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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 6286

Chapter 6286 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Rai S.N., 1980: Regional volume table for holigarna grahmii and certain other relationships data from karnataka india

Rai S.N., 1981: Regional volume tables for indian copal vateria indica tree and its certain other relationships data from karnataka india

Jain R.C., 1984: Regional volume tables for paper mulberry broussonetia papyrifera

Section 7, Chapter 6286, Accession 006285003

Kohno Y., 1985: Regional wall dynamics during myocardial ischemia in anesthetized dogs

Section 7, Chapter 6286, Accession 006285005

Section 7, Chapter 6286, Accession 006285006

Horiuchi T., 1986: Regional wall motion in mitral valve disease

Brill, E. D. Jr ; Nakamura, M., 1978: Regional waste water treatment systems in japan

Horowitz S.B., 1984: Regional water changes during oocyte meiotic maturation evidence of ooplasmic segregation

Malin V., 1985: Regional water quality in finland 1965 1983

Murgo J.P., 1985: Regional wave travel and reflections along the human aorta a study with six simultaneous micromanometric pressures

Bowen D.M., 1988: Regional weight loss of the cerebral cortex and some subcortical nuclei in senile dementia of the alzheimer type

Boggess, E. K.; Henderson, F. R., 1977: Regional weights of kansas coyotes

Nakano K., 1985: Regional work of the ventricle wall tension area relation

Teutsch H.F., 1988: Regionality of glucose 6 phosphate hydrolysis in the liver lobule of the rat metabolic heterogeneity of portal and septal sinusoids

Baehler R.W., 1987: Regionalization in hereditary iga nephropathy

Sandemann, D. C., 1978: Regionalization in the eye of the crab leptograpsus variegatus eye movements evoked by a target moving in different parts of the visual field

Acker, D.; Richman, D., 1976: Regionalization of a birth defects prevention clinic

Afanas'yev D.Ya, 1987: Regionalization of meadows in the right bank ukrainian polesye ussr

Saparniyazov Zh, 1987: Regionalization of natural pastures and hay fields in the lower amu darya uzbek ssr ussr and ways of using them effectively

Vogel, O., 1977: Regionalization of segment forming capacities during early embryogenesis in drosophila melanogaster

Bloom B.S., 1983: Regionalization of surgical services

Nikolaev S.G., 1979: Regionalization of the benthic zone of lake sevan armenian ssr ussr

Sergeev M.G., 1983: Regionalization of the fauna of orthoptera of siberia ussr on the basis of conjugation of borders of species ranges

Kwiatkowski R.E., 1980: Regionalization of the upper great lakes usa canada with respect to surveillance eutrophication data

Da Silva P.P., 1983: Regionalization of trans membrane glyco proteins in the plasma membrane of boar sperm head is revealed by fracture label

Bugala W., 1980: Regionalization of tree and shrub selections for cultivation in poland

Baitanaev, O. A.; Aikimbaev, M. A., 1977: Regionalization of tularemia foci of the tugai type on a zoo geographical and epizootiological basis

D'elia G., 1981: Regionalized responsibility for the community mental health service

Olea, R. A.; Davis, J. C., 1977: Regionalized variables for evaluation of petroleum accumulation in magellan basin south america

Mozheiko G.A., 1982: Regionalizing of the ukrainian steppe zone according to soil resistance to wind erosion

Protasova N.A., 1982: Regionalizing the oka don plain russian sfsr ussr on the basis of trace element content in the soil

Gershon M.D., 1984: Regionally defective colonization of the terminal bowel by the precursors of enteric neurons in lethal spotted mutant mice

Schuhmann, R.; Kraus, H.; Borst, R.; Geier, G., 1976: Regionally different activity of enzymes within placentones of human term placentas histochemical and biochemical investigations

Nilsson D E., 1983: Regionally different ommatidial structure in the compound eye of the water flea polyphemus pediculus cladocera crustacea

Odselius R., 1983: Regionally different optical systems in the compound eye of the water flea polyphemus pediculus cladocera crustacea/

Rumble D.IIi, 1980: Regionally metamorphosed high sillimanite zone granulite facies early devonian brachiopods from the littleton formation of new hampshire usa

Meyer J.H., 1983: Regionally perfused fatty acids augment acid induced canine pancreatic secretion

Sanger G.J., 1988: Regionally selective cholinergic stimulation by brl 24924 in the human isolated gut

Section 7, Chapter 6286, Accession 006285040

Israeli M., 1988: Regionally selective increases in beta adrenergic receptor density in the brains of suicide victims

Kleihues P., 1984: Regionally selective inhibition of cerebral protein synthesis in the rat during hypoglycemia and recovery

Ferrendelli J.A., 1981: Regionally selective metabolic effects of hypo glycemia in brain

Breese G.R., 1988: Regionally specific neural adaptation of beta adrenergic and 5 hydroxytryptamine 2 receptors after antidepressant administration in the forced swim test and after chronic antidepressant drug treatment

Renaud, B., 1977: Regions and boundaries of the carapace of a decapod crustacean carcinus maenas brachyrhyncha portunidae their relation to principal functional systems

Section 7, Chapter 6286, Accession 006285046

Bernardi G., 1988: Regions flanking ori sequences affect the replication efficiency of the mitochondrial genome of ori positive petite mutants from yeast

Section 7, Chapter 6286, Accession 006285048

Braun R., 1984: Regions in the ribosomal minichromosome of physarum polycephalum are protected from restriction nucleases protection is insensitive to high salt in the g phase and sensitive in the m phase of the cell cycle

Bohnert H.J., 1987: Regions in the transit peptide of ssu essential for transport into chloroplasts

Suezaki Y., 1986: Regions necessary for ph dependent assembly of gizzard myosin rod

Section 7, Chapter 6286, Accession 006285052

Mcdevitt H.O., 1983: Regions of allelic hyper variability in the murine a alpha immune response gene

Helinski D.R., 1985: Regions of broad host range plasmid rk 2 involved in replication and stable maintenance in nine species of gram negative bacteria

Helinski D.R., 1980: Regions of broad host range plasmid rk 2 which are essential for replication and maintenance

Welsh, F. A.; O'connor, M. J.; Langfitt, T. W., 1977: Regions of cerebral ischemia located by pyridine nucleotide fluorescence

Blalock J.E., 1985: Regions of complementarity between the messenger rna species for epidermal growth factor transferrin interleukin 2 and their respective receptors

Faragher, S. G.; Dalgarno, L., 1986: Regions of conservation and divergence in the 3' untranslated sequences of genomic rna from ross river virus isolates

Section 7, Chapter 6286, Accession 006285059

Shen-Miller, J.; Mcnitt, R. E.; Wojciechowski, M., 1978: Regions of differential cell elongation and mitosis and root meristem morphology in different tissues of geotropically stimulated maize root apices

Dahlberg A.E., 1983: Regions of dna involved in the stringent control of plasmid encoded ribosomal rna in vivo

Hindley J., 1979: Regions of dna sequence homology between an octopine and a nopaline t i plasmid of agrobacterium tumefaciens

Bustin, M.; Cole, R. D., 1970: Regions of high and low cationic charge in a lysine rich histone

Chumakov, I. M.; Zabarovskii, E. R.; Prasolov, V. S.; Mett, V. L.; Kiselev, L. L., 1985: Regions of human genome containing oncogene analogs and retroviral genes 2. a new class of retroviral like elements

Weisbeek P.J., 1984: Regions of incompatibility in single stranded dna bacterio phages phi x 174 and g 4

Newton T.H., 1982: Regions of low density in the contrast enhanced pituitary gland normal and pathologic processes

Spielman A., 1986: Regions of mosquito aedes aegypti salivary glands distinguished by surface lectin binding characteristics

Renz M.E., 1987: Regions of poliovirus protein vp1 produced in escherichia coli induce neutralizing antibodies

Bird M.M., 1984: Regions of putative acetyl choline receptors at synaptic contacts between neurons maintained in culture and subsequently fixed in solutions containing tannic acid

IIno T., 1987: Regions of salmonella typhimurium flagellin essential for its polymerization and excretion

Wolfson, J.; Dressler, D., 1972: Regions of single stranded dna in the growing points of replicating bacterio phage t 7 chromosomes

Section 7, Chapter 6286, Accession 006285072

Kashkina, A. A., 1978: Regions of swarming and abundance of salps in the atlantic ocean

Harris W.A., 1980: Regions of the brain influencing the projection of developing optic tracts in the salamander

Kojima Y., 1979: Regions of the lipo poly saccharide of pseudomonas aeruginosa essential for anti tumor and interferon inducing activities

Notkins A.L., 1985: Regions of the terminal repetitions of the herpes simplex virus type 1 genome relationship to immunoglobulin switch like dna sequences

Sprinzl, M.; Wagner, T.; Lorenz, S.; Erdmann, V. A., 1976: Regions of transfer rna important for binding to the ribosomal a and p sites

