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Regulation of hepatic poly adenylic acid endo nuclease by cortico sterone and amino acids

Journal of Biological Chemistry 254(22): 11228-11233

Regulation of hepatic poly adenylic acid endo nuclease by cortico sterone and amino acids

Poly(A)[adenylic-acid] polymerase and poly(A) endonuclease activities were measured in rat liver nuclear extracts prepared from fed and fasted rats. No differences in the levels of poly(A) polymerase activity of control and fasted nuclear extracts were found, but a 3- to 4-fold increase was observed in the level of poly(A) endonuclease in the fasted nuclear extracts when compared to fed controls. Activities of the cytosol poly(A) polymerase or poly(A) endonuclease or of 2 other nuclear RNase, an 3',5'-exonuclease and an alkaline RNase II-like activity were not affected by fasting, suggesting that this effect is specific for nuclear poly(A) endonuclease. Refeeding a complete amino acid mixture reduced the level of the fasting poly(a) endonuclease to control levels in 1 h. Only certain amino acids were active in causing this decrease in the fasting-induced level of poly(A) endonuclease; these include alanine, asparagine, glutamine, isoleucine, proline and serine. Hypophysectomy had no effect on the fasting-induced increase of the poly(A) endonuclease, while adrenalectomy effectively blocked the fasting-induced increase in the activity of this enzyme. When fasted adrenalectomized rats were given corticosterone, the fasting-induced increase in poly(A) endonuclease was found, but injection of corticosterone did not alter the activity of poly(A) endonuclease in control rats, suggesting that corticosterone plays a permissive role in the regulation of nuclear poly(A) endonuclease.

Accession: 006288421

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