dejoseph M.R.; Davis D.W.; Hawkins R.A., 1987: Regional amino acid transport into brain during diabetes effect of plasma amino acids

Wilson I.H.; Richmond M.N.; Strike P.W., 1986: Regional analgesia with bupivacaine in dental anesthesia

Thompson W.R.; Smith P.T.; Hirst M.; Varkey G.P.; Knill R.L., 1981: Regional analgesic effect of epidural morphine in volunteers

Taguchi H.; Tachibana K.; Uchida M., 1987: Regional analgesic effect of epidural morphine its evaluation using pain sensation produced with electrical stimulation

Beyer-Mears, A.; Farnsworth, P. N.; Fu, S. C. J.; Yeh, C. K., 1978: Regional analyses of the reversal process in the neo natal galactose cataract

Springer J.E.; Tayrien M.W.; Loy R., 1987: Regional analysis of age related changes in the cholinergic system of the hippocampal formation and basal forebrain of the rat

Rigter H.; Messing R.B.; Vasquez B.J.; Jensen R.A.; Martinez J.L.Jr; Crabbe J.C.Jr; Mcgaugh J.L., 1979: Regional analysis of brain opiate receptors in rats with hereditary hypothalamic diabetes insipidus

Bykov, B. A., 1975: Regional analysis of flora and botanico geographical regionalization of the kazakh ssr ussr

Strong R.; Waymire J.C.; Samorajski T.; Gottesfeld Z., 1984: Regional analysis of neostriatal cholinergic and dopaminergic receptor binding and tyrosine hydroxylase activity as a function of aging

Cosgrove J.W.; Atack J.R.; Rapoport S.I., 1987: Regional analysis of rat brain proteins during senescence

Murakami K I.; Hoshino K., 1982: Regional anatomical nomenclature and arthroscopic terminology in human temporo mandibular joints

Bacon B.J.; Gilbert R.D.; Longo L.D., 1986: Regional anatomy of the term human placenta

Ishii T., 1980: Regional and age related variations in solubility and fluoride concentration on the surface of human tooth enamel

Shiga N., 1982: Regional and annual variations in abundance of an appendicularian oikopleura labradoriensis in the bearing sea and the northern north pacific ocean during summer

Mueller L.; Mares V.; Sykorova J.; Biesold D., 1985: Regional and cellular differences in fucosylation of glycomacromolecules in the mouse brain a biochemical and autoradiographic study of early postnatal and adolescent animals

Shahbazian F.M.; Jacobs M.; Lajtha A., 1986: Regional and cellular differences in rat brain protein synthesis in vivo and in slices during development

Grider J.R.; Makhlouf G.M., 1987: Regional and cellular heterogeneity of cholecystokinin receptors mediating muscle contraction in the gut

Norlen, K.; Rentzhog, L.; Wikstrom, S., 1978: Regional and central hemodynamics during segmental ischemia of the small intestine in the rat

Entz, B., 1976: Regional and circadian oxygen determinations in lake balaton concerning the eutrophication of the lake

Luabeya M.; Maloteaux J M.; Laduron P.M., 1984: Regional and cortical laminar distributions of serotonin s 2 benzodiazepine muscarinic and dopamine d 2 receptors in human brain

Helm G.; Owman C.; Rosengren E.; Sjoberg N O., 1982: Regional and cyclic variations in catecholamine concentration of the human fallopian tube

Monge M.; Zalc B.; Kanfer J., 1988: Regional and developmental estimations of udp galactose ceramide galactosyltransferase activity in the rat brain

Skocek, V., 1976: Regional and geological interpretation of organic matter coalification on the late paleozoic sediments of the bohemian massif czechoslovakia

Weiss A.T.; Engel S.; Gotsman C.J.; Shefer A.; Hasin Y.; Bitran D.; Gotsman M.S., 1984: Regional and global left ventricular function during intra aortic balloon counterpulsation in patients with acute myocardial infarction shock

Rein A.J.J.T.; Colan S.D.; Parness I.A.; Sanders S.P., 1987: Regional and global left ventricular function in infants with anomalous origin of the left coronary artery from the pulmonary trunk preoperative and postoperative assessment

Ramsay J.G.; Arvieux C.C.; Foex P.; Philbin D.M.; Jeavons P.; Ryder W.A.; Jones L.A., 1986: Regional and global myocardial function in the dog when nitrous oxide is added to halothane in the presence of critical coronary artery constriction