Iyer V.N., 1985: Regions on plasmid pcu 1 required for the killing of klebsiella pneumoniae

Rothblum L.I., 1987: Regions upstream from the core promoter of the rat ribosomal gene are required for the formation of a stable transcription initiation complex by rna polymerase i in vitro

Maruyama H.B., 1981: Regioselective 10 hydroxylation of patchoulol a sesqui terpene by pithomyces spp

Section 7, Chapter 6286, Accession 006285081

Section 7, Chapter 6286, Accession 006285082

Webster K.T., 1984: Regioselective alkylation and acylation of carbohydrates engaged in metal complexes

Florent J C., 1987: Regioselective alkylation and acylation of methyl 2 6 dideoxyhexopyranosides via their stannylene acetals key step for the synthesis of daunosamine and related aminosugars

Matsui M., 1982: Regioselective alkylation via tri alkyl stannylation methyl alpha d gluco pyranoside

Dondoni A., 1982: Regioselective aluminum chloride catalyzed reactions of unsaturated electrophiles with thiazoles

Springer J.P., 1986: Regioselective and stereoselective control in the addition of grignard reagents to the pyridine ring system

Demuth, M.; Chandrasekhar, S.; Nakano, K.; Raghavan, P. R.; Schaffner, K., 1980: Regioselective and stereoselective functionalizations of tri cyclo 2 8 octan 3 one a potential synthon for poly cyclo pentanoid terpenes and prostacyclin analogs

Uvarova N.I., 1983: Regioselective and stereoselective glycosylation of 20 s 24 r epoxy dammarane 3 12 beta 25 triols/

Gramatica, P.; Manitto, P.; Monti, D.; Speranza, G., 1988: Regioselective and stereoselective hydrogenation of methyl substituted pentadien 1 ols by baker's yeast

Section 7, Chapter 6286, Accession 006285091

Tachibana K., 1985: Regioselective and stereoselective introduction of 15 beta hydroxy group and side chains to steroids by the palladium catalyzed reaction of 1 3 diene monoepoxides with carbonucleophiles

Levin W., 1983: Regioselective and stereoselective metabolism of 2 19 carbon steroids by 5 highly purified and reconstituted rat hepatic cytochrome p 450 isozymes

Yang S.K., 1983: Regioselective and stereoselective metabolism of 4 methyl benz a anthracene by the fungus cunninghamella elegans

Reischmann I., 1987: Regioselective and stereoselective metabolism of dibenz a h anthracene identification of 12 new microsomal metabolites

Yang S.K., 1988: Regioselective and stereoselective metabolisms of pyrene and 1 bromopyrene by rat liver microsomes and effects of enzyme inducers

Stoddart J.F., 1983: Regioselective and stereoselective methods for the synthesis of the pentitols

Section 7, Chapter 6286, Accession 006285098

Ichimura K., 1987: Regioselective and stereoselective photodimerization of anthracene derivatives included by cyclodextrins

Naruta Y., 1980: Regioselective and stereoselective synthesis of coenzymes q n n equals 2 to 10 vitamin k and related poly prenyl quinones

Tomasini C., 1984: Regioselective and stereoselective synthesis of methyl alpha l daunosaminide hydrochloride

Kaji K., 1985: Regioselective and stereoselective terminal allylic carboxymethylation of gem dimethyl olefins synthesis of biologically important linear degraded terpenoids

Section 7, Chapter 6286, Accession 006285103

Paoletti C., 1984: Regioselective arylation of ribose in adenosine and guanosine with the anti tumor drug n 2 methyl 9 hydroxy ellipticinium acetate

Harvey R.G., 1980: Regioselective catalytic hydrogenation of poly cyclic aromatic hydro carbons under mild conditions

Singh S.K., 1984: Regioselective cleavage of methylenedioxy ring in xanthones an entry into immunostimulant 7 glucosyloxypolymethoxyxanthones

Davankov V.A., 1985: Regioselective deuteration of dipeptides

Tsuchiya T., 1985: Regioselective diazepine formation from 3 azidopyridines the first examples of monocyclic 2h 1 4 diazepines

Bryant J.D., 1979: Regioselective electrophilic reactions on substituted purines predominant intermediacy of 6 purinyl or 8 purinyl carbanions

Bujoli, B.; Jubault, M.; Roze, J. C.; Tallec, A., 1987: Regioselective electroreduction of 6h 1 3 thiazines comparison with chemical reductions i. investigation of 2 phenyl 6h 1 3 thiazines

Zikmund M., 1983: Regioselective enhancement of the nucleophilicity of the hydroxyl groups in methyl alpha l rhamno pyranoside by complexation with tin ii chloride

Carson, D.; Crombie, L.; Kilbee, G. W.; Moffatt, F.; Whiting, D. A., 1982: Regioselective ether cleavages of rotenoids spiro ether formation and stereoselective isotopic labeling of e prenyl methyl or z prenyl methyl groups in 6as 12as rot 2' enonic acid

Section 7, Chapter 6286, Accession 006285113

Section 7, Chapter 6286, Accession 006285114

Section 7, Chapter 6286, Accession 006285115

Ogura K., 1986: Regioselective glutathione conjugation of the carcinogen 7 12 dihydroxymethylbenz a anthracene via reactive 7 hydroxymethyl sulfate ester in rat liver cytosol

Paulsen, H.; Steiger, K. M., 1987: Regioselective glycosylation in positions 3' and 4' of lactose derivatives

Ojima I., 1983: Regioselective hydro esterification and hydro carboxylation of 3 3 3 tri fluoro propene and penta fluoro styrene catalyzed by phosphine palladium complex

Schenkman J.B., 1988: Regioselective hydroxylation of prostaglandins by constitutive forms of cytochrome p 450 from rat liver formation of a novel metabolite by a female specific p 450

Yang C.S., 1983: Regioselective inhibition of benzo a pyrene metabolism by butylated hydroxy anisole

Section 7, Chapter 6286, Accession 006285121

Inubushi Y., 1981: Regioselective intra molecular aldol condensation by using excess morpholine camphoric acid

Lockley W.J.S., 1985: Regioselective labeling of anilides with deuterium

Klungsoyr J., 1986: Regioselective metabolism of phenanthrene in atlantic cod gadus morhua studies on the effects of monooxygenase inducers and role of cytochromes p 450

Peltonen C., 1985: Regioselective methylation of 7 8 dihydroxycoumarin

Section 7, Chapter 6286, Accession 006285126

Yoshimoto K., 1983: Regioselective mono acylation of some glyco pyranosides via cyclic tin intermediates

Webber J.M., 1982: Regioselective mono alkylations of the vicinal cis diol group in manno pyranosides using di aryl di azo alkanes tin ii chloride

Tsuda Y., 1985: Regioselective monoalkylation of nonprotected glycopyranosides by the dibutyltin oxide method

Undheim K., 1979: Regioselective n alkylation in 5 fluoro uracil

Stud M., 1981: Regioselective n alkylation of 1 2 6 thiadiazine 1 1 di oxide derivatives

Hajos, Z. G.; Duncan, G. R., 1975: Regioselective o alkylation of sterically hindered steroidal ethynyl carbinols

Nakazaki N., 1981: Regioselective o deacylation of fully acylated glycosides and 1 2 o iso propylidene aldo furanose derivatives with hydrazine hydrate

Ahmad, R.; Saa, J. M.; Cava, M. P., 1977: Regioselective o demethylation in the aporphine alkaloid series

Nonnenmacher A., 1985: Regioselective o demethylation of scoparone differentiation between rat liver cytochrome p 450 isozymes

Dahlhoff W.V., 1987: Regioselective o ethylboranediylation of octakis o diethylborylsucrose

Davis V.E., 1983: Regioselective o methylation of tetra hydro papaveroline and tetra hydroxy berbine in vivo in rat brain

Section 7, Chapter 6286, Accession 006285138

Faulkner D.J., 1988: Regioselective oxidation of 3 alkylfurans to 3 alkyl 4 hydroxybutenolides

Section 7, Chapter 6286, Accession 006285140

Section 7, Chapter 6286, Accession 006285141

Beckwith, A. L. J.; Duong, T., 1978: Regioselective oxidation of unactivated methylene and methine groups by dry ozonation similarity to microbiological oxidation/

Ishido Y., 1986: Regioselective phenylcarbamoylation of polyhydroxy compounds by phenylisocyanate zinc naphthenate

Ishido Y., 1986: Regioselective phenylcarbamoylation of purine and pyrimidine ribonucleosides through dibutyltin oxide and tertiary amine phenyl isocyanate systems

Section 7, Chapter 6286, Accession 006285145

Levin W., 1987: Regioselective progesterone hydroxylation catalyzed by eleven rat hepatic cytochrome p 450 isozymes

