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Regulation of hemo globin synthesis preferential inhibition of alpha globin and beta globin synthesis

Journal of Biological Chemistry 247(23): 7822-7829

Regulation of hemo globin synthesis preferential inhibition of alpha globin and beta globin synthesis

Accession: 006288354

Related references

Walker, B.K.; Ballas, S.K.; Burka, E.R., 1980: Terminal stages of hemo globin synthesis 2. lack of effect of alpha hemo globin and beta hemo globin chains on the rate of globin synthesis in a human cell free system. The influence of heme containing .alpha.A and .beta.S globin chains on the rate of synthesis of globin subunits was studied in a human cell-free system derived from sickle reticulocytes. The autologous lysate system produced measurable amounts of...

Godeau, J.F.; Beuzard, Y.G.; Cacheleux, J.; Brizard, C.P.; Gibaud, A.; Rosa, J., 1976: Association of hemo globin saint etienne alpha 2 beta 2 92f8 histidine replaced by glutamine with hemo globin a and hemo globin f synthesis and subunit exchange in vitro. The unstable Hb Sainte Etienne (.alpha.2.beta.292F8 His.fwdarw.Gln) (.beta.SE) was found in the red blood cells of an 8-yr-old boy. The composition of this Hb was 26% Saint Etienne [SE], 52% A, 3% A2 and 19% HbF. Studies of Hb synthesis indicated...

Sumida I., 1975: Studies of abnormal hemo globins in western japan frequency of visible hemo globin variants and chemical characterization of hemo globin sawara alpha 2 6 alanine beta 2 and hemo globin mugino hemo globin ferrara alpha 2 4 glycine beta 2. Japanese Journal of Human Genetics 19(4): 343-364

Mccurdy P.R.; Sherman A.S.; Kamuzora H.; Lehmann H., 1974: Globin synthesis in double hetero zygotes for alpha hemo globin and beta hemo globin chain abnormalities. Journal of Clinical Investigation 53(6): 51A

Deisseroth, A.; Velez, R.; Nienhuis, A.W., 1976: Hemo globin synthesis in somatic cell hybrids independent segregation of the human alpha globin and beta globin genes. Hybrid somatic cells containing a partial complement of human chromosomes were used to demonstrate that the human .alpha.- and .beta.-globin genes are located on different chromosomes. Two cell lines consisting of a cross of mouse with human fibro...

Charlesworth D., 1975: A new hemo globin variant hemo globin f sardinia gamma 75 e 19 iso leucine replaced by threonine found in a family with hemo globin g philadelphia beta chain deficiency and a lepore like hemo globin indistinguishable from hemo globin a 2. Acta Haematologica (basel): 347-355

Maleknia N., 1968: The measurement of reserves of free alpha hemo globin alpha globin alpha beta globin and beta globin of rabbit reticulocytes role in the biosynthesis of hemo globin. Comptes Rendus Hebdomadaires Des Seances De L'Academie Des Sciences Serie D Sciences Naturelles4: 1517-1519

Testa U.; Beuzard Y.; Vainchenker W.; Goossens M.; Dubart A.; Monplaisir N.; Brizard C.P.; Papayannopoulou T.; Rosa J., 1979: Elevated hemo globin f associated with an unstable hemo globin hemo globin st etienne hemo globin synthesis in blood erythroid burst forming units in culture. The red blood cells of a patient heterozygous for the unstable Hb St. Etienne (.beta.92 His .fwdarw. Gin) contained 19% of fetal [F]. The proband had probably inherited the Swiss type of hereditary persistence of fetal Hb (HPHF) from his father wh...

Lodish, H.F.; Jacobsen, M., 1972: Regulation of hemo globin synthesis equal rates of translation and termination of alpha and beta globin chains. Journal of Biological Chemistry 247(11): 3622-3629

Holmquist, R.; Jukes, T.H.; Moise, H.; Goodman, M.; Moore, G.W., 1976: The evolution of the globin family genes concordance of stochastic and augmented maximum parsimony genetic distances for alpha hemo globin beta hemo globin and myo globin phylogenies. The amino acid sequences of 70 globins were compared, representing the following families: pig .alpha. Hb chains; horse and sheep .beta. Hb chains; dolphin myoglobins; 2 lamprey, Aplysia and 2 plant globins. The comparisons show a convergence of m...