Mathys G.; Smith I.M., 1984: Regional and global plant quarantine strategies with special references to developments within european and mediterranean plant protection organization

Sato, K.; Dobson, R. L., 1970: Regional and individual variations in the function of the human eccrine sweat gland

Stanulovic M.; Jakovljevic V.; Kovac T.; Lepsanovic L.; Ducic M., 1986: Regional and international comparison in utilization of antidiabetic drugs

Descarries L.; Lemay B.; Doucet G.; Berger B., 1987: Regional and laminar density of the dopamine innervation in adult rat cerebral cortex

Fuentes C.; Konig N.; Roch G., 1987: Regional and laminar distribution of nodules in rat cerebral cortex after injection of the cholinergic neurotoxin af64a

Berger B.; Trottier S.; Verney C.; Gaspar P.; Alvarez C., 1988: Regional and laminar distribution of the dopamine and serotonin innervation in the macaque cerebral cortex a radioautographic study

Edisen A.E.U.; Liu Y.K.; Palacios L.C.; Garcia M.C.; Mundy J.E.; Thompson J.W., 1983: Regional and lateral specificity of acupuncture induced action of blood factor effects inhibiting hind limb flexor reflexes in the rabbit

Benedek, P., 1975: Regional and local forecasting in plant protection

Daisey J.M.; Morandi M.; Lioy P.J.; Wolff G.T., 1984: Regional and local influences on the nature of airborne particulate organic matter at 4 sites in new jersey usa during summer 1981

White J.A.; Glenn Lewin D.C., 1984: Regional and local variation in tallgrass prairie remnants of iowa and eastern nebraska usa

Groet, S. S., 1976: Regional and local variations in heavy metal concentrations of bryophytes in the northeastern usa

Ali M.K.; Ewer M.S.; Atallah M.R.; Mountain C.F.; Dixon C.L.; Johnston D.A.; Haynie T.P., 1983: Regional and overall pulmonary function changes in lung cancer correlations with tumor stage extent of pulmonary resection and patient survival

Kaikini, A. S., 1974: Regional and seasonal abundance of the white fish lactarius lactarius in the trawling ground off bombay india saurashtra coasts 1957 1963

Moriya, K.; Itoh, S., 1969: Regional and seasonal differences in the fatty acid composition of human subcutaneous fat

Burdon Jones C.; Denton G.R.W.; Jones G.B.; Mcphie K.A., 1982: Regional and seasonal variations of trace metals in tropical phaeophyceae from north queensland australia

Barson, A. J.; Sands, J., 1977: Regional and segmental characteristics of the human adult spinal cord

Rethelyi M., 1979: Regional and sexual differences in the size of the neuro vascular contact surface of the rat median eminence and pituitary stalk

Mascie Taylor C.G.N.; Boldsen J.L., 1985: Regional and social analysis of height variation in a contemporary british sample

Abdel Halim M.S.; Anggard E., 1979: Regional and species differences in endogenous prostaglandin biosynthesis by brain homogenates

Shibata S.; Seriguchi D.G.; Iwadare S.; Ishida Y.; Shibata T., 1979: Regional and species differences on the activation of myo cardial alpha adrenoceptors by phenylephrine and methoxamine

Roensch H.; Preisse A., 1987: Regional and steric course of thermal reactions in some rhoeadine alkaloid n oxides

Bullard, W. P.; Guthrie, P. B.; Russo, P. V.; Mandell, A. J., 1978: Regional and sub cellular distribution and some factors in the regulation of reduced pterins in rat brain

Nagata H.; Mimori Y.; Nakamura S.; Kameyama M., 1984: Regional and sub cellular distribution in mammalian brain of the enzymes producing adenosine

Berge, R. K.; Broch, O. J., 1981: Regional and sub cellular distribution of acyl coenzyme a hydrolase ec 3.1.2. and acyl 1 carnitine hydrolase ec in young and adult rat brain

Szutowicz, A.; Lysiak, W., 1980: Regional and sub cellular distribution of atp citrate lyase ec and other enzymes of acetyl coenzyme a metabolism in rat brain

Hennings G.; Rembold H., 1982: Regional and sub cellular distribution of biopterin in the rat

Francis A., 1980: Regional and sub cellular distribution of cholinergic enzyme and receptor activity in goldfish brain