Nishino, S.; Takamura, H.; Ishido, Y., 1986: Regioselective protection of carbohydrate derivatives part 20. simple efficient 2' o deacylation of fully acylated purine and pyrimidine ribonucleosides through tert butoxide

Wong J.L., 1979: Regioselective radical methylation of carbon 2 and carbon 8 of 6 substituted purines and 3 6 substituted purines

Cisek P.L., 1986: Regioselective reaction of thiols with catechol estrogens and estrogen o quinones

Stewart J.M., 1986: Regioselective reactions of 1 4 5 trihydroxy 9 10 anthraquinone

Section 7, Chapter 6286, Accession 006285151

Valverde S., 1983: Regioselective reactions of abietic acid methyl ester

Johnston J.C., 1984: Regioselective ring opening of selected benzylidene acetals a photochemically initiated reaction for partial deprotection of carbohydrates

Matsui M., 1981: Regioselective stannylation acylation of carbohydrates coordination control

Tsuda Y., 1979: Regioselective syntheses of mono o acyl glucoses

Shiro M., 1987: Regioselective synthesis of 1 b 10h 9sh 2 and 2 b 10h 9sh 2 potential agents for boron neutron capture therapy of brain tumors

Harwood, L. M.; Hodgkinson, L. C.; Sutherland, J. K., 1978: Regioselective synthesis of 2 alkyl 5 hydroxy quinizarins and 3 alkyl 5 hydroxy quinizarins

Section 7, Chapter 6286, Accession 006285158

Section 7, Chapter 6286, Accession 006285159

Borchardt R.T., 1983: Regioselective synthesis of deuterium labeled 6 hydroxy dopamines

Campbell J.B., 1985: Regioselective synthesis of e 2 deuterated or tritiated 5 succinimido 4 oxo pent 2 enoic acid

Derome A.E., 1988: Regioselective synthesis of isoquinuclidin 6 ones synthesis of an ibogamine intermediate

Robinson P.D., 1988: Regioselective synthesis of substituted 1 thiohex 2 enopyranosides

Braun, M., 1978: Regioselective synthesis of the anthra quinones digitopurpone and islandicin

Section 7, Chapter 6286, Accession 006285165

Braun M., 1981: Regioselective synthesis of the naturally occurring anthra quinones digitopurpone islandicin catenarin and erythroglaucin

Weinkam R.J., 1984: Regioselective synthesis of unsymmetrical deuterium labeled hydrazines and azoxy compounds

Schiffl E., 1986: Regioselective tin ii chloride induced n arylalkoxy alkylation at 2 3 dimethylindole

Marsili A., 1987: Regioselective total synthesis of racemic berberastine

Matsuura T., 1988: Regioselective trans cis photoisomerization of m styrylstilbenes

Carceller, E.; Moyano, A.; Serratosa, F.; Font-Altaba, M.; Solans, X., 1986: Regioselective transannular cyclization of deslongchamps's diketone new entries to polycyclic cage structures reductive opening of a cyclobutyl ketone with lithium in liquid ammonia and its photochemical rearrangement to a bridged cyclopentyl ether

Fretz, H.; Woggon, W. D., 1986: Regioselectivity and deuterium isotope effects in geraniol hydroxylation by the cytochrome p 450 monooxygenase from catharanthus roseus l. g. don

Van Eikeren P., 1987: Regioselectivity and kinetics of hydride transfer in substituted 1 benzyl 3 quinolinecarboxamide redox reactions

Oshino N., 1981: Regioselectivity and reactivity in microsomal hydroxylation of a series of n acylamine and n sulfonylamine in rats

Jerina D.M., 1983: Regioselectivity and stereoselectivity in the metabolism of trans 1 2 di hydroxy 1 2 di hydro benz a anthracene by rat liver microsomes

Section 7, Chapter 6286, Accession 006285176

Laborde E., 1987: Regioselectivity and stereoselectivity of the reaction between cyanocuprates and cyclopentene epoxides application to the total synthesis of prostaglandins

Deutsch, J.; Leutz, J. C.; Yang, S. K.; Gelboin, H. V.; Chiang, Y. L.; Vatsis, K. P.; Coon, M. J., 1978: Regioselectivity and stereoselectivity of various forms of purified cytochrome p 450 in the metabolism of benzo a pyrene and levo trans 7 8 di hydroxy 7 8 di hydro benzo a pyrene as shown by product formation and binding to dna

Wong G.S.K., 1984: Regioselectivity associated with the 1 3 di polar cyclo addition of nitrones with electron deficient di polarophiles

Hanzlik, R. P.; Heideman, S.; Smith, D., 1978: Regioselectivity in enzymatic hydration of cis 1 2 di substituted oxygen 18 epoxides

Rogan E., 1986: Regioselectivity in rat microsomal metabolism of benzo a pyrene evidence for involvement of two distinct binding sites

De Moerloose P., 1983: Regioselectivity in the chemical and enzymatic reactions between glutathione and phenylglycidyl ether

Sligar S.G., 1984: Regioselectivity in the cytochromes p 450 control by protein constraints and by chemical reactivities

Paulsen H., 1985: Regioselectivity in the free radical deoxygenation of diol thiocarbonates involving the tertiary hydroxy group of branched chained sugars

Santaniello, E.; Manzocchi, A.; Biondi, P. A.; Simonic, T., 1982: Regioselectivity in the oxidative deamination of 2 methyl 1 4 diamino butane catalyzed by di amine oxidases ec

Williams D.J., 1987: Regioselectivity in the photochemical ring contraction of 4 diazopyrazolidine 3 5 diones to give aza beta lactams

Undheim K., 1985: Regioselectivity in the reactions of aryltriisopropoxytitanium with pyrimidinones

Undheim K., 1985: Regioselectivity in the reductive formation of dihydro 5 halo 2 1h pyrimidinones

Suama M., 1987: Regioselectivity of addition of thiols and amines to conjugated allenic ketones and esters

Section 7, Chapter 6286, Accession 006285190

Black, K. A.; Vogel, P., 1986: Regioselectivity of electrophilic additions to 7 oxabicyclo 2.2.1 heptenes controlled by remote substituents arenesulfonyl substituted 7 oxabicyclo 2.2.1 heptenes as stereoselective and regioselective chiral dienophiles

Onan K.D., 1988: Regioselectivity of electrophilic aromatic substitution syntheses of 6 and 7 sulfamoylindolines and 6 and 7 sulfamoylindoles

Kreevoy M.M., 1983: Regioselectivity of hydride transfer to and between nad analogs

Section 7, Chapter 6286, Accession 006285194

Shtelzer, S.; Meyer, A. Y.; Sheradsky, T.; Blum, J., 1988: Regioselectivity of nucleophilic ring opening in substituted phenanthrene 9 10 imine and 9 10 oxide molecular orbital theoretical predictions and experimental results

Gustafsson J A., 1981: Regioselectivity of purified forms of rabbit liver microsomal cytochrome p 450 in the metabolism of benzo a pyrene n hexane and 7 ethoxy resorufin

Bock K.W., 1987: Regioselectivity of rat liver microsomal udp glucuronosyltransferase activities toward phenols of benzo a pyrene and dibenz a h anthracene

Florent'ev V.L., 1987: Regioselectivity of silyl method of nucleic bases glycosylation a convenient method of synthesis of 9 and 3 substituted adenines

Section 7, Chapter 6286, Accession 006285199

Atal C.K., 1985: Regiospecific alkoxylation of phenolic aldehydes

Kaminski J.J., 1986: Regiospecific alkylation of 9 benzyl 1 3 dimethyl 6 hydroxypyrimido 2 1 f purine 2 4 8 1h 3h 9h trione

Boll P.M., 1979: Regiospecific alkylation of tetronic acids formation of 4 alkoxy 5 h furan 2 ones and 2 alkoxy 5 h furan 4 ones

Macdonald, T. L., 1978: Regiospecific alpha tropolone synthesis a selective preparation of the isomeric thujaplicins

You Xiong W., 1987: Regiospecific amination of 3 substituted pyridines using imidoyl chloride functionalized polystyrene

Morris, P. W.; Venton, D. L., 1983: Regiospecific amine substitution into alpha amanitin with retention of inhibitory properties against eukaryotic class ii rna polymerase ec

Tsurumori T., 1984: Regiospecific and diastereoselective inactivation of mutagenic 9 10 dihydrobenzo a pyrene 7 8 oxide by hepatic cytosolic glutathione s transferase

Mal D., 1988: Regiospecific and stereospecific construction of anthracyclinones total syntheses of racemic gamma citromycinone and of racemic dimethyl 6 deoxydaunomycinone and racemic dimethyl 6 deoxyadriamycinone

Hewawasam P., 1988: Regiospecific and stereospecific syntheses of 4 deoxyadriamycinone and 4 6 dideoxyadriamycinone from a common intermediate

Ponomarenko V.A., 1985: Regiospecific and stereospecific synthesis of polyglucose with a new type bond

