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Regulation of hemo globin synthesis during the development of the red cell part 1

New England Journal of Medicine 297(24): 1318-1328
Regulation of hemo globin synthesis during the development of the red cell part 1
The mature red cell represents the culmination of complex cellular and molecular events by which the primitive stem cell ultimately becomes committed to the highly selective expression of a few genes. In early erythroid cells, globin genes are among the small fraction of DNA sequences that are available for transcription. Most DNA is inaccessible by virtue of its association with histones to form nucleosomes. Nucleosomes may be found on active genes but these structures may then be altered by histone modification or interaction with specific nonhistone chromosomal proteins such that the associated DNA sequences can act as a template for RNA polymerase. Relative rates of degradation, as well as transcriptional and processing events, may contribute to the accumulation of either total globin mRNA or the mRNA's for individual globins. There may be such intrinsic differences in the primary structures of RNA molecules containing .beta. or .DELTA. mRNA sequences that .DELTA. mRNA is relatively less stable and disappears before erythroid maturation is complete.

Accession: 006288349

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