Mimori Y.; Nakamura S.; Kameyama M., 1984: Regional and sub cellular distribution of cyanide metabolizing enzymes in the central nervous system

Kataoka, K.; Danbara, H.; Sunayashiki, K.; Okuno, S.; Sorimachi, M.; Tanaka, M.; Chikamori, K., 1978: Regional and sub cellular distribution of gold in brain of gold thio glucose obese mouse

Ng, R. H.; Marshall, F. D., 1978: Regional and sub cellular distribution of homo carnosine carnosine synthetase in the central nervous system of rats

Diliberto, E. J-Jr ; Axelrod, J., 1976: Regional and sub cellular distribution of protein carboxy methylase in brain and other tissues

Broch, O. J.; Ueland, P. M., 1980: Regional and sub cellular distribution of s adenosyl homo cysteine hydrolase ec in the adult rat brain

Pasantes-Morales, H.; Loriette, C.; Chatagner, F., 1977: Regional and sub cellular distribution of taurine synthesizing enzymes in the rat central nervous system

Johnston, G. A. R.; Vitali, M. V.; Alexander, H. M., 1970: Regional and sub cellular distribution studies on glycine 2 oxo glutarate trans aminase activity in cat spinal cord

Uhl, G. R.; Snyder, S. H., 1976: Regional and sub cellular distributions of brain neurotensin

Rumigny J.F.; Maitre M.; Cash C.; Mandel P., 1981: Regional and sub cellular localization in rat brain of the enzymes that can synthesize gamma hydroxy butyric acid

Parker C.R.Jr; Neaves W.B.; Porter J.C., 1980: Regional and sub cellular localization of luteinizing hormone releasing hormone in the adult human brain

Luttge, W. G.; Gray, H. E.; Hughes, J. R., 1976: Regional and sub cellular tritiated estradiol localization in selected brain regions and pituitary of female mice effects of unlabeled estradiol and various anti hormones

Hoskins B.; Burton C.K.; Liu D.D.; Porter A.B.; Ho I.K., 1985: Regional and subcellular calmodulin content of rat brain

Brosnan M.E.; Lowry A.; Wasi Y.; Lowry M.; Brosnan J.T., 1985: Regional and subcellular distribution of enzymes of branched chain amino acid metabolism in brains of normal and diabetic rats

Almqvist P.; Carlsson S.R.; Hardy J.A.; Winblad B., 1986: Regional and subcellular distribution thy 1 in human brain assayed by a solid phase radioimmunoassay

Laruell M.; Vanisberg M A.; Maloteaux J M., 1988: Regional and subcellular localization in human brain of tritiated paroxetine binding a marker of serotonin uptake sites

Rea M.A.; Mcbride W.J.; Rohde B.H., 1980: Regional and synaptosomal levels of amino acid neuro transmitters in the 3 acetyl pyridine de afferentated rat cerebellum

Ljunghall S.; Joborn H.; Lundin L.; Rastad J.; Wide L.; Akerstrom G., 1985: Regional and systemic effects of short term intense muscular work on plasma concentration and content of total and ionized calcium

Enander I.; Ahlstedt S.; Nygren H., 1985: Regional and systemic immune responses to trinitrophenyl derivatives after intranasal and subcutaneous sensitization of mice

Kugler J.; Maskin C.; Frishman W.H.; Sonnenblick E.H.; Lejemtel T.H., 1982: Regional and systemic metabolic effects of angiotensin converting enzyme inhibition during exercise in patients with severe heart failure

Gustavsson B.G.; Brandberg A.; Regardh C.G.; Almersjo O.E., 1979: Regional and systemic serum concentrations of 5 fluoro uracil after portal and intra venous infusion an experimental study in dogs

Takagi N.; Sugawara O.; Sasaki M., 1982: Regional and temporal changes in the pattern of x chromosome replication during the early post implantation development of the female mouse

Cockroft D.L., 1986: Regional and temporal differences in the parietal endoderm of the mid gestation mouse embryo

Meurs H G.; Zauke G.P., 1988: Regional and temporal distribution of euryhaline gammarus species crustacea amphipoda within the elbe weser and ems estuary west germany the netherlands