Umezawa H., 1980: Regiospecific and stereospecific synthesis of threo 3 amino 2 hydroxy acids novel amino acids contained in amino peptidase inhibitors of microbial origin

Falck-Pedersen, E.; Morris, P. W.; Venton, D. L., 1983: Regiospecific aryl azo substitution into alpha amanitin with retention of inhibitory properties against eukaryotic class ii rna polymerase ec

Castagnoli N.Jr, 1981: Regiospecific attack of nitrogen and sulfur nucleophiles on quinones derived from poison oak toxicodendron diversilobum and poison ivy toxicodendron radicans catechols urushiols and analogs as models for urushiol protein conjugate formation

Dembech P., 1984: Regiospecific conversion of oxiranes oxetanes and lactones into bifunctional nitrogen compounds via aminosilanes and aminostannanes

Nelson J.H., 1980: Regiospecific coordination of ambidentate tetrazoles to cobalt oximes

Sainsbury, M.; Uttley, N. L., 1977: Regiospecific cyclization of 1 2 3 4 tetra hydro 1 methylene 2 nicotinoyl beta carbolines a synthesis of nauclefine

Section 7, Chapter 6286, Accession 006285216

Section 7, Chapter 6286, Accession 006285217

Grayson D.H., 1983: Regiospecific formation of a p menthenone from dextro alpha 3 4 epoxy carane

Lounasmaa M., 1983: Regiospecific functionalization of carbon atoms alpha to hetero cyclic nitrogen

Brandsma L., 1987: Regiospecific functionalization of dimetallated isopropenylacetylene a synthetic equivalent of the isoprene anion an efficient synthesis of the bark beetle pheromones racemic ipsenol and racemic ipsdienol

Section 7, Chapter 6286, Accession 006285221

Section 7, Chapter 6286, Accession 006285222

Section 7, Chapter 6286, Accession 006285223

Yamada H., 1988: Regiospecific hydrolysis of dinitrile compounds by nitrilase from rhodococcus rhodochrous j1

Masters B.S.S., 1984: Regiospecific hydroxylation of lauric acid at the omega 1 position by hepatic and kidney microsomal cytochromes p 450 from rainbow trout salmo gairdneri

Moerlein S.M., 1985: Regiospecific incorporation of no carrier added radiobromine and radioiodine into aromatic rings via halogenodegermylation

Section 7, Chapter 6286, Accession 006285227

Gero S.D., 1981: Regiospecific opening of an oxirane prepared from d xylose by sulfur carbanions synthesis of branched c nucleosides

Wang S.Y., 1979: Regiospecific oxygen rearrangement in reactions of thymine bromohydrins with nucleophiles using bases formation of thymine epoxide intermediates

Hauser, F.; Hewawasam, P.; Baghdanov, V. M., 1988: Regiospecific preparation of the benz b xanthen 12 one ring system total synthesis of bikaverin

Fuchs P.L., 1988: Regiospecific quassinoidal a ring synthesis via an olefin oxidation strategy

Section 7, Chapter 6286, Accession 006285232

Guitart J., 1986: Regiospecific reduction of unsaturated conjugated ketones with sodium dithionite under phase transfer catalysis

Nagarajan M., 1988: Regiospecific ring opening reactions of benzyl 3 4 anhydro alpha d ribopyranoside with nucleophiles a systematic study

Keck, J. H. Jr ; Simpson, R. A.; Wong, J. L., 1978: Regiospecific substituent effects in 6 substituted purines as measured by pmr

Koga T., 1986: Regiospecific sulfonation onto carbon 3 hydroxyls of beta cyclodextrin preparation and enzyme based structural assignment of 3a 3c and 3a 3d disulfonates

Section 7, Chapter 6286, Accession 006285237

Wu, J. C.; Bazin, H.; Chattopadhyaya, J., 1987: Regiospecific synthesis of 2' deoxy 2' 2 dideuterionucleosides

Chattopadhyaya J., 1987: Regiospecific synthesis of branched tetranucleotides

Hronowski, L. J. J.; Szarek, W. A., 1985: Regiospecific synthesis of cyclopentane analogs of 2' and 3' deoxy threo pentofuranosyl uracil and 2 thiouracil nucleosides

Section 7, Chapter 6286, Accession 006285241

Whitlock H.W., 1980: Regiospecific synthesis of islandicin methyl ether

Section 7, Chapter 6286, Accession 006285243

Section 7, Chapter 6286, Accession 006285244

Brown R.W., 1984: Regiospecific synthesis of monocyclic and bicyclic 6 alkoxy 2 pyrones and their use in the preparation of substituted aromatics anthraquinones and tetracyclic intermediates for 11 deoxyanthracycline synthesis

Wierenga W., 1985: Regiospecific synthesis of n 1 and n 2 substituted pyrimidinones employing a novel 1 3 oxazine preparation

Mckay P.G., 1982: Regiospecific synthesis of quinizarin and naphthazarin derivatives by cyclo addition

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Mal D., 1984: Regiospecific total synthesis of racemic aklavinone and racemic epsilon pyrromycinone from a common synthon

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Section 7, Chapter 6286, Accession 006285255

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Prokop'ev V.E., 1980: Registration mechanism of ir radiation with the human naked eye

Van Halteren P., 1987: Registration of agricultural chemicals modified procedure for field testing of pesticides established in the netherlands

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Section 7, Chapter 6286, Accession 006285278

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Bab I., 1986: Registration of fingertip pattern with dental impression materials a scanning electron microscope study

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Fomovskii M.A., 1979: Registration of heat flow value as a method of fish metabolic research

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Von Cramon D., 1980: Registration of light stimuli in the cortically blind hemi field and its effect on localization

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Mendez R.J., 1985: Registration with piezoelectric sensors of the normal activity in vivo of the contractile element of the right ventricle

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Gregorio Levchuk J., 1986: Registry and study of the frequency of symptoms attributable to adverse reactions to antituberculous drugs in 123 patients treated with 3 and 4 drugs at the national institute for epidemiology mar del plata argentina 1983 1984

Fraumeni J.F.Jr, 1987: Registry based analysis of occupational risks for primary liver cancer in sweden

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Section 7, Chapter 6286, Accession 006285310

Thorsen G., 1988: Regression analyses of prognostic factors in colorectal cancer

Gyosheva B., 1985: Regression analysis applied to evaluation of aroma and flavor of bulgarian sour milk

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Harinarayana G., 1984: Regression analysis for general adaptation in pearl millet pennisetum typhoides using different environmental indices

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Section 7, Chapter 6286, Accession 006285324

Parker W.J., 1987: Regression analysis of farm management survey data

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Krakau C.E.T., 1982: Regression analysis of the central visual field in chronic glaucoma cases a follow up study using automatic perimetry

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Section 7, Chapter 6286, Accession 006285347

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Fernandes P.B., 1987: Regression analysis proposed interpretative zone size standards and quality control guidelines for a new macrolide antimicrobial agent a 56268 te 031

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Section 7, Chapter 6286, Accession 006285356

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Section 7, Chapter 6286, Accession 006285358

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Niukian K., 1987: Regression by vitamin e of experimental oral cancer

Section 7, Chapter 6286, Accession 006285361

Ermann M., 1982: Regression during in patient psycho therapy and its consequences on the indication and the strategy of the psychoanalytic treatment in the hospital

Simmons G.A., 1987: Regression equations and table for estimating numbers of eggs in jack pine budworm lepidoptera tortricidae egg masses in michigan usa

Simmons G.A., 1987: Regression equations and table for estimating numbers of eggs in spruce budworm lepidoptera tortricidae egg masses in michigan usa

Arias Cazorla S., 1980: Regression equations for age estimation of the venezuelan population in the growing period with hand long bone lengths

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Huang J., 1985: Regression equations for estimating predicted value of lung function tests for physical labors of moderate strength

Pielou E.C., 1985: Regression equations for estimating single tree biomass of trembling aspen populus tremuloides assessing their applicability to more than one population

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Dickerson W.H., 1981: Regression equations for systolic time intervals by echo cardiography

Hinrichs R.N., 1985: Regression equations to predict segmental moments of inertia from anthropometric measurements an extension of the data of chandler et al 1975

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Kosmath, I.; Patzner, R. A.; Adam, H., 1983: Regression in the ovary of myxine glutinosa cyclostomata 2. electron microscopic examinations of atretic follicles

Kosmath, I.; Patzner, R. A.; Adam, H., 1984: Regression in the ovary of myxine glutinosa cyclostomata 3. electron microscopical observations on the post ovulatory follicles

Kosmath, I.; Patzner, R. A.; Adam, H., 1983: Regression in the ovary of myxine glutinosa cyclostomata 4. histochemical examinations of atretic follicles

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Section 7, Chapter 6286, Accession 006285386

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Section 7, Chapter 6286, Accession 006285390

Section 7, Chapter 6286, Accession 006285392

Kothawale D.R., 1988: Regression model for estimation of indian foodgrain production from summer monsoon rainfall

