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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 6285

Chapter 6285 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

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Hightower K.R.; David L.L.; Shearer T.R., 1987: Regional distribution of free calcium in selenite cataract relation to calpain ii

Hyvarinen J., 1981: Regional distribution of functions in parietal association area 7 of the monkey macaca speciosa

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Demedts M., 1980: Regional distribution of lung volumes and gas inspired at residual volume influence of age body weight and posture

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Hayasaka S.; Noda S.; Setogawa T., 1988: Regional distribution of n acetyl beta d glucosaminidase and alpha l fucosidase activities in the human retina and choroid

Roth J.; Brown D.; Orci L., 1983: Regional distribution of n acetyl d galactosamine residues in the glycocalyx of glomerular podocytes

Palmer G.C., 1981: Regional distribution of neuro humoral responsive adenylate cyclase in rabbit brain micro vessels

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Wedege E.; Karlsen R.L., 1982: Regional distribution of per chloric acid soluble proteins during the development of rat brain

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De Bernardi F., 1984: Regional distribution of poly adenylated messenger rna in xenopus laevis embryos

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Yoshimoto T.; Magata K.; Ehara H.; Mizuno K.; Yamamoto S., 1986: Regional distribution of prostaglandin endoperoxide synthase studied by enzyme linked immunoassay using monoclonal antibodies

Peskar, B. M., 1978: Regional distribution of prostaglandin metabolizing enzymes in the mucosa of the human upper gastro intestinal tract

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Suzuki Y.; Okada T., 1982: Regional distributions of catecholamines in dog cerebral arteries existence of dopaminergic fibers

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Smith P., 1979: Regional diversity in epipaleolithic populations

Mugniery D., 1982: Regional diversity in the application of integrated control to potato solanum tuberosum as a result of variation in potato cyst nematode populations

Hilton M.E. , 1988: Regional diversity in usa drinking practices

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