Donnan G.A.; Kaczmarczyk S.J.; Mckenzie J.S.; Rowe P.J.; Kalnins R.M.; Mendelsohn F.A.O., 1987: Regional and temporal effects of 1 methyl 4 phenyl 1 2 3 6 tetrahydropyridine on dopamine uptakes sites in mouse brain

Kennedy A.P.; Williams B.; Meydrech E.F.; Steinberg M.H., 1988: Regional and temporal variation in oscillatory blood flow in sickle cell disease

Nakashima B.S., 1987: Regional and temporal variations in fecundity of capelin in newfoundland waters canada

Nakayama H., 1986: Regional and time sequential changes of amino acid neurotransmitters after focal cerebral ischemia in the rat

Stevenson J.C.; Banks L.M.; Spinks T.J.; Freemantle C.; Macintyre I.; Hesp R.; Lane G.; Endacott J.A.; Padwick M.; Whitehead M.I., 1987: Regional and total skeletal measurements in the early postmenopause

Heineman F.; Macgregor D.C.; Wilson G.J.; Ninomiya J., 1981: Regional and trans mural myo cardial temperature distribution in cold chemical cardioplegia significance of critical coronary arterial stenosis

Kleinman J.C.; Degruttola V.G.; Cohen B.B.; Madans J.H., 1981: Regional and urban suburban differentials in coronary heart disease mortality and risk factor prevalence

Stazhadze L.L.; Vabishchevich A.V.; Tsibulyak V.N.; Chubarov G.V.; Titov A.A.; Avakyan M.N.; Kudryashova Zh M.; Lenskii V.V.; Bogomolov V.V., 1981: Regional anesthesia by conduction anesthesia and reflex therapy during acute re adaptation period after head down tilt

Weksler N.; Ovadia L.; Moritz S., 1985: Regional anesthesia for cesareans comparison between epidural and subarachnoid blocks

Suzuki M.; Oda M.; Fujii A.; Yamauchi N., 1981: Regional anesthesia for progressive muscular dystrophy

Boussaton E.; Rigaud J.; Pech C.; Baudet B.; Gay R., 1985: Regional anesthesia for surgery on the front part of the foot

Slack C.J.; Sylvester B.S., 1983: Regional anesthesia in elective hand surgery

Mueller A.; Schmidt M., 1988: Regional anesthesia in extended maxillary facial surgical interventions

Serlo W.; Haapanemi L., 1985: Regional anesthesia in pediatric surgery

Narula N.S.; Chouhan D.S.; Choudhary R.J.; Deora K.S.; Purohit N.R., 1986: Regional anesthesia of the head of camel

Waterman, N. G.; Scharfenberger, L.; Temes, G. D., 1976: Regional antibiotic infusion of the heart

Subbiah M.T.R.; Bale L.K.; Dinh D.M.; Kottke B.A.; Deitemeyer D., 1981: Regional aortic differences in athero sclerosis susceptibility changes in prostaglandin biosynthesis and cholesterol accumulation in response to deoxy cortico sterone salt induced hypertension

Subbiah M.T.R.; Deitemeyer D.; Yunker R., 1981: Regional aortic differences in athero sclerosis susceptibility relationship to lipid concentration and prostaglandin biosynthesis

Fausch K.D.; Karr J.R.; Yant P.R., 1984: Regional application of an index of biotic integrity based on stream fish communities

Bartolini A., 1981: Regional arm brain mean transit time in the diagnostic evaluation of patients with cerebral vascular disease

Harada T.; Ohmura H.; Nishizawa O.; Tsuchida S., 1981: Regional arterial infusion of an anti cancer drug combined with direct hemo perfusion

Urdenko, V. A.; Zemlyanaya, L. A.; Vladimirov, V. L., 1978: Regional aspects of bio luminescent fields in the black sea

Sherman A.D.; Petty F.; Sacquitne J.L., 1982: Regional aspects of the delay of acquisition conditioned avoidance responding by chlorpromazine

Petty, F.; Sherman, A. D., 1980: Regional aspects of the prevention of learned helplessness by desipramine

Paschen W.; Hossmann K.A.; Van Der Kerckhoff W., 1983: Regional assessment of energy producing metabolism following prolonged complete ischemia of cat brain

Ter Pogossian M.M.; Klein M.S.; Markham J.; Roberts R.; Sobel B.E., 1980: Regional assessment of myo cardial metabolic integrity in vivo by positron emission tomography with carbon 11 labeled palmitate

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