Sapozhnikov P.M., 1985: Regression model for evaluating swelling in some soil types

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Nesaule M.M., 1986: Regression models dynamics of tick borne encephalitis morbidity rate for the population of the latvian ssr ussr

Randall G.W., 1982: Regression models for predicting corn zea mays yields from climatic data and management practices

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Prihar S.S., 1983: Regression models of dryland wheat yields from water supplies in ustifluvent in punjab india

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Corrall A.J., 1979: Regression models to predict herbage production and digestibility in a nonregular sequence of cuts

Tarnowski, G. S.; Stock, C. C.; Grunberg, E., 1978: Regression of 180 j sarcoma after treatment with substituted indoloquinolinones

Rosenberg S.A., 1982: Regression of a disseminated syngeneic solid tumor by systemic transfer of lymphoid cells expanded in interleukin 2

Paslin, D., 1976: Regression of a hamster melanoma with intra lesional corynebacterium granulosum

Embriaco J P., 1981: Regression of a mono clonal peak of anti lecithin activity after splenectomy in splenic lympho sarcoma

Lederer E., 1979: Regression of a murine fibro sarcoma after intra lesional injection of a synthetic 39 carbon glyco lipid related to cord factor

Section 7, Chapter 6286, Accession 006285410

Section 7, Chapter 6286, Accession 006285411

Fisher, R. I.; Kubota, T. T.; Mandell, G. L.; Broder, S.; Young, R. C., 1978: Regression of a thymus derived cell lymphoma after administration of anti thymocyte globulin

Rapp H.J., 1979: Regression of a transplanted guinea pig hepatoma after intra lesional injection of an emulsified mixture of endo toxin and mycobacterial sulfo lipid

Shinoda A., 1983: Regression of acquired cystic disease of the kidney after successful renal transplantation

Section 7, Chapter 6286, Accession 006285415

Novi A.M., 1981: Regression of afla toxin b 1 induced hepato cellular carcinomas by reduced glutathione

Meyskens F.L.Jr, 1986: Regression of aggressive laryngeal papillomatosis with 13 cis retinoic acid accutane

Section 7, Chapter 6286, Accession 006285419

Storb R., 1984: Regression of androgen related hepatic tumors in patients with fanconis anemia following marrow transplantation

Kato H., 1982: Regression of aneurysms in kawasaki disease a pathological study

Tanganelli P., 1981: Regression of aortic lesions in rabbits withdrawn from a hyper cholesterolic diet and subjected to partial ileal bypass scanning electron microscopic and transmission electron microscopic observations

Weber G., 1979: Regression of aortic parietal lesions due to experimental cholesterol arteriopathy in the rabbit subjected to a partial ileal bypass preliminary observations

Section 7, Chapter 6286, Accession 006285424

Section 7, Chapter 6286, Accession 006285425

Section 7, Chapter 6286, Accession 006285426

Section 7, Chapter 6286, Accession 006285427

Adams, C. W. M.; Morgan, R. S., 1977: Regression of atheroma in the rabbit

Section 7, Chapter 6286, Accession 006285429

Section 7, Chapter 6286, Accession 006285430

Section 7, Chapter 6286, Accession 006285431

Section 7, Chapter 6286, Accession 006285432

Lee S.P., 1982: Regression of biliary cirrhosis following choledochal cyst drainage

Risau W., 1987: Regression of blood vessels precedes cartilage differentiation during chick limb development

Jonsson, B.; Stenseth, N. C., 1976: Regression of body length on scale size of brown trout salmo trutta

Ferreira, A. M.; Mendes, J. R., 1976: Regression of bone metastases from renal cell carcinoma achieved by combined therapy

Levenson S.M., 1983: Regression of c 3hba mouse tumor due to x ray therapy combined with supplemental beta carotene or vitamin a

Newell J.C., 1987: Regression of calculated variables in the presence of shared measurement error

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Styka, P. E.; Penney, D. G., 1978: Regression of carbon mon oxide induced cardiomegaly

Kanemura M., 1987: Regression of cardiac hypertrophy and alteration of left ventricular myosin isoenzyme

Hort W., 1988: Regression of cardiac hypertrophy morphometric and biochemical studies in rat heart after swimming training

Hisano R., 1981: Regression of cardiac oxygen consumption on ventricular pressure volume area in dogs

Korecky B., 1985: Regression of cardiomegaly induced in newborn rats

West C.E., 1983: Regression of casein and cholesterol induced hyper cholesterolemia in rabbits

Section 7, Chapter 6286, Accession 006285447

Section 7, Chapter 6286, Accession 006285448

Bautz A M., 1981: Regression of chick embryo tail gut stage of determination of cell degeneration and role of the associated mesenchyme

Baurmann, H.; Chioralia, G.; Kremer, F., 1977: Regression of corneal neo vascularization by laser treatment

Section 7, Chapter 6286, Accession 006285451

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Smith, H. G.; Harmel, R. P.; Hanna, M. G. Jr ; Zwilling, B. S.; Zbar, B.; Rapp, H. J., 1977: Regression of established intra dermal tumors and lymph node metastases in guinea pigs after systemic transfer of immune lymphoid cells

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Schwarz S.L., 1985: Regression of established pulmonary metastases and subcutaneous tumor mediated by the systemic administration of high dose recombinant interleukin 2

Bast, R. C. Jr ; Segerling, M.; Ohanian, S. H.; Greene, S. L.; Zbar, B.; Rapp, H. J.; Borsos, T., 1976: Regression of established tumors and induction of tumor immunity by intra tumor chemo therapy

Section 7, Chapter 6286, Accession 006285461

Freyler H., 1980: Regression of florid proliferative diabetic retinopathy through achievement of normo glycemia over 5 months by a portable insulin dosage apparatus

Girard, L. J.; Lopez, O., 1975: Regression of fuchs dystrophy with a glued on contact lens

Rytoemaa, T.; Kiviniemi, K., 1970: Regression of generalized leukemia in rat induced by the granulocytic chalone

Section 7, Chapter 6286, Accession 006285465

Gotzsche O., 1988: Regression of glycogen nephrosis in experimental diabetes after pancreatic islet transplantation

Kurihara K., 1980: Regression of granular pericytes in cerebral fine vessels of rats after administration of a vitamin e deficient diet

Jung, E. G.; Koehler, U., 1977: Regression of hem angioma in infants after x ray treatment and mock radiation

Greene H., 1981: Regression of hepatic adenomas in type ia glycogen storage disease with dietary therapy

Votaw M.L., 1979: Regression of hodgkins disease in the mediastinum a mathematical model

Section 7, Chapter 6286, Accession 006285471

Section 7, Chapter 6286, Accession 006285472

Brunn J.C., 1979: Regression of human tumors established in nude mice after continuous infusion of thymidine

Kruizinga W., 1980: Regression of induced kerato acanthomas in anagen hair growth phase skin grafts in mice

Section 7, Chapter 6286, Accession 006285475

Alstrup P., 1983: Regression of infundibular hypertrophy after pulmonary valvulotomy without myo cardial resection

Friedman, R. J.; Moore, S.; Singal, D. P.; Gent, M., 1976: Regression of injury induced atheromatous lesions in rabbits

Egbert P.R., 1979: Regression of iris neo vascularization following pan retinal photo coagulation

Taylor P.B., 1984: Regression of isoproterenol induced cardiac hypertrophy

Federico A., 1985: Regression of kaiser fleischer rings after chelating agent treatment

Bhoopchand, A.; Cooper, D. K. C.; Novitzky, D.; Rose, A. G.; Reichart, B., 1986: Regression of kaposi's sarcoma after reduction of immunosuppressive therapy in a heart transplant patient

Welsh N.H., 1986: Regression of labrador keratopathy following cataract extraction

Koudelkova E., 1984: Regression of left ventricular hypertrophy after aortic valve replacement

Section 7, Chapter 6286, Accession 006285484

Section 7, Chapter 6286, Accession 006285485

Section 7, Chapter 6286, Accession 006285486

Schmid M., 1982: Regression of liver cell adenoma a follow up study of 3 consecutive patients after discontinuation of oral contraceptive use

Edmondson, H. A.; Reynolds, T. B.; Henderson, B.; Benton, B., 1977: Regression of liver cell adenomas associated with oral contraceptives

Section 7, Chapter 6286, Accession 006285490

Section 7, Chapter 6286, Accession 006285491

Hill J.M., 1982: Regression of malignant melanoma in a dog by local injections of a partially purified preparation containing human alpha lympho toxin

Almog, C.; Pik, A.; Weisberg, D.; Herczeg, E., 1978: Regression of malignant thymoma with metastases after treatment with adreno cortical steroids

Gangji, D.; Pilloy, W.; Heuson, J. C.; Fruehling, J., 1977: Regression of massive liver involvement by metastatic breast cancer after chemo therapy as monitored by scintigrams using a stereological method

