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Regulation of homoeotic antennapedia gene by the regulator of bithorax or trithorax gene in imaginal antennal tissue of drosophila melanogaster

, : Regulation of homoeotic antennapedia gene by the regulator of bithorax or trithorax gene in imaginal antennal tissue of drosophila melanogaster. Japanese Journal of Genetics 62(6): 493-500

Somatic clones doubly homozygous for Antpw10 and Rg-bx mutations were induced with X-ray and examined for the cuticular morphology of these clones covering the antenna. The Antp- Rg-bx- clones on the antenna show nearly normal arista together with bristles of the leg type on the basal cylinder and the third antennal segment whereas the Rb-bx- clones transform the distal antennal tissue to the tarsal segments of the leg. The absences of the Rg-bx+ function is suggested to cause the hypermorphic expression of the Antp locus in the antennal tissue.

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Accession: 006288489

DOI: 10.1266/jjg.62.493

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