Hagemeister F.B., 1987: Regression of mediastinal hodgkin disease after therapy evaluation of time interval

Section 7, Chapter 6286, Accession 006285496

Dubrow, E. L., 1977: Regression of metastatic hyper nephroma

Maronpot R.R., 1986: Regression of methyl bromide induced forestomach lesions in the rat

Section 7, Chapter 6286, Accession 006285499

King A.C., 1980: Regression of mouse sarcoma m 52b treated with bovine fascia lata extract from animals previously inoculated with babesia bovis and babesia bigemina

Kitchin A.H., 1980: Regression of multiple pulmonary varices after mitral valve replacement

Ueda N., 1984: Regression of myelocytic leukemia in rats in after hypophysectomy

Leier C.V., 1983: Regression of myo cardial cellular hypertrophy with vaso dilator therapy in chronic congestive heart failure associated with idiopathic dilated cardio myopathy

Cutilletta, A. F., 1982: Regression of myo cardial hypertrophy 3. alterations in left ventricular performance

Tarzi R.C., 1983: Regression of myo cardial hypertrophy and influence of adrenergic system

Levine H.J., 1982: Regression of myo cardial hypertrophy electro cardiographic echo cardiographic correlations after aortic valve replacement in patients with chronic aortic regurgitation

Clowes, A. W.; Breslow, J. L.; Karnovsky, M. J., 1977: Regression of myo intimal thickening following carotid endothelial injury and development of aortic foam cell lesions in long term hyper cholesterolemic rats

Turina M., 1988: Regression of myocardial hypertrophy after valve replacement in aortic valve disease

Section 7, Chapter 6286, Accession 006285509

Section 7, Chapter 6286, Accession 006285510

Mcguirk B.J., 1982: Regression of offspring on parent for an all or none trait

Blichert Toft M., 1984: Regression of ophthalmopathy in graves disease following thyroidectomy a systematic study of changes of ocular signs

Section 7, Chapter 6286, Accession 006285513

Basta, L. L.; Anderson, L. S.; Acers, T. E., 1977: Regression of orbital hem angioma detected by echography

Johnson M.L., 1980: Regression of oxy metholone induced hepatic tumors after bone marrow transplantation in aplastic anemia

De La Iglesia F.A., 1985: Regression of pathologic changes induced by the long term administration of contraceptive steroids to rodents

Ezrin C., 1979: Regression of pituitary tumors a possible effect of brom ergocryptine

Poznyakov S.P., 1984: Regression of pliss lymphosarcoma in rats and some biochemical characteristics in hypovitaminosis a

Gambrell, R. D. Jr, 1976: Regression of poly cystic ovaries by estrogen therapy

Saito, T.; Sasaki, O.; Matsukuchi, T.; Iwamatsu, M.; Tamada, R.; Inokuohi, K., 1980: Regression of polypoid carcinoma induced by n methyl n' nitro n nitroso guanidine in the stomach of a dog

Day J.L., 1986: Regression of posterior uveal malignant melanomas after cobalt plaque radiotherapy

Franz, E., 1978: Regression of psoriasis capitis after mechanical epilation relations between the psoriatic efflorescence and the follicular proliferation

Aryanpur, I.; Paydar, M.; Shakibi, J. G.; Siassi, B.; Yazdanyar, A., 1977: Regression of pulmonary hypertension after mitral valve surgery in children operative management of rheumatic mitral valve disease

Cowan G.A.B., 1981: Regression of pulmonary metastases from squamous cell carcinoma of the soft palate

Pfeifer U., 1986: Regression of rat liver autophagic vacuoles by locally applied cycloheximide

Section 7, Chapter 6286, Accession 006285526

Section 7, Chapter 6286, Accession 006285527

Desombre, E. R.; Johnson, E. S.; White, W. F., 1976: Regression of rat mammary tumors effected by a gonadoliberin analog

Gould M.N., 1986: Regression of rat primary mammary tumors following dietary dextro limonene

Deweerd, J. H.; Hawthorne, N. J.; Adson, M. A., 1977: Regression of renal cell hepatic metastasis following removal of primary lesions

Section 7, Chapter 6286, Accession 006285532

Section 7, Chapter 6286, Accession 006285533

Ito N., 1987: Regression of simple hyperplasia and papillomas and persistence of basal cell hyperplasia in the forestomach of f344 rats treated with butylated hydroxyanisole

Section 7, Chapter 6286, Accession 006285535

Oduori M.L., 1985: Regression of splenomegaly and hepatomegaly in children treated for schistosoma haematobium infection

Van-Zurk, H., 1977: Regression of the avi fauna at the mouth and in the lower valley of the var

Rinaldi L., 1987: Regression of the decidua basalis and changes of the subdecidual region in the mouse

Youson J.H., 1979: Regression of the larval opistho nephros during metamorphosis of the sea lamprey petromyzon marinus

Jarzabek Chorzelska M., 1982: Regression of the lesions of epidermo dysplasia verruciformis

Domon, M.; Okano, T.; Sasaki, T.; Nakamura, T., 1978: Regression of the mouse parotid gland induced with isoproterenol

Szyszkowski L., 1981: Regression of the productivity of the sires daughters on a herd mate average productivity

Kalimanovska D., 1981: Regression of the q wave following myo cardial infarction

Starer, F.; Sargent, J. D.; Hobbs, J. R., 1987: Regression of the radiological changes of gaucher's disease following bone marrow transplantation

Weber F., 1985: Regression of the time keeping ability in carabid beetles by phylogenetic adaptation to cave conditions

Kuwabara T., 1981: Regression of the tunica vasculosa lentis in the post natal rat

Section 7, Chapter 6286, Accession 006285548

Brohult, A.; Brohult, J.; Brohult, S., 1978: Regression of tumor growth after administration of alkoxy glycerols

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Section 7, Chapter 6286, Accession 006285602

Section 7, Chapter 6286, Accession 006285603

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Section 7, Chapter 6286, Accession 006285644

Section 7, Chapter 6286, Accession 006285645

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Section 7, Chapter 6286, Accession 006285673

Section 7, Chapter 6286, Accession 006285674

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Section 7, Chapter 6286, Accession 006285740

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Section 7, Chapter 6286, Accession 006285745

Section 7, Chapter 6286, Accession 006285746

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Section 7, Chapter 6286, Accession 006285748

Section 7, Chapter 6286, Accession 006285749

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Section 7, Chapter 6286, Accession 006285760

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Section 7, Chapter 6286, Accession 006285762

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Waid J.S., 1985: Regulated nodulation of trifolium subterraneum inoculated with bacteriocin producing strains of rhizobium trifolii

Section 7, Chapter 6286, Accession 006285826

Hershey J.W.B., 1987: Regulated phosphorylation and low abundance of hela cell initiation factor eif 4f suggest a role in translational control heat shock effects on eif 4f

Brantjes N.B.M., 1983: Regulated pollen issue in isotoma campanulaceae and evolution of secondary pollen presentation

Inglis S.C., 1985: Regulated production of an influenza virus spliced messenger rna mediated by virus specific products

Perry R.P., 1986: Regulated production of mu m and mu s messenger rna requires linkage of the polyadenylic acid addition sites and is dependent on the length of the mu s mu m intron

Witte O.N., 1987: Regulated progression of b lymphocyte differentiation from cultured fetal liver

Eaves C.J., 1985: Regulated proliferation of primitive hematopoietic progenitor cells in long term human marrow cultures

Lehninger A.L., 1979: Regulated release of calcium from respiring mitochondria by calcium proton antiport

Laskey R.A., 1980: Regulated replication of dna micro injected into eggs of xenopus laevis

Leibowitz P.J., 1988: Regulated secretion of mugm csf in saccharomyces cerevisiae via gal1 mf alpha 1 prepro sequences

Hirsh J., 1986: Regulated splicing produces different forms of dopa decarboxylase in the central nervous system and hypoderm of drosophila melanogaster

Yuspa S.H., 1986: Regulated synthesis of low molecular weight antigens in keratinocyte cell cultures

Ingles C.J., 1979: Regulated synthesis of rna polymerase ii poly peptides in chinese hamster ovary cell lines

Osmond D.H., 1987: Regulated systemic activation of rat plasma prorenin

Fausto N., 1984: Regulated transcription of c ki ras and c myc during compensatory growth of rat liver

Pederson T., 1981: Regulated transcription of the genes for actin and heat shock proteins in cultured drosophila cells

Webb T.E., 1981: Regulated transport of messenger rna from isolated liver nuclei by nucleic acid binding proteins

Section 7, Chapter 6286, Accession 006285843

Scherer S., 1986: Regulated yeast promoters produced by dna rearrangements selected in vivo

Section 7, Chapter 6286, Accession 006285845

Berry D., 1981: Regulating corrosive water

Sarkisyan L.V., 1981: Regulating effect of some amino acids on the activity of phospho mono esterases under the effect of ultrasound

Maroti M., 1979: Regulating effects of interactions of the stimulators and inhibitors on the growth of nicotiana tabacum callus tissues

Paquette M., 1980: Regulating factors in helper thymus derived cell maturation

Section 7, Chapter 6286, Accession 006285851

Okino T., 1986: Regulating factors of the concentration of dissolved carbohydrates in a central water column of lake suwa japan

Olson N.F., 1986: Regulating flavor compound synthesis and cofactor recycling in heterogeneous enzymatic reactions by mixtures of bacterial cell free extracts

Section 7, Chapter 6286, Accession 006285854

Benner, R.; Rozing, J., 1978: Regulating influence of transferred immune spleen cells on the primary response of mice to sheep red blood cells

Bard J.F., 1983: Regulating nonnuclear industrial wastes by hazard classification

El Zeftawi B.M., 1980: Regulating pre harvest fruit drop and the duration of the harvest season of grapefruit with 2 4 d and gibberellic acid

Crouch M.L., 1988: Regulating recombinant dna biologics

Nikolaeva I.S., 1985: Regulating role of b lymphocytes in the interaction of lymphocytes and allogeneic hematopoietic stem cells

Novikova A.T., 1981: Regulating symbiosis in soy by selecting the nodule bacteria strain and the plant cultivar

Bastian C.J., 1980: Regulating the content of white clover trifolium repens in mixed swards using grass suppressing herbicides

Babayants A.V., 1988: Regulating the evaporation process in the production of protein vitamin concentrate on the basis of a statistical model

Vasilev G.N., 1980: Regulating the level of endogenous growth regulators in glasshouse tomatoes

Noorlander P.A., 1979: Regulating the use of antibiotics

Hilliger D., 1980: Regulating water supply at sites distant from ground water by drainage while damming up or impounding water

Rainbow P.S., 1982: Regulation and accumulation of copper zinc and cadmium by the shrimp palaemon elegans

Lepo, J. E.; Wyss, O.; Tabita, F. R., 1982: Regulation and biochemical characterization of the glutamine synthetase ec of azotobacter vinelandii

Section 7, Chapter 6286, Accession 006285868

Gay R., 1985: Regulation and butanol inhibition of d xylose and d glucose uptake in clostridium acetobutylicum

Tanner W., 1983: Regulation and characterization of 2 inducible amino acid transport systems in chlorella vulgaris

Hoshino, J.; Kuehne, U.; Filjak, B.; Kroeger, H., 1977: Regulation and characterization of l serine pyruvate amino transferase ec in rat liver cytosol and mitochondria

Roberts, G. P.; Macneil, T.; Macneil, D.; Brill, W. J., 1978: Regulation and characterization of protein products coded by the nif nitrogen fixation genes of klebsiella pneumoniae

Section 7, Chapter 6286, Accession 006285874

Schaub A., 1987: Regulation and control of heat treatment of animal based raw materials on premises of veb tierkoeperverwertung

Tang P S., 1979: Regulation and control of multiple pathways of respiratory metabolism in relation to other physiological functions in higher plants

Westhoff P., 1981: Regulation and coordination of the synthesis of the subunits of ribulose 1 5 bis phosphate carboxylase in the flagellate chlorogonium elongatum

Rogers P., 1984: Regulation and coupling of arg ecbh messenger rna and enzyme synthesis in cell extracts of escherichia coli

Ferron F., 1982: Regulation and de regulation of photosynthetic metabolism in 3 carbon pathway plants in reaction to environmental variation

Halbwachs Mecarelli L., 1985: Regulation and deregulation of the fluid phase classical pathway c 3 convertase

Biswas E.E., 1987: Regulation and dna b function in dna replication in escherichia coli by dna c and lambda p gene products

Webb W.W., 1983: Regulation and drug insensitivity of f actin association with adhesion areas of transformed cells

Luckinbill, L. S.; Fenton, M. M., 1978: Regulation and environmental variability in experimental populations of protozoa

Panem S., 1986: Regulation and evolving science neurobehavioral toxicology

Section 7, Chapter 6286, Accession 006285885

Ryall, J.; Rachubinski, R. A.; Nguyen, M.; Rozen, R.; Broglie, K. E.; Shore, G. C., 1984: Regulation and expression of carbamyl phosphate synthetase i ec messenger rna in developing rat liver and morris hepatoma 5123d

Howe M.M., 1985: Regulation and expression of the bacteriophage mu mom gene mapping of the transactivation dad function to the c region

Wittenberger C.L., 1980: Regulation and function of ammonia assimilating enzymes in streptococcus mutans

Section 7, Chapter 6286, Accession 006285889

Hummelt, G.; Mora, J., 1980: Regulation and function of glutamate synthase ec in neurospora crassa

Wittenberger C.L., 1979: Regulation and function of sucrose 6 phosphate hydrolase in streptococcus mutans

Dijkhuizen L., 1986: Regulation and function of transaldolase isoenzymes involved in sugar and one carbon metabolism in the ribulose monophosphate cycle methylotroph arthrobacter p 1

Arst H.N.Jr, 1986: Regulation and gene expression by ph of the growth medium in aspergillus nidulans

Zeikus J.G., 1985: Regulation and genetic enhancement of beta amylase production in clostridium thermosulfurogenes

Zeikus J.G., 1985: Regulation and genetic enhancement of glucoamylase and pullulanase production in clostridium thermohydrosulfuricum

Norris, E.; Norris, C.; Steen, J. B., 1975: Regulation and grinding ability of grit in the gizzard of norwegian willow ptarmigan lagopus lagopus

Verma, D. P. S.; Maclachlan, G. A.; Byrne, H.; Ewings, D., 1975: Regulation and in vitro translation of messenger rna for cellulase ec from auxin treated pea epicotyls

Miller R.C.Jr, 1987: Regulation and initiation of cen b transcripts of cellulomonas fimi

Section 7, Chapter 6286, Accession 006285900

Cohen N.D., 1983: Regulation and intra cellular localization of the biotin holo carboxylase synthetase of 3t3 l 1 cells

Suda T., 1981: Regulation and its refractoriness of 25 hydroxy vitamin d 3 metabolism in vitamin d deficiency

Maden M., 1979: Regulation and limits of regeneration the effect of partial irradiation

Section 7, Chapter 6286, Accession 006285904

Switzer, R. L., 1969: Regulation and mechanism of enz phospho ribosyl pyrophosphate synthetase i purification and properties of the enzyme from salmonella typhimurium

Switzer, R. L., 1971: Regulation and mechanism of phospho ribosyl pyro phosphate synthetase ec part 3 kinetic studies of the reaction mechanism

White, M. N.; Olszowy, J.; Switzer, R. L., 1971: Regulation and mechanism of phospho ribosyl pyro phosphate synthetase ec repression by end products

Switzer, R. L.; Sogin, D. C., 1973: Regulation and mechanism of phospho ribosyl pyro phosphate synthetase inhibition by end products and regulation by adp

Switzer, R. L., 1970: Regulation and mechanism of phospho ribosyl pyro phosphate synthetase part 2 exchange reactions catalyzed by the enzyme

Hult, K.; Gatenbeck, S., 1976: Regulation and metabolic background of poly ketide formation part 1 effects of levo hydroxy citrate and metabolic roles of citrate and malate in fatty acid and poly ketide formations

Schneiderman H.A., 1979: Regulation and metamorphosis of the abdominal histo blasts of drosophila melanogaster

Komor E., 1985: Regulation and nitrate uptake by glucose in chlorella vulgaris

Mortenson L.E., 1985: Regulation and order of involvement of molybdoproteins during synthesis of molybdoenzymes in clostridium pasteurianum

Guest J.R., 1987: Regulation and over expression of the fnr gene of escherichia coli

Section 7, Chapter 6286, Accession 006285915

Kvachantiradze E.P., 1981: Regulation and prediction of the productivity of kuuziku a hybrid of cabbage and rutabaga

Section 7, Chapter 6286, Accession 006285917

Kaufman, E. E.; Relkin, N.; Nelson, T., 1983: Regulation and properties of an nadp oxido reductase ec which functions as a gamma hydroxy butyrate dehydrogenase

Kimura K., 1985: Regulation and properties of glutamine synthetase purified from bacillus cereus

Shaw, J. F.; Ku, C. Y., 1984: Regulation and properties of rice oryza sativa cultivar shingchu asparto kinase ec

Kobayashi H., 1986: Regulation and properties of the glutamine synthetase purified from photobacterium phosphoreum

Cornec J.P., 1980: Regulation and regeneration after amputation of the posterior region of young erpobdella octoculata annelida hirudinea

Sachs L., 1982: Regulation and role of different macrophage inducing and granulocyte inducing proteins in normal and leukemic myeloid cells

Dimond R.L., 1981: Regulation and secretion of early developmentally controlled enzymes during axenic growth in dictyostelium discoideum

Page, W. J.; Stock, J. J., 1971: Regulation and self inhibition of microsporum gypseum macro conidia germination

Mala J., 1981: Regulation and significance of ecdysteroid titer fluctuations in lepidopterous larvae and pupae

Kuska, J.; Kokot, F.; Panusz, J., 1978: Regulation and significance of renin angiotensin aldo sterone axis in the patients with chronic nephritis

Section 7, Chapter 6286, Accession 006285928

Boule M., 1984: Regulation and sos induction of division inhibition in escherichia coli k 12

Lehner T., 1981: Regulation and specificity of the immune response to an oral streptococcus mutans antigen by t cell helper and suppressor factors and b cell antibodies

Anderson, R. M.; May, R. M., 1978: Regulation and stability of host parasite population interactions part 1 regulatory processes

May, R. M.; Anderson, R. M., 1978: Regulation and stability of host parasite population interactions part 2 destabilizing processes

Cheng, H. M.; Chylack, L. T-Jr, 1977: Regulation and stabilization of lens glucose 6 phosphate dehydrogenase

Riepl, R. G.; Glover, G. I., 1979: Regulation and state of aggregation of bacillus subtilis prephenate dehydratase ec in the presence of allo steric effectors

O'connor C.M., 1987: Regulation and subcellular distribution of a protein methyltransferase and its damaged aspartyl substrate sites in developing xenopus oocytes

Albergoni V., 1986: Regulation and subcellular distribution of copper in the freshwater mollusks anodonta cygnea and unio elongatulus

Gustafsson, J. A.; Ingelman-Sundberg, M., 1975: Regulation and substrate specificity of a steroid sulfate specific hydroxylase system in female rat liver microsomes

Dobbins J.G., 1987: Regulation and the use of negative results from human reproductive studies the case of ethylene dibromide

Kessel, M.; Rosenberger, R. F., 1968: Regulation and timing of dna synthesis in hyphae of aspergillus nidulans inst auto radiography

Robert Baudouy J., 1982: Regulation and transcription direction of exu r a self regulated repressor in escherichia coli k 12

Rehm H.J., 1986: Regulation aspects of roquefortine production by free and calcium alginate immobilized mycelia of penicillium roqueforti

Van Der Venne M.T., 1987: Regulation at the european community level to eliminate or reduce lead related health hazards

Magasanik B., 1983: Regulation at the gln l operator promoter of the complex gln alg operon of escherichia coli

Liao, C. L.; Atkinson, D. E., 1971: Regulation at the phospho enol pyruvate branchpoint in azotobacter vinelandii phospho enol pyruvate carboxylase ec

Liao, C. L.; Atkinson, D. E., 1971: Regulation at the phosphoenol pyruvate branchpoint in azotobacter vinelandii pyruvate kinase ec

Yurkevich, V. V.; Galcheva-Gargova, Z. I.; Beltei, N. K., 1977: Regulation at the translation level of the synthesis of an enzyme constitutive at transcription

Porzig H., 1985: Regulation by 8 bromo cyclic amp of beta adrenoceptors in cultured myocardial cells

Onali, P.; Schwartz, J. P.; Hanbauer, I.; Costa, E., 1981: Regulation by a beta adrenergic receptor of a calcium independent cyclic amp phospho di esterase ec in c 6 glioma cells

Beachy R.N., 1985: Regulation by abscisic acid of beta conglycinin expression in cultured developing soybean glycine max cultivar provar cotyledons

Harada H., 1985: Regulation by abscisic acid of in vitro flower formation in torenia stem segments

Section 7, Chapter 6286, Accession 006285951

Gillette, R. W., 1977: Regulation by adherent cells of macro molecular synthesis in lymphocyte populations

Section 7, Chapter 6286, Accession 006285953

Section 7, Chapter 6286, Accession 006285954

Ullrich W.R., 1982: Regulation by amino acids of photo respiratory ammonia and glycolate release from ankistrodesmus braunii in the presence of methionine sulfoximine

Bogonez, E.; Satrustegui, J.; Machado, A., 1985: Regulation by ammonium of glutamate dehydrogenase nadp ec from saccharomyces cerevisiae

Peak, J. G.; Peak, M. J., 1977: Regulation by ammonium of variation in heterotrophic carbon di oxide fixation by euglena gracilis during growth cycles

Pave A., 1987: Regulation by amoeba of a bacterial population introduced into the soil mathematical modelling of the predator prey relationship

Nikulin A.A., 1985: Regulation by androgen of aldolase and phosphohexose isomerase in rat liver tissue and seminal vesicles

Osawa, S.; Tomino, S., 1977: Regulation by androgen of messenger rna level for the major urinary protein complex in mouse liver

Alexander R.W., 1980: Regulation by angiotensin ii of its receptors in resistance blood vessels

Spits H., 1987: Regulation by anti cd2 monoclonal antibody of the activation of a human t cell clone induced by anti cd3 or anti cd3 or anti t cell receptor antibodies

Banks, K. L.; Mcguire, T. C.; Davis, W. C., 1978: Regulation by antibody of lectin induced lymphocyte proliferation antibody inhibition of mitogenesis and release of lectin from cell surfaces

Section 7, Chapter 6286, Accession 006285964

Kozlowski T.T., 1987: Regulation by auxin and ethylene of responses of acer negundo seedlings to flooding of soil

Abdul-Baki, A. A.; Ray, P. M., 1971: Regulation by auxin of carbohydrate metabolism involved in cell wall synthesis by pea d stem tissue

Singh H.N., 1986: Regulation by azide of heterocyst and nitrogenase in azide resistant mutants of the cyanobacterium nostoc muscorum

Section 7, Chapter 6286, Accession 006285968

Bodnaryk R.P., 1983: Regulation by calcium ii and calmodulin of brain adenylate cyclase from the moth mamestra configurata

Lynch G., 1983: Regulation by calcium ions of glutamate receptor binding in hippocampal slices

Foldes, M.; Barritt, G. J., 1977: Regulation by calcium ions of pyruvate carboxylation pyruvate transport and adenine nucleotide transport in isolated rat liver mitochondria

Section 7, Chapter 6286, Accession 006285972

Lardy H.A., 1979: Regulation by calcium of hormonal effects on gluconeogenesis

Section 7, Chapter 6286, Accession 006285974

Section 7, Chapter 6286, Accession 006285975

Section 7, Chapter 6286, Accession 006285976

Smoake J.A., 1985: Regulation by calmodulin of adenylate cyclase activity in anterior pituitary

Mauldin D., 1980: Regulation by calmodulin of the calcium affinity of the calcium transport atpase in human erythrocytes

Van Den Heuvel J., 1987: Regulation by carbohydrates of the sequential in vitro production of pectic enzymes by botrytis cinerea

Section 7, Chapter 6286, Accession 006285980

Section 7, Chapter 6286, Accession 006285981

Snyder S.H., 1980: Regulation by cations of tritium labeled spiroperidol binding associated with dopamine receptors of rat brain

Borghetti A.F., 1982: Regulation by cell density of amino acid transport system l in sv 40 3t3 cells

Section 7, Chapter 6286, Accession 006285984

Triggle D.J., 1988: Regulation by chronic drug administration of neuronal and cardiac calcium channel beta adrenoceptor and muscarinic receptor levels

Lorbach I., 1981: Regulation by complementary idiotypes immuno globulin protects the clone producing it

Bogorad L., 1986: Regulation by copper of the expression of plastocyanin and cytochrome c 552 in chlamydomonas reinhardi

Freundlich P., 1980: Regulation by cyclic amp of the ilvb encoded biosynthetic acetohydroxy acid synthase in escherichia coli k 12

Mato J.M., 1980: Regulation by cyclic gmp of phospho lipid methylation during chemo taxis in dictyostelium discoideum

Litonova G.N., 1985: Regulation by cytokinin of nitrate nitrogen assimilation in corn cockle embryos

Toverud S.U., 1987: Regulation by dietary calcium of vitamin d dependent calcium binding protein and active calcium transport in the small intestine of lactating rats

Ide, T.; Okamatsu, H.; Sugano, M., 1978: Regulation by dietary fats of 3 hydroxy 3 methyl glutaryl coenzyme a reductase ec in rat liver

Section 7, Chapter 6286, Accession 006285993

Section 7, Chapter 6286, Accession 006285994

Miyamoto E., 1983: Regulation by estrogen and progesterone of protein kinases in rabbit myometrium

Heimberg M., 1986: Regulation by estrogen of carnitine palmitoyltransferase in hepatic mitochondria

Skipper, J. K.; Hamilton, T. H., 1977: Regulation by estrogen of the vitellogenin gene

Tata J.R., 1984: Regulation by estrogen receptor of vitellogenin gene transcription in xenopus laevis hepatocyte cultures

Section 7, Chapter 6286, Accession 006285999

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